24th July 2010


The Town Hall, Richmond Room, Worthing

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1 POSTCARDS.a giant Album well filled with fine range misc.cards.from early to Mod.incl. Birthday & Local Views noted over 240 cards close look £55
2 POSTCARCDS.unchecked sel.on Cards in Box.in Album plus in bundles G.B. & Foreign seen Vendor states around 500 cards £48
3 CIGARETTE CARDS.looks useful unsorted range in open topped Box.sets but looks mainly part sets.loose,in books plus few P/Cards etc. Ideal Lot to make up check £25
4 CIGARETTE CARDS.useful range in Box File.various Silks,Army Crest & Badges, Ogden Froeign Birds,Kings Coro.,& others in 3 Special Albums.H/Hints,large Bird Cards & many more worth checking £75
5 POSTCARDS.unchecked sel.in Album looks mostly early Cards & photo's over 160 items £35
6 POSTCARDS. early P/Cards of Gibraltar.in small Box stamped & unstamped make nice display over 50 cards £25
7 POSTCARDS.early P/Cards coll. 147 x early 1900's-30's incl.Artistic Models & Makers Lucie M.& Rapheal & Nudes & Comic needs to be viewed £400
8 POSTCARDS.coll.early 1900's all Military,make nice display close look needed all World sadly some stuck down to backing card have a look £95
9 POSTCARDS.coll.130 x of Sussex Arka odd others incl.Brighton,Eastbourne,Country Scenes,Street Scenes have a look £125
10 CIGARETTE CARDS.Wills Cinema Stard 3rd series comp.set in pockets £16
11 CIGARETTE CARDS/P/CARDS.small Box all unchecked. 100's loose cards plus some in Book.plus odd P/Cards must check £40
12 CIGARETTE CARDS. all Players 1916 Past & Present,1938 Aircraft Royal Air Force, 1939 Cycling H/Cat. sets. £22
13 CIGARETTE CARDS.John Players comp.sets in Album.all listed Kings,Coro.,Derby Winners, C.Winners Cricket,Animals etc.15 comp.sets good cond. cat.£750 check £115
14 CIGARETTE CARDS.John Players comp.sets in Album.all listed.Film Stars,Flags, Military, Motor Cars,plus Churchman Treasure Trove,Navigation,Howlers plus other 17 comp.sets good cond. cat.£820 have a look £115
15 CIGARETTE CARDS.in Med.Box.well filled with Cig.Cards & Tarade Cards many sets incl. Guinea Golds,Players Dog Heads,Gil./Sullivan.League of Nations,Gallagher.Wild Flowers, Players Curious Beaks,Wills Engines. Ideal lot to expand cond.mixed in places check £90
16 POSTCARDS.large Box.as handed in.held in 2 Shoeboxes,in bundles & loose looks fairly Mod. needs checking £55
17 CIGARETTE CARDS.in plastic tray unchecked sel.of cards & Trade Cards some in bundles some in Books.few 100 £40
18 CIGARETTE CARDS.some 43 sets of Leibio(Meat extract) Trade cards circa 1930-1950 all identified.please return tags in thir rightful place please £25
19 CIGARETTE CARDS.attractive range black/white Ogden Guinea Gold cards in plastic flolder over 200. £25
20 Misc accum.of Cards in plastic Folder good range of subjects.Arms,Glamour, Thematic's etc. few 100's £30
21 POSTCARDS.interesting sel.in Med.Box.G.B.& Ireland in 2 Shoeboxes plus smaller Box.one sorted into Country Lots etc.looks fine range early/Mod.nearly 500 cards worth close look £85
22 POSTCARDS.in small Box.Doom & Gloom.some 50 P/Cards early/Mod.various Disasters, Earthquakes,Volcanoes,Floods etc.Topical at present £35
23 POSTCARDS.in Box File.G.B. P/Cards sorted in Regions.plus Env.with dup.range of Comic Cards looks Reprints 100's £30
24 POSTCARDS.in small Box.P/Cards & Covers fine range of p/mks.large & small Thimbles plus Military items F.P.O's etc.close look please £45
25 BOOKS.Aircraft & Flights Catalogue,& Reference Books in Box.one Man's Library to many to describe but a must for collector or Dealers in this field.14 items plus several smaller. £55
26 BOOKS.Hennings Rocket Post,Davis Aircraft catchets,Heyd Rocket Mail with photo's 4 items,Cyprus p/mks.,2 G.B. p.mks.(in German) 1932 1st Edit.Fields Airmail stamps £46
27 BOOKS. U.S.A. Airmail Cat.vol.3. American Society.plus U.S.A. Air Mail Cat.vol.1. £12
28 Attractive Thematic range in 3 Albums.2 of which are Aviation Heritage stamps,M/Sheet mint & used plus 3rd Album misc.Railway incl. Silk Covers good value £45
29 Med.Box.with 10 old pkt.type Books pre.1960 & approx.100 s/cards with all World Comms. £60
30 Large Box.all World in a series of albums/S/Books.Album of Covers plus mass loose material needs sorting good value have a look £75
31 Large heavy Box containing some mostly G.B. all Reigns dup.in places some pkts.many 100's worth sorting £75
32 Useful range in 2 padded Ring Albums.Barbados sel.of early Britannia's vals.to 1/=,few S/Horses plus later,Bahamas odd early KG.VI.to £1 mint,QE.II.to £1 used plus good Mod., sel.,2nd Album all Jamaica Qv.-QE.II.,Leeward Is.odd early good lot KG.VI.vals.to £1 plus 2 shades mint close check £195
33 Large Box.2 large Albums of G.B. F.D.C's all world in pkts.loose Covers few Accessories £55
34 In Med.S/Book.1962 mint set to £1 Cyprus 1955 set used,KG.VI.Gilbert & Ellice set plus S/Wedd.used,plus others mint KG.VI.Canada.few India etc. £60
35 Large Shoebox with all World range better sets & singles mint & used Qv.-QE.II.on small & large Approv.Cards.useful Retail material with H/Cat.value close look advised £345
36 Small Icecream Tub with some 23 small cards.Br.Cols.& Channel Is. s.t.c.£1300+ good val. £145
37 C/WEALTH.in blue multi Ring Binder 65 pages.early to Mod.Cape triangles(8), S.Africa Group,Malaya States,vals.to $2,H.K.,Singapore (No Borneo) 100's needs to be viewed £85
38 Large Jigsaw Box.no need to puzzle over this lot.with fine range Br.C/Wealth on small & large cards.sets & singles mint & used Qv.-QE.II. Ideal Fairs etc.H/Cat. lot worth checking £325
39 Funny mixture in giant S/Book.fair range of France & Cols.few G.B.,Australia with heavy dup.of Mod.plus Germany again with dup.probably 1000's worth a look £75
40 BR.COLS.good range on old pages.all One Country coll.mostly QV.-KG.V.sets & odds mint & used.Sierra Leone,Natal,Niger coast,Cayman Is.,Sarawak few 100's have a look £145
41 Useful looking Foreign coll.in 7 large Albums good across the board range A-Z. mostly early/middle range A.Z.mostly early/middle period Defs.& Picts.mint & used many better items noted worth close look 100's have a look £175
42 Large Archive Box.incl. G.B. stamps & Covers World loose plus old Ideal Album( sparce) needs sorting £95
43 Unseen coll.in 1869 Album. s.t.b. packed with better material incl.G.B. & U.S.A. 100's worth checking on arrival £350
44 Useful World accum.in Box incl. well filled Viceroy Album early KG.V.better in places Med.Wooden Box.all world mass unsorted plus pkt.Mod. on paper worth sorting check £80
45 Battered Old Strand Album.bulging remainders early to 1940's-50's, incl.Europe & Cols. India,Germany,Egypt,Iran,Iraq,Russia 100's care when viewing needs to be checked £95
46 Med.Box.all World,Canada in Album but mostly loose stamps in 2 biscuit tins & shoebox 100's on/off paper worth sorting £50
47 Another Lot promised QV.-QE.II. incl. better Rhod. incl. KG.V.mint & used 100's needs to be viewed £150
48 C/WEALTH.1953-78 in grn.Utile Album.Cameroon,S.W.A.,S.Rhod.,Sri Lanka,Tonga,Trinidad mint Comms.,Defs.,Omnibus some missing top vals. cat.£1,073 check £180
49 Looks good World mixture in Box.on pages,s/cards,& pkts.,& loose. should be fun so ex.R.Marsh must check £55
50 Useful range of Br.Cols.in thick S/Book.difficult to describe QV.-QE.II. mostly odd better vals. some sets mint & used needs close look good value 100's check £95
51 Large heavy Carton all Royalty in Albums '53 Coro.,25th Anniv.,72 Jub.,80th Birthday, '81 R.Wedd. & Album Royal Events many 100's have a look £160
52 2 Boxes with 23 S/Books containing all World off paper sel.in Defined Countries clsoe look advised check £105
53 THEMATIC coll.of Airmail & Aeroplane on stamps all World middle/Mod.incl. M/Sheets mint & used few 100's £65
54 WORLDWIDE incl.strong BC/Australia.vintage pkt.makers dream with a cat.no doubt running into way in excess of 100,000.the key is finding the better material that is definately there within KG.V. early QE. within bulk.very H/Cat.Lot needs careful viewing £995
55 Large Box.all World in several Albums.part r remainder coll.odd better in places fair value heavy lot have a look £60
56 Various 16 sides S/Book.with Germany 1956-59 plus M/Sheets '64-'96 much used,cat.£555. Austria '70-'80 unmtd.mint blocks of 4 cat.£114.Bulgaria 1930-40 B.O.B., '60's Air blocks of 4 cat.£118.,Rumania '76 Paintings & M/Sheets cat.£112.Ideal for Approvals cat.£972 needs to be viewed £100
57 Large Plastic Crate.with mostly G.B.stamps,Covers many better H/Vals.& Booklet Panes plus small & large boxes very heavy lot £45
58 C/WEALTH KG.VI.sel.in 54 sides S/Book.Ascension with large blocks of 1d,1½,2d, Barbados 1d on 2d O/Print,general Omnibus sets mint & used plus others unsorted for varieties needs viewing £330
59 Large Box.all World messy lot so leave this one to you.should be fun heavy lot mass of material Albums,pages etc check £55
60 Interesting Box Lot containing mass of unchecked World material large part on small & large pieces no Mod.looks mostly middle period with dup. check £55
61 Late lot unseen s.t.b.KG.V.-1970 mint & used on pages please check £125
62 Archive Box.containing 4 large bound Albums Classic Cards Heritage stamps,gutter pairs & Covers with Wealth of information,plus 2 Albums Queens 70th Birthday Omnibus all mint £85
63 Various dup.mint & used Stock in 16 sides S/Book.Cuba used comosite sets,Christmas & space,Russia 1940's-70's incl.'47 Moscow 800th Anniv.,M/Sheets x 2. 1922 5r on 20k imperfs.x 5.Poland '80's unmtd.mint Stock x 10,Rumania good to fine cat.£1,585 100's check £160
64 WORLDWIDE Pot Pourri last minute entry needs to be viewed unchecked by us H/Cat. lot have fun £4000
65 Large Box.all World in 6 large Albums A-Z.typed range general mix plus loose & Covers check £55
66 Late lot unseen s.t.b. mostly QE.II.to 1970 better items incl. must be viewed £220
67 Large Box.mass accum.of World unchecked by us in Albums,pages,approval Books.Tins & loose should be fun good Hunting £65
68 Large Box.all World in 12 Albums/S/Books.good range of Countries mint & used early/Mod.better in places many 100's worth checking £65
69 Archive Box.mixed World on pages ,part Album,2 x S/Books,bundle of Covers & loose early to Mod.noted well worth sorting £60
70 C/WEALTH 1953-78 in red Album.superb mint Saints coll.,St.Christopher,St.Vincent near comp.range of Comms.,Defs.,& Omnibus(some top vals.missing incl. various printings cat.£468 needs to be viewed £80
71 Med.Box.with mass of World on large bundle of pages all periods.plus hagner pages & others well worth checking many 100's £50
72 Med.Box. containing some 20 Cigar Boxes of One Country lots all World as handed in so worth close look £50
73 2 Boxes,21 S/Books.all World off paper in certain Countries needschecking £105
74 Large Box.looks mostly G.B.& Br.Cols.with Books of World on cards,pkts.,pages. F.D.C.'S etc. worth sorting £55
75 Funny mixture in Med.S/Book.lots of odds/ends early/middle,Mod.Thematic's but better at back of Book.QV.-KG.VI. noted £1 x 2,KG.VI.Leeward Is. etc.few 100 check £55
76 BRITISH ASIA.in Scott Album.remainder coll.mint & used fr Ceylon,India & States,H.K.incl. 1941 Cent.set,Pakistan £60
77 In Archive Box.2 Albums 1981 R.Wedd.,2 Albums Rowland Hill,album 1980 Q.Mother,'77 Jub.Omnibus issues few 100's check £85
78 A valuable coll.of KG.VI.housed in 3 vols.on black pages.looks to be comp.range A-Z.mostly mint & mostly full sets,plus useful 1948 S/Weddings,U.P.U. etc.a 4th Album of QE.II. early & middle sets mostly mint must be viewed very high cat.in Box. have a look £4500
79 In Biscuit Tin.range of Br.Cols.& Foreign on small black cards incl. sets,better singles & odds mint & used to diverse to describe over 40 cards check £70
80 Large Shoe Box.almost full with many 1000's all World stamps off paper.looks all Reigns could be anything plus bundle of Australia on cards.should reward the Brave! £55
81 BR.COLS.One Country coll.on pages,s/cards.QV.-QE.II. sets & singles St.Vincent,Falk.Is., Ceylon,Seychelles,Leeward Is.,& Australia mint & used few 100's check £85
82 Various 16 sides S/Book.incl. Tuvalu used,G.B. from 1953 Coro.to 1970's all mint incl. unmtd. plus Canada mint 100's check £60
83 In Box.Med S/Book.with Br.Cols.& Foreign good range China early/Mod.2 P/Books,Canada 2006 Year Pack & Victoria Cross Sheetlets,few Covers early France noted. & empty Windsor have a look £85
84 Large Brief Case containg some 5 Albums all World early/middle period better noted all used the mint appears all stuck down so ignored in estimate plus 2 pkts. one of mostly Royalty plus I.O.M.Coins in Covers,pkt.on paper World.good lot to sort check £150
85 Attractive coll.of 100th Anniv.of the Death of Rowland Hill stamps & M/Sheets.range of Countries A-Z.all mint £65
86 London 1980 range A-Z.stamps & M/Sheets attractive lot all mint £55
87 Fine range of early G.B.used Abroad & others incl. Alexandria Suez,Malta on Cover,1900 Mafeking Siege stamps on piece,Boer War,Constantinople,Army Field Post incl. KG.V. blocks,few Foreign Bills,various p/mks.on pieces odd Cover must check £125
88 Various Mod.mint in 6 vols.in Box.2002 World Football Cup & Covers, 2 vols. St.Kitts.,2 vols. Nevis needs to be viewed £140
89 Unseen Empire on pages? s.t.b. QV.-1960 f/used have a look needs to be checked £50
90 1935 S.JUB.Omnibus issue on hagner & pages mint or used looks fairly comp.range (No Egypt) over 270 stamps H/Cat. worth checking £295
91 Mixed lot unseen Gib.,N.Z.,Jamaica etc QV.-QE.II. incl. M/Sheets needs to be viewed £70
92 Unseen Lot s.t.b. QV.-KG.VI. but don't know what off ? so have a look on arrival needs to be checked £90
93 FAIR mixture of Foreign unchecked range A-I.mostly Mid.Periods noted few China please check £75
94 Worldwide Mystery Lot.our sale would'nt ne the same without one.this represents material incl.much that has huge potential with single items that should be checked needs to be be viewed very Hcat.Lot £5000
95 Large heavy Box.all World in S/Book,on pages,Folder(check Malta)plus mass of loose on paper & Box with mass of Club Books.worth checking £80
96 C/WEALTH in grn.Binder.1953-78 incl. Dominica,Fiji,Gambia,Gibraltar,superb mtd.mint comp.with Defs.(short of top vals.)incl. various shades & wmk.changes.wide range of comms. & Omnibus.cat.£920 needs to be viewed £170
97 WORLDWIDE Estate instructions have been given that this lot must sell.the valuation please note is just he beginning Vendor states.check £2000
98 ROYALTY.in brn.Box.1981 R.Wedding in 3 special albums.near comp.for C/Wealth + Benham special Baby Silk coll.+ imperf sets & M/Sheets.100's high cost lot check £120
