Worthing Stamps Auction

Saturday 17th May 2008
at 2.00pm

The Richmond Room, Town Hall
Chapel Road, Worthing,

West Sussex BN11 1HA


1 POSTCARDS.1908 franked British Exhib. Small coll. of 19 items written up on leaves. £25
2 POSTCARDS. Military circa W.W.I., interesting coll. 158 items,housed in boxed Album. Comprising real photos of Troops in the field, Portraits of Staff Officers, Art drawn with Aircraft, Humorous, & several sets of "Amour" - good lot worth checking. £80
3 POSTCARDS. Bulging Album with G.B.P/Cards all early 20th Century colour & sepia better types noted.Trams etc. some 300 cards. Have a look. £85
4 Old thick Album. P/Cards & Photo's Hungary/Austria large types. Around 160 items cheap. £25
5 CIGARETTE CARDS. In small Box.looks mainly Brooke Bond Trade Cards. Many 100s plus few Cig.Cards check. £35
6 POSTCARDS.sel.in 2 small boxes G.B. & Foreign looks odd interesting item about 125 Cards check £35
7 POSTCARDS.a range of Cards in Album.& loose U.K.Views,Street Scenes,Trams etc.few 100's have a look please (held in Carrier Bag.) £50
8 POSTCARDS.range looks fairly Mod.P/Cards in Box.Western Europe,U.S.A., Canada etc.100's check £25
9 BOOKS. Postal History of Leeward Is.incl. cancels & P/Stat.Robson Lowe. hardback fine Ref. have a look £25
10 BOOKS. Postage Stamps of the Cape of Good Hope.coll.Sir Maxwell Joseph Sothebys Sale fine Ref.Book £25
11 BOOKS. useful Roland Brown Plating of the Penny in 5 vols.boxed with plastic gauges.plus old set S.G. G.B.Specials vols.1-4. plus 5 Specialized Cats.for Machin issues too heavy to Post.this lot will not be taken to sale £85
12 2 small S/Books.of Europe fair general mixture middle Mod.range few 100's odd better Germany, Belgium, France check £32
13 Looks good mixture in Archive Box.noted mostly G.B.& Br.Cols.in S/Books.on s/cards & loose plus Cover worth checking £55
14 U.P.U.mint coll.housed in 3 housed in 3 Albums.with lots of imperf.,better M/Sheet errors, epreuve de duxe etc.many with low printing numbers. needs to be viewed £495
15 Small Box.some 40 Clubs.some sparce plus loose stamps on paper check £35
16 Med.Box.containing bundle of pages.range of Australia,Canada & N.Z. mostly Mod. mixture mint & used few 100 check £55
17 In Flat Box.all remainders coll.in 3 small Albums many loose stamps care when viewing please plus S/Book G.B. Sterling & Decimal Defs.& Comms. mint fair bit of face. check £35
18 Real old Glory Box.Archive size full to brim looks all World in Albums,S/Books pkts., Sheets etc. heavy lot needs checking £60
19 Mixed sel.in giant S/Book.with range of periods.from Maldives,Gambia,Disney M/Sheets, G.B.,some Greece & America mint & used nice mix. check £45
20 Mass accum.of World in 2 boxes many 1000's in 6 Worldex Albums.range of Countries A-Z. plus G.B.,plus similar range in 4 Viscount Albums.2 other Albums plus small S/Books mint & used range well worth close look £325
21 Fair range of Br.C/Wealth in 2 Med.S/Books.good sel.across the board looks mainly middle / Mod. few early in places mint & used many 100's check £60
22 Mass accum.of mostly Br.C/Wealth coll.on pages & s/cards.all in separate pkt.& would appear to be Ex.Auction Lots circa late 1980's needs to sit down with this lot should reward £425
23 2 New Imperial Album unused Retail £95
24 Heavy Schwanebergers all World Album.with early to middle period only.difficult to estimate as always looks a bit sparse so close look advised £100
25 Archive Box.as handed in.looks all World loose etc.but main val.in SG.KG.VI.One Reign Album.incl. some good sets noted worth sorting the loose material looks very good val. check £200
26 All World as handed in.contained in 5 Albums/S/Books.general range many 100's may be worth sorting in Box £60
27 S/Book.& Manilla pages.plus small Approv.Cards all Cinderella material plus Hungary coll. on pages check £32
