14th February 2009


The Town Hall, Richmond Room, Worthing

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1 POSTCARDS.Hitler Nazi P/Card mint & used all with Hitler Portraits etc. 18 cards. £35
2 POSTCARDS.Panama early Cards with Scenes of the Building of the Panama Canal 6 diff. scarce have a look £30
3 POSTCARDS.a bundle of Cards with Zepp.,Airships incl. scences of Flight & Wrecks, valuable lot mint & used some 38 Cards £85
4 POSTCARDS.Foreign stamp on stamp P/Cards Swiss,German States,France 11 items check £35
5 POSTCARDS.small sel.of early Foreign Cards mostly Germany some attractive noted 17 cards £25
6 POSTCARDS.unusual bundle s.t.b. P/Card photo Negatives of early Worthing & Brighton. Beach House,Pavilion & Pier etc.odd Eastbourne looks early 1900's but needs to be viewed some 50 items £42
7 POSTCARDS.sel.of Silks in Cover sleeves incl. Army,Relatives,Romantic some 16 items cond.mixed in places plus 2 P/Cards 1915 Censor items 2 others check £32
8 CIGARETTE CARDS.2 small boxes of Cig.& Trade Cards.some in tins.Albums etc. plus box loose unchecked by us mmany 100's have a look £80
9 Med.Box.As Handed in.Albums,on cards,& loose many 100's must be checked £75
10 Middle East Mod.sel.in Med.S/Book.Bahrain,Dubai,Quatar & Jordan s.t.b. unmtd.mint sets Defs.& Picts. attractive range H/Cat. have a look £100
11 Gramaphone Box.containing large bundle of Album pages.Br.Cols.& Foreign mint & used odd better vals.on cards. few Covers good mix.worth sorting £150
12 BOOKS.Recovered Mail 1910-1936 & 1937-1988 2 vols. by Genri L.Nierinck pub.price £60 each.good saving plus Brit.External Airmails to 1934 Newall £75
13 BOOKS.The Postal Markings of Natal by W.R.Hart plus coverless 2nd Edition Nevis by Melville £16
14 BOOKS. Postal History of Br.Army in W.W.I.by Crabb plus Chronology & Index of 2nd W.War Newspaper Archives £22
15 BOOKS.Strait Sett.Postage stamps by F.E.Wood.Jap.Occ.stamps & p/mks.by J.Stephens, std.cat. Malaya Singapore & Brunei £35
16 BOOKS. St.Vincent Postal History stamps,cancels,& Revenue stamps Robson Lowe £22
17 BOOKS.Pictons Numeral cancels of Br.Isles.with values,2nd Handbook Stamps & Franks 1911-1921 Stamps of G.B. Hydes 1840-1910 numeral issues £28
18 BOOK.Australia C/Wealth Specialized Cat.Brusdenwhite KG.V.Specialist Cat.& one for the Kangaroo Series super works £35
19 Worldwide Pot Pourri. interesting range mint & unused & used,from the 1930's,early imperf. Austrian Kreuzers,some German Colonies,even Jind KG.VI.unmd.mint 3p to 12as (cat.£50) etc. needs to be checked £65
20 Fine range of mostly KG.VI.in Album.on hagner pages A-Z.range mint & used sets & odds odd better QV.& KG.V.in places so needs close look may fill few gaps £120
21 Fine lot of KG.V.on large cards,St.Helena,Newf.,Canada,Malta,Br.G.,S/Af.,Gibraltar etc. odd vals.with cat.val.£550 & appears all unmtd.mint useful Retail £125
22 Flat Box.looks all Br.Cols.on hagner pages,S/Book,pages few Env.,odd s/card KG.V.-QE.II. mint & used few 100's have a look £100
23 Foreign Sheetlets in Folder 1942 Youth Fund sg.72/3,1943 Zagreb sg.77,France Portraits De Region 8 diff.sheets, U.S.A. 1998 pair other Br.Cols. £45
24 In Box.blue s/Book general range Br.Cols.,S/Book H.K. mostly QE.II. Comms.,s/Book N.Z. KG.V-QE.II. with dup.,S/Book Australia & States few odds check £50
25 BR.COLS.in Med.Box.incl.coll.of Papua & N.G. 1961-1985.Ice cream carton Br.Cols.& G.B. on approv.cards.plus range pkts. S/Cards other Boxes have a look £85
26 Worldwide mixture in Med.Box.noted better 3 S/Books plus Albums various in pkts.& s/cards probably 1000's well worth close look £75
27 Basutoland 1938 set comp.,1961 comp.set,Bechuanaland 1938 comp.set,1961 comp.set unmtd.mint have a look £75
28 One of those better Strand albums of world A-Z.types host of material with large part of mint usual sets & part sets.plus QV.'s many 100's poor description but needs to be viewed Vendor states H/Cat.val. have a look £775
29 In Box.3 S/books hagners with all World in no order dotted all over the place keen eye spot the value Vendor states around 8500 stamps early/Mod.mint & used worth sorting £58
30 Large grn.Album.mostly KG.V.& KG.VI. A-Z.type mostly odd vals.mint & used odd QE.II. incl. Ascension Birds to £1 mint. few 100's check £60
31 Small plastic Box.of Br.Cols.on some 16 approv.cards good lot QE.II.Defs.sets to £1, scarce Ireland St.Patricks set sg.102/4 unmtd.mint. Bahamas KG.VI. to £1 etc. s.t.c.£1400+ good value have a look £195
32 Med.Box.of World in 12 assorted S/Books/Albums.plus bundle of pages if nothing else S/Books worth estimate £45
33 Small Box.all KG.V.& VI.stamps single strips & blocks seen all used,many 100's perhaps 100's superb lot to check for errors £75
34 Med.Box.looks interesting range in album & loose Aircraft Thematic stamps & Covers noted, pkt.mostly Trafalgar Ships,Austria & Hungary coll.,pkt.O/Games Thematic Mod. plus bundle unchecked Covers but noted some early also Feldman Cat.of World rarities close check £85
35 Well battered old Ideal Album.with all World but stronger in Br.Cols.QV.-KG.V.used mostly odds & ends but well worth sorting few 100's have a look £285
36 Sel.of World on some 30 approv.cards to diverse to describe most single or sets mint & used needs checking £90
37 Good general Foreign sel.in Med.S/Book early-Mod.seen mostly used many 100's £35
38 Br.Empire Forgery coll.classic issues some good Forgeries on old pages.some 120 stamps interesting lot have a look £60
39 7 Large almost New L/House black page S/Books.plus 3 Med.S/Books all World stamps but looks fairly general . check £60
40 Archive Box.looks good mixture of World in albums/S/Books,approv.cards & host of others one of those lots you need to view 100's £195
41 Fair KG.VI.coll.in SG.Album mint & used range A-Z.mostly part sets incl. H/Vals. probably better used many 100's difficult to describe needs to be viewed £325
42 Med.S/Book.with fine range of all World Cinderella & Forgery material over 300 items check £95
43 Archive Box.all World in several Albums.good general mixture mostly middle/Mod. issues in boxes & tins,& Covers needs sorting £95
44 Low Flat Box.all World mixture mass of pkts.single & sets P/Book Foreign,pkt. approv.cards, few Covers,G.Coast coll.on pages KG.V.-QE.II.with sets & others.worth checking £155
45 All World accum.in Med.S/Book.good general range QV.-QE.II. mostly used 100's £35
46 Mixed World in Med.Box.various Album Europe.8 Folders single Countries,fair lot Scand. in Album plus Shoebox of mixed worth sorting £65
47 Worldwide mystery lot.a Box as handed in unchecked by us one for your list needs to be viewed £1100
48 Coll.in Album Australia few mint Defs.& Comms.but mostly QE.II.to 1990's.plus similar range used although better early section many 100's plus good lot of Antarctic check £180
49 Mixed lot in Album.Foreign U.A.C.,Uruguay,middle/Mod.sel. s.t.b. some 1500 stamps £35
50 Ship Thematic coll.on pages in 2 Folders 1st part written up with mass of information range all World mint & used plus Folder of Covers £36
51 Useful sel.of World on 14 approv.cards.Br.Cols.KG.VI.mint odd vals.,odd German & France,Ascension 1935 S.Jub. superb used etc. H/Cat.Lot close look advised £185
52 Covers 2 boxed Albums 1977 S.Jub.& Anns Wedd.,3rd Album G.B. & Comm.odd better in places looks cheap enough have a look £38
53 All World sel.on some 28 approv.cards sets & singles mint & used vals.to £1 noted KG.V.-KG.VI.other odds H/Cat.useful re sale needs checking £170
54 Med.Box.all World remainders in Album & S/Books.plus pkt.& Box seen many 100's £40
55 All World in 2 hagner S/Books.looks mostly Mid./Mod.period with odd early dotted about around 1000 stamps so worth checking £50
56 Airplane Thematic coll.in Album.Famous Aviators,Balloons,Royal Air Force,Battle of Britain, 1st Flights incl.1934 Zepp.,1934 Southern cross etc. interedting lot check £65
57 Range of smaller Br.Cols.Countries QV.to early mint & used incl.Bermuda,Br.G.,Br.Hond., Cyprus,Gib.,H.K.,Malta,Mauritius,Seyc.better in parts few 100's £175
58 One that needs checking unchecked by us but looks all World 7 Albums plenty of early seen mint & used not to be missed please £65
59 Carrier Bag as handed in.looks fair mixture with fair bit of Royalty.Mod.Japan seen etc. £35
60 Red.S.Book.with all KG.VI.issues mostly pert sets good range of Countries all mint s.t.c.£1500 useful space filling have a look £135
61 2 Large & well filled Chinese S/Books.mass of World material most periods noted plus Binder all eorld some 4000 stamps check £50
62 Med.Box.good range of World incl.brn. S/Book Br.Cols.early to Mod.small S/Book.German 2nd with World.couple Albums £40
63 Small sel.of Br.Africa in pkt.on some 15 small cards noted Rhiod.KG.V.few S/A.,joined pairs. K.U.T. KG.VI.set to £1 mint.Cape 5/= many others have a look £376
64 All World in Med.Boxes incl.New Ideal Foreign vol.II.fair but sparce sel.A-J.mint & used plus vol.III.few stamps other small Albums looks interesting Shoebox Br.Cols.plus Shoebox G.B. Kilo off paper must check £75
65 BR.C/Wealth & Foreign on bundle of approv.cards single & sets mint & used good range Foreign in pkts.mint & used odd Covers.well worth sorting £120
66 In Carrier Bag.all World in 3 Albums.good general mix early Mod.mint & used few 100's £36
67 Large Shoebox with mass of Foreign off paper early/paper early/middle range Vendor states some 7300 stamps no dup.non-returnable if 2 short £50
68 EUROPA.various classic earlies,4 small s/cards mint or re.gummed.Italy 1889 5c sg.38, 1895 5c sg.55,Lux.1865 4c sg.19,1881 Official 4c sg.0118 As IS. cat.£1,830 (4) £125
69 Med.Box with 2 S/Books G.B.incl.fair bit face decimal Comms.,2 S/Books one Br.Cols. & one of Foreign.plus bundle of G.B. F.D.C.'s plus loose many 100's worth checking £75
70 Well filled KG.VI.SG.One Reign Album.across the board A-Z.range mint & used too much to describe but better area's Burma,Canada,Gib.,G.Coast,G.B.,Grenada,H.K.,Malaya, Saints etc. sets & part sets Ideal lot to improve s.t.c.£11,000+ £1250
71 Med.S/Book mainly Cinderella material G.B.Balkans,B.W.I.,R.Cross etc.types few 100's looks good lot check £95
72 Med.Box.all Foreign general across the board in 12 black Files good mixture early/Mod. many 100's close look please £95
73 In pkt.small coll.on pages sel.of Balkans,Bulgaria,Serbia,Rumania,Bosnia etc. plus G.B. on hagner. Port & Spain both with Cols.few Br.Africa cond. general range QV.middle period few 100 check £75
74 Better looking World mixture in heavy Med.Box.range of Albums,S/Books.plus good sel.on s/cards mint & used many 100's needs checking £125
75 Large bulky German Album remainders World sel. A-Z.usual sparce look in places but better in places with some added pages worth sorting £65
76 3 Album remainders coll.Rhod.& Nyas. KG.VI.set mint & used later QE.II.,Album Germany, Album U.S.A.,with later mint Comms. £52
77 1948 S/Wedd. Pitacairn Is.,Gilbert & Ellice used plus Br.Sol.Is.used but slightly washed £22
78 Coll.in Album.general sel.of Canada,H.K.,N.Z.,K.U.T.mostly early -KG.V.odds plus Thematic's War stamp O/Print,Airmail incl. Covers,Conard fair lot check £50
79 Sel.of Br.C/Wealth on cards.& pkts. looks mostly QE.II. but odd King mint & used £80
80 Large Carrier Bag.full with range of Folders conaining Br.C/Wealth few Foreign KG.VI.-QE.II. mostly low vals.Ideal search for errors all mint,plus small Box of 1931 S/Jub. low vals. with dup.in pkts. £95
81 Looks good lot of World remainder coll.in 8 Album/S/Books.unchecked by us mint & used across the board have seen plenty of better material one for the list in plastic Box. £65
82 Med.Box.fair mixture noted mostly Covers,incl.Canada single stamps F.D.1963-68, G.B. Covers,Defs.& Comms.,other odds incl. 1942 U.S.A. to S.W.China,Bermuda P/Stat.,some G.B.stamps & Packs etc.mixed lot needs sorting £185
83 Archive Box.all World mixture in Albums,s/cards,Covers etc.heavy lot needs sorting £50
84 Worldwide assortment of mainly used material in Med.Box S/Book & s/cards etc. many 100's £50
85 Cigar Box.nice bundle of Approv.cards all World mint & used better singles & sets Ideal re sale with cat.val.over £1000 check £125
86 Large Bag of Cinderella material on s/cards,loose etc.early/Mod.range looks interesting £50
87 Small lot in Box.noted some better Picts.Russia good sets in old Approv.Book & on old pages,other Foreign incl. better Poland,pack of early Foreign M/Sheets mint with tone spots, Album mixed better plus pkt.of Covers must be viewed £95
88 Another super Thematic sel.in small heavy Wooden Box.Sails,Merchant Ships, Cargo Ferries, Ice Breakers,Canals River Craft etc.many 100's above average must be finds s.t.b. unmtd.mint have a look £150
89 Med.Box.of Junk or Pandora's Box.mass of World material loose & in Album looks a good gamble see what you think £50
90 On old pages in Folder Brunei odd 1907 issues,1947 to $1 mint later Picts.,Sarawak 1867/75,1888 to $1(toned),1918 to $1 mint,1934 to $1,1947 to $5,1948 S/Wedd., 1950 to $5 cond.mixed in places close check £95
91 Misc.in Folder odds & ends noted better Portugal M/Sheets some tone worth checking £55
92 In Wessex S/Book.sel.of Br.Cols.& Foreign all looks better types with good range of QV.'s odd bl.of 4 Foreign noted few Germania Yacht types etc.few 100's looks good val. £55
93 Worldwide several 100 stamps with dup.QV.19th Century to Mod.housed in one vol., Countries incl.U.S.,G.B.,Canada & B.C.,France & Colonies,etc.mixed cond. needs checking £55
94 World sel.on 33 Approv.Cards incl. G.B,.,Br.Cols.,1948 S/Wedd.,1935 S.Jub.,set & single item odd better Italy,France couple of oddities have a look £80
