Worthing Stamps Auction

Saturday 26th July 2008
at 2.00pm

The Richmond Room, Town Hall
Chapel Road, Worthing,

West Sussex BN11 1HA


1 POSTCARDS. 2 small Boxes P/Cards about 135 Foreign some postally used same Vendor as  May Sale.same result?? £40
2 CIGARETTE CARDS. In large Box.unchecked lot in large Album,2 rusty Tins & large glass framed Wills Film Stars have a look £80
3 POSTCARDS. In red Album with 102 Mod.Cards.many with special or F.D.of issue cancels. emphasis is on the Royal Mail with Post Boxes,sorting carriages etc.lovely lot,looks good val.at Vendors est. £35
4 POSTCARDS. 8 real photo's of Aircraft wrecks circa W.W.I.,one graphically showing dead Pilot in the wreckage of his plane.2 used with Feldpost cancels.unusual & scarce £30
5 POSTCARDS. 8 real photo's of Charabang outings circa early 20th Century nice little coll. have a look £30
6 POSTCARDS. 12 Cards all with Christmas Day p/mks.,circa early 20th Century £30
7 POSTCARDS. 12 Cards from First World War with fine range of F.P.O.'s & Censors nice lot £30
8 POSTCARD. Airship reproducrion cards depicting Famous Aviators Santos Dumont & his various Flying machines.lovely clean lot in pristine cond. £35
9 CIGARETTE CARDS. Attractive coll.of German Cards constantin fresh looking copies stuck down.as usual in 2 Albums Stage & Screen total 56 pages 8 cards of each.plus tin box Trade & other cards.must check £75
10 POSTCARD. Calling all P/Card Buffs. have a look at this lot please may be some decent finds 100's check £65
11 POSTCARDS. Various African P/Cards mint & used 32 cards. £22
12 POSTCARDS. In pkt.4 P/Cards all used in Swiss.1912 La Chaux De Fonds Aviation with star Pilot Cobions £20
13 POSTCARDS. In Med.Box.few 100 cards mostly Mod.but some early in places. have a look £25
14 POSTCARDS. 26 stamp on stamp.attractive group in nice cond.over 50 P/Cards of this theme some used with Countries such as G.B.(ever seen a £5 ED.VII.?), H.K. ED.VII. $10, Swiss. Cantons, Sth.America,good German States,Netherlands etc. nice lot check £250
15 POSTCARDS. The Kawin & Co.Chicago comp.set No.1-50.depicting various scences from the North Pole in black & white mint in old tin sweet box. £95
16 BOOKS. G.B.SG.QE.II.Decimal Defs.vols.4 & 5 looks New £35
17 BOOKS.incl.from probate curiosities of G.B.black & white prints in Folder over 60 items some tone spots in places £50
18 BOOKS. Boxed Bound Book.The Royal Phil.coll.by Sir John Wilson text only most plates removed £45
19 No Philatelic.1944/45 "Evidence in Camera"issued by Air Ministry restricted(for Official use only) photo's of War Target damage No.1-12 with some spares 21 in total check £45
20 Plastic crate with all Foreign housed in 12 Albums.looks range of Countries A-Z. early/Mod. mint & used many 100's better in places needs close look heavy lot to Post but cheap £75
21 Battered old Senf.Album.odd better noted incl.France half decent 5f Nap.used.Italy States & German States., few early Scand.,India,Japan,host of others all early cond.mixed.funny lot just as you are about to give,you hit a batch of better.needs time to view £245
22 Large heavy Box.with some dozen Albums/S/Books.all World mostly general probably 1000's worth checking £65
23 Med.Box.unusual lot housed in some 23 small memo Books as handed in.had a look at a few looks general Worlds mint & used.but needs closer inspection £42
24 In Med.Box.giant S/Book.general range of all World all Reigns many 100's.bundle of G.B. P/Packs decent bit of face plus few F.D.C.plus Channel Is. other odds £42
25 Med.Box.well filled with Foreign Kilo.better than average good middle period noted small quantity check £45
26 Med.S/Book.mainly Cinderella material G.B.,Balkans,B.W.I.,R.Cross etc.early types few 100's looks good lot check £135
27 Small Box.Album few Sterling Covers,S/Book G.B.& Br.Cols.,G.B.& C/Wealth in album mixed in 4th Album mostly general few 100's check £45
