9th December 2006
The Town Hall, Richmond Room, Worthing


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1 CIGARETTE CARDS.Help! series of Beauty or Actresses are the Photo or Cards very early stuck down on pages 50 items check please £32
2 POSTCARDS.1905/12 Cards in Album mostly addressed to one person some 238 Cards local & Social History interest £95
3 POSTCARDS.unchecked sel.in Shoebox.looks mixture early Mod. few 100's check please £35
4 CIGARETTE CARDS.coll.in Album.attractive large Wills Br.Authors.Players Dickens,Cries of London,Football Caricatures,Wills Russia,& Merchant Ships etc. sets & part sets check £100
5 CIGARETTE CARDS.Med.Box.with Tins of cards seems to be sorted in some sort of order others in Cig.pkts. unchecked by us so close look please £65
6 POSTCARDS.sel.of some 160 cards.mostly Seaside Nature many Resorts.plus fair lot Local interest have a look £32
7 CIGARETTE CARDS.attractive lot in Album.Players Derby & Grand National Winners, Aquarium Studies, Phillips Dogs,etc.& host of others over 550 cards. s.t.c.£600+ £130
8 BOOKS.in Box.Mullen Handbook of Austria cancels,Higgins/Gace P/Stat. others useful information £38
9 BOOKS.Sierra Leone Literature, P.O.Beale the Postal Service of S.Leone, R.P.S. 1988 Ex. Libarery copy otherwise fine with wrapper £25
10 BOOKS.S/Africa (Anglo-Boer War) Literature.R.Stroud Ceylon The Camps for Boer Prisoners & Phil.of the Boer & Br.Prisoners of War Camps part A & B. (3 vols.) £25
11 Europe mint new issues several 100 sets in S/Book.with lots of M/Sheets,Se.Tenants & variety of topic's some H/Cat.imperfs.incl. Ireland,Greece,San Marino,Denmark, France, Gib., Malta,Germany,Norway etc. needs to be viewed have a look £150
12 Coll.of Asia on pages & s/cards.small coll.of Malaya States mint & used,fair bit Brunei set to $10 noted,coll.of India,Burma,Nrt.Borneo,small coll.of Ceylon QV.-QE.II.few 100's worth checking £225
13 C/Wealth mint & used mix.in gry.S/Book.good range with plenty of early material seen.many 100's looks good value have a look £55
14 Mixed in Gold Crest Album.general mixture Br.G.,Br.Hond.,gambia, & Cayman Is.middle/Mod. some dup. odd Cover have a look £40
15 Australia/N.Z. in 2 large S/books.1950-1990's vals.to $10 noted some dup. check £42
16 Looks nice Xmas present Archive Box.with mass of world material as handed in. Med.Box large bundle pages,large Envelopes,several albums one has 8 x 1d Blacks. mixed cond. must be viewed super lot £160
17 S/WEDDING 1948 53 sets or H/Vals.singles all f/used A-Z. cat.£1,590 check £520
18 On pages & s/cards.Papua N.G.small coll.from 1935 to Mod.mint & used,similar coll.of N.Z., 4 x Tasmainia imperfs.on card,plus Australia States coll.on pages.others few 100's needs close look £230
19 Tematic.coll.of Stamp Centenary 1840-1940.mostly Covers,Bulagia,G.B. Re.Prints, Hungary, plus others also loads of information have a look £70
20 C/WEALTH.early QE.II. mint on s/cards.Sth.Georgia 1963 to £1 Whale cat.£180., Swaziland to 2rp,Tangier to 10/=,Tonga to £1.,Tritan Da Cunha '65 to £1,Trin.& Tob. to $2.40. H.Cat. £72
21 Large File contains large multiples of Malta KG.VI.Self Gouv.¼,½ sheets.1938 ½,1d,1½ both shades,2d sheets. & part sheet.Gib.KG.VI. 2d x 10 sheets plus part sheet some 2d & 3d vals.,Malta KG.V. 3d Self Gouv. half sheet of 60.Malta 1935 S.Jub. 2 sheets of 60 all mint some with slight "Curl" plus G.B. Comms. in sheets check £75
22 Med.Box.with S/Book Poland,U.S.A. coll,dup.in 3 small books s.t.c.£1000+ bundle of pages plus mass in pkts. well worth sorting £75
23 Fine Lot of Br.Africa in New Age Album.across the board range QV.-QE.II.Bech., G.Coast, the Nigeria's & Rhodesia's,Natal,S/Af. etc many 100's s.t.c.£2700 so worth checking £225
24 Box.looks mostly Br.C/Wealth contained in 8 Hagner binders unchecked by us came in a bit late.leave it to you please probably 1000's £230
25 New Ideal Album.Br.Empire Edit.good spread of Countries mint & used range needs close look always looks rather sparce but plenty of better noted Good hunting £1595
26 Mixed Lot in Box.half dozen Albums/S/Books.incl. Covers & some loose. have a look £45
27 Africa on pages careful check as many interesting p/mks.noted & Identified by Vendor incl. Capes,Transvaal,Rhod.,Kenya,& Sth.Africa few 100's check £75
28 BR.C/WEALTH.sel.in S.G.S/Book.mostly Kings to QE.II.sets & part sets no dup.mint some unmtd. s.t.c.£850+ check £75
29 Good accum of KG.VI.in 3 vols.nearly all mint sets & singles better odd H/Vals. across the board range A-Z.Ideal lot to pick over.many 100's looks useful lot to use for make-up. £325
30 Useful C/Wealth mixture on small cards some 28 in all QV.-QE.II. mint & used singles & sets many suit.check s.t.c.around £1000 £175
31 Coll.of G.B. & Br.Cols.in Viscount album the contents being only QV.issues mint & used G.B. Line-Engraved & S/Printed other fair general range most Countries pepresented s.t.b. about 850 stamps useful Imperial Filler have a look £95
32 Flat Box.with Brit.C/Wealth on small cards & hagner sheets.good range of Kings better KG.VI.noted.sets & singles mint & used H/Cat.Lot check £325
33 In Med.Box.incl. Album of World,Album of Butterflies Thematic.mixed on pages & s/cards plus Albums various Royalty looks cheap have a look £55
34 Med.Box.crammed full all World looks very cheap to me. What Do You Think!! £55
35 Looks interesting Lot of World in Med.Box.noted stamps & Covers but unchecked by us have a look please £95
36 Looks fair range of Br.Africa in Manilla S/Book.some KG.V.but mostly KG.VI.& QE.II.sets & singles mint & used cond.mixed in places but decent value to off/set check £145
37 Useful sel.in Peg Fit Album.good lot of Ceylon incl. early imperf.Chalons.later QV.small Heads.Ed.VII.incl.Stamp duty.range KG.V.,plus mint & used K.GVI.,Australia coll. from early Roo's plus mainly middle Mod.,few States. Jamaica mint & used KG.V. through to qE.II. many 100's worth checking £150
38 Large Box.all World in 11 Albums./S/Books.as handed in.looks fair bit G.B. incl. Windsor & Covers heavy lot have a look £55
39 BR.C/WEALTH & G.B. 2 Boxes.Vendor states.this is from an Estate He was asked to put a price on.he states everytime he dipped in the boxes found good items.hours if not weeks of sorting sounds interesting Lot but un checked by us. £995
40 Wood Tobacco Box.contains some 34 Approv.cards all Br.Cols.mint & used sets,part sets & better singles with a cat.val.of £5000+ all vals.stated on back of cards worth a "Nosey" at this price £550
41 Archive Box.mass of World in 100's of small pkts.,loose. How Brave Are You? £55
42 Sel.of KG.VI.single items on some 16 cards.mint & used may fill a few gaps s.t.c. around £1000 check £175
43 2 Albums 1st Br.C/Wealth A-Z.range mostly QV.-KG.VI.good general range fair G.B. incl. QV.2/6, Ed.VII.5/=,1938 to 1/= mint,few better H.K.,2nd album mixed World odd better N.Z.Fiscal 11/= strip of 3 etc. few 100's check £95
44 KG.VI.sel.on bundle of Approv.cards sets,part sets,& single items.mint & used should fill a few spaces s.t.c.£1000+ check £180
45 Med.Box.looks to be all World remainders in Albums mostly sparce.better vals.loose in pkt. check £55
46 BOX.mass of World material unsorted part sheets,pkts.,p/cards,cards etc. good lot to sort £55
47 Centenary 1850-1950 Thematic's both stamps & Covers.Hamburg,Bremen, Lubeck, Hungary etc.unusual lot worth a close look £55
48 Archive Box. half full of all World off paper small quantity needs time & patience. Good Luck £55
49 Small Box.useful range of some 80 Approv.Cards noted N.Z. Pacific Is.,Niue,Samoa, Papua, N.Guinea mint & used best part & mostly N.Z. have a look under £1 a Card.check £75
50 OK.so you cant quite afford the bigger Imperials have a look at this pair.2 vols. same range of Counries still well filled if slightly less than others but plenty of good material & one for the short list. needs careful viewing Good Luck £1900
51 Unusual India Rocket Post large Coro.despatch pair.Saturn Express,one with O/Print. Pilot Eric Sya' No.164 M.K.Runstein No.165 G.Collins & No.189 M.Paganing 7 items check £42
52 Archive Box. with all world in some 11 Albums/S/Books. many part coll.etc. probably 1000's £55
53 Med.Box.mass G.B. & other F.D.C.'s incl. Concorde,Bahrain flights,Heathrow Airport,Balloon Race etc. few Jersey & Russia stamps have a look £42
54 Large coll.of Private Post Thematic's on page all on Covers & P/Stat.Germany sel.circa.1896 best part of 100 items.very difficult to describe with so much to view.I would miss out as much as I would describe but unusual lot & probably quite scarce have a look £245
55 S/Book. with fine sel.mainly QE.II. 1953-66 comp.sets some dup.incl. Ascension, St.Helena etc etc. s.t.c.about £2000 all mint have a look £245
56 Archive Box.almost full World stamps off paper fair bit dup. Album plus Covers heavy lot have a look £55
57 Large Box G.B. large coll.1980/83 F.D.C.,P/Packs,Comms.Traffic Lights,Gutter pairs mint etc.Bag. G.B.& Channel Is. all used another Bag.mint & used G.B. Pre.Cecimal plus various Foreign plenty to sort have a look £95
58 3 useful QE.II.sets Falk.Is.Dep. 1954 Ships G26-G40, Sth.Georgia Sea Life sg.1-16. Gibraltar 1953 sg.145-158 all mint H/Cat. check £125
59 Small Box.with some 80 Approv.Cards.of Br.Cols.much of the material fairly common but odd better noted few 100's £45
60 In Carrier Bag.as handed in.all World in 3 S/Books. scruffy Album plus 3 Junior Albums £45
61 Fine Br.C/Wealth coll.in slightly bulging Br.Empire New Ideal album.good cover across the board A-Z.always difficult to give a true flavour.only QV.-KG.V.mint & used.probably few 1000's must be viewed please. allow plenty of time £3650
62 Slightly Battered Strand album.Worldwide sel. across the board Early to QE.II.mainly used have a look few 100's £60
63 S.WEDDING.1948 G.B. unmtdmint pair,used pair,cancel & puched £1 vals. £60
64 West Indies coll.in New Age album. QV.-QE.II. Antigua,Barbados,Grenada,Dominica, Jamaica,Montserrat,good lot Saints,Trin.& Turks. mint & used s.t.c.£2900 check £245
65 Red S/Book.rangeof World mainly Early issues laid out & identified. usual sel.of Fiscals but better in places needs close look.Vendor states Cat.val.if all right @£20,000 £250
66 Coll.in Devon Album.G.B. 1840 1d Black x 2,other Line-Engraved,ED.VII.to 5/=, 1934 Re.Engraved plus QE.II.fair lot Br.Cols. H.K.,Africa,India etc. many 100's worth sorting £250
67 Fair looking range in red S/Book with black pages.better looking KG.VI.Br.C/Wealth incl. Bermuda 12/6 mint,QE.II.to £1 mint,Canada "G" O/Prints,various India,Brunei $1 mint, Trinidad War Tax double print etc. close look £150
68 Useful Br.C/Wealth coll.housed in 2 New Imperial albums.always difficult to describe. highlights few area's of strength G.B. with £1 vals.,Brunei looks comp.,Canada, G.Coast, Ireland,N.Z.,Africa's,S.Leone others less well filled Countries still have plenty of meat with better single items.h/cat.must check mint & used £4950
69 Coll.of Foreign in Album.Argentina to Bolivia middle Mod.period few 100's general range Vendor states cat.val.£800+ £45
70 Small Plastic Box.with small quantity Br.Cols.& Foreign mint & used unchecked by us. £50
71 0ld Empire Stamp Album.fairly well filled noted fair 1d Black(needs wash)few QV.'s & Kings vals.to 1/=,Cape Triangle 1d & 6d,Canada 1893 pair,fair bit S/America & U.S.A. about 2000 check £65
72 Coll.of G.B. from QV.-QE.II. 1980's-1990's QV. with 2d Blue & few 1d Reds. then QE.II. P/Packs,stamps,few Booklets face val.£60+.in large red S/Book & blue Cover Album with few Covers.plus brn.S/Book with Canada mostly used odds.plus U.S.A. O.Games in sheet form at back of Book.Covers incl.few Silks(1981 R.Wedd.) P/Pack incl. 2 x Pitcairn 60th Birthday of QE.II.& Falk.Is. Q.Mother Tribute & Life & Times Packs. have a look £65
73 In grn.S/Book.Tematic C/Wealth Leaders of the World unmtd.mint 140+ sets & M/Sheets. Railways,Cars,Royalty,Birds,Micheal Jackson.face £350+ £65
74 On pages Abu Dhabi 1964-66 Trucial States 1961 St.Arab Fed. 1963-66 s.t.b.all unmtd.mint £50
75 Useful sel.of KG.VI.on card.mostly single items,Mauritius,Saints,Seyc.,Gib., Ascension etc. mint & used s.t.c.£1000 check £180
76 S.WEDDING 1948 20 sets or H/Val. singles all unmtd.mint for Ascension to Seychelles cat.£420+ £180
77 Med.Box.large accum.of what appears to be un open new issues N.Z.,Australia, G.B., & others in pkts.plus G.B.in S/Book.Early QE.II.Comms.,various Air Letter & other s take some sorting should reward £125
78 Valuable old tyme accum.in 2 large S/Books.too much to describe but please note section for G.B.,Australia States,H.K.,German States,U.S.A.,& Canada must be viewed H/Cat.Lot £395
79 Useful looking sel.in New Age album.Countries K-P. QE.II. Album but with many added Earlier issues incl.Leeward Is. KG.V. to £1,Mauritius to 10r,odd Malta etc. then range of QE.II. as per the Album sets & singles mint & used few 100's £180
80 Archive Box.looks all World range of Env.just dug to bottom mass more of Env.plus much loose odd Cover.difficult to estimate so check please £55
81 BR.C/Wealth sel.in Med. & small S/Book.fair across the board QV.-QE.II. mint & used few 100's have a look £52
82 Attractive 1935 S.Jub.Omnibus issues in Special Album.comp.range incl.Egypt Seal all f/used many of the better items on Cover H/Cat.Lot must check £395
83 C/Wealth early QE.II.mint on s/card.,St.Lucia 1964 to $2.50.,St.Vincent '65 to $5, Seyc. '62 to 10rp,Singapore '62 to $5,Solomon O/Print to $2, S/Africa to 5/= & 10/= & 1r. S.Arabia Fed. to 1 dinar check £52
84 Mixture in 2 S/Books.one of G.B.KG.VI.incl. 1948 S/Wedd.used plus QE.II. Sterling & Decimal decent face plus 4 x 1d Red Covers.2nd Album mostly KG.VI.& QE.II.Defs.& Comms. mint & used,old Queensland Cover.1841 pre stamp 1898 ½ verm.1937 Tin Can good lot check £75
85 Useful lot from St.Barnabas.Charity.4 boxed Senator albums 2 x G.B.few Earlies.but value in QE.II.incl.better H/Vals.Castles good range of decimal Defs.& Comms. H/Face.the other 2 Albums Br.C/Wealth A-Z. better QE.II.sets to £1 seen mint other odds check £185
86 New Ideal Album.Br.Empire rather scarce sel. A-Z.but enouth to warrant a close look Ideal lot to expand useful Album £195
87 Blue S/Book.sel.of Omnibus issues good range of 1935 S.Jub.sets both mint & used,1937 Coro.1946 Victory issues other bits.useful Retail have a look £195
