20th May 2006
The Town Hall, Richmond Room, Worthing


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1 POSTCARDS.sel.of 1939 New York World Fair Cards.mint & used 15 items £20
2 CIGARETTE CARDS.interesting sel.in Album.all identified & cat.Gallaher Wills Philips Players.too much to describe but looks better types s.t.c.£750+ check £110
3 POSTCARDS.small bundle of I.O.W. P/Cards all vals. circa 1900 check £20
4 POSTCARDS. attractive sel.of early New Year Cards 1900's some 30 cards £40
5 POSTCARDS.Thematic Birthdays all early some ornate with gold colour etc. 27 cards £42
6 POSTCARDS. sel.of early cards in pockets incl. Ships,Cable Car,Xmas 28 cards. £30
7 POSTCARDS. fine sel.of P/Cards Thematic Easter all early many Gold Coloured Easter Eggs & Crosses some 52 cards £58
8 POSTCARDS.sel.of cards in Album.early 1900's all Valentine Cards the Romantic to comic.most U.S.A. & stamped 33 items £62
9 POSTCARDS.sel.in pockets all early Best Wishes,Comic etc. 28 cards £38
10 POSTCARDS. early cards in Album all Merry Xmas,Holly,Holy & Humerous over 70 cards check £62
11 POSTCARDS.attractive sel.in pkt. U.S.A. 1900's Thanksgiving.slight Embossed, U.S.A. Hold to Lights x 2.plus New Year.Jamestown Ex.1907 Oregon Card. £32
12 CIGARETTE CARDS.large Bag of cards stuck in Album 4 large Coro.,Uniforms,9 small Sppedway,Football etc.plus Trade Cards not all comp. cond.mixed £32
13 POSTCARDS.in Shoebox. early/Mod.cards.Football,Railway,Comic, Royalty,Art etc. about 500 cards £32
14 Travel Bag.as handed in for St.Barnabas Charity.contents 3 x Simplex Albums all World early middle period.better QE.II. G.B. noted plus mass of Env.,large & small Bags,bundle of G.B. Covers etc. must check £90
15 Sel.in grn.S/Book.mainly KG.VI.incl. some better Indian Convention States.,other sets & part sets. mint & used £145
16 Large Lindner S/Book.mass accum.of World stamps looks mostly middle/mod. mint & u. sets Ideal retail cat.just under £2000. worth a look please £130
17 In Box.general World sel.in 3 Albums & 2 S/Books noted U.S.,A.City Chops,coll.of Swiss., S/America & many others mostly early-middle issues few 100's check £50
18 BOX.of World mixture in Carrier Bag.sel. in 3 Albums incl. G.B. mint noted small Atlas Album.plus pkt.with various Env. few 100 check £55
19 Sel.half decent French cols.in album.imperf.-1980's mint & used small Czech.coll.plus mixed Foreign in Ring album. worth sorting £55
20 Red S/Book.with all KG.VI.mint incl. 1948 S/Wedd.,1937 Coro.& Victory issues mint with dup. Don't Miss. £55
21 Med.S/book.tightly packed in places all World material QV.-QE.II. period mint & used many 100's needs close look £36
22 Better than average coll.The Royal Family in 6 Special Albums stamps & Covers the latter many with Coin inserts 1992. 40th Ann.1995 95th Birthday 1997 Golden Wedd.,plus Book of Diana 1997.not normally my cup of tea.but this is nice lot have a look £90
23 Useful sel.of KG.VI.in 2 S/Books one of mint the other of used.noted sets A-Z. Counries needs to be viewed should fill a few gaps. few 100 check £365
24 In Box.Jersey & Guern.in 2 Albums,3 Albums of World plus empty L/House G.B. One Country album.1840-1979 few 100's unsorted check £70
25 Giant S/book.crammed full to overflowing pages.noted large part KG.VI.but early & QE.II. present probably 1000's & ideal lot to take home. Good hunting £70
26 Foreign in blue S/Book.better type material.early middle period too much to describe many Countries.but few 100's to check. s.t.c. £1500+ have a look £135
27 Med.blue S/Book.mass of Br.C/Wealth issues.plus G.B. early to Mod.material appears all mint many 100's must be viewed £145
28 Lovely Old Battered New Ideal 1840-1936.fine range Br.Empire empire material A-Z.mint & used with strength in places incl.many H/Val.items.I won't spoil it by describing but must be viewed may be cheap. have a look £1950
29 Br. Cols. Pot Pourri noted better B.W.I. Malaya Defs.sets & early. have a sort £52
30 1937 Coro. & 1946 Victory comp.Omnibus issue in 2 Special Albums all mint check £38
31 Small Box.well filled by large & small s/cards.plus some pkts.mostly Br.C/Wealth Kings with better KG.VI.noted mint & used needs careful check £375
32 Large Flat Box.real mass of World on/off paper.fair bit dup.appears mostly KG.V. & KG.VI.but difficult to get to bottom of box.must be many 1000's. worth taking the lid off. good Luck £95
33 The Penny Black sesquicentennial coll.in Special album stamps & M/Sheets all with Peny Black Thematic. have a look £55
34 Box.looks C/Wealth mixture plus Foreign in 4 partly filled S/Books,bundle hagner pages incl. G.B.,Shoebox size Channel Is.Booklets.general loose plus pkts. worth checking £50
35 Useful bundle of Br.C/Wealth remainders coll.in pkts.for St.Lucia,Jamainca, Br.G., & Br. Hon. each has a range QV.-QE.II. mint & used few 100's well worth checking £95
36 Low Brn.Box.looks good mixture all Br.C/Wealth on small & large card.plus pkts.quick look, have seen plenty of good KG.VI. incl.top vals.must check please £265
37 Small sel.of Br.cols.in S/Book.odds & ends fair bit QV's.plus 1953 Coro.issues & 1972 S/Wedd.in Special Album £38
38 Scouts Thematic.unbelievable mass accum.from Vendor who coll.everything contained in 4 large boxes crammed full.so discription waste of time.you must view this very heavy lot looks mainly Post War to 1970 with Covers(check these mint stamps inside) Pennants, Badges.ephemera etc. Good Luck £595
39 In Box.some 11 Albums/S/Book.mostly only partially filled.KG.VI.-QE.II.mint & used noted nice Fiji KG.VI.Airmail Front used with 5/= KG.VI.open Censor,some later material slight waste of S/Books.but well worth sorting £95
40 Messy Lot in small Box.unchecked Br.C/Wealth of some 24 s/cards heavy dup.lot needs sorting 1000's £36
41 EUROPE.in 26 sides brn.S/Book.small dup.mainly mint much unmtd.incl. France 1960,Poland '80's Thematic,Russia '80's. W.Germany '80-'90's used.French Antarctic in large blocks or full sheets,Algeria '40's Ideal for approvals clean lot approx.cat.£2,045 £225
42 Archive Box.World range unchecked by us.incl. bundle of s/cards,& other S/books, few Covers etc. probably few 1000's worth checking £95
43 Med.red S/Book.bulging with Br.C/Wealth material. B.W.I.Saints C/Wealth Africa etc.mostly middle-QE.II. mint & used with dup.must be 1000's £145
44 Loft Job.as handed in.looks all World in many Old Albums.appears to be remainders coll.but plenty of material which is mainly early issues.messy lot but must be viewed £145
45 Handy Lot for Fairs.2 large Counter Books.(Hagner) with A.Z.range of Br.C/Wealth looks to be only QV.-KG.V.with some dup.mint & u.priced to sell @ £5000+ Ideal to expand have a look £1130
46 Small Iceland Box with bundle of some 32 Approv.Cards. QV.-QE.II. Br.Cols. mint & used noted better Specimens worth sorting £95
47 Mass World accum.held in 8 Ring albums A-Z.range most pages well used filled as they are top to bottom.appears mostly middle/Mod.range but odd early dotted around must be 1000's check £95
48 Various Omnibus issues in Hagner S/Book.incl.1937 Coro.,Anns & 25 Wedd.issues all mint £36
49 In Carrier Bag. all World incl. few G.B.mint & used on pages plus 2 pkts. one of mint the other used.plus Tin of mint all unchecked have a look please £55
50 Scarce coll.of Br.Phil.Congress & Exh.stamps in S/Book,such varied material needs to be viewed,mostly Pre.War stamps & M/Sheets with many better single items check £55
51 As Handed In.in Carrier Bag.thick Ledger Book.well filled all World strong in places G.B., France,Germany & States etc. early/middle period,Juv.Album & Env.of stamps worth checking £32
52 Med.Box.looks good lot with some 6 large Albums mainly Br. C/Wealth better tucked away plus pkts.most in Ideal Albums.may be under valued so have a look please £230
53 In pkt. 1930 Belgium Cover to Congo various Air Adh.,1914 Anvers R.Cross Cover, 1905/08 10c shade. N.Z.,Niue Admirals 2/= used shade. pkt. Madagascar stamps incl. 5f black mint few Ratatonga & G.B. O.Games Plain F.D.,plus few Cig.Cards check £55
54 Box.sel.in several Albums.mostly G.B.few early & Kings general plus range of mint Comms.1971-1980's most of value here other Br.Cols. & Foreign couple unused Albums. £75
55 KGVI. SG.One Reign Album.good cond.few 100's stamps mint & used which I don't like to see.needs a good home either mint or used but cheap enough £75
56 Scarce 1935 S.JUB.errors for Antigua 2½ dot/chapel sg.93g. Gilbert & Ellice 1½ Flagstaff sg.37d. Jamaica 1½ dot & hair line left of Turret? all mint check £85
57 2 old Albums as handed in.the better vals.are in the small Album.note the G.B.section not fine but 3 mint S/Printed plus other.better sections few 100's have a close look please £85
58 Large black File good range of G.B.& C/Wealth on pages some dup.in places Australia, Canada,N.Z.better vals.later Cyprus Ch.Is. Ireland,Malta etc. have a look please £40
59 KG.VI.coll.in sg.red One Reign Album good lot accross the board range A-Z.many Countries comp.others with sets & part set.plenty of room to improve but Ideal stamp H/Cat. Lot have a look £1600
60 2 uncircl.club Books looks mostly Br.C/Wealth mint & used QV.-QE.II. s.t.c. £1300+ £125
61 Wooden File Drawer with mass of small pkts.many 1000's Vendor suggest Ideal better p/mks. have a look £95
62 Similar to Above £95
63 Similar to Above £95
64 Similar to above £95
65 Med.Box.bundle of old Approv.Books.all Foreign odd S/book mass of material mostly early-middle period many 100's better Scand.& Germany have a look please £95
66 Med.Box.as handed in looks all World couple Albums,pages,pkts.,Bags etc. worth sorting may be cheap £55
67 Another popular line Collectors unwanted material in Med.Plastic Box.100's or 1000's ? close look please £35
68 DITTO. £35
69 DITTO. £35
70 DITTO. £35
71 DITTO. £35
72 as above. £35
73 BR.C/WEALTH.in 4 Standard size Albums.good spread of Countries A-Z.mint & used the difficulty with this lot is the original early coll.containg plenty of good material is masked by the addition of QE.II.inserts on pages time taken should reward £425
74 Mixture in Cover Album.sel.of Mod. Australian stamps mostly in Packs,Cocos Sheetlet, Canada stamps & Covers,few Gib.plus S.Af.Covers & others check £40
75 Looks interesting lot in small Box.all Ex.Auction lots.large tin with mass accum.of black Approv.Cards.coll.on pages, S/Books etc. should be Fun sorting check £495
76 In Box.massive battered Century Album funny lot with dup.plus Bag Kilo.& Box of old Mag.glasses worth sorting £95
77 4 large Files in archive Box.all Foreign.good range of Countries middle-Mod.issues few early in places many 100's have a look £95
78 Small Box.containing some 43 hawid s/cards with sets & singles & odd's. mint & used better Canada & Br.Cols. noted worth sorting £100
79 Hefty accum.in 2 large Boxes incl.range of G.B.in 3 Albums fair bit of Face Val.plus album M/sheets also album Thematic Dinosaurs,History of WW.II.in 2 albums.plus World wildlife in 2 albums.various Covers & Packs noted B.b.C.Pack,plus Misc.incl. Greenland good lot to sort have a look £100
80 BR.C/Wealth & G.B.errors.incl. missing "P" on G.B.Bronte,misplaced S/Charge on "War Tax",KG.V. 3d Turks.& Caicos Is.& a super misperf.on Nigeria block of 4 20k Tiger Shrimp. needs checking £100
81 In Box.4 Portman albums.with good general range of B.W.I.Africa,Ascension, India, sey., Tonga,Canada etc.looks mostly QE.II Defs. & comms. mint few 100's check £55
82 Green Med.S/Book.well filled to bulging all Br.C/Wealth QV.-QE.II.looks all mint incl. blocks may be under valued so close check please 100's £55
83 2 Med.Boxes both full of Countries in Env.& pkts.unchecked by us on/off paper all World check £55
84 Good size Box.holding mass of World material Albums,Covers,pkts. etc fine lot to sort clsoe look advised £55
85 Giant S/Book.with mass accum.of World stamps looks mostly used with few Defs.but large part Picts.middle period few Earlies noted probably 1000's have a look £30
86 Sel.on cards s.t.b.Persia 477/80,& 520/26, G.B. Photo set.plus range Cook Is. 1966 issues incl. blocks,Nauru 1954 & 1963 others s.t.c.£998 check £95
87 Small sel.of Br.Cols.on cards in pkt.sets & singles mint & used too diverse to describe check please £55
88 3 Old New Ideal Albums with Br.Empire & Foreign good general sel.across the board better G.B.incl.3 x 1d Blacks other QV.'s good lot Foreign,worth close look many 1000's also old Postage Stamp Album many 100's check please £1250
89 In Box.general mixed World in 3 Albums A-Z.many 100's Album various Royalty,heavy sel.of Belgium Congo in hagner album.bundle Australia Covers,loose sheets check £65
90 Mass accum.on small pages.incl. G.B. KG.V.vals.to 1/=,France, India, K.U.T.U.S.A., no Mod. all used must be 1000's Ideal to sort for error's plus small box on paper £65
91 Looks useful sel.in Carrier Bag housed in 5 various sized S/Books.the contents appear to be mostly if not all KG.VI.mint with better sets noted 1948 S/Wedd.etc.looks good value check please £325
92 In Carrier Bag.C/Wealth mixture Canda,S.Af.,N.Z.,India & States many mint blocks check £40
93 In Box.6 Albums/S/Book.all World most value in a Strand.& Mova Leaf Album few 100's worth sorting £42
94 In Ring album.Br.Guiana few early Ships incl. one on Cover.later S/Charges,heavy dup.QE.II. few Br.Hond.stamps & Covers plus Cayman Is. few 100's check £42
95 Small Box.several old Club Books.with few s/cards.plus many pkts.mass of plating 1d Reds good lot to sort plus Album G.B. F.D.C.'s check £42
96 Red Album with hagner pages.Countries M-N.noted Montserrat,better N.Z.,Nigeria,& Nyasaland mint & used few 100's careful check please £180
97 Mixed on Approv.Card. s.t.b. 1841 1d Red imperfs.black plates(4) Samoa £1 N.Z. Fiscal, G.B. Line Engraved & S/Printed incl.sg.141 with invert.wmk.Gibraltar KG.V.10/= f.used & others have a look £42
98 Looks interesting sel.of Foreign in 2 old New Ieal Albums A-J.,K-Z.fair range empty New Ideal Br.Empire well worth checking £200
99 EUROPE.a broad range of mint incl.better m/sheets such as Germany currency 1945,Debria 1948,Cyprus with Scouts sheet,better Austria Sheets 1930/50, Thule,Greenland etc. £200
100 SHOEBOX.with World accum.in mass of pkts.most have been priced up at some time.looks good range 100's have a look £42
101 Plastic Box.early to Mod. G.B. Covers incl. Special p/mks.few Br.cols. Covers,P/Cards.some stamps have a look £42
102 Mass & heavy dup.in 3 Med.S/Books.Sweden,Finland, Norway,Iceland, middle to Mod. period Defs.& Comms.probably suit pkt.or approval Trade.Vendor states over 5500 stamps have a look £70
103 Another attractive sel.of Br.C/Wealth & Foreign m/sheets good middle to Mod.range & does incl.better early. nearly 100 items all mint check £70
104 1937 Coro.Omnibus issues in Special Album.looks comp.mint & used ditto 1946 Victory & Peace Omnibus plus few Covers.1953 Coro.Omnibus few Diania M/sheets, old Rowland Album.& Book SG.Stamp Collecting £75
105 1949 U.P.U. Omnibus issues in special album.looks comp.mint odd used vals.check £75
106 Br.C/Wealth.superb accum.of material,virtually all Defs.sets unmtd.mint KG.VI.-QE.II.some KG.V.at the end.Ideal for breaking down.must be seen & valued carefully H/Cat.Lot £3600
