13th February 2010


The Town Hall, Richmond Room, Worthing

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1 POSTCARDS.in flat Box.containing range in one large & 8 small Albums.noted early types plus odd photo.worth checking £50
2 POSTCARDS.France sel.of P/Cards Sowers & Mouchon Adh. O/Printed F.M.(Military Frank) on some 6 Covers & 16 Cards fair range £38
3 POSTCARDS.1904/6 a lot of 3 black & white early,used ppcs.,all to U.S.A.,with ED.VII.1d Wharf tied SP04 C.D.S.on tri-view card(probably by A.L.Innes),ED.VII. 1d key plate tied No.17.04 C.D.S.on "The Wharf" $2,,St.Helena T.Jackson card,ED.VII. 1d key plate tied FE6.06 C.D.S.on "Removal of Nap.body,St.Helena Oct.1829 date error T.Jackson card O/Printed "Printed Matter"at top. F.-VF.+ Ex.-Skavaril £45
4 POSTCARDS.attractive sel.of early 20th Cent.P/Cards in Album.some 96 items looks under valued by Vendor so close look please £40
5 CIGARETTE CARDS.File Box with large accum.of Wills Cards various bundles s.t.b. over 1300 all with list of contents cat.val.£1000+ looks Ideal make up lot check £80
6 POSTCARDS.Foreign Cards mostly Desert/Arab Scences.Algeria,Tunisie plus France some with Constantinople P/Mks. mostly used some 40 Cards £22
7 POSTCARDS.in Universal Binder with WW1 coll.of ILL.P/Cards with Censor marks. A.P.O., B.A.P.O.,& F.P.O. cancels from Europe & Middle East many humerous have a look £75
8 BOOKS.scarce 1999 Sassons Italian States Cat.1850-1900 with photo's useful information for this difficult area in 2 vols. £70
9 BOOKS.useful Reference 4 vol. R.A.F.Museum Catalogues all Covers ILL. pricing out of date but identified made easy £55
10 BOOKS.in Box Paquebot & Ship Letter cancel of the World 1894-1951 by Studo(photo copies,numeral cancel Br.Empire.T.P.O.Offices of G.B., p/mks.of Worthing,G.B.Forgeries & Re.Prints Guide 5 items £55
11 BOOKS.2 useful Robson Lowe Br.Empire Encyclopaedia vol.3 Asia & vols.5. Nrth. America £85
12 Large heavy Box.containing a large accum.of World in 9 large S/Books good range of Countries mint & used sets,singles,odds.many 100's needs checking £75
13 Useful range in 4 Albums.in Box.fine range across the board A-Z.QV.-QE.II.sets & singles looks good range of Indian States plus others few 100's worth checking have a look £650
14 Good lot in Boxed Sent.Album.small One country coll. QV.-QE.II. better in places so worth checking Br.G.,Br.Hond.,Sol.Is.,Turks.,Saints,St.Helena,Fiji & others all with few 100 check £80
15 Large Box.heavy dup G.B.in S/Books.better in Album QV.-QE.II.slightly better Br.Cols.in Album/S/Books.,plus old Strand Album various pkts.& noted Australia 10/= Roo's looks comp.Omnibus 1937 Coro.mint few Covers worth checking heavy lot £120
16 In Med.Box.mixed lot difficult to describe rather messy in Album,on s/cards,& loose mostly N.Z.,Australia,& Brunei many 100's £55
17 Large Box.with small Probate Lot unsorted bit messy in Albums,Covers,loose etc.noted . but needs careful check looks cheap £55
18 Arxhive Box.with mostly unsorted noted range of Royalty.some in albums incl. Covers plus Box & env.worth checking £55
19 Sel.of Omnibus on pages incl. 1935 S.Jub.,1937 Coro.,1946 Victory,1948 S/Wedd., 1949 U.P.U. only small part of issues all f/used have a look £225
20 All World in Med.Biscuit Tin.accum.on small s/cards.few pkts.odd Cover mint & used sets & singles worth close look.should reward £245
21 Mixed World in S/Book.good range incl. better Austria,Japan,Balkans,plus hagner Binder Covers & odds mint & used few 100's check £55
22 Large Box.all World Br.Empire in large Album.nice items in Ring Binder old Diplomat Album clean KG.VI.Album(sparse),old Triumph Album plus loose. worth checking £150
23 EX.Garage Job.with grime to match.however contents slightly better in various small Box.all World mint & used unchecked but have noted odd better have a look.(with your gloves on) 100's check £55
24 C/WEALTH.in red Album 1953-78 Solomon Is.,Somiland,S/Af.,S.Arabia, mint Comms., Defs., Omnibus some missing top vals..54 pages all diff. cat.£956.needs to be viewed £170
25 Bulky coll.of Br.Cols.in Britannia Album incl. India,Saints,& B.W.I.mostly Mod. few 100's, plus small coll.of Ireland Mod. lot of Ascension good mixture £55
26 Giant S/Book.with fine range of Br.Cols.good lot across the board sel.Kings & QE.II. Defs. & Comms. mint & used dup.in places but well worth close look.many 100's needs checking £295
27 Med.S/Book.with fine range of Br.Cols.mostly One Country Lots QV.-QE.II. Mauritius, Mont., Br.Hond.,Malta,Fiji,Lesotho,Ghana,all mint fine range few 100 have a look £75
28 Med.Box.crammed ful of world material on bundle of pages,cards,boxes,Covers etc. good Lot to sort worth checking £55
29 Looks good lot of Br.Cols.in Med.Box.value in 3 Simplex,1 small Album & giant S/Book range A-Z.incl. Australia Picts.incl.f/used Sidney Harbout Bridge 5/=,few 1935 S.Jub., range of KG.VI.sets & singles mint & used few G.B. '37 Coro.Omnibus not comp. etc. check £350
30 1948 S/WEDDING.for Granada,Mauritius,St.Helena & Turks.& Caicos in unmtd.mint bls.of 4 some margins have a look £95
31 Malaya & Nr.Borneo in Med.S/Book.few early but mostly QE.II.Defs. & Comms.but Singapore heavish dup.in places many 100's have a look £70
32 "ESPERANTO"rare Zamenhof P/Card written in his own hand.Postcard with Russian stamps applied,2 x 2k sent to Vienna from Warsaw (Russian Poland),19th July 1910,from Dr.Zamenhof the Inventor of Esperanto,all written by him.Zamenhof autograph rare especially with letter content have a look £250
33 1948 S/WEDDING on card.incl.Bermuda,Br.Sol.,Cyprus,Falk.Is.Dep.,Gibraltar,G.Coast, Leeward Is.,Singapore,Swaz.& Virgin Is.all unmtd.mint pairs ex.Singapore low val. missing H/Cat. have a look £125
34 Thematic coll.of Balloons mtd.in Album stamps & Covers attractive lot incl. 6 Liebig Co.Cards depicting early Balloon Flights other interesting Covers.worth checking £85
35 Useful range of Br.Cols.in 2 Albums & S/Book.good value in S/Book.with fine range of QE.II. Defs.sets & part sets mint.plus few G.B.,S/A.coll.in Album 1953-1990. Defs.& Comms. & M/Sheets mint plus general mix in 3rd Album very good val. check £60
36 Med.Box.one of those Lots which needs no discription as the contents will sell themselves. nothing spectacular just mass of better on pages,Album pages & loose have a look £45
37 Range of Br.Cols.all single Country Lots.in 11 Med.S/Books.all mint QV.-QE.II.mostly odds many QE.II.£1 sets Antigua,Bahamas,Bermuda,Falk.Is.,Fiji,Malta,Mauritius,Pitcairn, St.Lucia, Seychelles,Virgin Is.,many 100's must check £235
38 Fine lot of mainly Br.Cols.on large bundle of pages.good range of mint. KG.VI. £1 val. noted. plus some dup.Ideal Lot to sort many 100's H/Cat. check £95
39 Small Shoebox with Collectors dups.with strength in Austria,G.B.,small S/Books, Covers, Cards,& loose stamps few 100's check £45
40 Med.Box as handed in.full with mass of pkts.sorted into Countries all World etc. have a look may reward £55
41 Mod.sel.of Channel Is.,N.Z.,G.B.,Alderney Prestige & Def.Booklets in Tin.H/Cat.& Face must check. around 40 items £75
42 Large Heavy Box.full of small & large Albums/S/Books.looks fairly general World but mass of material incl. early/Mod.well worth close look. Good Hunting £80
43 Med.Box.of World nice messy lot Ideal to sort on pages,loose,in boxes etc.many 100's looks better noted Good Hunting £75
44 Omnibus issues on pages incl. 1935 S.Jub.,1937 Coro.,1946 Victory,1948 S/Wedd.,others R.Cross,ITU,Churchill etc. all mint Only part issues £160
45 Looks good range in large Album.A-Z.types only QV.-Kings mint & used many better noted too much to describe so close look advised many 100's £1475
46 World sel.on 5 s/cards 1841-2000. over 200 stamps better G.B.,Libya,Qatar,India, Nepal, Bahrain etc.mint or used No H/Vals.cond.mixed s.t.c.over £1000 check £95
47 ASIA.coll.on cards incl. Israel,Libya,U.A.E.,Iraq,Qatar,India,Kuwait,Burma etc No H/Vals.. mint & used fair range check £65
48 BR.COLS.in Med.S/Book.mostly KG.VI.-QE.II.more of the latter noted.Gib.,Barbados, Bermuda,Bahamas,Niue,Tonga & others all mint few 100 £55
49 World Cinderella incl. unissued stamps.War Fund items Charity,Forgeries incl. India Scinde Dawks,G.B.Locals,Telegraph, I.R.C's Patriotic P/Card,etc. 600 items check £85
50 Various in 16 sides S/Book.with Germany 1956-9.plus M/Sheets, '64-'96 much used cat.£555.,Austria '70,'80 unmtd.mint bls.of 4 (£114).Bulgaria '30-'40's B.O.B.,'60's Airs bl. of 4 (£118).Rumania '76 Paintings & M/Sheet (£112) mainly fine Ideal approvals cat.£972 needs to be viewed £105
51 Various in blue Netto S/Book.mint & used Bavaria-Austria incl. B.O.B., C/Wealth, N.Z., Sudan,Nyasaland,Africa & S.Africa mixed cond. 1,000's needs checking £90
52 BR.COLS.plus few G.B.in Hagner S/Book.noted QV.Straits,Cyprus dup.,Canada dup., N.Z. & others mint & used few 100's needs to be viewed £125
53 Med.Flat Box.with all World on bundle of small & large s/cards.useful lot on old pages.few Covers noted sets & singles mint & used fine lot H/Cat. needs checking £300
54 BR.C/WEALTH.in Med.S/Book.mostly QE.II.Defs.& Comms.,but odd early QV.& Kings noted all mint worth checking Australia,Canada,N.Z.,few Africa etc. few 100's check £60
55 Large Chinese S/Book.well filled with fair bit of dup.in places QE.II.many H/Vals. G.B., H.K., Gibraltar plus many other odds & ends few 100's check £58
56 Good range in Med.S/Book.mostly Foreign few Cols.most periods incl.China, Belgium, Ireland,S/America,Egypt,Balkans,Japan check £65
57 Sel.of small One Country coll's.in S/Book general range,Greece,Netherlands, Siam (Album) U.S.A.few 100's worth checking close look £70
58 G.B.& BR.C/WEALTH.range of material from QV.-QE.II.,mixed cond.incl. presumed Ref. interesting lot needs to be viewed as discription not very good £500
59 Mixed Br.Cols.in S/Book.for N.Z.,Australia,H.K.etc.all Mod.,2nd S/Book. with H.K., Malaya, Ceylon,Idia QV.-QE.II.plus Album Br.G.,Br.Hond.,Cayman Is.,Gambia etc.mostly odds. funny lot have a look £55
60 All World in Permanent Album.scruffy lot well picked over but with all bones always some meat left on.have a look £95
61 In Boxed Sent.Album.coll.of Lux.1891-1980 Defs.& Comms.plus Monaco 1885-1980 ditto few P/Dues.,Liechtenstein 1912/20 odds looks good value have a look £45
62 Remainder One Country coll.in Album/S/Books.for Austria,Italy,& Vatican,Lux.,E.Germany, Palestine etc.worth sorting few 100's £50
63 Useful range Br.Cols.in Shoebox single cards over 70 odd QV.,good sel.of KG.V. & KG.VI. sets & odds plus early QE.II.mint & used s.t.c. £3,500+ Ideal Re.Sale must check £575
64 In Boxed Sent.Album.Ceylon couple of Chalons,later QV.small heads incl. S/Charges few Kings & Mod.plus India QV.'s incl. O.H.M.S.Kings vals.to 25r later KG.VI.-QE.II. check £50
65 In Carrier Bag.small coll.of Rhod.vals.to £1 seen,2 cards Falk.Is. 1990 issues f/used, odds & ends.Br.Cols.in P/Book,plus Australia Covers in Album.bundle of loose cards check £50
66 Large black Album.with early European & G.B.displayed on large pages.early to middle period noted better Scand.,Poland,Germany,Russia etc.few 100's clean lot £145
67 Fine sel.of Br.Cols.sets & singles on some 37 approv.cards.mint & used better KG.VI. vals. to £1 seen & odd mint KG.V. s.t.c.£1970+ check £295
68 Coll.in bulky Album with Norway few numerals but mainly Mod.Comms. to late 1900's.plus similar range for Sweden slightly better early range all used 100's £45
69 Looks good range of better early Foreign in Album.Austria,Scand.,Balkans,France & Cols., Germany & States,Swiss.,Japan,& China.many 100's mint & used must be checked £725
70 In Box.4 large Albums of Foreign E-Y Countries good general range early-Mod.few 100's worth checking £100
71 Fine sel.of Br.Cols.in bulging boxed Sent.Album few Saints,Seychelles,Trin.& Tob., Cayman Is.,Pitcairn Is.,Mauritius,range from QV.-QE.II.odd better noted looks all used few 100's worth checking £65
72 All World in Timbres-Post Album.fairly battered but the contents needs careful check good range early/middle periods 100's needs to be viewed £115
73 Med.Box.containing 4 large Albums of Foreign A-S.types sparse in places but others decent coll.many 100's early-Mod. needs checking £100
74 Austria general coll.in Boxed Sent.Album range early to Mod.plus S/Book few French plus range of Fr.Cols.many 100's £40
75 Archive Box.containing 7 large Albums all Br.C/Wealth sparse in places A-S.range QV.-QE.II.needs checking good lot to expand £145
76 1978 Coro.in 2 Special Albums.stamps & M/Sheets,plus large Special Album 1977 S.Jub. Covers Br.C/Wealth £45
77 Few Br.Cols.remainders in S/Book.early QV.Antigua,St.Vincent,Virgin Is.,& Ceylon & others unchecked,plus few Covers Africa,Gib.,Falk.Is.etc.have a look may reward £125
78 Remainders in small P/Book.few U.S.A.some Mod.blocks mint France incl. 1936 10f Flying Boat & 1938 Aden.both good/fine used. plus other odd Cinderella etc. check £65
79 Med.Box.well filled large part QE.II.Defs.,Comms.,M/Sheets,odd Cover,plus early bits in places mostly mint good val.close look advised £75
80 Large File Box.fine range of Br.Cols.looks to be mainly KG.VI.-QE.II.on bundle of small & large s/cards few pkts.odd Cover Ideal Re.Sale or add to your coll. needs to be viewed £325
81 Coll.of Sweden in Album nicely written up.plus S/Book Portugal & Colls. noted early imperfs. £45
82 Clear view 32 page S/Book.with dup.range incl. Early -Mod.issues Monaco & Lux. mint & used many 100's worth checking £95
83 Ideal Album.Foreign vol.I.up to 1914 good range A-Z.Countries strength Austria, German States,France,Germany,Balkans,U.S.A.& host of others mint & used unchecked by us looks good value close look please £450
84 Med.S/Book.well filled with KG.VI.issues mostly bits & pieces mint few used noted useful fillers many 100's worth sorting £90
85 Range in One Country coll. for QV.-QE.II. Defs.& Comms.mint & used. fair bit dup.in places but worth close look.many 100's Barbados,S.Leone & Br.Guiana. 6 S/Books. check £85
86 BR.C/WEALTH Pot Pourri a diverse range of mostly mint material,much unmtd.m.& few toning but the majority very good.strong in St.Helena incl. KG.VI.bls.of 4 to 5/=, Gibraltar to £1 KG.VI.,Gold Coast KG.VI.in bls.of 4 to 10/=,key val.St.Sett.$5 red & grn.KG.VI., Nrth. Rhod. 20/= KG.VI.`key val.Nigeria,G.B.10/= S/Horse good used,good Pacific Is.incl. H/Vals. QV.,KG.V.etc.unusual H.K.,some P.History etc. needs to be viewed £750