88 In pkt.range of B.W.I.items mass dup.of Leeward Is. QV.-KG.V.incl. sel.of A12 Duplex cancels.others incl. St.Kitts,Montserrat,small bundle of Mod.Covers mostly Commercial £50
89 Thematic sel.Centenary 1840-1940 stamps & Covers Denmark Covers Private issues. Estonia,Germany P/Stat.,Sweden,Denmark plenty of information enclosed check £55
90 New Imperial vol 1 & 2.good range across the board A-Z.although this is a remainder coll.some area's untouched.plus decent vals.in others mint & used.another lot impossible to give full flavour to.so put on your list of lots to view £3600
91 2 Large Box File types.mass of small cards all World early to Mod.good general range although noted Cayman Is. sg.16,& 19 slight faults so well worth searching good luck. in Carrier Bag. £200
92 Large Box.crammed full of World! material Vendor states I have emptyed all from boxes,drawers,stuff laying around for years.must say it looks like it.not to be missed £200
93 Small Plastic Box.looks fine range all World on small s/cards over 270 with cat.val.of £2300 useful Retail,Approvals.have a look £225
94 In Box.2 Albums general World Cover album G.B.Papua F.D.C.& others way over 400 1969 Investiture F.D.C. 100's of 4d QE.II.letters cards mint.plus 100's of other G.B. F.D.C's some loose material Ideal Retail Heavy Lot check £75
95 BR.COMM.incl.better India & Ireland in 7 S/Books.& 3 Albums India KG.V.-KG.VI. early Br.Occ. Iraq & many others worth a look £80
96 Large Heavy Box.containing some 11 S/books.looks all World material early-Mod.plus some Covers needs checking £95
97 Not as pricey as some but 2 very decent old type New Imperials vols.1 & 2.A-Z. range better than a starter coll.but you could do worse.certainly worth a close look please £900
98 1946 S/Wedding pairs on Hagner for Cayman Is.,Br.G.,Dominica,Bech., Nr.Borneo,Br. Hond., Jamaica & Perlis all f/used plus Bahamas £1 & G.B. mint scarce lot £100
99 Vendor states Glory Box.looks up to that title being large heavy Box.many Albums/S/Books Shoebox mass of pkts.plus bundle of covers leave this one to you £100
100 2 Albums & P/Book.of World mix.odd early mostly middle/Mod.strong in Italy,Spain, G.B., & U.S.A.mint & used must be 1000's check £55
101 S.G.KG.VI.Album.in red.looks fine range A.-Z.with fair bit completion many Countries complete noted early Dhow.good range Malaya States,Falk. Is.,Gib.,most G.B. etc. all mint needs to be viewed H.Cat.value £4750
102 Blue S/Book.well filled with Br.C/Wealth issues QV.-QE.II.but mostly middle issues many better vals.noted mint & used many 100's worth sorting £125
103 Small Plastic Box.with all World on small Approv.Cards over 300 cards with cat.val.£1300 well worth sorting £124
104 Med.Box.with large pages fair bit of dup.but incl.better p/mks.S/Africa,India,K.U.T., Straits & Malta 100's check £55
105 4 x small S/books.in Carrier Bag.appears to be mainly if not all KG.VI.sets & part sets noted both mint & used one of those lots you need to view as stamps scattered around £125
106 Very interesting sel.on pages.clean Specialist material with many fine p/mks.,strikes.G.B. old Railway stamps,Fiscals, fine range 1d Red plates,incl.1842 Env.with 2 x MX's on & off stamp.range of Ed.VII.India Army Post,Egypt listed p/mks.,plus good range of Cyprus. QV.to Kings with District p/mks.incl. blocks & strips must be checked £125
107 Small sel.mostly Foreign issues on some 22 cards.plus 2 Covers mint & used have a look £62
108 BR.C/Wealth mixture in black page Med.S/Book.mostly Kings to QE.II.mint & used some dup.but few 100's worth sorting plus sel. of G.B. have a look £75
109 KG.VI. sel.on s/card.Gulf States Bahrain, E.A.F. etc. all mint £75
110 Large Box.with Covers & Coins incl. Churchill Cent.Medals in Album.some 24 Medals, boxed 1953-1975 Coro.issue glod plated,plus range of Covers with Coins.some 23 items also large I.O.M.Cover x 2,G.B.large with George Cross Replica,other G.B. with Coins. Cost a Fortune at Source check it out £125
111 Australia/N.Z.mint & used in grn.S/Book.Australia incl. fair range of States.,Roo's, & Heads with Defs.sets & Comms.to 1980's. N.Z.some earlies with later ED.VII.& Victory sets mint.KG.V.vals.to 1/=,Admiral pair.Aukland Exh.plus later sets & part sets to 1980 check £125
112 Nice Xmas Box.(Med.)all World all Reigns on/off paper.pkt.& Env.mass of material looks good value check £55
113 Archive Box.mass accum. looks all World on s/cards & pages.but mostly loose odd Cover.well worth sorting looks good lot £55
114 Ideal AlbumBr.Empire part I.all KG.V.issues fair range A-Z.mint & used needs close look unchecked by us came in late £595
115 Attractive Thematic coll.of the 1d Black issue for 1940.incl. Argentina Covers & M/sheet,ditto Brazil,Cuba sheets & m/sheet.plus some Covers.also G.B. to U.S.A. Cover & various Stamp Club issues some scarce muct check £125
116 Small Choc.Box.with Br. C/Wealth mint & used sets & singles on some 50 s/cards.mostly QV.-KG.VI.s.t.c.£1500 so have a check £125
117 2 Archive Boxes.full with mass 1981 Diana's Wedd.still in Folders as per New issue unchecked by us.also unused Albums.& pages.give you something to do over Xmas £135
118 Red Album.hagner & pages.Countries M-N.noted Montserrat,better N.Z., Nigeria,& Nyasaland mint & used few 100's careful check £135
119 Useful range in black page S/Book. W.W.II.German & Italian Occ.of Croatia,Serbia, Montenegro,better sets notedsuch as Croatia 1941 Founding set(one missing) f/used,sg.25a/ao.cat.£375 mint & used incl. M/Sheet check £145
120 New Imperial Old Type Vol.1 & 2.What a Xmas Present.2 x well filled vols.across the board A-Z.coverage only QV.-KG.V.,early imperf.& perf.QV's,ED.VII.& KG.V.fine lot mint & used with better vals.seen.I am afraid it is one of those you must view.so much good material Enjoy! Don't Miss. £3900
121 Slightly Battered Old Centurion album.Worldwide sel. early to about 1950 pretty well filled mint & used worth close look £85
122 Large Box.all World noted Improved album.various Foreign & British Club Books, Rapkin Germany,plus various Covers in pkt. etc. have a look £85
123 S.G.KG.VI.Printed Album.fair range Vendor states over 20 comp.sets Bahamas,Lee.Is., Nrt.Rhod.,H.K.,Straits etc.various Omnibus issues '37 Coro,1948 S.Wedd.,nice Xmas present perhaps yourself? £425
124 M/SHEETS.all World in black page S/Book.1930's noted through to Mod.also many H/Cat.Sheetlets so many items so needs to be viewed.some 106 M/sheets plus Sheets mint & used have a look £265
125 Box.Lot.as handed in.incl. G.B. S/Horses on hagner.Album G.B. KG.V.H/Vals.used. S/Book G.B.O/Prints incl. S/Horses,S/Book dup.range Australia Roo's vals.to 5/= poor 10/=, G.B. Booklets in pkt.few Falk.Is.QV./KG.V.Seyc.KG.VI.,G.B. F.D.Covers.Book World Revenues. good lot to sort or Retail £285
126 Useful range mostly Br.Cols.on some 65 cards mostly QE.II. sets etc.cat. val.of some £2,300+ makes it worth close check good retail check £295
127 Looks useful bundle of Approv.Cards all Br.Cols.from QV.-KG.VI.sets & singles mint & used 44 cards.looks good cat.val. check £295
128 Large Heavy Box.looks all World in 8 large S/books.as handed in.unchecked by us.plenty to see have a look please £295
129 Large Box.useful range of G.B. incl. 1d Black.,Waterlow Castles, F.D.C.overs.Bag of Pre.Stamp. Wholesale mint sheets.range of Booklets H/Face.plus Bag all World Covers noted W.W.II. items good rummage Box check £300
130 Lovely Battered Old Lincoln Album.crammed full of material Br.Cols. & Foreign QV.-KG.V. period mostly.few 100's needs close look £320
131 Foreign mixture in pkt.handed in.late S/America on various cards plus pkt.of early French & other Covers.must be checked please £85
132 BR.C/Wealth in Album .Mod.sel. f/used mostly Africa Malawi-Zimbabwe.plus S/Book genral range all QE.II. incl. sets to £1 mint & used check £92
133 Coll.in red S/Book.Br.Cols. S/Africa,Gibraltar other odds mostly KG.VI.incl. range of 1940 Victory issues all mint mostly odds/short sets s.t.c.£700+ £52
134 Large heavy Box.with 11 Albums.7 of G.B. F.D.Covers & 4 Royalty Albums S.Jub.,Queen Mother, Prince Charles. £55
135 Archive Box.with 6 Albums/S/Books.mostly with coll.Italy,Br.C/Wealth, West Europe, Belgium etc.many 100's well worth sorting heavy lot £135
136 BR.C/Wealth coll. A-Z. housed in 2 Simplex Albums.Aden through to Zanzibar,mint & used, QV.-QE.II.some high vals.& few comp.sets.many mint short sets KG.VI.also QV.Chinese Exped.Froces etc. needs careful viewing £160
137 Interesting sel.of Norway & Finland early to Mod.Norway range of Oscars & Numeral cancels.1856-1900's we have noted the damaged material later Mod.range to 1900's Finland early Teeth,small Lions again cond.mixed plus Mod. range 1900's back of book small p/mk.coll. have a look £110
138 On 4 Cards.St.Kitts.1923 5/= sg.59 mint.W.Australia 1888 4d sg.97 O/Print Specimen.Malta 1863 sg.7.mint,Canada 15c sg.132 f/used check £110
139 Large Box.mass of material Vendor has similar Box in sale i.e. F.D.C.plus odds same comments must be viewed coluld be anything £100
140 In Carrier Bag.all World in 2 small Albums.across the board range A-Z.incl. G.B. 24/25 Wembley mint.close margin 1d Black other QV.,other Br.Cols.but probably stronger in Foreign S/America etc.plus good cond.Br.Empire New Ideal few stamps good lot to sort £85
141 Large Box.mass of material looks at first glance all F.D.Covers Br.Cols.but close look various odds on small cards. G.B.Packs good face etc. must be on your list £100
142 All World in 3 Med.S/Books.difficult lot to describe as material dotted all over the place.better items noted many 100's must check £85
143 Carrier Bag.as Handed in pkts.Env.,& tins on/off paper.but value may be in large pkt. G.B. early Covers.unchecked also 4 new P/S/Book.always worth checking £55
144 Tin Suitcase well filled with QE.II.Mod.material looks mostly Br.C/Wealth on pages,in pkts. etc. plus bundle of covers heavy lot check £85
145 Br.Cols.Mod.sel.of Pictorial issues in S/Book.Cook Is.,Gilbert Is.,Fiji,Nr. Borneo, Br.Sol., plus good lot of some 38 mint Falk.Is. have a look £85
146 Br.C/Wealth coll.in excellent Album A.-Z. range looks mainly KG.VI.-QE.II.mint & used many 100's worth a close look. plus S.G.Part One Cat.for 2006 check £75
147 Flat Box holds small cards & pkts.decent range of Br.C/Wealth & Foreign early to QE.II. mint & used worth sorting £145
148 Plastic Carton as Handed in.counted some 14 Albums/S/Books.& loose looks plenty of material have a look £65
149 World coll.in Carrier Bag.incl. Strand Album all World up to 1950's 2nd Strand Album all World about 700 stamps better Ireland,Newfoundland,& Falk.Is. exercise book mostly Foreign.black loose leaf fold about 450 stamps.mainly Sth.America G.B. & Swiss. worth sorting some toning allowed for check £70
150 Plastic Carton as Handed in.bundle of some 14 Albums/S/Books. unchecked so have a look please rough estimate £65
151 Archive Box.all World in some dozen Albums/S/Books.remainders coll.still looks plenty to sort have a look £65
152 Interesting sel.on pages Lativa,Lith.,Estonia,Hungary,(numbered p/mks.), Bulgaria, Bosnia Hertz,fine Military Post strikes.small neat lot few 100's check £65
153 Sel.of Foreign in Med.black page S/Book.noted San Marino,Belgium,France,Spain incl. m/sheets.Germany,Asia etc.many 100's mint check £65
154 Giant S/Book.with mass of Br.Cols. QV.-QE.II. difficult to estimate dotted all over the place. fair general mix. Have a Look £65
155 One of those intrigueing little Lincoln Albums well filled all World good general range mint & used many 100's hope you find something Good Hunting £60
156 Fair mixture in Med.Box.(heavy).incl. 3 small coll.W.Germany & U.S.A.used St.Kitts.mint plus over 2500 stamps mixed in pkt. others on s/cards plus 3 New Albums etc. looks good value £55
157 AFRICA.H/Cat.coll.on pages.small One Country coll.Morroco Agencies.Sudan, Transvaal, Niger, Rhod.,Nyas.,Sth.Africa,mostly KG.V.,QE.II. mint & used good range have a look £295
158 AITUTAKI.1911-16 ½ to 1/= sg.9-12 used bar 1 mint cat.£218 (4) £55
159 ALSACE-LORRAINE.scarce lot of P/History displayed with fine detail 1815-1848 12 Entires all with different markings super display material £120
160 ASCENSION.1938 KG.VI. set to 10/= plus looks like most perf.varieties 13½ x 13. all mint some 33 stamps s.t.c.£586 £125
161 ASCENSION. 1956 QE.II. Defs.sets to 10/= mint & used £60
162 ASCENSION.1938-53 fine & comp.range of issues shades & perfs.some 31 stamps mint H/Cat. check £115
163 ASCENSION.1938-53 useful range looks comp.sel.perfs.& shades some 32 stamps all f/used H/Cat.good Lot check £100
164 AUSTRALIA STATE VICTORIA.unusual coll.displayed on Album pages.specifically for Revenues with Stamp Duty "Punched Holes" to £5 & £10.also good "Stamp Statutes" to 10/=,engraved imperfs.1d to 10/= on Colony "Foreign Bills" even Cattle O/Prints!.needs to be viewed £420
165 AUSTRALIA. 1918/20 KG.V. 1d carmine p/mk. with scarce "Secret Mark" as per sg.490 mint copy some faults but cat.£650.rarely offered £85
166 AUSTRALIA. 1923/24 £1 grey Roo.being sg.75 good/fine used copy small thin.H/Cat. £65
167 AUSTRALIA. very scarce 1932 Sidney Harbour Bridge 5/= sg.143 in mint John Ash block of 6. Exhib.item with premium slight light back creases doe's not detract.must check £925
168 AUSTRALIA.1933 5/= Sydney Harbour Bridge sg.143 well centred nice copy cat.£400 £95
169 AUSTRALIA. 1938 KG.VI. 3d val. in corner margin John Ash bl.of 4.mint £58
170 AUSTRALIA.attractive 1938 Robes h/Vals.5/= & 10/=,& £1 on thin paper sg.176a-178a in imprint mint corner bl.of 4. £160
171 AUSTRALIA.large accum.of F.D.C.in 3 well filled Albums. from about 1970-2003 Defs.& Comms.Vendor states over 400 Covers.bit like marmite! £85
172 AUSTRALIA. useful general coll.on One Country pages in Album.few Roo's & KG.V. later KG.VI.vals.to £1 noted.plus hefty range QE.II.Defs.& Comms.odd M/Sheet mint & used 100's good value check £75
173 AUSTRALIA.in Carrier Bag contains some 1½ Kilo.looks good range all off paper £35
174 AUSTRALIA.coll.in File Album.general range KG.V. stronger QE.II.to 1980's Comm. issues used & Quantity of P/Packs should be fair face & cat.val.check £125
175 AUSTRALIA.general mixture of KG.V.on One Country pages. various printing with vals.to 1/4 noted plus few Picts. all used s.t.c.£400 check £45
176 AUSTRALIA.in red Album.1966-84 between sg.382-960 good to f/used.near comp. coll. H/Vals.to $10 Comms.,perf.varieties plus 1971 Xmas Pane of 25 52 pages. cat.£383 £85