95 Large Egg Box.size mass accum of World real mixture in Albums,S/Book,Covers etc. impossible to describe so much material,very heavy lot so bring your car close to exit Good Hunting £100
96 Looks interesting mixture in heavy Med.Box.all World stamps,Coins & Cig.Caqrds.worth close look £50
97 World mixture in small Suitcase.bundle of World on pages,SG.Album few G.B. mint Comms.,bundle with dup. G.B. F.D.C's circa 1970's few G.B. in album others check £50
98 Br.Cols.in Med.S/Book only QV.-KG.V.issues all mint mostly odd vals.part sets & sets across the board range if you totaled cat.be very high.one of those may just suit you. check £675
99 Med.Box.full to top with material probably all World in Albums,S/Book,loose,in Box. have'nt checked too much sto see.one for the list care when viewing please £65
100 1953 Coro.ILL. F.D.C's either typed or unaddressed some 71 Covers.missing only Br.Hond.,Canada,F.I.D.,Malta,Muscat,Nr.Rhod.,& Tokalu.nice to finish of this Omnibus issue scarce lot have a look £145
101 Fine lot of Thematic's laid out on black cards in Wooden Box Maritime issues,Naval Warfare,Naval Bases,Maps,Ports,L/Houses etc.many 100's s.t.b. unmtd.mint check £150
102 Small mixed Br.Cols.& Foreign on Approv.Cards & in pkts.odd early in places few 100's worth sorting £65
103 Fine lot of Thematic's in Wooden Box.all laid out in order Maritime issues.Ships,Gunboats, Battleships,Explorers,Naval Warfare.around the world etc.many 100's s.t.b. unmtd.mint £150
104 Attractive Thematic's coll.of Aircraft in 2 vols.,stamps,M/Sheets,& Covers some Coins odd signed.good value plus 2 Juv.Albums unrelated have a look £55
105 Sel.of Br.Cols.on s/cards.noted Australia Robes set mint,sel.of 1949,S/Africa pairs etc. some 14 cards good cat.val.check £80
106 Range of Foreign One Country coll.in Box.early to Mod.mostly unchecked Denmark(284), Turkey(148)Italy(596),Belgium(514),Sweden(260),Bulgaria(86),Mexico(100), Pakistan (100+),Monaco(100+) have a look £65
107 Med.Box.all World in 2 small S/Books.mostly early middle period plus host of material loose on pages & in pkts. so worth checking have a look £50
108 Super lot of Thematic's in Wooden Box.laid out on black cards,Sea Shells,Sport,Flags & Misc.many 100's s.t.b. ubnmtd.mint must check.better than average must be some finds ? £150
109 Better than average coll.of Royalty,6 vols.of the Queen Mother incl. Life & Times, 100 Years celebrating.,95th Birthday etc.range of G.B. noted 1948 S/Wedd.pair,Channel Is. & I.O.M.plus Br.Cols.stamps,M/Sheets,many Covers with Coins(fair bit of Face) etc. plus pkt.of P/Cards worth checking £80
110 Mass accum.of Foreign in Med.S/Book.across the board range mostly early to middle period looks mostly used many 100's check £35
111 Large Blue S/Book.with Monaco & Luxembourg substantial Stock from early issues to Mod. H/Vals.noted with plenty of dups.mint & used.set out nicely to Retail very H/Cat.value check £155
112 Most unusual coll.of The Boer War large sepia photo of the different Regiment & Civilians Camp Sites etc.some 27 in total.also Martial Law Passes stamp wise corner bl.of 15 ½ on 1d used Army Post.plus Letter about someone stealing from the Station interesting lot £150
113 In Box.various Foreign stamps on pages,pkts. etc.plus few Covers,also Album of some 21 Irish Covers better noted also 3 S/Books.World £45
114 Interesting sel.of German Reprints on s/cards mostly bl.of 4.plus range of 70 Nazi P/Cards Reprints on black pages good display material £45
115 Superb sel.housed in 9 16 double page S/Books.Br.Cols.& Foreign mostly small Country Lots early to middle period all used.many 1000's incl.much H/Cat.material not to be missed plus 2 empty S/Books & F.D.Cover Album.few Covers have a look £400
116 Med.S/Book.crammed with KG.VI. mint & used mostly part sets some dup.many 100's check £55
117 In Box.all World.giant Manilla page S/Book.dup.range early to Mod.,small Scand.lot on pages plus Ex.Bognor Auction Folders check £45
118 General sel.in 2 part Album & S/Book.large part Bahamas & Guyana Mod. plus other West Indies. £45
119 2 Ideal Albums.for Foreign Countries A-Z.only up to 1914 strong in certain areas sparse in general.worth filling with your unwanted items have a look £85
120 BR.COLS.sel.in Med.S/Book good across the board range appears to be only QV.-KG.V. good/fine used,many decent items seen.few 100's close look advised looks good value £225
121 EUROPA.issues in grn.Binder 1956-2002 all World sets & singles looks all used over 850 stamps No Dup. check £45
122 Giant S/Book.black pages.fine range of KG.V. & VI. heavy dup.in places vals.to 10/= seen.mint & used strong in Ascension.few QE.II. H/Cat. Lot needs checking £245
123 Large Heavy Box.all World in some 10 Albums/S/Books.plus 2 Boxes plenty of material here worth checking £52
124 Sel.in 2 S/Books. Brunei River Views,& Sultans few Burma KG.V.& VI. some sets. few Ceylon plus Transvaal,U.R.I.,& ED.VII. small lot Zanzibar mint & used have a look £80
125 Med.Box.looks mostly Foreign in 3 albums,bundle of Hagner Sheets,pages,s/cards, & Covers well worth checking £55
126 6 large Boxes unchecked by us.looks to be all World could be anything Vendor's Estimate not Ideal to Post but looks good value check £325
127 Med.Box.Loft Job.some 30 odd small old Commercial Boxes(interesting on their own) looks Br.Cols. & Foreign you should like this one Good Hunting £100
128 A fine coll.of Br.C/Wealth in 4 giant S/Books.range of Countries A-Z.QV.-QE.II. incl. Australia Roo's 10/= & £1,£2 spec. f/used 5/= S/Harbour,Robed £1 mint etc. range of KG.VI.many sets,fair lot Canada,Newf.,Gib.,H.K.,India & States,Malaya States,N.Z.,Rhod.'s,few Saints host of others mint & used many 100's must be checked £2200
129 Probably the last of a long line of Ex.Marsh material all World older material always worth a close look £55
130 Plastic Box.with Foreign One Country coll.Japan(264),Italian Cols.(50),Poland (260), Yugo. (320),Morroco (60),Lux.(54) many others Needs checking few 1000's £65
131 Archive Box.of Covers in albums G.B.in 3 albums decimal mostly typed plus Australia circa 1970's other odd Trade Cards etc. have a look £55
132 Superb Lot in Med.Plastic Box.full to top with single One Country Lots on black cards.part of Probate too small to lot individually but as one lot valuable accum. s.t.b. unmtd.mint must be viewed D'ont Miss. £360
133 Small Heavy Wooden Box.with Thematic's Birds,Fish incl.Whales,Marine Wildlife,Diving & salvage Ship wreaks,Storm & Hazards.mass of material all laid out s.t.b. unmtd.mint must check better types no pkt. have a look £150
134 World accum.in giant S/Book.well filled Foreign early/middle period plus 2 SG.S/Books G.B.& Australia mostly Mod.plus Med.S/Book Mod.Australia & N.Z.host of material worth checking in Box. £80
135 Archive Box.with 6 Albums of Royalty mint range plus 3 Albums of mixed World have a look £45
136 Small Box. with range of Lots Ex.Postal Auction sets & singles mint & used all Reigns min.cat.£7000.priced to sell @ £2000+Ideal Fairs etc. all priced ready to go have a look £560
137 WORLDWIDE.coll.in very old large Album.many 100's of stamps with most vals.in the 19th Century.housed in 2 lod large French Albums,mixed cond.most items used & often stuck down seen French 1f red imperf.1849,Germany most Shields as well as 1871 10pf & 30pf unused,lots of German States incl. H/Vals.18kr,interesting & valuable Russia,U.S. etc. needs to be viewed £295
138 White Box.with 7 Binders,& big stamp Book 2 black Wildlife Books,2 G.B.Papal Visit plus Australian Rosy Visit Princess Anne (Benham) £55
139 Med.Box.with World mixture in some 7 Albums & Folder good general for this money heavy lot chack £55
140 Interesting mixture in small Box.all World mostly in pkts.early middle period better noted plus 2 old Approv.Books one Osward Marsh with earlies.plus pkt.with Covers.well worth sorting have a look £100
141 Large Heavy Box.with all World in several Albums remainder coll.plus large carrier Bag with old coverless Album & mass of loose unchecked £55
142 Looks fairly useful range of Br.Cols.in Med.S/Book appears to be mostly KG.V.& mostly odds but better vals.noted also some early material seen QV. etc.all mint H/Cat. needs to be viewed £675
143 Worldwide mixture in Med.Box. S/Books,S/Cards,fair range some Covers unchecked by us many 100's close look £50
144 Mixed sel.in P/Book.odds & ends mostly early issues all World many H/Cat.items must be viewed £100
145 Large Heavy Box.with all World stamps & Covers in some 11 Albums unchecked by us. so have a close look please £100
146 Med.Box.with mass of World off paper filling the Box.you'll never get to the bottom. only way is to buy it!! £70
147 In Med.Box.a valuable sel.of Br.Cols.& Foreign in 8 S/Books.all used with mainly small Countries coll.early to Middle period incl.many better items must be 1000's another for the must list s.t.b. unmtd.mint plus 2 empty S/Books & Album few Covers have a look £325
148 General mixture in Ring Album.incl. Jamaica KG.VI.low vals. in mint block. QE.II. vals. to 5/= plus hagner card QV. 1d single & block on piece.Town cancels over 20 stamps other odds £35
149 Med.Box.with all World in 5 Albums.incl. large Minkus Album of Germany & States.2 boxed Albums of German misc.,old Movaleaf Album better early material plus old Lincoln. worth checking £300
150 Good looking lot in small Box.looks all Br.C/Wealth on hagner sheet, in S/Book & pkts we.. worth close look. £100
151 Small Box.World mixture in 5 Albums.bundle of Covers,Cig.Trade Cards unsorted check £35
152 Small sel.Ceylon,India & Pakistan QV.-1950 in SG. S/Book.few 100 £30
153 ADEN.on cards.1937 Dhow set to 1r,1939 KG.VI.comp.set to 10r,plus QE.II.1953 basic set some shades to £1 21 vals.all above appear unmtd.mint check £48
154 ALAND IS.(Finland)attractive & looks fairly comp. unmtd.mint coll.on cards from 1st Defs.of 1984 to 2000. Defs.,Comms.,& M/Sheets nice lot check £48
155 ALBANIA.coll.on cards incl.sets for 1925,1930,1937,1938(2), 1939,1940,1942/3, 1950 Air plus Mod. odds 1965-1970's all appear unmtd.mint good cat.val. £55
156 ANDORRA.1983 Arms imperf.blks.of 4.9 vals.between 5c & kfr.Ceres 316-324, Gib. between sg.F335-352,rare only 120 blks.printed.(Ceres quoted multiplying factor of 20 in 1998)Gib. '07 cat.£42 as basic stamps.so could cat.£840. rare 9 blks.of 4. needs to be viewed £220
157 ANDORRA.fine sel.appears all unmtd.mint on cards 1936 set,1950 Air,1955 to 75f, range of better Pictorials 1960,1970's odd later sets s.t.c.£400+ check £62
158 ANGOLA.valuable coll.on cards incl. long 1951 Bird set,1953 Fauna,various Civil Arms series Thematic Sea Shells,Butterflies etc.up to 1980's appear all unmtd.mint £65
159 ANGUILLA.Themmatic type sel.on cards 1969-2003 odd sets & Defs. all appear unmtd.mint good cat.val.check £35
160 ANTIGUA.fine coll.in File Box.incl.various ED.VII. incl. 5/=, 1921 most to 4/=, few KG.VI., range of Defs. 1953,1966,1970 etc. plus Comms.to 1990's appears all unmtd.mint H/Cat.Lot must check £145
161 ARGENTINA.1910 Cent.issues 43 diff.colour trial imperf.on thick card unusual & make fine display £65
162 ASCENSION.1938 KG.VI.4d with scarce Mountain flaw as per sg.42da mint copy cat.£400 looks cheap £60
163 ASCENSION.1937-71 near comp.(missing KG.VI. 10/=),between sg.35-148 (no M/S.), KG.VI. range to 5/= mint & u. various perfs.,QE.II.mint on s/c.& leaves cat.£720 £175
164 ASCENSION.useful sel.on black cards in Box.1934-49 part & full sets,1956 comp.set to 10/= almost full range 1968-2007.Defs. & Comms.all comp.sets attractive lot & H/Cat. s.t.b.all unmtd.mint check £125
165 AUSTRALIA.1992-98 in red Binder 101 unadressed F.D.C's & Cards & M/Sheet cat.£363 as stamps check £125
166 AUSTRALIA.large Box containing fair range of stamps Roo's to QE.II.mint & used cond.mixed in places but plenty of material plus Album of Covers & Box of loose £160
167 AUSTRALIA.mass dup.with very heavy dup.in 2 Ring Albums.Stock mint & used mostly Mod. check £60
168 AUSTRALIA. H/Cat.Roo's on card. 2/=,5/=,£1 gry.scarce £2 pulled perf.good to fine used £135
169 AUSTRALIA.1998-2005 in brn.Binder 170 unaddressed F.D.C's & Cards. cat.£463 as stamps check £155
170 AUSTRALIA.1984-1992 in red Binder 146 F.D.C.& Cards unadressed sets & Se.Tenant strips cat.as used also a few P/Packs cat.£450+ have a look £150
171 AUSTRALIA.unchecked for printing KG.V.Heads ½ x 2,1d x 2,1½ red,1½ brn.,2d red, 2d brn.,3d,4d x 2,& 5d all mint not all fine worth checking £40
172 AUSTRALIA.1980-93 in grn.boxed Plymouth Album.mainly good Commercial used( incl.m.) plus M/Sheets between sg.728-1434 val.to $20 cat.£775 100's needs viewing £100
173 AUSTRALIA.1931-78 in red Binder.1937 Robes to 10/=,1948 no wmks.,Arms to £1, Comms. to '1978,1966 Decimal to $4,Booklet Panes,paintings to $10 all mint much unmtd.cat.£748 £145
174 AUSTRALIA.mostly mint sel.in boxed Album.odd KG.VI.plus range 1970-1990 Defs.& Comms. M/Sheets etc. H/Cat.check £50
175 AUSTRALIA.mass accum.in small File Box.very comp.range incl. 1930-1936 Comms.,1937 comp.set to £1.1948 Arms then looks fairly comp.range to 2007.H/Cat. Lot s.t.b. all unmtd.mint laid out ready to sell. Ideal for Fairs check. few Ant.Terr. fine lot £200
176 AUSTRALIA B.C.OF.1946 1d brn.purple joined pair side margin with the blue black O/Print as perf. sg.J2a cat.£110 B.P.A.Cert. £28
177 AUSTRIA.Famous Artists Plate Proof centre only Franz Schubert grn.on yellow Wimmer Sheet corner crease £35
