Worthing Stamps Auction

Saturday 26th July 2008
at 2.00pm

The Richmond Room, Town Hall
Chapel Road, Worthing,

West Sussex BN11 1HA


101 Useful Br.C/Wealth accum.in 2 Hagner Binders early material noted Australia & States, Nyasaland Arms 2/6,3/=,& 5/= used better mint KG.VI.sets for Basuto.,Bech. H/Vals., dominica,Sarawak etc.QE.II.incl. Br.Ant.Arc.to both £1's mint & host more Vendor states some 75 Hagner pages.check £175
102 Various better items on 7 small s/cards.mint & unmtd.mint incl. Liechtenstein 1955 Princes, '21 Views 5 vals.to 1f,Vietman Nth.'55 Land Reform,Nepal '56 Coro.,Guadeloupe 1884 P/dus.20c,W.Germany '55 Relief,Berlin '50,Philharmonic cat.£918 (24) needs to be viewed £175
103 Br.C/WEALTH.housed in 2 giant & one Med.S/Book.fair range QV.-QE.II.probably more of the later sets,part sets,& odds.mint & used probably 1000's one of those lots may suit your needs.so have a look £90
104 Fancy a good rummage! and im talking philatelic here,a large Box housing 2 large Albums plus bundle of pages,several pkts.Leave this one to you £65
105 Large Box.containing a One country coll.incl. G.B.in 3 Albums,Vatican,Channel Is., Greece, Germany, U.S.A.,Swiss,Spain & Italy mostly general many 100's have a look £65
106 Mixed World in Box.7 Albums/S/Books.Med.S/Book of dup.World,album of Swiss. Covers, one of Jersey P/Packs,one of I.O.Regionals & Defs.Covers,fair lot H.K.& couple Albums with bit of German have a look £65
107 Archive Box.with all World in 11 Albums/S/Books.good general mixture early/Mod.mint & used many 1000's so needs sorting £55
108 Large Heavy Box.with mainly Europe & rest of the World in 10 large Albums/S/Books.noted Germany 1936 Olympic Games M/Sheet.some loose pages & cards.heavy lot to Post needs checking £170
109 Biscuit Tin.of Foreign range on old Approv.Cards.sets & singles mostly mint Vendor states cat.val.£1750 so worth close look please £125
110 Giant S/Book.of World accum.all periods noted heavy dup.in places but looks fair lot have a look £55
111 Archive Box.fine unsorted range of Foreign stamps on bundle of pld pages.plus several pkts.of material looks all early'middle period noted decent S/America,Austria,Italy but needs close look £245
112 Various in black multi.ring Binder.near comp.1953 Coro.,Omnibus,Portugal Madeira, Azores, Br.Ant.Explorerers to £1,Falk.Is.1983 to £2,Ships to £3.Comms. Views to £3 plus £1 x 2 check £95
113 All World in 2 bulging giant S/Books.plus one med. S/Book good range of Countries & Reigns must be 1000's worth checking £90
114 Heavy Archive Box.with 15 small S/Books.N.Z.One Country,3 large Hagner Binders Br.Cols.,remainder all World probably 1000's have a look £65
115 Omnibus issue in 2 vols.1948 S/Wedd.only odd H/Vals.mint some stuck on hinges plus 1946 Victory part Omnibus mint & used ditto 1953 Coro.check £65
116 Small Box.full of World loose early to middle period unsorted 1000's have a look £55
117 In Carrier Bag.all World in 1907 German Album.scattered with early range plus battered old Album.French & other Coll.few C/Wealth needs sorting £55
118 Large Heavy Box.of Europe & World in some 10 large Albums/S/Books.one of those lots you need to view mass of material heavy lot to Post.worth sorting £170
119 BR.C/WEALTH.coll.in 6 Albums Countries A-Z.stronger in places with QV.-QE.II.mint & used not easy to describe but you would need to view anyway.looks some nice pieces close look please £175
120 Large Box.all World unchecked by us.odd Albums,on cards & Covers seen close check please. £95