177 AUSTRALIA.in red Med.S/Book.mostly KG.VI.in unmtd.mint blocks incl. 1/4. 1941 O/Prints, 1945 2/= up to 1955.then many singles to 1978 better noted have a look £48
178 AUSTRALIA.looks fair sel.of Roo's in small S/book. s.t.b.1913-28. identified as per Vendor ½,1d,3d x 3,6d x 3,9d x 2,1/=,2/= brn.,2/= purple,plus £2 Specimen, KG.V.1916/30 ½,1d grn.x 2,1½ grn.,1½ brn.,2d red x 6,2d orange,3d blue.plus 5c on 4½ all mint not all fine H/Cat. lot worth checking £75
179 AUSTRALIA STATES.good range of States on One Country pages.fair lot early N.S.W. imperf.& perf.later small Heads Queenland late 1800's,S.Aust.,Tasmania,Victoria odd early to late 1800's few Swans mostly used cond.variable £125
180 AUSTRIA.Renner M/Sheets comp.set of 4.mint unmtd. £750
181 AUSTRIA. Wipa.granite paper nice used on piece.with Ferchenbauer Cert. £165
182 AUSTRIA.1949/56 small coll.on pages mint & used '49 Prisoner of War,'50 Corinthian, '51 Reconstruction,'52 Stamp Day,Olympic,'55 Refugee plus many singles good to fine cat.£660 £115
183 AUSTRIA. 1945-1970 sel. f/used coll.laid out in small Album.Defs. & Comms. looks fairly comp. but unchecked few 100's £60
184 AUSTRIA.useful sel. in 2 large Albums.covering in some depth hte period 1945-84 all mint Defs.& Comms. M/Sheets many better cat.items few 100's H/Cat. have a look £135
185 AUSTRIA.attractive mint sel.in Special Album.1978-86 Defs.& Comms. almost comp. s.t.b. unmtd. mint H/Cat.useful to add to. have a look £85
186 AUSTRIA P.O. in Turkey dup.mint stock,much unmtd.1867-1901. 15sld sg.5 x 20, 25sld sg.6 x 20,20p on 4k sg.45 x 20, F11 x 50, cat.£780 have a look £72
187 BAHAMAS.1921-35.mint & used sel. on 2 pages between sg.111-144 Staircases to 3/=, '21-'37 to £1 heavy used ,'30 Seals to 3/=,Jub. used are heavy.few faults but good lot check cat.£586 £125
188 BAHAMAS.1942 Landfall 2/=,sg.172 comp.sheet ex 2 vals,plus 1/= half sheet of 60 unmtd.mint £245
189 BAHRAIN.1938/74 mint '38 to 3a 6p, '52-'60 comp.,'60 & '64 sets,'66 to 1d plus Comms. cat.£358 check £70
190 BARBADOS.1940 1d scarlet S/Horse perf.13½ x 13. being sg.249 mint cat.£275 £58
191 BARBADOS.general coll.in black page S/Book.few Britannia's & Kings mostly QE.II. mint & used have a look £38
192 BELGIUM. on card 1849/69 s.t.b. 20c blue sg.2a x 3,sg.7 x 2,plus sg.13/14,21,22 x 2.plus error 46e all used mostly selected copies £42
193 BELGIUM.scarce 1920 Hotel De Ville 65c blk.& claret in comp.sheet of 25 with Depot 1920 markings mint.some minor creases but cat.675 euros as sheet £95
194 BELGIUM.used coll.of a few 100 stamps from 1st issues onwards incl.some very nice cipies.coll.ends in the late 1960's needs to be viewed £150
195 BELGIUM.Epaulettes x 12 copies sg.1 & 2. nice lookers some with 4 margin check £95
196 BELGIUM.coll.on page in box.1849-1960 on bundle of pages mint & used H/Vals.& sets noted looks good lot worth sorting £195
197 BELGIUM.coll.in red Devon Album.1894-1957 incl. many better.1930--1940 sets.plus loose leaf Album mixed range earlies to 1990's worth sorting £45
198 BELGIUM. coll.in Davo One Country Album.fairly sparce range early to 1930's.plus S/Book later issues to be added mostly mint.good lot to start £95
199 BELGIUM.coll.in Abria Album.sel. 1850-88 looks mainly used Defs.& Comms.sets & singles odd M/Sheet.nice little lot have a look £60
200 BELGIUM. coll.in Davo one Country Album. 1950-76.mixed sel. Defs.& Comms. from 1960-70 looks almost comp.run mint.mostly sets nice lot to expand £65
201 BELGIUM E.AFRICA.unusual coll.of P/History of Usumbura 1907-1942 on 4 pages.2 stamps 1907 Card.1926 P/Stat.15c S/Charge.1918 P/Card,1942 Censor Cover.plus 2 early Occ.Belgium Karema with possible scarce unframed C.D.S. cancels good lot check £75
202 BERMUDA.1920 Terc.set of 9 mint sg.59/67 cat.£100 £32
203 BERMUDA.1935 S/Jub. 1/= with Kite & Log flaw being sg.97k mint cat.£180 £55
204 BERMUDA.1938 KG.VI. 10/= & £1 lightly mtd.mint unchecked printing £75
205 BERMUDA.1953-67 between sg.135-211 looks comp.all sets mint & u.on 9 pages cat.£268 £48
206 BERMUDA.KG.V.coll.1917-1938 H/Vals.2/= - £1,mint & used.82 stamps. shades,varieties sg.51bb & 88b seen,10/= x 13,£1 x 4,12/6 x 4,plus the Revenue/Revenue 12/6 all good copies incl. M.Glazer Book with many additional notes. cat.£10,450 needs to be viewed £3450
207 BERMUDA. on card QV. 6d mauve,KG.VI.H/Vals. 2/= & 2/6 x 2,plus 5/= & 10/= unchecked all mint £80
208 BR.ANT.TERR.attractive sel.in giant black page S/Book.looks fairly comp.range mint & used 1980's to 2005 Comms.incl. some M/Sheets H/Cat. £135
209 BR.HONDURAS.coll.in Ring 22 album.laid out and written up 1865-1970 mint & used fairly QV.-Kings but better H/Cat. incl. strong KG.VI.-QE.II.incl. blocks & odd sheets s.t.c.nearly £1000. £125
210 BRIT.SOLOMON IS.1939 KG.VI. comp.set of 13 sg.60-72 unmtd.mint £32
211 BRUNEI. 1895 Locals 1st set to $1.being sg.1-10 f/used cat.£400 £80
212 BRUNEI. 1896 Labaun O/Print set to 10c (ex.1c) sg.12-18 mint £38
213 BRUNEI.1922 Malaya-Borneo Exhib.1c block of 4 with varieties short "N" plus single 5c same varieties.used sg.51c & 55d. cat.£200+ £40
214 BRUNEI.1924/37 River View comp.set to $1.sg.60-78 f/used £52
215 BRUNEI.Covers 1942 Plain with Jap.Occ.issues 1c-50c(7),plus 4c & 8c stamps all tied C.D.S. cancel cat.£480,also 1942 Plain Jap.Occ.Cover with issues 1c-$1(11).tied C.D.S. cancels cat.£560.attractive pair have a look £195
216 BRUNEI.coll in boxed Album.1949 S.JUB.-1974 Defs.& Comms. all mint check £55
217 BULGARIA.coll.in Plymouth Peg Fit Albums with Bulgaria from 1877 Lions to middle 1940's Defs. & Comms. Picts.mint & used all with cat.priced s.t.b. £1945. Ideal base coll. £65
218 BULGARIA.valuable coll.in 5 Gold Crest Albums.1879 Lions,1892 fine range P/Dues. perf./ imperf mint & used incl. S/Charges,range 1900's Lion O/Print. Rev.O/Print,sg.156 corner block of 36,1909 S/Charges. usual 1920's Defs.& Picts. incl. P/Dues.with errors.similar range 1930's Airs & Workers issues & Sport.then fairly comp.to 1950's coll.continues in 4 vals.mass of material nice to expand a useful holding for the future re.offered at reduce price. have a look £825
219 BURMA.small bundle of Covers in pkt.looks to be mostly KG.V.-KG.VI.Airmail odd Censor.lot with back stamps etc. some have been identified some 32 items have a look £95
220 CANADA. 1897 QV. JUB.issue on card vals.1c to $1.fine lot above mint some unmtd. only the 50c not fine the $1 one perf.spot in 2 shades of the 5c. 13 vals. H/Cat.lot check £195
221 CANADA.1897 JUB.$2 violet sg.137 sound copy with heavish rolled cancel cat.£350 £65
222 CANADA.1898/1902 QV.numeral set of 11.as per sg.150-165.all mint some nice copies but 6c,10c with faults. H/Cat.Lot check £195
223 CANADA.1908 Quebec set of 8 vals. ½ to 20c appears all scarce unmtd.mint £95
224 CANADA.KG.V.on card.1915 War Tax trio sg.225/27. 1924 1c,2c,3c imperf.good margins sg.259/61.plus ED.VII.imperf.sg.177a all mint £85
225 CANADA.1915 KG.V.War Tax O/Prints 5c,20c,& 50c sg.225/227 plus 1915 Engraved issue sg.228/30 all mint check £75
226 CANADA.scarce 1942 7c Airmail in blue with large perf.shift from sheet of 50 from 5th column position single stamp.but P/Stat. of comp sheet with the stamp highlighted plus 1942 good Neighbours Cover have a look £65
227 CANADA.1942 War Effort set of 14 unmtd.mint sg.375/388 £46
228 CANADA.1949 4c Coil carmine sg.422 x 20 unmtd.mint cat.£280 (20) £50
229 CANADA.1951 Fisherman $1 blue sg.433 in Bank Note corner marginals mint bl.of 4. £45
230 CANADA.Booklets 1950 sg. SB46 x 6 mainly good Panes,looks unmtd.mint H/Cat. Panes alone cat.£300 (6) £60
231 CANADA.Booklet 1950 sg.SB46 x 4 Panes looks unmtd. Cover fair cat.£200 £45
232 CANADA.coll.on One Country pages.range of QV.small Heads,KG.V.Defs. & Picts. vals.to $1, imperf.& perf.,Reg.stamp etc.all used variable cond.plus sel. of P/Dues. & Special Delivery H/Cat.Lot have a look £125
233 CANADA. 1893-1930 dup.mint Stock(to 10 of each).28 diff.items many Admiral types to 20c,mainly good to fine few faults. H/Cat.Lot check £255
234 CANADA.1937/52 mint mainly unmtd.sel.on s/card. '37 1c & 2c Booklet Panes, '42 to $1, '49-51 incl. Coils,$1 Fisherman x 2 cat.£345 £70
235 CANADA.on 2 hagner sheets.1946 Peace 6 vals. sg.401-06 mint.blocks of 4. plus 1942 War Efforts comp.set with punctured holes being sg.0137/52 mint £75
236 CANADA.sel. KG.V.on card. I.T.C. 2c scarlet 2 shades,2c brn. imerf./perf.,2c grn. single & vert.pair,plus 1c,2c,& 3c imperf.pairs all mint not all fine cat.£500+ £80
237 CANADA.coll.in Simlex Album.few Cols.incl. Nova Scotia,Pr.Edward Is.,New Brunswick mint & used,Canada general range of KG.V.-QE.II.,Defs. & Comms. vals.to $1 noted few 100's check £52
238 CANADA.sel.onsmall approv.cards.noted 3 x small Beavers,1893 50c,few QV.Jubs., noted 50c mint, various KG.V. & KG.VI. imperf.& perf.pairs other odd Picts. s.t.c.over £1000.check £170
239 CANADA.coll.in S.G.S/Book.few QV.'s,KG.V.Defs. & Picts. vals.to $1 noted.KG.VI. Defs. & Picts. again vals.to $1.some blocks of 4, plus later QE.II. also special Delivery etc. needs close look cat. nearly £1600.all mint check £200
240 CANADA.SG.S/Book.QV.large & small Heads vals.to 15c seen.odd Jub.later Defs. & Picts.vals.to $1.looks fairly comp.sel.of KG.V1 as above.few "G" O/Prints others s.t.c. £1500.all used £200
241 CANADA.Ex.Dealers range in 2 old black S/Books with Manilla pages.fair bit dup.in places looks all KG.V.with dup.vals.to $1 noted used few 100 check £70
242 CANADA.2 Albums QV.to QE.II. few early QV.Heads plus Kings but value in QE.II. with H/Face val. 100's check £75
243 CANADA COLONIES.on pages New Brunswick vals.to 17c.plus extra's Pr.Edward Is.mint & used sel.vals.to 12c. cond.mixed H/Cat. check £85
244 CAPE MAFEKING.1900 Major Goodyear 1d blue on blue as per sf.17 f/used cat.£275 £95
245 CAPE MAFEKING.1900 General Baden-Powell 3d blue on blue being sg.20 signed twice on back used cat.£350 £130
246 CAPE MAFEKING.1900 General Baden Powell 3d blue on blue the large Format wing margin of sg.21 used cat.£800 fine item £350
247 CAPE MAFEKING. 1900 General Baden-Powell large Format 3d dp.blue/grn. as per sg.22. scarcest of this issue mint cat.val.£8000. fine looker thin top left.priced accordingly £1250
248 CAPE OF GOOD HOPE. 1853 1d brick-red Triangle on slightly blued paper as per sg.3. with good margins used £45
249 CAPE OF GOOD HOPE. 1855/58 1d dp.rose red Triangle fine copy with good/large margins sg.5a f/used £65
250 CAPE OF GOOD HOPE.1855/58 1/= yell.grn. Tete-Beche pair s.t.b. sg.8 some close margins H/Cat. £85
251 CAYMAN IS.1908 ED.VII.2½ S/Charge on 4d brn.& blue scarce stamp f/used sg.35 H/Cat.item & has A.R.P.S.Cert. As Genuine H/Cat.item rarely offered £700
252 CEYLON.1895 QV. 2c grn.On Service with invert.wmk.now listed by sg.as O/W.not priced enclosed letter from sg.confirming as genuine used. £55
253 CEYLON.one of the scarce invert.S/Charges 5c on 32c slate,mostly on piece,sheet margin copy,creased lower left,small faults however a collectable copy.this was discovered by me in a pkt.of Ceylon QV.with another copy that was once the top copy of this pair. this stamp however is damaged at the left sg.155a est.based on one copy needs checking £280
254 CEYLON.attractive range of Postage & Revenue S/Charges incl.pair sg.156,strip of sg.179 & single sg.180 also seen sg.165 etc.have a look £20
255 CHINA.unchecked sel.in Album & 2nd.S/Book. Vendor states range 1902-1940 needs to be checked £55
256 COOK IS. in red Utile album.1968-86 small coll.much used strong between 1980-86 plus '68 Cook Voyage set x 10 in full sheet unmtd.H/Cat. have a look £80
257 COOK IS.coll.on one Country pages 1892 Fed.to 10d,1893 to 10d,1898 types 4 vals. 1919 KG.V.to 1/=,1921 Fiscals 2/= & 5/=. 1936 Admiral 2/= & 3/=,few KG.VI. plus later QE.II. range all ,mint £65
258 COVERS. KG.VI. Pitcairn Is.1940 15th Oct.Covers comp.KG.VI.to 2/6,plus 1st Sept.1951 4d & 8d,KG.VI.on F.D.C.,1946 Victory pair & U.P.U. 3d Cover. £100
259 COVERS. scarce Australia 1937 S.Jub.(Westminster)Cover.prepared for the 6th May 1935 S.Jub.but owing to the wreck of the Scooner carring the mail it arrived 21 mths. late. as such LTD.Number known £185
260 COVERS.Italy 1917 First World Air stamp S/Charge First flight Roma-Torino.plus Australia 1931 First Flight to U.K. used 6d Kingford x 3.KG.V.2d & 3d Air £30
261 COVERS. Sudan in pkt.interesting range of some 100.P/Stat.Wrappers & P/Cards & P/History good range of Postman looks good value check £50
262 COVERS.scarce 1891 Daily Graphic Artistic Sketch Book.Card ILL.in black & white used with paid Charing Cross 20th Oct.1891 cancel.some tone spots should clean up £30
263 COVERS. Bag of World Covers in 3 pkts.looks to be mostly Egypt looks well over 100 unchecked have a look £55
264 COVERS.in 2 small Albums.mostly German P/Stat.mint & used interesting Himler Card. Germania & Inflation issues nearly 300 items check £75
265 COVERS. U.S.A.First Flight Covers displayed in Ring album.1928 Fltchis with nice range of stamps & catchets & p/mks.some 85 Covers all appear to have a coding £145
266 COVERS.unchecked sel.of Pre.Stamp Covers on 2 s/cards circa 1850 apears to be all Swedish but unchecked about 34 Covers check please £45
267 COVERS.sel.of German Pre.Stamp & stamp Covers in giant S/Book.early Helligenstradt, Worbis,Uder.D/Post numerals,1820 Dingelstadt.many others odd stamps incl. Dudenstadt on 3g,E.germany 1950 academy set of 10 sg.E20-29 used on 2 P/Cards over 55 Covers & others have a look £150
268 COVERS.sel.of early Covers in giant S/Book.late 1800's pre.stamp some earlier noted one 1678.few Inflation & Hitlet issues.others incl. Prussia King Wilhelm on Hellingerstradt Covers. looks good lot some 50 Covers £145
269 COVERS.coll.of large type Reg.Airmail Covers incl.N.Z.-U.S.A.,Newfoundland, G.B.x 3, U.S.A.,Canada,Manila,etc.some 45 Covers looks good value £75
270 COVERS.small sel.of World Covers in Album.good general mixture many better.Airs some 23 Covers have a look £65
271 COVERS. U.S.A.First Flight Covers in Album 1928-1933 good range of catchets varieties of Adh.& p/mks.odd P/Stat.some 58 Covers attractive lot £115
272 COVERS.nice sel.of U.S.A. First Flight Covers in Ring Album 1926-1946 better type catchets.usual Adh.good range p/mks.listed by Cam Catalogue about 80 Covers check £125