87 Fair accum.all One Country coll.mostly good range QV.-QE.II. some dup. mint & used few 100's.dup.mint & used few 100'sCook Is.(2) Mr.Agencies,Sudan,Palestine, Vatican(2). 7 S/Books. worth checking £75
88 Coll.in giant & Med.S/Books.fair range across the board early to Mod.noted some dup.mint & used Tanganika,Tanzania,Zanzibar.useful Mod.Thematic's few 100's £55
89 Fine sel.of Br.C/Wealth & G.B.in small box.mass of black Approv.cards QV.-QE.II.mint & used sets & singles.plus some on pages.noted good range of mint KG.VI. have a close look good value £290
90 Mixed sel.in Med.Plastic Box.all One Country coll.mostly sparse mint & used with dups. worth checking Netherlans,Italy,Portugal,Norway,Denmark,plus 3 S/Books misc needs to be viewed £70
91 Useful range in S/Books.(5) all One Country colls. QV.-QE.II.mint & used with dup.better noted Brunei,Burma,Singapore,Nigeria/Lagos(2) few 100's check £80
92 Afine sel.of Decimal M/Sheets in giant S/Book.large part Channel Is.& I.O.M.plus N.Z.& Australia vals.up to £5 seen.large cat.& face val.attractive Re.Sale material close look advised £300
93 Coll.of Foreign in large Album.converted into S/Book.difficult to gauge with fair bit dup. but mostly early/middle period used good Stock Portugal,Rumania & Russia needs careful check £245
94 In Carrier Bag.small Austria coll.,all World in S/Book.early Foreign in S/Book.incl. Russia & German States many 100's Check £55
95 Large File Box. QV.-QE.II.good range on small & large S/Book mint & used sets & singles plus pages.H/Cat. Lot Ideal Re.Sale or add to your coll.must be viewed £345
96 Fine range of Br.C/Wealth in small Box.on bundle of Approv.Card.all sets & single KG.V.- KG.VI.odd QE.II. nearly all mint H/Cat.Lot must be viewed Ideal Re.Sale etc. s.t.c. around £3,800 have a look £850
97 All World in large Album.value in Foreign better Germany,Balkans,Scand.,many 100's worth checking £55
98 Large Box.with series of S/Books.Br.Cols.in One Country colls.some sparse but most Reigns.for Papua,Br.Hond.,Gil.& Ellice,Penrhyn,Mauritius,fair bit dup. plus 2 small boxes, in pkts. unchecked check £95
99 World in old Strand Album. A-Z.range much of it on pieces messy lot.mostly early middle period used few 100's may be better than at first glance have a look £220
100 BR.C/WEALTH in large Archive Box.containing a series of one Country coll.most range of periods QV.-QE.II. some better than others so close look.Trin.& Tob.,Ceylon, Aitutaki, Anguilla(2),Bermuda fair bit of dup.in places plus large Plastic Bag.1000's unsorted looks good val.check £125
M FR. COLLS. £75
O BR. COLLS. £75
P BOX F.D.C £65
Q BOX £210
R G.B. £385
S NEW IDEAL 1915 £135
T BR. COLLS. £85
V K.G.6 ALBUM £350
101 5 Large S/Books.in Carrier Bag.been hiding in Loft or Garage for some years.so gloves on!! may be finds good hunting £45
102 On pages priced up in euro's,Netherlands,Swiss. largest part.Berlin mint & used bit dup.in places mainly better types s.t.c.2500+ euro's fair retail. £295
103 Niue coll.in Med.S/Book.fair general range but value in QE.II. plus Tokelau Is.noted Postal Fiscal S/Charges later mostly Comms.mint £45
104 Med.sweet Tin containing 5 small P/S/Books all World mostly better single items both mint or used if it fits your Bill looks good val. £150
105 Coll.of Ascension in Med.S/Book.few Kings better QE.II.incl. Defs.to £1 & large Comms.mint & used plus Tristan Da Cunha similar range £48
106 Med.Box.containing various One Country coll. mostly QV.-QE.II.mint & used with dup. for Basutoland,Nrt.& Sth.Rhod.,Nyas.,Swaziland,K.U.T.,Bech., etc. plus small Box various in pkts. unchecked £115
107 Albums Don't come much thicker than this.about 5"inches in old money & Heavy.the contents are all Foreign One Country coll.from early imperfs. to middle period so close look advised.Austria,Swiss.,France,Belgium,Netherlands,Denmark,Sweden,Norway, Finland, Czech.,& U.S.A.mint & used many 100's have a look £875
108 Useful range in Boxed Sent.Album.for Antigua few QV.'s,Ascen.odd better, Bahamas QV.-QE.II.odds,similar range Barbados,Bermuda,Dominica,Grenada, & Jamaica all used many 100's have a look £65
109 In Box.One Country coll.boxed Belgium,Swiss.in S/Book.,Israel in Album, Norway etc. £45
110 Coll.in Album.Br.Cols.general range Kings-QE.II.mint & used few 100's lack H/Vals. but plenty of middle range have a look £125
111 Giant S/Book.well filled with Br.C/Wealth material good sel. across the board a range Kings-QE.II.all mint Defs.& Comms. mass of material looks good value close look advised £75
112 Sel.of mixed Br.Cols.in boxed Sent.Album.general range QV.-QE.II. worth checking Gambia, Ghana,Sierra Leone,Nigeria,Ethiopia etc. few 100's used check £45
113 Forgeries Sardina 1851 pink 40c sg.7 mint corner bl.of 49.reserved at £4 each should cat. £8000 each As Is. should cat.£392,000 (49) £200
114 Large Box.looks all World couple of Albums.some pages,pkts.,Album of Covers Birds & Wildlife,1977 S.Jub. & others £55
115 BR.C/WEALTH.on some 44 small s/cards appear all KG.VI.or QE.II.all used sets & singles Vendor states cat.val.@ £1700+ have a look £200
116 Med.Box.with all World looks general sel.in Albums./S/Books.some fair Br.C/Wealth Covers in Album check £65
117 Useful range in Imerial Albums.vol.I.& 2.looks good range across the board noted better G.B.,Canada,Capes,Cyprus,B.W.I.,India & States,Saints,Nr.Borneo,Africa incl. mint Nr.Rhod. sets etc.plenty of material mixed cond.in places.not incl. in Est.must be viewed mostly used £2000
118 C/WEALTH.in grn.Binder 1953-78 Dominica,Fiji,Gambia,Gibraltar,superb mtd.mint near comp.with Defs.(short of top val.)incl. various shades & wmks. changes.wide range of Comms. & Omnibus.cat.£920 needs to be viewed £180
119 All World in old Strand Album. A.Z. range slight remaindered but better in places £75
120 Unchecked Br.Cols.sel.in plastic leaf Book.plus some in pkts. unchecked £48
121 Useful range of Foreign on approv.cards noted Germany,Austria,Greece,Norway (1941), Portugal 1945 M/Sheet mint 17 items cat.£1500+ have a look £185
122 Small Box.with all World on a series of small & large cards.fair bit of dup.some on small pieces.worth close look.few 100's £195
123 BR.C/WEALTH.sel.in 16 page S/Book. A-Z.range mint & used general range KG.VI.-QE.II. few 100's £45
124 Large coll.of Br.Cols.in giant S/Book.packed full of material QV.-Kings mint & used.difficult to value with such a mass may lack top vals.but should reward your patience Good Hunting £1050
125 Giant Chinese S/Book.with good range of Revenues & space fillers many QV.'s few 100's looks good value close check advised £45
126 Good general range of Br.Cols.in blue S/Book all mint no dups.looks all KG.VI-QE.II. sets & odds few M/Sheets s.t.c. £1300+ worth checking nice lot £125
127 Old Lincoln Oblong Album.battered as expected as handed in.slightly bitty.but plenty of earlies of interest close look may surprise & reward.have a look unchecked by us £325
128 BR.C/WEALTH.mixture in med. S/Book.good mix of KG.VI.-QE.II.noted sets & singles all mint s.t.c. £1000+ worth sorting £95
129 Bulky Ring Album mass of Cinderella material.good range of stamps plus large quantity of Documents too diverse to describe if your cup of tea have a look £75
130 All World in 2 small Albums slightly decepted lot with sparce appearance but careful check spot some decent mint material well worth close look few 100 needs to be viewed £205
131 Med.Box.s.t.b. all Br.Cols.in mass of small pkts.small sheets etc.looks large part QE.II. unmtd.mint with dup.Ideal Fairs Dealers or make good Stock.probably 1000's must be viewed £80
132 Med.Flat Box.with fine range of Br.Cols.on mass of s/cards & pkts.,odd Cover QV.-QE.II. mint & used looks good value not to be missed £80
133 Large Box.with bits & pieces in 2 Albums.but mostly loose in bags & bundle of pages all World check £55
134 General coll.in Album few early,later part sets mint & used,Br.G.,Br.Hond., Canada & Provinces,Newfoundland,New Bruns.,Nova Scotia & others have a look £75
135 Large File Box.with mixed World on small s/cards few pages odd pkt.Club Books etc. fair bit of material looks fairly general worth sorting £75
136 Archive Box.with all World in Albums/S/Books.incl. New Age Album of QE.II.,all World in Ideal,plus 6 Albums all mixed Br.Cols. & World good lot to sort many 100 have a look £200
137 Large Box.with all World unchecked various Albums,S/Books,on pages,in pkts.,Covers, looks good val.close look £75
138 Large Box with 2 large boxes of Covers.plus small F.D.Album, Diana's Wedd.in Special Album other odds £55
139 Archive Box.with all World housed in some 8 Albums/SBooks.looks fair general odd better in places some loose have a look £75
140 Large Box.with all World incl.2 old Strand Albums,Cigar Box loose, odd sheet & s/card plus bundle of Covers & loose have a look £125
141 Large Box.incl. G.B.coll.1953 early decimal mint,2 Albums used Wildings & Comms., plus Royalty Omnibus issues not comp.,1977 S.Jub.,1953 Coro.,'72 S/Wedd.,Ann's Wedd. check £70
142 Large accum.of Railway Thematic's stamps in 5 Albums.incl. Leaders of the World & Br.Cols. looks cheap enough check £55
143 Med.Box.with 5 Albums,2 small S/Books & S/Sheets all Br.Cols.mostly KG.VI.-QE.II. odd early fair bit of dup in places & some One Country Lots.few 100's check £65
144 Fair lot of Br.Cols.in Paragon Album.messy lot but better in places incl.Dhow to 1r mint & 2r used,Bermuda KG.VI.to 10/= mint & poor 12/6 several KG.VI.short sets to 5/=,few QV.incl. Ceylon dup.range on small pages few 100's worth sorting £200
145 Asia coll.in Ring Album.Aden,Ceylon,India, QV.-QE.II. few 100's mint & used check £85
146 Large Box.containing some 9 S/Books. G.B. & general World plus loose slightly musky smell so been tucked away for some time check £55
147 Heavy Archive Box.containing some S/Books.mostly Br.Cols.& G.B. noted 2 S/Books fair mint Br.Cols.plus coll.of G.B. incl.£1 val.few 100's check £65
148 Archive Box.containing some several S/Books dup.G.B. some Br.Cols.plus loose material at the bottom of box have a look £55
149 Large Box.unchecked looks all World loose,on s/cards,Covers etc. worth take close look £65
150 Large heavy Box.containing some 9 S/Books/Albums.general World most periods noted pkts.of better material so careful check advised many 100's £75
151 West Indies coll.in Ring Album.fair general range QV.-QE.II. for Antigua,Barbados, Grenada, Mont.,Saints mint & used few 100 mostly part sets. have a look £85
152 Plastic Box.containing various One Country coll.laid out in S/Books.unchecked looks fair lot mint & used with dups.,Aden & States,Kenya,Rhod.,Arabia,Luxembourg,Poland, Czech. plus misc.many 100's have a look £70
153 Probate remainder in large plastic Box.unsorted on sheets,small cards,Covers etc. needs checking Who Knows? £55
154 1948 S/WEDDING on card.for Aden Mukalla,Penang,Trengganu,St.Kitts.Nevis & Singapore all used £42
155 Large brn.Album.with early European issues few Br.Cols.displayed on large pages. better noted Spain,Portugal,Italy,Swiss.,Austria,Hungary early to middle.few 100's worth checking £75
156 Well battered Schwane Berger Album.looks mainly European issues early/middle period. quite well filled in places better items noted many 100's better than first appearance check £145
157 All World in Ideal Album vol.II. A-Z.types sparse in places fair in others.all KG.V.period mint & used mostly odd or part sets needs careful check £95
158 Med.Box.with some 8 P/Books with One Country coll.sparce in places so careful check. incl.Gambia,Cape,Somaliland,Lee.Is.,Natal,Sarawak,Bahrain etc. check £85
159 One Country coll.laid out in 2 giant & 3 small S/Books.range of QV.-QE.II. sets & part sets mint & used.Bahamas,Dominica,& Seychelles few 100's check £90
160 Fair range in 5 S/Books.laid out as per SG.general range QV.-QE.II. type mint & used some dup. needs checking incl. Nauru,Br.Sol.Is.,Tonga,Norfolk Is.,Falk.Is. few 100's good value £90
161 4 S/BOOKS.One Country coll.laid out as per SG. Aus.Antactic,Br.Antarctic & B.I.O.T., Cocos Keeling Is.,Xmas Is.(stated to be comp.),Papua & N.G. few 100's check £80
162 5 S/BOOKS.all One Country Coll.laid out as per SG.good range mint & used some dup. Pitcairn Is.,New Heb.(2),Tuvalu,Turks & Caicos. £80
163 ADEN.in ring Album.1937 dHOWS ODDS INCL. 1R. KG.VI.to 10r, 1951 to 10r,1953 to £1.Sth.Arabia most issues etc. H/Cat.Lot check £60
164 AFRICA.useful range in S/Book.S/A.incl. KG.V.to 10/=,Voort issues,few War issues, O.R.S. ED.VII.incl.mint 5/=,dup.range of QV.Transvaal plus later Flags & others few 100's needs to be viewed £125
165 AFRICA.coll.in Boxed Sent.Album.small range of S/Africa,mostly Mod.,few S.W.A. Cape Defs.,Transvaal other odds & ends at back of Book all used £45
166 AFRICA.fair coll.in Simplex Album.Rhod.Springboks incl. £1 val.Rhod./Nyas.QE.II. vals.to £1,Sth.Rhod. KG.V. sel.incl. 5/=,KG.VI. set later QE.II. Indep.issues to Zimbabwe & Zambia. Nyas.better KG.VI.set to £1,1948 S/Wedd.,QE.II.to £1 later Malawi all used few 100's £65
167 AFRICA.in Sent.Album.Br.East Africa odds K.U.T. Kings vals.to 10/= seen, later QE.II. incl. Mod. Kenya,Uganda,Tang.,Tanz.,& Zanzibar odds & ends in each Country used few 100 £50
168 ANGUILLA.attractive coll.in Ring Album mint & used range of Defs.& Comms.vals.to $10 noted plus M/Sheets Ideal Thematic's lot few 100 £50
169 ANGUILLA.coll.on pages from 1967 to $5 to 1970 Defs.& Comms. incl. better Turtle set all mint £35
170 ANTIGUA.in Ring Album.few Kings vals.to 5/= seen.but mostly QE.II. Defs.,Comms. & M/Sheets mint & used incl. Ant./Barbuda few 100 £55
171 ANTIGUA.on pages.1862-1876 s.t.b. sg.1,5-9,13-18,usual mixed cond.1879,1886 s.t.b. comp.range sg.19-30 fair to good 1903/9 ED.V!!.comp.set ditto KG.V. few War Tax,1921/2 sg.55/61,1921 to 4/= the 3/= fine on small piece.1932 Terc.set.plus KG.VI. all used £625
172 ANTIGUA.QV.'s on page s.t.b. sg.5,6,13,20/21,24/5,27,27a,28/9,30. plus sg.6,7 & 26 no gum.,1903 to 5/=,1908 KG.V.set to 5/=,extra 5/= some tone,1921 to £1,1921 to 5/=, 4/=, some light tone in places.1932 Terc.set,plus QE.II.all mint check £520
173 ARAB STATES.in Box.a series of One Country coll. in 9 S/Books/Albums,Saudi Arabia Gulf States,Iraq,Leb./Syria,Palestine-Jordan, Middle & Far East some dup. in places probably few 100's worth sorting £75
174 ARAB STATES.bulky coll.in Sent.Album Boxed.good general range Aden,Bahrain, Egypt, Trans.Jordan,Kuwait,Sudan etc. all used few 100's £45
175 ASCENSION. 1924 KG.V. 2d gr./blk. sg.13 12 superb used copies with Ascension C.D.S. cancels £45