28 Small Box.with good sel.of World mostly on s/cards & pkts. QV.-QE.II. period mint & used sets & singles.few 100's should reward Retail outlet check £265
29 Looks fine range of Br.C/Wealth in giant S/Book.QV.-QE.II.good range of Countries many 100's must be viewed. plus Malaysia Thematic Orchids heavy dup. Vendors Estimate looks very generous have a look< £80
30 Large Box.with many remainders coll.incl.old Imperial.giant Schaubek.S/Book G.B. QV.- Kings heavy dup.in places,coll.of U.S.A.in Album on sheet plus many others heavy lot needs sorting £100
31 KG.VI. St.Helena set to 10/= mint 1943 E.A.F.to 1/=, M.E.F.to 10/=, & M.E.F. P/Dues. all mint £60
32 BR.C/WEALTH in Album.held on some 120 s/cards many Countries & periods noted. check £65
33 Fine coll.of all World in slightly battered Improved Album.all early/middle period with val. in patches of mint sets Austria,Hungary,Italy,Liechtenstein,Lux.,Portugal,Rumania,Spain, Swiss.,Br.Cols.mint & used many 100's must be viewed carefully as many loose stamps please £595
34 Worldwide.a good original coll.housed in an old fashion International Postage Stamp Album. mint & used lots of good Br.C/Wealth,incl. Australia & Canada and many other Countries needs to be viewed H/Cat.Lot have a look £990
35 Shirt Box.& S/Book.with large accum.of Br.C/Wealth mostly early to Kings some dup.better in places have a look £65
36 BR.C/WEALTH on some 23 s/cards mostly KG.V.& KG.VI.few QE.II.mint & used better odds s.t.c.£750+ worth sorting held in Dior Perfume Box £65
37 Omnibus issues of the 1845 Victory stamps & 1953 Coro.all mint not comp £32
38 New Ideal with Br.Empire Album.general range across the board A-Z.mint & used stronger Australia,Canada,Cape,odd G.B.,India,N.Z.,& Africa good lot to expand check £150
39 Useful range of KG.VI.mint in 2 S/Books. incl.many sets.perf.varieties,S/Wedd.,short sets plus bl.of 4 & larger.needs to be viewed with care H/Cat.check £125
40 All World in Box.remainder coll.in SG.KG.VI.One Reign Album mint & used few KG.V.in Ideal Album.3 albums mixed World many 100's have a look £90
41 Archive Box.fine unsorted range of Foreign stamps on bundle of old pages.plus several pkts. of material looks all early/middle period noted decent S/America,Austria & Italy but needs close look £295
42 Med.Box.unchecked sel.of Br.Cols.,G.B. & Channel Is.in pkts.L/House mint Albums etc. worth checking £65
43 Br.C/WEALTH.in grn. Album.covering Countries C-G. QV.-QE.II.mint & used incl. Cyprus, Egypt,Falk.Is.,Fiji,Gambia,Gilbert,G.Coast,Ghana,Grenads few 100 check £65
44 Bulky coll.in Album.QV.-QE.II.Canada,Malaya States,S/A.,good range mint & used with some dup.worth checking Canada & Malaya odd better seen few 100 £140
45 Fine bundle of Br.C/Wealth on some 63 s/cards mostly QV.-KG.V.sets & singles mint & used s.t.c.£3500+ fine Retail Stock check £425
46 Red Paragon Album. India & States.range of early imperf.E.India small heads various Kings plus later looks decent range of Convention & Feud.States mint & used worth checking few 100 have a look £65
47 In Box.3 S/Books.range of Australia KG.V.-QE.II.dup.in places.S/Book Br.Cols. few Foreign most Reigns,small S/Book mixed plus small Box.Covers have a look £55
48 Large Plastic Container with all World large Shoebox.1000's World looks good range & periods,all World in well filled Album.plus empty Ring Album heavy Lot check £55
49 EUROPE.various better many Air vals.all used fair to good.Spain 1946 Morato x 4,1947 Falla x 4,Sorolia x 2,Franco,4PTS.x 4,1936 Press Air top vals.x 3,Vatican 1953 Basillica Air 500L, 1,000L blue x 5,1948 Air 250L black x 6,cat.£546 have a look £90
50 Olympic's, U.S.A.superb 2 vol.coll.1980 Winter * 1984 Summer Olympic's with  Covers, Cards, Ceremonial programes & ephemera with tickets,labels,badges, stickers, etc. about 200 items in fine cond.throughout check £85
51 In Carrier Bag.all World in 1907 German album.scattered with early range plus battered old Album.French & other coll.few C/Wealth needs sorting have a look £70