107 New Imperials vol.1 & II.well filled Albums.across the board with range mint & used always difficult to describe as you have to leave out as much as you describe.plus the fact they always need viewing.certainly looks good value Good Luck £3950
108 Mass accum.& dup.range in giant S/Book.QE.II.Defs. & Comms. vals.to $5 noted. useful approval material over 2500 stamps.plus SG.S/Book S/Af.to Rhod. heavy dup lot check £45
109 Cinderella material in Box File incl. Local World issues in P/book.others on s.cards.Poster Stamps,Seals,Documents etc. have a look £45
110 Useable Suitcase.packed with what looks like mainly G.B.in albums,cards etc.however so much material have'nt got to the bottom of Case.Hope you will? £45
111 Bulky lot in Diplomat Album.all Br.C/Wealth some nice items noted A-Z.across the board QV.-QE.II.mint & used looks good value must be checked £80
112 Biscuit Tin.range of Br.C/Wealth on small black cards mostly QV.-pre 1960.odds & better vals. in places s.t.c.£1000+ have a look £80
113 Well filled Med.S/Book.all Br.C/Wealth A-SCountries looks mainly KG.VI.-QE.II.but odd QV. here & there all good/fine used few100's check £80
114 Other half of Loft Job.old Med.Suitcase choker bloke stamps plus some early Covers buried in places.care when viewing otherwise you'll get stamps all over the floor. super lot to search £80
115 New Age albums.with KG.VI.issues albeit rather sparce A-Z.Countries stronger in parts mint & used Ideal Lot to Expand have a look £85
116 Large heavy Box.all world in albums,S/Books & pkts.,also Tins unchecked so close look please £85
117 Imerial Album Vol.I. G.B.& Colonies few stamps but those that are there are decent incl. good page Cape Triangles & Falk.Is. QV.mint.in good cond. for age. £125
118 Slightly Battered S.G.KG.VI.One Country Reign album.well filled spread of Countries A-Z. sets & part sets with many added pages to take perf.changes etc.all used.many 100's good lot to check £125
119 Archive Box.all World mixture in albums,Boxes,pkts.,Covers,s/cards. good lot to sort Good Hunting £125
120 Plenty for your money here. 2 large Archive Boxes.all World held in a range of S/books & Albums,loose Covers etc.mass of material as handed in.so have a look £125
121 Flat brn.Box.looks fine World mixture on small Approv.Cards & in pkts. sets,singles mint & used needs careful check please £130
122 Small Box.crammed ful of small Approv.cards.odd Cover all Br.C/Wealth QV.-QE.II. some G.B. mint & used many loose items well worth sorting £460
123 Archive Box.small probate lot looks all World in S/Book.,bundle of Env.with 1d Reds,P/Cards & noted at bottom of Box.coll.of Coins must have a look £130
124 Nice Br.C/Wealth sel.on approv.cards.mainly QE.Defs.sets to £1 or H/Vals.plus odd KG.VI. £1 S/Wedd. etc. all mint H/Cat.Lot check £130
125 Mixture in Med.Box.World remainders in 3 Albums value appears to be in New Ideal Foreign plus Shoebox World off paper worth a look £45
126 1966 Sir Winston Churchill Omnibus issue on F.D.Cover.37 Covers plus 1990 4 x signed Covers Lord Home,Air Marshall Johnnie Johnson etc. plus few stamps & m/sheet plus bundle 1974 Covers have a look £45
127 BR.C/Wealth.period QV.to KG.V.some 36 s/cards part sets & singles mint & used s.t.c.£3800+ have a look £345
128 Ex.Fairs material in large carton.11 Albums/S/Book incl.for N.Z.,Canada, France, U.S.A., Rumania,Italy,Australia & mixed.many 100's mint & used early/Mod.Vendor states cat.val.@ £4500+ £350
129 Interesting sel.of Foreign Countries in 6 bulging Albums.across the board A-Z. early to Mod. care when viewing please pages are springing out of Binder so much material have a look £360
130 Pcific Is.sel.in S.G.S/Book.incl. Australia,N.Z.,Papua mostly Mod. Defs.& Comms. other odds few 100 have a look £46
131 Small Box.as handed in.pkts.,Approv.Books etc.plus many 2/6 & 5/= S/Horses dotted around. must be checked £48
132 1965 Winston Churchill Omnibus issues in Special Album comp.mint cat.£250 £48
133 Mafeking 1900 2/= Voucher used poor cond.,Transvaal unchecked Pieterburg 1901 imperfs. 1d,2d,4d,6d,& 1/= all with Controllers initials in black.plus ½ perf.in red. interesting O.F. State 2d purple used with Annexed Colesberg cancel £60
134 BR.C/WEALTH.mixture in S/Book. QE.II.Tristan Defs.& Comms.,Aden & States, B.W.I., S.A.,Nauru,Falk.Is.Dep.plus many others all mint few 100. have a look £60
135 Archive Box.half full all World off paper early to Mod.seen.looks well worth sorting but needs plenty of time. good hunting £65
136 Range of Foreign in Giant s/Book.Mod.Faroe's in sheets.Fr.Cols.,Germany,Hungary, Liech. sheets,U.N. etc. suit Thematic large accum. s.t.c.£1600+ check £145
137 Useful accum.in Archive Box.3 giant S/books.mass of material.Br.Cols. & Foreign.5 S/Books of G.B.mint & used plus good coll.of Decimal Defs.mint with dup.all listed.plus varieties good face val.,part Re.Con.of QV. 1d Red sg.166.plus small box Kilo.good lot to sort check £150
138 Red Hagner Binder with good bundle of sheets Countries D-H.incl. Dominica, Falk.Is., Gib., G.Coast,H.K.,& others KG.VI.-QE.II.mint & used few 100's check £150
139 New Imperial Br.Empire vol.II.M-Z. general sort of range many unused Countries better Natal, Newfoundland,N.S.W. O-F State,Queensland,Rhod.,St.Helena,S.Leone,S.Aust., Victoria, Transvaal & many more Ideal to Expand have a look £150
140 16 S/Books looks all World good range early to middle plus Mod.difficult to describe with so many S/Books should be fun for you. Vendors estimate £150
141 Mixture in S/book & pages Syria in grn. S/Book.from French O/Print Picts. & Airs & P/Dues. Mod.Tunisia & Andorra on s/cards.plus large S/book Tunisia early/middle period,Fr.Morocco on old pages through to Mod.in blocks others fine lot close look advised £160
142 Choc Box.with large accum.of pkts.looks all Br.C/Wealth looks to be all sets mint s.t.b.unmtd. KG.VI.& QE.II.Defs./Comms. have a look £48
143 32 page black page S/book.stacked full with mostly Br.C/Wealth material QV.-QE.II.good general range mint & used may lack top vals.but plenty of better material incl.Foreign latter part.must be 100's check £95
144 4 S/Books.one of Czech.,Israel plus Arab areas fair bit dup.in places.plus S/Book Canada & Newfoundland few 100 have a look £50
145 BRIT.C/WEALTH.various KG.VI. Gambia incl.10/= mint,also Br.Africa ED.VII./KG.VI. Fiscals incl. attractive block of 4 of 10r.ED.VII. used in Mombassa & "Double Head" Rhodesia £1 "perf.in" good Pacific Is. etc. needs checking £200
146 A superb & valuable coll.of Bird Thematic's in 7 large Albums small S/book neatly arranged in Country order A-Z.each Album has stamps & Covers.many better noted. lovely lot to own.must be viewed heavy lot £200
147 9 vol.coll.housed in Ring albums.in Box.all Br.Cols.across the board.sel. A-Z.looks something for each.have noited QV's but quick look suggests more QE.II.sets & singles mint & used nicely laid out.close look please heavy lot. £1375
148 Box.containing 4 S/Books filled with approx.10,500 off paper stamps.all different & all World have a look £65
149 1937 Coro.Omnibus issues in special Album.looks comp.mint & used sel.but check £30
150 Med.Plastic Box.all World accum.couple old Albums.Env. & Plastic Bags.been tucked away for years.watch out for mouse droppings(I kid you not) one of those you would expect to find something? £65
151 KG.VI.sel.in Album covering Countries I-P.mint & used sets & odds should fill a few gaps good lot £65
152 Royal Events.in 4 Special albums Duke of Edinburgh Awards.Br.Cols.in singles,blocks of 4.plus gutter pairs.plus Life & Times Q.Mother.all mint nice lot £65
153 In Box. 2 Albums of U.S.A.early/Mod.plus S/Book.,Canada,Latin America, Foreign coll.in 2 well filled Album France,Germany,Scand.,Near East etc. good general range few 100's check £65
154 Mixed in pkt.on pages.Solomon Is. 1939 KG.VI.basic to 10/=,1948 S/Wedd.,U.P.U., 1970 Comms.,few Niue,Papua & N.G.,Fisherman set,plus Comms.,Gilbert KG.VI. to 5/=,later Defs.& Comms.all mint small Approv.Book India,Ceylon,Malaya,plus sel.of Paquebot cancels on stamps plus Covers check £65
155 Med.Box.with some 77 circa Club Books.all World good lot to sell. have a look £65
156 Loft Job.in Box.in S.Books,Albums,Tin,Cigar Box.etc.funny lot old to pkt.types slight whiff with it but needs getting close to. have a look £65
157 New Imperials.Br.Empire vols.I & II.well filled mint & used with a fair range across the board another lot that needs your close attention.leave it to you please.value seen Don't miss £1450
158 BR.C/Wealth mixture on s/cards noted S.W.A.,H.K.,Iraq,Cook Is. etc. some dup.all mint s.t.c.£440+ £50
159 BR.C/Wealth in small Box.on old pages & s/cards Qv.KG.V.Dominica,St.Lucia,Fiji, Cayman Is.,& H.k. mint & used few 100's check £50
160 Archive Box.with 10 albums containing G.B. & Br.C/Wealth looks across the board sel.mint & used early to QE.II.must be checked please £150
161 Grn.Med.S/Book. KG.VI.-QE.II. 1937 & 1953 Coro.few 1948 S/Wedd.,U.P.U. & Churchill mint & used check £65
162 Archive Box.well filled with S/books,Stamps & Covers.far to diverse to describe so leave this to you looks alright £150
163 Icecream Tub.with a bundle of approv.Cards.large part Foreign virtually all sets mint & used. s.t.c.£750+ worth sorting £65
164 Br. C/Wealth sel.in brn.S/Book.Countries C-M.mostly sel.singles or sets QV.-KG.VI. all mint H/Cat. check please £185
165 The Royal Family coll.in 4 Special albums 40th Anniv. QE.II.,Q.Mother Glorius Years,range of stamps & special Covers some with Coins.attractive lot H/Cat. have a look £70
166 Flat Box.holding small cards & in pkts.decent range of Br.C/Wealth & Foreign.early to QE.II. mint & used worth sorting £185
167 Archive Box.contains 6 large Files & Hagner albums.G.B.& Br.C/Wealth mass of material range A-Z. needs checking £195
168 Valuable lot in Box.Scott Br.C/Wealth various KG.V.& KG.VI.mint,few KG.VI. in hagner Book useful Auction remainders in Album(Mine ofCourse)plus fine lot of France early Ceres & Naps.,Sowers,Mersons heavy dup.100's later coll.in 2 albums & pages worth sorting £200
169 1935 S.JUB.Omnibus issue(no Egypt) in Special album.all mint fresh £225
170 Every now & then a decent Strand album turns up.this is one.packed with material all World QV.-KG.VI.period noted Australia Roo's to £1.early China,G.B. 1d Black,S/Horses to 10/=, 1948 S/Wedd. H.K.,early Japan etc. have a close look £245
171 COVERS.1935 S.Jub.small album with coll.of this popular issue.23 Covers from various Territories,all Different & attractive items £265
172 Small Box.with bundle of old leaves.Austria,Russia,Rumania,Germany. Iran etc. plus old Schaubek Album few 100's check £50
173 Postage Stamp Album Birthday present in 1899 with range of early material usual mixed cond.in places Br.empire & Foreign needs close look £50
174 Archive Box.with mixed incl. G.B. & Channel Is. stamps & Covers plus mixed general World various S/books have a look £50
175 Sel.of Br.Cols.& Foreign M/Sheets in blue S/Book.fine & attractive range across the board incl. better early all mint £50
176 Plastic Box.with all World on Approv.Cards unchecked by us.Vendor states cat.val.£1000+ mint & used items have a look please £75
177 Thick Med.S/Book.full of Cinerella's,Poster Stamps & Forgeries many l00's leave it to you. good source £75
178 Looks good lot mainly G.B.& Br.Cols. in 5 Med.Albums better in places mint & used many 100's well worth close look £95
179 Sel.of KG.VI.in hagner Binder mostly short or part sets mint may fill a few gaps s.t.c.£1000+ £75
180 2 Old Gard Back Approv.Books.with good range of Br.C/Wealth early/middle period mint & used few 100's have a look £75
181 Flat Box.with brn.S/Book.mass mainly Foreign material in small S/Book.Slovensko mint M/Sheets on hagner plus various pkts. have a look £95
182 Med.Box.general mixture of G.B.& Channel Is.in Album & P/Packs,Tins etc. better vals.in old Tyme Coll.of early/middle period World in Ring album few 100's have a look £75
183 Small Box.containing a bundle of large & small s/cards looks mostly G.B. & Br.C/Wealth few World around 60 sheets many 100's check £75
184 Plenty for your Money 2 Archive Boxes all World in an assortment of some 27 Albums/ S/Books from Juv.to expensive padded good luck £95
185 Cinderella material on s/card.looks attractive Forgeries reprints bogus issues etc. Vendor states some 325 issues £75
186 Col.in brn. S/Book.incl. Swiss. 1854-1967 incl. Pro.Juv.,Luxembourg 1882-1967. Monaco 1885-67. & Italy 1863-1966 mint & used sel. some dup. check £80
187 Small grey Box.containing a series of small Approv.Cards all Br.C/Wealth single better items noted KG.VI. & H.K.check £95
188 Archive Box.all World in some dozen albums/S/Books.mass accum.heavy dup.in places especially G.B.looks mostly middle/Mod.range odd early in parts incl.Victory Album.bit early here.better than first glance? £95
189 Box heavy lot containing 3 large black page S/Books,2 Med.white pages general World plus few Env.& Covers woth checking for S/Books alone £52
190 Med.Box quite heavy mass of old S.G.6d pkts.unopened.3 S/Books incl. mint & used G.B.plus F.D.Covers,Albums,Covers difficult to value see what you make of it? £95
191 Mixed in Box.looks all World mix in 2 Albums plus many tins,pkts.,bags etc. mostly loose material have a look £55
192 Med.Box.with all World quantity unsorted used of paper.,grn.S/Book few stamps, SG.Guide to Stamp Collecting. good lot to sort check £55
193 Med.Box.contains 2 large Bags of World Kilo.on paper as per Charity about average mix £52
194 Over Sized Album.with Br.C/Wealth across the board range A-Z. types looks mainly KG.VI.& QE.II.sets & part sets.odd Cover all mint have a look £90
195 Small Box.Br.C/Wealth large part QE.II.comp.sets mostly mint.odd better early S.Leone incl. KG.V. 10/= etc. s.t.c.£1800+ have a look £90
196 BR.C/WEALTH.sel.on large & small Approv.Cards.sets or better items mint s.t.c.£700+ worth sorting £85
197 Shoebox.with mass of single cards Ex.Auction items described & priced all Br.C/Wealth QV.-QE.II.mint & used sets & singles with cat.val.of £12,500+ worth sorting £1750
198 BOX.Med.Box.with general World in albums,Tins,etc.also Israel F.D.Covers in album.Davo G.B. Album few stamps.N.Zealand on pages,India used in exercise Book.etc. have a look £70
199 BOX. a large Suitcase as handed in. for St.Barnabas Charity.usual mass of World Kilo.but noted better off paper & early/Middle in 3 boxes,pkt.,& Album.etc. needs checking £65
200 BOX. Med.Box.with a bundle of some 11 Albums/S/Books. as handed in.looks all World worth checking please £65
201 Box. large & heavy Box as handed in for St.Barnabas Charity 3 large Bags of World Kilo.plus bundle of better in pkts. check £55
202 ANTIGUA. scarce & attractive 1884/6 QV.1d carmine red sg.25.in comp.sheet of 120 without side margins many re.entries most unmtd.mint £82
203 ANTIGUA.nice range of material from QV.to KG.V.mint incl. good classic's 1st issues followed by 2 ½d,4d & 1/= mauve,ED.VII.to 5/=,KG.V.to 5/= "Medallions"types,small Defs. KG.V.with 27 vals.to 5/= very H/Cat.lot with some tone £500
204 ANTIGUA.on s/cards sel.of early QV.mint & used Shields,KG.V.vals.to 4/= odd Picts. plus few KG.VI.later QE.II.better p/mks. noted 1863-1976 s.t.c.£950+ £125
205 AUSTRALIA. 1902/4. 2 of the scarcest stamps of Australia here in Specimen O/Prints, P/dues.D43 10/= unused & D24 20/= mint.cat.as normal £5350 excellent space fillers. have a look £100