99 Large Box.with various Albums.Sheets etc.some interesting stuff check £50
100 Archive Box.holding some 5 large Albums.all Foreign A-Z.types early/Mod.mint & used stronger in places but needs checking carefully 100's £230
101 Med.Box.with 4 well filled S/Books all World all diff.off paper may be 10kilo plus several small S/Books etc. check £60
102 Archive Box.with mixed World general range in 8 Worldex Albums many 100's £60
103 1953 CORO Omnibus issue mint & used in 2 special Albums £50
104 Small Suitcase. as handed in quick look.reveals several small albums incl.useful lot in old Triumph Album.plus large Bag of loose close look advised £55
105 Archive Box.with giant S/Book.large range Mod.Sri Leone Defs.,Comms.,M/Sheets mint & used,A-Z. coll.in One Country album.early/Mod.plus mass of unsorted World material plus Covers have a look £95
106 Med.Box.with various albums Br.Cols. & foreign,coll.of Trin.& Tob.3 S/Books.material on pages,pkts.& tins 100's have a look £65
107 World Cinderella coll.incl. unissued stamps,War Fund,Charity,G.B.Labels,QV.Telegraphs, IRC's,Patriotic P/Card,Rajah signatures,India Scinde Dawk & other forgeries etc.825+ stamps/items needs to be viewed £85
108 Mixed World in small Box.containg 6 S/Books.incl. Channel Is.& I.O.M.,mixed Foreign & Br.Cols.in S/Book.,S/Book mixed.small lot Trinidad & Tobago,Portugal,G.B. & C/Wealth few 100's have a look £75
109 2 small S/Books.with nice range of Russia in one. from early Thunderbolts to 1970 incl. fair middle period.2nd S/Book with few odds have a look £50
110 FOREIGN.4 lots Bulgaria 1927 Air O/Print 101 grn.Mic.209 blocks of 4 used on piece gum stain,W.Germany '51 Posthorn 25 & 30pf sg.1053-54 mtd.mint.Greece '51 sg.692-7. mint (5000 tiny tone spots) Hungary '39 Protestant Day sg.MS.657a perf.& imperf. special catchet cat.£514. needs to be viewed £75
111 Large Box.with all World in a series of Albums good general range plus bundle of Covers mostly G.B. heavy lot check £50
112 Coll.in Senator album.QV.-QE.II. sets & odds mint & used Cyprus,Gibraltar,Malta. few 100's worth sorting £95
113 EUROPE.5 coll.France 1939-44 between sg.637-850 (no Charities).Comms.1940 O/Print Petain to 50f,'44 Cock,Germany West '66-'67 Brandenburg Gate,Charities, unmtd.mint blocks of 4.,Liechtenstein '44-'47 mint,on printed pages.'44 Francis 2f & 3f,'45 Arms, St.Lucious 10f.,'46 Wildlife,'47 Elsa sg.241-2,246-7,251-8 cat.£135 (15).Luxembourg 22 sets & singles mint.'50's-'70's plus 1934 Royalty,Charities,Views,'60s Defs.cat.£168, Portugal Is. Maderia & Azores Booklets 1980's-'90's cat.as stamps £108 (21) total cat.£633 needs check £135
114 Coll.of BWI in Ring Album.fair range A-Z.types fairly general QV.-QE.II. mint & used odd better in places few 100's so close look advised £75
115 Large heavy Box.with looks to be all World Albums & in pkts.plus coll.Wildlife Covers in Album.but value probably in G.B. stamps & Covers decent face value £65
116 In Box.World coll.dups in old Cig.Tins,better Cols. noted plus G.B. needs to be viewed £225
117 Large Box.as handed in for the St.Barnabas Charity holds some 8 Albums/S/Books.World remainders plus fair lot World M/sheets in pkt.worth checking £55
118 Mixed in Box.World in old album other bits in pkt.bundle of Covers noted O.A.S. Papua Front check £80
119 Large Suitcase.almost full with mass accum.of World on/off paper old-Mod.impossible to value on the spot must be checked could be anything £55
120 Med.Suitcase full all World incl. G.B.with pkt.of early pre-stamp Covers.other Covers loose odd albums.plus large pkt.unsorted Ideal lot to sort should reward £60
121 Med.Box.all World in general in 3 Albums.large Album M/Sheets of the World some removed.U.S.A. odd Comm.pack.fair G.B. coll.QV.-QE.II. fair bit of face check £85
122 Large Box.with G.B. mint in Album.,File Book 1937 Coro's,small box pkts.plus some Sheets £50
123 Small Box.with few G.B. incl. S/Printed but mostly Br.Cols.,Kings on pages, general issues noted QV. 1d Leeward Is.gutter block of 16 mint £50
124 C/WEALTH.Leaders of the World M/Sheets & sets incl.Elvis,Micheal Jackson,Sports, Royalty,Birds,Fauna & Flora unmtd.mint £350 face 141 sets + 9 M/Sheets check £80
125 EUROPE.Belgium 1939 mint cat.£113.Liechtenstein '68'70 mint cat.£90,French Antarctic '82 2 full sheets cat.£65.W.Germany '57-'63 mint & used cat.£158 totalcat.£445 need to check £80
126 Coll.in large Stuart album.few Tonga shapes,Solomon Is.,Tristan Da Cunha dd M/Sheet, Falk.Is.,Channel Is,Montserrat Defs.,Comms.,M/Sheets.mostly mint later 1960's-1980's attractive lot £65
127 Fine sel.of mostly Br.C/Wealth few Foreign better sets & singles on small cards.white Env.few Covers etc. Udeal Retail material H/Cat. need to check £250
128 BR.C/WEALTH.in 2 vols.noted India & States.early Egypt,few Malaya States,odd better H.Kong,BWI etc. few 100's worth close look £75
129 CIGAR BOX.with Br.C/Wealth on small cards.mint & used some dup.noted Malaya,Ceylon, Sarawak,& Singapore need to check £120
130 Good range in Simplex Album.fair australia coll.with early Roo's incl.better vals.10/= seen, KG.V.to 1/4,plus later Mod.,better States incl.Queensland QV.mint vals.to 1/=,other States.plus N.Z. QV.-Mod.plus Officials,few Newfoundland few 100's have a look £115
131 Med.Box.unsorted mixed World in S/Book.Folder with pages,mass of pkts. some Covers, Booklets,1978 Coro.in Album etc. have a look £58
132 4 vol.coll.held in small plastic carton.Br.Cols.across the board range A-Z., QV.-QE.II. too much to describe sets & part sets odd vals.etc.many 100's mint & used stronger in certain areas.worth close look £325
133 EUROPE.better sets on s.cards mint.incl. unmtd.Sweden 1932 Adolfus,'30 Academy, '38 U.S.A.,'48 Austria Costumes vals.to 10sch.Germany '51,'52 Relief,'53 Transport cat.£722 (51) needs to be viewed £165
134 In Box.all World remainder coll.in 4 Albums.early to middle better in places mint & used few 100's worth sorting £48
135 In Box.1977 S/Jub.Omnibus issues in 2 Albums & small box.incl. Carribean Tour stamps & Booklets nice range £48
136 Large Box.with coll.in album/Hagner Binders Covers.plus mass loose unchecked by us so close look please £55
137 Small Box. containing fine range of Br.C/Wealth on some 36 black cards.looks mostly KG.VI. -QE.II.mint & used sets & singles cat..£2400 check £285
138 BR.America's in Ring Binder.Canada plus Newfoundland mostly early/middle period good general sel.few 100's mint & used £75
139 In Box.large Folder of Br.Cols.on pages & hagner sheet.early/Mod.range, S/Book,& pages. Australia & States.plus 2 P/Books of Br.Cols.,Egypt & Sudan.messy lot needs sorting may reward many 100's £95
140 Attractive sel.of mint Br.Cols.in Album.all KG.VI.sets & part sets close look advised clean lot £65
141 EUROPE.many better Luxembourg 1960's-80's mint mainly unmtd.Comms. & Charities cat.£120.Liechtenstein '44-'53 used,'44 Prince 2f & 3f sg.231-2, '45 Arms 5f x 2, sg.246-7., '46 St.Lucious 10f sg.251.'53 Museum sg.317-9 cat.£117,Germany West '51-'53 between sg.1073-96 mint incl. Ronigen,Otto,Heligoland,R.Cross cat.£400, Germany Berlin 1987 Tourists 2 Booklets plus 2 strips cat.£140 total cat.£831 needs to be viewed £155
142 IN Box. 4 Albums of G.B. handwritten F.D.C.'s all decimal incl.better.plus Album of G.B. plus 3 Albums mixed check £50
143 Unchecked sel.in 3 Albums s.t.b. Czech.range 1918-1990's mint & used early Mod.plus fair coll.of Bulgaria good early have a look £65
144 Large heavy Box.all World incl.box of s/cards.Binder of Russia on pages.bag.N.Z.,bag G.B., S/Books,Hagner pages.incl.mint Italy Album odd better G.B. £75
147 THIRD AS ABOVE £2995
148 FOURTH AS ABOVE. £1995
149 FIFTH AS ABOVE. £995
150 ADEN.range in grn.S/Book.with Dhow 1r used,1939 & 1953 sets to 10r & 20/= mixed mint & used vals.,Sth.Arabian Fed.,Seiyun O/Prints & others to 1967 £32
151 ADEN. Shir & Mukalla sg.1a olive grn.scarce perf. 13 & three quarter x 14 comb.in plate number imprint bl.of 12 unmtd.mint cat. £330+ £75
152 AFGHANISTAN.in 2 S/Books.good range across the board 1890's-1960's early imperf.to strong middle period 2nd Album heavy dup.1952-1958 semi postal.all mint care when viewing as loose stamps.few unrelated Virgin Is. have a look £95
153 AFRICA.coll.in 6 Albums noted Nr.Rhod. KG.V./VI. dup.range in S/Book.4 albums S/A.1961 to Mod.heavy dup.plus Sth.Rhod.KG.VI.-QE.II.odd better vals.incl. £1 many 100's in Box. £75
154 ANDORRA.(French) Self.Adh.Booklets 1996-99. sg.516,523,537,550,all fine cat.as stamps £294 (4) have a look £90
155 ANDORRA(French) imperf.60c Arms sg.F101(print of only 500), '45 Views 1f.20 sg.F106, 3f sg.F111,5f sg.F138 all imperf.rare & unusual needs to be viewed £80
156 ANTIGUA.1879 QV.4d blue crown CC.being sg.20 mint copy not all fine cat.£250 £42
157 ANTIGUA.1937-1990's in 2 S/Books.mint coll.Defs. sets,M/Sheets,Sheetlets all diff.huge cat.val. needs to be viewed £500
158 ANTIGUA.early to 1980's super lot mainly mint coll.in 2 red Binders some earlies. KG.VI.to £1 sheetlets,M/Sheets & Booklets cat.£1,350 needs to be viewed £270
159 ARAB STATES.coll.laid out & cat.in Hagner Binder Mid./Mod.range U.A.R.,Iraq, Israel, Trans- Jordan,Palestine,Qatar,Egypt,sets,singles mint & used have a look £110
160 ASCENSION.the 1924/33 comp. set ½d to 3/= sg.10-20 min.cat.£300, unchecked for varieties needs to be viewed £100
161 ASIA.coll.in Simplex Album.fair general rangeAden,Ceylon,India,Mauritius,Seychelles etc. QV.-QE.II. mint & used £45
162 AUSTRILASIA.Christmas Is.,Cocos,& Nauru mint & used incl. many unmtd.blocks several comp.Defs.sets s.t.c.£850 check £160
163 AUSTRALIA.1902 P/Due.top val.10/=.£1 O/Print Specimen sg.43 & 44 mint H/Cat.pair £90
164 AUSTRALIA 1913 5/= Roo as per sg.13 used cat.£170 £48
165 AUSTRALIA. 1932 5/= Sidney Harbour Bridge being sg.143 mint £100
166 AUSTRALIA.1935 £1 Roo sg.137 used with small repair some soiling cat.£250 £32
167 AUSTRALIA.Arms series of 1948 comp.5/=,10/=,£1,£2, sg.224a to 224d cat.£134, L.H. £30
168 AUSTRALIA.dup.range of better stuck range from KG.V.-1980 mint & used incl. better items needs sorting check £260
169 AUSTRALIA.coll.on double sided hagner.& 2 STD.Albums.fine range of selected Roo's incl. 4 x 5/=,10/= & £1 gry.plus most low vals.to 2/=,few KG.V.vals.to 1/4, range in 2 Albums to 1977 incl.better Sidney Harbour Bridge set.,Robes to £1.but most Defs./Comms.all used H/Cat.lot check £300
170 AUSTRALIA.1964-95 in red 22 sides S/Book.unmtd.mint Decimal coll.incl. M/Sheets, Exhib.Sheets,Self Adh.vals.to $20.Se.Tenant strips,Coils,Booklet Panes plus Antarctic Area near comp. h/face cat.£1,400 needs to be viewed £400
171 AUSTRALIA.1990-94 super coll.in Devon Album.many issues both mint & used Defs., Comms.,.M/Sheets,Coils,Booklet & Panes,Se.Tenant,Exhib.Sheets diff.to replicated face £510 cat.£1,258 100's needs to be viewed £360
172 AUSTRALIA.mixed sel.in Med. S/Book.heavy dup. mostly Mod.used many 100's £32
173 AUSTRALIA.3 Year Packs 1966-1980 Defs.& Comms. incl. better noted 1966 Defs. good face val. check £42
174 AUSTRALIA.1988 Bi.Centennial 24 carat gold plate Sterling Proof stamp coll.in original packages replicating classic Australian C/Wealth & States.stamps in actual size. (high cost of Silver price paid $99.50 each) £1,050 (24) have a look £220
175 AUSTRALIA.1923-65 many issues both mint & used.strong Comms.,plus 1937 Robes to £1 used,'48 Arms to £2,'63 Navigators to 10/= used,mint to £2 near comp.with a few faults cat.£1,317 100's have a look £225
176 AUSTRALIA.1959-69 in red Binder.many sets mint & used '59 to 5/=,Defs.,Coil strip of 6, '63 Navigators 5d red. QE.II. Coils strip of 6 to '96 Flight strip of 3 x 10 cat.£574 have a look £110
177 AUSTRALIA.late 1990's-2000's. 282 unaddressed stamped printed P/Stat.plus framas Spec.pmks.plus normal issues.super lot in brn.Box.(2 grn.Ring Binders) have a look £140
178 AUSTRALIA.early to Mid.1980's on 34 sides s/c.from Roo's to 5/=, KG.V.Heads to 1/4,then much to 1980's many used H/Cat.val. 100's needs to be checked £85
179 AUSTRALIA.1945-86 unmtd.mint slight dup.Stock 21 sheets in grn.S/Book.many blocks of 4, sparse to 1965 then strong to 1986 cat.£1,404 1000's needs to be viewed £280
180 AUSTRALIA.fine range of 1913/14 Roo's basic set ½ to 5/= 12 stamps ½ & 1d in pairs all mint the 2/= with closed tear excluding the 2/= cat.val.£730+ min.check £180
181 AUSTRALIA.coll.housed in expensive Hingeless Boxed One Country Album.with fair range of Roo's vals.to 5/=,KG.V.to 1/4,a range of Picts.incl.1932 Sidney Harbour Bridge set.1935 S/Jub.,Robes to £1. later to 1960's mint & used Ideal to expand have a look £195
182 AUSTRALIA GROUP.in grn.Simplex Album.from early States to 1970's mint & used, incl. 15 pages of States,Roo's from 1915.strong Comms.,1835 Robes to £1, '49 Arms to £2, various Coil pairs. ½d Roo's strong to 1936 Navigators to £2.Decimals,P/Dues plus Antarctic good to fair,mixed on earlier material also Christmas Is.,Cocos & Keeling on 94 pages cat.£3,072 Gib.'99 100's needs to be viewed £575
183 AUSTRIA. 1931 Rotary set of 6 vals.comp.mint £50
184 AUSTRIA.1961-89 coll.in red Simplex Med.Album.until 1967 stamps are mainly mint.later stamps are unmtd.mint nice coll.cat.£400 check £55
185 AUSTRIA.1945-58.superb mint mainly unmtd.on printed pages.all diff.Comms.vals. to £25 each.ideal basis for coll. cat.£844 '09 check £180
186 AUSTRIA. 1950-53 unmtd.mint sel.on 4 pages.incl. Carinthian Plebiscite, 1950 to 2sch., '51 Reconstruction to '53 Wolf.cat.£896 (37) needs to be viewed £240
187 BAHAMAS.1863/80 QV.1/= grn. sg.39 invert.wmk. f/used £45
188 BAHAMAS.1884 QV.6d mauve with malformed "E".as per sg.54a mint £50
189 BAHAMAS.large grn.S/Book.containing a coll.of Covers & Cards KG.V.to QE.II.incl. better items,out Island pmks.incl. trds.,Censored Mail,P/Stat.incl. Specimens,Paquebot & Flight Covers etc. 129 items have a look £145
190 BAHAMAS.QV.on 2 pages noted imperf.Interinsular,plus 4 x 1d perfs.1863 6d,1d, & 1/= x 2,then sg.40/1,43 & 44 x 2.scarce 1884 set to £1 all mint usual mix on earlies H/Cat.Lot check £375
191 BARBADOS.1879 5/= Brittania fair copy used with 1874 Barbados heavish C.D.S. cat.£300 £95
192 BARBUDA.Wholesale 1977 Special Events composite design sheets containing sg.379/82 unmtd.mint over 80 sheets £30
193 BELGIUM. 1882/84 Reprint of the Railway Parcel stamp in comp. Panes of 25 incl the 1f to 10f imperf.Sheets plus 15c,50c,& 2f in mint Panes of 25 mint.nice display material £30
194 BELGIUM.early 1940's in red S/Book.mainly good to f/used incl. 1849 20c Epaulette 4 margin plus 4 imperf. Medallion,5 perf.examples.Leopold II.to 2f,1922 Albert to 10f plus Comms. needs to be viewed £110