273 COVERS.small Box of German Covers unchecked as handed in.probably couple 100. so needs close look please £65?
274 COVERS.large accum.of German Pre.Stamp Covers in giant S/Book.circa 1800's good range of places & p/mks.impossible to describe 75 Covers plus 40 receipts leave this one to you £145
275 COVERS.small Box of some 180 Covers German Feld Post items cond.mixed in places so needs good sort out.but cheap enough check £65
276 COVERS.very scarce sel.of Bahamas Covers in giant S/Book.ED.VII.,KG.V. Defs. & Picts., Airmail Censor.KG.VI.incl.blocks of 4 O.H.M.S, QV.P/Stat.plus range of QE.II. around 200 items some impossible to give decent description must be viewed £495
277 COVERS.Shoebox.Ex.Dealers Stock of Br.Cols.& Foreign Covers looks good mixture middle Mod.over 500 Covers few P/Cards £65
278 COVERS.in Shoebox Ex.dealers World Covers looks middle Mod.Cover good range around 500 Covers useful retail £65
279 COVERS.sel.of World Covers in small Album 21 items all different early middle period may suit.check £45
280 COVERS.large Box unchecked Airmail letters,range of Countries all in their own sections must be 100's s.t.b. H/Cat.Lot containing many scarce items needs to be viewed £465
281 COVERS.a superb coll.Zepp.& related P/Cards in Album.coloured & sepia with fine range incl.crash items.some 70 cards £295
282 COVERS.Zepp.Cards & related items stable companion to one other in sale same comments apply some 70 cards £295
283 COVERS. Germany sel.of P/Cards & Covers displayed on pages 3 x early Shields Covers 1872 but mostly Germania cards various combinations some 40 items £38
284 COVERS.Germany a coll.on pages 1899 to Inflation issues recording with Covers & Cards the range of different Post rates during this period. interesting section is the Inflation period when rates where rapidly changing around 70 items have a look £145
285 COVERS. Liechtenstein Covers in Album 1930's,1960's all with scarce Official O/Prints Regierungs Dienstache incl. 1930 issues & 1933 over 60 Covers £250
286 COVERS.Liechtenstein.coll.of Covers in Album.middle range (late 1950's) F.D.Covers Defs.& Comms. sets & singles odd mint Sheet through to 1969 over 65 Covers £65
287 COVERS.U.S.A.First Flight Covers in Box.1939 various stamps & catchets over 160 items good value must check £115
288 COVERS.The following 10 Lots are one Main coll.all Br.Cols.mostly KG.V.-KG.VI.split to keep mostwithin most Colectors reach all Covers numbers in lot as per Vendor. ED.VII.-QE.II. Aden,K.U.T.,N.Z.,St.Helena,Gib.,Falk.Is. & others over 170 Covers £150
289 COVERS.This Lot.KG.V.-QE.II.Malta,Fiji,Gambia,Canada,Ceylon,Newfoundland some 148 Covers £150
290 COVERS.This Lot KG.V.-QE.II.Malaya States,Gilbert & Ellice,Br.Sol.Is.,H.K.,India,Burma over 140 items £150
291 COVERS.This Lot KG.V.-QE.II.Cayman Is.,Jamaica,Montserrat,Bermuda others some 160 Covers £150
292 COVERS. This Lot.all India QV.-KG.VI. over 100 Covers £150
293 COVERS.This.Lot; QV.-QE.II.Canada,Saints,Barbados,Br.G.,Bahrain some 126 Covers £150
294 COVERS.This Lot. KG.V.-QE.II.Br.Hond.,Dominica,Antigua,Trin.& Tob.,Virgin Is.,St.Lucia, St.Vincent,Turks.& others 120 Covers. £150
295 COVERS.This Lot; ED.VII.-QE.II.S/Africa,Nigeria,G.Coast,Rhod.,S.Leone,Australia etc. some 150 Covers £150
296 COVERS.This Lot; ED.VII.-QE.II.Papua,Nr.borneo,Sarawak,Brunei,Nyasaland, Mauritius, Seychelles. about 124 Covers £150
297 COVERS.This Lot. KG.V.-QE.II.,U.S.A.,Malta,N.Z.,S/Africa,Newfoundland,Burma & other odds.some 139 Covers £150
298 COVERS. R.A.F.Covers in 2 Boxes housed in 11 Albums.similar items to those we had 2 Auctions ago being many Air Force Covers signed,series of Pegusus Bridge all signed 21 in all D.Day Silks incl. Channel Is.,Marshal Is.,various Dam Busters incl. signed Jonnie Johnson,Townsend.Richard Todd etc.another expensive lot when purchased.Westminster & Croydon stamps about 600 Covers.mostly unchecked by us close look please £200
299 COVERS.most unusual & valuable old tyme Dealers Display Box.being a large Box containing very large S/Cards mass of material all laid out.stamps but mostly early Covers & cards.from early German P/Stat.,Germania scarce combinations,throiugh to Hindenburg, few early Colonies,Scand.Covers.Polish P/Stat.later German on Covers,Italy P/Stat.,& Covers & host more. you need to view to the bottom of Box.care when viewing please £800
300 COVERS.Med.Tall Box.all World many 100's perhaps 1000's,have'nt been to the bottom of the Box.so take some time to sort Good Hunting £80
301 COVERS.attractive U.S.A.Airmail Covers 1926-1946 written up in Album.some 125 Covers F.Flight shoud be all different & listed as per U.S.A. Cam catalogue good lot check £190
302 COVERS.very scarce range of Germany Covers in giant Album.1st part all early Shields on 1870's Cards,good range p/mks.later Covers with various Shields Adh.combinations,few Nrth.German Fed.Cards some Covers wide varieties some 88 items mixed cond.in places. but H/Cat.Lot check £395
303 COVERS.fine range of German Pre.Stamp Covers in large Album.1809-1846 many from Heiligenstadt to various destinations.the later issues with double ring & boxed cancels & charges some 45 Covers £95
304 COVERS.small bundle of World covers early to middle period incl. interesting Ship p.mks. many to Finland worth sorting £65
305 COVERS. Cook Is.Penryn 1920 Pictorial set of 6 on Reg.Cover to U.K. sg.32/7 scarce on Cover £60
306 COVERS. Cook Is.Niue 1920 Pictorial set of 6 sg.38-43 scarce on Cover £46
307 COVERS. Cook Is.Aitutakia 1920 Pictorial set of 6 on Cover to U.K. sg.24-29 scarce on Cover £58
308 COVERS. S/Africa Boer War 2 different ILL.Sympatry P/Cards Germany to President Kruger £42
309 COVERS.Cyprus 1929 Egypt stamps p/mks. "Sea P.O.Cyprus" Cover endorsed in grn. S.S. Bilbels Cyprus/Egypt £36
310 COVERS.Bahamas 1936 to Ireland per Hindenburg with catchet.KG.V. 3d & 3/= Adh., 1941 Cover to N.York with 10c U.S.A. Washinton plus Bahamas KG.VI. 2d & 8d Adh.further used with Jamaica KG.VI. 4d & 6d. interesting pair £55
311 COVERS. K.U.T. 1934 Cover used from India to Nairobi scarce 10c P/Dues tied £36
312 COVERS.Germany Zepp.1912 "Rhein Main"Charity flying weeks,specially produced P/Card franked 5pf.Germany & 3 copies of the special 30pf Airmail stamps,all tied "Darmstadt" 23/6/12.nice cond. & scarce cat.900 euros on cover £150
313 COVERS. Germany Zep.1912 "Rhein"AM Main"Charity flights of Zepp. "Schwabn" & Aeroplane "Gelberhond"very fine orange card franked 5pf Germania & 10pf.Official flight stamp O/Print 1m "Gelberhond"stamps tied special "Darmstadt" flight C.D.S. 19/6/12. nice item £100
314 COVERS.Bermuda Airship "Los Angeles"return to Lakehurst of delayed 2nd flight catchet Env. franked 2½d Ship,tied Hamilton roller 16.4.25,addressed to A.Roessler.very fine cond. £40
315 COVERS.Germany Zepp.real photo card.of Graf.Zepp.over Frankfurt,carried on the Airship's first Atlantic crossing.franked with copy of 2rm Zepp.stamp tied Friedrichshafen 10.10.28 New York arrival 16.10.28 on obverse sieger 21a £35
316 COVERS.Germany Zepp.1928 catchet Cover franked with copy of 4rm Zepp.stamp tied Friedrichshafen 10.10.28,carried on first flight to U.S.A.Env.has light paper creasing £40
317 COVERS.Germany Zepp.Env.franked with copy of 4rm Zepp.stamp cancel Friedrichshaften 15.8.29 & carried on the round World flight.2 red cachets & clear Tokyo Arrival 19.8.29 comp.Sieger 300au £50
318 COVERS.Swiss. 1929 Graf Zepp.round World flight.Swiss acceptance for Germany to Tokyo stage with spectacular franking,("Icarcus")1fr x 5.3 x red catchets & Tokyo roller cancel 21.8.29 on arrival comp.scarce Cover £175
319 COVERS.Germany Zepp.1933 Graf Zepp.,flight to Italy,P/Card with Bordpost cancel 29/5/33 red Wolf catchet & Rome backstamp on arrival. Sieger 207ai £50
320 COVERS.Italy Zepp.1933,Graf Zepp.Italian flight,fine reg.Cover carried on return flight with Italian 5 lire Zepp stamp.tied Rome special cancel,blue Wolf catchet,& Friedrichshaften & Lorch backstamp on arrival. have a look £65
321 COVERS.G.B.Zepp.1933 Graf Zepp 2nd Sth.America flight,Zepp Company Official Env. franked with KG.V.2/6 Bradbury tied by London F.S.Airmail C.D.S. 12/6/31 both flight catchets on obverse & Condor Zepp.catchet & San Salvador,Bahia 6.6.33 back stamp.& scarce Cover with all correct markings have a look £160
322 COVERS. Zepp.Germany 1931 Polar flight,8pf P/Stat.Card.franked with 1rm. O/Print Zepp. stamp tied Friedrichshafen cancel with special Zepp.receiver.Sieger 119z scarce item £135
323 COVERS.Germany Zepp.1931 Grag Zepp.Polar flight,P/Card franked with super copy of 2rm O/Print Zepp.stamp,tied Berlin 25/5/31.& carried to the Ice.breaker "Malyguin" off Franz Joseph Land where the special receing mark was applied 27/7/31. Seiger 119h. scarce £145
324 COVERS.Germany Zepp.flight with fine catchet carried by the Zepp.to meet Ice.Breaker "Malygin" off Franz Joseph Land.franked with super copy of 4rm.O/Print Zepp.stamp cancel with Friedrichshafen 24/7/31.comp. scarce Cover Sieger 119f cat.1100euro £325
325 COVERS.U.S.A.Zepp.first Sth.America flight.P/Stat.Card franked 65 cent Zepp. stamp & carried to Spain on return trip,Sieger 645.small bends on one corner do not detract from this fine item. have a look £125
326 COVERS.Zepp. U.S.A.1929 Graf.Zepp.World flight,catchet Covers with fine Airmail franking incl.Scott C.A.x 2 & c.6,carried Los Angeles & Lakehurst.H/Cat. check £45
327 COVERS. in Ring Album.P/Stat.some 28 items incl. QV.Specimen x 3.India Field Service Amara,G.B. QV.N.Z. etc. check £50
328 COVERS. Med.Box.full of World Covers impossible to describe or even to get to the bottom of the box.at this price needs time so good hunting £135
329 COVERS.Canada 1871-1936 33 used P/Stat.,items in S/Book..QV.-KG.V. P/Cards,wrappers etc.all identified by H.& G.numbers H/Cat. £65
330 COVERS.Italy 1836/61 stampless Postal History 6 items.from Genoa.Prato,Florence,Savona. interesting sel.of catchets etc.check list enclosed £35
331 COVERS. Br.C/Wealth P/Stat.over 100 items.in Album mostly QV.many Territories all unused mostly different check £115
332 COVERS.France 3 Covers 1872 25c Ceres.ADH.1873 30c Nap.ADH.both tied plus fine 1872 80c Ceres with clear 5080 Alexandria cancel to Strasbourg check £42
333 COVERS. Aden 1937 Cover to U.K. with Dhow short set to 1r on clean Cover check £55
334 COVERS. Mauritius 1947 Air Letter to U.K. KG.VI. 3c x 3,2c x 1,25c x 1, one of each the 3c is sliced"S" variety sg.253a(scarce on Cover)also 3c 2mm dropped value flaw scarce item £125
335 COVERS. St.Helena 1934 Cover to U.K. 1933 Cent.short set ½ to 1/= tied to Reg.Cover £55
336 COVERS.in pkt.Br.Cols.single Covers in pkt. 1928 St.Helena 3d KG.V., 1925 Wembley P/Card mint.1952 U.S.A.Paquebot,Malta 1923 with bl.of 4 5/=.G.B. 1911 McKennal Dublin Castle others incl. Foreign 24 items £80
337 COVERS.small Plastic Box.European Field P/Cards.fine range stamped & un stamped over 350 items.close look please £125
338 COVERS.Med.Plastic Box.with mixture of some 150 Covers G.B. F.D. & some R.A.F. as handed in. have a look £50
339 COVERS. 1938 KG.VI. Falk.Is.Covers Plain 1937 Coro Reg.Covers by 2. 1938 on 3 Covers ½,1d & 2½,4d,& 6d,1/= on Front.plus scarce 2/6 & 5/= Sth.Georgia C.D.S. cancel Covers addressed to H.M.S. Exceler. £125
340 COVERS.Swiss.in Biscuit Tin.interesting bundle of Covers,incl. several Bundesfeire 1911/1929 few earlier issues noted.incl. Airs plus later Prov.Juv.etc. over 250 items £85
341 COVERS.Swiss.some 52 Airmail Covers/Cards.all in plastic Env.,noted odd Zepps. fine range of Air stamps incl. S/Charges circa 1938 plus few Mod. looks very good value not to be missed £85
342 COVERS.small sel.of early Pre.Stamp Covers in Ring Binder mostly middle 1800's all different with good range p/mk.some 48 Covers worth checking £50
343 COVERS.Swiss.fine coll.of early Swiss.Covers in Ring Binder.about half & half of seated Helvetia's imperf.& perf.vals.noted 2r to 15r good range of p/mks.over 100 Covers looks good val. must be checked £125
344 COVERS.giant S/Book.Portugal & Cols. P/Stat. U.P.U. Cards circa 1900's Mouchons incl. Acores. Hespanic.Funchal etc. all mint well over 220 items £38
345 COVERS. Med./Large Box.World Covers mass accum. middle Mod.range many Airmails etc. worth close look £75
346 COVERS.in Box.Faroe Is.coll.of Covers in 6 vols.1975-1999. clean lot better Defs.,good range Comms.many sets incl. single stamps each with ILL.Cover few 100 useful Thematic's £85
347 COVERS.mass accum.of Denmark F.D.C.held in 15 vols.covering period 1941-1999. valuable coll.in shere numbers must be 100's Defs.& Comms.blocks.fine retail outlet must be viewed very heavy lot held in 2 Boxes £225
348 COVERS.in Box.mass accum.of Swedish Covers held in 10 vols., 1st vol. better items 1932-1963.then a very useful range of Covers 1964-1993 clean lot Ideal stock or retail must be 100's close look please. a very heavy lot £145
349 COVERS. U.S.A. First Airmail Flight Covers 1926-27.fine range of different catchets used mostly with 10c Airmail Adh. 68 items check £110
350 COVERS.a superb Exhib.grade coll.of early Covers used Constantinoples written up & displayed on pages in Album.incl. 1865 Austria Post.1856 Marseille,1878 Trieste. 1878 with 10 soldi,1869 Smyrne,1904 Jaffa,1896 Bulgaria card, 1882 Hannover with 20pf. 1912 German Post,1918 France Feldpost,1922 Izmir.& host better not mentioned some 40 odd Covers plus 3 Telegrams. fine lot have a look £575
351 COVERS.scarce Exhib.coll.of early Swedish P/History displayed and written up in Ring Album.incl. 1753 Royal Proclamation Notice,1752 Adolph Friedrick Royal Seal, rare 1810 Entire Army with feather under seal.Special Delivery,plus range single line p/mks. 1830- 1852 sel. rectanglar.Arc & circle p.mk.later to 1873 all with wax seals some 46 items check £490
352 COVERS. range of Br.C/Wealth P/Stat.in Album.mostly unused & largely QV's. Aust. States, B.W.I.,Gib.few Foreign mostly Italy over 130 items have a look £58
353 COVERS.Canada superb range of Airmail Covers written up.& displayed in Album 1935 - 1950 mostly with Airmail Adh.incl.S/Charges fine range of catchets well over 100 Covers some stamps have a look £225
354 COVERS.in flat box.bundle of early Germany,Germania,Inflation,Hindenburg all Commercial Covers various combinations cond.mixed but looks decent lot over 50 items check £48
355 COVERS. Foreign Covers in giant S/Book.Portugal 1950's,Yugo.,Turkey,Russia, Poland, Bulgaria,Spain. many 100's have a look £90
356 COVERS. Cuba looks interesting sel.in Album.1928-1950 many better Airs,1928 Lindenberg.fair bit Censors mail.good S/Charges material around 90 items £58
357 COVERS.attractive coll.of Canada Airmail Covers in Album.1928-1930 super range of catchets & other markings,plus good lot of ADH.some 69 Covers fine display material close look advised £95
358 COVERS.in Med.Box.Germany Commercial Covers incl. Germania Inflation issues etc. cond.mixed in places but looks good value have a look £52