28 Large Box.all World in 2 small Boxes OxO Tins & Leather cover case circa 1930/40's on/of paper better items in Folder & P/Book.plus Box Covers other pkts. on/off paper has'nt seen the light of day for many years must check £95
29 Archive Box.3 Shoeboxes.plus plastic Tub.Foreign in pkts.& Env.mass accum.needs checking £65
30 Large accum.of Foreign in giant S/Book.good range of Monaco incl. Covers,Fr.Cols. earlies to middle range couple early Covers many 100's check £65
31 2 Shoesboxes one contains range of pkts.unchecked looks all World,2nd Box Env.with G.B. Sterling mint Comms.issues.plus bundle of various Covers £45
32 BR.C/WEALTH.in sg.S/Book.Nr.Borneo,Labuan,Palestine,Sarawak,Brunei, & Aden early to Mod. worth sorting £45
33 C/WEALTH.in grn.Binder.1953-78 Australian Antarctic,Bahamas,Bangladesesh, Barbados. mtd.mint near comp.with Defs.(some to top vals.)wmk.changes.most Comms.& Omnibuses needs to be viewed £135
34 Another intriguing Box.of World early to middle period loose on pages odd Cover totally unsorted 1000's ex.Marsh Stock.could be anything Good Hunting £95
35 Small Box G.B. 2 small Album.QE.II.Sterling 1953-1970's mostly odds with some varieties, 2nd Album p/mks.etc.small Book early World.few QV.P/Stat.Germany p/mks. odd letter Tax marks  check £45
36 Fair lot in large Album.Belgium imperfs.to 1970's,Finland early "Teeth" to 1960's, Greece imperf.Hermes to 1970's Iceland embossed to 1960's mint & used 100's good value. £75
37 Med.Box.World general mixture in 9 Albums/S/Books.mostly remainder coll. early/Mod.many 100's needs sorting check watch out for loose material £60
38 EUROPE.better items 5 on small s/cards mint.(couple missing perfs.) Australia 5 vals., 1950 Birds,Belgium 1884 1fr sg.76.,France 1917 Orphans 25c + 15,1fr on 5fr.Germany 1951 St.Mary Church,Greece 1951 Reconstruction cat.£1,374 (16) £225
39 Sel. of Basuto.,Bech.& Swaziland.8 items of P/History ED.VII.to KG.V.,all Specimen all diff.attractive items check £45
40 BR.C/WEALTH coll.in 6 vols.in ring Album.range A-Z.general sel.early/Mod.mint & used sets but mostly part sets. many 100's have a look £85
41 BR.C/WEALTH in 32 double page giant S/Book.range A-Z. sets & part sets KG.VI., QE.II. looks to be all mint incl. some blocks odd early in places over 1600 stamps but lack top val.in early issue check £135
42 Mixed sel.of Br.C/Wealth in Med.grn.S/Book odd QV.'s,Kings to QE.II. Defs. & Comms. sets, singles & odds all used should find useful fillers check £145
43 All World in old approv.Books value in italy,Germany,Austria,Scand.plus paquebot cancels must check £95
44 World Europa stamps in large special Lidner Album mint & used plus 2 small S/Books. incl. Covers mass of material looks good value check £95
45 Fine coll.of all World in slightly battered Improved Album all early/middle period noted value in platches of mint set Austria,Hungary,Italy,Liechtenstein,Lux.,Portugal,Rumania, Spain, Swiss.,Br.Cols.mint & used many 100's muct be viewed care when viewing please as some stamps loose. have a look £525
46 General World sel.in International Album odd better in places plus small S/Book.few G.B. other odds check £48
47 Med.Box.unchecked by us Albums/S/books.,s/cards mass of loose Covers, looks G.B. & C/Wealth worth sorting £65
48 Archive Box.with 7 Albums of all World early/Mod.pkt. S.W.A.on large pages KG.V.-1970 odd Cover other bits & pieces have a look £95
49 Small Box.with giant S/Book.incl. Malta,Canada,Africa,St.Helena mint & used noted better QE.II Defs.mint few 100's some unused hawid mounts. £55
50 Useful looking lot in large Box.noted S/Book Australia & States,H.K. QV.-QE.II. many better vals.,S/Book India,S/book Br.Cols.,sel.on hagner sheet plus mass unchecked G.B. Covers close look advised £225
51 MIDDLE EAST.various better sets on 8 small s/cards.all mint incl.some unmtd. Lebanon 1944 Indep. '46 Air, '47 Cursader Castle,Syria '45 Army Fund, '49 U.P.U. x 4, Gaza '57 Re.Occ. x 12,Saudi Arabia '77 Kaled x 4. cat.£709 needs checking £145