206 AUSTRALIA.Imprint pairs & strip.of the O.S. O/Prints on the Kingsford Smith with 6 out of 7 stamps mint unmtd.the best being the 3d blue.cat.as singleshinged at £600.scarce as imprint strips have a look £395
207 AUSTRALIA.Imprint in attractive blocks of 4 imprints unmtd.mint of the "Arms"issue,cat.as hinged singles at £480,not often sold in blocks have a look £200
208 AUSTRALIA.Imprints sg.17 scarce block of 8 imprint,accompanied by "Laughing Kook." plate 2.strip of 4 sg.17 & 19.respectively cat.as hinged singles at £280 have a look £125
209 AUSTRALIA. Roo.1915/28 2/= mint red/brn.analine,sg.41b,one of the scarce shades expertized & well centred.very attractive item cat.£750 check £260
210 AUSTRALIA. KG.V. on s/card. sg.83,84,& 86 mint blocks of 4. plus 92 ditto s.t.c.£250+ £60
211 AUSTRALIA.Imprint block of the Lyre Bird 1/= 1932 grn. J.Ash imprint block, cat. as used singles £168 £52
212 AUSTRALIA.Imprint blocks & strips of 1932 scarce Sydney Harbour Bridge John Ash block of 2d & 3d,& 5/= strip of 3 with J.Ash imprint,once mtd.with light hinge remainder on one stamp only sg.141/43 cat.as hinged singles £1228.5/= scarce & attractive with imprint £600
213 AUSTRALIA.Imprint Blocks of 1934 sg.147/49 comp.set of 3 unmtd.mint Interpanneu block of 4 J.Ash scarce items check £80
214 AUSTRALIA. "Anzac"blocks of 4 interpanneau mtd.but not on stamps.cat.as single £174 scarce John Ash plate blocks £100
215 AUSTRALIA.scarce Flown Australian Covers from the 1938 Sydney-Moree Air Race only 10 Covers Flown in each Aircraft.4 Covers in all one with fair bit of tone spots other 3 fairly clear.but rarely offered(only nine to find) £100
216 AUSTRALIA.Collecta One Country album.with fair range 1931-78.incl. 1937 Robes to 10/=,1948 no wmk. Arms to £1.good & strong sel.Comms.to 1978 incl. 1966 Decimals to $4,Booklet Panes,Paintings to $10 all mint.much unmtd. Ideal to expand cat.£750+ check £145
217 AUSTRALIA. mass dup.range in giant Ring Album plenty of Mod.heavy dup.but saved by heavy dup.Roo;s KG.V.& KG.VI. Ideal Lot have a look £50
218 AUSTRALIA.circa.1948-1978.an original & virtually comp.coll.in 5 Frank Godden Albums.many good items noted incl.1949 Arms mint with £2 unmtd.,also specimen O/Prints & several used sets with both papers.1964 Navigators nice mint(Arms & Nav.alone cat. over £1000)plus Defs. & Comms. in blocks,Coils,Booklets,varieties etc.also extensive range of Covers many 100's well worth close look Don't Miss. £575
219 AUSTRALIA. sel.of coll. boxed Packs 1981-1985,1987-89. plus 1991,1992 H/Face & Cat. Lot £85
220 AUSTRALIA.coll.on One country pages.s.t.b. 1915 5/= Roo,later to 2/=, various KG.V. vals. to 1/4. 1923 £1 gry.Roo (repaired),KG.V.Perfins,1931 Roo's 6d to 10/=. repaired 5/= Sidney Harbour. range of 1930 Picts.,plus later QE.II.incl. 1963 Navigators etc. all used good value £80
221 AUSTRALIA. attractive coll.on page Defs.& Comms. laid out & listed from 1967-87 incl. some M/Sheets & Booklet unmtd.mint H/Cat.& Face. check £95
222 AUSTRALIA. QE.II.range on pages covering period 1967-1987. Defs.& Comms., M/Sheets & Booklet looks fairly comp. all listed fine used H/Cat. Lot check £116
223 AUSTRSLIA. coll.in S.G.One Country Album.sel.of early Roo's & KG.V. with vals.to 2/= & 1/4.mly used but odd mint.usual 1930's Picts.incl. 1938 Robes £1 mint. plus sel.of QE.II. Defs.& Comms. have a look £65
224 AUSTRALIA. general mint & used sel.on hagner pages in Binder few KG.VI. mostly QE.II. better vals. noted s.t.c.£220 £32
225 AUSTRALIA.mint sel.on hagner s/cards few KG.VI.but mostly QE.II. Defs.,Comms. & M/Sheets s.t.c. £375 £52
226 AUSTRALIA.hefty coll.in Album.1913-1980 good series of Roo's 1st,2nd & 3rd series with vals.to 10/= noted.plus £1 gry & £2.all Specimens.good KG.V.coverage with better die's noted vals.to 1/4.then basic range to 1980's incl. Robes,Arms, Navigators,Paintings etc. all used plus some 25 P/Packs H/cat.Lot Check £150
227 AUSTRALIA.attractive sel.in 2 special Albums A.S.range mainly Mod.sel.of QE.II. sets & singles & odds mostly mint check £38
228 AUSTRALIA.semi.Specialized coll.in Album being all imrints mint blocks incl.KG.V. ½ orange, 1d grn.gutter John Ash blocks 2 x 2.plus 1d grn.,2d red in gutter pairs,Kingsford Smith 2d,3d invert.blocks(John Ash of 8.plus 6d in bl.of 4.other blocks low vals.Sydney Harbour, Victoria.Cable pair.Sth.Australia set later range KG.VI.& QE.II.Defs.various blocks all imprints H/Cat.Lot check £150
229 AUSTRALIA.looks fair sel.of Roo's in small S/Book. s.t.b.1913-1928 identified as per Vendor ½,1d,3d x 3,6d x 3,9d x 2,1/=,2/= brn.,2/= purple plus £2 Specimen KG.V.1918.30 ½, 1d grn. x 2,1½ grn.,1½ brn.,2d red x 6,2d orange,3d blue.plus 5c on 4½ all mint not all fine. H.Cat.lot worth checking £120
230 AUSTRALIA/N.Z.sel.in 3 S/Books.,2 Albums devoted to mass dup.of the 1d red Roo.all on small pieces incl. Perfins.ditto for KG.V.issue plus later Australia States. N.Z.similar range KG.V. on small pieces.nice display lot many 100's check £62
231 AUSTRIA.useful coll.in Norma One Country Album.good range 1945-1980 looks nearly comp.both Defs.& Pictorials incl.better like 1953 Birds all f/used H/Cat.Lot check £175
232 AUSTRIA.Club Book.with good range early "Whiskers"- 1940's mint & used mostly better items s.t.c.£600+ check £48
233 AUSTRIA.coll.in Album.range of early imperfs.,small & large "Whiskers" sel. of Numerals later Hellars with fine sel.of Printings mint & used others few 100's s.t.c.£2000+ check £145
234 AUSTRIA P.O. in Turkey.dup.mint Stock much unmtd.1867-1901 incl. 15sld sg.5 x 20, 25sld sg.6 x 20,20p on 4kr sg.45 x 20 plus F11 x 50. cat.£780 SOW (110) £75
235 B.M.A.on hagner post Jap.Occ. 1934 Brooke 25c in block of 4. O/Print Kuala Belait, Nr.Borneo 3c x 2 & Sarawak 2c on piece used as above.plus Nr.Borneo 1939 6c & 10c B.M.A.2 of each used in Brunei used have a look £75
236 BAHAMAS. 1860 1d dull lake sg.2.on thin paper.4 margin copy numeral Duplex cancel not fine but cat.£1500 As Filler £70
237 BAHAMAS.Covers in pkt.1930 Reg .to U.K.tied with 5d Staircase Adh. 1924 Reg. U.K. KG.V. 6d bistre tied with rock sound cancel.KG.V.1d P/Stat.Card Specimen.plus 8 1970's O.H.M.S. Covers good value check £50
238 BELGIUM.a very nice pre.cancel coll.neatly displayed. Ideal for the Specialist £100
239 BELGIUM.bulky coll.housed in Davo One Country Album. 1849-1970's good general range sparce in places but better noted mint & used good middle part mint Ideal to expand. £42
240 BELGIUM.coll.in Foreign One Country Album.good general range across the board mint & used incl.better sets mint some added pages quality Album to expand check £38
241 BELGIUM.in Bag.fair coll.in Album with fair bit of dup.early imperf.& perf.Tab issues.plus later pkts.& Comms.through to Railway issues,plus S/Book with fine sel.mint range 1912-40.heavy dup. later dup.Railway issues used plus few Congo & odds in pkt & cards Ideal Retail have a look £125
242 BELGIUM.old genuine hoard of early Medallions imperf.& perf.all vals.odd mint.plus heavy dup.1900's unchecked by us.but noted attached to this lot states over 300 early issues. leave it to you Good Hunting massive cat.val. £395
243 BERMUDA. 1920 Terc.both issues between sg.59-76 both sets mint plus few used also 1918 W.Tax. some 39 stamps H/Cat. check £95
244 BERMUDA.1937? KG.VI.2/= purple & ultra unchecked for shade but does have Control with number cut in half should Identify.mint check £42
245 BERMUDA. KG.VI. H/Vals.on card. 2/=,2/6,5/=(bad tone)10/=,& 12/6 all mint unchecked printing check please £85
246 BERMUDA.S.G.Album.with a fine coll. of Covers,Cards,Wrappers, P/Stat., Air Letters etc. from QV.to KG.VI.starts with 7 QV.items,then 6 Dry Dock,plus good run of "Ship" issues incl. 1924 Wembley Exhibition slogan & fine Air Ship "Los Angeles" return flight,April 1925.also a series of Covers,Flights,Paqubot,Censors,Officials etc,etc.P/Marks seen incl. Baileys Bay,Somerset Bridge,Ireland Istand,& Mangrove Bay,amongst others.finally good "Back of Book with U.S.A.Bases comprising 101 items needs to be viewed £575
247 BRIT.AFRICA.coll.in blue S/Book.as handed in Vendor states QV.-1960's some 1500 stamps from 27 Countries good generalrange sets & part sets vals.to 10/=. s.t.c.£2000+ check £125
248 BR.GUIANA.coll.on pages 1863-1966 fair range of Earlies incl. H/Val.Fiscal KG.VI.to 3/=. QE.II.to $2. have a look £45
249 BR.OCC.ITALY COLS.on pages KG.VI. M.E.F., B.A.Eritrea incl. P/Dues., B.A. Somalia, Tripolitania Defs. & P/Dues.mint & used s.t.c.£450+ have a look £60
250 BR.SOMALILAND.coll.in Album. QV.O/Prints on India to 8a.ditto ED.VII.KG.V.to 12a. 1935 S.Jub..scarce 1938 KG.VI.facing left comp.set,S/Wedd.QE.II.to 10/= all used H/Cat. £85
251 BRAZIL.1866 Dom Pedro II.rouletted issues 10r to 500r(no.300r)dup.no gum & used Stock mixed cond.still many good copies app.cat.£1,012 SOW (app.150 items) check £50
252 BRAZIL.1878 Dom.Pedro II.white beard 10r to 200 sg.57-62 mint,no gum & used, dup.Stock many shades,good p/mks.mixed cond. but incl.many good copies cat.£1,215 SOW (app.190) check £55
253 BRIT.BECHUANALAND.small sel.on hagner sheet.fair lot QV.Post & Rev.& G.B. O/Prints noted Post & Rev. 3d, 1/=, & 2/= all O/Print specimen few Kings check £36
254 BRIT.COLS. 1937 Arts-Et-Techniques 12 M/sheets mint all different have a look £32
255 BRIT.HONDURAS. 1907 ED.VII. $5 mint sg.93 cat.£275 not all fine £92
256 BRUNEI.1895 2c margin block of 8.singley used with Brunei 25th Feb.1896 C.D.S. not fine cat.£680 as singles check £230
257 BRUNEI. 1895 Star Locals comp.set to $1 sg.1-10 f/used cat.£400 £125
258 BRUNEI. 1895 Star set to $1 in scarce margin mint blocks of 4 sg.1-10 mint cat.£500+ as singles £195
259 BRUNEI. 1895 Colony set to $1 being sg.1-10 singley used with Brunei 1896 C.D.S. cancels cat.£400 £160
260 BRUNEI.1895 Star 10c ornage red imperf.pair as sg.7a good margins all round.appears to be only one sheet recorded so rare pair cat.£1500 £950
261 BRUNEI. scarce 1895 Star 10c in imperf.block of 4 i.e. 2 pairs as per sg.7a good margin all round.record as only one sheet known must be very rare in block, cat.£3000. & Premium as such. £1950
262 BRUNEI.1906 2c on 3c blk./sepia with red S/Charge type 3 with variety Brunei double unused as usual being sg.12a backed with R.P.S.Cert. As Genuine cat.£3750 £1500
263 BRUNEI. 1906 Labuan O/Print issue to $1.comp.set sg.11-22 mint cat.£475 £125
264 BRUNEI. scarce 1906 Colony O/Print set to $1. being sg.11-22 f/used cat.£750 £260
265 BRUNEI. scarce 1906 Colony O/Print set to $1.being sg.11-22 mint on page cat.£475 £225
266 BRUNEI. 1906 Colony issue O/Print Brunei with bars being sg.11-22.mint,set out in hawid black mounts cat.£475 £215
267 BRUNEI. very scarce 1906 Colony O/Print copy of sg.11a 1c blk./purple with variety O/Print in black.no gum.as usual cat.£1900 probably worth more than cat. check £1300
268 BRUNEI. very scarce 1906 1c blk.& purple of Labuan O/Prints in black.as per sg.11a f/used cat.£2500 backed with B.P.A.Cert. As Genuine rarely offered £1250
269 BRUNEI. rare 1906 S/Charge 2c type 2.with variety Two Cents double as per sg.12b only 100 printed in Robson Lowe & only 2 known used. these on Cover backed with B.P.A. Cert.stating Genuine C.T.O.with thin.but cat.£6000 Major Rarity have a look £4300
270 BRUNEI.1907 Views to $1 sg.23-33 O/Print Specimen cat.£275 plus 1908/22 comp.set (ex.1c & 5c) cat.£800+ £195
271 BRUNEI.scarce 1907 set to $1.plus better 1908 set to $2 both sets O/Print Specimen sg.23s/33s,& 34s/38s all odd tone 1907 H/Cat.check £360
272 BRUNEI.1908 Views comp.set of 17 vals. 1c-$25 incl.some shades.($25 on piece) cat.£1400 £460
273 BRUNEI. 1910 $5 top val.sg.48 used with part Paid cancel cat.£1000 as used £125
274 BRUNEI. 1910 scarce top val. $25 being sg.48 f/used copy with corner cancel (no date) cat.£1000 £360
275 BRUNEI. 1910 top val.$25 black & red being sg.48.fresh mint copy cat.£550 backed with R.P.S.Cert. As Genuine £220
276 BRUNEI. 1910 top val.$25 purple on red being sg.48 fresh mint cat.£550 £245
277 BRUNEI.1910 top val. $25 purple on red sg.48 fresh mint cat.£550 £245
278 BRUNEI.scarce 1922 3c View imperf.pair Printers sample in indigo 4 large margins fresh mint check £295
279 BRUNEI. 1922 Malaya Borneo Exh.comp.set to $1. being sg.51-95 all f/used some tone cat.£600 £215
280 BRUNEI. 1922 Malaya Exh.10c f/used sg.56 also 10c with variety broken "N" sg.56c f/used cat.£140 £32
281 BRUNEI. 1922 Malaya Borneo 1922 Exh.comp.set to $1 being sg.S1-59. f/used cat.£600 £250
282 BRUNEI. scarce 1924 ?.Plate Proof in purple large imperf.margins with vals. omitted fresh looker £325
283 BRUNEI.1924/37 wmk.multo script. C.A.comp.set being sg.60-78 f/used cat.£190 £65
284 BRUNEI. 1924 5c orange distinct retouch 5c. being sg.66a fresh mint check £95
285 BRUNEI. 1933 5c retouch unmtd.mint margin copy being sg.68a cat.£250 nice item £95
286 BRUNEI. 1942/44 Jap.Occ.mixture of vals.to $5 s.t.c.£500+ f/used £130
287 BRUNEI.1942 attractive 30c Jap.Occ.issues f.used with Brunei 1942 C.D.S. cancel sg.J15 fine copy £75
288 BRUNEI. scarce 1942 Brunei Jap.Occ.issues 19 vals.to $25 mint sg.J1-J19. cat.£2800 under cat. have a look £1200
289 BRUNEI.1942/4 Jap.Occ. 50c & $1.in pairs as per sg.J16 & J17 f/used £75
290 BRUNEI.1942 Brunei Jap.Occ. 6c red used with purple cancel on small piece being sg.J8 cat.£550 £185
291 BRUNEI.1944 rarity Brunei Jap.Occ.$3 on 1c black S/Charge type 2 in orange-red superb side margin copyfresh & stunning mint copy of sg.J20 cat.£6000 backed with R.P.S.Cert. As Genuine rarely offered £5000
292 BRUNEI.1947 5c orange margin block of 4. 5c retouch sg.82c.1942/44 Jap.Occ.5c choc.marginal block of 8 sg.J6a H/Cat. £145
293 BRUNEI. possible rarity been a block of 6 of the $25 top val. sg.48 used with large Paid cancel across each of the 2 stamps as normal cat.£6000 check £850
294 BRUNEI. Cover Jap.Occ.(Mr.Foon) Plain bearing Native Houses 8c,12c,& 15c tied Jap. C.D.S. £95
295 BRUNEI. 1949 Cover from Sultan Office Reg.F.D.with S.JUB.set of stamps tied signed by Sultan nice item have a look £185
296 BRUNEI. Rare Cover 1906 with scarce 1c black & purple margin copy with error O/Print in black.as per sg.11a accumpanied with 10c & 16c sf.18 tied with blue cancel.Passed as Genuine on the basis of sg.30 times on Cover makes this iem £75,000.check £3800
297 BRUNEI. Cover in pkt. incl. several 1943 issues incl.odd Air Mail 1952 Sultans plus G.B. ED.VII.& KG.V. Paquebot 11 Covers in all £125
298 BRUNEI.Cover 1942 Plain with various Brunei Jap.Occ.issues 1c to 15c all tied C.D.S. cancel H/Cat. check £85
299 BRUNEI.Cover 1942 Plain with Jap.Occ.issue 1c to 50c 7 stamps.plus 4c & 8c stamps all tied C.D.S. cancels cat.£480 £225
300 BRUNEI.Cover interesting 1908 Cover Reg.to Singapore with 7 x 4c s/charge & 1 x 2c tied B/Stamp.1908 Labuan cat.£300 £95
301 BRUNEI.Cover 1942 Plain with set of Jap.Occ.issues 1c to $1 11 vals.tied C.D.S. cancels cat.£560 £235
302 BRUNEI.Cover 1945 10th Jan. F.D.C.to Brunei(Borneo)ysed with Jap.Occ.issues 2c & 15c tied cat.£200 £85
303 BRUNEI.Cover 1948 to N.York Reg.used with 15c View blue block of 4.tied various B/Stamps interesting Cover have a look £85
304 BRUNEI.Cover 1942 Cover to Kuching used with 4c & 5c Jap.Occ.issue stamps tied Jap.cancel £45