176 AUSTRALIA. 1929 2d gry.Roo s.t.b. sg.3. plus 5/= gry/yellow sg.111 both mint H/Cat. £65
177 AUSTRALIA.in Box.large accum.in 6 vols.mostly nicely displayed & written up.from late 1920's to 1990's Defs.& Comms.all mint vals.to $10 noted. H/Cat. & Face Lot difficult to describe & best viewed many 100's £250
178 AUSTRALIA.mass accum.in 5 S/Books.all laid out as per SG. KG.V.-KG.VI.to Mod. heavy dup.in places mint & used many 100's worth checking £75
179 AUSTRALIA.1959-69 in red Binder many sets mint & u.'59 to 5/=,Defs.,Coil strips of 6, 1963 Navigators 5d red,E2 Coils strips of 6,panes to '69 Australia Flight strip of 3 x 10.cat.£575 £115
180 AUSTRALIA.1966-81 in black Album.coll.of sets mint & u. '66 to $4,Booklets,to 60c, 1967 50c & $1,O/Prints Booklet Panes,M/Sheets,'70 Famous Australians Booklets x 5. vals.to $5 & $10 then varois to 1981 cat.£658 needs to be viewed £110
181 AUSTRALIA.1965-95 in printed Album.good Commercially used plus some ATT 100's £52
182 AUSTRALIA.1923-65 sel.many issues both mint & used.strong Comms. plus 1937 Robes to £1 used,'48 Arms to £2,'63 Navigators to 10/= used,mint to £2. cat.£1,317 100's needs to be viewed £235
183 AUSTRALIA.coll.in Boxed Sent.Album.few Roo's to 2/=,KG.V. to 1/4,looks hefty range of QE.II.Defs. & Comms.to 2000 all used.few Ant.Arc.,Aust.States, & Norfolk Is. many 100's worth checking £55
184 AUSTRIA.quite a bulky coll.in large Env.good range on large pages.early imperfs. various "Whiskers" & Numerals,1900's imperf.& perf. plus good middle range Picts.mint sets,later Field Posts,Lombardy imperfs. then unchecked sel.with some dup.in SG.S/Book. & made up pages.care when viewing as loose stamps inside worth checking have a look £200
185 AUSTRIA.coll.in Med.S/Book.odd imperf.,good range of "Whiskers" & Numerals sme dup.mint sel.middle period sets etc.plus later Picts.couple 1950's Covers have a look £95
186 AUSTRIA.1950-53 superb unmtd.mint sel. on 4 pages incl. Carinthian Piebiscite, 1950 to 2sch, '51 Re-con.to '53 Wolf. val.lot cat.£896 (37) '09 needs to be checked £260
187 AUSTRIA.bulky coll.in large S/Book plus bundle of old pages.good range of early Whiskers,& Numerals.later Picts.messy lot.but plenty of material to sort & should reward your time 100's check £65
188 AUSTRIA.attractive coll.in Carrier Bag.s.t.b. a comp.unmtd.mint coll.in 3 S/Books.plus Year Pack. range 1965-1998 incl. most Sheetlets H/Cat.& Face Lot.worth checking £350
189 BAHAMAS.£1 verm.sg.193 KG.VI.unmtd.mint,right hand corner margin bl.of 4 with Canadian Banknote Co.Ltd. Ottawa No.1.min cat.as singles £64 attractive £25
190 BAHAMAS.on pages range of QV.'s between sg.4-44 vals.to 1/= cond.mixed,1884 to £1 plus Fiscal £1,1901 Staircases(4) fine lot ED.VII.to £1,KG.V.to £1? various printing plus KG.VI.all used check £525
191 BAHAMAS.QV.sel.on page s.t.b. sg.2.imperf.then between sg.20-44.some nice copies. 1884 key types to £1,1901 to 3/=,ED.VII.to £1,Staircases to 3/=,KG.V.to £1 some shades,range of War Tax.1920 Peace,1921 vals.to £1,1930 with shades.range KG.VI.& QE.II. all mint have a look £900
192 BAHRAIN.1976 1d,2d,3d x 50 of each sel.copies sg.244-244b cat.£1862.50 £85
193 BARBADOS. scarce 1878 1d on 5/= unserved pair as per sg.86c very poor cond. cat.£4500+ & priced to sell.must be worth a look £110
194 BARBADOS. 1882? QV. ½ S/Charge ½ on 1d Bisect on small piece unlisted rare or rubbish have a look £38
195 BARBADOS.1922 KG.V.set sg.1-11.mint odd used incl. 3/= on piece few QE.II. £48
196 BARBADOS.interesting range of Britannia's imperf-perf.between sg.1-47 vals. to 1/= s.t.c. £1500+ LATER ISSUES,1871-73 S.T.B. SG.48-83 INCL. FAIR COPY 5/= SG.64, 1887 TO 1/=, ½ ON 4D X 4,varieties,1892 to 2/6,1897 Jub.to 2/6,plus few blued, s.t.b. sg.125-129 & 132. plus 5d broken frame,later Nelsons 1912 to 3/=,1916 to 5/=,1920 Victory vals.to 3/=,few KG.VI. all used £875
197 BARBADOS.various Britannia's on page imperf.plus perf. mixed cond.later to 1/=, plus 5/= sg.64 badly toned,1882 to 5/= some shades, ½ on 4d no hyphen,1892 to 2/6, 1897 Jub.to 2/6 plus 2/6 blued,1905 to 2/6,1906 to 1/= possible sg.162a but toned,1909 to 1/=, 1912 & 1916 to 3/=,1920 Victory plus KG.VI. & QE.II. all mint £750
198 BARBUDA.in Ring Album.odd KG.V. O/Prints incl. 1/= val.then fairly comp.range of QE.II. Defs.,Comms.,M/Sheets. set to $10 noted attractive sel.mint & used H/Cat.Check £65
199 BARBUDA.coll.in 2 Med.S/Books.laid out as per SG.few early but mostly Mod.Defs.& Comms. mint & used some attractive Thematic's issues £38
200 BASUTOLAND.QE.II.1st Defs.in used bl.of 4. ½ to 10/= sg.43 cat.as singles £168 check £50
201 BASUTOLAND.1st set QE.II.unmtd.mint bls.of 4 ½ to 10/= sg.43 to 53,scarce QE.II.cat. £320 as singles check £90
202 BELGIUM. 1882/4. Reprints of the Railway parcel stamp.in comp.panes of 25. incl. the 1f to 10f imperf. sheets plus 15c,50c,& 2f in mint panes of 25.nice display material check £55
203 BELGIUM.laid out coll.in 2 giant & 1 Med.S/Books.good general range early to Mod.fair bit dup.in places mint & used many 100's £55
204 BELGIUM. 1961-83 mint coll.Defs.,Comms.,Charities,M/Sheets in red Binder cat.£603 check £110
205 BERLIN.rare P/History Celebrating 100 days of the "Airbridge"with Reg.post Hameln sent out from Berlin 1st Nov.1948 with arrival mark on reverse,4 days later.presumably due to delaying the Berlin crisis.only 3mk stamp applied with variety "thin N"(only one in the sheet) postion 45.Michel 19 VII. cat.1500euro off Cover.on Cover as normal 4000euro with 5x Exh item needs to be viewed £750
206 BERMUDA. scarce 1874 3d S/Charge on 1/= sg.13b used backed with R.P.S.Cert. As Genuine check £250
207 BERMUDA. scarce 1874 3d S/Charge on 1/= sg.14 used backed with Brandon Cert.As Genuine have a look £195
208 BERMUDA.1924/32 KG.V. 2/6 being sg.89gf listed damaged leaf at bottom right f/used cat. £400 as mint have a look £100
209 BERMUDA.1930 KG.V. 10/= being sg.92g f/used cat.£275 have a look £75
210 BERMUDA.1942 KG.VI.2/6 line perf.14½ as per sg.117a cat.£550 mint have a look £135
211 BERMUDA.superb sel.of KG.VI.in Ring Album.unchecked for printing so close look advised 2/= mint x 6,used x 17,2/6 x 4 mint & used,5/= x 3 mint,used x 8,10/= x 4 mint & used x 2,12/-6 x 2 mint,used x 6.,£1 x 4 mint,used x 7 must be H/Cat.Lot have a look £925
212 BERMUDA.fair coll.in Ring Album.few KG.VI.incl. 1948 S/Wedd.,but mostly QE.II.incl. 1953 comp.set to £1, mint ditto 1962/65 later Flowers,Animals plus range of Comms.to 1980's mint & used few 100 check £95
213 BERMUDA.QV.'s on page s.t.b. sg.1-11.some shades,3 x One Penny O/Prints. plus 3d on 1/= As Seen,later types sg.21-29 some shades not all fine.KG.V.2/=,2/6,4/=, 5/= x 2, 10/= with red Bermuda cancel plus £1 on piece with Brandon Cert.later KG.V.sg.59-76, 1922 vals.to 12/6 As Seen,range of KG.VI.with 12/6 x 2,& £1 x 4.looks all diff.all used H/Cat. £1100
214 BERMUDA.on pages QV's s.t.b. sg.1 & 2,7/8,10,10a,11,16,19/20, wmk.C.A. vals.to 1/= with shades, quarter Specimen,few Dry Docks KG.V.sg.44-54 some shades,plus nice £1., 1920 Terc.,plus sg.68-76 later KG.V.vals.to 12/6,fine range KG.VI.2/=,2/6 x 4,5/= x2,10/=, 12/6 by 3 shades of each.plus £1 x 4.few QE.II.all mint H/Cat. have a look £1100
215 BRAZIL.coll.on hagner pages mint & used looks mainly middle period noted better Comms. many 100's have a look £50
216 BRIT.GUIANA.better than average range of 1860-1865 Ships better vals.noted s.t.c.£800+ further range 1870's fair over 40 items few 1876 with Officials,1882 1c x 2,plus Inland Rev.S/Charges,1898 Falls & Ships vals.to 96c,KG.V.printings vals.to 96c,1931 Cent., 1934 to $1,range of KG.VI.vals.to $3 mostly used have a look £800
217 BRIT.GUIANA.mint range on pages noted 1d Black Ships x 2,small Ships sg.126,129, 133,137, 149/151,155,157,159,170/4,1888 Inland to 40c,1889 to 96(both),1898 Jub.set plus O/Prints,later range of Ships vals.incl.$2.40.KG.V.to 96c with some shades,1934 Picts.plus KG.VI.& QE.II. all mint check £475
218 BRIT.HONDURAS.QV.sel.on pages s.t.b. between ag.1-50 incl. S/Charges over 30 stamps.also Bisects on piece,s.t.b.sg.18a,27c,35d & 37c.plus 2c plus Bisect on Covers x 2. both Belize cancels.key types to 50c, ED.VII.to $2.range of KG.V.incl. better vals.plus KG.VI.all used check £425
219 BRIT.HONDURAS.mint QV.on pages s.t.b.sg.1,2,5,7,12,16,25-29, 35-44,& 49-50 key types incl. $1 & $2.plus $2 Specimen,ED.VII.to $5 ditto KG.V.,1913/31 also vals.to $5.plus KG.VI.& QE.II.all mint have a look £495
220 BRIT.LEVANT.1885 G.B.S/Charge 40paras on 2½ lilac being sg.1 mint.cat.£120 slight tone in places £30
221 BRIT.VIRGIN IS.laid out coll.of One Countries in 6 S/Books most good range QV.-QE.II. mint & used with dup.,Br.Virgin Is.,Kiribati,Antigua(2),Cayman Is.(2) few 100 check £75
222 BRIT.VIRGIN IS. unlisted large ½ O/Print on 1d in the form of a Bisect on part piece?? £38
223 BRIT.VIRGIN IS.unchecked range of early issues on 2 pages figure of Virgin types plus key types vals.to 1/=. 1899 to $5.ED.VII.to $5,KG.V. various printings vals.to $5.plus few KG.VI.all used close check should reward £425
224 BRIT.VIRGIN IS.QV.on pages s.t.b. sg.1,2,7,8,15,19,22ab,24,25. later to 2½.1867 1d x 3,4d x 3,6d x 2,1/= brn. x 2 plus 4d S/Charge,1899 set plus 3 Specimens,ED.VII.to $5. good range KG.V.vals.to 5/= noted.various printings,plus KG.VI.& QE.II.all mint have a look £475
225 BULGARIA.1955-59 superb unmtd.mint Stock.mainly bls.of 4 & 6.strong Thematic content incl. 1958 Forest Animals,Balkan Games. '59 Birds cat.£734 needs to be viewed £100
226 CANADA.superb coll.in boxed Album.incl.Colony of Canada imperfs. 1851 6d Albert, 3d Beaver,1851/57 1d x 2,3d plus 3 x 6d Albert,6c & 2 x 10c Cartier one with Cert.plus 4 shades.3d Beaver.later perfs.range 1859/64-1888 large & small Heads.both QV. Defs. sets mint.attractive 1897 comp.set to $5 mint.fine sel. KG.V.Defs.& Comms.Booklet Panes incl. scarce QV. sg.155ba & ED.VII. sg.176a.plus later KG.V./VI. & QE.II. looks almost comp.run.back of Book with Officials & Dues. mass of material mint & unmtd. Vendor states cat.val.around £38,000 must be viewed £5250
227 CANADA.coll.in Sent.Album.few QV.& Kings Defs.& Picts.vals.to $1 noted. plus QE.II. 1970's few 100 £35
228 CANADA.coll.in SG.One Country Album.QV.- 1960. plus Airs sets & part sets vals.to $1 Defs.& Comms.some f/used noted plus 3 S/Books with mass of dup.QV.-QE.II. worth sorting £58
229 CANADA.coll.in New Age Binder sel.of early small Defs.,KG.V.vals.to $1 seen incl. Picts. similar range KG.VI.but better mint noted.later QE.II.plus pkt.,s/cards unchecked earlies have a look £95
230 CANADA.used $1 violet sg.367,the Chateau cat.as singles at £84 check £25
231 CANADA.Revenues mint multi.nice range of blocks of 4 unmtd.mint.from QV.-KG.V.incl. QV. 50c"gas inspection" & various diff.denominations KG.V.incl. "weights & measures" 30c to $1.50,"electric & gas inspection $2 & $3,all in good cond.attractive lot £50
232 CANADA.1900-40 dup.mainly mint on s/card.incl. Admirals,War Tax, Coils, Special Delivery up to 10 of each.couple tone spots.ideal for Approvals cat.£964 (140) check £150
233 CANADA.1954 1c,3c,4c,5c,E2 phos.in dup.unmtd.mint bls.,1c sg.464p used (13 bl.x 4), 3c sg.465p unmtd.mint(15 bls.of 4. 4c sg.466p x 78 unmtd.mint,(7 bl.x 10,1 bl.of 8) 5c sg. 467 x 20 unmtd.mint corner bls.of 4 cat.£552 (300) '10 needs to be viewed £95
234 CANADA.coll.in Boxed Sent.Album.dup.range QV.small & large heads vals.to 15c later Defs.few Ed.VII.range KG.V.Defs.& Picts.KG.VI.- QE.II. good sel.plus few early Newfoundland worth sorting £55
235 CANADA NOVA SCOTIA.on pages unchecked 1860/63 5 copies of the 1c black plus 9 copies of the 8½c, (2 with margin inscriptions) all mint £35
236 CANADA.bulky coll.in SG.One Country Album.fair sel.of small & large QV.Heads vals.to 15c. 1893 pair,1897 ½ to 50c.1908 Quebec mint & used.range KG.V.Defs.& Picts.vals.to $1 etc. most KG.VI.then QE.II. 1953-1990 Defs.& Comms. mint & used.plus Album of QE.II. Defs. & Comms.looks mostly used few 100's worth close look £225
237 CANADA/NEWF.quite a bulky coll.housed in 8 S/Books.all laid out as per SG.from QV.-Mod. with fair dup.in places mint & used Defs.& Comms.nicely set up for Re.Sale or expand £70
238 CAYMAN IS.on pages.QV. ½ & 1d,ED.VII.to 5/=,One Penny S/Charge,plus ½ on 4d S/Charges As Seen.later ED.VII.to 10/=(poor 5/=)fine range of KG.V.small heads vals.to 10/=,1921 plus later C.A.vals.to 10/=,scarce Cover from Malta sg.122 (2) Tax on arrival x 4 copies sg.70,1932 Cent.set,1935 set,plus KG.VI.& QE.II.all used H/Cat. check £950
239 CAYMAN IS.on pages.QV.½ & 1d,ED.VII.to 5/= all 3 S/Charges sg.17,18,& 19 As Seen. ED>VII.to 10/=,1908 sg.35 forged Cert.,fine range of KG.V.small heads vals.to 10/=,plus War Tax sg.54a & 54b.plus s.t.b. sg.55,1932 & 1935 sets plus KG.VI. & QE.II. all mint check £900
240 CEYLON.scarce 1869 QV.Service O/Prints.a comp.set being sg.01-07 not all fine rarely offered cat.£730 have a look £95
241 CHINA. if you are up for a Challenge this will suit you.in old Approval Book full of 1940's Dr.Sun Yai-sen issues incl. S/Charges.plus general Teng K'eng P/Dues etc. mostly mint over 350 stamps check £75
242 CHINA EAST.1949 Victory $1,$2,$3,$5 & $10. 5 vals. in imperf bls.of 4 sg.EC344- 348 mint AS SEEN £58
243 COOK IS.mass accum.in 1 Album plus 2 S/Books.few early QE.II.Defs.vals.to 5/= odd Airmail then fairly comp.range Defs.,Comms.,M/Sheets vals.to $10 etc.few Sheetlets super lot. few Thematic's looks mostly mint H/Cat.many 100's check £120
244 COVERS.in Archive Box.unchecked range of World early to Mod.must be 100's leave this one to you Good Hunting £110
245 COVERS.coll.of Paquebot or Ship Covers in Album.good range ED.VII.to QE.II. G.B. & Foreign some 50 items noted.better strikes have a look £125
246 COVERS. scarce Scottish Steamship cancels on 3 different p/mks.on P/Cards 1902-1912 incl. "Colubba & Iona" £60
247 COVERS.a coll.of Scand. Paquebot or Ship Covers in Album from late 1880's P/Stat. Cards, 1920/30 Defs.& Comms. to 1950's many better noted.about 50 items. have a look £195
248 COVERS.Dont Miss as handed in.looks all World early/middle some messy but worth sorting £75
249 COVERS.in large heavy Box.as handed in.mass accum.of Covers all World plus loose & S/Books. leave this one to you.but looks cheap. bit big to post. £75
250 COVERS.in Med.Box.full of World Covers from early P/Stat. to Mod.but value looks in the early part.many 100's good lot to sort may be cheap £70
251 COVERS.in Box.holding 7 Albums of P/Stat.Air Letters.early to QE.II. s.t.b. over 500 items mint & used some of the better items written up.with H & G No's. too much to describe but some nice Covers have a look please £85