52 Med.Box.with album,bundle of pages,large & small s/cards,plastic Box,loose, odd Covers large part Germany well worth sorting £75
53 WORLDWIDE.an interesting range of material.much housed in old Manilla Env.with some Classic material incl. Natal Chalon O/Prints,early Lagos,good St.Helena etc. also a little Europe as bought on new issue service 1950's messy lot needs to be viewed check £320
54 In Box. 4 albums of Br.Cols. QV.-QE.II.good range of sets & odds incl. 2 albums all mint useful fillers plus Folder of Foreign & Box.of Foreign off paper have a look £80
55 BR.C/WEALTH.in Med.blue S/Book.noted QV.-QE.II. part sets odds,better singles mint & used few 100 needs close look £80
56 Archive Box.looks all Br.C/Wealth housed in 8 S/Books.good range of Countries Qv.-QE.II. mint & used sets & singles unchecked by us.few 1000'slooks good val.have a look £75
57 BR.C/WEALTH.in Med.S/Book.good general range QV.-QE.II. B.W.I.,Africa, H.K. etc. mint & used odd better in places few 100's have a look £65
58 Small Box.with Med.Album couple small S/Books on/off paper in pkts. few Covers  check £48
59 C/WEALTH.in grn.Binder 1953-78 Gilbert & Ellice,Grenada mtd.mint sel. near comp. with Defs.(some missing top val.)but extra shades & wmk.varieties plus wide range of comms. & Omnibuses cat.£615 needs checking £100
60 Fine Lot of KG.VI.in  Netto S/Book.good range across the Board many sets vals.to £1 odd block & Omnibus issues all mint few 100's close look advised £115
61 1937 Coro.& 1940 Victory in special Album mostly mint odd used plus KG.VI. Jamaica on  s/card dup.range vals.to £1 used £48
62 Fair range in Med.S/Book.Gilbert & ellice 1911-1975 incl. KG.VI.set 1948 S/Wedd.. later QE.II. Defs. & Comms.Fiji 1874-1970 few early types, 1935 S.Jub. few KG.VI.,QE.II.to £1 plus range of Comms. H/Cat.check £75
63 Med.Box.with large bundle of leaves probably old Imperial pages one part of Foreign with better strong Turkey section untouched looks some decent stamps also bundle of World on pages plus plastic Folder close look needed £75
64 Large Heavy Box.mass of World material in Albums, on/off paper in biscuit tin,odd s/cards, bundle of Covers & P/Cards worth sorting £65
65 WORLDWIDE.a crusty dusty holding housed in various Albums,some Homemade, as well as old battered S/Books.,glassines,P/History,needs to be viewed unchecked by us. £600
66 Large black page S/Book.World M/Sheets & Sheetlets attractive Thematic's incl. Space 50 items have a look £48
67 H/CAT.Lot on some 28 s/cards all Br.C/Wealth KG.V.-QE.II. sets & singles better KG.VI.-G.B. O/Prints odd S/Wedd.,Aust.S.Jub. Sarawak to £5. mostly mint items odd used H/Cat. good retail needs to be viewed £230
68 Med.S/Book.fine range of all World Cinderella & Forgery material over 300 items check £145
69 On pages sel.of small One country Lots,Maldive Is.,Malta,Montserrat, Nauru, New Guinea, Nrth.Borneo,Nr.Rhod.,Palestine.general range mint & used sets & singles worth sorting £145
70 Good range of Br.C/Wealth in Med.S/Book.QV.-QE.II. better vals.noted must be checked £75
71 Various in small red S/Book.Guern.,Jersey,I.O.M. 15 sets & part sets to £1 plus 31 1981 R.Wedd.Sheetlets unmtd.mintJersey '74-84 dup.mint & used stock H/Face cat.£253 check £75
72 Med.Box.with mass accum.incl. dups.all World middle to Mod.many 1000's should reward if you have the time £65
73 KG.VI. in expensive Box Album.Goddens.remainder coll. A-G. mostly odds & ends odd H/Vals.in places.value in nice range with 2/6 shades blue 4 mint plus 2 used, 2/6 red 2 mint,4 used, plus 5/= used,& £1 used blunt corner may fill few gaps have a look £120
74 G.B.Locals in grn.S/Book mint & used sel.some dup.noted Bardsey.Darniar in sets. Guern.-Alderney.Guern.Sark Shipping Co.Herm Is.with 1949 set,1961 Europa, good sel. Lundy Is. incl. Shakespeare 1967 Save the Sea Birds etc. few 100 check £65
75 1937 Coro.Omnibus issue looks comp.mint.few 1946 Victory issue,plus 1953 Coro.also looks comp.all mint check £50