178 AUSTRIA.coll.in large black page S/Book.fair range of early middle Picts.,good sel.of Defs. sets & part sets better vals.seen.through to later Comms.mixture of mint & used few 100's have a look £220
179 AUSTRIA.coll.in Album on Davo One Country pages 1850 imperfs.to 9kr,1858-1860 Embossed Heads,later "Whiskers" & Numerals usual middle range 1920-1930 Picts.sets,various Airs noted 1935 10g-10s,few Officials 1915 Military Post, Levant Occ. O/Print Charity. host more H/Cat.Lot check £150
180 AUSTRIA.remainder coll.in Box.held in 4 large Album/S/Books.range from early to Mod.mint & used plus few Covers probably 1000's worth sorting £45
181 AUSTRIA.1969-78 comprhensive range mainly Comms.mint & used incl.of 4, M/Sheets on 10 sides s/cards.between sg.1549-1807 cat.£282 100's check £50
182 AUSTRIA.1960's -2000's in red Album.unusual sel. 465 black prints mainly Comms.& M/Sheets needs to be viewed £185
183 AUSTRIA.superb coll.on black cards in cat.order in 2 File Boxes.incl. 1899-late 2000's. sel.of early issues Francis Joseph's 1899 to 4k(ex.2k),1908 to 5k,1910 to 1k,1916 to 10k,1922 to 4000k,1922 Airs,Artists,1925 to 2s,1925 Air comp.1929 Views, good lot 1930 sets Relief of Vienna,1935 Air later incl. 1948 Costumes comp.1950 Air,then looks fairly comp.run to 2000's very H/Cat.lot s.t.b. all unmtd.mint Ideal Re.Sale Don't Miss £650
184 BAHAMAS.1890 QV.6d mauve with variety malformed "E" as per sg.54a mint fair copy cat.£180 £50
185 BAHAMAS.1920 Peace issue O/Print Specimen mint sg.106-10. cat.£160 most off centre £42
186 BAHAMAS.unusual 1978 Goodwill Caravan 3c vert.pair with major perf.shift imperf. between pair mint have a look £55
187 BAHAMAS.brn.Cover Album in slip case 1958-69 holding some 37 O.H.M.S. Covers diff. Dept.catchets Telcom Dept. £35
188 BAHAMAS.range of P/Stat.in pkt. QV.-QE.II.with 3 items O/Print Specimen, Reg.Env., Air Letters etc. better p/mk.noted £35
189 BAHAMAS.useful & attractive coll.on black cards laid out in cat.order. incl.1920 Peace, 1930 Colony,1938 to 5/=,1948 to £1,1954 to £1,1967 to $3,other QE.II. fair range to 2005. s.t.b. all unmtd.mint Ideal re.sale H/Cat.check £150
190 BAHRAIN.1917 & 1918 Special Delivery stamps O/Print specimen mint sg.52 & 53 cat.£130 £35
191 BAHRAIN.1948 KG.VI.O/Print set of 13 vals. mint cat.£95 £30
192 BATUM.1919 sg.1 & 2.in umtd.mint bls.of 36 cat.£45 Sold As Genuine £75
193 BARBADOS.attractive sel.on black cards laid out in cat.order sel.of KG.V.mostly odds. 1925 part set,S/Jub.,1938 set other KG.VI.plus QE.II.Defs.& Comms.all sets fairly comp.to 2006 s.t.b.all unmtd.mint cat.around £600 nice lot to re.sale in File Box. £125
194 BELGIUM.fine & valuable coll.housed in 3 Boxed Davo Albums One Country few early imperf.& perf.1893 with Tabs mint & used, fair 1920 section mint & used sets, 1930/40 looks comp.with orval & Defs.sets mostly mint,plus H/Cat.range looks comp. M/Sheets 1924/64, plus 1920 Tete Beche,2nd Mod.range looks comp.to 1970's 2rd Album Official & Railway stamps. s.t.c.£13,000+must be viewed have a look £1250
195 BELGIUM.early 1940's in red S/Book.mainly good to f.used.incl. 1849 20c Epaulettre 4 margins plus 4 imperf.Medallion 6 per examples.Leopold II.to 2fr plus Comms., Mod. mint £115
196 BELGIUM.1960-94 grn.Scott Album.near comp.Defs.,Comms.,M/Sheets all mint mainly unmtd.m.strong Thematic content H/Face cat.£642 100's check £155
197 BELGIUM.in black File a valuable coll.on black cards laid out in cat.order noted 1925 Leopold set.1928 orval,1928 T.B.others later 1946 Fund,1948 Ind.,1948 Antwerp,Fund,scarce 1949 MS.1260 & 1261.1950 Athletic,1951 Air,Medical,1952 U.P.U.,Writers,Fund.,1953 Fund, R.Cross,plus host of others to 2000 very H/Cat.Lot s.t.b. all unmtd.mint not to missed £1000
198 BELIZE.sel.on black cards laid out in cat.order 1970-2005 attractive range of Defs.& Comms.incl.useful Thematic issues many 100's s.t.c. around £450 unmtd.mint £85
199 BERMUDA.useful coll.on black cards all in cat.order incl. 1910 to 2/=,1920 to 1/=,ex.4d, 2nd issue comp.to 1/=,1935 S.Jub.,1936 to 1/6,1938 to £1,1948 S/Wedd.,QE.II. 1953 to £1 later 1970's-2006 fairly comp.range Defs.& Comms. s.t.b.all unmtd.mint check £150
200 BOLIVIA.coll.in Gold Crest Album.1871-1990.Defs.& Comms.early issues,mint middle Picts.etc. few 100's nicely laid out to expand £40
201 BOSNIA & HERTZ.sel.on black cards 1879 to 25k,1900 low cat.items.1906 to 5k. 1910 to 5k (ex.20,40,45) 1912 trio. 1912 to 5k.1916 to 10k.1917 to 10k ex.90.plus 1917 imperf. set of 3 in pairs,1906 Mosque 25 dp.blue so called Japanese print.all unmtd.mint check £95
202 BOTSWANA.colourful sel.on black cards late 1960's-2004 sets & part sets Defs.& Comms. fine Thematic range unmtd.mint £42
203 BR.HONDURAS.small lot on black cards incl. 1938 KG.VI.set to $5.1953 to $5.other odds unmtd.mint check £42
204 BRAZIL.1928-48 Airmail sel.some dup.mint & used incl.some light tone & few faults. 1928 Aero set to top val.plus 1 part set.'29 Dumont m.x 5,used x 4,then various to 1948 cat.£998 100's needs to be viewed £125
205 BRIT.ANTARCTIC TERR.fine lot on black cards in cat.order.odd 1970's then fairly comp.range 1983-2006 Defs.& Comms.unmtd.mint many better sets Ideal Re.Sale etc. £85
206 BRIT.ASIA.in Scott Album.remainder mint & u.sel.ideal starter lot,Ceylon,India States,H.K. incl. 1941 Cent.set,Pakistan have a look £80
207 BRIT.GUIANA.attractive 1853/59 imperf.1c verm.a large 4 margin copy with brt.colour being 11 original printing fine used small thin spot does not detract cat.£1000 must be cheap £120
208 BRIT.GUIANA.small sel.on cards odd Ship type 1931 set,S.Jub.,1938 set to $3.other Omnibus issues.1954 to £2 all unmtd.mint check £42
209 BRIT.IND.OCEAN TERR.fine unmtd.mint coll.on black cards in cat.order.incl.1968 set to 10r, 1971 Tortoise,Rail,1972 Coro's,1975 Birds,1990 Birds then almost comp.run to 2006 Defs. & Comms. H/Cat. Ideal Re.Sale £100
210 BRIT.LEVANT.1885-1920 9 pages mint & used,1885 to 12p,1887 to 4p, '02-'12 to 12p & 24p, various shades & changelings plus Levant O/Prints to KG.V.2/6, ( few faults) cat.£803 needs to be viewed £165
211 BRIT.SOL.IS.1914/27 KG.V. £1 purple & black as per sg.38 nice mint copy check £90
212 BRIT.SOMALILAND 1903 QV.2a 6.O/Print with error of printing "I" in British as per sg.18a mint cat.£190 £48
213 BERIT.VIRGIN IS.large sel.on black cards in small File Box.in cat.order incl.1952 set to $4.80.,1956,1964 sets,then range of Defs.& Comms. to 2000+ all unmtd.mint few 100's £75
214 BRUNEI.scarce 1922 Malaya-Borneo Exh.1922 comp.set of stamps sg.51-59.many of them with the short"N" variety.all mint but not all fine but good lookers with H/Cat.val. check £150
215 BURMA JAP.OCC.1943 Farmer issues mostly used to 30c odd mint.1943 Soldiers & Flag, 1943 Burmese Women set mint.plus s/card,1943 Shan Women set mint,clean lot good cat.val. have a look £85
216 CAMEROUN.1900 Yacht 3pf-20pf,30pf,40pf,80pf-2m,& 5m.mint,later issues 1966 Air 1966 Flowers & others unmtd.mint check £58
217 CANADA. Royal Mtd.Police 1873-1998 uncut M/Sheet which in within 10 M/Sheets £30
218 CANADA. Revenues very nice coll.housed on Album leaves,nearly 100 stamps mint & used with various cat.such as "Weights & Measures","Probate","Law Stamp", "Electric Inspection","War Tax"incl. scarce 50c & $1 Booklets etc. interesting lot needs to be viewed £800
219 CANADA. KG.V. Coils on album page.various diff.types,perfs. etc.i.e. perf.8,perf.12 & imperfs.substantial cat.virtually all mint needs to be viewed £35
220 CANADA.general range in 2 Albums QV.- QE.II. better later range plus Covers £32
221 CANADA.in printed 3 ring Minkus Album.various Victorian issues,ED.VII.to 20c,KG.V.to $1,1928 to $1,1930-31 to $1,1935 to $1,god KG.VI.area,some Coils & P/Dues.also QE.II. to 1972 mainly used 100's check £100
222 CANADA.valuable coll.on black cards in grey File Box.all in cat.order.incl.1897 1c to 6c & 15c.small heads ½ to 8c,plus ½c to 5c,1912 to 50c,1922 most to $1.1930 Air. 1932 to 8c.1936 to $1,1930 Air,1932 to 8c,1935 to $1.1937 to $1,1942 to $1.,1946 to $1.then fairly comp.range QE.II.Defs.& Comms.-2006.plus Officials S4-S16 mint mostly unmtd.mint H/Cat. Lot Don't Miss. £595
223 CANADA.neat & nicely written up coll.in Album.incl. 1897 & 1900 QV.small heads not comp. but vals.to 20c.few ED.VII.,KG.V.Defs.& Picts.vals.to $1 noted various KG.VI.vals.to $1,plus Official & Special Delivery plus QE.II.some in pkt.mint & used coll.mostly fine check £85
224 CANADA.1954 1c,3c,4c,5c,QE.II.phos.issues in dup. unmtd.blks.1c sg.463p u.( 13 blks.x 4),(52),3c sg.465p unmtd.mint(15 blks.x 6),4c sg.466p x 78 unmtd.mint,(7 blks.x 10,1 blk.x 8) (78),5c sg.467 x 20 unmtd.corner blks.of 4 (80).cat.£492.60 (300) '02 check £80
225 CANADA.1937-49 KG.VI.issues all unmtd.mint bls.of 4 & 6,Coils in strips of 4,16 diff vals.incl.1937 Coils sg.369-70,399,405 cat.£439 (70) £115
226 CANAL ZONE.on approv.card.comp.set of 16 vals. 1939 Opening Panama Canal,plus Airmails sg.143-164 unmtd.mint some bends in places £38
227 CAPE OF GOOD HOPE.coll.in S/Book.1853-1904 incl. Triangles 1d x 2,4d x 2,& 1/=, plus range of Seated Hopes from 1864 to 1904 looks fairly comp.basic range with vals.to 5/= mixed mint & used cond. mixed in places so needs checking H/Cat.Lot £195
228 CAYMAN IS. 1907 ED.VII. ½ on 5/= salmon & grn.nice mint copy of sg.18 cat.£275 £80
229 CAYMAN IS.QE.II.sel.on hagner pages.incl. 1982 to $4(2) mint one set used plus range of Mod.Comms.mint & used incl. M/Sheets check £52
230 CAYMAN IS.fair sel.on black cards in cat.order 1932 to 1/=,1935 to 2½, 3d to 5/= (ex.1/=). few KG.VI.1950 to 10/=.1962 to £1.sel.of Defs.& Comms.1970-2006 few 100's mostly unmtd.mint £70
231 CEYLON.scarce 1857 imperf.8d brn.good margin copy of sg.7 minor blemishes nicely used cat.£1500.genuine(no filler)good val.check £180
232 CEYLON.small grn.S/Book.range with fair bit of dup.only QV.incl. Chalons but mostly small heads used few mint cond.mixed check £55
233 CEYLON.sel.on black cards 1935 KG.V.to 1r,1938 to 2r.few others all mint £35
234 CHINA.interesting range of material,Dealers Stock with several 100 stamps,mostly mint with majority from 1930's & 1940's,incl. Japan Occ.,Manchuria,diff. Regions all kinds of O/Prints lot for the Specialist study,gold yuan as well as early PRC.nice lot needs to be viewed £800
235 CHINA.interesting range of 19th Cent.Dragons with & without O/Print to $,& China treaty ports Chinklang,Kewking,Chefoo,Foochow,Amoy etc. also Japan early bls.of 4. mint unmtd. Defs.,etc.needs to be viewed £155
236 CHINA.Med.S/Book.with super lot of mainly Dr S.Y.S.issues various combinations on pieces make nice display lot plus general mixture in Manilla S/Book have a look £68
237 CHINA.looks useful accum.on black cards in cat.order in grey File Box.odd early but looks mainly Peoples Repub.1970-2000.many better sets.few 100's s.t.b. unmtd.mint must be checked £120
238 CHINA P.O.'s fine range 1894-1922 French,Japan,Canton,Hoi Hao,etc.some blocks, Tchong- king,Kwangchowan,German,Russia etc.some 500 stamps Vendor states cat.£1750+ mint & used have a look £130
239 CHRISTMAS IS.sel.on black cards.1963 to $1.1982 Birds,Crabs,1990 Defs.plus range of Comms.s.t.b. unmtd.mint check £32
240 COCOS KEELING IS.sel.on black cards 1963-2004.not comp.but incl.Defs. & Comms useful Thematic's s.t.b. unmtd.mint check £35
241 CONGO.small neat lot on 4 hagner pages.incl.the key stamp sg.27 cat.£120 unmtd.mint plus small lot Central African Rep.check £36
242 COOK IS.small sel.on black cards incl.1949 to 3/=.1963 set to 3/= long 1974 Sea Shells set to $10.1992 Reef Life to $15.plus others s.t.b. unmtd.mint check £35
243 COVERS.in Box.large bundle of misc.Covers QE.II. period mostly incl.better, H.K., Br.Ant.Terr.,Cook Is.,Virgin Is.,Falk.Is.,etc. good sel. to Retail have a look £125
244 COVERS.Swiss. fine sel.of early Covers in F.D.Pockets all Seated Helvetia's late 1899's single stamps,pairs,strips of 3,bl.of 4,odd P/Stat.& Pre.Stamp 44 items H/Cat.Lot must check £195
245 COVERS.German 1870's Shields 5 Covers Bayern 1871,1869 Leipzig,Wurt. 1kr,etc. fine lot 16 items £65
246 COVERS.suoerb accum.of early Russia Covers & P/Stat.in Box.far too much to describe circa 1900's fine range of Adh.& cancels range of combinations some 200 items Don't Miss. rarely offered £595
247 COVERS.good sel.of Poland Covers.in F.D.Pockets incl. few Germania,1919 Defs.,1920/30 Picts. plus later odds.some 28 items needs closer check please £70
248 COVERS.Saar fine coll.of mainly Germania with various combinations from pairs to 9 Adh. with higher vals. scarce lot 16 items have a look £75
249 COVERS.Austria series of 1920's Covers with range of Adh.Posthorns & Arms noted imperf.& perf.interesting bunch some 36 items £45
250 COVERS. interesting range of Saar Covers in pkt.appear to be all 1950's issues Defs.& Comms. on ILL.Covers some 60 items £45
251 COVERS. U.S.A.F.Flight Covers in pkt.circa 1930-1940 attractive range all diff.cachets & Adh. some 30 items good value have a look £42
252 COVERS.Swiss.coll.in F.D.C.Album.attractive range 1939-1970's Defs. & Comms. all Air incl. F.Flight diff.many better Adh. noted one you need to view H/Cat.Lot over 100 items £195
253 COVERS.Swiss.scarce sel.of Covers 1943/4.used with Adh.taken from 1943 numeral M/Sheet vals.4c & 6c various combinations from pairs to blocks of 6 also corner marginals all cancelled Expo.Phil.Nat. 22 items have a look £85
254 COVERS.German Occ.Covers in Cover Pocket all various combinations Germania Adh. needs checking 16 Covers. £55
255 COVERS. Br.C/Wealth ED.VII.& KG.V.incl. H.Kong,Cyprus,B.G.,Sudan. cond.mixed check 15 items £26
256 COVERS.Br.C/Wealth only QV.-KG.V.Covers. B.W.I. Canada,N.Z.,few P/Stat.needs to be viewed some 33 items £80