252 COVERS.in Med.Box.various in Albums Br.Cols. & Foreign plus G.B. odd better £50
253 COVERS. R.A.F.Covers fine coll.in Album over 70 items most signed incl.Bader,etc.also incl. Space & Pre.stamp have a look £225
254 COVERS. New Zealand 2 well used Covers with faults bearing 1913 Ed.VII.Adh. ½,3d x 2 & 6d some odd tone on perfs.stamps cat.£900 have a look £145
255 COVERS. U.S.A.1911 Cover used with 2 x 3c Washington Adh.tied with mass double circle.plus U.S.A. 1854 Benefit Fund Document used with "Bloods" C.D.S. £45
256 COVERS.in brn.S/Book.sel.of early Swiss.Covers mostly seated Helvetia's 5c & 10c dated 1860/70 nice lot p.mks. some 60 items check £75
257 COVERS.fine sel.of U.S.A.in Box.1935 1st Flight Manila,1928-1932 Airmails,Flying Boats etc. 1930 Airmails various vignettes,1970's series Apollo,plus Washington stamps on 1941 Airmails,similar range 1930 incl.Adverts over 100 Covers H/Cat.Lot check £65
258 COVERS.sel.in small Album KG.V.-KG.VI.incl. F.D.,F.P.O's Censor,R.Visits,P/Dues. etc.plus early N.Z.Health 50 Covers £46
259 COVERS.Canada 1850 Entire Quebec to Montreal with red Steam Boat Letter Quebec & red Montreal receipt £42
260 COVERS.Ceylon bundle of Cpvers/Cards in Box.QV.-QE.II. with useful Paquebot Mail, Hotel catchets,R.P.O. Taxed Mail.odd Specimen fine to poor 80+ items £42
261 COVERS.Papua 1938 Airmail to N.Y.bl.of 4 8d Airmail adh.plus 1939 Reg.with comp.set KG.VI. 2d-1/= clean item £50
262 COVERS.1929 F.F.Airmail St.John's to U.S.A. unusual & scarce adh.being KG.V.Antigua, 1½,2½,4d,plus Leeward Is. ½d & 1/= £50
263 COVERS. St.Vincent attractive Reg.Airmail F.D.C.(2) with both KG.VI. top val. 10/= & $4.80 on single Covers neatly tied £45
264 COVERS. Newfoundland Reg. F.F.Cover "Wabush" to Katsao used with Newfoundland Air adh. 10c,60c,9 diff. b/stamps £35
265 COVERS. Toga 1903 re-addressed Cover to U.S.A. franked with 7 x ½d Shield adh.'s plus 3d grn. various cancels £35
266 COVERS.Gilbert & Ellice an attractive 1921 Cover to Texas,tied with 6d KG.V.adh. with Reg. "Ocean Is.Label" £30
267 COVERS. 1936 Covers Luftschiff L.2.129 Befordert U.S.A. with vert.2,vert 3.20d Hindenburg adh.plus Austria card Zepp.Modell nr.4. £30
268 COVERS.scarce 1930 Cover 1st Flight U.S.A.-Venezualla catchet used with Bahamas KG.V. 2d,plus pair Falls 3d War Tax S/Charge plus U.S.A.Airmail 5c x 2,plus pair 19c many b/stamps £50
269 COVERS.B.L.Rowe Covers 1927 Dominica F.D.Airmail,1928 ditto signed by B.L.Rowe 1928 Cuba signed Haiti West Indies Aerial express x 2 £50
270 COVERS.Tunis Local Airmail Cover with series of Local adh. between Alger-Tunis £40
271 COVERS.1909 O.F.S. Reg.Covers to U.S.A.Dewtsdorp.Pre.Paid with added ED.VII. 2½, 1909 Pre.Paid Letter.with added ½ plus 1d x 2, ED.VII. Adh. also with Dewetsdorp straight line £42
272 COVERS. 1919 Poland Cover to Posen used with scarce 1919 Gniezno pair.plus Poland Defs.15c & 20c signed bottom corner back stamp Poznan 1919 (1 Cover) £75
273 COVERS. 10 Foto Propaganda Cards of Hitler(8) plus 1 of Goring & Olympic Games 1936 used in Austria mostly used £52
274 COVERS. misc.accum.in Bag unchecked by us incl. G.B.Br.Cols.& U.Nations s.t.b. around 200 items have a look £45
275 COVERS. coll.in bulky Album general range G.B. Br.Cols. & Foreign some 180 Covers worth checking plus few stamps £40
276 COVERS.all World accum.in Shoebox mostly general odd better in places incl. G..B. brn.Covers ED.VIII.early QE.II. Wildings. '53 Coro.etc. all plain Covers s.t.b. over 250 items £55
277 COVERS.in 2 large & one small Albums.1st range of early P.Stat.mint & used some Fronts 1800's,1930's. other 2 Albums Defs.& Comms. 1930's to later F.D.Covers over 200 items £52
278 CROATIA.very scarce 1945 Creation of the "Storm Division" M/Sheet sg.MS.144a cat.£2000 fresh unmtd.mint have a look £360
279 CYPRUS. 1904/10 ED.VII. 30pia grn.& carmine 5 x f/used copies all with invert.wmks.as per sg.62w cat.£100 each plus varieties.broken triangle sg.61a on piece with other stamp. £75
280 CYPRUS.useful coll.in 2 Med.S/Books.small sel.of QV.& KG.V.issues mint & used incl. few Picts.,later KG.VI. with vals.to £1 noted.QE.II. Defs. & Comms.vals.to £1 seen.good lot Comms. odd M/Sheets few 100's £55
281 CYPRUS.general sel.on pages few QV.'s,KG.V.Defs./Picts.odd KG.VI.,QE.II. 1st set to £1 plus sel.of Comms. all used check £35
282 CZECH.accum.in part K.A.-B.E. One Country Album 1918-1949 on small pages plus in Album 1949-1980's patchy later issues few Covers.small lot 1918-1950,plus Mod.on pages 1940's-1970's all used many 100's heavy lot £100
283 DENMARK.interesting coll.from imperf.Spandrels onwards in 2sk & 4sk roullette, housed on homemade Album leaves,through to 20th Cent.oncl."Postf Aerge" 10kr H/Val.nice used needs checking £75
284 DENMARK.coll.in Davo One Country Album.small lot of imperfs.,later perfs.odds & ends middle period Defs.,later to 1980 few Indies mint & used £60
285 DENMARK.1854-1948 small sel.mint odds.1854 25or inv.frame 100or. 1927 Caravelle, '35 Anderson, '48 10or Tete-Beche,gutter pairs,1914 Newspaper to 1k N194 cat.£405 27. needs to be viewed £80
286 DOMINICA.range of QV.'s on page s.t.b. sg.1-15,19,22-26 mixed cond.1903 ED.VII.to 5/= not all fine,1907 to 5/=(no 6d or 2/6) KG.V.to 5/=,later Picts.,plus KG.VI.all used check £325
287 DOMINICA.mint on pages.s.t.b. sg.3,-9,11,13-15,17,19/20,22,26 not all fine,1903 ED.VII.to 5/=,plus Specimens 2d to 2/=,1907 to 5/=,1908/20 vals.to 5/=,1921 to 2/6,1923 to £1.plus KG.VI.& QE.II. all mint check £475
288 ESTONIA.small coll.1918-1940 some 168 stamps mint & used odd better check £32
289 FALKLAND IS.1933 Cent.set to 2/6 mint cat.£280 £75
290 FALKLAND IS.1933 Cent.Memorial 5/= being sg.135 mint cat.£170 £55
291 FALKLAND IS.1938/50 KG.VI.comp.set to £1 ex.sg.152-163 all mint cat.£400+ slight tone £65
292 FALKLAND IS.sg.162b mint unmtd.,the 10/= blk./ red orange ( could be sh.162a) min. cat. £180 have a look £75
293 FALKLAND IS.coll.in black page S/Book.general range of early/Kings but mostly QE.II. Defs. & Comms.,M/Sheets mint & used plus S/Book St.Georgia & Sandwich Is. £45
294 FIJI.1938 fine range on s/card.1c-£1 all varieties ex.2d sg.254 looks all unmtd.mint cat.£230+ £75
295 FIJI.1938/55 KG.VI. comp.range to £1 (ex.sg.260) otherwise sg.249-266b looks mostly unmtd.mint £55
296 FIJI.laid out coll.in 2 Med.S/Books.few to KG.V.,but value in later issues with fair bit of dup.mint & used incl. KG.VI.to 5/=,QE.II. both early sets to £1.later Comms.some M/Sheets £50
297 FINLAND.coll.on homemade Album.leaves incl.toothy 8pen with blue Abo cancel.various Coat of Arms to mark val.,Lions to H/Vals.,check £50
298 FRANCE. 1853? imperf.Nap.25c Colour Trial/Proof in mauve? heavy mtd.mint copy £45
299 FRANCE.scarce 1876 P/C.15c grey-lilac with "N" under "U" mint pair of sg.232 small thin & corner on back cat.£1000 nice item have a look £115
300 FRANCE.dup.accum.in 6 Med.S/Books.unchecked by us but appear from Naps.-Mod.many 100's mint & used worth checking £75
301 FRANCE.1942-44 plus 1960-81 in red Binder.wide range of Comms.,Defs.,Charities, mint much unmtd.all diff.good basis for coll.cat.£433 100's check £80
302 FRANCE.1978-96 unmtd.mint sel.on 8 sides s/cards.all diff.Comms.,Charities,Defs., R.Cross, Europa,Tourists,good basis for coll.face £207 cat.£820 needs to be viewed £215
303 FRANCE.1853-1930 17 pages wide range of Ceres,Naps.,Peace/Comm.,Mersom,Sowers mint & used usual mixed cond.incl.many good items 100's needs to be viewed £245
304 FRANCE.1943-67 8 sides s/card.unmtd.mint all diff.from '43 Prouse to '67 Bir-Hakeeim incl. Charities,Relief,Airs to 1,000f,1949 Paris Views valuable lot cat.£2,123 100's needs to be view £615
305 FRANCE.1945-56 double sided s/card.f/mint mainly unmtd.Views,Portraits,Comms. mostly diff. cat.£345 check £75
306 FRANCE.1929-57 various on s/card.mainly better items used.Pont du Gare x 2 20f,1949 Paris 1,000f,'57 1,000f x 2,mint & used plus 1936 Airs to 3f.50 m.couple tiny faults. cat.£737 £130
307 FRANCE.coll.in boxed Sent.Album.plus 2nd Album few Naps.imperf. & perf. P/Comm., Sowers.fair middle period of Picts.plus later Mod.to 1990's all used few 100 check £58
308 FRANCE.fine range of Naps.& Ceres allowing for cond.1849 imperfs.,1853/61 incl. 40c,very fine 20c,1862/71 incl. 80c,1882 to 80c,1870 Ceres imperfs.noted 5c grn.imperf.pair,good Merson 80c, 1870/76 perfs.vals.to 80c. wheat from Chaff job.should reward check £360
309 FRANCE.sel.in Ring Binder range of P/C.vals.to 1f noted.few Mouchon's,Mersons vals.to 20f dup range of Sowers,incl. S/Charges,later 1938/40's,incl. Marianne's & later mostly used.plus 1937 Pexip Card of P/Dues.s.t.c.£1500.Fr.Cols. imperf. early & Mod. well worth sorting few 100's £320
310 FRANCE.1917-1949 mint & used range in black page S/Book.good lot of Defs.& Comms.vals.to 20f. sets & singles,few 100's should fill a few gaps £65
311 FRANCE.1917 War Fund 2c-1f sg.370-376 all good/fine used cat.£650 useful lot check £125
312 FRANCE.fine range in S/Book 1950-1969 appears mostly Comms. mint & used sets & singles,R.Cross,Airs,Portraits all laid out & priced.few 100's worth close look £120
313 FRENCH ANDORRA.imperf.1944 60c Arms sg.F101(print of 500).'45 Views 1.20f sg.106, 3f sg.F111,5f sg.F138 all imperf.unusual lot check £95
314 FRENCH COLS.sparce sel.across the board in 7 large S/Books.value in Albums all laid out as per SG.Ideal to expand looks very good value check £65
315 G.B. 1840 1d Black s.t.b. pl.5. P.D.matched with 1d Red fair margins good used £50
316 G.B. 1840 1d Blacks on card.8 copies most with faults £240
317 G.B. 1840 1d Black.L-F.(as good as you get)4 large margins.deep colour with the fi9nest red MX.superb probably under priced have a look £125
318 G.B.1840 1d Black T-E.4 large margins with fine red MX.sound copy check £90
319 G.B.1840 1d Black H-B.4 large margins with light red MX.nice copy have a look £90
320 G.B. 1840 1d Black B.C.4 large margin copy tied with red MX.on Cover to Chichester.Cover bad filing crease & tone but only on half Cover does not effect stamp check £85
321 G.B. superb 1840 Mourning Env.from Lymington to London bearing fine 4 margin 1d Black check letters A.A.from pl.6. tied with fine red MX. have a look £200
322 G.B. Cover 1840 1d Black P.F.tied on Cover to Blandford with superb red MX.close on 2 sides but priced to cond.have a look £135
323 G.B. 1854 10d Embossed brn.fine 3 margin copy superb colour & lightly used No splits looks good value have a look £150
324 G.B. 1854 6d Embossed purple sound used copy tight margins £75
325 G.B. 1855 2d Blue small crown perf.16.with invert.wmk.off centred copy.cat.either £275 or £700 have a look £55
326 G.B. on card 1856 6d pale lilac wing margin with fine 616 Duplex,1862 4d wing margin with fine 930 Duplex,1872 6d good used unchecked printing £58
327 G.B.1858 1d Red plates a comp.coll.of all plates from 71-225 in many cases sel.copies incl.nce 225 H/Cat.Lot have a look good lot for the Windsor £150
328 G.B. 1858 1d Red plates mint on card.incl. pl.171 vert pair,173,184,199 vert pair, 205, 206, & 216 cond.mixed in places.others fine cat.£460. 4 other copies not incl. cat. £55
329 G.B.1858 1d Red plate no.121. 5 mint copies on card nice crackle gum cat.£225 £55
330 G.B. 1862 QV. 4d verm.sg.79/80 fresh looking mint copy cat.£1500 attractive copy £395
331 G.B. 1867/83 10/= grey/grn. sg.128 pl.1 sound copy used centred slight top cat.£2800 £825
332 G.B. 1867/83 £5 Orange D.-C. fine colour well centred good perfs.f/used with Three Mark Lane B.O. C.D.S. cat.£4500. genuine used £1500
333 G.B. 1867/80 QV.6d on card unchecked shade no hyphen pl.8.,& 9. plus hyphen pl.6. mint not all fine have a look £190
334 G.B. 1867 3d rose being sg.103 pl.6. attractive mint copy odd tone on perf. check £95
335 G.B. 1867 2/= milky blue being sg.120b pl.1. mint possibly re-gummed & priced as such but presentable copy to fill this gap have a look £130
336 G.B. 1867 QV.5/= rose pl.1. sg.126 superb used copy with fine Manchester 1872 cancel attractive looking copy cat.£600 £185
337 G.B. 1867/83 5/= rose pl.2.of sg.127.sound used copy cat.£1200 looks fair val. check £135
338 G.B.scarce 1867 5/= rose sg.127 plate 1.centred slightly left mint copy possible re-gummed & priced as such cat.£8000+.nice looker better than filler £425
339 G.B. 1867/81. Inland Rev.1d purple sg.F20 die.II.in mint bl.of 36.odd tone spot.nice display item have a look £85
340 G.B.attractive 1872 6d dp.chestnut being sg.122 pl.11. fresh looking copy mint. cat.£1100 looks good val. check £250
341 G.B. QV.on card.1872 sg.123 pl.11. & 1880 sg.160 pl.18 both f/used £45
342 G.B.1874 6d gry.sg.147 pl.16 in vert.pair with part margin inscription on lower stamp mint small faults good looker check £110
343 G.B. attractive 1876 2½ rosy mauve being sg.141 pl.6. fresh looking mint copy cat.£425 good val. £55
344 G.B. scarce 1878 £1 brn.lilac H.E. being sg.129.used with superb Strand B.O. C.D.S. cancel has light vert.crayon small repair in corner have a look £325
345 G.B.1880 2/= brn. sg.121 good colour sound copy possible some re.perf?. cat.£3250 much better than filler check £320
346 G.B. 1880/1. 5d indigo top val.sg.169 attractive copy cat.£675 check £85
347 G.B. 1881 1d lilac with 2 clear frame breaks on bottom.not listed in sg.part one f/used scarce? £95
348 G.B. 1883 lilac & grn. 5d,6d,& 9d fair copies good to f/used.huge cat.val.useful fillers but better than average £125
349 G.B. 1883/86 9d dull grn. O/Print "Govt.Parcel" sg.063 f/used copy with fine colour strengthend bottom right cat.£800 good value £65
350 G.B. 1883/4 5/= crimson sg.181 mint copy with ditto copy O/Print specimen both with small faults H/Cat.pair have a look £175
351 G.B. 1883 10/= ultra sg.183 with superb large 1893 Bradford Yorks C.D.S. light blue crayon but sound copy £95
352 G.B. 1883 1½ lilac sg.188 mint cat.£110,& 5d dull grn. sg.193 cat.£450 toned mint £75
353 G.B. 1883/4 2½ lilac sg.190 some used copies on Manilla s/cards.cat.£15 each s.t.b. over 170 stamps cat.over £2500. useful Retail £125
354 G.B. 1883/84 2½ lilac sg.190 on pages a Re.Con.Sheet of 240 stamps all used needs displaying better have a look £160
355 G.B.1888 £1 brn.lilac.sg.186 3 orbs fine colour & perfs used with 3 fine Cannon St. C.D.S. cat.£3800 nice item have a look £1100
356 G.B. 1902 ED.VII. 10/= blue fresh looking mint copy with back crease not shown on front H/Cat. item have a look £155