76 On pages.New Brunswick vals.to 17c,sel.of Newfoundland imperf.to KG.VI. mint & used, sets & part sets usual early mixed cond.Nova Scotia imperf.& QV. needs checking £85
77 In Box.coll.in 4 Albums Austria 1860-2000+ few Military Post & Bosnia, 2nd album Europa, various Foreign issues. Egypt 1872-1900 mint & used,Lux.1859-1900 Defs. & Comms. mint & used needs to be viewed £75
78 SG.Ideal Foreign Albums.vol.1 & 2.to 1914 always looks sparce.but better in places one you need to view £150
79 BR.C/WEALTH.in Chinese S/Book. mainly early to Mod.sets & odds mint & used (No G.B.) around 1500 stamps £50
80 Blue S/Book.with good range of Foreign covering Countries A-H.noted sets, singles, M/Sheets mint & used mostly early/middle period s.t.c.£1500+ have a look £65
81 Fair Lot of Br.C/Wealth in 2 giant S/Books.good range Australia & States,Tonga, India & States,H.K.,Malaya States etc. early/Mod.mint & used 100's have a look £65
82 In Cigar Box.some 43 approv.cards all with Br.C/Wealth QV.-QE.II.sets & single items all priced & identified with cat.val.of some £2800 Ideal Retail have a look £360
83 C/WEALTH.in grn.Binder.incl. 1953-78 Dominiaca,Fiji,Gambia,Gibraltar, mtd.mint comp.with Defs.mainly short of top vals.but incl. various shades & wmk.changes plus wide range of comms.& Omnibuses cat.£919 £155
84 Large Heavy Box.as handed in.looks all World in 8 Albums/S/Books.Cover Album plus bundle of pages.must be checked £95
85 Archive Box.with all World & G.B. unchecked by us,housed in some 15 Albums/S/Books mostly well filled probably 1000's check £75
86 Large Box.with all World Kilo.on paper good mix.incl.multiples, weighs nearly 5 kilo's with Box. £50
87 Dup.range of Mod.C/Wealth in Manilla page S/Book.incl. B.W.I.mostly mint £50
88 Early European in 2 Med.Albums range 1870-1940 good general range across the board few 100's check £52
89 Open Top Box.with all World pages early to middle period looks good value 100's check £55
90 Useful range of Br.C/Wealth QV.-KG.V.in Med.S/Book. A-S.sel.all mint noted vals.to 10/= & 10r. H/Cat. Lot few 100's must be viewed £160
91 Slightly battered old New Age Album fair range of Countries A-Z.QV.-KG.VI.mint & used better noted Somaliland KG.VI. 5r,KG.V.2r,Canada,Cape Triangles,Newfoundland,N.Z.India & host of others needs checking £200
92 1949 U.P.U.Omnibus issues in Ring Album.on pages most here mint.however slightly stuck on hinges.please do not try to lift.I have checked with care all will lift.plus range uneffected used not so comp. but H/Cat. check £75
93 Large Shoebox with mass of Foreign off paper early/middle range Vendor states some 7300 stamps no dup. non-returnable if 2 short needs to be viewed £65
94 Archive Box.looks mainly Foreign with few Br.C/Wealth & G.B. stamps on cards few Covers needs to be viewed £95
95 WORLDWIDE.mixed lot housed in 7 Boxes strong in Central Europe,especially Germany & Austria Retail potential etc.majority in comp.sets,much housed in expensive Albums. needs to be viewed H/Cat.val.have a look £950
96 Unchecked remainder material in large heavy Box.bundle of pages odd Album & S/Book. worth sorting(I think!)</ £65
97 Med.Box.of Br.C/Wealth in pkts. & loose QV.to about 1980 good sel.mint & used Defs. & Comms.incl. sets to top val.some sheets odd F.D.C. check £55
98 World sel.in Med.Box.old large Schaubek album early/middle range mint & used, 3 S/Books. plus loose also G.B. England Winners sheet of 2,1975 Sailing 12p full sheet,1974 Xmas sg.96b sheet of 50 centre band £55
99 EUROPE.26 sides S/Book.with  small dup.mainly mint.France 1960,Poland '80's Thematic, Russia '40's,W.Germany '80-90's used.French Ant.in large blocks of full sheets. Algeria '60s,Rumantia '40's .clean lot cat.£2,045 needs checking £200
100 Useful lot of Br.C/Wealth & Foreign on some 28 s/cards.QV.-QE.II.better KG.VI.Nyas.to £1 mint,St.Helena 1d & 3d used,KG,.V. ½-8d used.few S/Jub.plus singles good cat. Foreign needs to be checked £235
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