121 KG.VI.in SG.One Reign Album.good range A-Z.mint & used although strong in places comp.G.B.(ex.Dues.),Australia,Basu.& Bech.,Brunei,Gib.,G.Coast,Malta, M.Agencies, K.U.T. etc.fair lot S/Wedd.all mint Vendor states cat.val. £8,000+ have a look £1250
122 Another lot Ex.Marsh Stock.this time in old Approv.Book.Foreign & Br.Comm. noted 1d black usual grim but must check £55
123 3 New Barclay Albums.sg. G.B. New One country Album,Med.black page S/Book.few Prinz mts.plus decent N.Z.coll.in Album.early to Mod. H/Cat.plus Canada general coll.in Album £85
124 Archive Box.looks all World in many Albums,on pages.plenty of early/middle period noted plus G.B. good lot to sort have a look £85
125 C/WEALTH in red Binder.1953-78.Cyprus incl. Turkish Cook Is.group,Dominica mtd.mint comp. with Defs.sets comp.or missing top vals.plus extra shades & wmk.changes, wide range of Comms. & Omnibuses cat.£1,054 needs checking £175
126 C/WEALTH.various mint & used on 10 small s/cards incl. Br.Hond.1872 1d to 1/= no gum(£985),S.Af.1927 10/= Table Bay pair,Singapore 1955 set to $5. N.Z.'53 set in pairs, S.Africa '63 unmtd.mint bl.of 4 etc. mint & used couple small faults. cat.£1,912 check £265
127 Med.Box.looks all World in some 8 Albums/S/Books.plus small Box.few approv.cards & others.needs to be checked as handed in £95
128 Cinderella material in Med.S/Book.large part Poster stamps & Exh.Labels few 100 check £55
129 Fine Br. C/Wealth mixture in Med.Box.all early/Kings material unsorted ex.Marsh Stock.mass cat.val. should be finds have a look £185
130 FORGERIES.Papal States 1852 1 saudo pink sg.29 unused sheet of 36 As Is. cat.£3,000 each reserve at £5 each should cat.£108,000 (36) needs to be viewed £185
131 Sel.of Br.C/Wealth on some 28 Approv.Cards sets & singles mostly mint KG.VI. & QE.II.odd early s.t.c. £1950+ useful Retail £185
132 Archive Box.nearly half full looks largely Br.Comms. off paper early to Mod.seen many 1000's if you got the time Ideal for you. check £65
133 Med.Box.of World in some 6 albums/S/books.World in S/Book some heavy dup., expensive boxed Plymouth album with Mod.Australia,G.B.in Album,Germany, plus Belgium,Hingeless Album worth checking £55
134 Med.Heavy Tin Box.all Foreign on bundle of pages,s/cards & loose early to middle mint & used plus 3 Med. S/books & 3 small P/Books. probably a surprise lot so better check £55
135 C/WEALTH.QE.II. sel.on s/card.incl. Papua & N.G.,1966 Butterflies $1 & $2. '60 P/dues., Pitcairn range of Omnibus Quatar to 10r,Rhod. '54 to 10/=,Kariba Dam, Rhod.to £1 & dual currency,St.Helena,Tristan Da Cunha '63 Settlements cat.£353 check £66
136 Attractive coll.of Covers & stamps in 3 special Royal Family albums.incl. 40th Anniv. Queen Eliz.,85th Birthday Q.Mother in 2 vols. fine range few Specimens have a look £95
137 Br.C/WEALTH.a nice range of material incl. Seychelles mint 1r grn. KG.VI. sg.146. Br. Guiana to $2 & various items bought over the years also Zanz.sg.238, Mauritius sg.87 17c of 4d rose mint cat.£160,N.Nigeria 10/= ED.VII.  etc needs to be viewed £125
138 Well filled New Ideal album.good range of countries A-Z.noted good lot H.K.,India & States. better Malaya too much to describe one of those you need to view H.Cat. value. £2600
139 Various better mint & used on 9 small s/cards.Ideal for Approvals incl.Berlin 1948 O/Print in black, '49 Goethe,'58 Heuss,1920 Official 20p blue,Monaco 1885-91 3 vols.,Liechtenstein 1933 25r sg.132 x 4,Madeira 1871 4 vals.,Mail '70 Gold stamps plus 2 Scand. Booklets. cat.£1,700 needs to be viewed £275