357 G.B. ED.VII. 1902 imperf.plate Proof dp.grn.on white card.nice margins £50
358 G.B.1902/10 ED.VII. £1 blue/grn.sg.266 attractive clean copy good colour & perfs. with very light part Reg.cancels. cat.£750 £200
359 G.B. 1903 ED.VII. £1 grn.sg.266 well centred good perfs.& colour.used with light Reg.Cancel £125
360 G.B. 1913 KG.V. ½ & 1d multi.Royal Cypher pair sg.397/8 both mint scarce pair cat.£600 good perfs. have a look £145
361 G.B. 1913 £1 blue/grn.S/Horse sg.404 light Reg.cancel good colour centred slightly bottom but fine looker cat.£1500 have a look £425
362 G.B. 1913 S/Horse £1 dull blue-grn.as per sg.404 fresh looking mint copy with small poor repair.only slightly detracts & better than filler £360
363 G.B. unusual 1935 S.Jub.set of 4 on Silver Front only Cover? with Royal Crest ILL.with Braintree Reg. label so has been through post £45
364 G.B. 1955 QE.II.Castle H/Vals.2/6-£1 Waterlow Printing sg.536/9 mtd.mint cat.£225 £50
365 G.B. 1955/58 QE.II. Castle H/Vals. Waterlow Printing sg.536/39 mtd.mint & f/used £35
366 G.B.useful 1958 2d light red/brn.with invert.wmk.being sg.573wi. mint £32
367 G.B. 1877 QV.2½ rosy on Cover to U.K. with Constantinople r/mk.plus 1909 ½ P/Stat. with Adh. ED.VII.½ & 1912 P/Card £42
368 G.B.looking for good Stock of F.D.C.'s mass accum.over 1200 Decimals some dup. clean lot held in 2 large Archive Boxes looks very cheap must check £260
369 G.B.large Box. F.D.C.few early but mostly Decimals to 2001 all hand written many 100's £75
370 G.B.Covers 1897 with 2½ Jub.Adh.plus 1897 1d lilac both Covers tied with Worthing Station C.D.S.strikes plus 1917 1d McKennals with large Worthing strike all with letters £50
371 G.B. QV.Covers in pkt.1d Red plates 1872 ½ Bantam Liverpool Exchange 4d orange x 3,to Trieste 1865 Edinburgh etc.9 Covers not all fine £38
372 G.B.Booklets 5/= QE.II. G.P.O. Jan.1955 6/= Eagle,6/= Kingfisher all 3 held in Silver Holders Paighton,Conway & Cheddar Motifs,plus gold colouredholder Petersfield,plus 1953 Coro.Cover with 2/6 mixed Booklets inside £55
373 G.B. fine coll.of Booklets in 2 SG.Albums.all decimal 10p-£2.50 appears all diff. incl. A-B. issues with some fair runs also odd Prestige Booklets over 140 items H/Face & Cat.val. £190
374 G.B.good range of Booklets in giant S/Book.vals.from 10p-£1.plus useful Windows all 1st & 2nd Class stamps good cat.& face val..around 150 Booklets have a look £150
375 G.B. in Box.unchecked range of Env.but value probably in P/Packs Decimal issues some still in original Env. £55
376 G.B.mass accum.in 2 Boxes held in 4 Sent.STD.Albums.3 hagner Binders plus 2 S/Books. too much to describe from QV.-QE.II.large part QE.II.semi-specialized in Machins etc.mint & used plus usual range of Comms.,2nd Box with 4 empty S/Books,Signascope,u.v.lamp,Mag. glasses etc. worth checking £650
377 G.B.coll.in giant S/Book.well filled range of Line Engraved imperf.& perf.other odds. but bulk of coll.in QE.II.Sterling to Decimal mint & used.with Machins looks fair sel.with dup.mint incl. H/Vals.to £2.Castles to £5.dup.Machins used incl. blocks. probably decent face many 100's have a look £150
378 G.B. 2001-2006 Smiler Sheets in Ring Binder a comp.range ex. "A" No.'s. sg.LS6- LS41 unmtd.mint H/Cat. have a look £125
379 G.B.coll.in Med.Box.QV.-QE.II. remainder coll.on Windsor pages but mostly QE.II.heavy dup.used in places.although H/Vals.seen.pkus material in pkts.have a look £100
380 G.B. I.O.M.coll.in 2 Davo Hingeless One Country Albums. looks fairly comp.range 1973-1990 Defs.& Comms.plus later also odds in Boxed L/House Album.& Manx Book Bird Life £55
381 G.B. Fine & valuable range of M/Sheets in giant S/Book.range 1978-2007 most with dup.unmtd.mint many of the better Sheets noted.with High Buying prices around 218 Sheets must cat.at few 100's must be viewed £500
382 G.B. nice lot of Year Books comp. range 1984-1992 9 Packs cat.around £500 £95
383 G.B. QV.H/Vals. 2/6,5/=,& 10/= sg.178 & 183 min.cat.£815 attractive trio have a look £150
384 G.B.unchecked accum.in 7 S/Books looks mainly QE.II. but odd early seen. S/Books alone worth est. £55
385 G.B. Med.Box.with Collector Packs for 1989-1995 & 1997 plus Year Books 1991-1996 £140
386 G.B. a range of 9 items of P/History with pre.stamp Entires noted Margate(2), Tunbridge Wellsstrikes to London 1d Red,plus Sandwich & KG.V.P/Card. p/mks. Otford, Riverhead etc £35
387 G.B. useful accum.of QE.II.Decimal in 2 Albums noted range of Booklets 10p to £2.55.plus Prestige Booklets,Album of P/Packs.H/Cat.& Face needs checking £320
388 G.B. giant S/Book.bulging with decimal material sets & blocks 1971-Mod.all mint many 100's H/Cat. & Face.have a look £225
389 G.B. sel.of earlies on hagner s/card s.t.b. sg.66a,sg.70,sg.109, pl.9.,sg.117 pl.6., 1897 1/= grn.,1883 2/6 & 5/=,plus 5/= S/Horse & 10/= Re.Engraved mostly good used check £125
390 G.B.coll. in 2 Windsor Albums.fair range of Line-Engraved incl. 1d Red plates,½ Bantams, odd S/Printed usual range of Kings with shades,later KG.VI.plus QE.II. Defs.& Comms. Sterling & Decimal.better looking P/Dues.all used many 100's have a look £85
391 G.B. useful range in 2 giant S/Books.odd ED.VII. & KG.V.& KG.VI.but value in early Mod. QE.II. Defs.& Comms. H/Cat. & Face close check please many 100's all mint £200
392 G.B. coll.in S/Book.& Album.early Line Engraved incl. 1d Black & 2d Blue not all fine. good range S/Printed incl. some f/used noted incl. poor sg.127. QV. 2/6 & 5/= & £1(added corner).ED.VII.to 10/=,S/Horses to 10/=, later KG.VI. plus QE.II.Defs. & Comms. 1953-1980 used.H/Cat.Lot needs close look £595
393 G.B.unchecked by us.range of Line-Engraved on small cards perf.& imperf.most identified with sg.or dies.etc. worth checking,estimate based on figures shown check £90
394 G.B. QE.II.Castle H/Vals.on card s.t.b. 1955/58 Waterlow & D.L.R.sets sg.536/9, & 536a/9a. plus 2nd D.L.R.set sg.595/8.all mint H/Cat. have a look £150
395 G.B.sel.of QV.early issues on card.incl. C.T.S. 10d Embossed,1856 1/= grn.,4d large garter, ½ Bantam various plates,2½ rosy odd plate,sg.152 pl.15.,4d gry pl.12,1883 2½ dup.other odds all used cond.mixed but H/Cat. check £80
396 G.B.on card.QV.S/Printed etc.mint/unused possible re-gum.priced with this in mind.poor 1840 2d Blue,fair 1855 4d,1870 1½ sg.51,1856 1/= grn.small fault. ½ Bantam x 5,2½ rosy, 2½ blue,4d sage & 6d gry.no gum.,few JUB. H/Cat. Lot have a look £165
397 G.B.remainders coll.in S/Book of Kings,S/Book various EDVII.odd mint,KG.V.Royal Cypher vals.to 1/= mint,McKennals 1948 S/Wedd.unchecked P/Dues.mint vals.to 1/= incl. 1½ brn. single Control B24 mint.rather scattered check £165
398 G.B. QE.II. 2000 Stamp Show P/Pack no M03 x 2.plus 1977 Machin H/Vals.P/Pack No.91 H/Cat. £65
399 G.B. Castle H/Val.P/Pack No.18 & scarce 40 cat.£185 £55
400 G.B. useful KG.V.on pages various 1d Red McKennals incl. 2 x No Cross on Crown.1912 Imp.Crown invert.wmk.others all used odd mint.plus dup.range with shades 1913 KG.V. to 1/= mostly used some mint.good cat.val. check £75
401 G.B. 2000 Millenium issues nicely displayed & written up in Album stamps in pairs plus F.D.C.'s ,3 P/Packs not high cat. but attractive £35
402 G.B. Justice Room Shield stamps on hagner sheet.attractive range with dup. 1/=,1/6,2/=, 2/6,3/=,& 10/6. 18 items have a look £60
403 G.B.fine accum.in Carrier Bag.incl. Windsor Album. 2 x 1d Blacks not fine other QV.& Kings vals.to 10/= noted then range of QE.II.Defs.& Comms. in a series of S/Books.Sterling to Decimal good lot of Machins with better vals.Castles to £2.Comms.some in pairs,strips & blocks adding up to a H/Face val. plus 2 Albums F.D.C.'s check £350
404 G.B. CHANNEL IS.in Box.with 6 F.D.Cover Albums.Jersey,Guern.,Alderney,with stamps & F.D.C's,P/Packs & Booklets plus 2 Albums of stamps good cat.val.& Face. have a look £115
405 G.B. CHANNEL IS.good range in 4 large S/Books.Guern.& Jersey Sterling-Decimal Defs.& Comms.mint & used unchecked by us plus S/Book mixed looks good value check £55
406 G.B. CHANNEL IS.coll.of Jersey & Guern.in SG.One Country Album.Defs. & Comms. Sterling/ Decimal used.I.O.M.mint coll.in S.Book from 1st Def.issues to Comms. plus few used in Album have a look £38
407 G.B. CHANNEL IS.sel.in giant S/Book with Jersey early Comms.& P/Dues.,Guern.Sterling to £1 ex.10/='s decimal to 50p plus few Comm.all mint £42
408 G.B. CHANNEL IS.mint coll.in Davo One Country Album.Guern.,Jersey range from 1969 & 1971 Defs.to £1 & 50p,range of Comms.to 1980's some M/Sheets.SG.One Country Album f/used range as above.but f/used incl.early Arms etc.3rd Album P/History Covers incl. 1941 2d orange Bisect,1941 1d Arms German Occ.,2 x R.Cross Messages,Jersey 1881 Cover G.B.QV.1d verm. used with squared circle cancel.1903 ED.VII.P/Stat. used Jersey 1944 Pict.Reg.Cover plus Mod. good lot check £225
409 G.B. I.O.M.in Box. 3 F.D.C Albums.plus Album incl. F.D.Covers P/Packs,Stamps in Album & loose Covers good cat.& Face val. have a look £75
410 G.B. I.O.M.coll.in giant & Med.S/Books.laid out as per SG.from early to Mod.incl. M/Sheets mint & used £42
411 G.B. I.O.M.1973-99 superb near comp.used all diff. no M/Sheets cat.£515 100's check £100
412 G.B. O/Prints on P/Due. B.M.A. Tripolitania sg.D6-10,& B.A. Eritrea sg.D6-10 appear both unmtd. mint £38
413 G.B.USED ABROAD.accum.in large Manilla S/Book.heavy dup in places incl. Levant vals.to 10/=,M.Agencies QV.'s,ED.VII.vals.to 2/6 few S/Horses,KG.VI.many used odd mint H/Cat. worth checking £235
414 GERMANY.Berlin 1949 U.P.U. sg.B54-60 mtd.mint & unmtd. cat.£923 (7) '09 check £150
415 GERMANY.in black S/Book.mainly better German stamps from 1872 to 1950's incl. sg.1. (Station p/mk.),sg.275 mint sg.362 used,various mint many unmtd.Nazi & Occ.issues,plus 3 x M/Sheets used,1870 France-Prussian War Cover,both 1949 Baden Freiburg M/Sheets unmtd.mint,sg.1093-96.f/mint,1954 & '55 Human Relief sets etc. over 400 stamps & 11 M/Sheets,& 1 Cover (list supplied) cat.val. well in excess of £2500 needs to be viewed £335
416 GERMANY.unchecked lot in 9 S/Books.appear Germany plus East & West.Berlin & Zones few 100's.S/Book worth estimate £65
417 GERMANY WEST.plus Berlin.1968-2002 superb unmtd.mint & used coll.many sets,M/Sheets, Defs.Comms.,Coils,with little dup.cat.£2,980 1,000's of stamps needs to be viewed £525
418 GERMANY.East 1975-81 in blue Album.85 pages plus 6 sides s/cards.wide range of Comms.,Defs.,& M/Sheets mint & used 100's ideal basis for coll. needs to be viewed £120
419 GERMANY 1990's superb unmtd.m.sel. Comms.,Charities many in Sheetlets of 10 plus M/Sheets Ideal Approvals face 651dm/£217 needs to be viewed £190
420 GERMANY West. 1987-91 superb unmtd.m.coll.on loose leaves incl.Defs., Coils strips of 5 Charities,Comms.,M/Sheets near comp. face 402dm/£134 cat.£640 needs to be viewed £150
421 GERMANY West.1984-94 superb unmtd.m.range of Charities all diff.19 pages cat.£341 £85
422 GERMANY.Berlin 1948-58 on s/card mainly better items m.& u.Berlin O/Print to 1dm used, '49 Views to 5dm.'56 Views to 3dm mint & u.,Bells to 40pf,mainly good to fine cat.£972 (105) needs to be viewed £150
423 GERMANY Berlin 1954-90 Charities coll.mainly unmtd.m.near comp.,M/Sheets,Booklets on printed pages cat.$425 '09 check £90
424 GERMANY East.1946 Liepiz M/Sheet sg.M/S.RD 51 cat.£150 hinged.1950 Defbria sg.M/S. E29a, '51 China Friendship sg.E43-45 cat.£540 all mint cat.£690 (5) checks £140
425 GERMANY.1949-52 better on s/card.mint incl. unmtd.'49 Stamp Cent. sg.1035-37 Refugee Fund sg.1039-42,'51-'52 sel. between sg.1073-81,Rontgen,Lutheran, Otto, Heligo., Youth Hostel cat.£496 15 '09 check £95
426 GERMANY Berlin.1949 U.P.U.,Goethe,Numeral O/Prints,Berlin Relief Fund sg.B54- sg.B70 all mint mainly good to fine cat.£2,130 17. '09 needs to be viewed £460
427 GERMANY WEST.1953-58 between sg.1091-1217 mint all diff.incl. '53 Prisoner of War, Liebig,Munich,Relief, '54 Heuss to 3dm cat.£1,o50 117 '07 needs to be viewed £170
428 GERMANY.West.1990-2000.in blk.boxed Davo Album.superb unmtd.mint near comp.coll. incl. M/Sheets,Charities huge face cat.£1,140 '09 £250
429 GERMANY Berlin 1969-80 in brn.Schaubek Album.near comp. all unmtd.mint Comms., Defs., M/Sheets cat.£366 check £80
430 GERMANY.Berlin 1979-90 near comp.(no Charities)unmtd.mint coll.Defs.,Castles, Famous Women,Tourists,Comms.,Booklet Panes,M/Sheets cat.£370 £90
431 GERMANY.West.1955-83 Charities & Relief Fund neart comp.coll.between sg.1148-2043 Sports,Olympic's all f/mint on printed leaves.cat.£401 '09 check £75
432 GERMANY.Berlin 1959-78 superb unmtd.m.sel. 8 sides s/cards.Comm.,Charites, in bls.of 4 some x 6 plus M/Sheets Ideal Retail Stock cat.£839 £185
433 GERMANY.Berlin 1956-90 near comp.many sets both m.unmtd.mint plus good to f/used in hingeless Lidner Album.cat.£2,378 100's check £435
434 GERMANY.in Med.S/Book.range incl. Germania Inflation issues later Picts.,Bundespost,& others all mint few 100's worth checking £42
435 GERMANY.bulky coll.in Boxed Sent.Album.few earlies.Shields & Germania's later Picts., fair range Zones plus later sel.of Rep.issues all used many 100's £50
436 GERMANY mass accum. housed in various Albums/S/Books.noted nice lot in Schaubek Album early Sields mint & used.range of Germania.Inflation issues,1928 Zepps.1m & 2m used,1940's,Album various Zones,plus Albums of East & West Germany from 1st issue.8 Albums in all not in vogue at present but must be worth tucking away at this price £285
437 GERMANY.coll.in Sent.STD.Album.range 1872-1998 nicely written up coll.good sel. large/ small Shields,usual Germania vals.to5m.,1920's Defs.,Zepps.,1928 2m.1930 2m & 4m plus set of Chiago,all better 1930's incl. M/Sheets & Hitler Card.at back of Book 1850 Liepzig Letter German States,Bavatia,Saar,DanzigBohemen etc. plus Officials all used coll. H/Cat. £725
438 GERMANY.in pkt.some 45 items varieties as per ex.Michel plus D132/143,D144/154, D.R. 120 in pair O/Print also P/Cards & Covers worth sorting s.t.c. nearly £700 £65
439 GERMANY.in pkt. B.R.D.items range of Booklets other items incl. Private List supplied MH issues 11-50 not comp. s.t.c. £730+ £55
440 GERMANY. mixed sel.in Ring Binder.Mod.stamps & Covers but interest around small sel.of German States with the usual if's & buts worth checking £70
441 GERMANY B.R.D.in pkt.varieties Ex.Michel some 37 items all listed to much to describe s.t.c. £1000 worth checking £65
442 GERMANY D.D.R.in Folder fine range of varieties Ex.Michel on large & small s/cards, singles,blocks,Booklets etc. long list provided cat.approx. £900 £65