257 COVERS.Greenland bundle of Covers 1950-1970's incl. F.Flights Exped.etc. nice lot have a look some 40 items £38
258 COVERS. attractive U.S.A.1940 Famous Men issues 35 diff.Covers with vignettes of the Famous Person matching the stamp nice lot £50
259 COVERS.interesting sel.of Egypt Covers in pkt.3 b/stamp with Br.Force Letter stamp all diff.1941 Cover to S/Africa franked Egypt 34 P/Paid etc. 8 items £35
260 COVERS.Canada useful bundle incl.3c Beavers circa 1860's on 5 Covers, 1898 QV. 8c, 1893 QV.3c & 6c small heads.others incl. KG.V. 17 items £75
261 COVERS.Ethiopia Italian P/Card to U.S.A.franked with Annexation 30c King Victor Adh., 2nd Italian E.Africa-Eritrea franked with 10c Dromedary £38
262 COVERS.misc.bundle of Flight Covers & Cards.Censor.various early P/Stat., Germany/ Berlin 1828 Dom.Rep.Lindberg cachet etc. 14 items priced in U.S.Dollars £55
263 COVERS.Br.C/Wealth mixture in pkt.incl.Aust.Antartic. 1958,1891 N.Z.P/Stat.plus ½ Adh.,Sudan Reg.,range Australia 1950/60 incl.Produce Food etc. 34 items £40
264 COVERS. France attractive sel.Pneumatique & Telegramme P/Stat. Cards & Env.all mint incl. colour cards 8 cards Paris £28
265 COVERS.German Nazi Cards.mostly of Hitler Portraits & Parada few Hindenberg etc. some 40 items £35
266 COVERS.I.O.M.Knockalde P.O.War Covers 1st World War addressed to U.S.A. Censor & charge markings good lot 7 items not seen often £40
267 COVERS. 1926 Airship Los Angeles 1st Flight from Bermuda 2½ Ship tied £36
268 COVERS.fine 1939 Airmail Covers.Ship Trans Atlantic 2nd Survey Flight withstamps & cancel Newfoundland,France,U.S.A. & Ireland some Trip £38
269 COVERS. German 1913 Germania mint covers matching stamps to Covers all with Wilhelm.ILL. 8 Covers. £30
270 COVERS.atrractive sel.of U.S.A.P/Cards circa 1917/18 all with Washington Adh.incl. Military & Town Scenes etc. 27 items £32
271 COVERS.misc.bundle of better Airmail material 1940,1960 incl. 1940 1st Flight New Caledonia-N.Z.,U.S.A.various 1941 Port Guine,Italy etc. about 40 items £70
272 COVERS.Iraq sel.of late 1940 Air Letters mint & used in pkt. 11 items £25
273 COVERS.in Album.Liechtenstein 1900-1940 incl. 1938 Airmail,1946 Birds,1957 Scouts, 1937 Fuastentua etc.21 items £45
274 COVERS. China small bundle incl. late 1940/50's Defs.odd B/Stamp later Comms.1960/90 attractive lot with better noted over 60 items have a look £70
275 COVERS.interesting mixture in pkt.2 German Propaganda Churchill etc.Nepal 1960 Exped. signed,Arab States 1955 Lufthansa Flight fresh Air Fund,P.O.W. Card,U.S.A. miniture Env.& Sweden.many more check please some 59 items £100
276 COVERS.Br.C/Wealth in pkt.India 1896 1a 6p pair & single boxed Sukkur (stained), N.G. loose Ship Letter,1902 Hand ILL.Cover Victoria,B.G.Inland,1904 Orange River ED.VII.etc. 10 items check £120
277 COVERS.Br.C/Wealth in pkt.1902 St.Helena ED.VII.,1930 Bahamas War Tx.& Charity, Nigeria,Cameroun under British Mandate £36
278 COVER.1902 2 P/Cards used 2 diff.coloured cards "Peace Lasting Peace"(Nothings Changed) £25
279 COVERS.Space P/History in large Box.Nasa photographs,Lapels,Space P/History incl. dozens of Autographs such as Apollo Astronauts,J.Young,Jean Ceman,Tom Stafford as well as others incl.Shuttle Missions,etc.lots of Literature,Space Colour slides,etc.all from the William Haun Estate.interesting Lot needs to be viewed £800
280 COVERS.S/Africa & S.W.A.group 9 Covers all with Voort.Memorial of Hugo sets 1933-39.incl. Ox Cart post stamps alone cat.£164+ premium check £42
281 COVERS.Sierra Leone 11 P/Stat.items QV.-KG.V.all with Specimen O/Print £26
282 COVERS.Canada/Newfoundland black cover Album with used F.F.C.'s, P/Stat., R.Visit 1939, Censor Mail,Pro.marks etc. 75 items £52
283 COVERS.Med.Box.with mass accum.of World Covers in albums & loose unchecked by us well worth sorting £100
284 COVERS.Seychelles 1919 Wilson Cover with 4 vals.to 15c,1953 Jub.2 Covers special p/mks.,1953 1st Flight to Mombassa with label.plus 4 P/Stat.items etc. 9 items £35
285 COVERS.S/Africa Transvaal 1900 Cover bearing V.R.I.O/Prints of the 1/=,2/6,5/=, & 10/= Adh.tied with Johannesburg cancels.some slight soiling but scarce check £85
286 COVERS. U.S.A.1928 Graf.Zepp.Cover to Berlin range of Airmail Adh.with St.Louis C.D.S. cancels 1928 Zepp.catchets looks cheap check £35
287 COVERS.Belgium 1860's,1870's Commercial Entire Letter 20c then 10c frankings 22 items good value £40
288 COVERS.small Box of Covers Cyprus,Egypt,Iraq,Israel,Lebanon & Palestine & other Middle East over 100 items check £40
289 COVERS.Czech.about 230 items of Field Post/Polni Posta)mostly 1938 few 1916/20 many Censor markings interesting lot to write up cheap enough £50
290 COVERS.Austria 1st Rep.about 30 items Anschluss about 45 items, 2nd Rep.about 100 items at 30p each must be worth a look £45
291 COVERS.Med.plastic Carton full many 100's perhaps 1000's of Covers with much better noted Swiss.M/Sheets,Fiji,Spain,Norway,World Airmail etc. close look advised £100
292 COVERS.small Box.misc.mixture fair bit of dup.unsorted looks mostly P/Stat.few better Taiwan,Egypt,Balloon Post etc.few 100's check £65
293 COVERS.Canada always popular 1928-1947 1st Flight Oddicial Airmail Flights looks all different catchets various Adh.Defs.& Picts.32 items plus sel. KG.V.etc.advert Covers some 10 items have a look £60
294 COVERS.Swiss.early Covers in large S/Book.all seated Helveitia's 5c & 10c mostly 1860/70's good range of p/mks.nice display material some 60 items check £225
295 COVERS.Canada 1928-1933 series of F.Airmail Flights individually priced in pkts.series of various Adh.incl. 5c Air,6c on 5c Air,fine range of catchets.45 items priced up to sell @ $240 +.attractive lot have a look £60
296 COVERS.in pkt.Australia States.used & mint P/Stat.Victoria,Sth.Wales,Sth.Aust.plus range N.Z. QV.P/Stat. mostly mint other odds have a look £65
297 COVERS.France fine sel.of early Covers in cover pages all Naps.or Ceres mostly 19c & 15c stamps but noted some pairs & good range of p/mks.some 60 items check £55
298 COVERS.mixed in pkts.Canal Zone 1925 R.P.O.,Panama Railroad comp. Covers, Phillipine Is., series of stamp O/Print Victory,plus 9 Victory/P/Stat.each with Jap.Adh.,Canal Zone F.Flight others about 20 items check £50
299 COVERS.Germany series of Bulletin D'Exped.Coupons various combinations of Germania & Pict.Adh.all to Constantinople.range of cancels & p.mks. 25 items £45
300 COVERS.misc accum.in pkt.mostly early middle period.Ned Indies,Germany, U.S.A., Ship Covers,Egypt.others over 100 Covers worth checking £85
301 COVERS.scarce 1978 Conquest of Everest P/Stat.6½ valia Souvenir sheet personally signed by Tenzing Norgay & John Hunt recent retail of £195 £90
302 COVERS.Med.Box all World Covers good range & variety early/Mod.many 100's needs sorting £50
303 COVERS.Med.Box.with all World Covers messy Lot needs sorting,loose & in Bags many 100's have a look £50
304 COVERS.interesting bundle of World Covers in pkt.all with Paquebot or Ship markings all periods noted Ideal Club display some 80 items have a look £75
305 COVERS.Scouts Thematic coll.of Covers all World from 1939 onwards good range some 60 Covers nice display material £45
306 COVERS.very early bits of P/History in the form of a letter dated 1591 Merchant Letter Verona to London have a look £90
307 COVERS.Scand.P/Stat.some 38 items Iceland or Scandinavia Local.mainly mint some interesting early items check all on single cards check £75
308 COVERS.Med.Box range of World Covers few 100's early to middle period noted odd better worth sorting £50
309 COVERS.in pkt.Br.Sol.Is. S/Wedd.pair Plain F.D.C., G.B. 1d Lilac on U.P.U.Card, H.K. 1982 H/Vals. $10,$20 & $50 on Airmail Cover others 9 items in all. £35
310 COVERS.coll.of Covers Posted at Sea incl.scarce 1936 Queen Mary to N.York with KG.V.1d Adh.(damaged) 28 items £32
311 COVERS.Newfoundland interesting bundle in pkt.some 30 items 1919-1940's incl. Grenfell Visit,7c F.Day 1942 Inaug.Flights x 2.R.Visit x 4.odd early P/Stat. etc. £35
312 COVERS.Canada small bundle of 1st Flight Covers in pkt.some 46 items 1927/30 mostly with 5c Airmail all with different vignettes nice lot £35
313 CROATIA.fair on black cards in cat.order incl. 1941 comp.set to 100k.plus variety on 100k. line through top of minaret forming a cross.later various odds & ends Mod.Comms.to 2000. plus P/Due.sets s.t.b. unmtd.mint check £48
314 CUBA.attractive sel.on black cards 1970-2000.but many blank years & looks mainly Comms. s.t.b. unmtd.mint few 100 check £50
315 CYPRUS.attractive 1963 Scouts M/Sheet sg.MS.231a unmtd.mint not flat £42
316 CYPRUS.sel. 1963-2002. 23 mint M/Sheets from 1963 Scout,'64 Olympic mtd.mint rest unmtd.,also 1981-2002 near comp.unmtd.mint Defs.& Comms.sets vals.to £5 all on 11 side s/card cat.£692 100's needs checking £170
317 CYPRUS.general used coll.in LL.Album.from QV.die.I.to 1990.QV.,ED.VII.,KG.V.,& QE.II.Rep, mostly low vals of the earlier Colonial issues with many examples,incl.a few Rurals,coll. for p.mks.Mod.1960-1990 seem comp.but no M/Sheets check £265
318 CYPRUS.early mint & u.coll.on sheets with many multiples.1880 wmk.CC to 4pi used, ½pi O/Prints incl.sg.23(2),25,27,& 29. die.I.to 12pi,1894-96 to 9pi,1912 to 9pi etc.a good early lot for expansion have a look £425
319 CYPRUS.alpha Major Album.1953-79 near comp.coll.on printed leaves incl. M/Sheet mint & used cat.£448 £95
320 CYPRUS.fine sel.on black cards all in cat.order incl.1934 set to 45p,S.Jub.1938 KG.VI.to £1. 1955 £1(ex.250m),1962 set to £1.various Omnibus issues plus later Defs.& Comms.to 2000 s.t.b. un mtd.mint £95
321 CZECH.large coll.on black cards in cat.order in black File Box.few early incl.1923 set,1930 Air,1951 Air.1956 Freight later to 1990's plus fairly comp.range 1990's - 2000's many 100's s.t.b. unmtd.mint H/Cat.check £80
322 DANZIG.etc. interesting range of material.incl.O/Prints 1rm & 2rm x 2 unmtd.mint plus other Cinderella etc. needs checking £105
323 DENMARK.good coll.in small Album few numerals & imperf.Earlies,range of small heads,middle period sets & singles then fair sel.to 1990's many 100's check £42
324 DENMARK.1941-83 in brn.box.9 red Binders.wide range of D.D.C's plus Cards.many blks.of 4, Defs.,Comms. vals.to 35p each (770) needs to be viewed £275
325 DENMARK.valuable coll.on black cards in cat.order in black File Box.incl. 1907 10ore-25ore, 50ore-100ore,1924 both types 1925 Air 10ore-25ore.1929 Cancer.range of numbers vals. to 375ore.better 1930's incl.1935 Hans.1946 Arms almost comp.to 50k. 1948 to 95ore.most 1950'sthen loose fairly comp.range Defs.& Comms. to 2000.many 100's s.t.b. unmtd.mint check £360
326 DOMINICA.sel.on black cards incl. 1923 odds incl. 3/=,4/=,& 5/= few Omnibus issues odd QE.II.Defs.& Comms. few 100s check £38
327 ECUADOR.hefty coll.in ring Album.early issues 1881,1892,1894/5 mint & used later Officials, later 1900's fair middle period later Air Post etc.many 100's Ideal to expand £35
328 ESTONIA.small dup.range coll.in small S/Book.1918-1940 mint & used imperf.& perf.odd better in places over 240 stamps check £65
329 ESTONIA.small sel.on black cards.1924 imperf.pairs,1927 Lib.,Relief Funds 37,38,39,& 40, 1938 Cent.,1939 Parnu s.t.b. unmtd.mint £35
330 FALKLAND IS.scarce 1933 1d Iceberg vert.mint pair top margin with variety thick serie to 1d as per sg.128a mint cat.£190 £48
331 FALKLAND IS.scarce 1933 Centenary 10/= Coat of Arms sg.137 mint copy slight tone cat. £600 chance to fill that gap £185
332 FALKLAND IS.useful lot on black cardsin cat.order 1929 & 1933 to 1/=,1938 KG.VI.set to £1.1948 S/Wedd.& 1949 U.P.U.,1960 Bird set,1968 to£1.then looks fairly comp.range Defs.& Comms.to 2007.Ideal lot for Re.Sale laid out ready to go.s.t.b. unmtd.mint few Falk.Is.Dep. H/Cat.lot check £360
333 FAROE IS.attractive coll.on black cards incl. 1975 Defs.to 500ore.most 1976/78 Comms.then fairly comp.range Defs.& Comms.to 2000 many 100's s.t.b. unmtd.mint good cat.val. check £75
334 FIJI. 1870 1/= black/rose on quad paper Express stamp as per sg.4.cut square used with Pen cancel without Cert.so Sold As Seen £220
335 FIJI. on Hagner 1912/23 quarter to £1 some 15 vals.unchecked wmk.plus few War stamps & 1935 S.Jub. have a look £100
336 FIJI. 1912/23 looks comp.range with shades quarter to £1 all used £95
337 FIJI. 1938 KG.VI.range on card. ½ to £1 with extra's some 30 stamps mint plus 1938 5th April Cover KG.VI. ½ to 6d vals. check £90
338 FIJI. fine unchecked sel.of early crowns on small s/car.mint & used incl. S/Charges scarce QV. 1/= brn.in corner margin with imprint strip of 4 f/used toned.others to 5/= cond.mixed needs sorting over 50 stamps check £300
339 FIJI.in Folder range with dups. KG.V.& VI.off paper selected for p/mk.I would think around 150 pieces have a look £75
340 FIJI.good coll.on black cards in cat.order in File Box.incl. KG.VI.to 5/= 1954 comp.set to £1.1959 to 5/= then look fairly comp.run 1972-2006 Defs.& Comms. s.t.b. unmtd.mint s.t.c. around £800 £165
341 FIJI.1938/55 well written up coll.of these stamps with different perfs.& varieties looks comp.to 10/=,some 34 stamps mint some unmtd.cat.£330 check £65
342 FINLAND.coll.in Davo One Country Album.good general mixture from 1866 Teeth types small lot of small Lions then odds & ends through to 1980's all used few 100's check £55
343 FINLAND.coll.in printed Davo Album.with Comms.& Charities mainly mint many unmtd.from 1922 to 1966 incl. Zepp O/Print.Defs.mint & used on sheets in multiples from 1875 on. useful for shades & p/mks.incl. sg.274 mint.clean lot have a look £100