359 COVERS.Bermuda in red S.G.Album.with fine coll.Covers,Cards,P/Stat.etc.from early QE.II.period some more unusual p/mks.incl.Pembroke North,Mangrove Bay,etc.usefull at back of book with wrappers,Air Letters,F.Flights,Paquebots & fine S/Tat. good lot 93 items £85
360 COVERS.Bahamas coll.in grn.Utile Album.44 items from pre.stamp x 4,QV. x 8,ED.VII.x 5, KG.V. x 19,& KG.VI. x 8.incl. 3 Wiliamson sea floor env.noted,1851 stampless from Harbour Is.,1857 stampless "per pkt."Liverpool/Nassau,1917 early Tourist slogan,1939 undersea P.O.,1943 stampless R.A.F.concession.nice lot check £170
361 COVERS.Cocos Is.small flat box.containing coll.of 64 F.D.C.'s circa 1976/1989,attractive mtd.display,the stamps alone cat.over £200 in sg.2000. have a look £55
362 COVERS.Shoebox or P/Stat. as handed in.noted German States,France, Serbia & others few 100 must check £55
363 COVERS. Italy 12 Pre.Stamp Covers 22 stamped Covers mainly early but also later Censor & Maritime Mail 32 items check £45
364 COVERS.mixed sel.in Album.incl. 1929 Zepp.Karl G.Peters Card.various Air Adh.,1932 Uraguay Zepp.Card.,Canada QV. 3c orange,1930's Airmail other Airmals. some 40 items £90
365 CUBA/DOMINICA.interesting sel.of Covers in Album Cuba Steamships,1880 Adh.,1940 Censors various Adh.,later Airs plus various stamps.small Album Dominica Telegraph stamps 1887-1973 mint & used unusual lot have a look £80
366 CYPRUS. attractive 1924/28 KG.V.£1 purple & blk.red.mult.crown C.A.fresh mint copy of sg.102 nice stamp £100
367 CYPRUS.1924 KG.V. £1 purple/black & red being sg.102 fresh mint copy £115
368 CYPRUS.Specimens being 1962 Apollo sg.211.23 plus 1964 Olympic's & 1971 Defs. Ltd. ussues £30
369 CYPRUS. 1929 1½pia red p/mk. "Sea Post Office Cyprus" Cover endorsed in grn. S.S. Belkas £36
370 CYPRUS.coll.in 2 S/Books.range 1979-85.plus 2nd S/Book.1960-78.Vendor stated 1979/85 almost comp.over 40 sets,plus 6 M/Sheets,Turk.Cyprus nearly 50 sets & 4 1960-78 nearly comp. approx. nearly 60 sets incl. blocks with Controls plus 1962 Specimen set. appears all unmtd.mint check £95
371 CYPRUS. on black card.QV.30p sg.41a,ED.VII. 2p sg.65a used, KG.V. 30p sg.87a mint £52
372 CZECH. small sel.in hagner Binder mostly imperf.& perf. Hradcany types mint & used. plus Express Cover interesting little lot check £26
373 CZECH.interesting chaotic accum.with many 1000's of stamps filling up a box,housed on Album pages,s/cards,Env.,etc.mint & used starts from 1918 onwards.keep you busy during the Winter months. have a look £100
374 CZECH.coll.in K.A.-B.E. Album.1963-74 Defs.& Comms.plus later issues on added pages all fine used nice nice lot of Thematic's £42
375 DENMARK. Danish Railway stamps in S/Book.attractive range mint & used some scarce items noted within the 175 items have a look £75
376 EAST AFRICA.P/History of Kigoma & Tabora from German to C/Wealth via Belgium. involvement in W.W.I.most unusual & unique study of this area with stamps & Covers could well be very cheap.must check £100
377 EGYPT.1987 Concorde & Wonders of the World some 23 Special Covers all used with Se.Tenant blocks of 4 some signed nicely displayed £32
378 EGYPT. unchecked sel. 1879-1966.held in 9 S.G.S/Books heavy dup.100's probably 1000's worth a close look £45
379 EGYPT. Br.Forces in Egypt 1dpia plus letter stamps 1p x 2,colour.plus useful 1935 S.Jub. O/Print sg.A10 mint tone spot £38
380 FALKLAND DEP.1944/52 mint & used coll. O/Print sets incl. 6d blue/blk.shades,thin & thick Maps, S.Wedd.& U.P.U. cat.£278 £75
381 FALKLAND IS.1938 comp.set sg.146/163 mint cat.£425 £95
382 FALKLAND IS.1952 KG.VI.comp.set sg.172/185 mint cat.£150 £42
383 FALKLAND IS. 1953-71.between sg.186-275 mint range of Comms.,Omnibus.'68 Flowers set to £1, '71 decimal O/Prints cat.£241 £50
384 FALKLAND IS.Sth.Georgia 1963/71 sg.1-31a.Fauna incl.blue Whale £1 unmtd.plus decimal to 50p mtd.mint cat.£254 32 stamps. £60
385 FALKLAND IS. 1937-52 KG.VI. sel.mint(some bit heavy),1938 to £1, U.P.U. x 2 plus few extra shades cat.£677 51 stamps. £130
386 FALKLAND IS.1969-80 between sg.246-376 mint.unmtd.all different incl. '71 decimal O/Print,'72 decimals,'74 wmk.changes,'78-82 Ships to £3 (both sets).Comms. cat.£240 £55
387 FALKLAND IS.on card ED.VII. 6d with rev.wmk.sg.45ax plus 3/= ED.VII. sg.49b both mint £95
388 FALKLAND IS.DEP. 1944 KG.V.comp.set of 32 vals.plus 6d blue,black sg.A1-D8 cat.£140 £45
389 FALKLAND IS.DEP. 1954 Ship set of 12 vals. sg.26/40.unmtd.mint cat.£250 £75
390 FALKLAND IS.DEP.1960 QE.II.Bird set sg.193/207 unmtd.mint £50
391 FIJI. Ex.Dealers Stock in Med.S/Book.mint & used with dup. KG.V.-QE.II. heavy dup. range KG.VI.mint & used vals.to 5/= noted.QE.II. Defs.& Comms.vals.to £1 H/Cat. Lot useful stock £160
392 FIJI.coll.on pages.few 1878 types incl. 5/= few ED.VII.KG.V. both printings vals.to 5/= noted 1935 S.Jub.good lot KG.VI.vals.to £1 plus QE.II. 1953-late 1970's Defs.& Comms.mostly mint H/Cat. £125
393 FIJI.in carrier Bag.giant S/Book.early issues to QE.II.plus KG.VI. & QE.II.mint & used on cards in 1938 KG.VI. comp.set mint & used £115
394 FINLAND. 1956-58. 23 sets & singles in unmtd.mint bls.of 4. corner position,Charities cat.£274 £55
395 FR.MADAGASCAR.fine coll.on pages & s/cards.collected for name of P.O's mainly with superb strikes from early P/Comm.types to Mod.many 100's so difficult to describe. a list enclosed of all Names of P.O's scarce coll.have a look £225
396 FR.MADAGASCAR. interesting sel.of early P/Cards in pkt.circa 1900-1910 some 10 Cards.plus stamps on page.1891-92 Nossi-BE Percevoir.Vendor states cat.val. £500+ check £55
397 FRENCH POLYNESIA. 1968-70 sg.90-111 Mexico Olympic's to Pata mint.comp.sets incl. Concorde,Sports,Nap. 22 stamps cat.£370+ £85
398 FRENCH POLYNESIA.1970/1. sg.112-140 U.P.U. buildings to Pacific Games mint.comp.sel. ex.sg.130 10f.,plus M/Sheets for Paintings,Flowers,Sports cat.£370 £80
399 FRANCE. fine sel.of early P/History written up in Album 1795-98,1802- 1814,- 1840's all different many scarcer strikes good lot of some 29 Entires £95
400 FRANCE. scarce 1920/30 5r Booklet (10 x 0.50c) ermitage de Montpeyroux Vichy, comp. pane with advert top and bottom s.t.c.£1000 £190
401 FRANCE. 1937 Pexip Paris M/Sheet sg.MS.581 mint many back creases in margin cat.£250 £46
402 FRANCE. 1938/39. sel.stamps most issues mint & used from Charcot sg.593 to 1939. Gregory of Tours sg.649.Charities & Comms. cat.£400+ check £90
403 FRANCE. 1961/65. between sg.1523-1670 mint.small coll.near comp. incl. R.Cross,Charities cat.£258 check £55
404 FRANCE.in large File.6 pre.stamp Covers plus 2 Nap.& 1 Ceres Cover.then mass accum.of the imperf.Nap. 20c blue unchecked well over 2000 stamps & Ideal Study material £75
405 FRANCE. heavy dup.in Med.S/Book.starts with P/Comm.vals.to 5f noted various printings.later Mersons H/Vals.plus Sowers incl. some mint probably few 1000. Check £175
406 FRANCE. several coll.in pkt.range from early Empire issues through to middle Sower & Picts. bundle of Fr.Cols.on pages mostly early/Mod.plus some 60 Covers in plastic Folder all 25c Ceres many interesting items good lot have a look £65
407 FRANCE.attractive coll.of Maxi Cards in 2 Albums plus loose 1996-2000 all used.many 100's looks fairly comp.run.hard to describe better seen £75
408 FRANCE.1938 sel.of Comms.mint & used incl. '38 Views,50f Ader cat.£282 24 stamps £65
409 FRANCE.coll.in 2 vols. France & Fr.Cols.imperf.Ceres 20c black.25c & 40c Naps.5c to 80c later Naps.perf.various to 80c similar range Ceres usual Sowers & P/Comm. & Mersons good lot 1920/30 incl. War Orphans, P/Comm.both mint & u.later Mod.range incl.Airs plus Fr.Cols. mint & used sets & singles many 100's worth a close look £785
410 FRANCE.attractive coll.1960-88 nicely displayed in small Album.looks fairly comp. Defs. & Comms. incl. blocks & Booklet Pane R.Cross etc. some Airs on small pieces have a look £130
411 FRANCE.1900 & 1926 Sower & Merson on hagner.somebody has made a "Pigs Ear" of removing mint stamps from page.paper Adh.some damage but H/Cat.item. Merson 1f, 3f, 5f, & 10f.others looks alright on fronts.when re mtd. £35
412 FRANCE & COLS.mixed sel.in pkt.interesting 1853 imperf.25c Nap.printed Trial Fugitive ink.sel.of imperf.Ceres noted fine 40c ornage other odds.worth checking £115
413 FRANCE & COLS.good accum.in giant S/Book.France Picts.issues.R.Cross,Art etc.fine range incl.some bl.of 4.plus Andorra similar range s.t.b. all unmtd.mint probably few 1000's must be very H/Face must check £150
414 FRENCH ANT.TERR.1981-85 superb sel. unmtd.mint 14 different stamps in strips of 5,full sheets of 5 & 10 se.tenant strips,25f Antarctic Sculpture,Philex,Lady Franklin, Albatros, Antares cat.£528 have a look £100
415 FRENCH GUINEA.sel.on One Country pages in red Binder range 1892-1912 incl. S/Charges.ditto 1912/27,plus Mod.1959-70 mint & used £30
416 G.B.1d Black letters K.H.tied on piece 4 margin copy check £60
417 G.B. 1840 1d Black Q.C.4 margin copy with fine red MX.nice item £45
418 G.B. 1840 1d Black x 3 on card.all with check letters G-H.one with 1d Red matching pl.2. with good 4 margins. £85
419 G.B. 1840 1d Black G.D.a superb looking 4 margin copy.with light red MX.small damage in centre £42
420 G.B. 1840 1d Blacks x 6 copies on card.4 half decent,one damaged on piece late used other poor. £75
421 G.B. 1840 1d Black K.H.attractive 4 margin copy with neat red MX. £55
422 G.B.1d Black B.C.with "Q for O"Flaw 4 large margins with fine red MX.fine copy £80
423 G.B. 1840 1d Black pl.8.4 margin copy with black MX.small thin £45
424 G.B. 3 x fine 4 margin 1840 1d Blacks on card.C.H,B.I.,& S.K. all with red MX.last copy with fine cross good value £160
425 G.B.1840 2d Blue K.L 4 large margins fine black MX.distinct check letter "L" odd small tone £90
426 G.B. 1840 1d Black P.H.just 4 margins(3 large) with black MX. £50
427 G.B.scarce 1840 2d Blue mint almost margins all round.bottom left slightly blunt. however a striking copy of the pale blue issue min.cat.£15000. have a look £1450
428 G.B. 1841 1d Red G.J. superb large margin copy with part other stamp on left with full & fine No.8.in MX.back crease does not detract £36
429 G.B. 1847 Embossed on card.10d brn. plus 2 shades of the 1/= grn.all fair copies,10d slight damage £150
430 G.B. 1857 2d Blue perf.14 pl.6. a sel.of 10 pairs & one strip of 3 all used £55
431 G.B.1858 1d Red plates in black page S/Book.comp.range of plates ex.77 & 225.plus small sel.of 1d Red imperfs. s.t.c.£1000+ £135
432 G.B. 1858 top plate being No 225 good sound copy. nows the time to complete £165
433 G.B. 1858/79 1d Red plate imprimatur good/fine margins mint attractive item £95
434 G.B. 1858/79 A.K. superb imprimatur of plate 203 good large margins.striking copy £100
435 G.B.scarce 1862 9d bistre well centred good perfs.& colours fresh mint copy. unchecked printing H/Cat. fine item £580
436 G.B. £1 brn.rectangular,crown wmk.odd short perf but attractive item with Cert. £650
437 G.B. 1870 1½ rose red pair sg.51 pl.3.centre bottom mint cat.£750 £75
438 G.B.1870 QV.4d verm. plate 12 sg.94 nice mint copy backed with R.P.S.Cert. £115
439 G.B.1872 4d verm.sg.94 pl.13 large garter.nice mint copy backed with R.P.S.Cert. £145
440 G.B.scarce & attractive QV.6d pl.16 sg.147 1874 in vert mint pair with bottom margin reading "1 Pound per sheet of 40 some back creases but fine looker £195
441 G.B. 1878 QV.£1 brn. Colour Trial. large imperf.on white paper in brn.O/Print Specimen unusual H/Cat. item £385
442 G.B. useful 1878 QV.square 10/= grn.ish grey wmk.MX.being sg.128 sound copy used reg in red.plus black cat.£2500 good value check £575
443 G.B. 1883 QV.3d on 3d sg.159 nice mint copy cat.£540 £125
444 G.B. 1883/4 QV. 5/= crimson sg.181.fresh mint copy damaged perf.on right cat. £775 £85
445 G.B. 1883 3d lilac sg.191 mint copy short perf. bottom otherwise nice item £32
446 G.B.1884 QV.£1 brn./lilac. D.B.sound used copy of sg.185 used with 3 part circular cancels small blue crayon mark. nice copy cat.£2200 £285
447 G.B. 1884 QV.£1 brn.lilac E.D.Imp. crown being sg.185 used with Newton Abbot C.D.S. cancel light crayon mark sound copy £485
448 G.B. 1891 QV. £1 grn. being sg.212 mint copy well centred decent perfs.has heavish back crease but priced accordingly £500
449 G.B. 1891 QV. £1 grn. sg.212 with a Whitehaven + Box cancel sound used copy £165
450 G.B.ED.VII.sel. 1902-11 ½d to 1/= dup.used stock on s/card.incl. 9d x 4,10d x 2,1/= x 3, bit heavy to f/used possible faults.unsorted for printing check £65
451 G.B. 1902/10 ED.VII.£1 blue grn. sg.266 fresh mint copy sound H/Cat.item £495
452 G.B. 1904 ED.VII.2d gry.grn. & intense carmine red. sg. Spec.M11/4 variety mint copy from bl.of 4. with copy of Brandon Cert.As Genuine mtd.mint £55
453 G.B. 1911/12 McKennals ½ issues on card.unchecked for printing incl.some invert.wmk. 3 x singles,2 x pairs,2 x bl.of 4.plus bl.of 6.all mint check £48
454 G.B. 1912 KG.V. 1½ unmtd.marginal strip of 3.with partial off/set on reverse £25
455 G.B. 1913/15 S/Horse (22m) with 2 shades of the 5/= plus 10/= f.used with single C D.S. min.cat.£1000 looks cheap £105
456 G.B.1913 KG.V. ½ & 1d multi.cypher sg.397/8 unmtd.mint fair perfs.cat.£600 £125
457 G.B. 1913 £1 grn. S/Horse being sg.403 well centred good colour & perfs.mint copy some minor back creases sound copy £825
458 G.B.scarce 1919 Bradbury S/Horse 10/= dull grey blue.sg.417 in block of 4. centred slightly left. mint 2 x unmtd.some back creases.good premium for block check £625
459 G.B.1924 KG.V.1d scarlet unmtd.mint corner block of 18 Control B24 with experimental w/mk.sg.419 cat.£700+ £165
460 G.B. 1934 S/Horses re-engraved 2/6-10/= sg.450-52 scarce & attractive corner margin unmtd.mint bl.of 4 with premium as such some of the gum hints of tone in places but superb fresh lookers £650
461 G.B. 1939 KG.VI.H/Vals.2/6-£1 both 2/6 & 10/=.all mint some unmtd. £95
462 G.B. 1939 KG.VI. £1 brn.mint block of 4 £28
463 G.B. in pkt. over 45 used aets of the 1940 Cent.issue cat.£240+ plus other odd Wembley etc. have a look £30
464 G.B. B.M.A.Eritrea 65c on 8d,3 x bl.of 8,1 x pair, 1 x bl.of 4 unmtd.mint 1948/49 sg.E7a (30). £45
465 G.B.1958 QE.II. 1/= bistre brn.sg.584 mint with double print as per Spec. S138a. unusual item £32
466 G.B. 1959/68 Castle H/Vals.2/6-£1 D.L.R. sg.595/8 mint £68
467 G.B. 1959-68 Castle H/Val. 2nd D.L.Rue set sg.595/8. 2/6,5/=,£1 margin copies appears unmtd.mint £65
468 G.B. QE.II.1959 phos.2d error sg.605a mint cat.£180 £42
469 G.B.Covers in pkt.incl.fair 1d Black on Entire light red MX.QV.5d Jub.with 2d P/Stat. to U.S.A. Plain Cover KG.V. 2d orange.Brit.Empire Exh.cancel 18th Mar 1924 2 other items. £50
470 G.B.sel.of Covers in Album.few QV's,ED.VII.to Overseas. KG.V. few McKennals. interesting KG.V.Labels "You can't be crabby at Brighton".KG.VI.Censors etc. about 90 items have a look £80
471 G.B.mostly F.D.C.1970-1980's all Comms.used with House of Commons & House of Lords cancels 53 Covers have a look £70