443 GERMANY EAST.Ex.Dealers accum.in Archive Box.held in 4 giant & 1 small S/Book. 1949 - 1981 mint & used looks fairly comp.with dup.plus Shoebox on paper H/Cat. Lot worth checking £360
444 GERMANY WEST.coll.in K.A.-B.E. One Country Album.1949-1974 mint sel.incl. unmtd.better odds up to 1950's.then looks fairly comp.range Defs.& Comms. to 1970's H/Cat.Lot worth expanding £65
445 GIBRALTAR. 1889 QV. 25c on 2c unmtd.mint margin bl.of 4.with small "I" in centimes as per sg.17ab on top right £35
446 GIBRALTAR.1925/32 KG.V. H/Vals. 1/= - £1. sg.102-107 all mint some tone cat.£225 £75
447 GIBRALTAR.scarce 1931 3d Rock of Gibraltar.3d in half sheet of 30 with No 1.Control i.e. 1st Sheet mint premium as such £165
448 GIBRALTAR.coll.in giant S/Book general range QV.-QE.II. fair dup.in places odd better in places mint & used Defs.&Comms.vals.to £1 seen few 100's worth checking £50
449 GIBRALTAR.1968-86 unmtd.mint sel. 25 pages of Comms.,Crests.Europa's, 1971 Views, '77 Fauna,'82 Planes,'87 Guns to top vals. high face cat.£274 check £85
450 GIBRALTAR.1967-93 superb mint accum.'67-'75 Comms.sets incl. 5 Military Uniforms mainly unmtd.mint. bl.of 4,'67 Ships sg.200-213, '71 Views sg.255-286 unmtd.mint, 77 Fauna sg.374-389a plus extra £5. '82 sg.460-474 unmtd.m.,'78-'93 Comms., '82 Planes to £5, '93 Views to £3.'99 E2 to £3 plus,30p,40p & 42p in gutter pairs bls.of 4 cat.£467 needs to be viewed £100
451 GIBRALTAR. 1953-77 mint & used incl.'53 set,'60 to 10/=,Omnibus & Comms. '67 Butterflies to £2 cat.£470 check £88
452 GIBRALTAR.1965-92 superb unmtd.mint 62 diff.sets,M/Sheets,all x 4 incl.bls.of 4 plated Omnibus & Comms.'71 Views,P/Dues. ideal Fair Dealer cat.£604 needs to be viewed £170
453 GIBRALTAR.small coll.in Med.S/Book few Kings mostly QE.II.noted £1 Defs.later Comms.odd M/Sheet all mint £40
454 GIBRALTAR.coll.in small Album few QV.'s,Kings vals.to 2/6 seen,1935 S.Jub.,few KG.VI. plus QE.II. Defs.& Comms. vals.to £1 noted all used £40
455 GOLD COAST.KG.VI. sg.120 to 132 1d to 10/=(3 x).comp.all mint unmtd.occasionall minor toning on some of the vals.£80 £15
456 GOLD COAST.fine lot 1913/21 KG.V.looks comp.range to £1.plus most Colour & die varieties sg.74-84 all mint cat.£500+ have a look £125
457 GREECE.1927-35 Defs. 2d,5d,10d,15d & 25d all mint (the 25d has short perf.) plus the 1934 8d Athens Stadium perf.11½ mint. H/Cat.Lot check £65
458 GREECE. quite a bulky coll.in Boxed Sent.Album.few early imperfs.middle Picts. odd Airs etc. good later ranhr of Comms.to 1990's few 100's all used £35
459 GRENADA.laid out coll.in 4 S/Books.few early to KG.VI.but mostly QE.II.Defs.& Comms.plus range of Grenadines mint & used with dup.few 100's £55
460 GRENADA.range of QV.Chalons on page incl.Bisect later vals.to 1/= not all fine few S/Charges on 2/= orange sg.37-39 & 41-45,ED.VII.mixed range & cond.better seen vals.to 10/=,KG.V.to 10/=,Picts.to 5/= plus KG.VI. & QE.II.few Dues all used check £550
461 GRENADA.QV.mint on pages s.t.b. sg.2 no gum,sg.3,4,7,11,14,20!,21,21c, & 22.not all fine,key types to 1/-,fine range of S/Charges incl Tete-Beche,later sel.of Specimens vals.to 1/=,good lot EV.II.various printings vals.to 10/=,similar range of KG.V.vals.to 10/=,Picts.to 5/=,good lot KG.VI.with shades plus QE.II.few Dues.all mint have a look £825
462 HONG KONG. 1841/1891 Jubilee S/Charge used sg.51 min cat.£130 £52
463 HONG KONG.1862 no wmk.issue sg.1,2,3,4,& 5,2c brn.,through to 24c grn.min cat.£400 small faults on 2 or 3 stamps £25
464 HONG KONG.1863/1900 Br.Post Offices in China/Japan, Shanghai S1 C.D.S. on 2c, 4c, 12c, 18c,24,& 48c, Japan Yokohama (Y1) 8c orange.good cat.val. £65
465 HONG KONG.1880 S/Charges sg.13 5c on 8c orange,24 5c on 18c lilac,sg.25 10c on 12c blue & sg27 10c on 24c grn.the latter with Co.Security strike as well "Meyer".min.cat. £300. £62
466 HONG KONG. CC wmk.1880 comp.set sg.28,29,30,& 31.,2c rose,5c blue,10c mauve,48c brn.,min cat. £200 £42
467 HONG KONG. a885 S/Charges comp.sg.40,41,& 42,the 50c on 48c brn.used in Canton, min. cat.for the set £132.Surface flaw on 20c cat.£5. £28
468 HONG KONG.1912/21 KG.V.comp.range to $2.mint some tone cat.£380 £90
469 HONG KONG.coll.in S/Book.fine range some heavy dup.early QE.II. mint & used vals.to $10 noted.later Anagolli's & later types vals.to $50,plus few mint Comms. odd M/Sheets etc. worth checking few 100's needs to be viewed £80
470 HONG KONG.QV.crown wmk. CC.,2c dp.brn.,8c orange,12c blue,24c grn. sg.8,11,12 & 14 min.cat.£1200+ part o.gum good colour needs to be viewed £90
471 HONG KONG.7c on 10c grn.sg.43 cat.£80,accompanied by wing margin 14c on 30c mauve sg.34 min.cat.£260 both unused good colour £25
472 HONG KONG. sg.1.2c brn.with blue "B62" p/mk.possible re-perf. at top with 8c sg.2 again with blue B62 p/mk.light toning at top min.cat.£180 £20
473 HONG KONG. 6c lilac CC wmk. sg.10 cat.£450 unused £20
474 HONG KONG. 30c mauve sg.16 unused good colour cat.£250. £32
475 HONG KONG.C.A.wmk. on sg.56,2ct.grn.,sg.59 10c ultra & sg.61 30c brn.,good colours,the 10c hint of coloured hing+e coming through attractive trio min.cat.£100 £20
476 HONG KONG.scarce stamps the 48c rose carmine sg.17w with invert.wmk.& blue lozenge "S1" pmk. used in Shanghai cat.£160 1 stamp £50
477 HONG KONG.Post Fiscals perf.ins & DP O/Prints etc.interesting group sg.F1 & F2 as well as O/Prints & a group of Port Treaty cancels,etc. nice lot needs to be viewed £75
478 HONG KONG.ED.VII.mint very fresh colours from 1c brn.to 30c grn.& blk., minor dup. colours.possibly a few multiple crown issues min cat.£300 £60
479 HONG KONG. KG.VI. 25c brt.blue,key val.bl.of 4 min cat.as singles at £116.unmtd.mint. usual toning on back but val.often missing from coll. £30
480 HONG KONG.nice range of KG.VI.often in multiple format with much unmtd.mint, especially in bls.there are at least.well over 100 stamps with vals.ranging from 1c to $10. with est. a min.cat. well over £1000++ £250
481 HONG KONG.general sel.in 3 S/Books.few early but mainly QE.II.Defs. & Comms. odd better mint noted few 100 £45
482 HONG KONG.coll.in Boxed L/House One Country Album.good sel.of early QV.'s incl. S/Charges usual mixed in places,few ED.VII.vals.to $1 seen.KG.V.to $2, 1935 S.Jub., KG.VI.various to $5.QE.II.Defs. & Comms.sets & singles to 1990 plus Machine Labels all used few 100's Ideal Album to expand(Album cost £100 have a look £265
483 HONG KONG.fair sel.in small Album.few QV.'s fair lot of ED.VII.& KG.V.,1935 S/Jub., KG.VI. vals.incl. $5.1949 U.P.U. plus QE.II. Defs.& Comms. noted better early all used £42
484 HUNGARY.large accum.in plastic Crate.held in 8 Davo Boxed One Country Albums.some hingeless.range early to Mod.sparce in places & deserves better material in these expensive Albums.fine lot to expand have a look very heavy lot £150
485 HUNGARY.mass accum.in 4 large Albums.good range 1871 to 1900 Fillers,later O/Prints & Picts.issues sets & singles & odds plus large range Mod.issues mint & used many 1000's worth checking £55
486 HUNGARY.large coll.laid out in 4 giant S/Books.as per SG.from early to Mod.mint & used. easy lot to use or expand as all the works done for you.many 100's have a look heavy dup.in places £65
487 ICELAND.unusual P/History item the Millenary of 1930,an Essay threreof,non denominational of there Folklore in P/Card format in good cond.approx.5in x 3in with stone Viking £25
488 INDIA.1854 Q.V.4an blue/red cut to shape on small piece s.t.b. sg.21a head III.used with 62 cancel.H/Cat. useful filler £95
489 INDIA.good general range in Med.S/Book.few QV.incl. some mint but mostly middle-Mod.to 2008. few Officials £40
490 INDIA.Scinde Dawk sg.S2 ½ anna blue cat.£4500 used,on piece large margins but faults needs to be viewed £200
491 INDIA.general coll.in giant & Med.S/Books.laid out as per SG.sparse in places QV.-QE.II. some Officials few 100's £38
492 INDIA.2009 Geet Gov't Se-Tenant strips of 3.with Poetry Text in scarce brn.colour unmtd.mint have a look £70
493 INDIA. 2008 Christmas Se.Tenant pairs with gold halo omitted mint As Seen £65
494 INDIA.1961/88 Coll.of better comp.sets incl. 1963 & 1976 Animals,1968 & 1975 Birds, Olympic's,Airmail etc. mint & used some 300 stamps £45
495 INDIA CHAMBA.1942 KG.VI. 1r,2r & 5r O/Print Chamba Service sg.083-085 in mint blocks 4 usual light thin cat.£480 check £75
496 INDIA GWALIOR. KG.VI.Officials 1r & 2r in gutter blocks of 12 sg.o9-092 mint usual light tone £75
497 INDIA GWALIOR. KG.VI. 2r sg.113 in unmtd.mint gutter bl.of 12.cat.£600 £115
498 INDIA Gwalior & Patiala State KG.VI.Officials sel.to 2r in bls.of 4 unmtd.mint cat.£263.20 some light tone £50
499 INDIA GWALIOR. KG.VI.sel.on card vals.to 2r in unmtd.mint bls.of 4.sg.113/124-7 usual light tone £65
500 IRAQ.unusual Iraq Embargo issues incl. 2000 Intifada 5000 Dinars x 22 etc.on parcel Cards to Australia & N.Z. check £65
501 IRELAND.general coll.laid out as per SG.in giant S/Book & 2 Med.S/Books.few early but mostly middle/Mod. mint & used few 100's £40
502 ISRAEL.1st Coin set sg.1-9 good used £35
503 ITALY.in 2 Albums.few early mixed cond.,1900 Kings fair middle period Defs.& Picts.mint & used plus later Mod.to 1970's sets few Cols. worth checking cond.mixed in places £42
504 ITALY.various on s.card.1863 20c Re.Gum cat.£1,300, 1891 5c cat.£400.unusual. 1923 black shirts,1890 Valevole plus Charities some toning.cat.£2,385 (54) needs to be viewed £165
505 ITALY.coll.in Boxed Sent.Album.good range 1863-1990.Defs. & Comms.look mostly used 100's check £38
506 ITALY SICILY.1859 King Francis 1g sg.1. 2 attractive shades mint/unused cat.£500+ £55
507 ITALY SICILY. 1859 King Francis 1g sg.1. used pair signed Sass cat.£370 £38
508 ITALY SICILY.1859 King Francis ½ sg.1.scarce mint copy signed by Sorani cat.£800 £85
509 ITALY SICILY. 1859 King Francis sel.of identified copies of the 2g sg.2. all used 15 copies cat.around £2000 have a look £160
510 ITALY SICILY. 1859 King Francis 5g sg.4. used copy with Sornani signed Cert.cat.£2200 £200
511 ITALY SICILY. 1859 King Francis 10g sg.5 used copy signed Sorani Sass 12 cat.£500 £55
512 ITALY SICILY. 1859 King Francis 20g slate-grey sg.6 used copy signed by Brun cat.£850 £90
513 ITALY SICILY.1859 King Francis 50g brn.-lake unused copy of sg.7 unsigned copy £35
514 JAMAICA. key vals.10/= & £1 unmtd.mint sg.133 & 133a min.cat.£56 £20
515 JAMAICA.bls.of 4 of the 10/= KG.VI. "Supreme Lord" possible diff.types of sg.133 also other vals.,both 3d ,6d & 1/= min.cat.£150. 10/= looks impressive check £40
516 JAMAICA.coll.in 2 Med.S/Books.laid out as per SG.fair range of QV's vals.to 2/= mixed mint & used.odd KG.V.,dup.range of KG.VI.mint & usedvals.to £1 noted.QE.II. with Defs.& Comms. vals.to £1 some dup.plus M/Sheets £52
517 JAMAICA.on pages 1860/97 vals.to 5/= cond.mixed also 1d imperf.Specimen,3d perf.Specimen,6d corner control 174 bl.of 4.,sg.30-30a.Arms to 5/=,QV.ord.paper with shades, 1915 to 5/= some shades,War issues incl. invert.wmk.,1919 Picts., good lot KG.VI. & QE.II. few Officials all mint mixed in places check £475
518 JAPAN.unchecked sel.in P/Book.incl. 4 early imperfs.,Cherry Blossoms, Kobans etc. check £50
519 JAPAN.coll.in Boxed Sent.Album.few early unchecked types later Defs.& Comms. plus odds & ends 1980's all laid out to expand few 100's used £45
520 JAPAN/KOREA.unchecked sel.in P/Book.early/Mod.incl. M/Sheets mint & used some dup £30
521 K.U.T.1938 KG.VI. on s/card 1c-£1 range ex.25c 19 vals. cat.£180 appear all unmtd.mint £60
522 K.U.T. 1938 KG.VI.all the 1938 vals.1c to £1 10 vals. mint cat.£850+ not all fine check. £95
523 K.U.T.attractive range 1/=,2/=,3/=,5/=,10/= & £1 blk./orange,all mint cat.£300+ throughout to QE.II. to £1 incl.better Officials with unmtd. sg.013 to 020 comp. etc. needs to be viewed £180
524 K.U.T. KG.VI.semi-specialized coll.in Med.S/Book heavy dup. 1c-£1.all listed perf varieties mint & used incl. blocks must be very H/Cat. must be viewed £140
525 LABAUN.interesting coll.virtually all used,most bar cancels,occ.correctly so.the best stamp is eight cents on 12c.carmine.sg.15 later vals.to dollar,incl. P/Dues. etc.check £75
526 LEEWARD IS.on pages.1890 to 1/=,1897 to 1/=,1902 trio, ED.VII. various printings vals.to 5/= super range of KG.V.all printings vals.to 10/= noted.KG.VI. range some shades incl. 3 x £1 vals. all used £485
527 LEEWARD IS.on pages 1890 comp.set to 5/= not all fine.1897 Jub.O/Prints to 5/= mostly fair, ED.VII.comp.1902 set,1905 to 1/=,1907 to 5/=,1912 with shades vals.to 5/=, 1921 set to £1., some shades.fine range of KG.VI.with shades incl. 4 x £1.few QE.II. all mint H/Cat. check £625
528 LEVANT.Foreign Office in Turkey no C/W.incl.Germany,Austria,France,Italy Group, Poland, Russia,Rumania,plus unissued wide sel. on 6 sides s/s.mainly used cond. bit mixed on some but many good to fine cat.£1,700 100's needs to be viewed £200
529 LIECHTENSTEIN.mainly 1940's Comms.,Paintings,Sports,mint incl. unmtd.cat.£512 £85
530 LIECHTENSTEIN.1921 Views between sg.47a-66 plus B No.'s,mainly mint & used. diff. perfs.& colour cheanges vals.to 1f.slight dup. cat.£585 (56) needs to be viewed £125
531 LUXEMBOURG.1930-50's superb sel.19 sets & singles incl.Charities, '33,'34,'36, & '37, '38 Echtemacht,'38 Welfare,'39 Royalty.all diff. mint incl.unmtd. cat.£401 '09 check £90
532 LUXEMBOURG.1945-54 comp.coll.,Charities,Welfare sets incl. 1959 Orphans all mint cat.£414 12 sets £85
533 MALAYA.coll.in S/Books.incl.St.Sett. few QV's incl. S/Charges,ED.VII./KG.V. to $1,KG.VI. to $5.Fed.State small sel.of Tigers. B.M.A. KG.VI. few Jap.Occ.,2 S/Books Malawi colourful sel mint & used many 100's with dup. £55
534 MALAYA PERAK.1895/99 Tiger Heads 2c-50c.being sg.67-75 mint some faults cat.£530+ £75
535 MALAYA STATES.in 5 S/Books.various States laid out in SG.order. good range mint & used some dup.worth sorting Ideal Re.Sale or expand many 100's incl.Nr.Borneo & Labaun close look please £80
536 MALAYA STATES.small general sel.in Crown Album.St.Sett.,Labaun,Nr.Borneo,Sarawak, Fed.States,& Malaysia few 100 £45
537 MALDIVE IS.general range in 2 Med.S/Books laid out as per SG.early/Mod. mint & used incl. M/Sheets £35
538 MALTA.coll.in 2 large S/Books.fair sel.of early-Kings vals.to 2/6 some dup.mint & used few KG.VI.vals.to 10/=,plus good range of QE.II. Defs.& Comms. plus M/Sheets few P/Dues. many 100's laid out as per SG.have a look £85
539 MALTA.1937-82 in blue padded Album.good to f/used near comp.KG.VI. 1938 & '49 sets, '49 S/Wedd.,'56 to 5/=,'65,'73 & '81 Defs. set,Comms.,P/dues.,M/Sheets cat.£420 check £110