344 FINLAND.valuable lot on black cards in cat.order laid out in File Box.1917 comp.set to 25m ex.one or two odd low vals.,1930 comp.set to 40m(ex.3½ blue),good range R.Cross & Relief Fund plus fine range Defs.& Comms.incl. long sets to 2000. s.t.b. unmtd.mint many 100's H/Cat.Lot must check £250
345 FR.ANTARCTIC.sel.in P/Book.circa 1950-60's incl. 1955 O/Prints.1956 Airs incl. 100f & 200f many others all mint £35
346 FR.ANTARTIC TERR.1981 Sculpture unmtd.mint sel.14 diff stamps in strips of 5, full sheets of 5 & 10 Se.tenant strips,25kr Antarctic Sculpture,Lady Franklin,Albatross,Antares cat.£528 '04 needs to be viewed £95
347 FR.MADAGASCAR.useful range in Ring Album.odd Diego Suarez,good lot of Fr.Commerce, mint & used incl. S/Charges,1900 Pictorial type,ditto 1930's plus Mod.range to 1980's many 100's plus Album Fr.Upper Volta 1920/28 mint & used few 100's check £85
348 FRANCE.useful range in old Club Book.Peace & Comm.,Merson,& Sower types all mint cond.mixed worth checking £55
349 FRANCE. super 4 margin 3 used,the 20c black with diamond lozenge cancel, check £65
350 FRANCE.coll.in Davo One Country Album.1970-1999 patchy in some years others comp.mint & used Defs.& Comms.,& M/Sheets.few Airs.2nd Davo Albums stained & quite smelly. 1876-1970 Defs.& Comms.mint & used needs rescuing but both together strong coll. check some Mod.loose in Carrier Bag have a look £325
351 FRANCE.attractive range of Picts.in Med.S/Book.circa 1960's incl. R.Cross,Arts,Panes etc.Red Cross,Arts,Panes etc.few 100's decent face & cat.val. £45
352 FRANCE.1958-67 Famous Men in bls.of 4,mtd.mint & unmtd.between sg.1357-1410. '59- '60 between sg.1413-1474.superb bls.of 4 unmtd.& mtd.mint,Council of Europe 8fr-50fr. Resistance Heroes,'60 Views to 1fr cat.£418 needs to be viewed £90
353 FRANCE.large & valuable coll.on black cards in cat.order in 2 grey File Boxes.mass of material incl.many better items 1923 Pasteur,1924 Game,1933 Portraits,1934 Air,& Breton, 1935 Aries,1936 Air to 3f.50.later 1930's Defs.& Comms.good range of Nat.relieves 1950's.1949 Air to 1000r.1954 Air to 1000r.good sel.of R.Cross & Tourists & Arts far too much to describe s.t.b. mint & unmtd.cat.few 1000. must check £725
354 FRANCE & COLS.coll.in Med. S/Book few Naps.mass dup. P/Comm.vals.to 50c range with dup.Sower & Mersons later Picts.,fair sel.Fr.Cols.,Algeria,Cameroun,Maroc etc. many 100's £42
355 FRENCH COLS.in grn.Binder 1900-40s Gabon,Ivory Coast,Senengal,Upper Volta, mainly mint plus few used.nice remainder coll.many Picts.,Defs.,Comms.,Airmail,P.Dues.48 pages.Ideal starter lot mainly good to fine cat.£637 Ceres '07 £100
356 FRENCH COLS.sel.on thick bundle of hagner pages in Album.good range of Cols.noted Indo-China,Lebanon,Syria,Marinique-Guyana etc.mint & used Defs.& Picts. few 100's plus empty Fr.Cols. Album £45
357 FRENCH INDIA.attractive sel.in sg.S/Book.fine range 1914 Picts.incl.R.Cross.,similar range 1923 Roupies,later 1930 issues,& 1940's France Libre mint & used. incl. 1948 Apsara few 100's check £80
358 FRENCH POLYNESIA.attractive coll.on black cards incl. long 1958 set to 200f.better Air. 1966 Boats & 1967 Arts,later to 1970's,scarce 1989 Copra pair,1994 Gauguin, host of others s.t.b. unmtd.mint H/Cat.Lot £85
359 FRENCH STH.ANT.TERR.fine sel.on black cards 1956 to 100r.(ex.8f),1960 Yves,1962 Compass,1963 to 50f ex.20f.1968 Dumont.scarce 1968 Air.,1971 Fishes,1971 Air.1973 Ships,1974 Faure,1976 set then comp.run 1976 20th Anniv. ex.sg.143,& KG.V. 250/1, 283/4,360 otherwise comp.to 1999 research.few later s.t.b. unmtd.mint H/Cat.check £225
360 G.B. 1840 1d Black A-G. s.t.b. p.1a just 4 margins large 3 sides. light red MX. £65
361 G.B. 1840 1d Black Q-G. pl.5.4 good margins red MX. nice copy £85
362 G.B.1840 2d Blue A-K.tied to Spalding Cover with full red MX.,3 good margins tight at top. T.W.joined,stop after two.re.entry K square fold on right of Cover have a look £225
363 G.B. 1840 1d Black E-E.tied to Cover with black MX.off face of QV.4 margin copy addressed Mrs.Campbell with one Line address £115
364 G.B. 1841 2d Blue R.E.almost 4 margin copy mint small faults H/Cat.item have a look £850
365 G.B. 1841 2d Blue A-K. almost 4 margin copy with distinct No.4. in MX. slight corner damage £95
366 G.B. 1841 1d Reds imperf.on page s.t.b. plated copies 12-44 cond mixed all with MX.cancels £55
367 G.B. 1847 10d brn.Embossed sg.57 4 large margins scarce for this issue f/used cat.£1200 good value.have a look £245
368 G.B.10d Embossed 1852 Cover,Post underpaid,attractive item with 2 large margin & 2 close sent from London on 26th March 1852,with French C.D.S.on stamp 28th Mar.alongside this an "insufficiently stamped"strike in red applied for the Channel Crossing,finally reaching Florence on the 1st April with 17c Manuscript P/Due.applied scarce Cover H/Cat.£2200 have a look £530
369 G.B. 1854 Entire used with fair margin 6d Embossed plus close margin 1841 2d Blue well tied London 24 Duplex b/stamp with seal H/Cat. check £150
370 G.B. 1858 1d Red pl.190 in mint block of 6. usual cracked gum nice display piece £95
371 G.B. 1859 Entire to Port Louis from Liverpool with 1/9 in Manuscript fine G.P.O. Mauritius received London Paid in red £32
372 G.B. scarce QV.3d pale carmine rose s.t.b. sg.77 mint copy with cracked gum but H/Cat. £325
373 G.B. 1862 QV.4d brt.red sg.79 pl.3.striking colour mint copy gum tone but good looker cat.£1800 £145
374 G.B. 1867 6d purple lilac pl.6.mint copy not all fine but H/Cat. item check £80
375 G.B. 1867 3d rose sg.102 pl.5. nice looker mint copy £105
376 G.B. 1867/80 QV. 10d dp.red brn. sg.114 pl.1.mint copy small mark on face odd short perf.cat.£2800 est.to cond. £225
377 G.B. scarce 1867 5/= rose sg.127 pl.1.fair mint copy back crease but H/Cat.item always on the rise have a look £1850
378 G.B. 1870 1½ red brn.mint copy of sg.52 plate 3 cat.£400 £75
379 G.B. 1874 QV. 6d gry.pl.15 of sg.147 mint copy centred left cat.£400 £90
380 G.B. 1882 2/6 lilac.sound copy used with superb 1898 Dorking C.D.S.part crayon top. any Dorking clients? cat.£140 £32
381 G.B. 1883 1½ & 5d sg.185 & 193 mint some tone H/Cat. £38
382 G.B. 1884 QV.£1 brn.lilac 3 crowns being sg.185 used with heavy boxed cancel H/Cat.item £225
383 G.B. 1887 QV.Jub.issues ofn page mixed mint & u.set to both 1/='s 21 vals.not all fine needs sorting check £58
384 G.B.1887/92 QV.Jub.£1 grn. T.B.sg.212 fresh mint copy almost unmtd.good colour & perfs.cat.£3500 £880
385 G.B. scarce 1891 £1 grn.sg.212 fresh looking mint copy small paper Adh.on top perf. doe'nt detract cat.£3500 have a look £875
386 G.B. 1902 ED.VII.H/Vals. 2/6,5/=,10/=,£1.all mint all in very poor cond. but H/Cat. 2/6 & 5/= fair lookers £195
387 G.B. 1902 ED.VII. 5/= & £1 sg.263 & 266 both f/used odd tone perf.in places H/Cat. pair £150
388 G.B. 1902 ED.VII.£1 grn.sg.320 used copy with Lombard St.plus 3 part cancels cat.£750 £120
389 G.B. 1911 McKennal 1d scarlet in vert pair one with no cross on crown as per. sg.345a mint £75
390 G.B. 1912 Mc.Kennal ½ yellow grn.in horiz.pair with no cross on crown as per sg.340a mint £75
391 G.B.1912 KG.V.2d McKennal with no cross on crown sg.340a unmtd.mint cat.£190 £42
392 G.B. 1912 simple cypher 1d Mc.Kennal with no cross on crown sg.345a fresh mint copy plus 1d scarlet s/ways wmk. being sg.350c mint have a look £75
393 G.B. 1912/24 KG.V. basic set of 15 vals. (both 9d) sg.351-396 mint £85
394 G.B. 1913 KG.V.S/Horse dull blue grn.as per sg.404 nicely centred copy with fair light cancels. £420
395 G.B. 1918 Bradbury 2/6 S/Horse reddish brn.fresh unmtd.mint copy with margin as per sg.415 cat.£125 slight back bend £32
396 G.B.1929 P.U.C.£1 sg.438 well centred good perfs.fresh unmtd.mint copy cat.£1000 £480
397 G.B. 1934 S/Horse Re.Engraved set sg.450-52 used £32
398 G.B. 1955/58. QE.II.Castle H/Vals. s.t.b. sg.536/39 mint £65
399 G.B. 1955/58 Castle H/Vals.2/6-£1.Waterlow Printing sg.536/39 unmtd.mint the £1 corner marginal light bends in places H/Cat. £55
400 G.B. scarce 1958/65 3d Wilding dp.lilac multo.crown Tete beche pair mint £65
401 G.B. QE.II. 1999 20p brt.grn.fine imperf.unmtd.mint bl.of 4 as per sg.y1682a cat.£600 £150
402 G.B.scarce trio of QE.II. £5 Machin issues incl. scarce 1999 imperf. unmtd.mint pair sg.y1803a cat.£2750 H/Retail check £660
403 G.B. QE.II.2004 35p sepia imperf.pair as sg. y1694a unmtd.mint pair cat.£300 £80
404 G.B. QE.II.2004 40p turq.blue scarce imperf. unmtd.mint pair as per sg.y1705a cat.£750 £185
405 G.B. QE.II.2004 43p emerald imperf. unmtd.mint pair as per sg.y17112a cat.£300 £80
406 G.B. QE.II.2004 7p. brt.magenta attractive imperf. unmtd.mint bl.of 4 as per sg. y1673a cat.£400 £95
407 G.B. 1840 1d Black K.B. s.t.b. pl.7. 4 good margins with light red MX. £72
408 G.B.Archive Box.of F.D.C's in 5 small Albums & 2 large.few Sterling but mostly decimal Defs.& Comms. & Regionals many better types plus other incl. R.A.F. etc. clean lot £95
409 G.B. Med.Box mass accum.of F.D.C's & PHQ.'s mostly handwritten 100's heavy lot £50
410 G.B.large heavy Box.with Covers Sterling & Decimal with single stamp per Cover plus some Channel Is.etc.needs viewing probably 1000's check £55
411 G.B.mass accum.of F.D.C.'s in 2 Archive Boxes.held in a dozen Albums many 100's good range must be cheap £125
412 G.B.Cover Ship Letter Front Windsor to Gibraltar Oct./Dec.1850 tied by strip of 4 2d sg.14 Q.G.-Q.J.pity not full Cover but nice display £45
413 G.B.Med.Box.of Covers mostly early/mid.range incl. early PhilCongress Cards,many 100's one you need to sort through should reward £50
414 G.B. Covers Train Thematic some 34 items mostly with Railway marking etc. £30
415 G.B.Cover 1865 to Paris bearling pair 4d verm.pl.9.sg.95 tied London oval Duplex £50
416 G.B.Cover 1873 to France bearing 6d gry pl.12 sg.125 tied with London duplex plus Paris C.D.S.scarce plate have a look £75
417 G.B. Covers in Album 3 pre.stamp incl.numeral 2 & 3,2 x 1844/50 imperfs.,1d Red Star.plus 2 x 1d Red plates,½ S.Jub.on minature Cover plus 1933 G.W.R.Airmail Cover with Sticker have a look £75
418 G.B. Booklets 1936 ED.VII.3/= car & general Booklet sg.BC3 x 2,both with faults but ideal to explode for display £55
419 G.B.Booklets in Tin.25p,30p,& 50p stated to incl. DN52-DN.56,DT2-4, DT.6-8 also 4/6 L66p. N26,X 15p,10/= x 2,plus scarce 10p Dummy Booklets in original brn.Labels different types £50
420 G.B.Booklets 1952 BD.31st Sept.,1954 BD.10,1954 G3 march.1965 L69p Nov., 1965 E14 Nov.& 1968 E17p Feb. £42
421 G.B. small sel.in Davo Album.good lot Sterling Comms.plus few Decimal plus Album better Booklets from 50p to Prestige & Window's. decent face val.have a look in Carrier Bag. £80
422 G.B.valuable coll.housed in 5 large Albums few mint QV.incl. 1856 6d lilac(£1500)1882 3d on 3d (£500),1887 Jub.set & others.ED.VII.sel.of diff.printings & shades vals.to 2/6 mint, good sel.of KG.V.incl. McKennals noted 1929 low vals.wmk. varieties,plus Re.Engraved S/Horses 2/6 & 5/=,KG.VI. looks comp.then QE.II.range in 4 Albums too vast to describe Wildings,Machins,Regionals,Comms.Sterling & Decimal incl. phos.,Booklet Panes,all mint incl. Album of used must be viewed (in Box) £1000
423 G.B. large Ledger Box.messy lot in S/Books Qv.-QE.II. odds & ends QE.II. incl. Defs. & Comms.,2 albums Covers & P/Packs needs sorting £36
424 G.B.on 2 pages 1924 & 1925 Wembleys used.1924 1d with Exh.cancel,1929 P.U.C. low vals.with s/ways & invert.wmk.,plus P.U.C. £1 black sg.438 sound stamp heavish cancel H/Cat. check £315
425 G.B. heavy Open Top Box.with some 9 Albums/S/Books.fairly general range of material being QE.II.Defs.& Coms.have seen better H/Val.Castle etc.plus some earlies also 2 cards mint decimal fair face.plus some Covers to heavy to Post £45
426 G.B. S/Horses on card.comp. basic set of 4 2/6-£1.sound used copies unchecked printing the £1 is the green H/Cat.Lot check £360
427 G.B. range of Pre.Stamp Entires in pkt.mainly Kent,Cranbrook,Canterbury,Chatham,Deal etc. 10 items £30
428 G.B.1962-70 Comms.coll.unmtd.mint incl. phos.,1962 N.P.Y.,'63 F.F.H.,Paris, Lifeboat, R.Cross,Compac,'64 Geo. etc.on small leaves total £378. check £105
429 G.B. QE.II. on card. 1964 B.O.T. 9d with invert.wmk.,1969 Ships 1/= pair missing phos. plus £1 Castle Bradbury O/Print cancelled all unmtd.mint £35
430 G.B. P/Dues.on card.unchecked for wmk.a range ½ to £1 incl. both 4d,20 stamps unmtd.mint worth checking could be anything £35
431 G.B.useful sel.in 3 sg.One Country Albums,few 1d Reds odd Cover,1840,1d Black, odd S/Printed,general Kings,but value in QE.II. range of Sterling,better range of Decimal Comms., Castles,H/Val.Machins.,Booklets etc.must be very H/Face mint close look please £325
432 G.B.range of Mod. P/Packs in Box.all Decimal with good face val.some 65 Packs plus 20 Jersey Packs £85
433 G.B. patchy remainder coll.in 2 Albums QE.II.Sterling & Decimal mint & used plus bundle of some 80 F.D.C's incl. odd Benham Silks £45
434 G.B. small black S/Book.mass accum.of QV.-ED.VII.& KG.V.most collected for p/mks. on small pieces attractive range 100's £35
435 G.B. small Box. slogan cancels 1950-'70s neat & clean on some 200 Covers check £40
436 G.B.small sel.on cards incl.1d Black,2d Blue(thin),small sel.of S/Printed better early noted incl. O.U.S.underprints,ED.VII.2/6 & 5/= used,S/Horses 2/6 & 10/= f/used, '25 Wemblies H/Cat.Lot £260
437 G.B. S/Horses on cards incl. 1915 2/6 yellow brn.bl.of 4,5/=,& 10/= Re.Engraved all used some short perfs.in places but H/Cat.Lot check £95
438 G.B. untidy lot in Box.coll.in 2 Albums QV.-QE.II.odd better 2 small P/Books.plus few boxes & loose check £60