195 BELGIUM. 1961-83 mint coll.Defs.,Comms.,Charities,M/Sheets in red Binder cat.£603 check £110
196 BELGIUM.fair general coll.in 2 large Albums.few Earlies.fair middle range ovals etc.mint & used through to 1990's nicely laid out Ideal to expand £48
197 BELGIUM CONGO.interesting sel.of mint material from the 19th Century onwards,incl.the 10f Steam Boat,Airmails sets comp. to 5f,Elephant trd O/Prints & regular Elephant set comp. etc needs to be viewed £90
198 BERMUDA.1875 QV.1d on 1/= as per sg.17 good used copy cat.£250 £80
199 BERMUDA.1884 QV. 2½ pale ultra with invert.wmk.as per sg.27a used £55
200 BERMUDA.scarce 1918/22 10/= in corner marginal Control.1.with break in scroll as per sg.54 C.A. mint £295
201 BERMUDA.QV.on hagner page.odd early C.C.incl. 1/=,1d on 1/= S/Charge As Seen. plus later issues to 1/= all used cond.mixed 17 stamps £35
202 BRIT.AFRICA.sel.in 2 Albums with range of Countries QV.-1970's mostly laid out. Rhod., O.F.S. Cape.S/Africa,Basuto.,K.U.T.& many others mint & used better odds noted many 100's have a look £75
203 BR.SOMALILAND.1903/11 ED.VII. 8a O/Print O.H.M.S. as per sg.013 f/used £40
204 BR.SOMALILAND.1903 ED.VII. ½an O/Print with broken "1" in British as per sg.25 mint £95
205 BRIT.ANT.TERR.small lot in Album 1963- 1999 small lot mostly Comms.mint or used £30
206 BRIT.GUIANA.1881 2c on 24c grn.sg.159 mint copy baked with R.P.S. Cert. As Genuine £80
207 BRIT.GUIANA.1934 KG.V.comp.set to $1 being sg.288/300 f/used £42
208 BRIT.HONDURAS.1891 QV.H/Vals. 50c to $5 sg.62-65 mint £145
209 BRIT.HONDURAS.1907 ED.VII.$5 gry.grn.& black as per sg.93 nice mint copy £85
210 BRIT.HONDURAS.1924 KG.V. $5 purple & blk./red as per sg.125 nice mint copy £48
211 BRIT.LEVANT. scarce 1906 1pia on 2d gry.grn.& carmine O/Print & S/Charged as per sg.15 mint copy with tone,baked with Brandon Cert. £245
212 BRIT.OCC.ITALIAN COLS.2 x Telegrammes one from Assab & one from Asmara both are dated 1951 & Bear B.A.Eritrea O/Print stamps scarce items have a look £80
213 BRIT.SOLOMON IS.1914/23 KG.V.£1 purple & blk./red fine mint copy of sg.38 £80
214 BRUNEI.1895 Local Scenes on card.compset sg.1-10 f/used £90
215 BRUNEI.scarce 1908/22 comp.set on page sg.34-48 the $25 is especially f/used on piece cat.£1400 £395
216 BRUNEI.1922 Malaya Borneo Exh.4c with broken "N" sg.54c & 25c as above sg.57c both f/used £75
217 BRUNEI. 1924/27 comp.set on 2 pages sg.60-78 f/used £60
218 BULGARIA.1955-59 unmtd.mint Stock mainly blocks of 4 & 6.Thematic incl. 1958 Forest Animals,Balkan Games,'59 Birs good val.£734 check £100
219 CANADA.1897 QV.Jub.scarce val.$4 sg.139 f/used with Victoria C.D.S. £160
220 CANADA.1898 QV.Numerals comp.set on card to 20c being sg.150-165 cat.£900 scarce £295
221 CANADA.1908 ED.VII. 50c top val. beign sg.187 appears to be unmtd.mint scarce as such £110
222 CANADA. 1924 KG.V. 1c,2c,& 3c imperf.single copies from pairs mint £38
223 CANADA. bl.of 4 of the key Admiral type imperf. x perf.8,2c grn.min.cat.£60, quite scarce as block of 4 sg.287 £20
224 CANADA.coll.in 2 Albums dup.range from QV.'s large & small Heads somall Defs.ED.VII.& KG.V. Defs. & Comms. plus range of QE.II. many 100's £65
225 CANADA. 1937/68 coll.in Exeter Album.almost comp.(exCentennial issues) but incl. Coils, Blocks. Phos. etc. large part unmtd.mint cat.£700+ £65
226 CANADA. 1967-78 P/Dues. sg.33-41 all in unmtd.mint imprint blocks of 4.27 blocks.all diff. cat.£168 as ordinary stamps £40
227 CANADA.coll.in 2 SG.One Country Albums.good lot of Canada QV.-QE.II. better sel.of large & small QV.'s,later mint fair bit of tone not incl..have a look £65
228 CANADA.1954 1c,3c,4c,5c,QE.II. phos.in dup. unmtd.mint blocks.1c sg.464 (13 block x 4) 3c sg.465p 15 blocks x 4,4c sg.466p x 78 (7 blocks x 10, 1 bk.x 8), 5c sg.467 x 20. corner bls.of 4.cat.£552 (300) check £85
229 CANADA.1900-40 dup.mainly mint on s/card.incl.Admirals,War Tax,Coils, Special Delivery up to 10 of each.couple tone spots.cat.£964 (140) check £140
230 CANADA.1955 5c Cranes sg.479 x 30 unmtd.mint,imprint bls.of 4.1963 15c Geese sg.539 x 30 unmtd.mint imprint bls.of 4, '64 7c & 8c sg.540 & 540a x 30 unmtd.mint imprint bls.of 4 cat.£342 check £60
231 CANADA.2 lots.1949 3c purple sg.416 x 65 mainly unmtd.mint bl.of 4 with Imprints (260) plus 4c verm.sg.417b x 10 unmtd.mint.mainly unmtd.mint bls.of 4 with imprints (160). 1953 50c Textiles sg.462 x 20 unmtd.mint bls.of 4 with imprints (80) cat.£258 £48
232 CANADA.range of 1951/64 Defs.& Comms.in imprint & plate number blocks of 4 unmtd. mint basic cat. £300+ £38
233 CANADA.coll.housed in expensive Hingeless Boxed One Country Album.fair sel.large & small Heads vals.to 15c.range of Picts.& Defs. vals.to $1.plus KG.VI. all used Ideal to expand have a look £125
234 CANADA GROUP.in printed Minkus Album.Victorian issues,ED.VII.to 20c, KG.V.TO $1, 1928 TO $1. '30-'31 & '35 TO $1.good KG.VI.coll.& P/Dues. plus QE.II.to 1972 used lot check £85
235 CANADA/NEW BRUNSWICK.attractive 1860 10c red in unmtd.mint corner marginal bl.of 6. as per sg.17.some light back creases but nice item have a look £75
236 CAPE MAFEKING.1900 sg.18 1d dp blue/blue mark on left perf.6th from bottom dated 9th May 1900 have a look £115
237 CAPE MAFEKING SIEGE.1900 Cape S/Charges 1d mint & u.,plus 3d.Bech.Prot.1d x 2,3d,6d x 2,1/= etc. 14 stamps 1908 set Good Year,plus 2 shades of Baden Powell,f/used lot some on piece H/Cat. lot must check £360
238 CAYMAN IS.1908 2½ on 4d brn.& blue sg.35 f/used backed with R.P.S.Cert.As Genuine slight back crease cat.£3000 rarely offered fine item £850
239 CEYLON.1885 QV.5c on 16c with S/Charge inverted as per sg.180a used £65
240 CEYLON.1912/15 KG.V. 50r dull purple as per sg.320 assumed fiscal used £75
241 CHINA.fantastic range of material housed on Album leaves,s/cards,glassine Env., 1000's of stamps coll.over the years mixed lot strong in 19th Century Shanghai with many dozens stamps,Chinese Locals,PRC,Cinderella etc.needs to be viewed,few Japan seen check £500
242 CHINA. good general coll.on pages.various printings of Dragon low vals., Junks, Republic issues incl. S/Charges the latter needs checking for errors mostly mint/unused few 100 £55
243 CHINA.unchecked sel.in S/Book.noted 1890 S/Carges,Dragons,Junks.,Dr.Sun,incl. later S/Charges &later Mao Tse-Tung mint & used,some Picts.few 100's plus few unrelated Afghanistan etc. must be checked £75
244 CHINA.scarce sel.of China in Box.held in Padded Album.plus loose pages noted range of late 1970 Comms., 1980 some comp.sheets.plus used Comms.better singles noted 1980 Monkey used on part Cover,scarce 1993 Cover.with set of 1947 North East Cina Mao Adh. other Covers/Cards.1990 M/Sheet also odd Year Pack. Check £220
245 CHINA EAST. 1949 Victory $1,$2,$3,$% & $10. 5 vals. in imperf. blocks of 4 sg. EC344-348 mint As Seen £45
246 COVERS.Aviation Heroes Autographs Alcock & Brown 2 Aviators,original signatures,1 signed J.Alcock Capt.the other 1 Whitter Brown.scarce duo hardly ever offered have a look £400
247 COVERS.Germany Catapult Airmail Service attractive well written up sel.on Album page.with usual large blue Deutscher Schleuderflug D.Bremen,N.Y.24.25 July 1932.sent from Bremen to N.Y.with 10.15 & 50pf eagle motif making correct 75ccatapult rate check £40
248 COVERS.Iraq P/History 1921/22 to Mosul "dead letter office" K.G.V.interesting Cover sent from London to Mosul,Iraq with ½d,1½d,2d,& 4d applied making the 8d rate.with scarce square D.L.O.Baghdad 24th Feb.22 p/mk.manuscript not known "unclaimed" DLO 20.2,24.2 1922 unusual Cover scarce check £75
249 COVERS. unsorted as handed in looks better in places 100's have a look £42
250 COVERS.1900 Cover to Germany bearing Br.Honduras $1 grn.& carmine sg.63 tied by Belize C.D.S.back stamp Buchols C.D.S. cat.£130 x 15 on Cover scarce Cover check £400
251 COVERS.various in brn.Box.dup.Stock of 1980 Poppy Appeal ILL. unadressed Souvenir Covers (755)plus mint P.H.Q.Cards late 1970's-early '80's (825) reserve at 5p each Ideal Fair Dealer (1590) have a look £96
252 COVERS.Gold Coast 3 Covers Arfica-American Air Service circa 1942 with KG.VI. Adh.to incl. 1/3 pair,2/=,5/=,& 10/= all with Censor labels some damage £55
253 COVERS.coll.of Mod.Flight Covers in Album.G.B. & Foreign incl.Paqebot,Rail,France etc.1971 Parachute Mail,Stamp Exhib.etc.over 60 items £30
254 COVERS.Tob.& Trinidad sel.of early P/Stat.& Reg.Env.unused wrappers.plus KG.VI.& QE.II. Covers 38 items £28
255 COVERS. in pkt.Ceylon QV. P/Card U.P.U.'s unused,KG.VI Censor Cover etc.27 items £25
256 COVERS.in Album.mainly early from a variety of diff.Countries,P/Stat.,Military, TPO etc. 26 items £32
257 COVERS. misc.accum.in Bag.unchecked by us incl. G.B.,Br.Cols.,& U.Nations. s.t.b. around 200 items have a look £30
258 COVERS.Denmark 1861 Cover 4s imperf.4 good margins tied with small target cancel,1861 with 4s stamp slightly of corner Cover.Kiel 3d Cover similar check £24
259 COVERS.misc.World in Cover Album.odd pre.stamp.mostly Kings-QE.II.incl. G.B. F.D.odd P/Pack,Ireland also 5 Nudes on P/Cards.well worth sorting ignoring last bit! over 80 items £55
260 COVERS.unsorted range of World Covers in Med.Box.plenty of early seen.on F.D.pages but mostly loose 100's worth checking £125
261 COVERS.a coll.of First Flight Covers nicely written up in thick Album.1934 Kingsford Smith,P/C.Amy Johnson,KG.V.Imerial Airways,early P/Card Gatwick,Mod.range Covers & stamps Concorde etc.some with Coins,back of Book U.S.A.Flights (toning) but attractive lot worth close look £95
262 COVERS.in Med.Long Box.misc.Br.Cols.Covers looks mostly QE.II.good range few 100's £55
263 COVERS.Australia in pkt.1930 Airmail with Sturt pair & 3d Air Adh.,1930 1sr Flight to U.K. various Adh.1931 1st Flight to U.K.plus 2 other Airmails,1937 15oth,1940 Forces.plus S/Africa 1935 S.Jub. on Cover check £75
264 COVERS.Germany 1912 Zepp.Card with 10pf semi.Official stamp with scarce Royal Family P/Card with Darmstadt special H/Stamp.plus 5c Germania bottom left.2nd Card Mainz SP H/Stamp ADH. as above 5c Germania top right nice lot £52
265 COVERS.interesting mix of Covers in File Box.early to Mod.better seen some 50 items.plus pkt.of Paddington Slogans p/mks. £40
266 COVERS. U.S.A.1927 carried by Ace Shirley J.short with letter.1938 1st Seaplane Flight, plus 1919 Washington Airmail Service scarce £45
267 COVERS.misc.in pkt.incl. ½groshen tied Coeln,Lichtenstein Balloon Post,San Marino 1947 Picts.,Egypt Paquebot,U.S.A. 5c P/Stat. with 2 Adh.,San Marino 1948 1st Day etc.8 items £45
268 COVERS.scarce 1938 Covers Presidential series 1c,2c,& 3c imperf.x perf. bl.of 6. on 3 seperate Covers & $2 also 1934 Airmail,1938 Airmail Society £45
269 COVERS.fine sel.of Nr.Borneo Covers.in pkt.1949 Letter Card 15c Adh.,1949 Airmail 1c & 4c crown O/Prints. 1939 12c & 15c,1939 4c & 8c plus 4 Picts.items & scarce Sarawak. B.M.A. 15c x 2,20f & 15c on Reg. Jesselton Airmail 9 items £55
270 COVERS. U.S.A.in pkt. incl. 1911 Washington Advert Cover.1854 Blooks Despatch,13 items various Flights 1928-1930's,plus single Cover 1930 1st Flight-Venezuela used with Bahamas War Tax plus U.S.A.Airs nice lot check £85
271 COVERS.Balkans + 1929 Danzig Luftpost Airplane Adh. 4 Covers German Occ., Germania used,1936 Hindenberg + Zepp. Card. £50
272 COVERS.misc.in pkt.incl. 1934 Trans Tasman,1933 Singapore KG.V.Adh.,Burma sel. 1954- 1964, Nepal, Aden,Toms Local Airmail,Vatican 1949-65 etc. worth checking £60
273 COVERS.1929 F.Flight Airmail St.John's to U.S.A. unusual & scarce ADH.being KG.V. Antigua, 1½,2½,4d plus Leeward Is. ½d & 1/= £35
274 COVERS.interesting sel of India & States many better noted P/Stat.,Post receipts,Cards & Covers incl. Cochin,Travancore,Gwalior,Hyderabad,etc. 97 items needs checking £75
275 COVERS.scarce 1600 Merchant Venturer's Post Entire Letter Milan to London ex.Corsini Correspondence plus early Italian Post Cat. £90
276 COVERS.Zanzibar 188-1899 P/Stat.incl. Reg.O/Printed Specimen 5 items scarce lot check £85
277 COVERS.looks interesting mixture in Shoebox large part Australia,N.Z.,& C/Wealth noted early P/Stat.etc. s.t.b. around 170 items early-Mod.unchecked by us have a look £45
278 CROARIA/SLOVAKIA.in Utile Album coll.for both in W.W.II.Croaria mainly mint with most M/Sheets & other Sheets.Slovakia mint & used for many issues & some German Censor Covers fine lot £60
279 CUBA.in wine Box.1855-1980 in 3 S/Books.mint & used cat.£6,700 1000's needs to be viewed £560
280 CYPRUS.1880 QV.G.B. S/Charge Cyprus 1/= grn.pl.13 sg.6. good used copy H/Cat. £105
281 CYPRUS. 1894 QVcomp.set on card.vals.to 45p sg.40-40 good to f/used H/Cat. £90
282 CYPRUS. 1902/4 ED.VII.top val. 45pi f/used copy of sg.59 scarce item £148
283 CYPRUS.attractive & Specialized coll.of Rural Covers collected for p/mks.incl.good lot of Village marks.corca 1060's all with same Church of St.James 5m Adh.held in 8 Ring Albums.all listed over 500 Covers £160
284 CYPRUS.in red S/Book.early to Mod.slight dup.stock mint & used unsorted Ideal for Fair Dealer 100's needs checking £150
285 CYPRUS. Box Lot Specialist remainders.1968 circa Covers all Village p/mks.other Commercial Covers.plus mass information typed on pages etc. One For the Expert. £65
286 CYPRUS.QV.on s/card. s.t.b. sg.11,12.scarce sg.28 with heavish crease.sg.29. & large 2 in sg.29d all used £85
287 CZECH.a mainly used coll.in Peg Album.from 1918+,& 1960's with some useful sets £32
288 DENMARK.1854-1948 small sel.of mint odds 1854 25or invert.frame, 100or. 1927 Caravelle, '35 Anderson,'48 15or Tete Beche,gutter pairs,1914 Newspaper to 1kr N194.cat.£405 (27) £75
289 DOMINICA.1923 KG.V.top val.£1 being sg.91 f.used £105
290 EGYPT.1866-1990's mint & used in grn.S/Book.with vals.to £1(6) useful range some dups. also some Palestine O/Print etc. from 1948 onwards £45
291 ETHIOPIA.mixed sel.in black Album.plus various pages.1890's-1940's sets & singles mint & used many 100's needs sorting check £55
292 ETHIOPIA.good range on old pages.1894 Ayys/O/Print.P/Dues.good middle range of sets & singles mint & used to later.H/Cat.Lot worth checking £75
293 FALKLAND IS. & DEP.useful coll.housed in Lidner Hingeless Album.1971 Decimal sets incl. S/Charges later Ships to £3 plus most Picts.,Falk.Dep. 1954 set to £1,Sth.Georgia 1963 set incl.both £1's.1971 Decimal set plus Picts.Br.Ant.Arc. Terr.1963 set both £1's plus Comms. all mint attractive lot £195
294 FAROE IS.attractive coll.in Lyndhurst One Country Album.from 1975 1st set to 1985 all mint plus in pkt.later issues on original cards.Defs.& Comms.Ideal to Expand £55
295 FINLAND.scarce 1885 10 marks Def.beitn sg.107 mint cat.£700 some off set on gum £95