52 Blue S/Book.with good range of Foreign covering Countries A-H.noted sets,singles, M/Sheets mint & used mostly early/middle period s.t.c.£1500+ have a look £75
53 General World sel.in International Album.odd better in places plus small S/Book.few G.B. other odds £65
54 Large Box.containing large Shoebox with 1000's all World good range of Countries & periods.couple folders,S/Book & G.B. & others plus 2 New Albums.heavy lot £55
55 Useful range of Br.Empire in 2 boxed Imp.Albums.covering Countries A-Z.mint & used.better G.B.,Australia Roo's incl. 10/= range early C/Wealth material,good lot India & States, H.K., Saints etc.many 100's as always too much to list so close look advised £1250
56 C/WEALTH.Ascension & Antigua 16 sides red S/Book.well filled early to Mod. mint & used some dups. few 100's Comms.sets ideal for Approvals check £125
57 Battered old Weston Album.better cond.contents covering Br.C/Wealth Countries P-Z. QV.-QE.II.mint & used many better areas incl. Saints,Sierra Leone,Africa,Trin.& Tob., Zanz. few QV. Zululand many 100's must check £195
58 Flat Box.containing Br.Cols. stamps on pages.needs sorting Africa Asia etc.few 100 £35
59 Dealers Stock.priced up in Med.red S/Book all Br.C/Wealth QV.-QE.II. mostly used range from few pence to £1's priced to sell @ £500 but out of date £64
60 3 small button S/Book attractive mint QE.II.Br.C/Wealth range mostly Picts.few 100.looks cheap £35
61 Med.heavy Box.all World in some 8 S/Books.plus various on s/cards looks fair range some dup.have a look £65
62 FOOTBALL,FOOTBALL,FOOTBALL! a fantastic coll.housed in 2 large vols.,focusing on the World cup finals in 1978 & 1982 virtually everything A-Z.with some not listed in cat. 1000's spent on this,many low printing numbers,errors etc. needs checking £250
63 Sel.of Foreign in Archive Box.in S/Books. large to small unchecked but appear early to Mod. Czech.,Rumania,Swiss.,Portugal,Turkey,Fiume,Monaco,Liech.,Lux.,& Estonia 10 S/Books many 100's worth checking @ £10 an Album £100
64 Med.Box. G.B.& World remainders coll.in several Albums plus loose,s/cards & Covers well worth sorting £65
65 Flat Box.mass accum.of Br.C/Wealth mostly in pkts.noted few Covers & Booklets good range of Countries must be 1000's have a look. £55
66 Battered & repaired Triumph Album.remainder coll.A-S.general but mostly KG.VI. used incl. G.B. S/Wedd.£1 odd mint gap fillers. £55
67 Olympic Games.well presented coll.in blue SG.better circa 1936/1988. 25 Covers,cards,& over 100 stamps & m/sheets in which we note 1936 Hindenburg Olympic Flight, Austria 1936 Olympic Fund special card.,G.B.1948 F.D.C.with Wembley slogan & many others super lot to expand have a look. £125
68 Sort of Box lot you only find in a true Auction.all World Loft Job must be 1000's in Env. unchecked could be anything plenty of dust. has'nt seen the light of day for some time good hunting. £195
69 Coll.in blue Album.Countries B-C. QV.to QE.II. mint & used sets & singles fair lot of early, Brunei,Burma,Capes,Ceylon,Cook Is. & others few 100 check. £95
70 Various in 7 Albums/S/Books.Worldwide.Australia post 1994 & AAT.,I.O.M.Covers, Jersey 1970's P/Packs,G.B.mint & used F.D.C's, H.K. QE.II. mint & used check. £155
71 New Ideal Album.Br.Empire mint & used range A-Z. QV.-KG.V.sparce in places lack top vals.but better medium noted.ideal to expand or use as fillers.probably few 100's check. £250
72 5 small SG.S/Books.Albania,Andorra,Danzig,Latvia & Lithuania.have'nt taken the rubber off.check probably cheap. £35
73 Very heavy Schaubek 1914 Album A-Z.range of Countries well filled in places only early to Middle period mint & used many 100's.worth checking. £195
74 Flat box unchecked worldwide range of foreign on pages. Few 100s. £35
75 C/WEALTH. Falklands to Virgins in black Minkus sparce but good starter lot check. £65