140 Large suitcase as handed in.heavy lot I've flipped through it.you need to take close look. may be "one of them" good luck £95
141 Large Box.if you like sorting this is for you.looks all World mass of pkts.cards,loose, Albums.,cards etc. leave this one to you.have fun good value £55
142 Large Heavy Box.old Schaubek A.Z.Foreign One Country Album. (good cond.)Simplex Foreign A-G. S/Book U.Nations,E.Germany in album. 1000's in tin. off paper.bag.on paper. odd Club & Covers. well worth sorting have a look £75
143 Various Europe mint mainly unmtd.on 8 sides S/Book.Monadca blk.of 6,Yugo., Turkey, Italy, Belgium Comms. in blks.of 4. cat.£775 check £80
144 EUROPE & FOREIGN.coll.on old Album pages early to middle period various small collections better seen. few 100's in Box. check £85
145 In large Box. Br.Cols. & Foreign in Albums, S/Book,S/Cards.plus Covers unsorted by us plenty to search have a look £55
146 Fine Lot in Archive Box.on pages in S/book.on cards,loose etc. large part Foreign early / middle better Covers/Cards noted Worth sorting £125
147 EUROPE.on 4 small s/cards mint incl. unmtd.Ideal Approvals.Greenland 1956 O/Prints sg.37-38 blocks of 4,Israel '55 Tribes no wmk.,Germany Hauss 30pf florescent, Berlin '49 O/Prints sg.B64-67. cat.£657 (2) check £125
148 EUROPE.various Classic earlies,on 4 small s/cards mint or re.gummed As Is. Italy 1889 5c sg.38, 1895 5c sg.55,Lux.1865 4c sg.19,1881 Officials 4c sg.0118.cat. £1,830  (4) check £125
149 Smith S/Book. Br.Cols. & Foreign single items on cards.better cat.val.mint & used  check £60
150 Looks good sel.of Br. C/Wealth in Med.S/Book QV.-QE.II. mint & used sets & singles good cat.val. few 100's check £85
151 Large Heavy Box. with some 10 File Albums general World sparce in places,plus G.B. in One country Album.few better Comms. 1985 Year Pack. 1983 Collectors Pack. few covers check £60
152 Large Heavy Box.with mass accum.of World in 100's of Env. totally unchecked only the Buyer will know it's worth Good hunting £95
153 EUROPE.better items on 7 small s/cards.mint much unmtd.incl. Austria 1951 Recon.in pairs, France'50 Relief Fund pairs,Greenland'50 to 5kr plus O/Prints. Berlin '49 U.P.U. 4 vals., W.Germany '49 Parliament,'51 Rontgen.Liechtenstein 1913 3 vals. cat.£936 (44) check £185
154 Useful sel.of G.B.& Br.Cols.on 19 approv.cards. G.B. QV. 2/6 lilac x 2, ED.VII. 1/= mint, 5/= used,St.Vincent QV. 1d to 6d & ED.VII. ½ to 3d O/Print Specimens.Falk.Is. QE.II. Bird set to £1 mint etc. have a look £190
155 C/WEALTH.in grn.Binder.1953-78 B.I.O.T.,Br.Virgin,Cayman,Ceylon,Christmas Is., Cocos & Keeling.mtd.mint.near comp.with Defs.sets or missing top val. various wmk.changes & shades,wide range of Comms.& Omnibus issues cat.£1,120  have a look £190
156 Sel.in pocket S/Book.sets & singles few KG.VI.incl. 1937 Coro., 1935 S.Jub., Christmas Is. to $1 etc. check £60
157 Looks fair mixture in Med.red S/Book.bit Channel Is.sel.of Australia Roo's etc.odd KG.VI., QE.II. vals.£1 & £5 seen. few 100 mint & used have a look £80
158 Large Heavy Archive Box.containing some 13 Albums/S/Books. unchecked but looks all  World fair bit G.B. looks good value must check £85
159 C/WEALTH various KG.VI.on 7 small s/cards.mint.Ideal approvals or small Auction. Cyprus 1938 set,Canada '48 3c Coil x 15,Gilbert & Ellice '34,H.K.,Nyasaland '38 to £1., Seychelles 20c blue,Singapore'48 to $2 perf.17½ cat.£842 £195
160 Med.Box. with large pile of World on pages.plus bundle of large env.Ideal fairs material well worth close look £60