305 BRUNEI.Cover 1895 rare Cover to London Reg.via Labuan Adh.½ to 10c.plus 18c Labuan S/Charge various Reg.cancels cat.£900 some toning similar to above £300
306 BRUNEI.Cover 1895 rare Cover to London Reg.via Labuan Adh.½ to 10c.plus 18c Labuan S/Charge various Reg.cancels cat.£900 some toning £300
307 BRUNEI. Cover 1855 to London Reg bearing Colony issue 1c to 10c plus 18c Labuan S/Charge variety cancels some toning £285
308 BRUNEI.Cover 1895 Star issues on Reg.Cover to London set ½ to 10c plus 18c Labuan S/Charge various cancels cat.£900 some toning £300
309 BRUNEI.Cover 1924 Reg.Brunei Cover to U.K.bearing 3c,8c,& 10c View Adh.tied with C.D.S. cancels & B/Stamp 1930 Singapore check £90
310 BRUNEI Cover 1930 Reg.Cover to U.K.bearing 25c,30c & 50c Adh. tied with Brunei C.D.S. cancels Singapore B/Stamp £45
311 BRUNEI.Cover scarce 1944 Cover to Sarawak bearing 6c,10c,& $1.plus 5c Brunei Jap. Occ.all tied cat.£550+ £250
312 BRUNEI.Cover very scarce 1907 Reg.Cover to Germany bearing $1 Brunei O/Print sg.22 tied various B/Stamps incl.Singapore,Labaun & Breege cat.£3600 some soiling £1450
313 BRUNEI. F.D.Cover to Nr.Borneo bearing Nr.Borneo Jap.Occ.8c & 12c O/Prints tied Jap. cancels H/Cat.item £195
314 BRUNEI.Cover 1926 Reg.Cover to Germany bearing Brunei views 1c to 8c (7) all tied B/stamp Labuan & Solbad Kurort cancels £46
315 BRUNEI.Cover 1929? Chop Bian Bee.Sarawak Cover Nr.Borneo Jap.Occ. 1c to 8c plus Brunei 5c all tied H/Cat. £195
316 BRUNEI. valuable coll.housed in Boxed S.G.Phil.Album 1895 1st Locals range with shades mint & used,1906 Labuan mint & used,1907 mint & used, 1908 to $25 mint,some used. Borneo Exh.mint & used plus varieties,1924 set mint 7 u.1947 to $10 mint & u. plus corner margin & Specimen some sheets later Sultan & Jap.Occ. must be viewed £3500
317 BRUNEI.Specialized Study of the 1895 Local issues held in large S.g.Boxed Philatelic album.mass of varieties laid out & written up.too much to describe numbers may help ½ x 364,1c x 309,2c x 312,3c x 260,5c x 215,8c x 157,10c x 106,25c x 6,50c x 16, $1 x 60. many multiples H/Cat.Lot plus R.Lowe plating Study have a look £2500
318 BRUNEI. coll.in Boxed Album.1895 Locals various 1906 Labuan,1907 to $1 plus some Colour changes 1922 Malaya Exh.,1947 various incl.top val.plus Mod.to 1975 all mint £325
319 BRUNEI.coll.on pages 1908/12 Colour Change vals.to $5 single & double plates mint £65
320 BRUNEI. on 2 pages Local issues imperfs.plate Proofs or Essays? all ½c vals. different colours & shades over 40 items must be checked please £195
321 BULGARIA. early to Mid.1930's in circ(largely intact)Appr.Book.Continental origin priced a few years ago strong range of large Lions (cDM3,900? plus later Comms.with little dup. cat.DM5,208/£1,736 (425 stamps) check £75
322 BULGARIA.bulky Bulgaria in 4 Ring album.series of early Lions & P/Dues.range mint & used 1920-30 period Defs.& Comms.sets & part set.nice lot Airs & games.R.Cross,later sets mint & used to Mod.probably few 1000. s.t.c.£1800+ good lot have a look £145
323 BUSHIRE. Br.Occ.part 1915 set on page mint sg.1-12(ex.9.10). min.cat. £1000+ £95
324 CANADA.Booklets 1943 sg.SB42 x 1,1950 sg.SB46 x 4,1951 sg.SB48 x 4, fair cond.but panes look unmtd. & are high cat.alone cat.£358 (9) £68
325 CANADA.large Assembly of Covers in old Album.plus several pkts.of Covers incl. Forces Mail F.Flights,Censor etc. QV.to Mod. check £65
326 CANADA.nice pre.cancel coll.approx.600 copies neatly organised,incl. scarce QV.onwards as well as ED.VII.to 50c.virtually all one of a kind,scarce.looks interesting needs to be viewed £600
327 CANADA.useful accum.1928-63.mint & unmtd.dup.stock of Airmail vals. sg.274, 310, 313, 399,400,407.plus various special Delivery sg.S.13,14, Official various E2 vals. sg.0202- 0270 100's check cat.£2,311 by old cat.should be much higher now. £235
328 CANADA.1906-1935 P/Due. sg.D1-D24 (ex.D20.).mint comp.coll.plus extra 1906 thin paper sg.D2a,D4a,& D7a some 27 stamps H/cat. check £90
329 CANADA. sel.in S/book.general range QV.-QE.II.mostly used plus few Provinces incl. Newfoundland.few 100 check £38
330 CANADA.coll.in S.G.One Country album.1859-1969.mixed sel.1859 vals.to 17c nice lot QV. large & small heads vals.to 15c noted.1879 Jub.set mint to $2. 1897.set mint 1898 used. ED.VII.to 50c range of Kings incl. 1928 & 1930 sets used,KG.VI.looks fairly comp. later QE.II. H/Cat. Lot must be viewed £500
331 CANADA.valuable coll.in blue S/Book.all mint range with some dup.few QV.but mostly KG.V. & KG.VI. Defs.few Pictorials useful retail very H/Cat. lot have a look please £145
332 CANADA.written up coll.on pages 1954-1970 Defs.& Comms. incl. some Booklet Panes mint & used one or two gaps otherwise fairly comp. check £116
333 CANADA.general coll.in Album black page QV. QE.II. good range value in odd early mint. worth checking £42
334 CANADA. black hagner S/Book.mint range QE.II. Defs./Comms. all laid out & priced s.t.c.£550+ useful retail £85
335 CANADA.fair coll.in K.A.-B.E.Album.few early 1850's.QV.large & small Heads, 1893 pair. 20c mint 1897 Jub.issues to 50c not all fine mint noted nice 20c,later QV.Defs., KG.V. various printing plus bulky range QE.II.Defs. & comms.1851-1986 looks good value check £130
336 CANADA/NEWF.coll.in Album.Canada QV.-1960's incl.sets to $1.plus better mint Special Delivery stamps.Newfoundland unchecked earlies,Coro.short & long sets etc. worth a look £75
337 CAPE OF GOOD HOPE.sel.of triangles various printings 4 x 1d,4 x 4d,3 x 1/=, plus Seated Hopes.incl. S/Charges s.t.c. £3700+ check £155
338 CENTRAL/STH.AMERICA.hefty coll.held in 9 Albums in Box.Countries for E.Salvador to Nicaragua early to Mod.laid out as per S.G.probably 1000's too much to describe close look please £95
339 CEYLON.nice collectors coll.of KG.VI.onwards incl.unusual KG.VI. 10r Revenue mint unmtd. also various perf.studies etc. £100
340 CEYLON.fine sel.with some dup.in 2 old hard/back Approv.books.fine range of early imperf.Chalons later perfs.plus small QV.Heads mint & used.H/Cat.O/Print etc.plus mint & used Ed.VII. must be viewed. Ideal Retail Dealer/Collectors alike check £185
341 CHINA.Med.Box.for Commercial Airmail mostly single stamps on Covers mostly 1960/80's few 100's check £65
342 CHINA.Med.Box.containing Mod.sel.in Albums mostly supplied by Westminster Stamps. S/book of stamps,P/Packs,Covers & loose Vendor probably Paid a Tao Toumuch. however most attractive display must check heavy lot check £80
343 CHINA Post Offices.scarce 1901 Hoi How. O/Prints on Indo.Chine top vals.as type !. being sg.14 & 15. f/used with Hoi.Hao cancels on 2 small pieces H/Cat. items.check £280
344 COOK IS. mint Classic's only incl. 1892 comp.& good "Q.Makea" etc. interesting sel.check £105
345 COOK IS.bundle of F.D.C.Defs.issues on fluorescent Security paper many H/Vals. $10 etc. over 30 Covers check £32
346 COVERS. a German Allied Occ.Baden Cover with 1949 issue sg.FB42-F45.plus 2 other Adh.stamps cat.£400+ £95
347 COVERS.a fine & valuable accum.of Mod.Covers in 8 Albums,G.B. & Br.Isle's over 300 Covers many with Coin inserts £1-£5.Crowns & $'s,plus 10/= & £1 Notes.decent bit of cash. 2 x Benham albums not all Silks but nice sel.large & small good value.bearing in mind the Cash element have a look £100
348 COVERS.scarce 1910 Paquebot Cover to Singapore with G.B.ED.VII. 1d Adh. Penang to Singapore B/Stamp 1914 Paquebot Cover to Singapore G.B.KG.V. 1d red B/Stamp as above as dated 1915 3 Covers check £260
349 COVERS. Med.Box.all World Covers early/middle Covers & P/Stat.much interesting material few 100's looks under valued by Vendor so have a look please £75
350 COVERS.Scouts Thematic some 28 Covers mainly Finland 1940's-1960's nice lot check £42
351 COVERS.interesting sel.of Ship Covers in pkt.Maritime Mail catchets etc.early to QE.II. some 130 items worth sorting £95
352 COVERS. Russian Zepp.Card.1930 Moscow to Friedrichshfen bearing 40k.sg.574 tied Zepp.cancel S.P.Flight catchet type II.& arrival cancel the 3k Card added with 7k worker £55
353 COVERS.G.B.acceptance for 1932 First Sth.America Flight.attractively written up Cover.franked 10d KG.V.Def.To Pay printed paper rate.Berlin Transit 19.3.32, Recifte receiver 23.3.32.on reverse,violet & red flight cachets comp.this scarce Cover Sieger 138 cat.500 Euro £115
354 COVERS.Australia 1935 Fraser Island Rocket Mail pair of ILL.Env.flown to Wreck of S.S. Maheno & return.organised by Queensland Airmail Society,both with catchets.fine cond. for these.Eust13 R2 & R3 £70
355 COVERS.Rocket Mail Trieste 1934 Experimental Rocket Flight carrying Mail,fine Cover franked Italian stamps & bearing special flight Labels on obverse & reverse £30
356 COVERS. Airship U.S.A.Goodyear Airship "Volunteer" 1st Pacific Coast Ship to Shore Airmail Transfer.fine ILL.Cover franked 5c Airmail tied San Pedro 12.6.31.large grn.cachet on reverse £35
357 COVERS. Airship U.S.A.the U.S.S.Akron on Tactical Training Flight carring Mail. Aug.1st 1931.descriptive catchets on obverse & reverse fine cond.check £30
358 COVERS. G.B.acceptance for 1933 6th S.America Flight scarce Commercial Cover to argentina franked with block of 4 1/= KG.V.Def.cancel London F.S.1.9.33.Berlin Transit 8.9. 33.Beunos Aires receiver 7.9.33.blue & red Flight catchet comp.attractively written up Sieger229 £115
359 COVERS.G.B. acceptance for 1934 Christams Flight to S.America catchet Cover franked 10 pence G.V.Def.tied Norwich 6.12.34.& B/Stamp Berlin Transit 7.12.34. & Rio De Janiero 12.12.34.receiver.scarce item Sieger 286 cat.400 Euro £95
360 COVERS.Liechtenstein 1936 Zepp.acceptance for Hindenburg first U.S.A.Flight Env.franked with both special Zepp stamps cancelled Tristenberg 4.3.36.B/Stamp N.York 9.5.36.nice cond. Sieger 408 £75
361 COVERS.a diverse & interesting mix of C/Wealth Covers in blk.Album.noted items incl.1940 Rhod.Oatriotic Label,1929 Lindenburg Flight from Tinidad to N.York,1924 Everest Exped. with Wembley Exh. slogan. 1937 Aden Dhows to 8an on two F.D.Covers,1940 Guern. Bisect, 1904 scarce Mauritius Express Delivery,Pan American 1948 Test Flight to Trinidad & many more.mixed cond.64 items needs checking £95
362 COVERS. large Shoebox.containing 138 items of P/History noted,useful France,Canada, G.B.,& German Occ.of Latvia mixed cond. careful check advised £45
363 COVERS.Bankers Box.containing diverse mix of all World Covers & Cards.looks about 2000/ 3000 items.mixed cond.therefore viewing advised,but careful check needed.looks Vendors estimate £85
364 COVERS.fine lot of Covers in Fortnum & Mason Xmas Pudding Box.(only the best.)the same applies to these Covers too diverse to describe but last of Vendors Lots,others well Bid for.Don't Miss P.T.S. @ £2200+ 119 items check £565
365 COVERS. 1956 Europa Cover on pages all Foreign 28 items check £30
366 COVERS. good range on pages incl. G.B.various Kings,France,Belgium,Italy, Swiss. & others mostly middle period over 50 Covers have a look £65
367 COVERS.in Med.Box.all World Commercial Airmail Covers looks mostly QE.II.period probably few 100 have a look £50
368 COVERS. sel.of QV.-QE.II. P/Stat. Airmail & Reg.Covers good range of mostly Brit.W.Indies unused have a look £42
369 COVERS. interesting sel.mostly Bermuda Covers in red Album.incl. 1936 KG.V., plus 1939 Cover to U.S.A.with set of KG.VI.to 1/=.others check £32
370 COVERS. fine sel.of P/Cards depicting various Air Ships,By Planes,sepia & colour mostly French. check £42
371 COVERS. Med Box.of all World Commercial Covers looks mainly KG.VI. period small bundle have a look £42
372 COVERS. lkooks interesting Med.Box of old to middle period Covers.laid out in World Alphabetical order but has'nt seen the light of day for years,hence slightly scruffy appearance.probably a few 100. worth sorting £120
373 COVERS. 14 Covers in small grn.Album all Airmail. U.S.A.,Fr.Cols., Nigeria,Portugal, Brazil, etc. circa 1930's/1940's.all with various Air cachets check £40
374 COVERS. small sel.of 1st Flight & Airmail Covers in brn. small Album.incl. U.S.A., G.B., Portugal,Austria. & others all with Special catchets. 21 Covers check £40
375 COVERS. interesting bundle of World Covers/P/Cards.in pkt.all with R.Cross Tematic about 50 items.early to Middle period. looks good lot check £90
376 COVERS.in Med.Box.as handed in.all World Covers looks mainly Commercial,Airmail, looks fair lot. few 100 have a look £58
377 COVERS. superb coll.of early P/Cards in Album.all Bi-Planes,Balloon,Bleriot Flights, Air Ships etc.sepia & colour appears mostly French some 57 Cards check £150
378 COVERS.2 red Albums.containing nice coll.of 160 Belgium F.D.C.,circa 1963 to 1970, not quite comp.but Ideal Expansion good cond. have a look £55
379 COVERS. C/Wealth coll.in maroon Album.170 items mainly from Pacific area.incl. few KG.VI. but mostly 1960/70's.several long sets from Fiji,Pitcairn,Gilberts,Coco etc. fine cond. & H/Cat.Cats. check £85
380 COVERS. small Box.about 100 G.B. ED.VII.Covers plus Br.Cols. mostly QE.II. Cayman Is.,Commercial & F.D. plus others check £30
381 COVERS.Rodney Album.containing 52 all diff.,1944 U.P.U. C/Wealth Covers of which 33 are ILL.& nearly all are F.D.of issues.a fine assembley not easily found newadays. needs viewing looks good value £285
382 COVERS. Zepp.1933 Graf.Zepp.return flight from Italy,Env.addressed to Buenos Aires, Rome reg.& franked with 20L Special Zepp.stamp cancelled 27.6.33. b/stamp 7.6.33.on arrival Micheal 444/sieger 208f.cat. 800 euros £150
383 COVERS.in grn.Album.contains remnants of a coll.of Covers formed in the late 1930's/ Early 1940's by proprietor of "Kent Messenger" most items have been removed just so only few remain incl.some fine Censors,& few F.P.O.'s/A.P.O's & several Env.with double,triple usage etc. interesting lot £46
384 COVERS. useful lot of Airmail Covers.1930's G.B.,Australia,St.Sett.,India, Greece 11 Covers.plus 2 Cats.Jackson 1919-40.Baldwin check list.looks good val. Don't Miss £65
385 COVERS. R.A.F.& Military Covers in Box.most displayed & written up on pages.plus some in Album mostly single stamps good bundle have a look £55
386 COVERS. unchecked World sel.in Album.mostly early middle period some interesting items must be viewed please. over 50 items £65
387 COVERS. large Shoebox with all World Covers & P/Stat.early QV.to QE.II.but mostly early/middle period Commercial & Airmail probably couple 100 or more worth a look £65
388 COVERS. 1953 Cor.Covers A-U.in Album some foxing,plus pkt.Misc. QV. P/Stat. QE.II.Air letter have a look £30
389 COVERS. genuine unsorted sel.of World early P/stat.in Env.noted many with single item other with many mint & used must be viewed could be anything over 60 pkts. check £85
390 COVERS.France 1938 La Baule Club Mermoz Card.with usual stickers & cancel some damage.plus 7th Sept.1947 La Baule Tour Du Cadran Card with catchets £42
391 COVERS. Med.Box.contains 3 Shoeboxes.2 x boxes Br.C/Wealth one Box of Foreign unchecked by us. large part looks like Commercial Air Letters s.t.b. over 600 Covers £38
392 COVERS.Med.Box. Foreign mostly Europe divided into Country lots. Russia,near East. America's,Africa,China,Taiwan,Japan,Korea etc. about 480 Covers worth sorting £38
393 COVERS.Med.Box.crammed full all World Covers to much to check.Vendor states. around 800 items F.D.& Commercial worth sorting £45