296 FINLAND.1891 1k to 1r sg.133-143 with the 1c orange mint others used check £125
297 FINLAND.interesting coll.in Cover Album.range of stamps coll.for p/mks. interest incl. early Russian.over 70 Ship Covers early/Mod.noted better Paquebot.needs careful check H/Cat. items have a look £225
298 FRANCE.very scarce 1941 Miners 2f.15 with S/harge 2 bar + 1f invert.used on Bastia small piece odd tone spot as per Ceres 489J H/Cat. item £360
299 FRANCE.4 margin 10c Ceres sg.Yvert 1 on letter single usage,sent to Monsieur Mercadie of Paris,even toning on first half of Cover.sent out 15th Dec.1852 the stamp has light diamond grid 183 in number p/mk.Exhibition item cat.700euro+ on Cover needs to be viewed £200
300 FRANCE. 2000-06. 23 Booklets face 118 euro/£108 cat.as stamps £255 needs checking £85
301 FRANCE.1853-1930 on 17 pages.wide range of Ceres,Naps.,P.& Comm.,Mersons & Sowers mint & used cond.incl.good items 100's needs to be viewed £235
302 FRANCE.1970-93 in black Album.92 pages mint.mtd.& unmtd.plus some stuck down Stock.Comms.,Airs to 50f,Defs.,Pre.cancels,P/Dues.,M/Sheets,Booklets,Unesco, St.Pierre & Miquelan good page lot H/Cat. face £264 check £150
303 FRANCE.coll.in Schaubek two Country Album.sel.of early Ceres & Naps.mostly perf. good range of Sowers,Merson.fair.middle period noted,useful 1937's min.,nice 1940's plus faily comp.sel.to 1970 many 100's mtd.unmtd.& used H.Cat. needs to be viewed £120
304 FRANCE.1943-67 on 8 sides s/card.all diff.unmtd.mint from 1943 Prouse,to '67 Bir-Hakeim incl. Charities,Relief,Airs to 1000f plus 1940 Views Paris.valuable lot cat.£2,123 needs to be viewed £580
305 FRANCE.1929-57 various on s/card.mainly better items used.Pont du Gard x 2 20f, l949 Paris 1,000f,'57 1,000 f x 2 mint & used.'36 Airs to 3f.50 mint tiny faults.cat.£737 check £130
306 FRANCE.1942-44 plus 1960-81 in red Binder.wide range of Comms.,Defs.,Charities, mint much unmtd.all diff.cat.£433 100's check £75
307 FRANCE.1964 Phil.Exh.M/Sheet sg. MS.1651a unmtd.mint bl.of 8 (small crease top margin) stamps alone cat.£208. cat.£180 £50
308 FRANCE.fair coll.in Hagner Binder mint & used incl. 1949 500f f/used, 7 nice set of Nat. Relief incl.1950 & 1954,range of 1960's Art & French History Vendor States cat. val. over £750 worth a look £70
309 FRANCE.sel.in S/Book. s.t.b.Commemorative issues 1917-1949 mint & used laid out & priced up.sets & singles few 100's worth sorting £80
310 FRANCE.coll.in giant S/Book.few Sowers & P/Comm.later Defs.attractive range of Pictorials all sets incl. Art etc.mint & used with over 2000 stamps cat. around £2500+ clean lot check £250
311 FRANCE.Old Tyme giant Manilla S/Book.with fine range of middle Defs.& Comms. 1920-1985 sets & singles.all mint noted 1917 War Orphans sg.370/374,1930 Picts.through to 1980's back of Book mass dup.used Sowers & Defs. not incl.in estimate which may be low check £100
312 FRANCE.coll.in Chinese S/Book.general range of Sowers & Mersons middle Defs.& Picts.Airs etc. few 100's used £42
313 FRENCH ANDORRA.coll.in red S/Book.covering period 1930-2001 looks to be all mint Defs.& Comms. attractive sets have a look £50
314 FRENCH ANT.TERR.1963-73 small valuable Air sel.between sg.25-88 incl. 1962 & '66 Satelite, '63 Penguins,'68 St.Paul, '72 Discover pair looks unmtd.mint cat.£322 (12) check £80
315 FRENCH GUINEA. bulky coll.in Ring Album.on printed pages 1892-1982.few early P/C.,1922 Occidentale's but bulk of coll.in later issues suit Thematic's many 100's check £70
316 FRENCH IVORY COAST.sel.in hagner Binder 1892-1900 P/Comm.types 1943 Picts.laid out & catalogued incl. S/Charges mint & used later Native issues plus Mod.few 100's value in Earlies £52
317 FRENCH POLYNESIA. 1970 UNESCO.Colour Trial strip of 5 unmtd.mint sg.121 £62
318 G.B. 1840 2d Blue S-C. 4 good margins nice colour light black MX. £95
319 G.B. 1840 1d Blacks (5) lettered C.F,A.J,A.I,B.B,B.C. all with red MX's £320
320 G.B. 1840 1d Blacks (5).with letters. B.F,B.G,C.G,B.L,C.I. 3 with red MX.2 with blk.MX. £320
321 G.B. 1840 1d Blacks (5). Lettered B.I,C.C,D.E,D.F,D.B.all red MX £320
322 G.B. 1840 1d Blacks (5) Lettered D.I,D.K,D.L,E.K,A.E. 4 red MX.1 blk.MX £320
323 G.B. 1840 1d Blacks (5) Lettered F.B,F.A,F.E,F.L.F.F. 3 red MX. 2 blk.MX £320
324 G.B. 1840 1d Blacks (5) Lettered F.K,G.B,G.C,G.F,G.E. all red MX's £320
325 G.B. 1840 1d Blacks Lettered H.C,H.E,H.H,H.I,I.B. 2 blk.MX. 3 red MX. £320
326 G.B. 1840 1d Blacks (5) Lettered J.F.,J.G,L.B,L.I,K.G. all with red MX's £320
327 G.B. 1840 1d Blacks (5) Lettered I.A,I.K,I.C,J.C,J.D, 3 red MX. 2 blk MX £320
328 G.B. 1840 1d Blacks (5) Lered L.C,L.D,M.C,L.K,N.C. all red MX.'s £320
329 G.B. 1840 1d Blacks (5) Lettered L.E,L.F,M.A,M.B,M.K. 4 red MX.1 blk.MX £320
330 G.B. 1840 1d Blacks (5) Letters L.K,M.L,M.H,N.B,N.F. 3 red MX.2 blk.MX £320
331 G.B. 1840 1d Blacks (5) Lettered M.D.,M.E,M.F,M.I,M.J. 3 x red MX,,2 x blk.MX. £320
332 G.B.1840 1d Blacks (5) Lettered N.G,J.I,O.B,P.J,P.L. 4 with red MX.(1 heavy), 1 blk.MX. £320
333 G.B. 1840 1d Blacks (5) Lettered K.D,KE,N.K,K.I,K.L. 3 with blk.MX. 2 x red Mx. £320
334 G.B. 1d Blacks (5) Lettered J.J,J.L.N.L.K.A,H.H.all with red MX. £320
335 G.B. 1840 1d Blacks (5) lettered O.D,Q.G,Q.D,P.K,Q.F. 3 with red MX.,2 with blk.MX £320
336 G.B. 1840 1d Blacks (5) Lettered O.G.,O.J.,P.B,Q.F,P.I. all with red MX's some light cancels £320
337 G.B. 1840 1d Blacks (5) Lettered R.A,B.D,R.L,S.K,R.E, 4 x red MX. 1 x blk.MX £320
338 G.B. 1d Blacks (5) lettered R.F,R.J,R.G,S.A,S.B. 4 x red MX. 1 x blk.MX £320
339 G.B.1840 1d Blacks (5) Lettered S.C.,S.H, T.K,S.J.,S.L, 4 x red MX.,1 x blk.MX. £320
340 G.B.1840 1d Blacks(5) Lettered P.C,P.G,Q.H.Q.A,H.C. 2 blk.MX's,3 red MX. £320
341 G.B. 1840 1d Blacks (7) Lettered T.D,T.A.,T.L.,O.L,K.C,L.A. 3 blk.MX's & 4 red MX.'s £320
342 G.B. 1840 2d Blue I.B.4 good margins strong blue with light red MX. attractive £130
343 G.B. fine example 1840 2d Blue P.F.4 good/large margins with neat blk.MX. £130
344 G.B. 1840 2d Blue B.L.4 good margins with full blk.MX £95
345 G.B. 1840 2d Blue B.A.fair margins with large margin on left side very light red MX. £100
346 G.B. 1840 2d Blue F.I.4 good margins strong colour with neat blk.MX. £115
347 G.B. 1840 1d Black M.G.matched pair with imperf.1d Red both with 4 margins unplated £100
348 G.B. 1840 1d Black R.K.with matched 1d Red imperf.both with good margins with fine MX.'s attractive pair £145
349 G.B.1840 1d Black K.B.4 good margins tied on an Aug.1840 Entire to Edinburgh £145
350 G.B.2 x 1840 1d Blacks. both on small pieces. 4 margin copy T.C. with red MX.cut into 3 & three quater margin copy K.C. £105
351 G.B. on card.1840 1d Black 3 margin with fine red MX.,1841 2d Blue unused & used £48
352 G.B. 1840 1d Black E.E.4 good/large margins used with red MX. check £75
353 G.B. 1840 1d Black P.C.4 large margins at bottom part of another stamp used with fine red MX.attractive have a look £100
354 G.B. 1840 1d Black O.C.fine & attractive 4 large margin copy with clear red MX. £95
355 G.B. 1840 1d Black 3 & three quarter large margins M.E.used with unusual MX.cancel have a look £55
356 G.B.1842 2d Blue a lovely ivory Head.4 margin copy cat.£85 £40
357 G.B. on s/cards.1841 1d Red imperfs. s.t.b. over 150 incl. No's in MX's other fine p.mks.although usual mixed margins in places plus over 50 1d Red perfs. Stars fine lot to sort £150
358 G.B. 1841 2d Blue's imperf.on 2 s/cards.over 60 stamps incl. pairs & strips usual mixture but some good 4 margin copy noted H/Cat.Lot close check £145
359 G.B. 1841 2d Blue G.H. 4 good margin copy with upright No.12 in fine MX. £75
360 G.B. 1841 2d Blue G.E.& B.L. both mint close margins small faults "Buy one get one Free."very H/Cat. val. worth checking £495
361 G.B. 1843 Entire London/Macclesfield tied with 1841 2d Blue 3 good margins with scarce No.10 in MX. rarely found on Cover £245
362 G.B. 1884 £1 brn.lilac 3 copies as per sg.185.good colour & sound used copy with Reg.cancels H/Cat. £450
363 G.B. 1847 Embossed trio 6d,10d,& 1/= all sound copies the 10d & 1/= very nice all light used H/Cat.worth checking £200
364 G.B small sel.of early pre.stamp in box some 20 items incl.1847 Ship Letter to London. 1823 Skipton Penny Post.1813 Seaford to Lincoln nice lot £35
365 G.B. 1854/57 2d Blue Stars unchecked range on s/card.some 45 copies many better copies noted. worth checking £95
366 G.B. 1856 4d carmine wing margin copy of sg.64 with invert.wmk. as per spec.J49c used cat.£1000 have a look £100
367 G.B. 1858 1d plate 225 just about as good as they come.with good centring f/used slight crease have a look £195
368 G.B. 2d Blue plates wholesale accum.of over 60 copies mostly fair £62
369 G.B. 1858 1d Red Plates a Re.Con.Sheet of 240 stamps all plates identified needs laying out in sheet form £125
370 G.B.1858 1d Red plates unsorted on 4 hagner pages.usual mix but some nice copies noted few 100's worth checking £65
371 G.B.1862-64 9d bistre sg.56 a fair copy light cancel needs to be viewed £125
372 G.B. 1862 Env.London/Bombay tied with 9d small letters sg.86 used London Duplex £50
373 G.B. 1867/83 5/= rose scarce pl.2. sg.127 usual poor centring used with 89 Duplex H/Cat. £90
374 G.B. on card 1867/83 10/= grn.ish grey pl.1.sg.128.plus H/Cat.£1 brn.lilac sg.129 both sound used copies H/Cat. pair have a look £950
375 G.B. 1867/83 £1 brn.lilac wmk. Anchor being sg.136 pl.1.sound used but lacks lustre cat.£8000.looks better than space filler have a look good value. £385
376 G.B. 1868 QV. 3d being sg.103 pl.5.attractive fresh wing margin copy mint cat.£450 £125
377 G.B. large accum.of 1870 ½ Bantams on 2 s/cards plus other cards part identified some on piece over 100 copies.should reward your close attention Good Hunting £145
378 G.B.1870 1½ rose-red wholesale accum.of over 60 stamps n0n plate plus pl.1.& 3. mostly good copies check £175
379 G.B. scarce 1872 6d pale buff sg.123 pl.11 mint pair with own gum not all fine but cat.£1600+ have a look £195
380 G.B. 1870 ½d Bantam scarce pl.9.well centred f/used copy with numeral cancel £125
381 G.B. 1883 QV. H/Val.2/6-10/= good to fine used copies sound £80
382 G.B. 1883 QV.H/Vals. 2/6-10/= all f/used copies good value £90
383 G.B. 1883 H/Vals. 2/6-10/= sound used copies £75
384 G.B. 1883 QV.H/Vals. 2/6-10/= all sound used £70
385 G.B. 1883 QV.10/= sg.183 small Reg.cancel sound copy cat.£475 £90
386 G.B.1883 QV. 10/= sg.183 f/used with Brighton Postmasters Office C.D.S. well centred fine colour have a look £115
387 G.B. 1891 QV. £1 grn. T.D.being sg.212 sound copy with 2 cancels good value £100
388 G.B. 1902/13 ED.VII. 10/= blue sound used copy with Reg.cancel £55
389 G.B. 1902/13 ED.VII. s.t.b. M54(3) 10/= dp.blue used with single oval Reg.cancel £85
390 G.B. 1902/13 ED.VII. 10/= striking copy colour & perfs.light Reg. cancel suggests Somerset printing minute crayon on bottom have a look £125
391 G.B. 1902/13 ED.VII.5/= shades on Dauwalders card. s.t.b. sg.263,M51 (2) plus 2 f/used sg.318 & one unchecked £75
392 G.B. 1902 ED.VII. 10/= ultra with fine small Thimble North Allerton C.D.S. fine colour of sg.265 £95
393 G.B. 1902 D.L.Rue ED.VII. £1 dull blue grn.sound copy used clear of profile on Dauwalders card.sg.266 £145
394 G.B. 1902/1913 range of 2/6 ED.VII.shades on single Dauwalders cards s.t.b. M50 greyish purple,sg.317dark,M50 (2) dull redish,M49 (1) x 2,sg.262,M48(1) x 2,M48(2) all good f/used £100
395 G.B. 1912 ED.VII. £1 dp.grn.well centred fine colour with fine Guern. C.D.S. on Dauwalders card. check £145
396 G.B. 1912 KG.V.½d grn. invert.Booklet Pane NB6a with unlisted error Colour Flaw on Kings neck unmtd.mint slight tone £45
397 G.B. 1918/19 Bradbury S/Horses H/Vals. 2/6,5/=,& 10/=.unchecked for shade mint £195
398 G.B.1918/19 s.t.b. Bradbury Printings with 3 shades of the 2/6 plus 5/= & 10/= all with good/fine C.D.S.cancels incl. Reg. £95
399 G.B. 1929 P.U.C. 1½ error 1829 for 1929 being sg.N.com.7c f/used £36
400 G.B. 1948 S/Wedd.£1 in corner marginal block with one centre C.D.S. superb £55
401 G.B. scarce 1955/57 top vals. 2/6 & 5/= sg.54/55 mint cat.£350 £42
402 G.B. 1959 Castle H/Vals. 2/6-£1 2nd D.R.Rue unmtd.mint £65
403 Unusual lot of Special Covers 1970/1980 nearly all with House of Lords cancels un-addressed over 50 Covers.Defs.& Comms.held in House of Lords small Suitcase.with Official markings,handy if you are booking into a hotel? £145
404 G.B. F.D.C's in Box.Sterling & Decimal the latter appears all neatly typed over 700 check £125
405 G.B. F.D.C's in large Box.in Albums mixed hand written & typed over 350 £60
406 G.B. in large Album.Cover Albums.incl. Silks & PHQ.Cards many 100's worth sorting heavy lot have a look £45
407 G.B. F.D.C's in Box.comp.range in 7 Albums 1998-2004 Defs.& Comms. incl.many Special cancels few 100'sneeds close look £125
408 G.B. F.D.C's 1981/83 in regionals worth sorting £60
409 G.B. Covers 1989-91 another lot unseen so have a look £40
410 G.B. F.D.C.'s 1940-1960 some signed Wilding & Goaman few N.Z. interesting lot needs to be viewed £125
411 G.B. F.D.C's & Covers.1965-2000. 500 items incl.Booklet Panes & Se.Tenant strips check £140
412 G.B.in brn.Box.1965-2000 F.D.C's & Souvenir Covers & Cards incl. better items check £160
413 G.B. Archive Box.with G.B. F.D.C's in 6 large Albums all unaddressed better Decimal types Defs.,Comms.,M/Sheets etc. s.t.b. over 430 items well worth checking £85
414 G.B. F.D.C.'s in large Box.held in 5 large Albums all 1970's but better than average Defs.& Comms.many with special p/mks.typed & hand written.Vendor states around 500 check £85
415 G.B.large Box. of F.D.C.'s in 6 Albums.Sterling to Decimal Defs.& Comms., many better p/mks.types & Hand written. s.t.b. around 500 check £85
416 G.B. F.D.C.in large Box.held in 6 large Albums circa 1980's Defs.& Comms. better noted around 500 Covers. worth checking £85
417 G.B. large Box.of F.D.Covers's held in 6 large Albums.Sterling & Decimal Defs.& Comms.better specials seen.around 500 Covers £85
418 G.B. 1841 3 Covers s.t.b. 1d Red imperf.from black plate 10.plus 2 Covers both with 1d imperf.pairs s.t.b. both pl.11 from black plates As Seen £125
419 G.B. range of 9 items of P/History with pre.stamp Entires noted Margate (2),Tunbridge Wells strikes,1955 Sandwich to London 1d Red,plus ED.VII.& KG.V. P/Card p/mks. £35
420 G.B. West sussex P/History,mostly Chichester with 1812 & 1829 Entires with Chichester Penny Post marks,virtually all pre.stamp or QV.,20 items £35
421 G.B.small Box.of Covers mostly F.D.incl.many better Sterling/Decimal some dup.plus some early S/Printed 1948 £1 S/Wedd.well above average lot with early phos. H/Val. Castles & Machins close look £85
422 G.B. F.D.C.'sin Med.Box.G.B.Decimal issues types & hand written few 100's £32