439 G.B.useful accum.in Box.3 Albums plus S/Book.odd early bit of Sterling but value in H/Face of QE.II.Decimals 1971-date.plus range on black cards.also noted Machins Defs.Castle H/Val.,£10 stamp etc.,5 vols.of F.D.C.'s later & better issues typed.plus bundle still in original New issue Env.close look advised £225
440 G.B.good sel.on pages with range QV.1d Red imperfs.& perfs.stars & plates.odd 2d Blue plus mass accum.of KG.V.on pages messy lot noted 1929 low vals.with varieties few 100 have a look £125
441 G.B. coll.on s/cards 2 x 1d Blacks fair,2d Blue perf.,10d Embossed(repaired), 1/= Embossed few S/Printed.QV.& ED.VII.Jub.issues vals.to 1/=,KG.V.vals.to 1/=, the above laid out with shades other odds £200
442 G.B. range of QE.II.in Med.Box.incl.2 S/Books Serling & Decimal Wildings & Machins part sel.Defs.& Comms.with varieties plus pkts.& cards Comms.some without gum not incl. decent face val. have a look £100
443 G.B.fine coll.in Folder on pages incl.2 x 1d Blacks one fair,2d Blue perfs.line engraved imperf. & perf.dup.range 1862 types 3d,6d,9d,& 1/=,later 1865-1880 issues,later various plates to 1/=,various ½ Bantams 2 x ½ & 3d rosy mauve dup.range various pl.plus 2 x ½ blue KG.V.incl. S/Horses 10/=,1924/25 Wembley mint plus odd Cover.H/Cat.Lot better than described close check needed £375
444 G.B. QE.II.2004 39p Br.magenta attractive imperf.unmtd.mint bl.of 4.as per sg.y1703a cat.£600 £150
445 G.B.scarce £5 Machin elliptical in Trial Indian ink. as per y1083a unmtd.mint have checked website & best retail was £1750 good chance £500
446 G.B.mixed coll.in hagner.Album.1840 1d Black not fine,range 1d Red imperf.& perf., few S/Printed incl. 5/= rose,1883 2/6 mint(crease),£1 grn.sg.212 repaired corner,later QV.plus some loose material have a look £130
447 G.B.original Oswald Marsh S/Book.containing some 307 copies of the 1841 2d Blues covering shades sg.13-15. mostly plating copies 2-3 margins with cat.val.of £23,000. should be an edge here somewhere have a look £675
448 G.B. 15 items stamps & Covers relating to the Channel Tunnel £25
449 G.B.fine lot appears unmtd.mint coll.in S/Book.incl.1939 KG.VI. set to 1/=, good range of early Sterling with many dup.sets.later Decimal with Machin Defs.,Comms.to 1980 plus Regionals good face val. have a look £95
450 G.B.1d Reds displayed on page.1855 block of 6 perf.16 die.II alpha II.incl.faults T square. block of 4 listed @ £400 scarce £45
451 G.B.large accum.on black cards in cat.order in 2 File Boxes incl. 1912 to 1/=,1924/25 Wembley.1934 Photo to 1/=,1937/9 KG.V1 comp.set ½ - £1 (ex.dark 10/=), 1948 S/Wedd. , 1951 Festival H/Vals.,QE.II.unchecked but looks comp.run.1953 to late 2000's Comms. & some Defs.(no phos.)but incl. Wildings & Machins plus some Regional issues s.t.b. unmtd.mint £480
452 G.B. CHANNEL IS.bulging Album.better earlies noted Guern.Arms issue incl.Reg.Cover, 2½ on F.D.Card.1940 KG.V. photo 2d Bi.sect (2) on small pieces,scarce 1941 Reg.Cover with 3 x KG.VI.2d Bi.sects,plus 3d lilac all tied then comp.range Defs./Comms.,Jersey Arms 1940 Views plus range of Defs./Comms. mint & used few s/cards valuable lot must check £245
453 G.B.CHANNEL IS.various in small red S/Book.Guern.,Jersey,I.O.M.15 sets to £1.plus 31.1981 R.Wedd.Sheetlets unmtd.mint,Jersey '74-'84 dup.mint & used stock.H/Face cat.£253 100's have a look £75
454 G.B.CHANNEL IS.general coll.in SG.One Country Album.odd better early Banknotes. Sterling H/Vals. etc.few R.Cross Messages & P/Dues all mint good value £45
455 G.B. GUERNSEY.1969-95 in 4 Ring Binders red.between sg.13-MS.681 mint mainly unmtd.m. near comp.coll.incl. M/Sheets,Sheetlets,pre.decimals plus 1971 decimals nice lot face £148 100's needs to be viewed £120
456 G.B.GUERNSEY.coll.on black cards in File Box.looks fairly comp.range 1969 Sterling set to 2006.plus Alderney 1983-2006 s.t.b. unmtd.mint few 100's H/Cat. £90
457 G.B. I.O.M. mass accum.in archive Box.looks to be comp. range of stamps plus Booklets. Aerogrammes Reg.Env.PHQ Cards mint & used. F.D.COVERS (165) face well over £200 very cheap have a look £125
458 G.B. I.O.M.1973-95 in maroon ring Binder.up to sg.671 unmtd.mihnt Regionals,then looks comp.coll.incl.M/Sheetlets,vals.to £5 face £177 cat.£544 100's needs to be viewed £140
459 G.B. I.O.M.looks fairly comp.range on black cards in File Box.laid out in cat.order from 1st Def.set to 2007 s.t.b.unmtd.mint Ideal Re.Sale £85
460 G.B.JERSEY.Year Packs comp.for 1986-1993 Defs.,Comms.,& M/Sheet H/Cat.check £40
461 G.B.JERSEY.in Shoebox looks fairly comp.range on black cards Comms.to 2000+.plus better Defs. sets & min.sheets s.t.b. unmtd.mint £85
462 G.B. CHANNEL IS.small Box of Covers & PHQ Cards incl.few Silks worth sorting £25
463 G.B.CHANNEL IS.3 small coll.mainly unmtd.m.mint.Jersey 1969-74 Comms.corner bls.of 4 to Spring Flowers (c.£120).Guernsey '69-'74 Comms.in corner bls.of 4 & singles to sg.97 (c.£116).Alderney '83-'87 plus Guern.'69-'74 Locals c.£117) cat.£353 check £75
464 G.B.GUERNSEY in Box.looks fairly comp.coll.in 3 Med.S/Books.incl. range of Arms issues with shades 1941 Biscents.KG.VI. on card 1940 on Cover.then looks comp.range 1st Sterling up to date. Defs.,Comms.,& M/Sheets.plus few Covers,small box of loose, plus S/Book Alderney again comp.range to date. H/Cat.& Face Lot mint check £235
465 GAMBIA.on black cards QV.4d Embossed 1886 1d,2d,3d,& 6d.1922 KG.V. to 1/=,plus 3/=,5/= & 10/=. 1938 set to 10/=.1948 S/Wedd.,1953 to 10/=,1963,1966 Birds,later 1970's incl. 1978 Owls,1980 Butterflies.few others later s.t.b. unmtd.mint £70
466 GERMAN P.O's in China.scarce 1900/01 boxer uprising Provisionals 1,2,& 3m on pieces. cancelled with single ring Peking cancels as per sg.Z29/31 cat.£1600 rarely offered check £350
467 GERMAN STATES.mass accum.from Ex.Dealer (now deceased)impossible lot to describe heavy dup.in places in 3 large S/Books.early imperf.material throughout plus 3 other smaller S/Books.,bundle of old Approv.Books.pus cards & Covers timent should reward. cat. in telephone numbers have a look £1150
468 GERMANY.1964 Anti Hitler Martyrs sg. M/Sheet 1343i x 50 unmtd.mint cat.£400 '02 £65
469 GERMANY.scarce 1933 Booklet Hindenburg s.t.b. sg.SB.33 Panes HB.76-8. comp. Booklet plus extra Hindenburg on separate page all mint H/Cat.check £45
470 GERMANY. 4 vol.coll. German Cols,Memel,Danzig,much Third Reich,Occ.,etc. mixed cond. very H/Cat. val. needs to be viewed £155
471 GERMANY Reichpost.2m & 5m 1902 H/Vals.,unidentified for types,rich colours unused needs to be viewed £105
472 GERMANY.good old Fashioned coll.with few 100 stamps mint & used,housed in a 1926 Schaubek Album.incl. Colonies Saar & Danzig.interesting lot check £55
473 GERMANY.Auschwitz Correspondence & Collateral.a Foreigners "Work Book"with swastikas,also a "Work Card" for Polish Workers, then 1943 Correspondence from Poland to Germany incl."Staatspolizei" Pass,plus further correspondence from Auschwitz for 1943 etc.fine P/History needs to be viewed £305
474 GERMANY.German "Arven Blood" Propaganda 3 very scarce Cards for "German bloodline in the World" young,middle aged & old Women.set of 3 issued in 1937 epitomises the myth of the Aryen race needs to be viewed £155
475 GERMANY.Third Reich useful range mint & used incl. M/Sheets such as Hitler & Munich Games 1936,also Automobile O/Prints, various 40pf purples & other good sets,also Ostropa, mostly without gum.etc.various Se.Tenants.needs to be viewed check £255
476 GERMANY .in Med.S/Book.with range from early Shields to War issues. usual Germania etc. also 1933 Wagner top vals.,1934 set of Workers & host more used also sel.of Local & Private Posts incl. blocks H/Cat.Lot have a look £95
477 GERMANY.1940-45 Occ.Alsace,Lorraine,Lux.,Poland,Bohemia,Moravia,plus general Gouv't mainly mint plus few used cat.£284 '05 £54
478 GERMANY ZONES 1947 issue in pkts.& cards with Leipzig 27 type.cancels some identified looks semi-spec. have a look £35
479 GERMANY.large coll.in 2 Boxes with smoe 8 Albums.few S/Books.impossible to describe in detail as range is from early Shields to East & West Germany mint & used some semi. - specialist material not the most popular Country at present but probably good time to buy at these prices must check £650
480 GERMANY.mixed coll.on leaves in Senator Album.with range of Colonies,both W.W. Occ.issues,allied Occ. 1945-7 used sets & French Zones,allied 1946-48 plate blocks mint & some 1948 O/Print errors plus some Soviet Zone.check £100
481 GERMANY.attractive range 1995-1998 of M/Sheets of 10 unmtd.mint with H/Face val.& cat. val. of £3000+ must be cheap have a look £400
482 GERMANY.a superb accum.of Germany incl.West,East,& Berlin.all on some 124 cards mint & used H/Cat.sets.Zepps etc.odd Cover.cat.val.of over £14,000.so impossible to describe in detail.times may be bad but this must be worth tucking away or Re.Sale check £1200
483 GERMANY Yachts part set on cards 1901 Marianen comp.to 5m(ex.1m), Marshall Is. 3pf-50pf,25pf,30pf & 80pf + 1m,3m,& 5m. Caroline Is. 3pf-10pf,25pf,30pf & 80pf + 1m & 3m appears to be all unmtd.mint H/Cat. check £75
484 GERMANY.mass accum.in 3 File Boxes on black cards in cat.order Germany East & West range 1921 to Mod.far to much to describe but incl.much better sets & singles with many comp.years s.t.b. unmtd.mint many 1000's.leave it to you must check £1000
485 GERMANY EAST.1976-82.grn. multo ring Lindner Binder.69 pages near comp. unmtd.mint plus few used strong Thematic content 100's needs to be viewed £95
486 GERMANY BERLIN. 1949 Views 19 vals.to 5dm between sg.B35-50 mint mainly unmtd. cat. £960 (19) £170
487 GERMANY BERLIN.1949 U.P.U. sg.B54-60 mtd.mint.& unmtd.cat.£923 (7) SOW'09 £155
488 GERMANY BERLIN.1948 O/Prints(black)sg.B1-20 mint,cat.£48.also 1948 O/Print red 20pf, dm.1.& 2 sg.B26,33,34,mint As Is. cat.£1078 total cat.£1559 needs to be viewed £95
489 GERMANY BERLIN.1976-90's unmtd.& unsorted sel.4 sides on s/cat.Defs.to 5dm., Comms.m Chariteis needs sorting but will incl. many sets H/Cat.face 291dm/£97 100's needs checking £80
490 GERMANY BERLIN.1956-85 near comp.unmtd.mint coll.on L/House pages incl.Coils, Charities,Defs.,superb lot cat.£834 £180
491 GERMANY BERLIN.1952-55.between sg.B62-B125 mint,Bells to right & Centre, Beethoven Famous Berliners,German Uprising,Views,sg.B118-120 4 pages cat.£931 (46) '09 £165
492 GERMANY BERLIN.1949-51 mint incl.unmtd.m.from Goethe mtd.mint.,Recovery Plan, Berlin Orchestra,Lortzig,Bells to left,1951 Stamp Day.cat.£1,003 (14) SOW'09 £185
493 GERMANY EAST.fine & valuable coll.in One Country Album.looks to be fairly comp. 1949- late 1969 mint & used range of Defs.& Comms. M/Sheets s.t.c.£3000+ super lot for Re.Sale £395
494 GERMANY EAST.1945-74 blue Schaubek Album.some Russian Zones then substantial from '49-'74.Comms.,Defs.,M/Sheets,mostly mint with few used.H/Cat.sets to £90 each. Ideal starter Lot 200+ pages 100's needs to be viewed £245
495 GERMANY EAST.1975-81 in blue Album.85 pages plus 6 sides s/card.wide range of Comms.,Defs.,M/Sheets mint & used 100's check £125
496 GERMANY EAST.looks fairly comp.range in Med.S/Book.from 1949 Globe to late 1950's & others all comp.sets or singles f/used few 100's cat.£1450+ given away even in todays Market have a look £130
497 GERMANY EAST.1946 Leipzig M/Sheet sg.MS.RD51 (cat.£150)mtd.,1950 Delbria sg.MS.E29a,1951 China Friendship sg.E43-45 (cat.£540) all mint cat.£690 (5) £135
498 GERMANY WEST.1951 Posthorn set sg.1045-1060 mint cat.£2,435 (16) '07 check £380
499 GERMANY WEST.1955-67 on 3 side s/cards.mint & used,sel. Comms.,Defs.,Charities,Saar & Allied Zones.mainly good to fine cat.£740 needs checking 100's. £105
500 GERMANY WEST.coll.in Boxed Schaubek One Country Album.1948/90 many better & H/Cat. noted incl. most of the Charity sets all used scarcer than mint mant 1000's s.t.c.well over £2000 have a look £175
501 GERMANY WEST.coll.in Lindner One Country Album.1954-1970 mint later issues unmtd.plus few West Berlin 1960-69 few 100's check £60
502 GERMANY WEST.coll.in German Album.1946-73 mint mainly unmtd.incl. good early Charities & unmtd.mint Heuss set plus good later range H/Cat. Lot have a look £180
503 GERMANY WEST.a black Safe Album.with 1951 Posthorn,Heuss, '57-'59 mainly good used, '59 Beethoven M/Sheets mint & u.,then '59-'76 near comp. mint mainly mtd. incl. M/Sheets cat.£777 100's needs viewing £125
504 GERMANY WEST.1987-91 superb unmtd.mint coll.on leaves incl.Defs.,Coil strips of 5, Charities,Comms.,M/Sheets,looks near comp. face 402dm/£134 cat.£640 needs checking £155
505 GERMANY WEST.1956-77 in red Album.near comp.unmtd.mint coll.with M/Sheets, various printings Defs.,Comms.,Charities cat.£900. needs to be viewed £155
506 GERMANY WEST.1949-54 near comp.coll.with many sets mint & used incl.1951 Posthorn, 1954 Heuss Comms.,Charities between sg.1033-1151 cat.£6,038 100's check £905
507 GERMANY WEST.semi Specialist sel.of horiz.pairs & Se.Tenants issues on cards.sel. Mich.No's 302-1934 not comp.W38-94 not comp. mint & used s.t.c. £400+ list within £42
508 GIBRALTAR.scarce KG.V. 1925 £5 violet & black sg.108 fresh unmtd.mint copy slight tone cat.£1400.good chance to tuck away £625
509 GIBRALTAR.1938 KG.VI. 2/= black & brn.with variety Bird on Memorial as per sg.128bb mint cat.£300 £65
510 GIBRALTAR.2001-04 sel. Comms.,M/Sheets plus 11 Booklets all unmtd.mint.fine sel. face £97 cat.£289 check £90
511 GIBRALTAR.1989-2002 unmtd.mint range of Comms.,Defs.,& M/Sheets 6 side s/card. vals.to £5 ideal Approvals or starter coll. face £210 cat.£772 needs to be viewed £210
