Worthing Stamps Auction

Saturday 4th October 2008
at 2.00pm

The Richmond Room, Town Hall
Chapel Road, Worthing,

West Sussex BN11 1HA


1 POSTCARDS.small lot in pkt.early Street Scenes with better p/mks. Bamforth Curch Scenes (4) early Book many ? check please 30 items £20
2 CIGARETTE CARDS.Med.Box.Trade Cards incl. early Brooke Bond in Albums plus good quantity of loose needs sorting £40
3 POSTCARDS.Zepp. 10 real photo's of Airships Hindenburg & Graf.Zepp II.,plus Portraits of Count Zepp. & Dr.Hugo Eckener 12 original Cards in fine cond.of which 7 are postally used with some good slogans incl.2 for the 1936 Berlin Olympics attractive sel.have a look £55
4 POSTCARDS.Zepp.8 real photo's of Airship Graf.Zepp.plus Portraits of Count Zepp.& Dr.Hugo Eckener 10 original Cards.in fine cond. check £45
5 POSTCARDS.Zepp. 5 "Schultze" multi coloured are drawn cards,circa 1915,4 depicting Zepp.in Flight & one with observation Balloon ascending over Battlefield. all 5 cards postally used & in good cond. have a look £40
6 CIGARETTE CARDS.unchecked lot in Carrier Bag.but looks nice lot of early material incl. better sets over 200 cards. £70
7 CIGARETTE CARDS.mixed lot unchecked in large Box.incl.set in glass frame. & Album Booklets & Tins close look £70
8 POSTCARDS.2 Med.heavy Boxes with 1000's of P/Cards G.B.& Foreign impossible to see all but not all "Hello Aunty Kitty" see what you think? £55
9 POSTCARDS. Channel Is.scarce lot of early ED.VII.& KG.V.Cards better p/mks. 24 items. £85
10 CIGARETTE CARDS.looks interesting sel.in 2 small Albums.looks to have many early cards unchecked I reckon between 350-400 Cards. have a look £55
11 BOOKS. incl.from probate curiosities of G.B. black & white prints in Folder over 60 items some tone spots in places £32
12 GHANA & GIBRALTAR.in Album.Gold Coast fair lot QV's vals.to 1/=,ED.VII.to 2/=, later KG.V. plus Mod.Gibraltar nice lot QV.mint & used incl. 25c on 2d purple corner margin strip of 3 with broken "N" mint later vals.to 1p,few  ED.VII.-KG.V. vals.to 8/=,1925 to £1. later QE.II. fine lot have a look £120
13 Useful range in well filled Swiftsure Album Countries A-J. with QV.-Kings plus good range of QE.II.with Sterling & Decimal sets mint & used noted incl.quite a strong H.K. section many 100's must check £65
14 In Album.Maldive Is.mostly Mod.sel.plus Malta QV.vals.to 1/=,ED.VII. to 1/=,few KG.V. mint & used later KG.VI.,QE.II. few 100's £65
15 Large heavy Box.all World inl. New Imperial vols. I & II.few stamps Ideal to expand.bundle of pages,Mod.P/Cards etc.looks good value check £55
16 Med.Box.all World in old Criterion Album.well filled in places,plus old Box dup.range in pkts. check £35
17 Med.Box.as handed in few Biscuit Tins pkts.several Juv.Albums.have a look we have'nt £35
18 BR.C/WEALTH in Med.S/Book QV.-QE.II.mit & used some dup.in places.messy lot needs sorting many 100's check £70
19 BR.COLS.& Foreign.in small pocket Book.fair Scand.early numerals, Finland early "Teeth" needs checking,few France,Germany Shields,Trinidad Britannia's red + 4d on Paid piece. mint G.B. QV.KG.V.,German States,Tibet many others must check £135
20 Med.Box.of Br.C/Wealth ex.Osald Marsh pages,s/cards,pkts.,loose etc. Wheat from Chaff Job should reward have a look £95
21 Large Box.of World ex.Osald Marsh pages S.Book.Covers,loose,pkts.,a superb messy lot that must be worth estimate & more? Don't Miss £55
22 All World in Med.Box.2 x Shoeboxes with mixture plus loose,2 Albums QE.II.G.B. other odds odd Cover £55
23 S/Cards of Cinderella material 1930-1970's range Phil.Exh./Stamp Club labels.vignettes 100+ attractive lot £35
24 Small mixed sel.of G.B.& C/Wealth in Med.S/Book.sets,odds,M/Sheets mint & used few 100's £38
25 Small Suitcase all World incl. G.B.in Windsor.loose cards,Silk P/Cards etc.S/Book Local better type needs checking £225
26 Coll.of Foreign in small old Album.A-U.range across the board mint,early middle period,not all fine but H/Cat. parts needs to be viewed & should reward £195