423 G.B. large Box of F.D.C.'s in 7 Albums few early Sterling but mostly Decimals to 1980's plus few Channel Is. few 100 £48
424 G.B.small accum.of Covers in Box.G.B. F.D.but value probably in Special Covers R.A.F. & Events in orginal pkts.close look please £75
425 G.B. 300 F.D.C's in wine box.1980's-'90's clean lot unaddressed,typed & hand written good retail check £75
426 G.B. 2000-05. 61 F.D.C.'s typed addresses.Se.Tennat panes,M/Sheet,Self Adh.,Trains, fine lot in red Binder.cat.as used stamps £459 (61) check £150
427 G.B. 2000-04 in grn.& blk.Binders.sel.of 119 typed addressed F.D.C.'s between sg.2142-2478,various pmks. incl. M/Sheets strips cat.£859 check £200
428 G.B. 1995-2000 in blue Binder.nice sel.99 typed addresses F.D.C.'s between sg.1887- 2141.various pmks.incl.M/Sheets & stamps.cat.£596 have a look £100
429 G.B. in Biscuit Tin.1996-2008 64 special p/mks.on F.D.C's neatly hand written addresses incl. M/Sheets,Se.Tenannts,Self.Adh. face £159 cat as used stamps £447 (64) £110
430 G.B.in Veg.Box.2000-08.special p/mks. on F.D.C.'s hand written addresses incl. M/Sheets, Se.Tennants,Self.Adh. face £166 cat as used stamps £475 (59) check £115
431 G.B. in Biscuit Tin.1990's-2007. 50 super speciial p.mks. F.D.C's. neatly hand written addresses M/Sheets,Se.Tenants,Self.Adh.face £136 cat.as used stamps £345 (50) £85
432 G.B. in small white box.100 spec.p/mks. on F.D.C's 2000-08 neatly written addressed,sets, M/Sheets,Se.Tennants,Self-Adh.,face cost £244 cat.as used stamps £714 check £190
433 G.B. QV.Covers in pkt. 1d Red plates 1872 ½ Bantam Liverpool Exchange 4d orange x 3 to Trieste 1865 Edin.etc.9 Covers not all fine £32
434 G.B. 1935 S/Jub.set on 1st Day of issue Royal Crest Front,plus ED.VIII.comp.set on 2 Covers x 2.plus Plain 1957 Conf.1st Day £45
435 G.B. sel.of Pre.Stamp Covers in Box.incl. 1833 Sunbury Sunday mark,1825 Marchwood Penny Post & 1834 Manchester "Too Late" some 19 items incl. Fronts £28
436 G.B. bundle of F.D.C.'s in Tin Box.odd better Sterling noted plus Decimal worth sorting few Benhams etc. worth sorting £45
437 G.B. accum.in Med.Box. F.D.Covers in 2 Albums but better Mod.Covers still in G.P.O. pkts. few 100 plus 2 Albums of P.H.Q.Cards.few stamps check £55
438 G.B.scarce 1913 KG.V. 2/= Booklet sg.BB6 No.22,2 stamps on each pane have hinge marks.I think this has been re-constructed with the original items. cat.£1200 not all fine have a look £45
439 G.B. Booklet 1936 3/= sg.BC.3. 2 copies both with faults Ideal to Explore & display £30
440 G.B. 1972-2000 17 Prestige Booklets in grn.Binder face £78 cat.£393 check £95
441 G.B.Prestige Booklets 1994-2005 in ice cream Tub.44 items 21 diff.x 2 or 3. face £319 list incl.cat.£1,200+ have a look £360
442 G.B. Prestige Booklets in blue Binder 1980-2000. 25 Booklets between DX2-23 face £138 cat.£640 in '08 Concise £200
443 G.B. Prestige Booklets in blue Binder.2000-08. 20 Booklets from DX.24-40 plus R.A.F. Defs., Heraldry face £50 cat.£525 check £190
444 G.B. fine sel.of Sterling Booklets on hagner pages noted early KG.VI. 2/6 & 5/=,the 5/= x 6,later Holiday 1/=, & 2/= plus Pictorial issue to 10/= some dup. 51 items. s.t.c. around £800 chance for re.sale on dups. have a look £145
445 G.B.better Booklets in Env.1972 Wedgewood Booklet DX1 with full perfs on ½ turq., 50p pig & £1.25 Engine FK6a,& 50p Pig FB24b with corrected Rates,Kipling "Just So" plus Prestiage £5 Royal Mail,Breaking Barriers. £65
446 G.B.fine coll.of Booklets housed in 2 boxed Albums.few Sterling 2/=-10/= but mostly decimal with H/Cat.& Face.range from 10p-2.20 incl.better Greetings & Windows,Prestige Booklets. also European & Worldwide Booklets too many to detail must be viewed £425
447 G.B. early part G.B.Booklet 1929 P.U.C. 3/= comp.but stuck down,another part stuck plus 2 more with stamps missing also 2/= Bovril (378) 2 x 1½ missing make good display £45
448 G.B. valuable coll.of Officials on s/cards. I.R.Official 1d x2,6d & both 1/='s,plus scarce 10/=, I.R. ½,1d,6d x 2.& 1/=,range of QV.Gouv't Parcels 1d,1½ x 2,4½,6d x 2,9d,1/= x 2 & 1/= grn.,O.W. QV. both ½ & 1d,5d,& 10d usual mixed cond.Vendor states bought from rel.source have a look £650
449 G.B. Pot Pourri odd mint vals. QE.II.incl.Edward wmk.Waterlow £ mnh,& 4 x 5/= etc. also 4 sets of 1924 Wembley unmtd.mint plus 4 extra 1½d,also £1-£5 QE.II. Windsor Castle bl.of 4. £100
450 G.B.strips of 3 large marins on 3 sides,possible clear cut close left hand side cat.as singles £225,check letters Q.G.to Q.I. attractive lot check £50
451 G.B. Pot Pourre KG.VI.Festival of Britain £1 on piece,block of 4 of 10/= dark blue, sg.478 cat. £80 as singles,block of 4 mint unmtd. 10d wing margin etc. have a look £35
452 G.B. unbelievable mass accumof S/Printed in large S/Book.impossible to describe the range with heavy dup.in places is from 1855-1897 with vals.up to 2/=,pus 5/= rose x 8 copies, 1883 2/6 x 7,5/= x3,10/= x 3.the cond.overall is good incl. fine. they are not plating copies,plus dup.range of ED.VII.vals.to 10/= seen have a look £4600
453 G.B. small sel. of QE.II.on double sides s/card.few Wilding wmk. varieties,Booklet Panes incl. Wedgewood bit of pre.decimal Machins,Castle in pairs £1.50,£2,£3,& £5. plus pair £10's £48
454 G.B.coll.in SG.One Country Album.KG.V. 1912/22,1924/26 comp.sets.1924 & 1925 Wemblies,1934 Photo,1935 S.Jub.,most KG.VI.incl. some wmk.varieties,1939 H/Vals., S/Wedd.,1951 Festival H/Vals. then fine range of QE.II. wilding Defs.looks comp.range of all the Castles H/Vals.,Comms. 1953-1980 fairly comp.incl. early phos.sets others all mint mostly mtd. have a look £460
455 G.B. range of ED.VII.displayed on pages fine range of identified shades various printing mostly selected copies over 70 copies £95
456 G.B. KG.V. large accum.unchecked printing on over 20 small cards have a look ?? £95
457 G.B.sel.of S/Horses on pages identified as sg.2/6 x 14 used,plus 5 mint copies. 5/= x 13 used incl. bl.of 4.,plus mint copy.,10/= x 2 used some nice copies better printings check £475
458 G.B.collectors remainders in File Box.unchecked sel.of 1d Red imperfs.Stars & plates odd Covers plus sheets & cards must be checked £150
459 G.B.small Box.with mass accum.of Decimal Comms. in 2 Albums one mint & one used plus Controls in strips plus large bag of Booklets full & part Booklets very hagh face.close check £475
460 G.B.range of H/Face decimal used on Commercial pieces 2003-2010 useful retail check £38
461 G.B.misc.accum.in 5 Med.S/Books.mostly mass dup. Kings,plus Line-Engraved & QE.II. Machins few Covers many 100's worth checking £90
462 G.B.Decimal sel.on hagner sheets.range of Comms.mtd.mint incl.Adh.& 1st Class,Sheetlets 2006 Hello,2007 Harry Potter & Glorious Wales & other odds H/Cat.& Face Lot check £75
463 G.B. semi-specialized coll.in 3 Albums QE.II.Machins.Album of Sterling issues strips, blocks, Booklet Panes all laid out & identified,2nd Album decimal nicely displayed better noted 3rd Album.various Wildings all mint good value check £70
464 G.B. various in 8 sided S/Book.incl. 80+ I.R. 1d lilac.Gov.Parcels to 1/=,Victoria, ED.VII. 9d cat.£700. on back page.1d Reds,1858 2d Blues. 7 items to plate 15.dup. ED.VII.,KG.VI. mixed cond. check £85
465 G.B. various in 2 S/Books.plus 1 Env.dup.Machins,Regionals,mint & used plus unsorted P/Dues. 1,000's check £50
466 G.B. small mint sel.incl.1913-18 S/Horses 2/6 & 5/=,f/mint cat.£445 (40) check £120
467 G.B. 1980's -'90's. 122 F.D.C'Sin Shoebox.many special pmks.label addressed H/Retail check £165
468 G.B.1841-1970 blue.90 page Binder.European origin from 1d Red perf.& imper.,2d Blue perf.,wide range f S/Printed.ED.VII.& KG.V.many shades.S/Horses,1924 & 1925 Wemblies, KG.VI. & QE.II.incl.graphites,Booklet Panes.Castles,Comms.with phos.,Regional & P/Duess. mint & used cond.fair 100's needs to be viewed £600
469 G.B.in black Album.from KG.VI.vals.to 2/6,5/=,10/= mint.1948 S/Wedd.pairs mint & used, 1951 to £1 mint.KG.VI.invert.& s/ways wmk.,1924 Wembley mint & used plus 1925 used good lot have a look £100
470 G.B. 1970-81.in boxed Lindner Album.unmtd.mint sel.incl. Machins to £5.Comms., Regionals to 22p.(Album worth £30) nice basic lot face £47 £60
471 G.B. fine range of Decimal M/Sheets,Sheetlets & stamps on hagner pages looks mostly 2003-2008.plus few Regionals good cat.val.& face.val. have a look £115
472 G.B.possible Unigue coll.of Downey Heads laid out by an expert in this field.coll.on large bundle of black pages impossible to describe in detail all printings identified by SG.Spec.Cat. from singles,Controls,Booklet blocks of 6,invert.noted 6 x copies mint sg.341i numerous listed errors.scarce shades incl.1d very dp.brt.scarlet with Cert.value in mint issues some used must be viewed £425
473 G.B.useful range mostly unsorted in Med.Box.Booklet Windows 1st & 2nd class.Self.Adh. Greeting plus decimal issues 50p up.Box of loose stamps probably H/Face & Cat.check £200
474 G.B.fine coll.of KG.V.laid out on black pages.good range of both mint & used incl. sel.of Controls & shades.few Downey Heads & 1934 Photo.1924 Wembley single & blocks of 4.plus 25 pair,1929 P.U.C. incl. £1 black mint few others nice lot check £425
475 G.B.coll.on black pages KG.VI.set with varieties mint & used incl. later Printing 1939 H/Vals. to £1 both 2/6's & 10/= mint.1948 S/Wedd. mint & used ditto 1951 Festival H/Vals. plus QE.II. Wildings most printings incl. Graphites plus wmk. varieties.few Castles some tone in places have a look £200
476 G.B.1911 Downey Head ½ bluish grn.die 1a fine mint marginal copy.plus 1911 ½ very deep grn. die 1b mint both McCleery Cards both had Cert.but missing £120
477 G.B. collector's oddments in S/Book.incl. QV.1887 ½ verm.unmtd.mint blocks of 60.1881 1d lilac,unmtd.mint,mint block of 30.small faults.plus strip of 6 ED.VII. ½ grn. corner Control block G7 unmtd.mint of 24.corner marginal D4 bl.of 20,ditto E5 bl.of 12. ED.VII. 1d Red corner G7 of 24,plus 2 blocks of 12.mass dup.of used Downey Heads (100's) plus unchecked range of single mint Controls,strips & blocks must be checked have a look £200
478 G.B.Postal History in Album.Local interest pre.stamp Cuckfield,Lindfield,plus 1d Red imperfs. on similar Covers 1863 Cuckfield P/Post 4d QV.Adh. 13 items £30
479 G.B.early QV.Letters in Album.with variety of Adh.incl.2d with diff.canels & receiver mark incl.circular,many Scottish 16 items interesting lot £35
480 G.B. coll.in 2 large hingeless Lidner One Country Album. KG.V.-QE.II. used Albums worth Estimate £35
481 G.B. Save a bit on your postage pkt.stamps all Decimal Face £41 £32
482 G.B.useful coll.in Windsor One Country Album.incl.3 x 1d Blacks close'ish margins. L.Engraved perf.& imperf.,range 1d Reds,½d Bantams,1870 1½ pl.3.mint. nice lot S/Printed vals.to 5/= noted incl.mint.small lot H/Cat. check £225
483 G.B.small bundle of Decimal Comms.Sheetlets incl. Smiles,Xmas,Wembley,Special Moments & many more some dup.all 1st & 2nd Class.plus 2 Tubes containing Full Sheets Victoria Cross & 2007 Royal Family £225
484 G.B. unchecked range of 1d Red Stars looks fair range around 75 copies worth checking £65
485 G.B.in Box.mass accum.of P/Packs & Collectors Packs & Year Books.looks to be all Years of 2000's many better incl. Castles,some dups. too much to describe very high face & cat.val.Must Be Viewed heavy lot £680
486 G.B. Carrier Bag.as handed in for the Charity "4 Sight" 2 Albums of F.D.C.'s typed odd better plus Year Packs 1987-1990.a Good cause Worth Supporting £40
487 G.B.general coll.in 3 Westminster Albums.few QV.& Kings low vals.odd mint KG.VI., QE.II. sets from 1953 Sterling plus few Wildings etc.plus 3 Specials in Folders. 1924 Wembley,1948 S/Wedd.,1951 H/Vals.all mint plus Lord of the Rings Triology coll. plus Queen's Jub. in Box. check £95
488 G.B.coll.in Light House One Country Album.couple close margin Blacks.other L.Engraved incl. perf.2d Blues.few 1d Red plates,few S/Printed.general range of Kings,odd S/Horses plus QE.II. Defs.& Comms. all used have a look £120
489 G.B. in large Chinese S/Book.well filled with mostly G.B.Decimal M/Sheets & stamps & Regionals.but also incl. some New Zealand & Cancada.H/Cat.& Face lot check £95
490 G.B. Med.Box. containing some 9 Albums/S/Books.mostly Kiloware types on/off paper.plus G.B. Cinderella incl. Reg.Labels £42
491 G.B. 2000-02. 38 P/Packs incl. better M/Sheets,strips,in Millenium Box.face £70 cat.as stamps £265.P/Packs cat.£496 in Sainsbury Carrier Bag. £90
492 G.B. 1992-94 32 P/Packs plus 1 Prestige Bookletincl. Greeting stamps in blue Binder face £55. cat.as stamps £182 £65
493 G.B. 1985-91 in blue Binder. 48 P/Packs plus 3 Booklets (Greetings & Christmas) face £65 cat.£282 £85
494 G.B. in bulging black Binder.1995-99 64 P/Packs.incl. Se.Tennants,Greetings etc. face £124 cat.as stamps £398+ check £140
495 G.B. early to 1980's in bulging grn.Windsor Album. strong from Line Engraved to 1970's some mixed cond. untidy but worth a look check £100
496 G.B.in red Windsor Album.specialized Machin & Regionals.incl. ½d s/band,Panes, strips, Booklet Panes to £1.50. unsorted all mint face £100+ check £180
497 G.B. 1971-85 in red Lindner Album.super near comp. unmtd.mint coll. face £77 cat.£262 £95
498 G.B. P/Packs in small white Box.late 1970's-mid '90's 130 Packs face £136 check £165
499 G.B.in small white Box.1996-2008 sel.,36 P/Packs incl. M/Sheets,Se.Tennants, Olympic's, Football,Flags,high retail.face £127 cat.£408 check £140
500 G.B. P/Packs in white Box.late 1990's-2007.107 items some diff.to fine face £239 check £250
501 G.B.large general sel.in 3 S/Books.few KG.VI.dup.but bulk of coll.of QE.II. Defs.& Comms. all used vals.to £10 noted,Millenium sets Perfins,blocks etc. probably 1000's £65
502 G.B. SG.One Country Album.up to 1982 mostly QE.II.Comms.Book of used QE.II. Comms.odd better Covers with M/Sheets & Booklets.good face val. £55
503 G.B. sel.of Earlies on hagner s/card. s.t.b. sg.66a,70,109 pl.9.,117 pl.6.,1897 1/=,1883 2/6 & 5/= plus 5/= S/Horse & 10/= Re.Engraved mostly good used £70
504 G.B.Cards & stamps coll.in 2 large Albums semi-specialist laid out listing various types of p/mks.etc. lot of work gone into it. check £50
505 G.B. P/Pack in small Box.good range 1979-2004 many better noted Castles & Regionals small dup.some 84 pages H/Face check £90
506 G.B. in Ring Album. KG.V. & KG.VI.& QE.II. Defs.& Comms.in various multiples mint £45
507 G.B. coll.laid out in S/Book.decent 4 margin 1d Black.,2 margin 1840 2d Blue range of S/Printed 1855-1891 Jub.. incl. plates.usual mixed cond. vals.to 2/=,later dup.range QV.Jub., ED.VII.& KG.V.incl. S/Horses vals. to 10/= noted range of Castles. s.t.c. £20,000+ looks good value Don't Miss/ £325