512 GIBRALTAR.1971-88 superb.unmtd.mint sel.4 sides s/card. '71 Views,'77 Fauna to £2, '82 Planes,'87 x 2, M/Sheets,Comms.sets face £102 cat.£428 needs checking £105
513 GIBRALTAR.fine sel.of KG.VI.on hagner.perf.varietiesvals.to £1 seen mint & used.all listed with cat.val.around £650 Ideal Re.Sale good value check £95
514 GIBRALTAR.1965-92 unmtd.mint sel.124 sets & M/Sheets vrom '65 I.T.U. to '92 Yachts, Comms. Omnibus,Naval Crests,Uniforms x 2 of each cat.£250 SOW' 07 check £70
515 GIBRALTAR.1969-83 super accum.on 6 sides s/c.unmtd.mint 1971 Views,'77 Fauna to £2,'82 Aircraft to £5.sets of Regiments,bl.of 4 plus Comms. cat.£296 100's check £85
516 GIBRALTAR.fine range on black cards in cat.order in File Box.incl. 1886 ½-2½ & 6d(cat.£120),1889 5c & 10c,20c,25c,40c,50c,1p- 5p.1898 2d-1/=,few ED.V11. 1912 ½ & 1/=,2/=,2/6,4/=,5/=,& 10/=.1931 set,1938 KG.VI.to £1,1948 S/Wedd.,QE.II. Defs.& Comms. vals. to 2006 s.t.b. unmtd.mint H/Cat.Lot must check £325
517 GOLD COAST.1921-52 sel.mint 4 pages,all nice mint 1921 to 5/=,1928 sets,S/Jub.,P/Dues., 1938,1948,1052 sets,'48 S/Wedd. cat.£353 check £95
518 GREECE.1967 National Rev.of April 21st in various blocks total 27 comp.sets sg.1060/2 unmtd.mint £35
519 GREECE.1999-2005 in blue Jumbo S/Book.super coll.of unmtd.mint & used F.D.C's, M/Sheets,Defs.,Comms.,Coils.strong Thematic content high original cost & face.c.£666 needs to be viewed £185
520 GREECE.fine coll.in File Box.on blacks laid out in cat.oreder noted 1927 Navarino, 1933 Gouv't 1935 Air,1937 Defs.to 100r.1939 Ionian,1951 Re.Con,1952 Air,1954 Air, 1955 New Colours,1955 Congress plus good range Defs.& Comms.,1956 Royal Family-2000 s.t.b. unmtd.mint H/Cat. & valuable lot check £250
521 GREENLAND.nice lot on black cards.1945 1ore-7ore.+ 1k & 2k.1950 set to 5k.1963 Long set.plus various Picts.sets in between.fair later range 1987 Birds,1991 Marine. plus Comms. s.t.b. unmtd.mint few 100's £85
522 GRENADA.coll.on black cards incl. 1934 to 5/=,1938 to 10/=,1951 to $2.50. plus sel.of Q!E.II. Comms.& Grenadines s.t.b. unmtd.mint £45
523 GUATEMALA.range of Covers 5 Albums incl.early P/History,P/Stat.,middle period Airs sel.1940-80.few 100's worth checking all Covers in Box. have a look £135
524 GUYANA. Orchid Thematic's on hagner pages. s.t.b.comp.range of plates with list of plate numbers all unmtd.mint corner margin copies cat.£400 £65
525 H.KONG.1962 QE.II.set to $20 lightly mtd.mintcat.£225 £38
526 HONG KONG.on cards 1941 Cent.set to $1.plus sel.of Comms.late 1970's-1990's s.t.b. unmtd.mint £55
527 HONG KONG.coll.of used stamps in Springback Album.covers all periods & also incl. good sel.of Brit. P.O's in China marks.this i a fine coll. cond. above average incl many better items s.t.c.£2000+ needs to be viewed £165
528 HONG KONG.Wholesale accum.& mass dup. ED.VII.vals.to 10c,KG.V. 50c etc.,KG.VI. vals. to $1. Ideal Hunt for varieties. probably 1000's used £55
529 HONG KONG.unchecked sel.of KG.VI.on 2 cards 1c - $2 early issues fair bit dup.all mint worth checking for perfs.& shades over 60 stamps H/Cat. £48
530 HUNGARY.fine coll.on black cards in File Box.laid out in cat.oreder odd 1920/30 incl.1936 Air,1938 M/Sheet etc.similar range 1940/60 Defs.& Comms.incl. long sets later issues to 2000. many 100's s.t.b. unmtd.mint £120
531 ICELAND.fine lot on black cards incl. scarce 1930 Parl.long set to 10a.both 10a.1934 Air. 1935 Falls,1935 Poet,1938 Geysers,Indep.,1939 N.York,& Statues,1944 Rep.,1947 Air., 1948 Hekla.scarce 1950 Trawler to 25k.1952 Bjorn,1953 Sage. 1954 Hannes plus later range to 2000.H/Cat. s.t.b. unmtd.mint £400
532 INDIA.1912/13 KG.V.long set of Service O/Prints to 15r being sg.073-95 with extra shades mint good cat.val. £45
533 INDIA.1949 Defs.on card.sg.309-324 & 233a all mint H/Cat. £36
534 INDIA.coll.on pages large & small Court Fee's looks interesting if you collect.well over 100 items £32
535 INDIA.general mixture on pages QV.-KG.VI.mint & used odd better incl. fair lot Service issues odd States. cond.mixed in part but allowed for £40
536 INDIA CHAMBA.fine lot of KG.VI.on hagner.1942 1r,2r,5r,10r,15r & 25r in bls.of 4 sg.102-07. 1939 10r Service bl.of 4 sg.060.,1938/40 1r,& 5r in pairs sg.068 & 070,1942 Service 5r,& 10r in pirs sg.085 & 086.all mint cat.£2,960. usual light tone £725
537 INDIA COCHIN.a superb written up coll.of the Cochin Anchal stamps 1892-late 1940's very specialized coll.with mine of information Adh.early numerals with S/Charges,Raja varm shades perfs.etc.most of them on Covers impossible to give right feel to this lot I think a super lot and needs to be viewed £325
538 INDIA GWALIOR. KG.VI.coll.on hagner 1938/48 1r,5r,10r,15r,& 25r in pairs sg.112,114,115, 116,& 117.1942/7 Service 2r,5r,& 10r in bls.of 4 sg.092-94 all mint cat.£1000. usual light tone have a look £225
539 INDIA JIND.fine coll.of KG.VI.on hagner 1937 2r,5r,& 15r in bls.of 4 sg.122,123,& 125, 1941 25r in bl.of 4 sg.136.all mint cat.£800. usual light tone £185
540 INDIAN STATES.a range in Special States Album.Covers both Convention & Feudatory States.across the board A-Z.all periods noted mint & used difficult to estimate but careful view advised.better in places few 100's £200
541 INDONESIA.attractive coll.in Davo One Country Album.1949-1969 looks almost comp.Defs.,Comms.,& M/Sheets mostly mint incl.good West Iran cat.over £700 £85
542 IRELAND.early to 2000's in black S/Book.in 16 sides with range of used material from then mainly Comms.good sorting lot needs to be viewed few other stamps £85
543 IRELAND.1928-61 mint sel.4 pages incl.1940 Defs.set to 10/= used,all better Comms. sets with Emmett,Guiness,'61 Europa,P/Dues.to 6d mint cat.£515. needs checking £115
544 IRELAND.good range on black cards in File Box.laid out in cat.oreder incl. 1922 comp.set,comp.range of Pictorials 1929-65 Europa ex.1941 Easter.then fair range looks fairly comp. to 2004 Ideal lot for Re.Sale with good cat.val. s.t.b. unmtd.mint £165
545 ITALY in Shoebox.unchecked but noted early to Mod.the latter on pieces many 100's check £35
546 ITALY.a coll.on black cards in Box File laid out in cat.order many better noted incl.1924 Year.1926 Air,1931 Padua,1932 Dante.1932 Garibaldi,1932 Fascist, 1933 Graf.Zepp., 1934 Football sg.418/21.1934 Military,1936 Fertility.1937 Welfare sg.490/505, 1937 Naval sg.506/520,1938 Rome to sg.549,1949 Venice,1949 Plan,1949 Health,& Volta,1950 Blacksmith other 1950 issues better sets.few later s.t.b. unmtd.mint have a look £350
547 JAMAICA.fair lot on black cards 1919 odd vals.to 5/=,1932 Coco,1938 set to £1.1948 S/Wedd. plus various QE.II.Comms. s.t.b. unmtd.mint £95
548 JAPAN.1904-1905 some 12 Field Post items from Russia-Jap.War.with various markings no Comm. have a look £60
549 JAPAN.fair lot on black cards.in File Box.few odd earlies.1936 Fiji,1936 Inaug.,1939 Daisen & Aso M/Sheets,1939 75th Anniv.1940 Parks,1960 Phil Week.others later inl.better cat.val. good range to 1990's H/Cat. lot s.t.b. unmtd.mint check £200
550 K.U.T.1935 S.Jub. 30c with diagonal line by Tower as per sg.125f mint slight tone £48
551 K.U.T.coll.on black cards incl. 1938 KG.VI.set to £1,Kenya 1968 to 20s, 1971 part Shells set, 1988 Butterflies set ex.1s, plus good range of Comms. s.t.b. unmtd.mint £55
552 KIRIBATI.good general range on black cards long Def.sets. Comms.Ideal Thematic's s.t.b. unmtd.mint £35
553 LATVIA.interesting sel.1920's-'30's Paveduns stamp & cancellations interest. some 50 items £40
554 LATVIA.sel.on black cards 1920 R.Cross sg.46-57,1928 sg.150-57,1928 Lib.set, 1929 sg.170a-74a.plus later odd sets s.t.b.unmtd.mint £32
555 LEBANON.Med.S/Book.dup.range sel.early S/Charges middle period Pict.plus Liban Mod. issues mint & used few 100's £38
556 LEBANON.1924-66 mint,slight dup.of sets & singles,5 sides s/cards.Comms.,Airmails, P.Dues.many sets cat.to £22 each cat.£972 in 07. £175
557 LESOTHO.sel.on black cards Defs.& Comms.Ideal Thematic's s.t.b. unmtd.mint £32
558 LIECHTENSTEIN.1957 Scout Baden Powell sg.358-9 unmtd.m.in 15 Sheetlets of 12.1965 10fr Madonna sg.442 unmtd.mint in Sheetlets 4 x 6 cat.£354 £68
559 LIECHTENSTEIN.1924-37 mint on s/card. 1924 2½ to 1½fr. sg.67-73,1927 Arms sg.77-78, '1928 Flood,'29 Francis sg.92-5,'31 1fr Zepp.,'32 Youth,'20 & '30 Air 4 vals.to 1f, '33 Francis 10r & 20r,'33 11 vals.to 1f.50,'34 Eagles 4 vals.,'37 14 vals.to 1f.50. cat.£493. (59) needs to be viewed £105
560 LIECHTENSTEIN.1921 Views to 1r,between sg.47a-66 & b vals.mint & used,mainly good to fine (1f creased),various perfs.& shades,varieties.cat.£594 (67) check £95
561 LIECHTENSTEIN.1949 Paintings sg.269-277 x 3 unmtd.mint,1951 Paintings sg.299-301 x 4 unmtd.mint,1952 sg.305,307,309,312,& 306,310/11 x 3 cat.£408 £85
562 LIECHTENSTEIN.good range on black cards in File Box.laid out in cat.1912 trio, various 1917-20 issues sets & part sets.1928 Flood,1929 Acc.1930 Air etc.plus 1933 Birthday. 1933 Air to 3f ex.25r.1934 & 1936 Air,1937 Castle set.then comp.range 1939 Air to 1949 U.P.U.later issues 1951 Agri.1952 Paintings another run 1953 Vaduz-1960 Air ex.324/6 & 350 then fairly comp.to 2006 H/Cat. s.t.b. unmtd.mint check £330
563 LITHUANIA.fair sel.on black cards 1920 Indep.& Arms sets.1923 Memel.1932 Indep.1933 Ausra,1933 Air & Welfare sets.1938 Olympic 1939 Fund plus few later set to 1990's s.t.b. unmtd.mint £60
564 LUXEMBOURG.coll.on black cards.in File Box.incl.better 1920/30.incl.Child Welfare 1927, 1928 both.1930 to 1938 comp.sets,1939 & 1940 long sets.small lot 1940's sets,1948 long set,1949 U.P.U.,1950 Orphans.1951 Europe.1952 Phil.Exh.,1952 Games.then fair range to 2000 s.t.b. unmtd.mint H/Cat.Ideal Re.Sale all laid out check £150
565 MACAO.on black cards.incl. 1948 Fatima,1950 Holyland,1951 Pinto set,Holyland,1952 Xavier,1956 Map set,1960 Globe,Air,1962 Sport,1966 Military set,better single items 1982 Buildings,1988 Ameripex set,1986 Yat-sen,1987 Fans & Casino & Vehicle sets,1988 Transport,1990 Roses.host of others s.t.b. unmtd.mint H/Cat.Lot check £260
566 MAFEKING.scarce bundle of black & white Budget 1900 Magazines with Pictures from the front incl. Transvaal Special Edit. useful Ref. material £42
567 MALAWI.colourful sel.on card with better Thematic's sets noted incl.1968 Birds,1975 Birds, 1979 Orchids,1988 Birds plus range of Comms.to 2000. s.t.b.unmtd.mint £35
568 MALAYA KEDAH.1922-59 on 3 pages with Exhib. O/Prints vals.,1937 to $5 ,S/Wedd., 1950 set less 8c scarlet,1957 & 59 Picts.sets sg.between 45-121 cat.£490++ £155
569 MALAYA JAP.OCC.coll.on page with Perak & Pahang & Selangor,Strait Sett.,1938-42 issues part sets vals.to $5 seen odd block couple invert.O/Prints etc.few P/Dues.clean lot H/Cat. check £200
570 MALAYA STRAITS.good range on double sided s/cards.early QV's incl. O/Prints & S/Charges,odd ED.VII.mint & used vals.to $1 & $5.KG.V. mint & used vals.to $5 ,KG.VI. mint & used sets to $5 noted others s.t.c. £800+ good value have a look £85
571 MALAYA.Malacca/Negri.sel.on double sided s/card with Malacca KG.VI.mint to $5, later QE.II.few Negri-Sem.Tigers & Defs.mixed Pahang mint & used s.t.c.£400+ check £50
572 MALAYSIA.attractive sel.on black cards.1960's-2000.Defs.& Comms.few 100 Ideal Thematic's s.t.b. unmtd.mint £45
573 MALTA.1956-1990 unmtd.mint & some used stamps 1956 Part to 10/= then valuable near comp.to 1990 cat.£503 needs to be viewed £130
574 MALTA.1956-2001 super neat coll.fine mint much unmtd.Defs.,Comms.,M/Sheet (no P/Dues.)all diff. cat.£954 have a look £205
575 MALTA.1935-63 coll.on Minkus pages with S.Jub.,KG.VI.Picts.,& Self Gouv't.O/Prints, S/Wedd.,QE.II.to £1 mint cat.£315+ check £80
576 MALTA.sel.on black cards.in File Box.various odds 1922 & 1926 issues,1938 KG.VI. comp.set.1948 S/Wedd.,1956 set to £1,1965 to £1,plus various Comms.to 2007. s.t.b. unmtd.mint 100's check £85
577 MALTA. 1935-75 near comp.coll.on printed pages to 1969 then to 1974 P/Dues mint cat.£425 £105
578 MARSHALL IS.attractive sel.on black card.1984-2000+ Defs.& Comms.incl. better Thematic's few 100's s.t.b. unmtd.mint(in flat Box) £65
579 MAURITANIA.1913-44 mint coll.10 pages.good sel.Defs.,Comms.,Picts.,Airs,P/Dues. 1906 set cat.£260 £60
580 MAURITIUS.QE.II.coll.on black cards.incl. 1965 Bird set,1969 Fish,1978 Dodo,plus host of Comms. sets to 2006 100's s.t.b. unmtd.mint good Thematic's better than described check £135
581 MALAYA STATES.fair coll.on printed pages in Ring Album.good range noted St.Sett., good range of QV's incl.S/Charges ED.VII.vals.to 50c plus H/Val.Fiscals,KG.V.various printings vals.to $5,KG.VI. set to $5 few Borneo Exh.Fed.States Tigers & Elephant vals.to $5.few Johore,Kedah,Kelantan vals.to $5.Negri vals.to $5,Pahang,Perak. etc mint & used range H/Cat.check £300
582 MONACO.valuable coll.on black cards in 2 File Boxes laid out in cat.order.incl. 1933 part set 75c,1f,1f.50 both 1f.75,2f-10f,1938 set.few 1940's incl.1948 O/Games,Nymph & Gardens, 1950 Prince Rainier sg.417/433.1951 Holy Year,Seal set,1953 O/Games, later 1950's incl. long sets,1960 comp.run Museums to Europa ex.1963 un)then fairly comp. sel.to 2000. most better noted s.t.c.few £1000. s.t.b. unmtd.mint Ideal Stock have a look £550
583 MONTSERRAT.sel.on black cards.few odd 1916 KG.V.,1938 KG.VI.set,1951 set,1965 Pineapple set,plus later range Defs.& Comms. s.t.b. unmtd.mint to 1900's attractive Lot £65
584 MOROCCO AGENCIES.useful sel.in Album.QV.1892 die.I.& II.various mint & used vals.to 2pes.ED.VII.Brit.currency with vals.to 2/6. good range of KG.V.various printings incl. S/Charges to 10/= incl.mint plus KG.VI.sets & S/Wedd. Tangier etc.QE.II. Tangier vals.to 10/=,unfortunatly mtd.in corner mounts make some look soiled.which are not.H/Cat. check £140