540 MALTA.1956-90 superb unmtd.m.plus a few used coll.1956 part to 10/=,then near comp. to 1990 cat.£503 needs to be viewed £120
541 MALTA.1956-2001 superb near comp.mint much unmtd.Defs.,Comms.,M/Sheets.(no P/Dues.)all diff. cat.£954 '09 needs to be checked £200
542 MALTA.coll.in Album. G.B.used incl. sg.243,248,239.later odd QV.& Kings Defs.& Picts. vals. to 10/= noted KG.VI.sets to 10/= both sets.QE.II. 1st set to £1,others to £1 plus Comms. all used £75
543 MALTA.accum.in Album.plus S/Books.Album with range QV.-1970.few earlies vals.to 2/6 noted.few KG.V.,later KG.VI.comp.sets 1938 & Self Gov't,1948 S/Wedd.,U.P.U. etc. then random sel.of QE.II.Defs.& Comms.mint & used few 100's worth checking £125
544 MAURITIUS. 1857 Post Paid 1d Red/Bluish usual poor copy with small thin suggest sg.18 or 19 used useful filler £55
545 MAURITIUS. 1883 16c on 17c S/Charge sg.115 mint slight tone cat.£100+ £25
546 MAURITIUS. KG.VI. Semi-Specialized coll.in Med.S/Book.dup.range 2c-1r per varieties,1950 set mint & used.QE.II. 1st set mint & used plus later Bird sets.needs to be viewed £140
547 MONACO.coll.in 2 large S/Books.small range of earlies,& middle period.strength in later issues Defs.& Comms. mint & used few 100's £45
548 MONACO.useful coll.in 2 Davo One Country albums.incl. 1885 1c to 40c mint fair cond.15c good,1891 range with some Colour Changes vals.to 5f mint,1920 mars set ex. 2c/10, 2c/50c, 5 +5f r mint,1924 to 10f,1933/39 vals.to 20f,all mint,looks fairly comp. 1930/1950 Defs.& Comms.incl. 1939 Licien set mint.,1940 R.Cross used,1948 to 100f,scarce 1949 Princess Charlotte M/Sheet perf.& imperf.plus both Sheets S/Charges 1953 Games.1955 Car Rally then looks comp.run to 1980's all mint H/Cat. & superb lot good value check £980
549 MONTSERRAT.coll.laid out in Med.S/Books few early to KG.VI.but mostly QE.II.Defs. & Comms., mint & used plus M/Sheets & Officials few 100 £40
550 MONTSERRAT.1876 Antigua O/Prints sg.1,2,2a on small piece.1880 2½ & 4d,1884/5 comp.set both 2½ & 4d,plus 1883 sg.6.1903 comp.to 1/=,1904/5 & 1908 both comp. sets. 1914 to 5/= later KG.V.small heads vals.to 5/=,1932 sg.84-93 range KG.VI. all used £485
551 MONTSERRAT.1876 1d & 6d,plus 1880 4d,1884 sg.8,8c,9,10,& 12 not all fine. ED.VII.all 3 printings looks most comp. sets,1914 5/= sg.48.KG.V.both comp.sets small heads some shades,1932 sg.84/93, KG.VI.vals to £1 some shades,few QE.II. all mint check £425
552 NETHERLANDS.One Country coll.in boxed Davo hingeless Album.range 1969-1995 with many comp.sets Defs.& Comms.clean lot Ideal to expand £170
553 NETHERLANDS.1947-65 mint & used.dup.Stock then 1965-84 mainly unmtd.mint plus few used M/Sheets. Ideal Approvals cat.£1,380 100's '07 £225
554 NETHERLANDS.3 coll.in large Albums range from early to Mod.with very little overlap plus few Ned.Cols.should marry into one decent coll.have a look £75
555 NEW BRUNSWICK.1851 3d Heraldic Bisect on small piece sg.2a cat.£2750 on Cover good example £125
556 NEW HEB./VANUATU.attractive sel.in Med.S/Book.sets,singles,M/Sheets mint & used Defs.& Comms. mass of Thematic's mostly sets.over 150 sets 19 M/Sheets £70
557 NEW HEBRIDES.1908 ED.VII.top val.being sg.9 fresh mint cat.£140 £42
558 NEW HEBRIDES.scarce 1920/21 2d S/Charge type 4.on French inscription 1913 40c red on yellow perf.14 sg.35 used backed with B.F.A.Cert As Genuine cat.£700 check £185
559 NEW ZEALAND.1927 Admiral 3/= being sg.470 f/used cat.£180 £48
560 NEW ZEALAND.coll.in 3 S/Books.general range of QV.'s with heavy dup.in places.with sorting for variations incl.some Advert.similar Defs.& Picts.mint & used then QE.II.range Defs.vals.to £2.plus Comms. & M/Sheets mint & used.plus Bag unsorted worth close look £225
561 NEW ZEALAND.coll.in Med.S/Book.fair range of KG.VI. & Healths some in blocks but mostly Mod.range QE.II.few Defs. attractive range of Comms. few Officials all mint £75
562 NEW ZEALAND.large coll.in giant S/Book.few early to KG.VI.odd better Health & Defs.but mostly QE.II.Defs.& Comms.vals.to $10 noted all used 100's check £70
563 NEW ZEALAND.1906 Exh.Christchurch set of 4. sg.270/3. all fine used 2 with Exh.cancels. 1d not all fine cat.£375 have a look £75
564 NEW ZEALAND.Pot Pourri in Box.several coll.in 6 S/Books plus s/cards unchecked by us so dive in.should reward many 100's £85
565 NEW ZEALAND.1962-97 all diff.good to f/used in Chinese S/Book. Defs.,Comms., Health, vals.to $10 & $20,M/Sheets & Souvenir Sheets,Se.Tenants,composite panes cat.£1,308 needs to be viewed £265
566 NEW ZEALAND.1962-79 Health issues near comp.mint & used sets,M/Sheets, Covers, various small flaws & re-touches have been ignored.(hingeless boxed Album worth £30) cat.£458 check £80
567 NEW ZEALAND. 1957-71 Health M/Sheets comp.range all mint mainly unmtd.(tiny faults) cat.£362 needs to be viewed £80
568 NEW ZEALAND.1936-50's mint sel.on leaves '36 Views to 2/= near comp.Comms. KG.V.I. Defs.to 3/=,Health,Officials, '46-'47 Life Insurance ½d-6d,'47-'49 2d-2/=, cat.£800 needs to be viewed £190
569 NEW ZEALAND.small general coll.in Boxed Sent.Album.odd Chalons sel.of QV.small heads. later Picts. & Postal Fiscals Qe.II.from Horseback,Defs.to £1,plus sel.of Comms. all used few 100 check £45
570 NEW ZEALAND.1855-1873 Chalons on page imperf. & perf.some 13 diff.stamps 1d to 1/= vals. mixed cond.in places later 1874 to 6d,1882 to 1/= all used ex.1882 8d mint few 1900 Picts. H/Cat. worth checking £90
571 NEWFOUNDLAND.1919 Trans Atlantic 1919 Air Post $1 on 15c sg.143 mint £55
572 NIGERIA.1936 KG.V.comp.set to £1 being sg.34-45 mint incl. sg.36a cat.£235 £75
573 NORTHWEST PACIFIC.attractive Commercially used strip of 4 KG.V. 1d Downey Head, Censored,with mauve double oval Rabaul New Britain cancel set to Bradford,Reg.leaving June 7th 1915,arriving 4th Aug.1915,some 2mts.later.Censor strikes on front & back, Exh.item,possibly unique as a multiple,showing diff.setting of O/Prints needs to be viewed £300
574 NORTHWEST PACIFIC.2 superb Kangaroo Covers both reg.,2d to 1/= with ½ & 1d Downey Heads accompanied by H/Val.2/= & 5/= Roo's sent from Robaul 13th Nov.1916 with oval Censor strike & 12th April 1918 respectively both with receiving marks on back. arriving in both cases in London 2mth.later have a look £250
575 NOVA SCOTIA. scarce item on piece 1863 2c Bi-sect & used on piece with 2 x 2c sg.22a. cancelled A92 Nrth.America Steamer applied at Halifax cat.£3500 on Cover. check £145
576 NRTH.BORNEO.1928/38 P/Dues. sg.D66,73,76,79/80 & 84.all mint cat.£120+ £30
577 NYASALAND. 1950 KG.VI. P/Due set sg.D1-5 cat.£90 unmtd.mint £40
578 ORANGE FREE STATE.1900 3d on 3d ultra with double O/Print as per sg.117f mint cat.£400 £80
579 ORNAGE FREE STATE. 1900 1/= on 1/= with double S/Charge on sg.121 mint unlisted heavish tone £85
580 PAKISTAN.mint bl.of 4 of the 2paise invert. O/Prints on the Scales of Justice,sg.069 but as yet unlisted error in SG.unmtd.mint bl.of 4,2 slightly toned perfd & natural gum crease on one stamp check £60
581 PAKISTAN.general coll.in 2 Med.S/Books from KG.VI. O/Prints to Mod.few Officials mint & used few 100's £38
582 PITCAIRN IS. KG.VI. 1946 Victory pair pin hole perf Specimen as per sg.9s & 10s unmtd.mint cat.£350 £60
583 POLAND.1919 scarce Germania S/Charges 5c & 10c as per sg.66.67 in pairs mint.aware of forgeries but both signed by Georg Richter so are they both forged or Genuine ? £38
584 PORTUGAL.Thematic's in a series of Packs some 27 items 1987-2000 not comp.some Cols. all mint £35
585 PORTUGAL.coll.in 2 Boxed Sent.Albums.good range of early middle period incl.imperfs. later Defs.& Comms.good general range worth checking £70
586 RUSSIA.large heavy coll.in Carrier Bag.held in some 8 S/Books.heavy dup.with Imperial p/mks. interest.Good Hunting £125
587 RUSSIA.good accum.unchecked in Med.S/Book.range from early Thunderbolts to Mod.few 100's mint & used some dups. £38
588 RUSSIA.1970-85 16 sides maroon S/Book.superb C.T.O.set of 4 of each,near comp.(No M/Sheets).100's of sets & singles Ideal Approvals cat.£489 check £85
589 RUSSIA.coll.in 2 large Albums.small sel.of Thunderbolts 1858/83, 1920 Worker.plus odds & ends, 1940's through 1950's.2nd Album Mod.Picts.looks good enough val.all used £40
590 S.W.A.unusual gutter pairs of the Coro.issue 1953,with the 2d,6d,& 1/= vals.sg.100 &103 & 104 bls.of 6 folded in margins check £40
591 S.W.A. Airmail Bi-lingual pairs of 3d & 10d sg.86,87,mint unmtd.cat. as hinged at £73 £30
592 S/A.& HOMELANDS.useful range held in 5 Boxed Davo Hingeless One Country Albums. S/A. from KG.V.plus H/Cat.Picts.pairs mint vals.to 10/= etc.Airs plus small range Rep.issues also 2 Albums Homelands incl. Bophuthatswana,Ciskei,Transkei etc. looks mostly mint plenty of space to expand have a look £125
593 S/A.& S.W.A. R.S.A.general sel.in 4 S/Books.fair bit dup.,S/A.few KG.V.mint, S.W.A.general range KG.V.-Mod.plus few Nambia few 100's £55
594 SAUDI ARABIA.early Hejaz types mint & used middle Kingdom period & later K.S.A.Defs. & Comms. few 100 £75
595 SCAND.in Med.S/Book.Denmark early-Mod.over 900 stamps.Finland,Norway, Island. mostly used worth checking £40
596 SCAND.bulky coll.in Boxed Sent.Album.general early/Mod.better in places close look please.Finland,Denmark,& Indies,Iceland etc. all used few 100's £45
597 SEYCHELLES.in Med.S/Book.small dup.range of KG.VI.vals.to 5r.incl. set on Phil Cover. later KG.VI.mint,QE.II.Defs.to 10r plus sel.of Comms.nice lot check £125
598 SINGAPORE.1948-72 superb mint mainly mint to '68 unmtd.from '69 incl.1948 S/Wedd. pair comp.from '53 Coro to '72 Art No M/Sheets on double sided s/card.cat.£696 '09 needs to be viewed £150
599 SINGAPORE.coll.in small Album.few KG.VI. vals.to $5.plus 1948 S/Wedd., QE.II. with vals.to $5. plus range of early Comms. all used £35
600 SPAIN.interesting 19th Cent.Cover sent to Norway with 2 x 25c King Alfonso,Aug.11th 1877 from Cadaz via Madrid to Christinia,nice Cover small faults £50
601 SPAIN P/Due Cover 19th Cent.with 12 cuantos 1865 issues from Valencia to France in 1865,where a 5c for P/Due was afixed at side,arrival p/mk.at reverse.good cond. needs to be viewed £200
602 SPAIN.attractive group mint from 1860 to 1864 all large margins imperf.all with own gum, good colour but slight tone on back of block 1 needs viewing £200
603 SPAIN.in carrier Bag.coll.in 2 Albums & 2 S/Books plus hagner messy lot needs sorting noted early to Mod.mint & used few Covers many 100's £50
604 SPAIN.in 2 S/Books.coll.of Spain few early but mainly middle-Mod.mostly mint,plus similar range Portugal few 100's £50
605 ST.CHRISTOPHER.on pages 1870 1d x 2 & 6d,1882 ½ to 1/= some shades incl. 1/= Specimen,some unused not counted, ½ on 1d Bisect.4d on 6d, 1d on 6d,Four on 6d,plus 1d & 2½,St.Kitts Rev.1d on 5/=,Nevis Springs s.t.b. sg.5-13,16,17,20 & 22.not all fine. key types sg.23/24 plus 25-34,St.Kitts.Columbus printing vals.to 5/=,1920 to 1/=,1921 to 5/=, 1923 comp.set.range KG.VI.& QE.II. all mint have a look £900
606 ST.CHRISTOPHER.sel.on pages.QV.crown CC.& C.A. between sg.1-20 some shades incl.1d magenta Bisect on piece.good to fair used,2 x Bisects s.t.b. sg.23 & sg.23b,also sg.22 &24 + R6. Nevis various Spring & key types to 1/= also s.t.b. sg.33 & 36 Bisects all used have a look £325
607 ST.HELENA.1922 KG.V. 5/= & 10/= being sg.110 & 112.both with superb C.D.S. cancels £90
608 ST.HELENA.coll.in S/Book.good general range of Kings to QE.II. Defs. & Comms. mint & used some dup.worth checking £42
609 ST.KITTS.NEVIS.coll.in Ring One Country Album.few 1903/18.St.Chris. QV.'s few Kings mint & used vals.to 5/= mint,used to 2/6 with perf.varieties.fair range QE.II.Defs.& Comms.& M/Sheets mint & used few 100 check £58
610 ST.KITTS./NEVIS.range of Medicinal Spring issues vals.to 1/= various printing KG.V.vals.to 10/= seen.various printings.1923 Terc.vals.to 2/6 KG.VI. set to £1 all used check £150
611 ST.KITTS./NEVIS.coll.laid out in SG.order in 3 S/Books.QV.-Mod.with some dup.odd better in places mint & used few 100's have a look £65
612 ST.LUCIA.fair coll.in Med.Album.few QV.key types vals.to 1/= mint,few used.ED.VII.vals.to 1/= similar KG.V.plus KG.VI.to 10/= then good sel. QE.II. Defs.& Comms.,M/Sheets. looks all mint many 100's £58
613 ST.LUCIA.coll.in One Country Album.few QV.key types vals.to 1/=,Kings Defs. & Picts.,1936 to 2/6 used,various KG.VI.vals.to 10/=,then bulky QE.II.range Defs.& Comms.& M/Sheets better sets & singles check £70
614 ST.LUCIA.attractive block of 10 of the £1 top val.KG.VI.,mint unmtd. lower sheet marginal inscrip. "Waterlow & Son Ltd" unmtd.mint have a look £100
615 ST.LUCIA.fair coll.in 2 Med.S/Books.small lot QV.'s incl.mint.few Kings vals.to 5/=,range of QE.II. Defs. & Comms.fair bit of dup.,some M/Sheets many 100's worth checking £50
616 ST.LUCIA.coll.in Ring Album.hagner pages.1860/98 1d,4d x 2,6d.later key types vals.to 1/= some shades,ED.VII.to 1/= unchecked range of KG.V.Defs.vals.to 5/=,1935 JUB., 1936 Picts.to 10/= not all fine.KG.VI.set to £1,1948 S/Wedd.,few QE.II. odd Cover all mint mostly fine have a look £85
617 ST.LUCIA.on pages 1860-1876 s.t.b. sg.1,3,5,7,11,18.incl. some "A" No's.S/Charges 24-28+ 30 . usual mixed cond.,range key types various printings vals.to 10/=,incl.S/Charges. ½ Bisect on piece,scarce 1891 ½ on 3d, 2 stamps are inverted,being sg.6e & f.various ED.VII. to 5/=,small lot KG.V.,1936 Badge set various KG.VI.some Rev.all used have a look £475
618 ST.LUCIA.QV.mint on page unchecked vals.to 1/=,1881 S/Charges ½ & 2½,1882 ½,1d, & 6d,key types various vals.to 10/= noted plus ½ on 6d Bisect.1902 set,later to 5/=, similar range KG.V.,1936 Badge set.plus KG.VI. & QE.II.few Dues. all mint check £625
619 ST.SETTLEMENTS. 1912/23 KG.V. $25 Fiscal. useful fillers £32
620 ST.VINCENT. 1880 1d on ½ pf 6d sg.28 used s.t.c. £350+ As Seen £38
621 ST.VINCENT.coll.in Collecta One Country Album.few 1861/81 QV.'s vals.to 6d,later to 1/=, plus 4 S/Charges few KG.V.&VI.1938 to £1 (ex.10/=) used mint to 10/=,Cent.issue mint & used to $2.40, '48 Wedd.etc. plus fairly comp. range 1964-1980 Defs.sets Comms.& M/Sheets nice lot have a look £72
622 ST.VINCENT.coll.laid out in 4 S/Books.small range QV's few Kings. KG.VI.vals.to £1.plus others then bulky range of QE.II.Defs. & Comms. mint & used looks good value have a look. plus later coll.of Grenadines £75
623 ST.VINCENT.on pages 1861-1869 vals.to 1/=, s.t.b.sg.1,2,4-7,9,11-14 some other shades usual mixed cond.later sg.15-19,19b,20-26,29,31,36-38,1882 sg.39-43 most sg.46-62 some shades,key types ED.VII.to 5/=,few Pax issues incl. KG.V.vals.to £1.plus KG.VI. all used £550