394 COVERS.large Box.looks mostly G.B. & Br.Cols. as handed in guess'timate on the many 100's perhaps 1000's of Covers looks Ideal Retail check £100
395 COVERS.scarce R.A.F.Covers in Med.Box.looks fairly comp.range of the sc1-sc40 series. incl. forerunners sc1 Concorde signed,sc11 all Five,sc17 incl. Barnes Wallis. sc19 all four sc22 all three,sc28d,plus most others all first series Specials incl.scarce Harrier.around 139 Covers. must Check Ideal Retail £595
396 COVERS. scarce lot of R.A.F.Covers in Box.the co.ordinated series incl. only Pilot signed & Specials incl. scarce C1 Helicopter to australia signed by Pilots & First Officer, C3,C8c, C20. 3 Covers 2 signed,C10b. just a flavour of H/Cat.items. 1969-1981 Don't Miss £500
397 COVERS. scarce sel.of R.A.F.signed Covers.incl. HA1 signed Bader,Johnson & Tuck. H.A.20 signed Bader,H.A.5 signed Sopwith,H.A.9 Jean Batten etc. 10 Covers in all £150
398 COVERS. Royal Air Force Escape Society in Royal Society Special Binder all standard Covers 1971-89.some 38 Covers. £35
399 COVERS. in pkt. bundle of R.A.F.Covers from F.F.series late 1970's to 80's some 40 covers. £30
400 COVERS. R.A.F.Covers in 4 large albums mostly R.A.F.series & Museum Cover odd one signed by Red Arrow Team etc. G.B. & Foreign seen.well over 250 Covers in all nice lot £55
401 COVERS. scarce S/A. Special P/Card.franked 2d KG.V.tied with feb.1926 Cape Town C.D.S. on reverse Special perf. orange vignette correctly placed & tied with violet "By Special Airmail" cachet signed by Alan I.Cobham. Imp.Airways.London Cairo-Cape Town Flight other markings have a look £430
402 COVERS.scarce India Cover Calcutta-London D.H.50 carried by Sir Alan Cobham Air Survey Flight.Cover bears Triangular violet cachet. 2a KG.V.unused.green Calcutta label,& 2d G.B. P/Due. Kensington p/mk.on reverse Waddon Aerodrome p/m. 17th March 1925 signed A.B.Elliot. £215
403 COVERS.sel.S/Africa Cover/Stamps in pkt.1925 1st Flight Cape Town East Lond 4d Air & Cape 1d.other cover 4d & 1/= Air stamps plus 1d S/A.Offical 1929 S/A.Air Post Cover with 3d Adh. plus 2d KG.V.added.plus stamp 1929 Air pair.also S.W.A.both 1931 Air 3d & 10d all mint have a look £100
404 COVERS.scarce India Cover 14th July 1927 to Assam.KG.V.1½,2a & 2a.6p Adh. large cachet "D.H. Moth" Aeroplane G.E.B. M.O.Air 15/7/27 Mail Calcutta shillong £150
405 COVERS.French Covers in pkt.incl.Balloon Monte 29th Jan.1871.possible missed last Flight?. 1922.Bleriot Card used with 5c Sower & 25r Bourges stamp.plus Bleriot vignette. 1925 Cover various Adh. with special Paris Exh. p/mk.1928 Lindberg Comm.Card with catchet,1930 Paris Expo.Card.plus sel.of Air vignettes 1922/1927 etc. nice lot check £100
406 COVERS.good range of European P/Stat.in Album.noted Austria,Hungary,Italy,Germany & others all mint over 100 items. £36
407 COVERS.fine sel.of Airmail Covers in pkt.incl.scarce 1927 Karachi-Dehli Flight 14th Feb.1927,1a KG.V.P/Stat.used with boxed Airmails by light Aeroplane with G.P.O. crown with Messrs Stack & Leite b/stamp Royal Air Force display pkt. display Covers (5). 1936 Ceylon Flights(2) other 1930 Airs.check £200
408 CUBA.coll.in Album 1855-66 imperfs.mint & used incl. G.B. O/Prints 1869 perf.1870-79 Defs.mint & used later 1883 fancy O/Print later issues Spanish issues 1888/96 plus laid out coll.1874-1896 mint & used others in giant S/book Mod.issue all mint s.t.b. over 500 stamps 20 M/Sheets good lot check £75
409 CUBA. sel.in 3 Folders on pages.few early on card.but mostly 1960's issues 2nd Folder 1960-1980's later Xmas sheets check £45
410 CUBA.coll.in grn.Folder few U.S.A. & Rep.issues plus unchecked sel.on old leaves 1899-1960.plus looks good range semi.Postale & Air Stamps incl. M/Sheets close look please £90
411 CYPRUS.attractive Mod.sel.in hagner.Album 1970-1990 various sets & singles,odd M/Sheet all mint check £30
412 CYPRUS. on s/card 1963 Scouts M/Sheet mint.plus Phil.Cover with comp.set 1960 QE.II.Defs. set to £1 used with Nicosia C.D.S. others check £38
413 CZECH.coll.in black S/Book.imperf.& perf. Prague types.range Posta Czech.,incl. sg.165 (As Seen cat.£6500) Sokol's,Air,good middle period range through to Mod. plus various Army O/Prints?? worth sorting £80
414 CZECH.coll.in blue Devon Album.with useful Hradcany range,1919 O/Prints incl. sg.153 mint, good 1920;s & 1930s,plus 1949-1960 appears comp. f/used,few Mod. & Dues. nice starter lot. have a look £75
415 DENMARK. the rare 1852 Rigsbank-Skilling 4 margin with Dr.Arno Debo's Cert. have a look £300
416 DENMARK. 1852 Rigsbankskilling,nice unused copy with good margins all round,but has small thin spot attractive item £300
417 DENMARK. 1854 4 Skilling superb large margins strip of 5,with "206" in circle fine item £100
418 DENMARK.strip of 3 x 4 margin copies of the 1858 4 skilling imperf.used in Vordingborg & sent to Holbak.nice lookers have a look £100
419 DENMARK.the rare 1852 Rigsbank Skilling on Cover.pl.2.used in "Spids Fodstreg" also tied by blue oval "F-P" strike,a small Cover with wax seal on back.the stamp has 4 margins & accompanied by Lasse Nielsen Cert.a nice Exh.item check £500
420 EAST AFRICA MAFIA IS.1915 German E.Africa handstamp G.R.Mafia sg.MS.unmted mint back crease cat.£325 ex.London Auction £75
421 EGYPT.coll.in Ring album.One Country pages 1866-1960's small sel.of early pyramids large & small types,1930 Airs.range of Farouks middle Picts.mint & used few 100's Ideal lot to expand £75
422 FALKLAND IS.useful 1882 QV.4d gry.blk.being sg.6. plus 1891 2 copies of the 1d unchecked shade all mint H/Cat.vals. £100
423 FALKLAND IS.DEP.1946 1/= Map.with variety "South Poke" as per sg.8c mint cat.£130 £30
424 FALKLAND IS.DEP.mixture in Env.noted Sth.Georgia. Sandwich 1987-1990 sets, singles, & part sheets.Falk.Is.Dep. other sets odd M/Sheets s.t.c. £200+ have a look £42
425 FALKLAND IS. KG.VI.1938 comp.set to £1 sg.148/163 mint with many extra shades some 20 stamps H/Cat. check £105
426 FAROE IS.the scarce 2ore Provisional,accompanied by 5 ore Def.,making the 7ore internal Postage Rate within the Island,with Lasse Nielson Cert. As Genuine £155
427 FIJI.Classic's only,mint & used,good range of O/Prints 1870 etc.H/Cat.val. interesting sel. have a look £300
428 FIJI 1884 Cover & wrapper.with boxed "By Authority Gouv't.Print Office Fiji in middle" frank.both to N.S.W. used with Suua cancels scarce. £45
429 FIJI. useful range in giant S/Book.odd early but mainly QE.II.Defs. & Comms. laid as per S.G.with some dup.in places mint & used easy to retail from. have a look £60
430 FIJI.sel.on pages.1878-1967.few V.R. QV.1/= & 5/- 1892 S/Charges.few Kings mint & used have a look £45
431 FINLAND.over 250 Xmas Seals 1936-1950.all varieties such as imperf.on progressive Proofs some scarce & unusual items plus few Norway.rarely on the market check £110
432 FRENCH ANT.ARC.TERR.1972 De Gaulle set sg.80/81 marginal corner blocks of 10 unmtd.mint cat.£335 £70
433 FRENCH AUST.ANT.ARC.various better odds on s/card incl. sg.1,1962 Air,various 1956 Defs.,1973 Crozet strip.1976 Challenger,Telemesure pair all mint plus 1958 Cover Geophysical Year £45
434 FR.MARTINQUE.sel.on s/cards.P & Comm.on 2 cards.Diego Suarez & Nossi-De Martinque early S/Charges incl. P/Dues. later Peace issues & others must be checked £48
435 FR.POLYNESIA.large accum.on 3 sides s/cards range 1958-2000 colourful sel.Defs. Comms. odd F.D.Cover etc. s.t.c.£600+ all used check £90
436 FRANCE./U.N.Forerunner.1948 12f/18f U.N.European Office,collective Proofs,unmtd.(Yvert 818/19) cat.610euro,scarce French or U.N.item have a look £100
437 FRANCE. attractive 1954 Air set of 4 vals. as per sg.1194/97.mint cat.£285 £60
438 FRANCE. 1849 Ceres 25c blue on yellow paper,vert.pair,Cover from Neuilly-Sur-Seine, attractive P/History item £200
439 FRANCE.fair sel.on s/cards.1950-53.between sg.1094-1183 mint & used better incl.Charities R.Cross & Relief.worth sorting £75
440 FRANCE.attractive coll.in Med.S/book.sel.from early Sowers middle period Defs.& Pictorials sets & odds all mint s.t.c.about £1400 have a look £180
441 FRANCE. 1900 & 1926 Sower & Merson on hagner.somebody has made a "Pigs Ear" of removing mint stamps from page paper adhering some damage but H/Cat.item. Mesron 1f, 3f, 5f & 10f. others look alright on Fronts when re mtd. check £35
442 FRANCE.untidy sel.in 3 Med.S/Books.1st two a mess of P/Comm. & Sowers types especially selected for fine p/mks.some laid out others to sort 3rd as above but later issues. fine lot to display have a look £80
443 FRANCE.in large File 6 pre.stamp Covers plus 2 Nap.& 1 Ceres Cover.then mass accum.of the imperf. Nap.20c blue unchecked well over 2000 stamps & Ideal Study material £165
444 FRANCE.large accum.in 2 Albums & 2 Folders good coll.in Lighthouse One Country.useful early imperfs.incl. fair 1f Ceres,Naps to 80c.perfs.vals.to 5f.some mint. P/Comm.1876-80, Mersons incl. H/Vals.1922 War Orphans mint 1926 1f & 5f.1930's mint, 1936 few Airs, 1940 Picts.1957-1992 mint & used H/Cat.Lot must be checked £325
445 FRANCE.a coll.in 3 vols.early imperfs incl.fair 80c Nap.,later perf.issues usual range P/Comm.,Sowers,& Mersons. 1930/40 Picts.& Defs. incl. better Nat.Relief set. 2nd vol.continues 1965-1990.fairly comp.range Defs. & Picts.mint & used, 3rd vol.to 2000.plus Airs incl. 500f Gull sg.1013.in gutter block(4 stamps)thin on one mint, pre.Franco & Service probably 1000's check £295
446 FRANCE.Cigar Box. with unchecked mass dup. of Naps.& Ceres imperf.& perf.issues Good hunting £75
447 FRANCE.fine and H/Cat.sel. 1849 Ceres.20c black imerf.x 31 copies,one on piece,& one on Cover.the 25c blue x 41.plus 7 x 25c blue Republic issues. check £100
448 FRANCE.well filled Davo One Country Album.with stamps from 1850's to 1984 incl.some nice items.National Relief sets mint for 1942,'43,46,47,& 1949 & R.Cross mint for 1957 & 1959 useful lot,needs to check earlies £175
449 FRANCE & COLS.in Album couple of early Naps.,but mostly Fr.Cols. fair across the the board 1930's-1970's Air & Commercial just under 150 Covers must check.better odds seen £52
450 FRANCE & COLS.fine coll.in 2 Favourite Albums.France cols.sel.early imperf.& perf. Ceres & Naps.usual P.& Comm.& Sowers types good middle range incl.War Orphans, Picts.sets mint.better Airs & Arts.odd M/Sheet & Cover. 2d vol.fair lot across the board.needs careful. attention many better items Don't Miss. £1500
451 FRANCE & COLS.in S/Book.odd early.better mint Pictorial Famous Men sets plus Mod.Booklets.Fr.Cols. few early,good range of airs etc. few 100's s.t.c.£1000+ worth sorting £95
452 FRENCH COLS. small coll.in Ring Album.range of cols.better Alex.,Port Said,Chine,Fr.Occ. Rouad Is.,middle Congo etc. most early issues mint & used have a check please £65
453 FRENCH COLS. looks useful range in S/Book.& Folders noted Dahomey,Guinee, Africa many in mint blocks, P/Book Mauritanie H/Vals.mint,coll.of French Guinee Republic & others looks all mint H/Cat. have a look £120
454 FRENCH COLS.super Fun lot in 8 Senator albums.I say Fun lot because "A" we have'nt checked them & "B" across the board range from early P/Comm.to Picts.mint & used many 100's looks good value Don't Miss £225
455 G.B. 1840 Penny Black a very nice 4 margin copy with rich ruby red MX. £85
456 G.B. Penny Blacks x 14 copies mostly 4 margins,few small faults,but nice appearance some very attractive copies Yours or Mine? £475
457 G.B. superb 1840 2d Blue 4 margin copy with very fine red MX. bright colour check £155
458 G.B. 1840 1d Black N.K.unplated 4 large margins with fine black MX. £65
459 G.B. 1840 1d Blacks on card.some 12 copies incl.a pair mostly 4 margin or very close mixture of red & black MX.'s. must be viewed £900
460 G.B.1847 1d Red plates on card.32 copies various plates mint & used not all fine but cat.£1200+ worth sorting £150
461 G.B. 1862 scarce QV. 1/= grn. pl.1. C.E. being sg.90 fresh looking mint copy cat. £1500 difficult stamp. £450
462 G.B. 1864 scarce 1/= grn. pl.1. being sg.90 centred top as usual mint copy. cat.£1500 £290
463 G.B. scarce 1867 5/= rose pl.1. sg.127 mint small faults but does not detract cat.£4500 £1100
464 G.B.superb 1867 £5 Orange sg.137.used with fine Belfast 1892 C.D.S.good perfs. strong colour H/Cat.item worth tucking away backed with French Cert.if you are going to get one nows the time. Don't Miss. £2250
465 G.B.scarce & attractive QV. 6d pl.16 sg.147 in vert.mint pair with bottom margin reading "1 Pound per sheet of 4. some back creases but fine looker check £285
466 G.B. 1880 1d ven.sg.166 with scarce invert.wmk. f/used copy cat.£275 £55
467 G.B. 1883/84 lilac & grn.issue sg.187/196 used have seen worse. cat.£1300+ so worth checking £80
468 G.B.1883 2½ lilac sg.190 in scarce unmtd.mint vert.bl.of 6.from top margin.very slight bend top two.H/Cat. nice display have a look £175
469 G.B. 1883 6d dull grn.sg.194 looks unmtd.mint very slight tone cat.£425 £95
470 G.B. 1883 scarce 1/= dull grn.sg.196. right colour mint cat.£850 have a look £195
471 G.B. 1884 £1 brn.crown wmk.,good looking copy with light rectangular & circular strikes,letters D.B.,B.D. sg.185 cat.£2000 £485
472 G.B. 1887/1900 QV. Jub.H/Vals. 2/6,5/=,10/=,& £1 most good/fine copies H/Cat. Lot good value check £250
473 G.B. QV. 1899 50c,$2,& $5 mint sg.62/65 H/Cat. trio have a look £195
474 G.B. 1902 ED.VII. f/used 5/= plus 10/=-£1.not fine all used £80
475 G.B. scarce ED.V11. 2/6 lilac used with Montague St. Worthing 7th July 1912 C.D.S. LTD. usage have a look £65
476 G.B.1912 McKennals ½ grn.multo cypher imperf. good margin copy of sg.346a cat.£200 £42
477 G.B.1918 Bradbury S/Horse trio 2/6-10/=.good colours rhe 10/= centred top. cat.£700+ £150
478 G.B.scarce 1918 Bradbury 2/6 S/Horse unchecked shade in large block.of 9. 3 x 3.used with Lombard St. B.P.cancels one stamp slightly detatched so care when viewing min.cat. as singles £585 fine display item £125
479 G.B.1925 P/Card.Glasgow & W.Highlands Holiday Cruises KG.V. 1d red used with St.Kilda cancel £32
480 G.B.1934 Re.Engraved S/Horse trio sg.450/2 mint small blemishes not to detract cat.£525 £125
481 G.B. 1948 S/Wedding £1 blue sg.494 in comp.mint sheet of 20.with all margins how many sheets left? looks cheap check £260
482 G.B. 1958 Castles 1st D.L.R. sg.536a/39a mint H/Cat. check £100
483 G.B. large heavy Box with G.B. F.D.C.in 8 Albums & small Box.Sterling to Decimal most written addresses later issues better plus small sel.of other Covers incl. Irish.few 100 check £55
484 G.B.large Album with over 180 Victorian Covers.fine sel.of Pre.Stamp,P.History other line engraved needs to be viewed interesting lot check £150
485 G.B. small unchecked Covers noted many QV.1d lilac's other QV. plus general range Kings plus QE.II.incl. P/Cards & P/Stat. check £32
486 G.B.The History of W.W.!!.in Ring Album.range of Covers 1995 G.B..Br.Cols.,& Foreign all with Coin inserts.& printers text all LTD.issues cost around £30 per Cover. 16 Covers £2-£5. check £50
487 G.B.Covers in Album. early sel. mostly line engraved imperf.& perfs.QV. Jub.issues incl. combination odd P/Stat..also seen 3 India Covers some 50 items check £75
488 G.B.Covers in pkt.incl. 3 margin 1d Black.tied to Lincoln Inn Cover with blk.MX.,4 Covers with 1d Red imperfs. 2 x 1d Red perf. plus 4 P/Stat. Check £65
489 G.B. heavy Archive Box.with F.D.C.housed in 12 Albums.Sterling to Decimal incl. 6 Albums of Benham Silks unchecked probably few 100's £125