508 G.B.a fine & valuable coll.of QE.II.Defs.Booklet Panes laid out & written up on pages from Tudor wmk. noted scarce advert Panes,later Edward crown wmk. plus graphites incl. sg.SB85a all mint s.t.c. 2006 to nearly £5000. have a look please £965
509 G.B.a superb & valuable coll.of Booklet Panes laid out & written up in Album.from ED.VII. with St.Andrews cross.,McKennals crown & royal cypher.noted NB2,3,4,& "A"' etc. KG.V. with scarce 1911 bluish grn. Booklet Pane sg. spec.N2/8a backed with Brandon Cert. As Genuine.later incl. MB2 & 2a,MB3, etc.1929 Pane unlisted error plus range KG.VI. range. needs to be viewed s.t.c. 2009 £14,500+ check £2800
510 G.B. QE.II.used coll.housed in 2 Davo Boxed Hingeless Albums.1980-2000 looks fairly comp. plus general sel.of Kings in S/Book.sold mainly for Albums £60
511 G.B. in Box.small lot in Album.bundle of decimal P/Packs.plus carrier bag with a bundle of F.D.C's check £38
512 G.B.useful coll.in Albums early Covers incl. 1810 London Ship Letter,1826 Mortlake, Dublin Free,Leeds P/Post.others.1d Mulready black MX.(re-enforced) plus Front.large 4 margin 1d Black M.A.tied to part Portsmouth Cover.with black MX.,4 x 1d Blacks fair,later Line Engraved with some No's in MX.odd Cover.most 1d Red plates incl. 225,range S/Printed incl. some plates vals.to 2/=,1867 £5 Orange Belfast cancel.re-paired corner.useful Kings incl. S/Horses 10/= etc.QE.II.Castles & Machins.close look Advised £850
513 G.B.in Med.Box.containing Album general range incl.fair 1d Black.& Officials plus range of Defs.& Comms.Sterling/Decimal. S/Book more decimal Comms.etc.(few Egypt) plus small box dup.M/Sheets & Booklets,bottom of box mass used stamps good face val. worth sorting have a look £165
514 G.B. coll.in 4 One Country Albums 3 x boxed.1st Album Sterling issues 1952,1970 used good sel. Wildings incl. graphite issues,Castles,phos.Comms.1962 comp.later 3 Albums of Defs.& Comms. 1971-1980's. mostly mint with Machins plus gutter pairs.clean lot close look H/Cat.& Face. check £195
515 G.B. small Box.with early Covers QV.-ED.VII. 1d Red imperfs.& perfs.etc.over 30 items unchecked £25
516 G.B.in Album.P.Office label sheets LS1-4.,LS6-14.,LS17,LS20,LS22 -27. unmtd.mint H/Cat.Lot good value £160
517 G.B. I.O.M.1973-90 unmtd.mint dup.stock on 7 sides s/s.(face £105) plus various sets in full sheet face £93 total face £198 needs to be viewed £130
518 G.B.CHANNEL IS.mass accum.Guern.,Jersey,Alderney,I.O.M. far too much to describe.but range both mint & used 1970-1990 in Albums/S/Books.mass unsorted in bags heavy & valuable lot must check £500
519 G.B. CHANNEL IS. large accum.on small approval cards.Jersey/Guern./I.O.M. sets & singles Defs./Comms.plus Guernsey Prestige Booklets H/Face. £65
520 G.B. CHANNEL IS.& I.O.M.,Guern. 43 F.D.C'S unaddressed, vals. to £5,123 PHQ.Cards some used plus 14 sets. I.O.M.used PHQ.Cards Bird to £1. £50
521 G.B.Cannel Is. & I.O.M.in brn.Box.3 multi.Ring Albums. 1971-78 F.D.C.'s mainly un-addressed vals.to £2.(Albums worth £10 each_(92) £40
522 G.B. Channel Is. sel.in 2 Albums one of F.D.Covers good & fairly comp.range of Guern.from 1st Sterling 1970 Comms.similar range few Jersey plus misc.range Channel Is.& I.O.M.on hagner pages most part used £48
523 G.B. GUERNSEY. in white Box. 1985-94 73 F.D.C.s cat.as used stamps£203. Alderney 1983-2004 53 Covers in 2 Albums cat.£462 (120) check £90
524 G.B. I.O.M.in grn.Shoebox.125+ unaddressed diff. F.D.C.'s. 1984-99 incl. M/Sheets, vals.to £5 face 166.cat.as used stamps £432 check £110
525 G.B. I.O.M. 1975-2008 260 P/Packs face £382 check £300
526 G.B. I.O.M. in white Box.1990-99 100+ P/Packs incl. M/Sheets. face £150 cat.as stamps £426 have a look £115
527 G.B. I.O.M.coll.in Lidner Boxed One Country Album.looks fairly comp.range from 1973 Defs. to middle 1980's Defs.& Comms.,M/Sheets,unmtd.mint £45
528 G.B. JERSEY.mid.1980's-2008 superb unmtd.mint sel. of sets,M/Sheets,Self Adh.,dup.to or 3 of each in 15 side S/Book.face £387 needs to be viewed £300
529 G.B.JERSEY.1989-98 in red Album f/used Bureau cancels.near comp.incl. M/Sheets,Defs. cat.£386 check £80
530 G.B.Alderney 1983-2008 62 P/Packs & F.D.C's total face £163 cat.£448 check £140
531 G.B. CHANNEL IS. Covers & Cards very clean lot incl. better items ½d s/band F.D.C. Coro.,Jersey in white box. appox.300 needs to be viewed £90
532 G.B. CHANNEL IS. the better parts in Ring Album.with Guern.all the shades of the War issues plus 1969 Sterling set both 10/= & £1.plus P/Dues.a similar ra nge for Jersey looks good value all mint have a look £75
533 G.B. CHANNEL IS. F.D.C.'s in Box.251 I.O.M.,76 Guern.& Alderney,67 Jersey many better items in Box. 394.check £100
534 G.B. CHANNEL IS.3 F.D.C.Albums.with mainly unaddressed 1976-83 vals.to £2 & £5. (Albums worth £10 each) (270) check £90
535 G.B. CHANNEL IS.ALDERNEY.semi-specialized coll.in 3 large Albums.comp.coll.of stamps 1983-2002 unmtd.mint,fine range Covers incl. Special,Booklets,plus P/Packs.Folder of Printer Sheets signed by Designer all with Cert. fine coll.in plastic Box.with H/Face Check £200
536 G.B.GUERNSEY.1975-2008 in wine Box.175 P/Packs total face £280 £224
537 G.B. GUERNSEY.1969-2000 in grey S/Book.unmtd.mint incl.P/Dues.,Comms.vals.to £5. plus Alderney cat.£640 check £130
538 G.B. JERSEY.1990-99. 90+ unaddressed F.D.C's all diff.incl. M/Sheets. face £156.cat.as stamps £392. nice lot check £100
539 G.B. JERSEY.1975-2008 310 P/Packs face £531 check £425
540 G.B.JERSEY.in Wine Box.92 P/Packs 1970's-89 face £68 cat.as stamps £185 £50
541 G.B.JERSEY.in white Box.91 P/Packs super 1990's incl. M/Sheets face £154 cat as stamps £402 have a look £120
542 GERMAN.STATES.sel.in P/Book.priced Stock good range Occ.issues,Belgium,Poland, Morava, Russia etc. few 100 check £75
543 GERMANY Cover Hindenburg Zepp.Ger.Commercial Cover 1936 with very attractive catchet sent from Stuttgart to Texas catchet is in good cond.with 2 Zepp.& 2 Airmail stamps making correct rate.well written up on page. £50
544 GERMANY coll. useful lot for the Dealers in this Country needs to be viewed unchecked by us to much to describe £2995
545 GERMANY.in black Album.early to 1945 loose leaves.strong 3rd Reich mint & used 100's check £280
546 GERMANY.1880's super unmtd.mint sel.Comms.,Charities,many Sheetlets of 10 & M/Sheets face £127 ideal Approvals needs to be viewed cat.£769 £180
547 GERMANY.1949-70's various mint & used on 16 sides S/Book.incl.better Charities have a look Ideal for Approvals £120
548 GERMANY.coll.on 5 hagner pages.1920-1943 mint & used incl. Allied Occ.some dups. around 290 stamps s.t.c.£350 plus West & Berlin on 10 hagner pages.1953-2005 few 100's £65
549 GERMANY.in 2 Albums bulky coll.in large Album.early to War Tax issues plus few States & Zones etc.plus Album of E.Germany many 100's have close look £50
550 GERMANY.mint coll.in Safe Album.small lot 1921 Defs.,Inflation issue. incl. S/Charges,1930 1 Posta M/Sheet cut down unused,plus S/Book various Zones.Germania Hitler issues etc. all used £60
551 GERMANY BERLIN. 1949 U.P.U. sg.B54-60.mtd.& unmtd.mint cat.£923 (7) check £150
552 GERMANY BERLIN.1979-90 near comp.(no Charities)unmtd.mint coll.of Defs.,Castles, Famous Woman,Comms.,M/Sheets,Booklet Panes. cat.£370 have a look £90
553 GERMANY BERLIN.1949 U.P.U.,Goethe,Numeral O/Prints,Berlin Relief Fund sg.B54-70. all mint.mainly good to fine cat.£2,130 (17) needs to be viewed £460
554 GERMANY BERLIN.1948-58 on s/card.mainly better items mint & used.Berlin O/Print to 1dm used, '49 Views to 5dm mint & used,Bells to 40pf.good to fine cat.£972 (105) check £150
555 GERMANY,BERLIN.1956-90 near comp.many sets both mint & used plus f.used in hingeless Lidner Album.cat.£2,378 needs to be viewed £435
556 GERMANY BERLIN.1979-90 mint & used in blue Album.vals.to 3.50dm plus few Covers 100's good basis for coll. have a look £80
557 GERMANY BERLIN.1945 Allied set to 80pf, '48 Berlin O/Print to 84 black, '49 U.P.U. cat.£1,035 check £180
558 GERMANY EAST.various mint & used in white Box.incl.M/Sheets. 7 Albums plus 1 S/Book have a look £280
559 GERMANY EAST.1946 Leipzig M/Sheet sg.MS.RD51(cat.£150) hinge marks.'50 Defbria sg.MS.E29A, '51 China Friendship sg.E43-45 cat.£540.all mint cat.£690 (5) check £140
560 GERMANY EAST.1975-81.in blue Album.85 pages plus 6 sides s/c.wide range of Comms., Defs.,& M/Sheets mint & used ideal basis for starter coll. 100's check £110
561 GERMAN EAST.Ex.Dealers accum.in Crate Box.held in 4 giant & 1 small S/Books 1949-1981 mint & used looks fairly comp. with dup. plus Shoebox on paper H/Cat. Lot. worth checking £180
562 GERMANY GROUP.incl.East & Berlin stamps on 30 side S/Book.incl.early 1950's needs to be viewed 100's £75
563 GERMANY GROUP.in sparse Scott Album incl.1959 Beethoven M/Sheet,W.Germany Charities,E.Germany Album alone worth £30.needs to be viewed £80
564 GERMANY INSELNPOSTE.a pair on piece completely genuine of the German Is. Feldpost, Aegean Is.,Crete Michel 7a cat.350 euro as single,the left hand stamp damaged,the right hand sound, needs to be viewed £90
565 GERMANY SAXONY.an iconic stamp the no.1. unused,signed Adler,redistributed gum small faults but 4 margin copy cat.£6000 rare item needs to be viewed £600
566 GERMANY WEST.1949-80 in blue padded Album.superb mint much unmtd.incl.part Post Horn set.near comp.incl.M/Sheets many better signed cat.£4,480 needs to be viewed £720
567 GERMANY WEST.1946-72 K.A.B.E.Album.mint & used incl. unmtd.American & French Zones,Saar '47-'58.Germany '49-'56 then solid to '72.cat.£1,765 needs to be viewed £270
568 GERMANY WEST.1953-58 between sg.1091-1217 mint all diff.incl.'53 Prisoners of War, Liebig,Munich Relief,'54 Heuss to 3dm cat.£1,050 (117) check £170
569 GERMANY WEST.& Berlin.1968-2002 unmtd.mint & used coll.many sets.M/Sheets, Defs., Comms.,Coils little dup.good stock for both coll. cat.£2,980 1000's needs to be viewed £520
570 GERMANY WEST.1949 Parliament,U.P.U.,Nat.Phil.,1951 St.Mary,Heuss then 1954 Bible to 1956 Evangelical.all mint incl. unmtd.cat.£904 (60) '09 needs checking £160
571 GERMANY WEST.1949-51.Parliment,U.P.U.,Cent.Stamp,Bach.,Relief Fund, 1951 Phil.Exh. sg.1033-44,& sg.1067-68 mint cat.£707 needs to be viewed £120
572 GERMANY WEST.1952-55 Comms.sel.between sg.1074-1102 & sg.1123-1136 looks comp.on 6 pages.good to f/used plus 1 extra mint cat.£661 (44) '09 needs to be viewed £130
573 GERMANY WEST.1949-54 Charities & Relief Fund sets mint incl. unmtd., 1949 Relief, '50 Bach,'51 St.Mary,Naba,'51-'54 Relief cat.£1,261 (35) '09 needs to be viewed £225
574 GERMANY WEST.range in Med.S/Book.contains all better items.1st German trio, 1949 Relief Fund. 1951 Figures,1951 stamps,Humanitarian Fund etc. through to 1970's all mint s.t.c. £2000+ have a look £200
575 GIBRALTAR.1938/51 KG.VI. 1½ perf.13½ as per sg.123a mint cat.£250 £50
576 GIBRALTAR.1953-82 multi.ring black Album.1953,'60 & '67 Ships,'71 Views,'77 Fauna,'82 Planes,'63-'83 Comms.,Naval Crests plus odd sets.cat.£526 check £100
577 GIBRALTAR.1965-92.unmtd.mint 62 diff.sets,M/Sheets all x 4 incl.blocks of 4.plated Omnibus,Comms.,'71 Views,P/Dues.ideal Fairs Dealer cat.£604 check £160
578 GIBRALTAR.1953-77 mint & used incl.'53 set,'60 to 10/=,Omnibus & Comms., '67 Butterflies to £2 cat.£470 check £86
579 GIBRALTAR.1968-86 unmtd.mint sel.on 25 ages.Comms.,Crests,Europa's, 1971 Views, 1977 Fauna,'82 Planes,'87 Guns to top val..H/Face cat.£274 needs to be viewed £80
580 GIBRALTAR.in black Album.1953-98 mainly mint.Comms.,Europa,Uniforms,'67 Ships to 2/=, '82 Planes to £5,'87 Guns to £5, '93 Views to £5 plus M/Sheets. H/Face cat.£765 check £120
581 GIBRALTAR. 1966-85 between sg.184-517 mint mainly unmtd. looks comp. but no M/Sheets incl. Defs.& Comms. cat.£275 '07 check £65
582 GRENADA.coll.in Ring Album few odd early but mostly QE.II. Defs.,Comms.,& M/Sheets mint & used few 100's £35
583 HELIGOLAND.for those who may not know it.these two stamps were never reprinted on Heligoland the 1/= & 5/= sg.18 mint & sg.19 superb used cat.£200,& the 1/- m.cat.£180 signed i.e. cat.£380 the pair.,scarce QV.H/Vals.Br.C/Wealth check £80
584 HONG KONG. 1863/1900 P.O. in China/Japan. Shanghai S1, C.D.S. on 2c,4c,12c,18c, 24 & 48 plus Yokohama Y1 £45
585 HONG KONG.coll.in Med.S/Book.laid out in sg.order & priced.range QV.-QE.II. mostly used few 100's worth checking watch out for loose stamps please £50
586 HONG KONG. coll.on pages incl.odd better QV's 1863-1900 but mostly KG.VI.-QE.II. Defs. & Comms. few 100's worth checking £95
587 HONG KONG. heavy dup.accum.in Ring Album.QV.-QE.II. Ideal lot for p.mks.etc. later range of QE.II.Defs. & Comms.mint & used worth sorting odd better noted few 100's check £125
588 HUNGARY.in brn.Box.early to Mod.mint & used incl.better sets,M/Sheets,Airs, perf. & imperf.in 6 Albums.good basis for coll.needs to be viewed (6 Albums,1 S/Book,1 Env.) £550
589 HUNGARY.good range coll.housed in 3 large Albums incl.early issues & fair range middle range later Mod.1966-1978 small sel.to 1990's good lot to expand £65
590 INDIA.fair lot in Med.S/Book.odd early imperfs.good range of Kings incl.mint plus some on piece check £40
591 INDIA.scarce sel.of Specimen O/Prints noted 1867 6a.8p,1868 8a die.II. 1874 9p & 1r, 1876 6a & 12a sg.82 O/Print cancelled & 1883 Official 2a sg.042. all mint H/Cat. cat. £95
592 INDIA.1961/88 coll.of better comp.sets incl. 1963 & 1976 Animals,1968 & 1975 Birds., Olympic's,Airmail etc. mint & used some 300 stamps £35
593 INDIA. 2008 Christmas Se.Tenant pair with gold halo omitted mint plus 2009 geet Se. Tenant strips of 3 in brn. £85
594 INDIA CHAMBA & NABHA.KG.VI.on cards Nabha sg.106-108.112 & 114. plus Officials 055,057/65. Chamba Officials sg.081/82 all unmtd.mint in bl.of 4. £50
595 INDIA GWALIOR. KG.VI.Officials 1r & 2r in gutter blocks of 12. sg.091-092 mint usual light tone £65
596 INDIA GWALIOR STATE.scarce KG.VI. 2r sg.113 in unmtd.mint cross gutter block of 16 s.t.c. £800 nice display £150
597 INDIA.Gwalior State.useful range of KG.VI.on cards.1938/45 vals.to 2r incl.sg.124/127. scarce sg.113 plus Official vals. to 1r all in unmtd.mint blocks of 4. H/Cat.Lot £85
598 INDIA GWALIOR STATE. scarce & H/Cat. KG.VI. 3a sg.124 in unmtd.mint block of 80 s.t.c. £1200+ check £145
599 INDIA JIND STATE.1940 KG.VI. ½ to 9p.in unumtd.mint blocks of 4 being sg.138-144 plus Officials unmtd.mint blocks of 4 being sg.073/74 & 076-082.later with margins check £70
600 INTIA PATIALA.attractive KG.VI. 1r in unmtd.mint cross gutter bl.of 16 being sg.102 s.t.c. £250+ £58
601 INDIA PATIALA STATE. range of KG.VI.unmtd.mint on card.vals.to 1r all in blocks of 4.incl. sg.102,107,110,112-115. 1939 Officials sg.071,072,074,075,& 081 H/Cat. £68