27 Med.Box.with all World incl.interesting battered old Foreign Imperial good few stamps, other World in small Albums,few G.B. Covers etc.heavy lot check £85
28 Mass accum.of Foreign in Med.S/Book.across the board range mostly early-middle period looks mostly used many 100's £38
29 I won't attempt to describe this lot just hand it over to you to sort.a long wooden Box filled with mass of Env.low est.see what happens.not the sort to post. £38
30 Large Lincoln Album.bit like me old & battered.however,the contents are not.World range A-Z.mostly early to KG.V.mint & used must be 1000's,& needs to be viewed.please handle with care. £225
31 Coll.in Std.Album.noted Australia 5/= mint Roo,KG.V.1/4 mint, N.S.W. tri0 mint,Bech.2/6 used,Canada mint $1,G.B.1d Black later Kings,India, N.Z.,pus plenty of odds & ends. few 100 have a look £195
32 Various Worldwide in Schaubek Album ideal to expand  needs to be viewed £105
33 All World general issues in 5 S/Books.noted Br.Cols.in bls.of 4. G.B.Covers, India used in Nepal,G.B.1d Reds,range of Thematic's heavy lot check £70
34 In pkt. G.B. Booklets incl. £1 Wedgewood,£3 Wedgewood x 2,£4 Gibbons,plus other odds.also Australia 1984 Collector Pack £35
35 Med.Box.with some 10 Albums/S/Books.remainder coll.all World incl. 2 Albums Football & Royalty Covers have a look £38
36 Various unusual sel.Austria 1933 Wipa reprints M/Sheets of 16 in 7 colours.1981 Wipa Congress Exh.sheet.1873 Telegraph to 2fi Wien '75 black print Exh.Sheet plus 1924 Newspaper Private perfs.,German Zepp.issues reprints Polar. Chicago,Sth.America £75
37 All World M/Sheets in 3 Med.S/Books.mostly used,useful Thematic's strong in Russia, Sweden etc. few 100 Cheap check £60
38 Grn.S/Book.as handed in.states to contain H/Cat.items unchecked by us.Austria, Denmark, France,1945 Jugoslavia M/Sheet,Greece,Netherlands,Norway,Sweden,Swiss., & other Defs.& Comms.mint & used H/Vals. etc. few 100's needs close look please £445
39 Useful sel.of Br.Cols.on 28 approv.cards.QV.-QE.II.sets & singles with QE.II.Defs. to £1. 1935 S.Jub.few KG.VI. etc.check £235
40 Various Worldwide in gry.file.mainly early to 1950's needs to be viewed 100's £105
41 Fancy a Rummage.Why not.small box ex.Oswald Marsh mostly Br.Cols.on/off paper.many 100's should fine something £40
42 Cinderella material in Med.S/Book.large part Poster stamps & Exh.Labels few 100 £42
43 C/WEALTH in 2 Env.QE.II.mainly used sets,Guyana 1966 O/Prints,1968 Fauna mint & used, Kenya 1963,1975 O/Prints Uganda 1962 set,1965 Birds,'72 O/Prints G.B.& C/W.3 small lots described,G.B. P.D.'68-'69 sg.D69-70 unmtd.mint corner bl.of 4 & singles.marginal x 40. Australia '37 N.S.W.,'40 Forces sg.193-9. mint,S/Africa 1913 KG.V.to 1/= sg.12 unmtd.& mtd.mint bl.of 4.cat.£416 have a look £75
44 Westminster Album.with all Foreign but mainly U.S.A.remainder coll.earlt to middle period, odd better left plus Sth.America & others worth sorting £60
45 Med.S/Book.mass accum.of KG.VI. K.U.T.vals.to 5/=,Malta,Mauritius,N.Z.to 3/=, Nigeria to 5/=,Nr.Rhod.to 1/=, & much more.worth checking for perf.varieties many 100's check £195
46 Large blue S/Book.Monaco & Luxemburg.substantional Stock.from early issues to Mod., H/Vals.noted with plenty of dups.mint & used set out niecely to Retail.very H/Cat.val.check £245
47 Ideal Album.of Foreign Countries vol.I.to 1914 A-Z.slightly sparce look as always but strong in places as such needs your close attention few 100's have a look £115
48 Med.Box.containing stamps & Covers,P/Stat.,Austria,Hungary,Czech.,Lombardy etc. few 100  check £42
49 FOREIGN.4 small lots.Bulgaria 1927 Air O/Print 101 grn.Mic.209 bl.of 4 used on piece (gum stain).W.Germany 1951 Posthorn 25pf & 30pi sg.1053-54.Greece 1951 Re.Construction sg.692-7 mint (5000 tiny tone spot).Hungary 1939 Protestant Day M/Sheet sg.MS.657a perf. & imperf.special cachet cat.£514 £75
50 Useful Ship Thematic coll.in 2 Albums fine range nicely written up.all World issues mint & used sets & singles incl. many better St.Helena KG.V. noted vals.to 2/6 mint,early Brunei, Papua,Falk.Is.,Tristan,plus appears comp.Omnibus issue for 1949 U.P.U. & 1946 Victory mint.many 100's must be viewed £115