624 ST.VINCENT.early QV.on page all mint vals. to 1/=(3),plus Pax 5/=,later S/Charges vals.to 6d key types to 5/=,ED.VII.to £1,Pax low vals.issues,KG.V.vals.to £1 few KG.VI. & QE.II. all m. £450
625 STELLALAND. 1884 set of 5 large adh.vals. to 1/= all with B.P.A.Cert. as Forgeries useful Ref.material as such £42
626 STH.AFRICA.1927/30 comp.Defs. to 10/= being sg.34/39 comp.set cat.£550 10/= centred bottom have a look £115
627 SUDAN.the comp.sets of Camel Comm.in bls.of 40,all with plate No.of sg.112 & 113/114 for 1948 min.cat.£94.unmtd.mint £20
628 SUDAN.1991 Defs.sg.475-490 Fauna & Flora,Views,f/used on oversized F.D.C's x 10 stamps alone cat.£463 needs to be viewed £85
629 SWEDEN.1969 Island of 150 stamps with sets in Sheets perf.& imperf.all diff.incl. Famous Swedish Blunders on the beach.we must warn you or alert to some nudity £42
630 SWEDEN.1964-74 in blue Binders in brn.Box. F.D.C.'s,Cards,Air Letters, PHQ Cards, Booklet Panes.clean lot good val.at 40p each (265) needs to be viewed £95
631 SWEDEN.fine coll.in One Country Album.1855-1969 many better cond. mixed, 1858, 1862, 1872,1877 sets with some dup.noted many paper & wmk.varieties.plus later better singles & sets all used one of those lots needs to be viewed £630
632 SWEDEN. sel.on pages 1855-1918 fair general range incl. S/Charges good lot Officials few 100's have a look £35
633 SWISS. 1882/1903 20c-1f scarce perf.9½ as per sg.140/144 all used cat.£500+ £75
634 SWISS. in 2 red Albums.early to 2000 incl.Covers,M/SAheets,F.D.C's mint & u. (1,000's) needs to be checked £150
635 SWISS. F.D.Covers in 3 Davo Boxed albums.range late 1960-middle 1990's Defs.& Comms.hand & unwritten Covers about 300 have a look £65
636 SWISS.L/House Hingeless One Country Album.range of stamps from 1907-1970's incl. better Pro.Juv. & Pro.Pat.all f/used £55
637 SWISS.in Box.3 Albums coll.for cancels on piece & Covers plus 3 small Files with pkts., couple of P.T.T. items £35
638 SWISS.in Med. S/Book odd early mostly range of Pro.Pat. odd blocks.later Picts. incl. Defs. all mint some unmtd. attractive range check £75
639 SWISS.heavy dup.in Med.S/Book.from early perf. Helvetia's,Tell,Airs,Pro.Juv., many 100's close search should reward £50
640 SWISS.1914 William Tell issues in various Se.Tenant pieces,pairs,strips,Booklet Panes,all used plus 1948 Huts 5c Se.Tenant on Cover £48
641 SWISS.general coll.in giant & Med.S/Books all laid out as per SG.Ideal Stock early to Mod. plus Pro.Juv.few 100's £42
642 SWISS.in red Binder.mainly good to f/used incl. mint coll. Pro.Juv. 1913-2001, Pro.Pat. 1938-2001 plus Covers cat.as stamps £1,126 '07 needs to be viewed £210
643 SWISS.in red Lidner album.1941-74 mint coll.much unmtd.wide range of Pro.Pat. & Juv.,Defs.& M/Sheets cat. £630 '09 needs to be viewed £125
644 SWISS.1984-87 in red Biella Album.superb range of unaddressed F.D.C.'s singles & sets mint & u.Patria,Juv.,Comms.,Defs.to 4r, M/Sheets cat.£253 (72) £65
645 SWISS.1963-96 on 7 sides s/card.superb unmtd.mint near comp.all diff.Defs., Comms., Charities,Publicity,Europa's face 621SFr/£355 needs to be viewed £225
646 SWISS.in De Lux Muller Album.1881-1965 sparse mint sel. mainly Comms.Ideal starter coll. cat.£385 '09 £80
647 SWISS. 1970's in brn.Binder.102 unadressed(bar 1) F.D.C's,special Covers,F.F.C.,1977 African special Flights reserved at 40p each £40
648 SWISS.1923 Air 15 vals.to 1f mint or used all identified incl.grilled paper mainly fine but couple small faults cat.£298 (15) £60
649 SWISS.small general coll.in Boxed Sent.Album.couple of imperfs.later Seated Helvetia's, W.Tell.middle Picts.few Airs. backof Book Pro.Juv.& others all used £45
650 SWISS.fine coll.in 2 Davo One Country albums few earlies to middle 1900's Defs. etc. vals.to 10f.range of Pro.Juv.& Pro Pat.,1940's Picts.incl. 1945 Pax then fair comp.run 1970's.back of Book Airs comp.all about f/used,M/Sheets various mint incl.1955 Lausanne.few later used plus various Nations Unies P/Dues later issues in 2nd vol.all used £425
651 SWISS. H/Cat.Lot of Swiss.Classic's on hagner Sheets all identified & passed as Genuine incl. Poste Locale Rayon I unused,Rayon III,3 imperf 1f strubels ete.mostly good margins must be viewed good value check £425
652 SWISS.2 small S/Books.general range with fair bit of dup.in places noted few early Seated Helvetia's imperf.,dup.middle period better mint noted not in any order £55
653 SWISS.coll.in 9 maroon"Amber" Albums.from Rayons 1850 to about 1990,genralally f/used,many years both mint(later unmtd.) & used.good solid coll.with large degree of comp.incl. a number of M/Sheets (mostly mint)Pax used(not 5r),Airmails,Pro.Juv. apparently comp.,ditto Pro.Pat.some Int.Offices & dues.,2 vols of P/Mks.,1 vol Tete Beche & Se Tenant cond. well above average.fine written up with some super Maps & Pictures have a look £850
654 SWISS. useful sel.in Schaubek One Country Album.fair range early Helvetia's imperf. & perf.incl. 1f imperf.(not fine)later 1882 types,good range Pro.Juv. & Pro.Pat.,looks comp. range of Airs incl. S/Charges,middle period looks comp. Defs.& Comms. through to 1970's plus some Officials,P/Dues.,Nations Unies all fine used s.t.c. £3600+ worth checking £225
655 SWISS.sel.on pages. 1854-1907 incl.1854 Bern printings imperf.vals. to 20c,1855 vals. to 1f, 1856 s.t.b.sg.46-51,1882 R.Cross,1882 Area sg.134-224 with dup.all used cond. mixed in places s.t.c. £2700+ have a look £135
656 SWISS. coll.in 2 grn.Ring Albums.good general range from early perf.Helvetia's later middle Mod.better in 2nd Album with Pro.Juv. & Pro.Pat.1913 etc.mostly used other issues many 100's worth sorting £115
657 SWISS.unchecked sel.in Med.Box.heavy dup.in places Album,S/Book,page,sheets.Env.etc. good lot to sort have a look £50
658 TOBAGO.1880 forged? Bisect on piece 2 halves of the 6d duplex cancel A14 with added pen S/Charge £38
659 TOGO.on pkt. 1915 ½ on 5pf P/Stat.Card C.T.O. with Lome p/mk.plus stamp 1914 20pf wide setting sg.H4 f/used £28
660 TOKELAU.1948-97 plus Ross Depend.'57-'96 superb mint coll.much unmtd.incl. Defs., Comms.,M/Sheets plus Special M/Sheet handstamp near comp.Thematic cat.£340 100's needs to be viewed £85
661 TRANSCAUCASIA. Reg.Cover form Tufaus with Berlin arrival mark 9th Dec.1923 franked with 680.000 roubles in Dec.1923 an Exh.item needs to be viewed £400
662 TRIN.& TOBAGO.on pages interesting range of early imperf.& perfs.1851-1880 vals.to 5/= seen,needs checking.Trinidad QV.types incl. 1d Bisect on piece,1896 to 1/= some later,range War Tax KG.V.vals.to £1 not all fine few KG.VI. & P/Dues. all used H/Cat.Lot £580
663 TRIN.& TOBAGO.1879 sg.1-3,plus sg.8,9,& 12,1882 set to 4d,1885 to 1/= some shades,plus slash flaw sg.23a.few S/Charges.Trin.& Tob.few Britannia's imperfs.vals.to 1/=,later perfs.,key types incl. 5/= Seated Britannia's incl. 5/=,10/=, & £1.few later 1913 Trin./Tob.incl. 5/= & £1 War Tax,1923 to £1 plus KG.VI. & QE.II.all mint check £700
664 TRINIDAD. 1859/60 unchecked imperf.Britannia's 1st type,plus 1d,6d,& 1/= H/Cat. £65
665 TRINIDAD. 1909 1d Official with O/Print invert.as per sg.09c used sold without Cert. £38
666 TUNISIA.good looking coll.in Minkus One Country Album.1888 various with vals.to 5f plus perf.issues range of 1900's Picts.sets incl. S/Charges. R.Cross etc. fairly comp.1940's to 1980's Defs.,Comms.,& M/Sheets mint & used close check £100
667 TURKS.& CAICOS.mixed range of early QV.'s plus key types.odd better in places.1900 set of 9, 1909 to 3/=,1913 vals.to 3/=,odd shade,few War Tax.KG.V.printings vals.to 10/= noted KG.VI.sets etc. all used check £220
668 TURKS.& CAICOS.on pages early QV.Turks.vals.to 1/=,shades & Printings incl. ½ S/Charges.good mint to no gum.1900 to 3/= not all fine,1909 & 1913 to 3/= some shades, better War Tax,1921 to 1/=,1922 to 3/=,incl. margin copies, Post/Rev.to 10/=, KG.VI. sets with shades.few QE.II. all mint have a look £325
669 U.S.A. 1922/32 President issues on page ½c to 25c with sg.No's.but unchecked by us.all fresh looking mint £32
670 U.S.A.coll.in a Postzegels S/Book.plus 2 other well filled S/Books.early to mid. 1980's good sel. of mint & used Comms.& Defs.Ideal resort £55
671 U.S.A. fine range of City "Chops" in large Album.from Akrom to Youngstown appears to be all diff.many 100's super lot.probably cheap £60
672 U.S.A.in 2 Boxes.containing 9 Davo Boxed One Country Albums.for mint & used . mint are Hingeless unfortunatly the stamps do not come up to the quality of the Albums.range early to 1990's although latter issues good range Ideal Albums to expand at this price £110
673 U.S.A.coll.in 2 giant & 2 Med.S/Books.good general range from odd early to large sel. middle to Mod.all laid out as per SG.fair bit of dup.in places mint & used Ideal Re.Sale or expand £65
674 U.S.A.small general coll.in Boxed Sent.Album.few early heads & Picts.plus large range of later Comms.worth checking earlies all used few 100's £48
675 U.S.A.a sel of better H/Vals.on small cards unchecked by us but s.t.b. sg.226,233,295,303, 304,334,346,348,398 Columbus 3,4,5,8c,& 10c.503,522,523,524,A617,J19 all mint usual mixed cond.but many fine copies H/Cat.Lot check £245
676 UAE. 1982 50dh sg.151 & 297 f/used copies s.t.c. £1100 check £65
677 UKRAINE.in plastic File 1918 general issues sg.1-5 but the scarce shades sg.3a instead of the Normals 100 sets Sold As Genuine £42
678 WESTERN SAMOA.coll.laid out in Med.S/Book.few early Palm Trees,N.Z.O/Prints, Western Picts.,plus over 50 copies incl.bl.of 4.2/6 Post Fiscal,some tone unchecked plus later mint & used £65
679 ZANZIBAR. 1895 QV.India O/Print with error D for B in S/Charge Zanzibar mint copy of sg.8J cat.£6500 sold without Cert. £110
680 ZANZIBAR.,French P.O.'s in P/History unusual & scarce strip of 3 25c Sower Co. Letter, W. Hintzmann & Co.,Reg.usage from Zanz.,26th July 1904 to Frankfurt with octagonal "Reunion a Marseilles",arriving 15th Aug.1904.unusual for a German Co.to use French P.O.'s rather than German P.O.'s or Brit.P.O's hardly ever seen with French P.O.on double concentric circle Zan.strike needs to be viewed £400
681 World remainders in 3 Swiftsure Albums.well picked in places but strength in others 100's £40
682 All World in 2 large Scott Albums.range of Countries A-U.sparse in places.better in certain Countries. probably needs expanding £65
683 In Carrier Bag.as handed in.looks G.B. & World in 4 Biscuit Tins plus range in pkts.many 100's Vendors Estimate £75
684 In Box.Poland coll.in 3 S/Books.1918-1980 mass dup.in places.Czech.in 2 S/Books.early to 1970 again mass dup.plus 4 small S/Books misc. must be 1000's have a look £70
685 Mixed in small Box.Crown Agents 1965 Chuchill Omnibus F.D.Covers others.Covers incl. 1897 Canada 2c P/Stat.to U.K.,Airmail to U.K. b/stamped with H.K. KG.VI.3 x 30c Victory & 10c KG.V.1942 German Wien,Norway Hell Cover.many more few stamps must check £45
686 New Age Stamp Album in 5 vols.Br.Cols.& Foreign only a few stamps & sold mainly for the Albums. £55
687 Shoebox.small accum.of Thematic's in Env.G.B.,Russia,Arab,Africa. heavy dup. s.t.b. over 400 sets £40
688 Very large Box.series of Shoeboxes semi.Kilo in 100's of Env. not one to post £35
689 Misc.sel.in U.P.U.Booklet Jugo Fish/Insects, Angola Birds 10c,12c,50, 25a & 40a. Swiss. Pro.Juv.etc.all mint some odd tone perf. £48
690 Coll.of Lebanon in Med. S/Book.dup.range early S/Charges middle Picts.,Thailand general sel.in S/Book.1883-1990 mainly used £48
691 General World in 2 Swiftsure Albums. A-Z.range odd better in places incl. 3 margin 1d Black few 100's £35
692 Foreign sel.in SG.S/Book.fair sel.Arab,Italy,Swiss.& others all used early/Mod. few 100's £32
693 In Box.small Country Lots Barbuda Ann's Wedding,Hawaii,Spain,G.B.incl. Booklets, Middle East etc. others £32
694 In Box.sel.of Br.C/Wealth in S/Books.most Reigns noted with fair bit of dup.in places. noted Australia in SG.One Country Album.& S/Book.Roo's to QE.II.,S/A..Br.West Africa, & Br. East Africa,Zimbabwee on paper etc £95
695 In Carrier Bag.mixed World in 4 Albums & loose.general mix 100's £38
696 BR.C/WEALTH.in SG.S/Book good general mix KG.VI.-QE.II. used few 100's £35
697 All World in Carrier Bag.general accum.inseries of Juv.Albums.File,bundle of pages plus pkts. bit of fun for the money £32
698 Large Box.unsorted World on pages,s/cards,loose,in pkts.plus Covers Good Hunting £55
699 Unchecked sel.in various S/Books.looks all World leave it to you Good Hunting £65
700 Large heavy plastic Box.as handed in & mostly unchecked by us.appears to be all World in numerous S/Books.well worth close look bit heavy to post £75
701 MOD.sel.of M/Sheets in hagner Album attractive Thematic items noted s.t.b. mainly unmtd. mint £30
702 Med.Box.mainly Br.Cols.incl.better Canada & G.B. off paper, s/cards,S/Book.,Biscuit Tin etc. few 100's check £42
703 Old Briefcase with mixed World incl.Liechtenstein Max Cards.U.S. F.D.C's large S/Book all World with dup. £42
704 Unsorted coll.in Box.Austria,Greece & misc. 7 S/Books.noted early/Mod.with dups.100's £55
705 Large heavy Box.all World mass accum.in Bags.& Env.impossible to check.plus coll.of of Austria & Hungary you won't know what it's worth until you get it home could be anything £65
706 In pkt.range of P/Packs for Australia,Denmark,Channel Is.,Chile etc. fair bit face val. £35
707 SG.S/Book.with range of Br.C/Wealth QV.,QE.II. odds & ends few 100's all used £32
708 Large Biscuit Tin with all World loose & in pkts.good lot to sort on a quite evening probably 1000's £38
709 Old small Suitcase with mostly G.B. Covers.plus World stamps check £38
710 Very large Box.with series of Shoeboxes semi-Kilo.sorted into 100's of Env. not one to post £45
711 Garden Sack half full G.B. Kiloware £20
712 Large Carrier Bag.of Kiloware in Bags & Env.1000's £30
713 Med.Box.with mass of 100's of Env. semi-Kilo £45
714 Very large Box.contains series of Shoeboxes semi-Kilo.in 100's Env. not one to post £45
715 Plastic carrier Box.contains series of shoeboxes semi-Kilo.in 100's of Env. not one to post £40
716 Large Box.contains series of Shoeboxes semi.Kilo.in Env.with dup.not one to post £25
717 Very Large Plastic Container incl. series of Shoeboxes semi-Kilo.off paper sorted into 100's of env.with dup. not one to post £25
718 Box with 15 Empty S/Books.& 5 Empty albums.will not be Taken to Sale £32
719 Large Box of World Kilo.still on Env.probably 1000's plus small Album heavy lot £35
720 Half Sackful of Br.Cols.Kiloware on paper looks better than average £35

End of Sale


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