602 INDIA RAJASTHAR STATE. 1950 O/Prints sg.16/19 + sg.21/2. unmtd.mint blocks of 4 many corner marginals cat.£220 £62
603 IRAQ.1948 King Faisal 100f, ½d.sg.293.295-6 marginal bl.of 10 unmtd.mint (gum bit flat) cat.£625 £55
604 IRAQ.unusual Iraq Embargo issues incl. 2000 Intifada 5000 dinars x 22. etc.on parcel cards to Australia & N.Z. check £45
605 IRELAND.coll.of Comms.Packs range from 1983-1996 H/Face Comms. £65
606 IRELAND.early to 1981 good mint & used coll.in grn.Scott Album.incl.better items nice starter lot have a look £130
607 IRELAND.early to 1966 in blue padded Schaubek Album.sparse but some 1922 O/Prints to 1/=,various printings,strong Comms.1029-75 many mint & used cat.£730 100's check £95
608 IRELAND.coll.in boxed One Country Album.1922 incl. H/Cat. 10/= later issues.later looks comp.range 1943-70's mint or used some Defs. H/Cat. Lot check £185
609 IRELAND.fair lot in small pocket Book.incl.unchecked range of G.B. KG.V. O/Print vals.to 1/= noted many margin copies later Comms.mint etc. worth sorting £45
610 ISRAEL. 1948[86 Schaubek Album.mint & used incl. M/Sheets & Tabs good starter lot basic coll. check £75
611 ISRAEL a fine & valuable coll.in giant S/Book.some earlies with & without Tabs.better M/Sheets later issues with full Tabs mass of Mod.issues Defs.& Comms. & M/Sheets H/Cat.Lot check £75
612 ITALY. 1890 20c on 50c mauve being sg.46 mint copy usual slight off centre cat.£600 £95
613 ITALY."BLP" Busta Letters Postale 1920.3 cards all advertising specifically for the scarce BLP's first is 10c red with black BLP O/Print multi.Avert.,25c blue with red Advert."Vini Calissano" & 40c brn.with blue BLP Advert.Shoes from Scafi of Milano many coloured advertising rare lot needs to be viewed £450
614 ITALY.small sel.in small S/Book.1970's fair lot Thematic's Europa etc.all mint have a look £32
615 ITALY SICILY.1859 King Francis ½ sg.1. scarce mint copy signed by Sorani cat.£800 £75
616 ITALY SICILY.1859 King Francis 1g sg.1.2 attractive shades mint/unused cat.£500+ £42
617 ITALY SICILY.on card 1859 King Francis used pair. sg.1 toned,1859 10c being sg.5 (signed) & 50g sg.7 unused H/Cat.Lot check £75
618 ITALY SICILY.1859 King Francis sel.of identified copies of the 2g sg.2 all used 15 copies cat.around £2000 check £135
619 ITALY SICILY.1859 King Francis 5g sg.4.used copy with Sorani signed Cert. cat.£2200 £175
620 ITALY SICILY. 1859 King Francis 20g slate gry. sg.6.used copy signed by Bron.cat.£850 £75
621 ITALY SOLALIA.scarce 1928/41 Parcel Post issues 1L & 2L in pairs being sg.P117/118. fresh mint back with diena Cert.As Genuine odd short perf.cat. £700+ cheap £65
622 JAPAN. 1949 Flying Geese 8y violet mint copy of sg.556 £32
623 KUWAIT. KG.V. vert pair on small piece canvel with large Experimental Pok-79 £50
624 LIBERIA.coll.on old pages 1860-1930's Defs./Comms.early cond.very mixed but nice middle period used few 100 have a look £60
625 LIECHTENSTEIN. 1924-42 good to f/used incl.mint. '24 to 1f,'30 Airs 7 vals.to 25r,'25 John's Birthday,'27 Arms, (29 & '33 Francis 80th Birthday,'33 Views to 1f.50, '39 Birds, Arms to 2r cat.£636 (98) needs to be viewed £120
626 LIECHTENSTEIN.1921 Views between sg.47a-66 plus B numbers,mainly mint & used diff.perfs.& colour changes.vals.to 1f,slight dup. cat.£585 (56) check £125
627 LUXEMBOURG.1945-54 comp.coll.Charites,Welfare sets incl. 1959 Orphans all mint cat.£415 check £85
628 MALAYA.coll.in Ring Album.few QV.-KG.VI.Straits,few Tigers,Malaya Fed.various States Kelantan,Perek etc. plus Malaysia mint & used worth checking few 100's have a look £90
629 MALAYA STATES.fair sel.on old pages.range Fed.State Tigers vals.to $1 noted few Perak,Selangor,Treng.,Kedah,Johore, Straits plus others.general odds with high cat.val. have a look £95
630 MALDIVES.on card 1906 ED.VII. 2c-15c mint with Expert.marks on rev. plus 5c used H/Cat. £42
631 MALTA.P/Dues. an interesting range of these issues imperf. 1925 to 1/6,3 of each val. 3d to 1/6 various 1925 to 1/6 with 3 sets mint and 1 set used.plus 1953's incl.3 scarce mint unmtd. sg.D24a,& much more incl. blocks of 4 good range needs to be viewed £125
632 MALTA. 1972-85 Europa's in Sheetlets of 10.plus various 1990-2005 in Sheetlets of 10 all unmtd.mint plus '99 Flowers to £2. strong Thematic content cat.£995 100's check £220
633 MALTA.1860-1990's 42 sides black S/Book.with G.B. used in Malta,P/Dues.in blocks of 4 & Tete Beche,KG.VI.incl. large blocks,QE.II. some blocks of 4,Europa's,Sheetlets cat.£1,236 £240
634 MALTA.1956-90 unmtd.mint plus few used coll.1956 part to 10/=,then near comp.to 1990 cat.£503 have a look £120
635 MALTA. 1953-93 in black bulging S/Book.dup.incl. M/Sheets nice lot to retail cat.£3,589 needs to be viewed £770
636 MALTA.various pre QE.II.mint staps in 3 envelopes needs to be viewed cat.£420 £90
637 MALTA. pre.QE.II.,ED.VII.to 5/=,KG>V>to 10/=,KG.VI to 5/= cat.£948 check £230
638 MALTA.1953-93 good to f/used accum.in black S/Book.wide range of Comms.,Defs., slight dup.good starter coll.cat.£630 needs to be viewed £120
639 MALTA. 1985-87 super unmtd.mint sel.14 diff.sets & M/Sheets.strong Thematic content of Comms.in corner or marginal bls.of 4 cat.£285 needs check £80
640 MALTA.1984 Airs & better Comms.sg.729-735, '86 Christmas sg.789-91, '87 Ships sg.809-812,'87 Birds sg.796-9 unmtd.mint corner blocks of 4 cat.£164 (72) '07 £46
641 MALTA. 1938-68 KG.VI.sel. '38 set,'48 O/Prints, U.P.U.,Coro., '53-'68 near comp. between sg.261-408,'55 & '65 to £1 (no 5d & 10d cat.£326 '07 needs to be views £80
642 MONTSERRAT. 1876-83 1d Red Bisect on piece sg.1a tied to small piece by light A08 cancel ex.S.Gibbons £45
643 NATAL.£10 H/Val. ED.VII.mint Specimen O/Print of sg.145a cat.£200 have a look £80
644 NAURU.1966-84 dup. mainly unmtd.mint Defs.,& Comms..1966 to $1,'78 to $5, strong Thematic content ideal Approvals.cat.£780 check £170
645 NETHERLANDS.coll.in One Country Album.1852-1950's few early later Defs.& Comms.sets & odds mint & used few 100's Ideal Album to expand £42
646 NETHERLANDS.1947-65 mint & used dup.Stock then 1965-84 mainly unmtd.mint & mtd. plus few used.M/Sheets,ideal Approvals cat.£1,380 100's '07 check £210
647 NETHERLANDS.early to Mod.in 32 sides S/Book.incl.many better items from early imprints to 1980's mainly used needs sorting out (100's) check £120
648 NETHERLANDS.1852-1986 extensive mainly used coll.in grn.Rapkin Album. good earlies. middle period with many Charities sets.very high cat.val.good for expansion £115
649 NETHERLANDS.coll.in Album range 1963-1988 noted Defs.,Booklets,Se.Tenant Panes,plus blocks mostly unmtd.mint.few P/Dues mint & used worth close look £55
650 NETHERLANDS.1852-1961 on pages.first imperf.& perf. 1867 vals.to 25. 1869 Shields various printings Q.Wilhemina,1913 William vals.to 5g. 1924 Defs.,Child Welfare.1940 S/Charges vals.to 500 on 3c. 1940/50 Picts. sets etc. plus range to 1960's H/Cat. Lot mint & used many 100's check £480
651 NEW GUINEA.scarce Airmail O/Print set of 1931 sg.137-149 cat.£225 comp.set of 13 mint a few niggled perfs. £65
652 NEW ZEALAND. 1953 QE.II. 3d imperf Tete Beche unmtd.mint pair large margins H/Cat. £85
653 NEW ZEALAND.30/= Arms type brn.mint sg.205 cat.£350 £100
654 NEW ZEALAND.useful sel.on One Country pages good range of early Chalons imperf.& perf.to 1/= seen.unchecked for printing 1800's Defs.vals.to 5/=,1906 Christchurch set mint,ED.VII.to 1/=.1913 Auck.½ mint few later odd better Officials,Edward Is. 1d used plus few mint Penrhyn,Aitutaki,Niue KG.V. have a look £200
655 NEW ZEALAND.coll.in Album.1920's-1980's incl. 1/= Victory.Healths mint incl. Smiling Boys, plus ditto used,2/= & 3/= Admirals,Airmails incl. S/Charges plus later Defs.& Comms., 2nd Album Defs./Comms. & M/Sheets have a look £205
656 NEW ZEALAND.1966-90 in red Gibbons Albu. f/mint.near comp.Defs.,Comms.most M/Sheets incl. Health nearly written up on 95 pages.fine lot cat.£568 100's check £130
657 NEW ZEALAND.1935-67 in Red Simplex Album.mint & used specialized coll. of shades, perfs. varieties incl. '35-'47 Picts.to 2/= x 10,3/= x 6, KG.VI. Health,Comms.,Defs., QE.II. Health M/Sheet,Airmail,Officials to 5/=,Arms to 1954 3/= Insurance stamps 1891-1978 P/Dues.,Express,B.O.B. s.t.c.£2,942 have a look £600
658 NEW ZEALAND.1990-97 superb unmtd.mint.Coll.near comp. incl. Comms.,Defs. to $20,Health M/Sheets,Exhib.logos.seldom offered face £269 cat.£726 100's needs check £190
659 NEW ZEALAND.14 sides red S/Book.with early to Mod.dup. B.O.B.material Officials from 1890's Picts.to 2/=,ED.VII.,KG.V.,1930 Picts.,KG.VI.to Cent.QE.II. to 3/=, 5/= Arms,P/Dues., Post.Fiscals to £2 (160).1880's Adverts (3).Gov.Life Insur.Ross & Tokelau some dup.& mixed cond. 1000's needs to be viewed £700
660 NEW ZEALAND.1872-1970 in grn.Binder mint & used superb basis for new coll. 1873 side face to 1/=,various perfs.,Adverts.1898 Picts.to 5/=,ED.VII.to 1/=, KG.V.to 2/= & 3/= Comms.,1935 Picts. to 1940.many perf.to 3/=,strong '60's & '70's Officials fair to fine on 52 pages 100's needs to be viewed £570
661 NEW ZEALAND.in grn.Album.1960-72 many items both mint & used strong in Defs.sets, Health M/Sheets.Post Fiscals to $10 (shades)good to fine cat.£1,736 100's have a look £310
662 NEW ZEALAND.1865-1988 mint & used incl B.O.B.,Chalons 1/=,1873 ½d,1874 to 6d, 1882- 1900 side face to 1/= perfs.plus 1 advert.1896 Picts.to 2/=,1909 to 1/=,'15 to 1/= incl. part Booklet Pane,'20 Victory,'26 2/= Admin.,'35-'40 Picts.,KG.VI.to 3/=,Fiscals 14 vals.to £1. '40 Cent.mint & used then strong '57,'61-'63 mint,Health M/Sheet,P/Dues.,Officials from 1907 to 3d,1910 to 2/=,'35 to 5/=,Fiscals x 2, KG.VI.to 2/= needs checking £320
663 NEW ZEALAND.& Depend.coll.incl.Cook Is.,Samoa,Nauru,Naue,N.Z.coll. pre.1971. with dups.from 1936 mint & used incl. Health M/Sheet plus Tokelau & Ross Depend. needs check £250
664 NEW ZEALAND.1982-90 in grn.Album.many sets & M/Sheets both mint & used .Wattangi Booklet Panes,Se.Tenants.mainly good to fine base for 2 coll.cat.£878 100's check £190
665 NEW ZEALAND.1970-89 in black Album.unmtd.mint near comp.coll.Defs. to $10, Comms., Healths incl. M/Sheet,Booklets cat.£457 100's check £125
666 NEW ZEALAND.1986-87 in grn.Simplex Album.88 pages mint & used Defs.to $20, F.D.C's, M/Sheets,Comms.,Healths,Booklet Panes Ideal starter coll.100's have a look £75
667 NEW ZEALAND.coll.in Med.S/Book general sel.QV.-QE.II. few Cook Is., Penrhyn, Tokalau,, Niue few 100 mint & used £45
668 NEW ZEALAND.1936-50's mint on leaves.'36 Views to 2/= ,near comp.Comms., KG.VI. Defs.to 3/=,Health,Officials, '46-'47 Life Insurance ½-6d, '47-'49 2d-2/= cat.£800 check £180
669 NEW ZEALAND.1962-79 Health near comp.mint & used sets.,M/Sheets, Covers, various small flaws & re touches have been ignored.housed in boxed Album.cat.£458 needs to be viewed £80
670 NEW ZEALAND.Health M/Sheets with Bird theme. 1959 mint plus 2 used. 1960-62, '64-'66 mint incl. unmtd. couple tone spots on 1 M/Sheet cat.£262 (18) '07 £50
671 NEW ZEALAND. 1981-95 super unmtd.mint sel.near comp. M/Sheets,Comms., Se.tenants composite sets.all diff.vals. to £10 & $20 face £268 cat.£670 needs check £180
672 NEW ZEALAND.blue S/Book.nice sel. 155 M/Sheets 1957-2001 unmtd.mint bar couple mtd.mint with hinge remains. Health,Comms.,Exhibition O/Prints cat.£618 needs to be viewed £170
673 NEW ZEALAND.useful coll.in Album.with stamps & Covers incl.1940 Cent.set.plus ditto O/Print Officials mint & used.range 1950/60 Defs.& Comms.but bulk later on nicely displayed incl. QE.II.flaws Covers incl. 1940 Cent.on Commemorative ILL.Covers (6) 2d,9d,2d + 9d, 3d, 2½,& 3, also 3 x Gouv't Buildings lower Covers later Mod. close look check £75
674 NEW ZEALAND. 1956 Health set in imperf.plate Proof pairs on N.Z.& Star wmk. paper £75
675 NEW ZEALAND.attractive range on s/card.1940 Cent.set (less 3d val.)but incl. the 8d all in imprint & plate number bl.of 4.mint H/Cat.nice display & 1940 issues in plate imprint bls.of 4 check £70
676 NEW ZEALAND.on pages.1906 Christchurxch Exh.,1913 Auckland Exh. ½ to 3d. 1923 Restoration 3 shades,1925 Dunedin,1935 S.Jub.,1936 Commerce,1965 Anzac blocks of 4. with flaws.others all mint have a look £75
677 NEW ZEALAND.coll.in 2 S/Books.& Album. 1st S/Book good range QV.-QE.II.all priced up to sell.Defs. & Comms. mint & used 2nd S/Book QV.Stamp Duty 8/=,9/=,10/=, 15/=,£1 mint some tone.later Postal Fiscals.plus later. also G.B.Album with few stamps check £65
678 NEW ZEALAND.mixed lot in Folder small lot of Chalons & small Heads later Defs. to Kings plus couple of better early Covers messy lot needs sorting £65
679 NEW ZEALAND DEP.1919-94 mainly mint strong 1919-50's incl. KG.V.key types,Views, P/Fiscals,Arms,Admirals,early O/Prints,Aitutaki (cat.£210),Penrhyn cat.£136, Rara Tonga cat.£136.Cook Is.cat.£363.Niue cat.£469,Tokelau cat.£153.on 68 pages. s.t.c.£1,545 100's needs to be viewed £430
680 NEWFOUNDLAND.small neat coll.in black Album.noted 1932 & 1933 sets later issue 1935 & 1937 all mint s.t.c. £485 £70
681 NRTH.BORNEO.1863-92 in photo Album.incl.various large blocks of imperfs. 1886 ½c rose,1888 3c,4c,5c,6c,8c,mint & used many fine h/cat.As Seen 100's needs to be viewed £330
682 NYASALAND.on card.1892 ½ both shades.2d,& 4d, plus 1896 1d,2d,4d,& 6d all mint not all fine £38
683 OMAR. 1971 Sultanate of Oman O/Prints,comp.set of 12 vals. unmtd.mint sg.122-133 cat.£250. £80
684 ORANGE FREE STATE. 1900 3d on 3d double O/Print as per sg.117f mint.plus unlisted 1/= 0n 1/= sg.121 mint toned check £75
685 ORANGE FREE STATE. remainder sel.on pages various printings V.R.I. S/Charges vals.to 5/= noted mint & used seen.odd Pence S/Charges incl. interesting 3d on 4d,plus ED.VII. Colour change set of 4 mint plus F11 used check £50
686 ORANG FREE STATE.1903 ED.VII.comp.set of 9.as per sg.139/147 mint £45
687 PAPUA 1929-30 Air the Papua & N.G. to 1985,near comp.with a few used incl. first set then rest mint incl. unmtd. cat.£360 needs view £90
688 PORTUGAL.in brn.Minkus Album.1853-Mid.1980's mint & used coll.strong from 1880 incl. many perf..changes,substantial (less 1940-45 M/Sheest)mixed cond.on earlies but mainly good to fine plus B.O.B.,Charities,R.Cross O/Prints. 100's needs viewing £520
689 PORTUGAL.med.Palma S/Book.with general range early Ceres types to Mod.few Cols. many 100's £32
690 RHODESIA. 1913/27 KG.V. White Cap £1 as per sg.242 slightly indistinct light cancels so check cat. £550 have a look £125
691 RUMANIA.1860-1970 in 2 Minkus Albums mint & used good basis for coll.incl.good items 100's close check £160
692 RUMANIA.bulky coll.in large Hagner Binder.laid out & priced up. from early imperfs.to Mod. Thematic's mint & used around 2500 stamps cat. £3400+ Ideal Re.Sale have a look £150