472 G.B.3 x Royal Mail Covers Albums range of F.D.C. 1965-1990's many special incl. Silks some signed items.Machins & Comms.,other odds incl. P/Packs, H/Vals.& Booklets around 200 Covers £65
473 G.B. Med.Box.of F.D.C.Vendor states 100's certainly a heavy lot. Given Away check £32
474 G.B.4 Albums with F.D.C.1970-2002.some 218 Covers all with Buckingham Palace p/mks.hand written & typed @ around £6.50 a Cover.should be a margin somewhere list supplied £1475
475 G.B. 5 Royal Mail Cover Album.Cover 1979-2002.over 350 Covers.Albums worth a few Bob. £50
476 G.B. 1857 Cover to Glastonbury? used with 1d Red Star tied with nice Bristol spoon cancel £35
477 G.B. Covers in pkt. incl.1820 Pre.Stamp 1857 side duplex 1880 2½ blue,1884 1d lilac 1d added 9 items. check £38
478 G.B. 1871 Cover to Victoria used with Qv.sg.94 & 109.used with Kendal Duplex cat.£200+ £40
479 G.B. F.D.C.'s in Album & pkt.March 1997 to March '97,in pairs with both special p/mks. Aug.1998 to Sept.2001 (9 missing) with M/C/H/Vals & Defs. s.t.c.£650+ £55
480 G.B. Med.Box unchecked Covers in Albums,loose,P.H.Q.Cards.some special Covers 100's £130
481 G.B. Line Engraved Covers in pkt. 5 Covers 1d Red imperfs.all with MX.plus 1d Red Stars Adh.,then Reds in S/Book. £35
482 G.B.sel.of Covers on F.D.pages few pre.stamp,1d Reds imperf.& perf.,couple S/Printed & others over 60 items.looks good value £55
483 G.B. F.D.Covers in Collecta Album from 1966-1970 incl. Wedge Pane plus Merlin Album P/Packs 1965-1982 £55
484 G.B.15 Covers in pkt.incl. 1840 1d Black on Mulready ??.1890 Jub. Card Tube post remainder 1d Red plates on Covers have a look £95
485 G.B.Med.Box Covers Ex.Dealers Stock.tied up in various bundles all World P.T.S.@ £1770 so well worth close look.should retail at this price have a look £380
486 G.B.interesting sel.of Pre.Stamp Covers in folder late 1700's to middle 1800's,odd Bishop,Penny Post,Paid, etc. some 51 items have a look £65
487 G.B.Covers early in ring Album.sel.of Free Fronts some comp.later 1920's plus 1d Red Covers about 50 items must be worth checking £35
488 G.B. Kent P/History. Pre Stamp Entires all different p/mks. Canterbury (3), Cranbrook, Dartford, Dover,Lamberhurst,Rochester,Sheerness,Tenderden both Tunbridge 12 items £38
489 G.B.scarce 1925 May 9th Wembley F.D.C.pair on 2 Covers clear Wembley pair 1925 cancel Osward Marsh pair cat.£1500 £450
490 G.B.coll.semi.specialised Booklet exploded on pages £1 Wedge Pane with pale colours sg.UB31c backed with R.P.S.Cert.as genuine.other Prestige Panes incl. varieties,some Regionals few Defs.,Greetings, 1st Class. Greeting Card Miniatures plus 3 Smiler Sheets Vendors est. £165
491 G.B.Booklets in Album.from 1982 incl. range DX3-19 & DX21.cat.£500+ H/Face check £125
492 G.B. Royal Mail Prestige Stamp Book.containing G.B. Sponsored Booklets from 1998 in range DX20,22,& 24-36 H/Cat. & Face val. check £125
493 G.B.Booklet decimal in boxed Album.range from 1978-Windows 50p-£2.50 over 100 Booklets plus Fruit & Veg.Pack H/Cat.& Face check £125
494 G.B. Booklets 1972 £1 Wedgewood DX1 full perfs.,£3 Wedge DX2, £4 Heritage DX5. £48
495 G.B. in pkt. Booklets incl. £1 Wedgewood trimmed,2 x £3 plus £4 Gibbons,1980 Ex.Sheets x 2,'78 Coro. P/Pack x 2.plus ½d sheet of 240 £32
496 G.B.sel.of Decimal Booklets range 50p-£1.80. incl. Orchids,.R.Britain,Cricket 200 Dickens etc some Booklets 46 with cyl.No's cat.£400+ care when viewing not secure £80
497 G.B. sel. in 2 Albums few earlies but mostly mint range of decimal Machin various printings plus QE.II.Castles Machin H/Vals.to £5 later Castle sets 2nd album Booklet £1 Wedgewood then looks comp.lot Prestige Booklets to 2000 £300
498 G.B. Kings on 2 large Manilla s/cards.ED.VII.used vals.to 1/=,many shades ½ to 2½ mint odd pairs etc. plus KG.V.& VI.range with many varieties all used have a look £42
499 G.B. Centenary Stamps in File Book.1d Black reprints,1940 Cent.G.B.stamps,plus Covers.Lord Mayor R.Cross M/Sheets.both types Burma Cover & others check £55
500 G.B.Archive Box.3 Windsor Albums sparce in stamps plus S/Book.plus bundle of F.D.C. few 100 check £55
501 G.B.useful coll.in 2 Albums & on page nice 4 margin 1d Black,few 1d Red & other QV's. with KGV.vals.to 5/=.large part of value in QE.II. Defs.& Comms.1953 to decimal many better items seen incl. Castles,Machin H/Vals.to £5.later £10.Castles in P/Pack unchecked P/Dues. on page to £1.all mint.plus much used material & Album of Covers good lot check £345
502 G.B. attractive coll.of QE.II. housed in 7 Albums.incl. M/Sheets & F.D.C.,P/Packs etc. issues up to 2004.(4 of the Albums are 2000 onwards) have a look £245
503 G.B.coll.housed in Simplex Album.from 1d Black onwards incl. 6d & 1/= Embossed, various S/Printed 9d & 2/=,also QV. 5/=,ED.VII.onwards incl. 2 x KG.V. 10/= S/Horses Re.Engraved, KG.VI.to £1,Festival incl.H/Val.mint & used etc.H/Cat.Val. mixed cond. needs to be viewed £250
504 G.B.Shoebox.with 12 Env.unmtd.mint sets of Comms.on cards between 1991-2002.good face val. some better have a look £145
505 G.B. giant S/Book.noted dup.lot KG.V./KG.VI.in mint Booklet Panes,various Coil ends, Control blocks,ED.VII.mostly used.few QE.II.funny mixture needs sorting 100's check £125
506 G.B.Line Engraved in Med.red S/Book.good range 1d Red imperfs.,1d Stars & plates noted couple of Copestakes.few QV's incl. 1d lilac's with Controls,857 Cover 1d Red with re.entry. have a close check £75
507 G.B.good range of P/Packs in 2 Albums Comms.& Defs.with odd Greetings plus S/book Comms.1985-1996 good lot H/Face value check £145
508 G.B. coll.in Ring album.most 1d Red plates to 224,range S/Printed & others.Line Engraved incl. 1d Black.dup.range of Kings vals.to 5/= plus mint QE.II. Defs.& Comms. check £85
509 G.B. bulky general coll.in Favourite Album.mostly QE.II.Sterling & Decimal Defs.& Comms. value based on face value have a look £50
510 G.B. in Box. P/Packs held in 3 Royal Mail Albums & Folder 1981-94 ex.1983, 1981-97 couple missing but incl. both Castles H/Face & Cat. must check please £265
511 G.B. fine & valuable sel.of mint KG.V. Controls in S/Book.½ to 1/= noted blocks & strips & singles unchecked for better Controls.few ED.VII. ½ & 1d Controls later 1934 Photo Controls etc.must be checked £195
512 G.B. useful range of Machins laid out in hagner Binder.Healthy sel. from 1980-2004. Defs. & Castle H/Vals.,M/Sheets & some Booklets H/Cat.& Face. £135
513 G.B. range of G.B.Comms. in 2 Prinz Albums.1971-2001 incl. better M/Sheets all mint £95
514 G.B.Pre.Decimal Defs.& Comms.mint & used all periods in 4 S/Books.incl. Islands of G.B. not recognised by G.P.O. £85
515 G.B."Smilers" P.O.label Sheets from 2000 displayed in Album & giant display Folder seems to be on the move H/Cat..very heavy lot check £160
516 G.B.useful accum.in Albums in Box.incl.3 vols.coll.from 1d Black.to late 1980's one Album used QV./QE.II.,ED.VII.to 5/=,KG.V. incl. S/Horse.most KG.VI.QE.II. mostly Comms., 2 Albums mint.ED.VII.perf.15 x 14 set,1912/24 fine range to 1/=,few Controls. 1934 Photo.24/25 Wembley.KG.VI.Dark.,1939 & 1951 H/Vals.other QE.II.range Defs.& Comms. (no phos.) incl. H/Val.Machin.plus few Booklets plus plus 2 Albums F.D.C. H/Cat.Lot have a look £380
517 G.B. sel.of Free Fronts,Penny Post,P/Sta.few Line Engraved,contract notes etc. some 52 items cond.mixed in places check £52
518 G.B.sel.on 6 s/cards.S/Printed issues & later 1855 4d,later pl.11,12/13,3d pl.5, 11 & 16. 6d 1855 pl.11 & 13. 1/= pl.4,5,6,& 12.other Kings cond.mixed but H/Cat.Lot check £55
519 G.B.ciar Box.better type Kiloware Defs.& Comms.mainly from reg.mail 100's check £30
520 G.B. good looking sel.of 1912/24 ½ J17 cyl.block of 8.,1d J17(6),2d various bl.of 9 blocks.3d H16(6)m5d T22(3), 8d H16 (3),plus 2 blocks.9d Q20 (6) N19 strip of 4, N19 2 x blocks. 1/= N19 strip of 3. have a look £160
521 G.B.nice coll.in red Album.of P/Packs 1993-2005 incl. 3 x 2004 Railways,Entente Cordiale Pack.(1904-2004).,Ocean Liners,Prince Charles R.Wedd.etc. good face val. check £65
522 G.B. interesting sel.of Philatelic P/Cards in pkt.G.B. ED.V111. KG.VI. & QE.II. all used F.D.Douglas I.O.M. 6 items plus QE.II.Defs. check £38
523 G.B. scarce range of P/Stat.held in 2 L/House Albums.QV.early mint & used around 1890's useful p/mks.incl. P.P.Jub.Duplex Hooded & boxed cancels.early QV.Embossed types mint & used with combinations,other Adh.plus few Reg. letters.probably few 100's close look please £350
524 G.B. sel.in grn. S/Book.range of McKennals 1912 & 1924 sets.1918 S/Horses 2/6,5/=,10/= x 2 each shade,1929 & 1934 issues. S.Jub.wmk.varieties 1934 sets x 2, ED.VIII wmk. varieties plus range KG.VI. all used ex.1924 Wembleys in mint blocks of 4,& 1948 S/Wedd. not all fine have a look £95
525 G.B. looks good sel.of 1d Red imperf.on pages.from early MX.to Duplex cancel well over 100 items £55
526 G.B.duplex p/mks.coll.in hagner S/Book mostly QV.with good strikes all identified incl. better vals. plus almost comp. re.con.sheet of 1d Red plates s.t.b. over 1100 stamps difficult to estimate have a look £85
527 G.B. in Album QE.II.Sterling circa 1960's Comms. in various multiples incl. Games,P.O.S.B., N.P.Y.,F.F.H.,R.X. etc unmtd.mint check £110
528 G.B.coll.in Windsor Album.range of line engraved. 1d Black etc,1d Red plates,2d plates in mint pl.9.(not fine) ½ Bantam.fair sel. of S/Printed 1855-1887.many plated range vals. to 5/= cond.mixed small lot ED.VII.incl. 2/6, KG.V.to 10/= plus KG.VI. mostly used H/Cat. check £200
529 G.B. I.O.M.9 vols.coll.housed in P.O.Albums.range 1970-2004.above average sel.of F.D.C. as it incl.many Silks signed items.Railway,Trains,Transport many special Covers many 100's fine lot have a look £165
530 G.B./CHANNEL IS.coll.in plastic carton.1967-88.general range of Defs.& Comms.looks to be some Special p/mks.also some 26 x 1977 Covers.odd Channel Is. few PHQ.Cards over 300 Covers mostly written on. £65
531 G.B. Br.P.O.'s Abroad sel.in ring Album.KG.V. to 80pia,Morroco Agencies various 2/6 S/Horses x 7 all mint one used. ED.VII. 2/6 used,QV. 2/6, ED.VII. 5pia etc. mint & used may be good value check £45
532 G.B.CHANNEL IS.Album Jersey 1941 & 1943 Pict.1969 H/Vals.decimal to 50p plus Comms.1971-80's. Album Guernsey similar coll.as per Jersey (no Arms).Album of I.O.M.again similar range to the above all mint check £65
533 G.B.JERSEY.in blue Album.1994-2000 in blue multi ring Album.65 sets & M/Sheets vals.£1,£4,£10,Comms.,Defs. self Adh.,all used on F.D.C.'s or large pieces 100's check £80
534 G.B.used in Malta. useful sel.on hagner 2d Line Engraved (7).incl. 2 pairs on piece. S/Printed 2½ pl.7.,8,12,13,16,20,22,& 23,4d pl.7. 12,13,14,& 17. 6d pl.3.,5,& 8 mostly good strikes check £80
535 GAMBIA. scarce 1869/72 4d imperf.brn.good margins sg.1.mint backed with R.P.S.Cert.As Genuine cat.£500 £135
536 GERMAN LOCALS. better than average coll.of Local & Cinderella material on pages Hamburg imperf.& perf. Berlin few Private Post other odd Greece etc. mint & used check £75
537 GERMAN OCC.coll.in Schaubek One Country Album.1939-1944 fair general range Czech., Poland,Alsace,Belgium,Bavaria & others mint & used good Album to expand from £50
538 GERMANY Booklets sel. of 1980-82.Booklets 14 Booklets listed circa 9c-13vit plus Se.Tenant sets w51-66,w75-82.plus vert pairs 403/4, 406/7. all mint as per Michel cat. about £480 £75
539 GERMANY.small mint sel. 1949 U.P.U.,1950 ERP,'52 Lutheran Museum,Schurz,Berlin, Philharmonic Orchestra (7) cat.£372 £60
540 GERMANY.German Group various in 3 S/Books. dup.Stock of Posthorns,Heuss, Comms.,1946's,Danzig some 1930 even some Spain check 100's £95
541 GERMANY.coll.in boxed Davo One Country Album.good range from early Shields to 1944 sets & singles mint & used plus Zones.few 100's nice Album to expand £65
542 GERMANY D.D.R.some 44 items.on s/cards attractive range incl.varieties worth checking cat.around £500 £50
543 GERMANY.fine range D.D.R.Se.Tenants on large s/cards range 732-3001.plus blocks 2364-3008 not comp.but attractive sel.& fill a few gaps.full list of items enclosed s.t.c.£670+ £65
544 GERMANY.Mod. sel.in 2 S/Books.1991-2004 some over lapping Defs.& Comms.f/used many 100's £65
545 GERMANY BERLIN. fine range of Booklets on black cards.to much to detail but total of some 76 Booklets.29 C.T.O.,32 F.D.cancels,33 also F.D.cancels.range Michel MH8-29. plus "A" "OZ" I & II. cat.about £550 High Face. check £70
546 GERMANY.Berlin on cards Mich.No's. 245 & 248.last day cancel in pairs,288 I incl. k2, 3ai, 561/90. w75/82. etc. s.t.c.£300+ £38
547 GERMANY BERLIN.clean sel.in S/Book.1955-1990 good range Defs.& Comms.sets incl. D.B.P's £55
548 GERMANY D.D.R.fine sel.of Booklet Panes.blocks & Se.Tenants on large S/Cards/ diverse but list enclosed so have to leave to you. cat. around £670. please check £75
549 GERMANY D.D.R.sel.on s/cards.Mod.sel.over 70 blocks mint,44 blocks C.T.O.,40 M/Sheets etc. colourful lot cat. around £380 have a look £45
550 GERMANY E.T.B.'s attractive holding in 6 vols.of First Day Promotion Sheets to 1990's all comp.sets nice used.as issued by W.Germany P.O.about 1500 ETB's high new issue cost needs to be viewed £295
551 GERMANY EAST.Mod.sel.in Med.S/Book.mint sets & singles Defs.& Comms. Colourful lot about 240 stamps. s.t.c.about £250 £45
552 GERMANY EAST.coll.in One Country Album.fair range from 1950's-1900's Defs.& Comms. mint & used many sets & singles s.t.c.£420+ have a look £50
553 GERMANY IN TURKEY.1884-1904 between sg.1-32 mint & used. 5pi x 2,10pi x 3,15pi x 3, 1884 to 2 ¼ pi,1900 15pi, '02 to 10pi.small faults but many fine cat.£582 £105
554 GERMANY WEST.1951 80pf Posthorn sg.1059 mtd.mint cat.£550 £75
555 GERMANY WEST.1954-57 between sg.1124-1196 superb all diff.unmtd.mint sel.on 5 pages incl.Charities,Lufthansa plus 1953 Ifraba cat.£453 £90
556 GERMANY WEST.14 listed error on card all expertized numbers as per Michel 420i,420 II., 823i, 823 II.1047i,1239i,1337i.all mint 420i,420II.,673i,823i,823II.,1239i,1337i,451i used cat.around £350 £55
557 GERMANY WEST.1952-55 superb mint sel. unmtd.& mtd.mint 1952 Lutheran German Museum mint,Heligoland,Thurn & Taxis,Lufthansa '54 Relief Fund,Ifraba cat.£448 £75
558 GERMANY WEST.in pkts.on pages in red Binder 1949/97 mint & used accum.incl.better early singles,Heuss to 3dm mint Brandenberg Gate,tete.beche,then strong mainly used to 1997 good basis to start coll. 100's have a look £135
559 GERMANY WEST.1983-1985 Comms.in blocks of 4 unmtd.mint some 58 items similar lot with F.D. p/mks.on each block s.t.c.nearly £600 £55
560 GERMANY WEST.coll.in Davo One Country Album.fair range of West Germany Defs.& Picts.plus similar range Berlin looks to be all used few 100's Ideal Album to expand £55
561 GERMANY WEST.nice lot in Lidner Hingeless One Country Album. 1978-86 better vals.incl. blocks & M/Sheets s.t.b. unmtd.mint H/Cat. lot. good lot to add to £115
562 GIBRALTAR.KG.V.on card 1912 8/= sg.84 1924 4/= sg.100 both f/used £70
563 GIBRALTAR.1912 KG.V. £1 purple & black sg.85 mint cat.£140 £55