490 G.B. F.D.Covers in 6 Albums 1980-2000. unaddressed clean lot.better types £80
491 G.B. F.D.Covers in Box.looks all Decimal issues Addressed & un.Addressed many typed noted.must be 100's worth sorting £85
492 G.B. Covers unusual 1858 long reg.Cover with QV.4d verm.& 2d Blue Stars.the same conbination repeated(one stamp damaged)1861 Cover to France with 4d verm. 1866 Cover ditto but plate 7 Adh. have a look £45
493 G.B. F.D.C.in 2 Albums 1989-2003.the issue some are hand written but better later issues neat typed or unaddressed over 150 Covers. check £55
494 G.B. Med.box. F.D.& Commercial Covers KG.V.-QE.II. unchecked by us mainly slogans & p/mks. interest few 100's £30
495 G.B. sel of Booklets Decimal in pkt. incl. Christmas Greetings,Snowman,Rupert, Window Self Adh.,Clowns etc. 17 in all plus ED.VIII.2/= Booklet 366 some off setting on backs £48
496 G.B. Prestige Booklets in pkt. P.& O.,Christie,N.Ireland,London Life,£3 Wedgewood,Times, Potter,Wales,Scots,Tolkien & S.G. check £70
497 G.B. 1953/4 2/6 Booklet QE.II.& KG.VI. being sg.F6 cat.£100 £32
498 G.B.fine coll.of Booklets in Album.all identified s.t.b.Christmas Booklets(28),Greetings (18), combination (15), H.B.A.(5) label panes(14) s.t.c. £1000+ close check £125
499 G.B. Booklets in Album.between 1967-1974.Sterling noted 10/= vals.,30p Canada Life etc. some 19 booklets £32
500 G.B. general sel.in Archive Box.with 4 Albums/S/Books QE.II etc other early noted plus F.D.Covers & PHQ. lot for your money £55
501 G.B.interesting sel.of Phil.P/Card in pkt.G.B. ED.VIII. KG.VI.& QE.II.all used F.D.,Douglas I.O.M. check £42
502 G.B. interesting range of material from 1840,match plate black & red,as well as 2d Blue with 3 huge margins,through to QE.II.2nd D.L.R.sets x 2,& much more needs to be viewed £400
503 G.B. Penny Reds,2d Blues perf.,S/Printed incl. better S/Churges 6d on six pence x 2, plus 1924 Wembley etc. check £80
504 G.B. interesting range of material QV.to QE.II.,H/Cat.val.,better ED.VII.,KG.V. etc. nice lot to sort £185
505 G.B. Pot Pourri.QV.to QE.II.incl.2 x 5/= QV.1867 & 1883 some superb used S/Printed to QE.II. Waterlow to £1 mint etc. £200
506 G.B.Windsor album.with QE.II.mint & used.Cover album with Decimal Covers unchecked by us. £35
507 G.B.in Cigar Box.mainly old G.B. unchecked by us.have a look £35
508 G.B.useful accum.of P/Packs in Box in 6 Albums.range 1983-2003 over 190 Packs incl.many better.i.e. Fruit & Veg.,Wildings etc.also stamp Booklets with Greetings. plus Album of P.H.Q. 1983-7. H/Cat.& Face check £230
509 G.B. on hagner sheet.1887 QV.Jub.issues of 14 vals.plus extra 1/= all mint.not all fine plus few used & 1938 KG.VI.£1 vert.pair mint £70
510 G.B. Med.Box.full of Kiloware mostly on paper Defs.& Comms. Kings-QE.II. plus odd P/Pack, P.H.Q.,& Covers. check £28
511 G.B. coll.of P.H.Q.Cards in 3 large Files 1980-1989 mint & used £32
512 G.B.sel.of P/Packs in Med.Box.covering the period 1980-1988. total 65 Packs.good face val. plus some 80 Covers. £90
513 G.B.valuable coll.housed in 5 S/Books all QE.II.1953-66 Comms. incl. some phos.mint & used.full range decimals 1971-2006 in 3 S/Books incl.some blocks etc.some Traffic Lights & Cyl.last Book.Defs.1952-2004 noted blocks plus Machin H/Vals. £1-£10 with dup. H/Cat. & Face close look £1100
514 G.B.sel.on 6 s/cards.S/Printed issues & later 1855 4d,later pl.11., 12/13, 3d pl.5.,11 & 16., 6d 1855 pl.11 & 13. 1/= pl.4,5,6,& 12.other Kings cond.mixed but H/Cat.Lot check £80
515 G.B. on double sided s/card.some 44 Adverts from panes in single stamp plus Advert. KG.V.VI.looks all different used have a look £46
516 G.B.large Box.incl. 3 Windsor Albums one with stamps Decimal Comms.& Defs. to 1980's, 4 S/Books mixed Reigns mostly used,plus further 3 Albums with good range QV. 1d Black, S/Printed,& good lot of Kings later QE.II.looks cheap lot must be viewed £100
517 G.B.sel.in brn.S/Book.few Line Engraved & S/Printed.various Kings vals.to 5/=. KG.VI.to £1. some wmk. varieties.Qe.II. sets to 1980's s.t.c.£3000+ have a look £75
518 G.B.on hagner KG.V.1½ brn.block of 6 with white line fault across centre of block also KG.VI. 5d x 7 incl.L42 Control.plus 8d block of 6 small errors check £32
519 G.B. P/Marks 1905 ½ ED.VII.cancelled "Posted in Advance for Delivery on Xmas Day". M.R.1905 bad tone on piece unusual 1936 Photo 1½ pair but only half stamp top & bottom Perfin on piece have a look £32
520 G.B.coll.in 2 albums odd Line Engraved.fair lot S/Printed vals.to 5/=,ED.VII. used with shades to 1/=,various Kings incl. Re.Eng.used range QE.II.Comms. & Defs. from 1953 mint & used plus hagner sheet Locals. worth sorting £160
521 G.B. sel.of QE.II. Wildings & Machins on large s/cards unchecked wmks. but appears to be in order from 1952 Tudor.plus early Castles & phos.issues.few Comms.,later range of Machins vals.to 75p. plus Regionals H/Cat.& Face all mint early looks mtd. £95
522 G.B. Med.Box.with 4 Albums/S/Books.QE.II. Sterling Comms. in large mint multiples.plus mass Kings in pkts.& loose heavy dup.out of the mess came an old Approval Book incl. QV. 2/6 lilac mint tone perf.& f/used Jub.issues incl. 1/= grn./carmine mint & others who Knows £95
523 G.B. accum.of QE.II.in Box.bundle of P/Pack.loose,odd Booklet,sel.of Collectors Packs all Decimal good face val.check £275
524 G.B. grn. S/Book.1d Red imperf.& perfs.,½ Bantams,2d Blues.odd QV.-KG.V.,range with dup.ED.VII & KG.V.vals.to 1/= few QE.II.& P/Dues. laid out tosell priced @ £700 £165
525 G.B.useful coll.in 2 vol.Ring Albums. 1st 1953-1965 comp.range with many extra's F.D.Covers,blocks & pairs mint & used incl.many H/Cat.phos.issues 2nd continued to end of Sterling plus few Decimals latter appears only used good value have a look £80
526 G.B.fine coll.in Ring Binder range from 1935 S.Jub.to Machin all Defs.issues(no Comms.) fairly comp.mint & used incl. KG.VI.1939 & 1951,& 1948 H/Vals.,QE.II.mint & used sets incl. some varieties.Tudor,Edward crown,graphites,some Booklet.the Machins all numbered looks fairly comp. plus a scarce and almost comp.section of P/Dues.1914-1994 mint & used incl. 1954/55 4d imperf.pair H/Cat.Lot must check £425
527 G.B. useful range in giant S/Book.various Line-Eng.1d Reds & 2d Blues,unchecked with some fairly heavy dup.,sel.of S/Printed noted early issues vals.to 1/=.dup.ED.VII. vals.to 2/6 many shades later Kings plus S/Horses dup.vals.to 5/=, QE.II. unchecked Defs.& Comms. mint & used incl. Castle H/Vals. plus 2 other S/books with odds & ends worth searching £225
528 G.B.useful coll.in Windsor Album.incl. 6 x 1d Blacks most with faults but one decent 4 margin 1d Red imperf.& perf.odd mint.good range S/Printed to Jub.issues later with mint across the board Kings ED.VII.- KG.VI. many better vals.seen plus QE.II. from Tudor issues. plus Castles incl. D.L.Rue mint plus other H/Cat.Lot must be viewed £525
529 G.B.mass accum.in 19 black page Albums.incl.various line Eng.odd S/Printed & Kings 1937 set. 1939 H/Vals.(no dark) 1948 S/Wedd.all mint.range QE.II.from 1953 noted early Castles & Defs.later Comms.all mint many with F.D.Covers.bulk of coll.in decimal issues Defs.& Comms.,plus F.D.C.looks fairly comp.run to 2000 & later bulky lot must be checked £725
530 G.B.decimal P/Packs in album.1971- Castle H/Vals.some 22 Packs incl. 3 x Castles H/Vals.to £5 etc. check £85
531 G.B. QE.II.Mod.sel.in Ring Binder incl. Booklet Panes many 1st Class Regional blocks odd pack.incl. Fun.Fruit & Veg. good face val. check £65
532 G.B.range of P/Packs in Album.all later issues 1990's-2000+ around 60 Packs.incl. useful Fruit & Veg.plus odd M/Sheet.check £55
533 G.B. Med.Box.as handed in incl.decimal mint Comms. some blocks good face value F.D.C. 1980's plus bundle PHQ's worth sorting £60
534 G.B.valuable coll.of P/Packs in 4 Albums Sterling to decimal.the Sterling incl. scarce 1964 Forth Road Bridge,Geo.& Bot.,Shakespeare,Churchill,B.O.B. etc. most others incl. some Collectors Packs.the Decimal range in 3 albums cover period 1971-1982.Comms. other odds H/Cat. Lot check £375
535 G.B. small but useful sel.of P/Packs in pkt.incl. Diana Welsh Pack,Wilding Defs.pair,& 2 x Royal Mail Fruit & Veg.Packs stamp show M/Sheet (£1 Coro.),Castles Pack No.18,2004 Entente Cordials.Royal Mail 2004 others needs checking £125
536 G.B.super coll.of KG.V.1912 Royal Cypher,issues Vendor states almost comp.as per.S.G. Specialist issue shades all listed. ½ x 17,1d x 16,incl. P.O.under print, 1½ x 16,2d x 10,plus scarce 2d used,2½ x 16,3d x 11,4d x 7.5d x 5,6d x 7,7d x 4, 8d x 2. both 9d x 3, 10d x 5 & 1/= x 7.large part with R.P.S.Cert.plus varieties 2d Rev.wmk..2½ Rev./inv.wmks.,later Control strips of 3. various invert.wmks. all mint. huge cat.val. not to be missed £2000
537 G.B.coll.of Kings on pages.range ½ & 1d Mc.Kennals,1912 few shades to 3d,1924 block cypher vals.to 1/=.plus control blocks ½ Q32,1d Q32,1½ R32,1934 photo large & small types vals.to 1/=,1937 KG.VI. 462a/466a. all mint check £95
538 G.B.useful sel.in 5 Med.S/Books.lot of value in black S/Book.1887 QV.Jub.basic set ½ to 1/=.(no grn.)plus ditto range 1902 ED.VII.all appear unmtd.mint & Comms.a premium as such. 1912 KG.V.Royal Cypher.1924 & 1925 Wembleys.1937 KG.VI.& S/Wedd.again all appear unmtd.mint.remainder S/Book QE.II.looks good range 1953 to late 1990's.plus H/Face Machins vals.to £10 noted.close check please. £460
539 G.B. & CHANNEL IS. large F.D.Lithographs Covers in 2 Boxed Albums Ltd. Edition. all signed over 100.Pictures & Stamps displayed with text £55
540 G.B. CHANNEL IS.Covers F.D.'s in Box.G.B.Comms. x 67,Defs. x 28,Jersey 64, Guern.x 4, I.O.M.x 73, Ireland x 21.total Covers 297. check £55
541 G.B. CHANNEL IS.giant S/Book.with G.B. Comms.1971-99.f/used.Guern.1969 H/Val.Defs. late 1990's ditto for Jersey.plus I.O.M. H/Cat.Lot looks cheap £50
542 G.B.CHANNEL IS.coll.in 9 black page Albums.8 of which contain only stamps & F.D.C.of Jersey covering a period Sterling to 2002.stamps Covers,M/Sheets some extra's hefty lot plus Album Guernsey & I.O.M. check £350
543 G.B. I.O.M.attractive 3 sample Covers displayed in Folder 1997 Europa,Air Craft & Owl M/Sheet plus Gold Seal & Signed stamps have a look £30
544 G.B.CHANNEL IS.Jersey,Guern.,I.O.M. F.D.Covers in Box.early-middle good bundle have a look £52
545 G.B. CHANNEL IS.unchecked mixture in Box.Album & pkt. used,S/book Mod.mint 1940 Bisect on Cover marks on Env. where stuck in.plus 2 bundles of Covers unsorted check £45
546 G.B. CHANNEL IS. fine & attractive coll.of Benham F.D.C.Silks in small Albums looks to contain fairly comp.range 1981-1995 as follows; Guern.small 94 large 85,Jersey small 98,large 88, I.O.M. small 105,large 96,Alderney small 19,large 18 total 287 Covers good value heavy lot check £150
547 GAMBIA.superb 1869/72. 4d brn.imperf.with large margins sg.1 mint. backed with R.P.S. Cert. As Genuine(cracker) have a look £245
548 GAMBIA.rarity 1906 with Half PFnny distinct variety sg.69,row 2/1,60 times scarcer than normal (only one in every sheet)hardly ever offered unmtd.mint check £500
549 GAMBIA.good coll.in Ring Album.1904 ED.VII.to 2/= mint & used,1919 to 3/= mint & used. 1912 KG.V. with most shades to 5/= mint & used.1921 to 4/= mint, 1922/27 semi.Specialist coll.mint & used shades etc. fine lot to 5/=, KG.VI.comp. mint & used plus QE.II. 1953-1982 etc. odd tone in places H/Cat.Lot Don't miss £345
550 GERMANY.scarce 1872 large Arms top val.18k bistre being sg.28.used with boxed Frankfurt cancel cat.£1900 £295
551 GERMANY.scarce lot West German Covers in pkt.looks fine range of early H/Cat.issues stamps alone cat.over £2000.must be viewed 20 Covers have a look £330
552 GERMANY.Covers mtd.on pages Berlin,Bunderpost & East Germany Plain & Reg.Covers. plus Baden,Wurt.Zones etc. most stuck to pages check £32
553 GERMANY. 6 vol.coll.of Berlin F.D.Covers & T.B's circa 1960/1986 housed in luxury L/House Albums.about 600 items cat.approx.1600 euros. looks virtually comp. in good cond. have a look £245
554 GERMANY.Covers & P/Stat.in 9 small Albums mint & used 1886,Germania to 1930 Hindenburg & Hitler probably few 100 check £70
555 GERMANY.Med.Box well filled Covers mostly Commercial & large part 1930's & Inflation issues. few 100's have a look £42
556 GERMANY. the scarce exploded "Deutsche Post Frimarker Wert DM2" blue Booklet.Muchel No.2. min.cat.1100 euro in good cond. £180
557 GERMANY.19th Century Locals.nice coll.of these underrated issues incl. Lubeck,Altona, Tierschupz,Hansa,Hamburg,Hanover & much more at least 60 + copies all different needs checking £125
558 GERMANY.a nice range of unmtd.mint Weimar Republic & Third Reich,as bought from P.O.,own gum & good colours unmtd.needs to be viewed £460
559 GERMANY.1945 to 1949 interesting accum.mint & used,fascinating range of Posthorns O/Prints & non Gibbons listed material.good M/Sheets with "Exportmesse Hanover 1949" super used, missing "pfs" & lots more needs to be viewed £520
560 GERMANY. general sel.in 2 black Albums 1870's-1940 plus Berlin Zones,W.Germany odd better mint used incl. 2m Zepp. £55
561 GERMANY.general sel.in 2 K.A.-B.E.One Country Albums 1872-1940. 2nd Album various Zones.Saar,W.Germany etc.sparce in places but noted H/Cat.mint in parts plus coll.of Bavaria.Ideal Lot to expand good val. check £55
562 GERMANY.in Box.mixed coll.of Bundespost in Ring Album.mostly Mod.issues.plus attractive range of mint in hagner S/Book.,Album with Zones & E.Germany used plus S/Book.many 100's worth sorting £45
563 GERMANY.mostly used coll.in K.A.-B.E.One Country Album early to middle period plus 2 S/Books. D.D.R. & Bundespost.many 100's Ideal lot to expand looks good value £45
564 GERMANY.Med.S/Book.from early Shields Germania,Inflation issue,later Picts. plus W.Germany & others all priced to sell @ £225 £36
565 GERMANY.Germany Fed.Rep.comp.coll.in Album.1949-1970 as such contains all the better early issues stamps on stamps, U.P.U.,Bach.Lubeck etc.all f/used s.t.c.about £1600 must be checked £130
566 GERMANY.sel.of mainly mint some unmtd.Allied Occ.issues in brown Rapide S/Book.with pkt.of 1945 A.M.with varieties identified.some blocks of 1946,1948 O/P.& Zones useful retail needs checking for printings,perfs.& gums.etc.needs to be viewed £75
567 GERMANY & STATES.fair range in 3 Club Books(uncirca.)mint & used mostly better items incl. interesting States. have a look H/Cat.Lot £130
568 GERMANY BERLIN.1949 U.P.U. comp.set of 7 vals. B54-B60 fresh mint set (looks once mtd.) cat.£875+ attractive check £225
569 GERMANY.Berlinscarce Booklet No.1. minimum cat.650 euro(approx.£450) in good cond. £115
570 GERMANY BERLIN.1967/69 various issues in full sheets of 50 unmtd.mint 1967 Thesarus, Humitarian,1968 Welfare,Animals etc. cat.£600+ useful retail check £75
571 GERMANY BERLIN. 1949-89 range on s/cards some comp. Years incl. blocks horiz.pairs. Booklet & Panes mint & used needs to be viewed s.t.c.£900. check £65
572 GERMANY EAST.bundle of some 50 pages good range from 1954 to 1964 Defs.& Comms. mostly used few mint s.t.c.£500 few 100 check £38
573 GERMANY IN TURKEY.1884-1904 between sg.1-32 mint & used on s/sheets. 5pi x 2, 10pi x 3,15pi x 2, 1884 to 2 & quarter pi., 1889 to 2½pi.,1900 to 15pi, 1902 10pi.(couple of faults) many fine H/Cat.£851 (29) check £45
574 GERMANY WEST. 1951/52 Booklet Panes sg.1046a & 1050a unmtd.mint cat.£400+ £65