693 RUMANIA.fair general sel.in 3 Ring Albums.some unchecked early imperf.& perf.later Defs.& Comms. through to Thematic Picts.mint & used few 100's £65
694 RUMANIA.scarce coll.on pages noted 1862 imperf. 3p-30p mint & used plus shades & papers incl. Tete-Beche 6p.later issues some 29 stamps s.t.c. £1400+ check £135
695 RUSSIA.useful range of M/Sheets on cards.1974 Congress x 19,1974 U.P.U. x 16, 1976 Gagarin x 16 & 1976 Rembrandt x 8. all used cat.£500+ £75
696 RUSSIA.1970-85 in 16 sides S/Book. C.T.O.set to 4 of each,near comp.(no M/Sheets). 100's of sets & singles ideal for approvals cat.£489 check £80
697 RUSSIA.good range in well filled S/Book.mint & used early Thunder bolts.few Romanovs & Workers plus large Mod.set.mostly Picts. used many 100's £65
698 RUSSIA.coll.in Box.4 Albums good range of early issues few Thunders Bolts., 1913 Romanovs.1923 Workers.parchy middle period but comprehensive later.range 1863-1991 mint & used plus 5 Edition Br.Journal of Russia Philately 2002/2005 many 100's worth checking £80
699 S.W.A. in pkt. 1923 1½ P/Due. sg.D8.Pane of 50 with listed flaws unmtd.mint plus 1927 1d Ship unmtd.mint pairs in blocks £35
700 SARDINIA.Forgeries 1851 pink 40c sg.7 mint corner block of 49.should cat. £8,000 each reserved at £3 each As Is. should cat.£392,000 (49) needs to be viewed £150
701 SINGAPORE. 1948 perf.14 set to $5 sg.1-15 x 2 sets f/mint cat.£360 (30) '09 check £100
702 SINGAPORE. in 2 Albums.early to 2000 mainly used stamps,Covers,& F.D.C's please check £140
703 SINGAPORE.1948-72 nice mint to '68,unmtd.mint from '69 incl. 1948 S/Wedd.pair,comp.from '53 Coro.to '72 Art no M/Sheets.on double sided s/card.cat.£696 '09 check £150
704 SOUTH KOREA.1962 First Anniv.of May 16th Revolution,the 3 sheets in English, no wmk., with "E" of Postage corrected mint sg.MS432a cat.£350 have a look £75
705 SPAIN.in Minkus Album early to 1980's mint & used quite comprehensive for new coll. needs to be viewed £290
706 SPAIN.fair coll.in 2 Albums.1855-1900 Defs.& Comms.some better mint.plus Davo One Country Album 1945-1970 odds & ends. few 100's check £55
707 SPAIN. bulky coll.on black pages few early Defs.but value in mint sets incl. R.Cross & airs 1935 Rest.,1929 O/Prints,1930 Picts.later Repub.O/Prints etc. range through to 1980's many 100's have a look £95
708 SPAINISH COLS.basic starter coll.in Ring Album neatly arranged on pages early Mod.mostly mint fair Picts.over 1000 stamps s.t.c. £850 £50
709 SPANISH MOROCCO.coll.in large Spanish One Country Album.sel.of early O/Prints.fair middle period with mint sets later to 1960's plus mass of blank pages good lot to expand £48
710 ST.HELENA. 1922 KG.V. 8d gry.& brt.violet with torn flag variety as per sg.105b. f/used odd short perf. £65
711 ST.HELENA.in S/Book.useful accum.few early QV.'s good lot KG.V.vals.to 7/6 mint. KG.VI. to 10/= with dup.good range QE.II. Defs.& Comms.mostly mint incl. M/Sheets needs sorting H/Cat. check £295
712 ST.KITTS/NEVIS.coll.on pages Columbus vals.t 2/6 various printing & shades odd War Tax,plus KG.V.Picts.vals.to 10/=,range sg.1-35 ex.sg.7.,10 & 21 used £65
713 STH. & CENTRAL AMERICA.large accum.in Ring Album.on large pages looks mainly early/middle period,Chile,Uruguay,Cost Rica,Colombia,Ecuador,Brazil, etc.looks good mix. probably 1000's worth checking £75
714 STH.AFRICA.in blue Binder.1986-88 super unmtd.mint coll.Comms.many plate blocks between sg.594-652. Republic,Johannesburg Bible plus varieties cat. £357 check £75
715 STH.AFRICA.(Transkei) Homelands nice unmtd.mint near comp.1976-92 in bls.of 4 & strips of 5, on 11 s/s. Thematic ideal Approvals cat.£480 (100's) '07 needs to be viewed £110
716 STH.AFRICA.1950-67 various mint on loose leaves incl. 6 long sets to top val. cat.£284 £56
717 STH.AFRICA Transvaal. on old Imp.pages.unchecked by us s.t.b. 1870 imperfs.vals. to 1/= & later 15 stamps.odd perf.1877 V.R.Transvaal 1875 vals.to 1/= 1885 types. 1885-1893 few S/Charges.later V.R.I. plus E.R.I. 1902 ED.VII vals.to £1.others s.t.c.£5700 check £380
718 STH.RHOD.1951 P/Due.O/Prints set one of each val. unmtd.mint the 4d is the rare dull gry.-grn. sg.D6 cat.£225 check £80
719 STH.RHODESIA.neat lot on pages.with KG.V.White Caps to 2/=,2nd set vals.to 2/=, all used s.t.c.£350 £38
720 SUDAN bundle of 89 Covers & Cards.early to Independence.useful P/Stat.items., F.Flight Cover,Official Mail etc £42
721 SWEDEN.1964-74 in blue Binders in brn.Box. F.D.C's,Cards,Air Letters, PHQ.Cards, Booklet Panes.clean lot good val.40p each (265) check £100
722 SWISS.1882/1903 20c-1f scarce perf.9½ as per sg.140/144 all used cat.£500+ £55
723 SWISS.1976-86 in red Album.116 un.addressed F.D.C's,PHQ.Cards,Europa's,Patria U.N.Agencies,Defs.to 4f.50 M/Sheets.cat.as stamps £186 £45
724 SWISS.1972-81 in red Binder.128 F.D.C.'s mainly un-addressed incl. blocks of 4 & singles Pro.Pat.,Pro.Juv.,Defs.to 3f, F.F.C.& Special Flights cat.as stamps £206 £50
725 SWISS.in brn.Binder.1966-72 super sel.260 unaddressed F.D.C.'s Comms.,Airs,Pro.Patria,& Juv.in blocks of 4 & singles.Defs.,Tete.Beche interpanneau check £90
726 SWISS. 1870-1974 in grn.Album.130 pages untidy but valuable coll.mint & used incl. standing Helvetia's,Arms,W.Tell,Mountains to 10r,Tete Beche,interpanneau, P/Dues., Defs.,Comms.,Pro.Patria & Juv.mint & used some dup.needs to be viewed £220
727 SWISS.fair lot in 2 large S/Books.few early types Helvetia's & Cross types.few W.Tell good range Pro.Juv. & Pro.Pat. through to Mod. all used £55
728 SWISS.coll.in 2 grn.Ring Albums good general range from early perf.Helvetia's later middle Mod.,better in 2nd Album of Pro.Juv.& Pro.Pat.1913 etc.mostly used other issues many 100's worth sorting £65
729 SWISS.sel.on pages 1854-1907 incl. 1854 Bern Printing imperfs.vals. to 20c,1855 vals. to 1f. 1856 s.t.b. sg.46-51.1882 R.Cross,1882 area sg.134-224 with dup. all used cond.mixed in places s.t.c.£2700+ check £75
730 SWISS.1963-96 on 7 sided s/c. unmtd.mint near comp.all diff.Defs.,Charities, Comms., Publicity,Euroa's.face £383 cat.&10 needs to be viewed £225
731 SWISS.in 2 red Albums.early to 2000 incl. M/Sheets & F.D.C.'s mint & used 1000's check £150
732 SWISS.in De Luxe Muller Album.1881-1965 sparse mint mainly Comms. cat.£385 check £80
733 SWISS.in red Binder.mainly good to f/used incl.mint coll.Pro.Juv. 1913-2001. Pro.Pat. 1938-2001 plus Covers. cat.as stamps £1,126 '07 needs to be viewed £210
734 SWISS.1966-78 in brn.Album.Pro.Patria & Pro.Juv.,Publicity issues on F.D.C's, U.N.org.mint F.D.C's,franks & P/Dues. plus B.O.B.high cost lot cat.£680 needs to be viewed £130
735 SWISS.1992-95 in red Binder.super mint & f/used coll.plus F.D.C's unaddressed. Defs., Express,Publicity cat as used stamps £240 needs to be viewed £75
736 SWISS.Air sel.1923-70's mainly mint or used.1923 to 2fr (various papers),1932 Dis-armament,1935 O/Prints,1938,1941 & 1943 Aero O/Prints, '46 to 1f.50g cat.£335 (49) needs to be viewed £75
737 SWISS. 1990-93 in Red Binder.nice sel.near comp.of Pro.Pat.,Pro.Juv.,Publicity, mostly sets unmtd.mint,& used F.D.C.'s on 63 pages cat.as stamps £273 check £70
738 SWISS.1943 Geneva Exhib.M/Sheet sg.MS.433a mint(tiny tone spot),1948 Imaba M/Sheet sg.MS.498 used plus 1955 Phil.Exhib.M/Sheet sg.MS.561 mint.cat.£260 (3). £60
739 SWISS.1975-78 in grn.Binder.nice sel.of 105 F.D.C.'s & Cards mainly un.addressed some dup.incl. blocks of 4.Charities,M/Sheets,Europa's,Defs.U.N.agencies cat.£180 needs checking £45
740 SWISS.2 Davo One Country Albums.holding fair neat coll.,odd early 1900's to 10f range of Picts.1940-1970,various Pro.Juv.& Pro.Patria,back of book better Airs & M/Sheets many 100's check £245
741 SWISS.useful coll.held in 2 Davo One Country Albums.incl. W.Tell Se-Tenant pair.range Pro Juv. 1918-1940's,1949 Se.Tenant pairs.range Pro.Patria fairly comp.mint plus comp. range 1990's. sel.of M/Sheets.1934 Naba 1990.some loose in pkt.,few pages Societe Des Nations incl. Officials etc. needs checking £400
742 TURKEY.unchecked & possibly valuable coll.in Album.early Ottoman's crescent S/Charges through to middle Defs.& Picts.mint & used few 100's close look please £65
743 TUVALU.mass accum.in large page Stuart Album.tracing the Countries History from 1970's.Gilbert & Ellice,1st Tuvalu S/Charges then looks almost comp.range Defs./Comms.& M/Sheets up to New Kirabati issues through to 2000.S/Book Se.Tenants,Biscuit Tin unsorted in pkts. & others attractive lot 1000's good val.Lot. have a look £115
744 U.S.A.Fantastic bl.of 6 mint unmtd.15c Flag Defs.missing United states! £60
745 U.S.A.1870's 6c Lincon fancy cancels a nice group of these issues incl. MX., Letter, Diamond,coloured,cogwheel etc.over 60 stamps incl. multiples attractive lot needs to be viewed £90
746 U.S.A.general odds on Lindner pages.plus 2005 Animal,2003 Disney x 4.all Sheetlets. plus pages 1988/89. 1987 Comm.stamps fair face val. £35
747 U.S.A.attractive range in 3 large Albums.Defs.& Comms.1929 to Mod.sets & Sheetlets incl. latest 2001 9/11 Sheetlets too much to describe H/Cat. & Face close look £85
748 U.S.A.4 S/Books.with fair general range early/Mod.some dup.S/Books alone worth estimate £36
749 U.S.A.coll.in 2 well filled boxed Davo One Country Album.small range of early from 1866.looks nearly comp.1930-1991 others with later issues to 2008.good cat. Ideal to expand all used £75
750 UNITED NATIONS.in Box. attractive coll.of F.D.C.'s in 6 Albums.1970-2007. Defs.& Comms. fine range few 100's. worth checking £70
751 UNITED NATIONS.coll.in 2 vols.fine range 1951 to Mod.many with Tabs incl. some blocks of 4.both Defs. & Comms.odd M/Sheet around 1200 stamps cat.approx. £800 check £75
752 VATICAN CITY.small mint coll.on pages & hagner featuring the Pope & Views etc.mint & used few 100 £35
753 YEMEN. 1963-5 Consular Fee stamp O/Printed,mint. this looks to me like the 1965 carmine O/Print,if so it is sg.R38a cat.£2000.if not, its the orange-red sg.38 cat.£1100.? check £75
754 YEMEN.1963 Royalist O/Prints on captured Yar stamps 4b & 6b unmtd.mint I think these are sg.R28 & 30.cat.£205 £52
755 YEMEN.unchecked sel.on pages & s/cards.early to Mod.noted. Vendor states over 1000's stamps cat.£300+ mint & used £55
756 ZULULAND.ref.coll.an extensive study of the O/Prints from ½d to 5/=. a super specialized Lot needs to be viewed £400
757 Large red Plastic Box. large bundle Erstagsblatt Cards (Germany) bundle better later decimal G.B. F.Days. S/Book of Sport other odds have a look £42
758 Giant S/Book.mint range of australia Mod.odd M/Sheet Defs.& Comms.few Christmas Is.,Coco & Keeling,Norfolk Is. incl. blocks & M/Sheets all mint good cat.value £45
759 Med.Box.World incl. WWF.in Album.World of Trains,large bundle of Covers,Box on paper few Film Stars Cigarette Cards check £42
760 Med.Box.with giant S/Book.used sel.Australia & Austria Defs.& Comms.mostly middle/Mod. S/Book.mint Jersey,S/Book Mod.German Bundespost,S/Book Lundy Is. blocks few Ireland many 100's check £45
761 In Box unchecked sel.of Foreign on sheets,loose,in small P/Book,plus large bundle f loose Covers looks good range well worth checking £45
762 In small Box.bundle of P/Packs,Australia,Denmark,Chile,etc. dup Channel Is. used in S/Book. Belgium 1920 sg.308 M/Sheet & Germany East Karl Marx,Jugo.Europa wholesale,Bermuda KG.V. 10/= Fiscal £45
763 Various 24 sides grey S/Book.incl. Cuba early to 1970's,Fiscals,1952 Presentation Sheets & Guinea Bissau from 1970's mint & used plus M/Sheets 100's £25
764 Various in 2 S/Books.Australia from Roo's,Canada from QV.,Rhodesia,N.Z.sme mixed cond. needs to be viewed 1000's £45
765 Something different.Ephemera relating to the late Stanley Phillips of Stanley Gibbons incl.series of Boxes,Bronze Medal? to him,1928 London Stamp Exhib.to 1951 Rhone (9) his own personal print block.& what appears to be Wyon City Medal(no box) plus Folder of plates etc.may be under valued check please £60
766 Med.Box.as handed in general but los of it unchecked by us £50
767 Small sel.of Cols.as handed in 100's unchecked by us check £50
768 All World in Carrier Bag.various Albums,loose,few Covers etc.few 100's worth a look £40
769 File Box looks mostly Foreign single & sets mint & used on bundle of small cards.all with cat.value £35
770 Med.Box.Covers plus Maxi Cards.Bermuda,Ireland,Malawi,Swaziland,R.S.A.plus 2 albums Royals odd mix £40
771 Black Sack of G.B.Kiloware plus Bag of Foreign mass accum.heavy lot £25
772 Large Black Sack as handed in unsorted usual good value for St.Barnabas Charity £35
773 Large Black Sack.as handed in.unsorted usual good value for St.Barnabas Charity £35
774 Black Sack looks all G.B. Kiloware mass accum.noted Bag of Foreign heavy lot £25
775 Med.Box.containing 3 large Bags of World Kiloware £32
776 Shirt Box.with all World 3 small Albums few pkts.etc.check £30
777 All World in large Album.value in Foreign better Germany,Balkans,Scand.,many 100's worth sorting £40
778 Large Box.looks general World in albums/S/Books.plus Bags of material 100's £32
779 General mix in small Box.7 Albums/Folders,small Box of loose £25
780 In Carrier Bag.all World some in Album.plus accum.in pkts.& loose also on page range 1937 Coro.mint sets £38
781 Large heavy Box.with unchecked large part G.B. & Br.Cols.Kiloware in pkts.,plus large Box of G.B. F.D.C's have a look £45
782 In Carrier Bag.mixed World in 4 Albums & some loose material few 100's £35
783 In Carrier Bag.small Austria coli.,all world in S/Book.,early Foreign in S/Book,incl. Russia & German States many 100's check £45
784 World sel.on 5 s/cards 1841-2000.over 200 stamps better G.B.,Libya,Qatar,India, Nepal, Bahrain etc. mint or usedno H/Vals. cond.mixed s.t.c.£1000+ £65
785 Med.Box.with all World in 8 Albums/S/Books.plus Biscuit tin & in pkt.many 100's unchecked by us £45
786 Archive Box with all World off paper all Reigns mass accum. hours/days of fun may reward check £45
787 Small Box.with mass of world material looks all Reighs off paper as handed in.many 1000's good value £45
788 Caricatures of W.G.Grace by Harry Furniss enclosed 5 Lithographs chosen from the Portfolio of Mr.Ripley's Art work,4 unadopted plus one used for the 9d stamp check £40
789 General mixture of Foreign mostly middle period f/used 100's £35
790 Whiskey Box.with many 1000's off paper mixture.too many to count check £40
791 Med.Plastic Box containing all World in 4 Albums/S/Books.mostly general lot of Thematic's few Covers/Cards plus pkts. £40
792 Large Bag with 7 S/Books/Albums.looks mostly G.B.but some World plus Box of stamps worth a look £45

End of Sale


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