161 Heavy Schwanebergers all World Album with early to middle period only difficult to stemate as always looks a bit sparce so close look advised £80
162 1935 S.JUB.Omnibus issue laid out in Ring Album.not comp.some 26 mint sets stuck on  hinge( PLEASE DO NOT LIFT) but I think with care should be alright.plus 14 used plenty of odds Ideal to complete £95
163 Giant S/Book Br. C/WEALTH.(No G.B.) all Reigns some dup.many 100's dotted all over the place looks mainly used have a look £60
164 All World in large Box.housed in some 12 Albums/S/Books.looks to be mostly Foreign good general range across the board most Reigns noted  spotted S/Book G.B. Machin H/Vals. with dup. 1000's have a look £60
165 Small Box.of Br.C/WEALTH on approv.cards & in pkts. KG.V.-QE.II. sets & singles mint & used good mix difficult to describe.good Retail value check £125
166 Attractive coll.of Olympic Games Covers in ring File 1972 Games mostly German range of stamps & p.mks.few Greece,Romania,Austria,Hungary etc.best part of 300 items plus S/Book of Olympic stamps incl. M/Sheets also Germany 1936 Games set of 8 on 16 different sheets have a look £125
167 Small select range of 1935 S.JUB.sets on s/card 18 mint sets plus 2 used,plus Cyprus three quarter ,block of 15 & 1½p block of 12.also extra flag staff on Jamaica 1½, Gold coast 1d & Trin.& Tob.2c all mint have a look £80
168 Med.Box.unchecked lot as handed in with Albums,Approv.Books & pkts. worth checking £65
169 Br.C/WEALTH.sel.in Hagner Album.all QE.II. s.t.b. unmtd.mint Bahamas to $1, Falk.Is.Dep. 2/6-£1, Cyprus 500m-£1,Br.So.Is. to £1,Antigua to $4.80,Turks. 5/=-£1, Virgin Is. to $4.80, Gambia to £1,Gib.to £1,plus KG.VI. set to £1 H/Cat.Lot have a look £195
170 All World in large Box.contained in some 12 large Albums/S/Books.good range Wheat from Chaff Job.noted odd £1 vals. 1000's check £70
171 Sel.in pkt.noted Australia Robes to £1 mint. M.E.F.to 5/= mint,odd S.Jub.& 1949 U.P.U., Gib. KG.V. 2/= used,QE.II.Cayman Is.to £1 etc. have a look £125
172 FORGERIES.Papal States 1852 50b blue sg.27 used full sheet of 55(should cat.total £76,500) reserve at £5 each cat.£1,500 Sold As Seen £275
173 C/WEALTH.in red Binder.1953-78 superb mtd.mint coll.near comp.all Defs.less top vals.,colour changes,some perf.Comms.& Omnibuses for Aden,Anguilla,Antigua. check £125
174 A superb accum.of all World coll.in blocks of 4 or larger blocks,mostly pre.war about half are Br.C/Wealth ex.Marsh Stock in old Approv.Books & loose,over 730 blocks all used un- repeatable lot in shoebox. have a look £300
175 Fair range of Br.C/Wealth in 2 Standard Albums.good lot of Africa,Australia odd States, India,Ceylon etc. QV.-QE.II. few 100 check £70
176 Useful lot in Med.Box.good coll.in SG.One Country Album with fairly comp.range KG.VI. - 1980's mint incl. M/Sheets,G.B.in One Country Album mostly mint Comms.,3 small albums of Br.Cols.plus 1977 S.JUB. H/Cat.Lot close look please £90
177 2 Albums of Foreign range A-S.types most Reigns & mostly used any 100's,2nd Album Arab States & others needs checking £65
178 AFGHANISTAN.coll.in Ring Album.few early 1893/1900.1931 various designs,fair 1950's, fairly comp.range 1960-mint sets & M/Sheet.perhaps a Country for the future Ideal to expand £45
179 AFRICA.on pages.Natal QV.'s Chalons & Defs.,few Kings,Orange Free State incl. V.R.I.,fair lot Nr.Nigeria mint & used ED.VII.vals.to 2/6. few KG.V.odd Niger Coast check £75
180 AFRICA.coll.in Ring Album.various S/Africa,& S.W.A.,Capes,Natal,O.F.S.,Transvaal mostly odds & ends.few 100's £36