575 GERMANY WEST.1951 Lubeck pair sg.1065/66.mint margin pairs cat.£200+ not fine £38
576 GERMANY WEST.Safe Hingeless Album.looks fairly comp.1949-69 mint or used incl.many H/Cat.items odd M/Sheet.few 100's s.t.c.£1600+ check £85
577 GERMANY.Wurtemberg 70kr brn.'ish purple unused,rare stamp of Wurt.with 4 margins,good colour fresh copy with Phil.Foundation Cert. £300
578 GIBRALTAR.Covers in album.few Kings but mainly QE.II.Defs.& Comms. looks fair value £36
579 GIBRALTAR.1953-1990 nearly comp.mint Comms.coll.between sg.144-633 incl. wmk. varieties,M/Sheets etc. mtd.on leaves in Album. s.t.c.£300+ £58
580 GILBERT & ELLICE.nice lot on page 1911 set of 4 mint.1912 to 5/= mint with shades.first KG.VI.set mint etc. useful lot check £80
581 GOLD COAST.coll.on pages good lot of QV.'s early & key type vals.to 10/= mostly used.various vals.to 2/6. KG.V.vals.to 10/=.KG.VI. both sets used others s.t.c.£1000+ check £135
582 GREECE.nice range of material with some huge margins imperf.Hermes Heads,leading on to a good range of small Hermes Heads,again good cond.plus Olympic issues various other mint H/Vals. etc.needs checking £210
583 GREECE.coll.in 2 small Albums good range across the board from early imperf. Hermes to heavy dup.Mod. many 100's check £38
584 GRENADA. 1895 QV.key types ½ to 1/= mint & used cat.£270 £80
585 GRENADA.attractive sel.in S/Book.few QV's incl. key types.sel.of KG.V.vals. to 2/= seen.KG.VI.vals.to 10/=,QE.II.Defs. & Colourful sel.of Comms.plus M/Sheets all mint s.t.c.£750+ have a look £110
586 GRENADA GRENS.attractive coll.in red Album.QE.II.Defs. & Comms.& M/Sheets all mint plus similar sel. St.Vincent Grens.nicely displayed Ideal Thematic Hunter £42
587 HUNGARY.fairly comp.coll.housed in K.A.-B.E. One Country Album.1871-1956 incl.1871 early issues,1881/89 Numeral Vals.dup.range Turnls incl. Charity War Aid & O/Prints. Air set.range of Harvestors etc. H/Cat.Lot check £95
588 ICELAND the scarce 1930 Provisional,the 10fr O/Print on 5kr brn./blue.grn. Facit 5,000, a scarce S/Charge check £100
589 ICELAND.an unusual grouping of P/History,with turn of Century P/Cards,2 with tricolour frankings,destinations Abroad & within Iceland,all from "2 Kings"issues most attractive £100
590 INDIA. Wholesale accum.on s/cards 1929 Air 7 comp.sets other odd vals. 1931 New Dehli 8 comp.sets but mass of low vals. all used £55
591 INDIA.STATES.mint & used range on 4 double sided s/cards.QV.-KG.V.Chamba, Faridot, Gwalior,Nabha,Patiala,Jaipur,Cochin,Anhel etc. check £60
592 IRELAND.super 1922 mint & used with 4 S/Horses sets to the 10/=,all diff.,good cond.both series 1922 to 1/= KG.V.,both 1937 & 1942 St.Patricks,the latter unmtd.mint & much more check £500
593 IRELAND.Med.S/Book.messy range but some decent early G.B.O/Prints noted semi. - specialized lot on pages.stated to be 1922 Thom varieties later small Mod.range but value in earlies used.check £85
594 IRELAND.scarce 1922 10/= dull gry.blue S/Horse shiny blue/blk.O/Print as per sg.46.f/used cat.£1500. backed with Hamilton-Bowen Cert. As Genuine have a look £450
595 IRELAND.2 Med.S/Books.with mass accum.of material from QE.II.O/Prints to Mod.used must be 1000's check £35
596 IRELAND.1922-50 mint sel.on s/sheet.some dup. nb 1922 Map to 1/=, Comms.to 1950 incl. Easter Rising 3d & 1940/50 Map to 1/= (3). cat.£609 £105
597 ISRAEL. Covers a bundle of over 100 Covers mainly to Finland.better seen.incl. First M/Sheet on F.D.etc. check £55
598 ISRAEL.useful range in large S/Book.late 1950's to Mod.Defs. & Comms.most with Tabs incl. M/Sheets & Sheetlets good face val. worth checking £90
599 ISRAEL.coll.in grn.Album.from 1945 interesting Thematic type coll.on some 50 pages plus old Palestine 1918-1942 better O/Prints,p/mks.Lebanon. 2nd album.Israel p/mks. on pieces & Covers. have a look £55
600 ISRAEL.sel.on s/cards Coins to Mod.few 100's plus few Covers worth sorting £36
601 ITALY.fair coll.in Peg.Fit Album.early imerf.,1868-1906 range of Defs.,remainder in middle period mint & used later.Express & others.plus dup.sel.on s/cards few 100's check £38
602 ITALY/SWISS.mixture of Italy & Swiss.in Med.S/Book.early/middle looks mostly used plus old SG.Cat. have a look £32
603 JAMAICA.coll.in red Tower Album.with QV.to 1/= mint & 2/= used,also 1903 to 5d mint.,War stamps,Officials & judicial,KG.V.to 10/= mint & 5/= used,KG.VI.to 10/= mint & £1 used.good range of QE.II. to 1976 with full Def.sets & some M/sheets check £175
604 JAPAN. unchecked lot in small Box.few earlies in Album on pages,small Box pkts.,plus Mod.mint Sheetlets check please £42
605 JAPAN.coll.in ring Album.4 x imperf.Forgerys few Cherry Blossoms,Kobans, Chrys. etc. good range middle Picts.Peace,Morimotto etc.1939 Reg.Covers set of Adh., 1940's incl. 1948 Phil.Week mint ditto 1949 used,plus sel.of Airs 1929 set,1950 set used,then fine run incl. some Covers to 1960's must check £325
606 JAPAN. Postcards.depicting the aftermath of the "Bomb" dropped on Yokohama sepia & colour 45 cards have a look £90
607 JUGOSLAVIA.a group of 29 Covers & Cards.noted better 1930's Comms.full sets on Cover also W.W.II. issues Censors etc. £30
608 K.U.T.Covers some 25 items in pkt.P/stat.Covers. Cards & Wrappers,Aerogrammes etc. mint & used ED.VII.-QE.II.incl. 3 Specimen items £38
609 KOREA. attractive coll.in Ring Album.few 1884/1900 issues,1903 odds sparce middle pieriod but strength 1950's-1970's with Defs.Comms.,& better M/Sheets.good cat.val. One pages could be expanded worth a look £75
610 LABUAN.superb 1881 8c to 12c with variety (no right foot to second Chinese Charcter. being sg.14a fresh mint copy & under cat.@ £600 £300
611 LABUAN.Cover 1905 to London Reg.bearing s/charge set sg.129-137 some toning £95
612 LAGOS. 1904/6 ED.VII.top val. 10/= sg.63/63a f/used cat.min.£190 not fine £38
613 LAGOS.on page & s/card 1882-1902 unchecked sel.QV. mint & used plus ED.VII.on card on pages 1887 mint vals.to 1/= & others check £32
614 LATIN AMERICA. Glory Box.of mostly early/ middle issues much Uruguay present incl. some Covers also Space coll.& Australia unrelated heavy lot must be checked please £115
615 LATIN AMERICA.gry. S/Book.range incl. Nicaragua Archive Punch blocks of 4. plus Honduras & Ecuador,incl. Forgeries semi.specialist lot check £30
616 LEBANON. 1930 Silk Congress set of 6 stamps 4p-25p mint cat.£95 check £35
617 LITHUANIA & Central.13 strips Proofs,Essays,double prints etc. some signed,ideal lot for specialist have a look £260
618 LUNDY IS. 1936 large Map Arlantic Coast Air Services 3d gry.blue in sheet of 12.mint with varieties Flag Staff on Town Hall & full stop after Lundy.scarce item have a look £80
619 LUNDY IS.1936 large Map Atlantic Coast Air service 2d grn.sheet of 12 mint with varieties Flag Staff on Town Hall & dot after Lundy,one stamp detatched from block £72
620 LUNDY IS. sel.on 2 Hagner Cards plus small card Puffins incl.Tighearna M/Sheet O/Print in gold,Flying Birds Euro.Arch block of 4. Churchill etc. all mint check £32
621 LUXEMBOURG.good general coll.in Davo One country Album.1865-1980 fair lot early material later.Defs.& Pictorials mint & used fine lot to expand check £50
622 LUXEMBOURG.good general coll.in boxed Collecta One Country album.sel.from early to 1960 fairly sparce mint & used sets & singles.could be expanded £65
623 MADAGASCAR.useful coll.in Blue album.early P/Comm.St.Marie & ET Dep.issues incl.pairs, later 1900's,good range Picts. incl. S/Charges mint & used.1930's some France Libre later issues. care when viewing as much loose material.looks good value close check please £95
624 MALAWI.valuable accum.in Archive Box.stamp coll.in padded Album.all better seen couple S/Books incl.Covers plus mass unchecked loose in bags.tray of env.plus bundles of Covers. have a look £245
625 MALAYA ST.SETT.1906 $1 Labaun O/Print sg.151 f/used cat.£120 £36
626 MALAYA ST.SETT.1907 $1 on Labaun sg.151 f/used cat.£120 £32
627 MALAYA ST.SETT.on double sided s/card.small sel.of QV.'s odd better val.few ED.VII. & KG.V. various Printings better vals.seen KG.VI.better vals.to $5 etc. all good/fine used s.t.c.£550+ check £82
628 MALAYSIA.24 page S/Book.with dup.mainly used range Malaysia Fed.from 1957 Comms.1965 Birds to $10 (17).Nrth.Borneo 1961 to $1.sarawak, Singapore, Selengor 1957 to $5 etc. probably few 1000's have a look £145
629 MALTA.decent coll.in black Album.sel.of QV.Buffs.1885 to 1/=,1899 to 10/= most ED.VII. good lot KG.V.vals.to 5/=. plus range of Postage types vals.to 10/= seen.also later KG.VI. & QE.II. Defs.& Comms.mint & used H/Cat. lot check £235
630 MALTA.coll.on Album leaves QV.-KG.V.general sel.with some dup.mint & used worth sorting £55
631 MALTA.sel.on s/cards & pages odd QV.key types incl. poorish 2/6 & 10/= St.Paul. range of Kings ED.V11.-KG.VI.some dups.vals.to 10/= noted ditto KG.VI. plus later QE.II. all mint. plus black pages odds & ends worth sorting £65
632 MAURITIUS.1924 h/val. 50r mint,sg.222 always an elusive stamp.cat.£700 probably under cat. check £395
633 MONACO.sel.of M/Sheets & Sheetlets in brn. S/Book.Mod.range some 32 items attractive & with H/Face Val.check £35
634 MONACO.coll.on hagner pages.unchecked early middle period vals.to 10f noted around 150 stamps check £40
635 MONGOLIA.unusual large accum.of this Country held in 3 large Albums covering period 1931-1999. Defs.& Comms.useful range of Thematic's plus coll.of russia in album Mod. range of Pictorials plus 1999 sg.Russia Cat. check £75
636 MONTSERRAT. useful QV. 2½ red brn.issues crown CC & C.A. being sg.4 & 9 mint cat.£500 £135
637 NAURU.coll.in Ring album. few KG.V.odd KG.VI. plus 1960's F.D.Covers have a look £32
638 NEPAL.fine early coll.in Album.incl. T/S pairs Scott 11a used.Stampless Cover.later Defs.& Comms.,Officials supported by Covers & Cards.scarce 1881 imperf.re.issued 1917/18 sg.40 2an orange.brn.shades 6 sheets of 56 per sheet varieties plus useful Ref.Book check £45
639 NETHERLANDS. 1924 Wilhelmina types on page basic 1c to 1g. 22 vals.mint plus 1928 O.Games set.some slightly stuck but should release with care please check £55
640 NETHERLANDS.sel.in pkt.incl. 9 Postal History Cover circa.1860's plus 2 x William 111. 1869 & 1890.2 others on damaged Covers.plus card Adh.7 imperfs. close margins & perf. issue. £35
641 NEW GUINEA.on card. 1915 2/= Roo with invert.wmk.as per sg.97w f/used plus 1935 S.Jub. 5d with accent variety sg.153a imprint mint block of 4. £38
642 NEW HEBRIDES.1911 British set to 2½ in mint blocks of 4 with marginal markings incl. screw heads sg.18-21. also 1953 P/Due set D11-15 f/used £40
643 NEW ZEALAND.1929 blocks of 4 of the early Health issues mint unmtd.incl.sg.544,545,553, cat.£300 as hinged singles £145
644 NEW ZEALAND.1954 9d Offical pair imperf. plate Proofs as sg.0165 £40
645 NEW ZEALAND.attractive Collectors coll.with P/History from 1935 onwards,close needed could be finds here leave it to you please £260
646 NEW ZEALAND. KG.VI.imperf.Proof pairs on card ½d,1d,1½,2d, & 9d sg.604,606, 608,680 & 685 scarce lot check £85
647 NEW ZEALAND. coll.in S.G.One Country Album 1855-1969 incl.odd better Chalons imperf.& perf.sel. 1882 small heads various Kings incl. 2/= & 3/= Admirals,Health Smiling Boys used pair. other mint 1935 set to 3/= mint & used.good lot Post Fiscal vals.to £2 set later issues incl. better Health M/Sheets needs close look. £150
648 NEW ZEALAND. 2 large hagner Albums,few Chalons then range 1873-1900 QV. small Heads plus Pictorials heavy dup. in places.plus most Kings to QE.II. incl. odd Cover must be 1000;s check £80
649 NEW ZEALAND.sel.in grn. Folder on s/cards.few Chalons later Pictorials vals.to 3/= odd pair & Post Fiscals used better mint in places incl. KG.VI.& Officials better than it looks. check £80
650 NEW ZEALAND.coll.in 4 Ring Albums.with few perf.Chalons.range QV.small Heads to 1/= dup sel.1930's Picts.KG.V.Defs. & Picts. incl. shades vals.to 3/=.few Healths & KG.VI. later QE.II. s.t.c.£1900+ check £130
651 NEWFOUNDLAND. 1932 Dornier Flight cover Franked with Dox $1 & 50c Airmail stamp.used with St.John's N'Flo.May 19th 1932 cancel some tone & soiling check £95
652 NEWFOUNDLAND.one of the best Booklets in good cond. representing 4 x 1ct,12 x 2c, SB2 cat.£375 scarce item £180
653 NIGER COAST.sel.on 2 pages incl.1892 G.B. O/Prints ½d to 5d mixed m./u., 1894 type 13 to 5d.1894 set to 1/= mint.other page 1894 both types vals.to 5d mixed m./u. H/Cat. check £32
654 NIGERIA.sel.on 2 double sided s/cards Sth.& Nrth.Nigeria QV.& Kings.Lagos QV's.few Niger Coast,plus Nigeria various Kings vals.to 5/= plus Mod.Comms.& Defs. all mint s.t.c.£375+ £50
655 NIGERIA.coll.in Ring Album.Nigeria fre Kings incl. 1935 S/Jub.used.KG.VI.to 5/= plus Wedd.,QE.II.to £1. Nr.Nigeria Kings vals.to 1/=,Sth.Nigeria odd QV.ED.VII.vals.to 2/6 others incl. Fiscals mostly used £58
656 NORTH BORNEO.in pkt.on s/cards. P/Stat.Postcards 1889 1c & 3c,1894 1c + 1c & 1889 8c H.& G.1,2,6,& 10.Labuan 1881 4c,1893 3c + 3c & 1896 4d H.& G. 1m4, & 5., Sarawak 1897 3c & 1900 1c H.& G. 1 & 3. 8 cards have a look £38
657 NORWAY.1855 No.1,superb 4 margin copy on piece,accompanied by a Moldenhauer Cert. have a look £100
658 NORWAY.general coll.on black pages.sel.of Numerals & Lions middle Picts.& Defs. looks mainly used s.t.c.£350 check £45
659 NRTH.BORNEO. 1901 Br.Prot. 10c val.with variety "No.Stop" perf.13½ x 14 sg.134c mint cat.£180 £42
660 NRTH.BORNEO. 1943/45 Jap.Occ.various on card J18/19,J21,J23/26, J37, J41/43,J47/8 all mint check £70
661 NRTH.BORNEO.Plate Proofs of the 10c & $1 vals.of the 1931 50th Anniv.issue imperf with Waterlow punch holes to top left corner £50
662 NRTH.BORNEO/LABUAN.sel.in 2 fair size Approv.Books.quite heavy dup. Picts. & P/Dues.Labaun sel.on pages 1894 & 1897 sets to 24c,also 1901 P/Dues.sg.D1-9 (ex.D7).usual mixt of C.T.O. check £85
663 NRTH.NIGERIA.sel.on pages.QV. 1900 ½ to 1/= mint ED.VII.1920 to 10/= used. 1905 & 1910,1911 to 10/= used KG.V. mint & used,1912 set to 10/=. incl. Fiscals check £65
664 NYASALAND.1898 Cover 1d imperf.cheque stamp cancel Uppershire. B.C.A.the stamp setting type !!. sg.55b/56 cat.£110 x 7 on Cover £85
665 PAKISTAN.on 3 double sided s/cards various KG.VI.vals. to 10r,1950 Defs. plus good later Picts.range with O/Prints to 1960's plus separate Bahwalpur coll.all mint s.t.c.£650+ £95
666 PALESTINE.1918.32 mint & used coll.on double sided s/card.good range of early Post/Paids better items high lighted interesting p/mks. have a look s.t.c.£350+ £52
667 PERSIA.if you like "Lions"this is a good range with 14 copies,mostly diff.,& used with probably the good "Bronze-Gold"Huge Cat.val.Ideal for Specialist good cond. check £395
668 PITCAIRN IS.1938 ILL.Covers Comm.Pictcairn Radio this is one of a number of Covers produced for an American Stamp Dealer,all of which suffered water damage to some degrees.nver the less a scarce item. check £30
669 POLAND.nice coll.of stamps & P/History incl. much non Gibbons listed material. interesting coll.for the Specialist have a look £860
670 POLAND.in Box mixture in Box.all small pkts.plus Box on/paper few Covers/Cards £35
671 PORTUGAL & COLS.unbelievable accum.of Ceres issues various vals.mass accum.on pages. Portugal,,Portugal Cols.,India,Mocambique other issues needs to be seen.must be 1000's Ideal Specialist.unrepeatable have a look £65?