564 GIBRALTAR.1924 KG.V. 8/= purple/grn. sg.101 f/used cat.£400 £125
565 GIBRALTAR.1953 Views sg.145-58, '60 Views sg.160-73, '67 Ships sg.202-213 mint mainly unmtd. cat.£260 £54
566 GIBRALTAR.in red Album.1953-73 between sg.144-324 mint near comp.coll. incl. 1953 & '60 sets with extra shades, '67 Ships,'71 Views,all the Omnibuss plus small varieties & plate bl.of 4. cat.£524 have a look £105
567 GIBRALTAR.attractive sel.of KG.V.on card both shades 2/= sg.99 & 99d used. £1 black & red sg.85 f/used.1/= shades sg.102 & 102a mint plus 10/= blue/blk. sg.106 f/used H/Cat. £125
568 GIBRALTAR.coll.on pages 1938 KG.VI.set to £1 mint & used to 5/=,1953 set to £1,1960 to £1 later issues Defs. & Comms. late 1970's H/Cat.Lot £145
569 GREENLAND.1956 O/Prints sg.37-38 in bl.of 4. (2 unmtd.2 mtd.)cat.£205 (8) £48
570 GUATEMALA.scarce Lot on pages.1898 Provisionals stamps from 3 groups,1900/1903 with blocks & varieties & Grios,range of p/mks.rings & bars,1879 small Quetzal blocks etc.also 6 pre.stamp Covers.plus S/book semi.specialist issues large range 1886 types plus bundle Cards & pages,better items.rarely offered £335
571 GUATEMALA.coll.in Ring Album.1871-1960 laid out on One Country pages.good general range looks better semi.postal stamps & Tax Stamps incl. M/Sheet few 100's check £60
572 HONDURAS.good general coll.in Ring Album.on One Country pages.1865-1960 biggest range with Earlies few Air Post mint & used £38
573 HONG KONG.1862 QV. 24c grn. s.t.b. no wmk. sg.5 mint copy not fine but cat.£1000 useful filler £45
574 HONG KONG.1891 QV.20c,50c,& $1 S/Charges sg.45/47 comp.set cat.£850 some faults £95
575 HONG KONG.remainders in Simplex Album.remainders only in the sense that it was heavuly dup.& still is.QV.-QE.II.& each purchaser taken his pick.plenty left.could be your turn to pick? £70
576 HONG KONG. coll.on s/cards fair sel.of early QV.'s plus later S/Charges ED.VII.& KG.V. vals. to $1.1935 S.Jub.,KG.VI. various incl. $10 vals.,few QE.II.plus 1937 Coro.,1938 5th april F.D.C. others all good/fine used s.t.c.£700+ £85
577 HUNGARY.sel.of M/Sheets on cards 1938-1940 sets of stamps & M/Sheets 1934 Exh.M/Sheet. 1939 Protestant M/Sheet imperf. & perf.all mint some with tone £40
578 ICELAND.1931 Zepp.trio O/Prints being sg.179 & 180 a mint & used set the 1k mint shows spur as per Facit 163u attractive lot £80
579 ICELAND.scarce 1933 Balbao Flight pair 1k & 5k O/Print in red Hopflug Italia 1933 sg.205 & 206 mint. importantly backed with 2 B.P.A. Cert. As Genuine £170
580 ICELAND.1934 Air set sg.208/13.unmtd.mint margin copies premium as such £22
581 INDIA.on pages 1947-1971 incl. Ghandi set 1949 Defs.to 15r other Comms. 1958/71 to 10r plus O/Print issues Korea,Cambodia,Vietnam etc. all mint s.t.b. unmtd. £50
582 INDIA. extensive range on One Country pages.range 1854 imperf.various East India Defs.1882 to 5r, ED.VII.vals.to 1r. various printing of KG.V.vals.to 25r later Air,S.JUB.plus various Officials,2nd coll.at back cat.£1400 but cond.very mixed in places needs sorting £150
583 IRELAND.1922 S/Horses 2/6-10/= Dollard Printing type 3.being sg.18-21 good/fine used cat.£500 £145
584 IRELAND.1936 S/Horses Re.Engraved trio 2/6-10/= being sg.99-101.f/used H/Cat. £125
585 ISRAEL. 1969 Booklets with 0.20 brn.Adh. some 50 odd Booklets all the same £32
586 ISRAEL. sel.in black page Album.range 1950's-80's Defs.& Picts.all with Tabs mint second part used range without Tabs few 100's check £65
587 ISRAEL coll.in grn.Album from 1945 interesting Thematic type coll.on some 50 pages plus old Palestine 1918-1944 better O/Prints p/mks.Lebanon. 2nd Album Israel p/mks.on pieces & Covers check £38
588 ISRAEL.useful range in large S/Book.late 1950's to Mod.Defs.& Comms. most with Tabs incl. M/Sheets & Sheetlets good face val. worth checking £65
589 ITALY. 1949 Rep. sg.726 used £25
590 ITALY.general coll.housed in large L/House Album. 1878-1969 mint & used range with Defs.& Comms.Express & P/dues.issues many 100's cond.mixed in places but worth sorting £95
591 ITALY. coll.in expensive Hingeless L/House Album.1945-1985 fair range up to 1960 both Defs.& Comms.from then on fairly comp.Comms. etc.attractive lot all mint Ideal to add to. good val. have a look £110
592 JAMAICA. 1883-1980 coll.on s/cards.odd early to KG.V.incl. S.Jub.better KG.V. some blocks later QE.II.Picts.vals.to £1.plus Comms. colourful lot all mint check £65
593 JAPAN.neat sel.on pages 1872-1934 few Cherry Blossoms later Koban 1900's Comms etc.mint & used £45
594 JORDAN.sel.on black S/Book pages odd early O/Prints good range of Defs. various printing Trans Jordan issues later Kings some S/Charges few Airs some Mod.mint & used s.t.c.£500+ check £70
595 KOREA REPUBLIC.in S/Book.with m/sheets & much propaganda promoting life in Nrt. Korea & their Culture.high new issue cost have a look £42
596 LEEWARD IS.1912/22 KG.V. comp.set to 5/= sg.46-57b some shades 15 vals. mint £28
597 LIECHTENSTEIN.attractive coll.laid out in small Album.covering period 1920-88 Defs.& Comms.& M/Sheets all fine used.many 100's H/Cat.Lot have a look £148
598 LIECHTENSTEIN.small attractive coll.in Album.covering period 1959-1988 sets,singles & M/Sheets fresh lot with good cat.val. £75
599 LIECHTENSTEN.coll.in Padded Safe Album. middle/Mod.range Defs.,Comms.,M/Sheets & Covers worth sorting £48
600 LITHUANIA/LATVIA.large giant S/Book with range of Commercial Covers & Cards.circa 1930's some 40 items seldom seen on Covers check £75
601 LUXEMBOURG.fine coll.in Lidner Hingeless One Country Album.covering period 1961-74. Defs.& Comms. incl. M/Sheets £50
602 MAFEKING.1900 Baden Powell 3d pale blue/blue f/used copy of sg.19 odd tone on perf. sound £115
603 MALAYA PERAK.sel.on pages 1880-1883 mint & used sel.QV.Perak O/Print 1886/91 S/Charges,1891 Tigers 1900 S/Charges better vals. check £195
604 MALAYA ST.SETT.scarce 1906 2c blk.& grn. O/Print St.Sett.in red being sg.142a f/used cat.£325 £75
605 MALAYA STATES.useful range in black S/Book.1890's-1960's.better vals.seen.$2 & $5. Perak,Kelantan,Nergi Sem.,Pahang,Selangor,Johore & others mint & used with fair bit dup. needs sorting H/Cat. check £375
606 MALAYA STRAITS.Ex.Dealers rather sparce stock of QV.'s issues incl.quite a few crown S/Charge plus later issues also with S/Charges check £45
607 MALTA.1882 QV.1d yellow brn.being sg.18 in fresh unmtd.mint margin block of 4 nice item useful to shade from £55
608 MALTA.1922 10/= St.Paul script c.a. top val. sg.121 mint copy £65
609 MALTA.1922/26 St.Paul 10/= black & brt.carmine being sg.140 fresh mint copy £38
610 MALTA.untidy but useful range in Album.dup.QV. ½ grn.,1d Red ,few to 4d later 2½ blue incl. O/Print.various ED.VII.dup.1d some on piece later KG.V.& KGVI. 5/= vals. noted funny lot good value £45
611 MALTA.sel.on double sided s/cards odd QV's & ED.VII. KG.V. odd block plus W.Tax.Pictorial to 2/6,1935 S.JUB.KG.VI. sets vals.to 10/= plus 1948 S/Wedd.QE.II. Defs. & Comms. incl. £1 vals. all mint £85
612 MAURITIUS. 1859 2d grn.ish slate blue worn impression position 2 large margins copy expertized £95
613 MAURITIUS. 1859 2d Lapirots.partially re.con.sheet showing correct position of 5 stamps mostly close margins. expertized £185
614 MAURITIUS.1860 2d Blue Sherwin 4th issue position 6 alongside photo copy of original plate close margin copy but genuine expertized cat.£4250 good val. check £235
615 MAURITIUS.1910 ED.VII. set to 10r sg.181/95 mint £45
616 MAURITIUS.fine sel.of imperf.Britannia's written up on pages.plus s/card 1858 no value expressed re.issues 1859/61 with vals.mint & used some blocks & strips H/Cat.must be viewed £295
617 MAURITIUS.fine coll.of early material mostly written up on pages.1862 6d mint plus 2 used also 2 x 1/= used.1890 L.P.E.,1876/77 3 x ½ different 1d plus 2 x 1/=,1878 comp.set of 9. 1883 16c on 17c. 3 different S/Charges.1885 2c,1887 30c S/Charge all used plus unusual 1890 Port Louis unused Bank Chq. H/Cat.Lot have a look £285
618 MAURITIUS.coll.on One Country pages.few early QV.small Heads some O/Prints mint & used keys few ED.VII.,KG.V.various mint vals.to 1r.P/Dues to 1r mint, page with QV. 1d S/Charges & 25c.plus keys various vals.all in bl.of 4.mint have a look £95
619 MAURITIUS.Forgeries & Facsimiles Primitives on page.1st & 2nd Post Paid.3c Lapriot.4th issue Sherwin plus Dardennes used & unused many features & used in J.Rudge latest Book.some 27 stamps £55
620 MAURITIUS. written up on separate pages.1904/7 to 1r some tone.1910 to 10r. however there are many pages of this set in various control blocks vals.to 1r. 1921 set to 20c with shades all above mint.plus 1921 to 20c used.plus Fiscal 50r.also 1935 S.Jub.mint & usedincl. extra Flag Staff 5c mint have a look £100
621 MAURITIUS. KG.VI.-QE.II.on s/cards/pages. KG.VI.2nd set,1948 S/Wedd. & U.P.U., 1953 QE.II.to 10r.Birds set to 10r. plus some used incl. Comms. have a look £52
622 MAURITIUS.sel.on black S/Book pages 1858-1978 few QV.S/Charges. few key types sel.of Kings vals.to 50c.1935 S/Jub.few KG.VI.some blocks plus QE.II.Fish to $10. s.t.c. £500+ £70
623 MAURITIUS.1860-1975 good sel.on black S/Book pages from lot QV.early to key types good range key types & KG.V. few KG.VI.,QE.II.to Fish to $10. all used s.t.c.£450+ check £62
624 MIDDLE EAST.in blk.S/Book. various(not vallpaper issues unmtd.mint sets & singles. Defs.,& Comms.strong Thematic content to 4 of each many blocks of 4.,Syria 1950-60's,Yemen 1960,Royalist & Republic Iman O/Prints,Egypt '50-'60's plus Palestine O/Print (Gaza) h/cat val.£1,000.100's have a look £165
625 MONTENEGRO.nice display & written up coll.in 2 vols.1874-1918. semi-specialized in places with shades & perfs. comp.sets & single colour changes & varieties Prince Nicolas issues later Defs. & Picts. incl. O/Prints some blocks of 4. plus Covers over 500 stamps plus 19 Covers/P/Cards nust be viewed £375
626 MONTSERRAT.good looking sel.on black S/Book pages.various KG.V.vals.to 2/=, KG.VI.to £1 with some perfs.2nd set.QE.II.Defs.& Comms.,Defs.in mint pairs Fruit set to $4.80.Birds to $5,Flowers to $10 other Comms.plus Revenues. 1982 all mint s.t.c.£600+ £90
627 NAURU. 4 scarce 1937/48 H/Vals. 2/6,5/=,& 10/= x 2.being sg.37a/39a plus 39a all f/used cat.£430 £110
628 NETHERLANDS. 1933-56 near comp.coll.Comms. & Defs. various sets mint & used cat.£343 £55
629 NETHERLANDS.1898-1959 sel.mint stamps on s/card.incl. Wilhelmina to 20c, 1940 S/Charges to 500 various Charities & Comms.to 1959 cat.£800 100's check £135
630 NEW GUINEA. 1939 Air set 10/= sg.212/24 mint good cat.val. £145
631 NEW ZEALAND. 1855 Chalon 2d dull blue on blued paper.London printing attractive copy with 4 good margins f/used with "7" in grid.backed with R.P.S.Cert. as sg.2. £175
632 NEW ZEALAND.coll.in boxed Album.few early QV's sel.of some 16 under prints,few Defs.incl. ED.VII.various Health plus QE.II.range incl. Officials mint & used check £75
633 NEW ZEALAND.in red Album.1862-1967 mint & used.Ideal starter lot.1882 side face to 1/= KG.V.incl. Officials,Arms to £1,'36 Views to 3/=,'36 Health,Comms.& Defs. H.Cat.val. £125
634 NEW ZEALAND.range of Health M/Sheets on hagner pages 1957,'60,'64,'68,70/1, & '74 mint. 1969 & '73 used s.t.c.£250+ £50
635 NEWFOUNDLAND.mixed dup.in pkt.1897 sg.66 x 19, 1919 sg.130 x 13,sg.131 x 4 used. 1947 sg.294 mint bl.of 40.others s.t.c.£145+ check £30
636 NEWFOUNDLAND.1933 GenBalbo flight $4.50 on 75c being sg.235 mint with expertized mark £80
637 NEWFOUNDLAND.coll.on One Country pages.few early imperfs.1866/73 vals.to 24c.1880 to 10c,1897 odds up to 60c.later 1900's short sets.others mostly mint cond.mixed s.t.c. £2300 needs sorting £225
638 NIGERIA.useful lot for your KG.VI.Album.as this is comp.coll.of KG.VI.issues incl.perfs.etc. all mint cat.£320 £70
639 NORWAY/FINLAND.good general coll. Norway few Oscars later Numerals, Lions plus Mod. small lot p/mks.Finland similar period odd better p/mks.plus 1930 sg.275 plate varieties have a look £65
640 NRTH.BORNEO.1947/60 between sg.335-406 mint sel.on 4 pages mainly unmtd., '47 set to $2. U.P.U. '55 & 61 sets cat.£200 (54) £55
641 ORANGE RIVER COLONY.scarce 1903 ED.VII. 4d scarlet & sage grn. very distinct "IOSTAGE"as per 144a mint tone cat.£800 £135
642 PAKISTAN.coll.of 1961 currency S/Charges with many varieties mostly in mint blocks,H/Stamped,Local S/Charges mint & used stamps printed on gum side imerfs.etc £50
643 PAPUA & N.G.1957-75 between sg.16-285 mtd.mint on pages nb '58 Views to 5/=, '63 to £1,'64 Birds,'66 Butterflies, '68 Shells,'73 Views plus Comm.cat.£236 £54
644 PAPUA & N.G.in blk.Ring Binder 1952-93 between sg.1-sg.MS695 .near comp.coll. mainly mint plus few used 1952 set to £1,1964 Birds,'66 Butterflies,'68 Shells,'73 Native Views, '77 Head Gear,'87 Ships,'92 Birds of Paradise also comms.Thematic content cat.£640 £120
645 PITCAIRN IS.messy accum.in Album on pages small coll.of Pitcairn Is.good QE.II.sets Defs.& Comms.mint.the coll.in Album consists of Covers incl. N.Z.1938 with special catchets plus 1969 stamps & Covers 1980's some loose Covers.care when viewing please. H/Cat. £85
646 PITCAIRN IS.in grn. Hingeless Boxed K.A.B.E.Album.coll. mint to 1960 then mainly unmtd.to 1993 up to sg.449. Album alone worth £30/£35 H/Cat.lot £155
647 POLAND.1860 10k blue & red sg.1.fine copy with light D.P.in concentic circle p/mk. striking copy have a look £60
648 POLAND. P/History a super range with some unusual items,with parcel tags,slogan cancels from the 1930's.best is probably 1934 Katowice Stamp.Exhib.Cover & reg.early 1020's 2m Def.Cover to Sicily.about a dozen items needs to be checked £225
649 PORTUGAL.M/Sheets 1940 Port Centenaries plus 1944 Brotead & 1945 Navigator mint useful trio £55
650 RHODESIA.1892 £10 brn.Springbok sg.13 mint copy with Dieno.if genuine cat.£2750.but I refer you to the sg.comments after cat.val.we do not have any reason to doubt it being genuine but must sell As Seen £385
651 RHODESIA.scarce 1910/13 1d brt.carmine double head.perf.13½ being sg.183 mint copy with some light tone spots in places Ex.Investment item. cat.£1800 £300
652 RUMANIA.1958/59 Centenary of Stamps,M/Sheets blk.40-41 plus '59 Phil.Exhib. blk.of 42 in 2 shades unmtd.mint check £80
653 RUSSIA. 1922/23 5r on 20k imperf.sg.296 Mic.201b x 50 unmtd.mint many marginal h/cat. check £105
654 RUSSIA.sel.in slim grn. S/Book.early to Picts. sel.mint & used good range of Thunderbolts to sort.later Thematic few 100's check £35
655 RUSSIA.if your looking to start this Country here is an idea opportunity. super 5 vols.coll. housed in expensive boxed L/House hingeless one Country Albums mass of material too much to describe from early Thunderbolts middle Picts.to Mod. Defs.& Comms.,& M/Sheets huge cat.val. re-offered at much reduced price have a look £460
656 S.W.AFRICA.1930.31. ½d Roto sg.68 unmtd.mint in large blocks many marginal.Ideal Study cat.£736 92 pairs. £80
657 S.W.AFRICA.1945-50 Official ½d sg.018 unmtd.mint x 2 locks of 24 pairs cat.£624 (48 pairs) £75
658 S.W.AFRICA.in red Album. 1961-77 incl.'61 set to 1f,bl.of 4,Comms.to '77,some pairs mtd.mint (bit heavy) cat.£328 £50