51 KG.VI. sel.in 2 Med.S/Books.good range sets & singles mint & used. St.Kitts.to £1,Singapore to $5, S/Af.,Trin.& Tob. to $4.80,useful Ghandi set all mint 2nd Album used most sets & odds vals.to £1 noted few 100's have a look £245
52 Large Biscuit Tin.crammed ful with ex.circa Club Books.as handed in.looks all World about 150 Books.well worth a look at this price £75
53 Shoebox.with World A-Z. Countries all filed on cards with old cat.vals.mostly general probably good Fairs etc.100's £42
54 Interesting sel.of Cinerella material laid out in small Album mint & used all World worth check £42
55 Small Box.full all World loose early to middle period unsorted 1000's have a look £42
56 Bundle of Approval Cards.with all Foreign all with SG.& priced to sell sets & singles France, Germany,Yugo.,Fr.Cols.& many other odds mint & used check £95
57 Med.Box.containing 6 Br.C/Wealth Albums.looks good covering across the board A-Z. QV.-QE.II. mint & used worth spending a bit of time with £85
58 Large Shoebox.with Br.C/Wealth on a range of approv.cards,a pocket S/Book good range of sets & singles Kings to QE.II. mint & used difficult to describe so close look please few 100 £155
59 Heavy Lot in large Box.all World held in 10 large Albums/S/Books.plus 4 smaller. fine range QV.-QE.II.incl. Covers As Handed in some loose material may be under valued so close look please £260
60 Small Box.holding 3 old Albums of World each Album well filled good early/Mod.material but good value by Vendor adding some decent mint sets on small cards have a look £120
61 Med.Open Top Box.with mass accum.in pkts.Br.Cols. & Foreign heavy dup.have a look 1000's £42
62 In pkt.Philippines. P206 in Sheets,Newfoundland in pkt.,G.B.1940 Cent  over 45 used sets , Sweden  early/middle others .funny lot check £45
63 In small Box.3 Albums,one strong in Germany incl. E.& W. mint & used many better noted,plus 2 Swiftsure Albums all Foreign A-S.Countries mint & used many 100's good value have a look £75
64 Looks useful accum.of Br.Cols.in 2 S/Books.,one with good range of better vals.,plus other with KG.VI.incl. mint blocks.looks good value close look 100's £120
65 Swiftsure Album.well filled with Foreign Countries A-I.early to middle period mint & used many early imperfs.noted plus later mint sets.many 100's close look advised £75
66 Archive Box.all World in Albums/S/Books.,loose, G.B. F.D.C's noted better U.S.A. mint on cards etc. worth checking £75
67 Large heavy fine type of World Kilo. s.t.b. some 13 kilo's mass of material check £95
68 Archive Box.with some dozen Albums/S/Books.all World some come with Gouv't Health Warning.slightly mouldy. but enough here to check £45
69 Useful range of Br.C/Wealth Kings in Med.S/Book.range across the board A-S.types mint & used odd QE.II. few 100's many fill a few gaps. check £155
70 BR.COLS. & Foreign.in med.S/Book.noted Italy 1879 10c mint centred right cat.£350, Italy. E.Africa 1938 better vals. in pairs mint,various G.B.,Turkey Bisect, QE.II.C/Wealth, Foreign middle/Mod.issues mint worth sorting 100's check £195
71 General mixture in Med.Box.few G.B. various Trust & Packs Maritime other odds. S/Book Cinderella etc. have a look £45
72 Thematic.Syria Aleppo Water Supply sg.575-7.x 30 unmtd.mint (90).Air Gliding sg.674-5 unmtd.mint.2 full Sheets of 50 (£195),Human Rights 1958 sg.678-80 unmtd.mint 3 full Sheets of 50 (£72.20) cat.£353 £60
73 Med.Box.with ex.remainders from Probate all World all sorts could be anything must check £85
74 Large brn.S/Book.containing 2 coll.one of the Pitcairn Is.& other for Solomon Is.mint & used issues from KG.VI. to QE.II.Defs.& Comms.sets plus M/Sheets.many 100's clean lot check £155
75 Mixed lot in Box.held in 2 Albums & 3 S/Books.heavy dup.in S/Books.,remainder coll.in 2 Albums all World worth sorting £45
76 C/WEALTH.in black Album.good Grenada 1962-90's incl. Defs.sets,strong Thematic content, St.Vincent Rowland Hill Omnibus mainly mint 100's have a look £75