181 ANDORRA(French) looks almost comp.1961-2000 in red Album.attractive range with good Thematic & better items mint & unmtd. s.t.c.nearly £1,000 £145
182 AUSTRALIA.coll.in Fav.Album.small lot of Roo's & KG.V.plus KG.VI.plus QE.II. Defs. & Comms. with fair range of mint sets plus 1986 Collectors Pack. £52
183 AUSTRALIA.coll.in Ring Album small KG.V.& Roo's,run of middle Picts. plus small sel.of KG.V.& Roo's Perfins plus later QE.II. range to 1990's all used check £70
184 AUSTRALIA.coll.in 2 vols.general range 1913-2005 odds & sets Defs.& Comms.mint & used odd Covers plus few States.Christmas Is.Defs.to $1 used.plus ILL.Cover 28th Sept.1966 full set.few Nauru,Papua etc. £65
185 AUSTRALIA.attractive coll.housed in boxed Album.few KG.VI.but mostly QE.II.Defs.& Comms.to 1990's s.t.b. mostly unmtd.mint high face & cat.val. check £80
186 AUSTRALIA.small sel.of better items.on 3 s/cards 1937 Robes 5/= & 10/=,£1,x 2 plus N.S.W.& Imperial Forces mainly mint(1 trimmed perf.)cat.£268 (13) £65
187 AUSTRALIA.1913-54.in grn.Linder Album.mint & used coll.needs sorting incl. P/Due section incl.190 items vals.to 5/=,Roo's various wmks.to 2/=,KG.V.heads to 5d,Comms.,Robes to 10/= Coil pairs,some usual mixed cond.H/Cat.needs checking £660
188 AUSTRALIA.small box with middle/Mod.off paper 1000's £25
189 AUSTRALIA.early 1980's various some dup.mainly used.good range on leaves in black Binder suitable fro Approvals or basis for several coll.1.000's check £175
190 AUSTRALIA.1988 Bi-Centennial 24ct gold plate sterling silver Proof stamp coll.in original individual package.Replicating Classic Australian C/Wealth & State stamp in actual size (app.  price paid $99.50 £1,050 have a look £165
191 AUSTRALIA.1966-70 Defs.to $4,mint range with many shades,various prints,large blks.of 1966 3c,5c,plate varieties,scratches,re-entries plus 12 varieties described ub '83 QE.II. priced up to £10 each.cat.£310 plus extra's check £90
192 AUSTRALIA & STATES.coll.in S/Book.general sel.of States mint & used QV's Australia.few Roo's vals.to 5/=, KG.V. to 1/4 odd mint usual run of KG.VI.-QE.II.few 100 check £65
193 AUSTRALIA & STATES.coll.in 3 Albums.Australia in 2 Albums 1948-1990 Defs.& Comms. fair bit of dup.in places plus some Covers better val.in States.needs checking most from early imperf.-perfs.cond.mixed in places. N.S.W.,Queensland,Sth.Australia, Victoria plus part Ausralia early part Roo's & KG.V.to 1940 some dup.odd better.incl. 5/= Sydney Bridge H/Cat.Lot close check £425
194 AUSTRALIAN DEP.written up coll.in Ring Album Aust.Ant.Terr.,Christmas Is., Cocos Is. & Norfolk Is.all mint Ideal to expand £38
195 AUSTRIA.fair coll.in 2 Albums.early imperfs.later perfs.1867 issues many shades odd card,Turkey issues.1890 Kiazer issues heavy dup.range of middle period to Mod.odd early Cover needs sorting looks good value £80
196 AUSTRIA.remainder coll.in Box.held in 4 large Albums/S/Books.range from early to Mod.mint & used plus few Covers.probably 1000's worth sorting £55
197 AUSTRIA.fine clean coll.in small Album sel.range of early imperfs. with p/mks.interest, similar sel.later perfs.plus 4 Covers nice lot of Whiskers small dup.middle period mint & used later Dues.few Feldpost & O/Print nice lot check £125
198 AUSTRIA.1960-80's mint & usedsel.in 22 sides S/Book.Comms.& Defs.H/Cat.val.(100's) £48
199 AUSTRIA.1936 Ski sg.788-791 used plus 1950 Air Birds sg.1215-1221.cat.£342. (11) £70
200 AUSTRIA IN TURKEY.(French Currency)1903 sg.4(1 toned perf.)1904 sg.F10 & 13 plus basic Office in Turkey 2sld,1883 sg.14 all used cat.£541 (4) £100
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