659 SAAR.the Flood Sheets nice used cancels however are not contemporaneous never the less collectable . £195
660 SAAR.useful coll.in One Country Album.Schaubek pages.in German Binder.noted 1920 Germania to 1m.1920 Saargebiet to 4m.,1921 Pictorial to 25m(ex.30p) comp. set S/Charges. various Volkshilfe's 1926 Buildings fair middle period plus Saarland + Dienstmarke O/Prints h/cat.lot close look please £195
661 SAMOA.early to Mod.sel.in S.G.S/Book.good range early Palm Trees incl. S/Charges. ED.VII.& KG.V.O/Print Samoa.Peace etc.later Picts.Fiscal.plus range Mod.all mint s.t.c.£550 check £70
662 SEYCHELLES.1917 KG.V. 2r.25 being sg.96 plus 1921 top val. 5r sg.123 both f/used die.I & II.cat. £300 £85
663 SEYCHELLES.coll.in Plymouth Album.looks pretty comp. 1890--1893 mint with S/Charges fair bit toning.1897 to 2r.25.some S/Charges.good lot Ed.VII.1903-06. KG.V.1912/13, 1917/22.,& 1921/22.1922/32.sets with many dies & shades mint looks comp. KG.VI. plus QE.II.Defs., Comms.,M/Sheets & Booklets 1954-1980 all mint H/Cat.with toning allowed for £500
664 SIERRA LEONE. 1907/10 ED.VII. comp.set to £1 sg.99/111 mint not all fine £95
665 SINGAPORE.1959/72 between sg.53-184 mint sel. on 10 pages incl.'59 Constitution, '62 set to $5 (no 15c),'68 Folklore to $10,'69 Founding set, Comm.incl. '71 Space cat.£462 (123) £95
666 SOMALILAND PROT. 1912 KG.V.top vals. 3r & 5r sg.71/72 f/used cat.£280 £70
667 SPAIN.2 Books with 100's of unmtd.mint sets incl. M/Sheets & Defs.to 500ptas.1970's to 1990's nice for stock.have a look £145
668 SPAIN.comprehensive mint & used coll.1000's of stamps incl.mint sets in 4 large S/Books. starts from imperfs.1850 through to 1997 needs checking £280
669 SPAIN.general sel.on pages. 1872-1960 mint & used few 100's plus few Spanish Morocco £32
670 SPAIN. fair coll.in 2 Std.Albums.nicely written up from early imperf.,late 1800 Alfonso's later Picts. incl. Goya set mint etc.good range Defs.,2nd Album 1970-middle 1980's mostly used sets etc. Ideal lot to expand £125
671 SPANISH COLS.hefty coll.in large File Book on One Country pages.Cuba 1855-1898, Ifini 1930's,Morocco,Philipines,Puerto Rico,Guinea, Sahara.many others mint & used 100's worth sorting £65
672 ST.HELENA. 1863 QV.4d on 6d imperf.crown C.C. as per sg.5 fair margins good colour cat.£500 mint £125
673 ST.HELENA. 1908/11 ED/VII.10/= grn.& red being sg.71 cat.£200 £50
674 ST.HELENA.1922/27 KG.V.2d gry.broken mast sg.100a.f/used 3d blue torn flag sg.101a mint cat.£190 £65
675 ST.HELENA.perhaps the find of the year.1922 KG.V.½ black with missing "A" in wmk. a letter from S.G.confirms As Genuine & have listed it under sg.970 f/used 4th Aug.1935 interesting to see cat.val.at some stage £200
676 ST.HELENA.attractive 1934 Cent.set ½ to 10/= sg.114/123 mint the top vals. 2/6,5/=, & 10/= imprint margin copies not all fine £90
677 ST.HELENA.1938/44 semi specialist sel.on 4 pages mint vals.5/= incl.shades odd block of 4.used vals.to 10/=.range shades etc. £75
678 ST.HELENA. useful coll.housed in 2 Godden Albums.range 1971-1984 & then 1886-1990 looks fairly comp.range mint & used Defs.,Comms.& M/Sheets £125
679 STH.AFRICA.mixed sel.on Hagner pages mint & used odd pairs,Airs, 1935 S.Jub.small lot in Approv.Book.needs sorting £40
680 STH.AFRICA. New Republic issues 1886/7.Embossed unchecked by us but noted vals.to 10/= Vendor states cat.val.£580 As Seen £65
681 STH.AFRICA.hefty accum.in Album.1952-1995 laid out & written up mint & used looks fairly comp. range Defs.,Comms.& M/Sheets many 100's worth checking £195
682 STH.AFRICA & S.W.A.sel.on s/cards mostly late 1930's Voort.issues for S/A. & S.W.A. all mint £65
683 STH.AMERICA.in Box A.P.Countries all Reigns fair coll.of El.Salvador.over 800 stamps other bits of World plus ILL.Book Canal Zone postage stamps. U.S.A.Cat. etc. £60
684 SUDAN.coll.in blue Album 1897 Pyramids O/Prints 1m,2m,3m & 5m.mint & used various types.1898 Postman vals.to 10p mint some used later printings incl.small Postmen type 6., 1935 G.Gordon set used,1940 S/Charges mint & used.1941 Tuti set mint, 1951 Ibex set mint & used,later Airmail.plus H/Cat.range of better Officials.coll.to 1954 s.t.c.£3000 £495
685 SUDAN.Club Book.& Approv.Book.some items remain incl.varieties on 1935 Air O/Prints have a look £50
686 SUDAN.small S/Book.well filled with stamps 1897 onwards certain amount of dup. with p.mks.interest plus small unchecked pkt. 100's have a look £50
687 SUDAN.Mod.sel.of Defs.& Pictorials on pages.from 1956 Indep. to 1970's good range with odd better noted few 100's £42
688 SUDAN.in pkt.coll.on pages 1927-1974 mint & used general range plus 2nd coll.on pages & s/cards selected for p.mks.plus Postman on card.A22,A23 mint.plus 1953 Dakota Air O/Print with 6 Bars sg.481,483/4 mint £80
689 SWEDEN.about 100 Militarbreu unused Covers £32
690 SWEDEN.in grn. blk.page S/Book.1961-93 mint & used assembley of 55 Booklets & Booklet Panes.strong Thematic content & high cat.val. check £65
691 Denmark.mass accum.1870-1901 unbelievable sel.of early Skilling & Ore Numeral Defs.laid out for Town& pmk. interest.stated to incl. invert.frame,earlier issues incl. range of imperfs.of 1854.plus sel. C.Swords,also 1913 Kings range of shades etc.vals.to 5k noted. Sweden similar pattern with early Numeral & Officials & Losen.1891 Kings & coll.again of p/mks.Ideal & valuable Lot for Specialist £395
692 SWISS. 1908/33 sg.264a & 279b part Booklet Panes of 4 sg.233a & J1b Tete Beche pairs also sg.155 & 158 mint £45
693 SWISS. 1912 Pro.Juv.Fore runner Italian 10smi mint copy as type 3. Zumstein small "thin spot" £50
694 SWISS. scarce 1914 the Myth 3f dp.blue grn. being sg.294 unmtd.mint copy with slight scuff left frame cat.£550 £90
695 SWISS.a large 4 margin Rayon I.being the front side of a Cover,5rp black & red on bluish grn.paper,Zumstein No.15II.minor crease as mention on Cert.Cat.1550sf as Cover £95
696 SWISS. a pair of Rayon III.on Cover,4 margin sent from Lausanne to Chateau D'Or accompanied by Cert.,Zumstein #20,cat.as pair on Cover 850sf £150
697 SWISS.super mint coll.housed on Lindner leaves virtually all unmtd.mint,90% comp.incl. Pro.Juv.from 1915 "black cross"O/Printscomp.1938 Defs.to 10fr mint comp.,Airmails many sets,Zurich,large & small m/sheets,Geneva,Imaba,scarce Butterfly m/sheet etc. check3 £500
698 SWISS.comprehensive coll.virtually all used from the "sitzende" Helvetia's onwards incl. scarce 60c,1f & 2c,also Zumstein #30 P.I.F2 with Moser Cert.& much more stehende Helvetia's,20th Century with good grill gum on 1936/7 Defs.also M/Sheet Pro.Pat.1936, Aarau 1938,Zurich large & small,Basel Dove,Lunaba m/sheet etc. & much more needs viewing £950
699 SWISS.a S/Book.loaded with William Tell mint & used incl. good tete.beche, interpanneau with holes,even Booklet Pane.& unusual Coil strips.1000's of stamps needs careful check £400
700 SWISS.coll.unmtd.mint housed in 2 L/House Albums.all post W.W.II.incl. Pax to 3fr, Lifeboat Basel Dove,Lunaba M/Sheet,1955 Defs.to 10fr,then several dozen pages of face val. have a look £580
701 SWISS.attractive coll.specifically for Offices starting with scarce Industrielle Kriegswirtschaff mint.better Perfins used of 1935 through to '37,black cross O/Prints mint comp.to 2fr, H/Vals. Societe Des Nations with good 5fr blue,better 1938 O/Prints on Comms.,Bureau du Travail,P/Dues to H/Vals. & much more incl. good sets to 10fr grn. of 1940's with U.N.comp.mint etc. needs checking £665
702 SWISS.PRO.JUV.attractive coll.unmtd.mint incl. P/History.stamps are comp.both unmtd.& used from 1913 onwards displayed on L/House pages noted Butterflies & Beetles se.tenant M/Sheet mint & used plus forerunner set of 3 of 1912 in 3 languages with the Italian small faults no gum.also seen German language on Cover & other P/History incl. M/Sheets needs to be viewed £825
703 SWISS.Soldier stamps W.W.II.sheetlets of 20, U.D.M.sheetlets,1939 R.Cross m/sheet.plus some 39 Covers interesting lot have a look £55
704 SWISS.mint & used some dup.from Seated Helvetia to 1981.early mint tete.beche, W.Tell cross bow,gutter pairs,1940 P x to 80c,P/Dues.,Pro.Patria,Pro.Juv. huge cat.val. 100's £125
705 TANGANYKA. 1917 KG.V. H/Vals. O/Print G.E.A. 3r,5r, & 10r sg.57+ 59/60 f/used cat.£500 £130
706 TONGA.sel.on black S/book pages 1886/1965 few Earlies incl. S/Charges later printings later QE.II.incl. block of 4.ditto 1949 U.P.U. all mint s.t.c.£570+ £82
707 TRINIDAD.1861 1/= indigo rough perfs.as per sg.58 cat.£275 used not fine £30
708 TRINIDAD. 1896/1900 10/= Britannia's being sg.123 mint £55
709 TRISTAN DA CUNHA.sel.of QE.II.on hagner pages good range of Defs.plus attractive sel.of Comms.incl. M/Sheet.mostly all mint £55
710 TURKS IS.1881 comp.set of 4 vals. being sg.49-52 all mint H/Cat.not all fine £95
711 U.S.A.1927/1931 First Flight Covers in Album.mostly used with 10c Airmail Adh.but range of catchets & p/mks. over 60 Covers check £125
712 U.S.A.coll.in 2 Box Files.nicely written up.coll.on pages from early imperfs.to late 199's fair early range of Washingtons imperf.& perf.later small Heads Defs.with dup. similar range 1920's with some p/mks.interest.sets & singles plus some M/Sheets.small quantity cond.mixed in places but worth sorting £195
713 U.S.SHANGHI China O/Prints comp.set mint 2c to $2.minor faults on back of $2. have a look £360
714 VATICAN CITY.scarce 1934 S/Charges being sg.35/40 all marginal copies ex.38. unmtd.mint premium as such £360
715 VENEZUELA.coll.on One Country pages in File Album.good general range 1860's imperf.to Mod.Pictorials of the 1970's mainly used. plus few Mod.Covers £60
716 WESTERN AUSTRALIA.1861 1/= grn. Swan Vendor states sg.43 mint/unused blunt top left perfs. cat.£450 good filler £35
717 Better than average Kiloware on paper for Australia 2 Bags.about 1½ kilo's each.plus Biscuit tin all World Kilo.on paper good looking lot check £60
718 Archive Box.odds & ends in 4 Albums/S/Books.few sheets & loose have a look £55
719 Med.Box.looks all World mostly Covers 3 Arch Albums but looks interesting unchecked sel.of loose Covers must be checked 100's £55
720 Large Box.half full all World off paper.covers wide period some dup.noted but mass of material nice lot to sit with £55
721 Archive Box.full with mass accum.of old type Shop Sale Cards you know 50 different stamps for 3/= etc 100's have a look £55
722 Overseas coll.in Album.good general range Abu-Dhabi-Angolia middle-Mod.sel.few 100's Vendor states cat.val. £600+ £35
723 Large Carrier Bag.with about average World Kiloware in 3 smaller Bags all World plus few Covers.well worth sorting £65
724 Europe in blue S/Book.various mint mainly unmtd.in 10 sided S/Book.French Antarctic, Liechtenstein 1970's,Spain 861-'63,Rumania incl. M/Sheets.strong Thematic content..Ideal for Approvals.cat.£520+ £70
725 General mixture in 3 Albums.one black pages.mostly KG.VI.mint & used.Album of Foreign,1 of Br.Cols.,3rd Album G.B.odds have a look £65
726 1981 Diana's Wedding in Special Album.looks comp. basic set £55
727 Large Carrier Bag.of World Kiloware in small pkts.plus plastic Box.on/off paper better types incl. some mint plus Carrier bag all World on/off paper good value check £65
728 Fine sel.of Western Europe in Med.S/Book.good general mint & used range better in places. s.t.b.some 1500 stamps H/Cat. plus coll.of Faroe Is. sg.6-88.sg.90-117 unmtd.mint cat.£120+ check £50
729 In 2 S/Books.Br.C/Wealth mint & used some 1200 stamps plus large S/book World.Foreign mint & used some 2500 mostly general but better in places check £52
730 Interesting coll.in 3 Albums all p/mks.early to Mod.better Germany,Austria,& Swiss. many others have a look £45
731 Small Box.½ full of World Kiloware on paper plus Biscuit Tin 1000's World off paper if you like sorting? have a look £45
732 Covers & Stamps in 3 albums incl. Field Post,Active service,G.B. F.D.,stamps attractive range of Mod.m/sheets,plus Shoebox mass accum.of pkt.material.all held in Carrier Bag. heavy lot have a look £55
733 Good general Br.Cols.mixture in Med. S/Book.range of Reigns mint & used many 100's looks value check £35
734 Large grn. S/Book.all Mod.Br.C/Wealth Defs.,Comms.,M/Sheets mint & used 100's check £35
735 Large S/Book.Pre dominately Br.C/Wealth QE.II.Defs. & Comms.with H/Vals.plus few early middle issues here & there plus small part of Foreign fair mix up.but 100's check £75
736 Mixture in Cover album.sel.of Mod.Australian stamps mostly in Packs,Cocos Sheetlet, Canada stamps & Covers,few Gib.,plus S/Africa Covers & others check £40
737 World mixture in Carrier Bag.sel.in 3 albums G.B.mint noted small Atlas Album. plus pkt. various in Envelopes few 100 £36
738 Official Progressive Proofs in Special Folders,Niutao-Tuvalu Racing Motor Cars. plus some St.Vincent £26
739 General World in small Box.as handed in. have a look please £28
740 Coll.of Worlds Greatest Cars by leaders of the World with colour section of photo's plus vert.pair coll.of stamps various Countries mint check £30
741 Med.Whicker Basket general World in few albums.2 F.D.Cover albums plus Bags & pkts. worth sorting £45
742 Med.Box.all world mostly in Bags,pkts.,& Tins few albums unsorted by us. worth checking £45
743 Large heavy Box.contains 7 large Binders mass of pages but quite sparce in places.World general range not one to post plenty of room to expand £45
744 Hungary in black S/Book.early Mod.with dup.red S/Book mixed World,S/Book U.Nations mint & used,S/Book mixed Cols. many 100's check £55
745 Large Box.mass of World heavy dup.in places off paper in pkts.noted odd Covers heavy lot real mixture 1000's have a look £55
746 Med.Box.with 9 albums. G.B.& World F.D.Covers plus Pre.Stamp Covers few 100's £55
747 In Carrier Bag.QE.II. Nyasaland decimal S/charges ½ & 2d in sheets of 60 plus St.Vinc.& Tuvalu m/sheets plus 6 x empty S/books £35
748 Archive Box.looks general World in Albums/S/Books.G.B. PHQ.'s in album plus smaller Box all world off paper check £35
749 Plastic Box.remainder coll.in some 6 albums.some sparce mostly Mod.Thematic 100's £40
750 Med.Box.with G.B. & all World in 7 Albums plus large pkts. good general mixture £42
751 Med.Box.all World in 2 x S/Books,3 Albums,Box File & Biscuit Tin as handed in looks general range have a look £42
752 Med.Box.semi Kilo.plus Foreign on/off paper noted odd Cover Charity lot have a close look please £45
753 Carrier Bag.of World Kilo.in Choc.Box G.B.mint Sterling & others have a look £35
754 Small general mixture in Box.old Album Juv.Albums Kiloware £28
755 Large Bag.of Kiloware as handed in for St.Barnabas on paper G.B. etc. heavy lot £25
756 Garden Sack.World on/off paper Cigar & tin boxes.bundle of P/Cards heavy lot worth sorting have a look £45
757 2 Boxes from Charity looks all World,first Box sorted in pkts. off paper.2nd Box on paper £55
758 Useful Lot of accessories in Box.s/cards,Album leaves,Hawid strips,Brother Labeling machine,Envelopes etc. heavy lot £50
End of Sale