76 1949 U.P.U.Onmibus issues on hagner.good but not comp.range A-Z.over 55 sets mint incl. unmtd. H/Cat.lot Ideal for KG.VI. One Reign.have a look. £55
77 Various in brn.Box.incl. Belgium incl. B.O.B.,Swiss. F.D.C's,4 German Albums & Binders. unmtd.mint.Defs. & Charities,Saar,Danzig,E.Germany.in 6 Albums & Binders. £90
78 Med.Box.with all world as handed in.remainder coll.in several Albums.value looks to be in 2 of them,plus boxes & bags have a look £50
79 Forgeries Reprints on 12 side s/card.Papal States,Mexico Hidalgo,Eagles, Italia States mixed cond. needs checking £155
80 Ex.Dealers dup.range in 2 S/Books.QV.-Kings Tangier,Br.Levant,Mr.Agencies etc. mint & used 100's have a look £75
81 2 large New Ideal Albums with Foreign Countries A-Z. 1840-1936 impossible to describe in detail but seems most Countries have good range of material mint & used one of those lots you need to view.many 1000's Don't Miss. £1250
82 Large Plastic container with mass accum.of G.B. Defs.& Foreign loose,& tied up in bundles heavy lot £45
83 Heavy lot in Med.Box.all World mostly early & pre.1927. general mix in old Schaubek. another large Schaubek.plus New Ideal Album range A-Z.better in places well worth checking £50
84 C/WEALTH.in red Minkus Album.Br.Europe & Australia Area with G.B.from 1840 1d, Victoria perfs. H/Vals.ED.VII.to 10/=,various S/Horses,KG.VI. square vals.,QE.II. 1st set of Castles, Ireland,Australia Group,Fiji KG.V. 5/=, cond. bit mixed.100's check £205
85 Shoebox of Br.Cols. stamps in pkts.noted Canada,W.Indies,Africa,Malaya's, H.K. etc. must be 1000's £35
86 Fine coll.of Cinderellas in Med.S/Book mint & used range 1890's to mid.1900's over 500 items, large & small Postal stamps,Labels,Charity,Revenues & Fiscals.attractive lot check £75
87 General mixture of World on pages & hagner sheet plus Covers some in Album heavy lot £55
88 BR.C/WEALTH.coll.in 6 Albums.Countries A-Z.stronger in places with QV.-QE.II. mint & used not easy to describe but you would need to view anyway.looks some nice pieces. close look please £215
89 World sel.in Med.Box.old large Schaubek Album.early/middle range mint & used,3 S/Books.plus loose worth sorting 100's check £50
90 Med.Box.with range of World in some 6 Album/S/Books.plus Shoebox some Covers. untidy Lot needs sorting (Heavy) £50
91 BR.C/WEALTH.coll.in Sent.Std.Album.covering Countries A-B. QV.-QE.II. mint & u. noted Abuhabi,Antigua,Ascen.,Bahamas,Barbados,Bech.,Bermuda,Br.G.,Br.Hond.(dup QV.) others few 100 check £80
92 3 large Albums.containing range of G.B. PHQ.Cards Post.Musium & others few 100. Albums worth est. heavy lot. check £35
93 KG.VI. coll.housed in 3 New Age One Reign albums.across the board covering A-Z.sets & part sets mint & used would be better one or the other.so needs sorting few 100's looks good val. check £80
94 Plastic Box.of World incl. Shoebox, N.Z.on  cards.Biscuit Tin full of pkts. World,Tin of G.B. 1d lilac's. S/Book Mod.Thematic's 100's £50
95 EMPIRE & C/WEALTH.on 3 s/cards.mainly mint.New Heb.incl. P/Dues., H.K.,Mor.Agencies., Ascen.,QE.II.Views 5/= & 10/=,Bird set to £1,Malayan Straits 1949 U.P.U. sets x 12, various 1942 Aden etc. 100's cat.£1,153 check £185
96 Looks good lot of World in Med.Box.with series of S/Books early Mod.better in places incl. G.B. plus various in pkts. etc.needs close look £80
97 Looks useful mixture Br. C/Wealth & Foreign on over 50 approv.cards.mostly QV.-middle period mint & used better singles etc.worth checking £225
98 Med.Box.all World in small Box.of Approv. cards,tin of loose World Album with Korea bundle of pages. check £50
99 Interesting sel.of old Ex.Auctions Lots on small cards with original prices in Cigar Box. mostly QV.-KG.V.better mint noted to varied to describe but close look advised £95
100 Bulging coll.in Sent.std.Album.all Br.C/Wealth Countries M-P.better noted Malta, Mauritius, Africa,Nr.Borneo,Pakistan etc. mint & used. Defs.& Comms. few 100 £240
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