672 PRINCE EDWARD IS.nice coll.in good cond.for these issues incl fancy cancels,mostly used s.t.c.over £5000.most unusual & attractive must be viewed £760
673 RHODESIA. coll.on pages.1892-1913 incl. £10 Fiscal used,1896 to 10/=,1910 Double Heads to 1/=,Admirals to 2/6 & others. over 70 stamps used £55
674 RUMANIA.as handed in messy lot in pkt.sheets,s/card.ex.Auction lots. leave it to you could be anything £42
675 RUSSIA.useful Retail 1922/23. 5r on 20k.imperf as sg.296 x 50 unmtd.mint copies many fine examples cat.£1725 check £105
676 RUSSIA. scarce 1964 Green Skater M/Sheet as per sg.MS.3024a mint cat.£225 £52
677 RUSSIA.small neat coll.in Album.good range of Thunderbolts 1866-1902. usual middle Picts. incl.odd better Airs,other noted Geogia Armenia plus semi.Postals £55
678 RUSSIA. plush large Album.with Gold Colour Fitting 25 years of Soviet Space stamps LTD. No.358 of 500.stamps & M/Sheets.Westminster invoices read 5 instalments of £49.50 (even so super work) have a look £45
679 S.W.A. H/Cat.lot on pages 1920/24 Zuidwest sg.12 single £1,sg.13 5/= mint with hyphen,remainders without Hyphens.1927 pairs to 1/=,1931 pairs to 2/6.pairs to 2/6. looks comp.KG.VI.,QE.II. 1953 to 1980 Defs.,Comms.,M/Sheets plus good lot P/Dues.mostly mint £235
680 SCAND.good general sel.in S/Book.Denmark,Norway,Sweden etc. looks mostly middle period all used £38
681 SCANDINAVA.coll.in Album.laid out per Country 1930-1960 odds & better seen.all mint.Sweden,Norway,Greenland.looks good value check £75
682 SEYCHELLES.scarce 1952 KG.V1 15c grn. with error St.Edwards crown as per.sg.161b f/used cat.£300 £70
683 SIERRA LEONE. 1933 5/= Elephant sg.178 unmtd.mint cat.£150+ useful Thematic. £42
684 SOUTH AFRICA.mixed sel.on hagner pages mint & used odd pairs,Airs. 1935 S.Jub.small lot in approv.Book.needs sorting £65
685 SPAIN.general sel.on page 1872-1960 mint & used few 100's plus few Spanish Morocco £35
686 ST.CHRISTOPHER.on 2 cards.1875/79 crown cc. 2½ mint. 1d & 6d used plus St.Kitts.Nevis Postal Fiscal mint set sg.R3-6.mint. plus 1d & 1/= used cond.mixed £46
687 ST.HELENA. 1923 KG.V. 8d gry.& br.violet with broken Main Mast as per sg.105a mint cat.£150 £45
688 ST.KITTS.NEVIS.coll.on pages 1937-1976 few odd KG.VI.& QE.II. Defs. but mostly Mod.Comms.incl. M/Sheets all mint £52
689 ST.KITTS.NEVIS.sel.on double-sided s/cards.odd early Nevis.later St.Christopher mint & used.few Columbus.KG.V.vals.to 1/= S.Jub.mint & used range KG.VI.vals.to £1 seen.plus QE.II.Defs. & Comms.with Officials to 1970's s.t.c.£1100+ check £145
690 ST.LUCIA.fair coll.in Album.QV.odd early & key types vals.to 1/= noted.various ED.VII. & KG.V.,better KG.VI.vals.to £1 & $4.80 plus QE.II.Defs. & Comms. mint & used odd tone in places check £65
691 ST.LUCIA.clean sel.on 3 double sided s/cards.QV.key types vals.to 1/=,plus 4d in blocks of 4.odds ED.II.& KG.V.later Pictorials stated to incl.Coil pairs.113a & 114a set to 2/6, KG.VI. to 10/= & $4.80 then QE.II. Defs.,Comms.,& M/Sheets all mint s.t.c. £580+ check £85
692 ST.VINCENT.coll.on 2 double sided s/cards.fair sel.of early QV.'s couple unlisted varieties. small lot ED.VII. & KG.V.plus KG.VI. vals.to £1.plus later printing.also QE.II. general Comms. plus Defs. vals.to $10.all used mostly fine s.t.c.£500 check £75
693 STH.& CENTRAL AMERICA.looks interesting mixture in Med.Box.unchecked by us incl. a bundle of pages & s/cards,small box Approv.Cards,box of Covers.looks good value check £45
694 STH.AFRICA.attractive coll.incl.lots of errors,not least of which is the S.Jub.of 1935 with Cleft Skill,varieties in horiz.pairs up to 6d comp.incl. normal & much more needs viewing £155
695 SOUTH AFRICA.hefty accum.in grn.Album.1952-95.laid out & written up coll. mint & used Defs.,Comms.,M/Sheets etc.needs checking odd missing but looks fairly comp. many 100's looks good value check £265
696 STH.AFRICA.coll.on s/cards.1910-1984 few KG.V.mint.some H/Cat.mint pairs. noted sg.36a,54b,58d etc. Voort.,War issues plus later Mod.incl. M/sheets s.t.c.£1400 £180
697 STH.AFRICA.sel.of used on s/cards 1910-1972 various KG.V.Defs. vals.to 10/=. few pairs,Jipex sheets.KG.VI.with War issues later Defs.& Comms. s.t.c. £790+ £95
698 STH.AMERICA. useful sel.in Abria S/Book.& pages appears mainly early middle period, Argentina,Honduras,Chile & El.Salvador the latter seems strong few 100's check £65
699 STH.AUSTRALIA.unusual & attractive strip of 4,1/= brn.QV.with diamond lozenge cancel, nearly 4 margins all round scarce in multiple £65
700 STH.RHODESIA.1964 10/= Guinea Fowl.sg.104 in corner marginal mint block of 4 with variety extra tail feather & ditto for 1965 £30
701 SUDAN.fair lot on pages.early Soudan O/Prints.range of "Postmen" with H/Vals.small & large types mint & used. later airmails.plus S.G. O/Prints s.t.c.£925+ check £120
702 SWEDEN. a superb block of 9 of the 5kr top val.unmtd.mint Congress issue of 1924 make fine & scarce display item £900
703 SWEDEN.coll.in red Album.1858-1960's good general range mint & used plus pkt.of Booklets probably H/Face val. worth sorting £135
704 SWISS.1923-39 small mint sel.( 2 used),1923 Air set to 2f. 1936 Views to 40c. 1939 Exh.3 versions etc. s.t.c.£295 £52
705 SWISS.one of the great rarities of Swiss.,a block of 4 unmtd.,mint imperf.between horiz.with Swiss.Association of Phil.Experts Cert.on the 1912 Pro.Juv.forerunner, Italian inscription Zumstein Nr.111,only a few blocks exist have a look £3000
706 SWISS.unusual sheets of the 3f dark grn.,5f ultra,& 10f violet 1914 Defs.issues in sheets of 25 each superb used.needs to be viewed £100
707 SWISS.1940 Nat.Fete. M/Sheet as per sg.MS.404a mint £65
708 SWISS.1940 Nat.Fete M/Sheet as sg.MS.404a mint £65
709 SWISS.useful M/Sheets 1945 Lifeboat mint 1945 Pro.Juv. used H/Cat. check £45
710 SWISS.sel.of Covers in 2 small Cover Albums 1940-1970 incl. better P/Stat., Pro.Juv., Airs, P.T.S. etc. over 100 Covers check £40
711 SWISS. 1948-1998 F.Flight & Commercial airmail,well written up coll.some 46 Covers in Schaubek Album.looks good lot check £40
712 SWISS.a phenomenal Stock,mostly mint unmtd.& occasional nice used,housed in 3 boxes with a min.cat.of 67,520SF i.e. about £30,000.super lot with plenty of nice items needs check £3550
713 SWISS.Classic coll.to Mod.incl. reference,however some better M/Sheets,no doubt large cat.val. cond.mixed but good items seen needs checking £520
714 TANGANYKA.1922 10/= Giraffe Head with s/ways wmk.sg.87 centred left f/used cat.£200 £48
715 TOGO. 3 Covers in pkt. 1916 KG.V. Gold Coast O/Prints ½ to 1/= in pairs. 1919 to Swiss. ½ to 1/= as above,1915 Reg.Togo O/Print ½ strip of 5. 1d,2d pair,2½,6,& 1/= all used with Lome cancels £46
716 TOKEALU IS.coll.in red Binder with stamps 1948-1979 with blocks,varieties etc.mint & used also better Covers incl.Samoa used in Tokealu. F.Day,Maritime Mail etc. £42
717 TRANSVAAL.coll.on pages sel.of imperf.Shields,mint & used QV.'s,range of later perf.Shields incl. O/Prints plus V.R.I. ED.VII.vals.to £1. range mint & used looks good lot H/Cat.have a look £115
718 TRIN.& TOB.coll.in blue Rapkin Album.with small range of Britannia's & QV.vals. incl. 5/= x 5,mint Tobago,useful War Tax.,KG.VI.to $4.80 mint & QE.II. 1953 & 1960 to $4.80 mint,1976 to $5.plus range to 1982 with Comms. & M/Sheets also some Dues. check £145
719 TRINIDAD & TOBAGO.coll.in peg fit Album.1882 QV.vals.with shades to 1/=,plus 5/=,1904/9 Britannia's to 1/= large type 5/=,plus Specimen O/Print 5/=. later 1913 to 5/=,few War Tax,KG.V.Picts.vals.to 5/=,& 72c.plus range of KG.VI.& QE.II. mostly mint.few P/Dues. H/Cat. Lot worth checking £260
720 TURKS.& CAICOS.good general mixture on double sided s/card.1882-1976 mostly KG.V. various printing vals.to 3/= seem.KG.VI. incl. 1948 S/Wedd.pair later issues to 10/=.later QE.II. with Defs. to £1 etc. all mint s.t.c.£400+ check £60
721 U.N. N.York Office coll.of Covers in Album plus Souvenir Folders check £35
722 U.S.A. 1900's Washington 2c mint block of 9.with scarce error with 5c x 2 for 2c in middle of block.fine & scarce item have a look £415
723 U.S.A. Shoebox.containing over 120 items incl. Covers,P/Cards,& P/Stat. better noted worth sorting £35
724 U.S.A. attractive sel.of Airmail Covers 1933/4 12 Covers mostly used with 8c Airmail.all Macon Flights with different & scarce catchets nice lot check please £85
725 U.S.A.mass accum.held in 2 large S/Books.fair bit early material through 1900's + 1950's unchecked but fair bit dup.also noted 1936 Zepp.Cover to Frankfurt with Zepp.cancels some 7x 6c orange Air stamps etc. worth sorting £65
726 U.S.A.Comm.plate block coll.in 10 Minkus Albums.incl. 586 plate blocks incl.Washington 1932 set & 1940 Famous Americans good starter coll. have a look £175
727 U.S.A.accum.in 3 Albums & on pages. 1st Album general range 1870-1970 sets & part sets mint & used 2nd odd Defs./Comms.,pages few early to Mod.Album 1970 Covers,pkt stamps £65
728 U.S.A. large red Lidner Looseleaf S/Book with 122 unmtd.mint plate blocks mainly 1931 to 1950.useful range with 1940 Famous Americans comp.to 5c plus 10c.check £32
729 U.S.A.2 blue Collecta Multo.Ring Albums.good general coll.incl. 1861 to 30c,1869 to 12c, 1870 to 30c, plus Departments,1890 to 90c,1894 to 50c,1893 Columbus to 50c.,Omaha to 10c, 1901 & 1913 Exhib.also 1904 St.Louis sets,1918 & 1923 Airs,1933 50c Zepp.,nice Washington & Franklin range,1922 set & perfs.the 2 1933 Chicago M/S.& others M/Sheet range to 1940s plus more Modern better values,Airs & Dues. etc. check £280
730 URUGUAY.Covers some 57 items in pkt.1871-Mod.incl. interesting 1930's Airmails,Censor Mail W.W.II. etc. plus P/Stat. worth sorting £32
731 URUGUAY.in large brn. S/Book.interesting range early & Pictorials noted some Proofs.also some early Paraguay many 100's mint & used check £42
732 VATICAN.large accum.1852-1968 in 2 L/House Albums one for mint the other used.most spaces with mtd.both well filled plus Album of F.D.C. H/Cat.Lot check £75
733 VENEZUELA.Covers some 24 items incl. 1879 Entire to Caracus,early Official Covers 1900, 1930 Flights etc. cond.mixed £30
734 WESTERN AUSTRALIA. 1861 1/= grn.Swan Vendor states sg.43.mint/unused.blunt top left perfs. cat.£450 good filler £62
735 ST.BARNABAS Charity Lot in Carrier Bag.incl. Album of general World,Bag of Kiloware,few Covers check £26
736 Archive Box.of world Kilo.on/off paper.plus giant S/Book G.B. etc. heavy lot check £38
737 In Box.3 Bags of G.B. Kiloware all on paper Defs.& Comms. incl. better vals.plus Box of World off paper £35
738 Carrier Bag.of World kilo.on paper looks fine material check £35
739 Large Black Sack with G.B. Kiloware on/off paper. Defs.& Comms.best part of 10 kilo's £35
740 Black Sack for Charity Kilo.approx. 6 kilo's on paper G.B. & C/Wealth £32
741 Small Box.with KG.VI. & QE.II. G.B.Comms.in Boxok few Irish,Box various,few Covers £32
742 4 Boxed One Country Albums. K.A.-B.E.hingeless G.B.1966-1990 Jersey 1941-1990. Guern.ditto, I.O.M. 1958-1990 Cheap £32
743 Black Sack unopened for Charity Who Knows? £30
744 Black Sack unopened for Charity stamps,& I felt some Coins? £30
745 All World Charity Kiloware on paper over 6 kilo's check £30
746 Med.Box.general World couple Albums,S/Cards.several old Cig.Boxes other bits plus Perfometer £35
747 Yellow Plastic Box.mixed lot on bundle of pages incl. G.B.& Germany better seen.plus old Cats.2001 World,Germany(S.G.) 2003 Concise £36
748 Med.Box.with general mixture couple S/Books.plus s/cards,small Box.unchecked have a look £36
749 Mixed in Album,S/Books,pkts.etc looks all World general lot check £36
750 Med.Box.of World in Shoebox.on paper few early G.B. on cards other items on s/cards etc. check £36
751 Large Box.containg 17 Albums no stamps some pages plus box half full 1000's off paper stamps,put the two together you have the start of a cheap coll. £38
752 Arhive Box.mass of unchecked World material semi-Kilo.but others in boxes & pkts. could be anything have a look £42
753 Med.Box.as handed in.with mass of World off paper appears most Reigns plus few Covers & pages/s/cards must be worth searching probably many 1000's check £45
754 Large very heavy Suitcase with old albums,S/Books.better China,Japan,Middle East, PHQ. Cards etc. too heavy to post will not be taken to Sale. £45
755 Med.Box.Br.C/Wealth on album pages,pkts.,mint blocks,old Aprov.book,plus Plastic Box. few 100's loose check £45
756 Worldwide Cinderella material in 3 S/Book.looks interesting mixture Vendor states over 1300 items have a look £35
757 Med.Box.general mix World small S/book.plus Biscuit Tin with pkts. check £35
758 BR.C/Wealth unmtd.mint ED.VII.16 blocks of 1d val.purple/black,multo.crown C.A.Lagos,as well as various multiples of Br.Somaliland ½,2,3,& 4ann.,good cond. check £35
759 In Carrier Bag.N.Z.used few Chalons & early side faces but mostly QE.II.also Channel Is. Guern.& Jersey used looks good value £35
760 S.G.Minor Album.containing a coll.of stamps to ILL.Phil.terms early material mostly used £35
761 Attractive sel.Air Service stamps Ports./I.O.W.Air Service 2 stamps 1913 First Aerial Sinclair slight tone,1934 suspended Airmail bl.of 4.stuck from side sheet.plus mint pairs & single.plus 2 x 3d G.W.R.Airmails have a look £35
762 Looks fair sel.of Br.C/Weath on bundle of old pages.part remainders,incl. QV.& vatious Kings few 100's worth sorting £32
763 Coll.in red S/Book.Br.C/Weath fair general range mostly QE.II.but odd better early & KG.VI. in places few 100 check £32
764 Large Tin Choc.Box.mass of World off/paper looks mainly early middle period 1000'scheck £32
765 Plastic Stacking box.mostly G.B. F.D.C.,PHQ'S,few stamps plus others all World check £32
766 Giant S/book.mass accum.of all World 2nd half priced up to sell.1st half looks better many 100's check £32
767 Coll.in Album Br.C/Wealth A-N mostly QE.II.part sets.plus S/Book Malaya-better H.K. & Singapore £32
768 3 Oddities in pkt.10pf blue stamp Luftpost am Rhein,Bosnia & Hertz. Doboj 1h black plate Proof & Australia first Aerial Sheet Re.Prints check £28
769 Small Album with 1937 Coro.Omnibus issue mint.few KG.VI. short sets & 1948 S/Wedd. low vals. all mint check £28
770 Med.Red S/Book.near East Aden,Bahrain,Kuwait,Qatar,M.E.F.,Morocco Agencies. etc. KG.VI.-QE.II. mint & used priced to sell £140. £30
771 Official Progressive Proof in Special folders,Niutao-Tuvalu racing motor cars.plus some St.Vincent check £32
772 Large heavy Box.with all World,plus large bundle of pages,few Approv.Books, boxes, pkts., & Tins. probably 1000's plus few Covers worth a look £50
773 Large Box.with allsorts incl. S/Book.3500 World other Albums,Club Books,Thematic section,Channel Is.& host of others worth checking £50
774 Small Flat Box.with all Br.C/Wealth on small cards or in pkts.looks mostly KG.VI.mint & used sets & singles.odd QV.& others top vals. seen have a look £295
775 Large choc.Box.containing bundle of all size cards appears all Foreign mostly sets mint wide varieties s.t.c.£1200+ worth sorting £115
776 Alesson to us all in the patience & fortitude required to be a good stamp collector,an Archive Box.with all World in 8 large Albums across the board range A-Z.middle/Mod.each page filled with a good mixture,& fun lot to sort 1000's check £115
777 Range in Album incl. Cyprus,Gibraltar,Malta,& Iraq dup.range for each Country QV.-KG.VI. mint & used wirth Checking p.mks. etc.few 100 check £110
778 Various in 16 sides S/Book.incl. Germany 1956-59 plus M/Sheets,1964-96 much used (cat.£555),Austria 1970-80 unmtd.blocks of 4 (114).,Bulgaria 1930-40 B.O.B.,1960's Airs much unmtd.mint blocks of 4 (£182).Rumania 1976 Paintings & M/Sheets (£210) Ideal for Approvals nice lot have a look. £110
End of Sale





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