77 Med.heavy Box.looks all World unsorted by us.mass of material,time spent should reward impossible to describe. Good Hunting £260
78 Fine range of World in 5 large Sent.Albums.plus 2 S/Books.across the board range A.Z.early to Mod.mint & used sets,singles etc.incl.comp. list of contents if correct over 8500 stamps close look advised £160
79 Med.Box.containing 4 Albums.Poland early/mod.written up.Ideal to expand,plus Album & S/Book of Czech.similar range many 100's £60
80 In Med.Box.all World remainders coll.in 6 small Albums.mostly early-middle period few 100's better noted £60
81 Sel.of QE.II.in 3 Albums. 1953 Coro.Omnibus issues.various general G.B. KG.VI.-QE.II. mint & used mostly Defs.,Africa,coll.of Sierra Leone incl. QE.II. blocks & range of shades, plus Album of Africa in bls.of 4 etc. all mint £60
82 Med.Box.with small sel.of general World in Album & s/cards.better Austria but most Swiss. early & middle period on hagner pages,Album pages etc.plus some fair Covers have a look £85
83 Archive Box.containing 8 Album/S/Books.incl. One Country coll. S/A.,Antigua, St.Vincent x 2,K.U.T.,Australia,Gibraltar & Tanzania,mint & used 100's have a look £120
84 C/Wealth KG.VI.sel.on s/cards..mainly good to f/mint.Canada 1937 set to $1,Falk.Dep.6d blue/black x 4,1946 thick Maps,Gil.& Ellice 1939 set.Pitcairn 1940. Nrth.Rhod. 1938 to 10/=, Sth.Rhod. 1937 to 5/= cat.£549 '07 £125
85 In Med.Box Br.Cols.QV.-QE.II.on pages noted KG.VI. H/Vals.various on large & small s/cards,old Approv.Books & loose.messy lot needs sorting. check £165
86 In Box.several large pkts.of World off paper.few 100, 8 old Approv.Books.mostly Foreign Mod.,S/Book mint G.B.early Sterling Comms.mint later used plus Flowers Thematic's etc.plus interesting pkt.of Scout Xmas Charity stamps with information £60
87 Archive Box.half full of World off paper all Reigns noted.large quantity have a look £60
88 Archive Box.good range Channel Is.early Sterling H/Vals. etc.G.B.used Defs. & Comms. plus loose have a look £65
89 QE.II. sel.in STD.Album.noted Malta to 10/= with extra.dup.range of Nigeria,other African Countries,Papua N.G.Defs.dup.vals.to 10/=,Specimen £1,few Saints etc.looks all used 100's £48
90 Brn.S/Book.with range Middle-East fair range incl.better Jordan some on pages,Saudi Hejaz few. worth checking £48
91 Looks useful sel.of Br.C/Wealth in small Box.mostly KG.VI.-QE.II.but odd early on small cards or in pkts.sets & singles mostly mint odd used needs viewing £195
92 BR.C/Wealth coll.in 2 well filled Albums.Australia with Roo's to 10/=,KG.V.to 1/4 used large accum.to 1990's few Antarctic & States,N.Z.general range QV.-QE.II.similar sel. for Canada, few Trin.& Tob.& Mauritius have a look £75
93 Br.C/Wealth coll.on small pages incl. close margin G.B. 1d Black,later Kings 2/6 & 5/= S/Horses,KG.VI. H/Vals.& QE.II.later sel.Br.Cols. QV.-KG.V.odds & ends have a look £85
94 Br.C/Wealth in 2 Med.S/Books. QV.-QE.II.mint & used noted some mint blocks,Jap.Occ., KG.VI. Victory etc. few 100's check £85
95 Med.Box.all World in 4 Albums good range of Countries mostly early-middle also Venezuela Xmas Sheets,plus Bag unsorted have a look £50
96 Mass accum.of Br.C/Wealth issues in Med.S/Book A-Z. range large part QV.-Kings some QE.II.better items noted mostly used many 100's worth checking £50
97 Good range in Swiftsure Album.incl. fine lot of Swiss.imperf.& perf. Seated Helvetia's, 1920 Airs, mint & used middle range to 1990's similar range U.S.A. 1850's-1980's mint & used have a look £75
98 Med.Box. with fair mixture noted mostly Covers,incl.Canada single stamps F.D.1963-68, G.B. Covers Defs.& Comms.,other odds incl. 1942 U.S.A. to S.W.China,Bermuda P/Stat., some G.B.stamps & Packs etc.mixed lot needs sorting £260
99 Med.Box.all World remainders in 5 small Albums decent ,plus coll.of Germany in pkt., plus bundle of circa Club Books all World 19 Books many 100's check £65
100 2 old Imperial gold leaf Albums.all World sparcely filled but Ideal Albums to fill check £95
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