585 MOROCCO AGENCIES.O/Prints.useful coll.in Album.range of Levant fine lot of ED.VII.incl. used blocks of 4.plus 2/6 mint & used,KG.V.piastres.M.Agencies ED.VII.mint & used later KG.V.incl.2/6,5/= S/Horses mint.few Kuwait & Tripoltania H/Cat.Lot few 100's close look please £195
586 N.S.W. 1851 2d prussian blue on hard bluish wove paper large 4 margin copy of sg.32 u. £30
587 N.S.W. 1851 Sydney 2d ultra hard grey wove paper good 4 margin copy of sg.36 used £35
588 NAURU.general sel.on black cards.1924 to 2/6 to 2007.mostly Comms. s.t.b. unmtd.mint better Thematic's £45
589 NED.INDIES.the scarce 25gld orange,the old Wilhelmina Head unmtd.mint fresh cond. with good colour,a few small tone spots on back not seen on front check £80
590 NED.INDIES.attractive coll.housed in large expensive Boxed Importa Ine Country Album. with range 1949-2000 looks fairly comp.lot most appear unmt.mint cat.£1000+ nice lot check £150
591 NETHERLAND.general sel.on bundle of s/cards.early issues noted numeral & Queen Wilhememania dup range plus various Picts.mostly used many 100's worth checking £42
592 NETHERLANDS.fine sel.on black cards.1923-1990.better noted 1923 Culture set 1928 O/Games.most better cat.Child Welfare & Cultural Funds.1940 Defs.,1947 Q.Wilhelmina. 1956 Europa etc.later range to 1990 s.t.b. unmtd.mint H/Cat. have a look £325
593 NETHERLANDS.1984-98 superb unmtd.mint Stock,pairsM/Sheets,Self.Adh.Sheetlets, Comms.,Defs..face £1,157gld/£356 cat.£1,142 100's seldom offered needs to be viewed £275
594 NETHERLAND.1980-90 unmtd.mint sel.on 2 s/cards.Comms.,Charities,Europa's, strong Thematic content in bl.of 4 & 6.Ideal Approvals cat.£563 check £115
595 NEW BRUNSWICK. 1860 QV.in attractive margin bl.of 4. being sg.17 mint £36
596 NEW GUINEA. 1925 Airmail £1 dull olive grn.sg.136 superb used copy slightly stained at top left cat.£300 £85
597 NEW HEBRIDES. the "Weapons & Idols"H/Vals.& sets mint sg.52-63 English,then the same again French sg.F53-64.plus others,incl.early P/Dues.,cat.around £1200+ but occassional stain spots on back.plus good lot of better KG.V.needs to be viewed £155
598 NEW HEBRIDES.(English) 1925 P/Dues.sg.D1-5 mint,1853-77 incl.'53 set & '53 P/Dues set, '63 Concorde,Wildlife,'72 set,'77 O/Prints,Maps & Comms.in bls.of 4 & 6. all mint cat.£458 needs to be checked £100
599 NEW ZEALAND.H/Cat.sel.of Officials on cards incl.Defs.vals.to 2/= some dup., KG.VI. sets, 5/= Fiscal odd QE.II.& Light Houses all mint s.t.c. £800 £125
600 NEW ZEALAND.fair bulky coll.in Album.range of QV.-QE.II. good range of early material type small heads & Picts.type with dup.mostly used odd mint.later KG.V.dup.range vals.to 1/=, odd middle Healths incl. comp.mint M/Sheet of 48 1937 Rock Climbing sg.602,other M/Sheets plus QE.II.range Defs.& Comms.later Officials & Post Fiscals.probably 1000's H/Cat. Lot cond.mixed but allowed for £130
601 NEW ZEALAND.coll.on black cards in wooden Box.laid out in cat.order incl. 1931 Air,1932 to 1940 ex.1939,good middle range noted 1953 Horseback set to 10/=,most comp.to 2000. s.t.b. unmtd.mint £85
602 NEW ZEALAND.1865-1966 Simplex Album.66 pages mint & used incl. B.O.B., Chalons 1/=, 1873 ½d,1874 to 6d 1882-1900 side face to 1/=,various perfs.plus 1 advert.,1898 Picts.to 2/=,1909 to 1/=,1915 to 1/= incl. part Booklet Pane,1926 2/= Admiral,1920 Victory, 1935-'40 Picts.,KG.VI.to 3/=,P/Fiscals.14 vals.to £1,1940 Cent.mint & used,then strong to 1966, 1957, '61-'63,'66 mint,Health M/Sheet,P.Due.,Officials from 1907 to 3d,1910 to 2/=,1915 to 1/=, '36 Views to 5/= Fisvals x 3,GK.VI.to 2/=,Cent.,valuable Lot needs to be viewed £325
603 NEWFOUNDLAND.1897 Pictorial set 60c being sg.66-79 mint cat.£275 check £75
604 NEWFOUNDLAND.1910 Pictorial set to 15c sg.95-105 mint cat.£350 £90
605 NEWFOUNDLAND.1911 Pictorial set to 15c sg.117-27 mint cat.£225 £65
606 NEWFOUNDLAND. 1919 Caribou comp.set to 36c incl. A & B.numbers sg.130-141 mint cat. £250+ check £65
607 NEWFOUNDLAND.fine coll.in Album all sets 1897,1923,1928,1932.1933 Air, & Pict., plus few later issues 1935 & 1937 Coro.etc. H/Cat. £950 odd spot have a look £220
608 NEWFOUNDLAND.P/Dues.on card.D1-5 perf.10,D3a & D4a perf. 11 x 9. all mint plus D6a used cat.£140+ £40
609 NEWFOUNDLAND.useful sel.on black cards.odd 1900 issues 1923 set sg.149/162, 1931 Air trio no wmk.(slight tone),1932 set sg.209/220.1933 Air set,1933 Gilbert sg.236/249,1937 Coro.long set others s.t.b. unmtd.mint £130
610 NIGERIA. 1914/27 KG.V.£1 dp.purple & black/red as per sg.12 mint copy £65
611 NIGERIA.small lot on black cards.incl. 1935 S.Jub.,1936 to 10/=,1938 set,1953 to £1,other odds s.t.b. unmtd.mint £38
612 NORFOLK IS.sel.on black cards.1947 comp.set,1953 Bird set.others Defs.& Comms. s.t.b.unmtd.mint £50
613 NORWAY.fair lot on black cards 1925 Air & Spitzbergen sets. 1937 sg.255-1941 sg.300, various 1940's similar range 1950's then fairly comp.sel.2000.few 100 s.t.b. unmtd.mint £100
614 NOVA SCOTIA. 1851 6d yellow grn.good looking copy of sg.5. 4 good margins lightly used cat.£475 good value £75
615 NRTH.BORNEO.1894 to $2.1931 to $1,1939 to $1 (ex.15c) 1961 to $5 s.t.b. unmtd.mint £85
616 NRTH.BORNEO.H/Cat.Lot on pages.usual C.T.O.material 1886 Lions,later S/Charges, various Picts.odd vals. 1909,R.Cross decent vals. 1931 $1 used,1939-45 part set,1947 set to $2, later issues incl. 1948 S/Wedd.,1954 to $10,1961 to $10,few Labuan all mixed mint or used needs sorting have a look £725
617 NYASALAND.sel.on black cards incl. 1934 set,1938 comp.set to £1,1945 to 5/=, 1953 set to £1 s.t.b. unmtd.mint £65
618 NYASALAND.1937-69 mint coll.on Minkus leaves plus Malawi early issue incl.KG.VI.to £1 & 20/= S/Wedd.,QE.II.to 20/=, plus M/Sheets cat.£470 needs checking £105
619 OCEAN SETT.small sel.on black cards.1931 & 1935 inter sets,1948 long set sg.186-209. s.t.b. unmtd.mint £28
620 PALAU.sel.on bundle of black cards 1983-middle 1990's suit Thematic's s.t.b.unmtd.mint £35
621 PALESTINE.interesting used sel.for period 1918-1932 showing perf.& O/Print variations Vendor states cat.£2,000+ check £135
622 PAPUA & N.G.1963 QE.II. 10/= & £1 O/Print Specimen mint cat.£90 £26
623 PAPUA & N.G.coll.on black cards.in File Box.incl.Papua 1934 Union Jack,KG.VI.1938 & '39 Air sets,1952 to 10/=,later Defs.& Comms.to late 1990's many better noted good lot of Thematic's s.t.b.unmtd.mint £85
624 PITCAIRN IS.range on bundle of black cards.incl. 1938 KG.VI.set,1957 to 2/6,then fairly comp.range 1970-2006 Defs.& Comms.s.t.b. unmtd.mint.fair cat.val. check £65
625 POLAND.interesting range of material.incl. the 5 & 10 Posen O/Prints on Cover.signed twice Schultheuss & Mikuiski,lots of early issues with expertizations, super lot needs to be viewed to be appreciated have a look £800
626 POLAND.range on s/cards.general Gouv't issues Defs.& Picts.,comp.sets German Occ.few 100's 1939-45 check £50
627 POLAND.coll.in Album.fair general range 1919-1980's Defs.& Comms.sets,singles & odds mint & used many 100's worth checking £45
628 POLAND.coll.on black cards in Wooden Box.laid out in cat.order few 1919-1920's. better 1930's incl. 1932 to 60g,1933 sg.292-96,1935 long set,1938 long set,1940's incl. 1941 Warsaw,1943 U.Boat,1945 sg.533/34.1936 Polish Work 1948 Franklin plus odd later s.t.b. unmtd.mint £95
629 PORTUGAL.attractive 1898 Vasco Da Gama comp.set sg.378/85 appears unmtd.mint cat.£160 (5r has offset on reverse £35
630 PORTUGAL. on 2 hagner sheets 1941 Costumes set 1945 Moeda sheet,1956 Railway set 1969 Gama set unmtd.mint cat.£180 £45
631 PORTUGAL.fine sel.on black cards.laid out in cat.order in wooden box.noted 1924 Camoens long set.1927 Indep.2nd set.1928 3rd Indep.set,later 1940 avis,1940 Exh.,R.Hill,1941 Fish,Women,1946 Castles.1947 Costumes & host more incl. good range Defs.& Comms.1950-2000.s.t.b. unmtd.mint H/Cat.Loy Ideal Re.Sale etc. have a look £325
632 PRINCE EDWARD IS.scarce 1869 QV.4d black imperf.between pair as per sg.16a fresh mint pair cat.£350 rarely offered £80
633 RHODESIA.1910/13 KG.V.Double Head 2/6 black & lake fresh mint copy of sg.155 cat.£400 check £80
634 RHODESIA.scarce 1910/13 KG.V. Double Head £1 ceimson & slate blue mint copy of sg.166a(expertized as such)cat.£1400 nice item check £265
635 RHODESIA.1910/13 KG.V.Double Head 4d black & orange perf.15 x 14 as per sg.181 fair mint xopy cat.£450 £110
636 ROSS DEP.coll.on 3 Hagner Sheets.1957 set,1994 Wildlife,comp.1996-2002 ex.W.W.F.set plus 2006 Biologist all unmtd.mint attractive lot check £30
637 RUMANIA.sel.on black cards incl.1931 Infantry,Scouts,Air,plus sg.1231/32. plus later issues to 1940's s.t.b. unmtd.mint £55
638 RUMANIA.1860-1970 in 2 Minkus Albums.mint & used excellent basis for collection many good items needs to be viewed 100's £175
639 RUSSIA.large & small S/Book.one crammed full from good range Thunderbolts through to 1960's Pictorials many 100's plus S/Book.some 44 M/Sheets. good value check £75
640 RUSSIA.coll.in 3 Albums.interesting range unchecked by us of early "Thunderbolts" fair bit of dup.in places,similar range of Workers issues,fair lot 1930/40,1935 scenes,1940 Air etc. then later issues-2000. also Army,Sth.Russia P.O.in China etc.3rd Album Estonia,Geogia, Lithuania,Saar & others worth close look £140
641 RUSSIA.mass accum.on black cards in 2 Wooden Boxes.ideally laid out ready to sell in cat.order odds & ends of early Defs.& Comms.then part range to 2000.impossible to describe s.t.b. unmtd.mint needs to be viewed £495
642 RYUKYU. 2 diff.issues each of 100 sets x 20.1965 I.C.Y.& U.N.sg.169 x 100 sheets of 20 unmtd.mint (c.£600),Ryukyu Is.'65 Naha City Hall sg.170 x 100 sheets x 20 unmtd.mint (£600) cat.£1,200 have a look £85
643 S.W.A. 1927 1d Ship 92 unmtd.mint pairs in blocks cat.£225+ £28
644 S.W.A.Mod.sel.on black cards.incl. S.Jub.& '37 Coro.then range from 1974 to 1989 not comp.plus range of Nambia 1999-2000. s.t.b.unmtd.mint £55
645 SAAR.written up coll.on pages incl.1947 return to Germany,1948 Hanas 1947 French currency.1949 Chemical plus 1949/50 Comms.all sets mint plus 1945 French Zone,1947 Rhineland,Wurt.mint H/Cat. Lot check £130
646 SAAR.better sel.on black cards.incl. 1926 Abbey,Fund,1948 Flood,1949 Horse,Fund,1950 Wust,Coach & R.Cross,Relief,1951 R.Cross,Fund etc.others to 1956 s.t.b. unmtd.mint £125
647 SAMOA.Mod.sel.on black cards 1952-2000+ patchy sel. Defs.& Comms. s.t.b. unmtd.mint looks good value £45
648 SAMOA WEST.1948 Post Fiscal £3 grn. sg.213 mint copy cat.£250 £55
649 SAN MARINO.coll.on black cards in Wooden Box.in cat.order Ideal Re.Sale.range of 1903 issues odd gaps,1907 pair.1918 War Fund & Victory sets,1922 Railway,1935 Ascent.& delifico sets scarce 1950 Views set,1952 Columbus etc.H/Cat. Lot s.t.b. unmtd.mint £300
650 SARDINIA.Forgeries for 1851 20c blue(dp.shade) sg.3 corner bls.of 49 mint ( side tear cut into 1 stamp)cat.£6000 each.reserved at £4 each. As Is.should cat.£294,000 needs to be viewed £185
651 SAUDI ARABIA.1968 100p Medinal Mosque in comp. unmtd.mint Sheet of 100 sg.865 small crease cat.£2,000. £155
652 SERBIA.fair sel.on black cards.noted 1866 10p orange,1869 comp.set to 50p, 1880 comp.set to 1d later King Alexander petar I.1905 & 1911 & 1915,1918.most comp.sets others. s.t.b. unmtd.mint £75
653 SEYCHELLES.sel.on black cards 1952 set but mostly Mod.sel.1970-2003 Defs.& Comms.sel. around £400 s.t.b. unmtd.mint £85
654 SIERRA LEONE.on black cards few odd QV.& KG.V.& V1.QE.II.Defs.& Comms. s.t.b. unmtd.mint check £38
655 SINGAPORE. KG.VI. $5 various perfs.all mint plus U.P.U. cat.£472 '08 check £115
656 SINGAPORE.1969 Founding M/Sheet sg.MS.127 unmtd.mint cat.£450 have a look £135
657 SINGAPORE 1978-1998 coll.in 7 side red S/Book.near comp.(no sheets) mint mainly unmtd.all diff.Comms.& DEfs.100's of sets cat.£825 needs checking £180
658 SINGAPORE.1948-72 superb mint to 1972 mainly mint to 1968 & mainly unmtd.from 1969, 1948 S/Wedd.pair & comp.from 1953 Coro.to 1972 Art(no M/S.)on double sided s/card.cat.£696 have a look £155
659 SINGAPORE.1996-99 superb mainly unmtd.mint sel.on s/card M/Sheets & Sheetlets many China N.Year(24) Booklets(17),1998 Festivals self Adh.4 sheets also 1968 P/Dues.x 2 cat.£333. check £85
660 SINGAPORE.1970-95 sel.of 39 M/Sheets unmtd.mint from 1970 Osaka to 1995 Orchid all on 4 side s/cards.cat.£435 have a look £95
661 SINGAPORE.from 1993-1999 used Comms.,Defs. sets to $10,self Adh.in full sheets(1998 Festivals)also 13 Booklets cat.as used stamps etc. cat.£390 check £85
662 SINGAPORE.1970-99 sel. of 41 good to f/used M/Sheets incl. 1971 Feastivals & others cat.£437 check £90
663 SINGAPORE.1978-93 sg.331-717 good to f/used comprehensive accum.4 sides s/card. ideal for Approvals cat.£637 needs to be viewed £125
664 SINGAPORE.1971-78 between sg.160-329 good to f/used near comp.coll. on double sided s/card.cat.£504 '09 check £115
665 SINGAPORE.1948-71 near comp.good to used double sided etc.KG.VI.both perfs.to $5, S/Wedd.,U.P.U.,then QE.II. to sg.158 incl. 1969 Founding of Singapore cat.£582 check £135
666 SINGAPORE.sel.on black cards incl. 1962 Orchids set ex.$1.,1970 Fair with M/Sheet 1971 Art,later noted 1975 Birds,1977 Shells through to 1999 although patchy in places s.t.b. all unmtd.mint £75
667 SLOVINA.range on black cards.general issues 1943-1990.but only odds & ends Thematic plus few Slovenia £30
668 SOLOMON IS.odds & ends on black cards.does incl. 1939 to 5/=,1956 to 10/=, & 1965 comp.set plus range of Comms. mint £45
669 SOMALI COAST.(French) 1958-65 mint.incl. unmtd.colourful coll.7 pages incl. Air vals. cat.£390 Ceres '07 £85
670 SPAIN.useful range Defs.,Comms.,M/Sheets in range of Year Packs comp.1980-1995 ex. 1987 14 in total £48
671 SPAIN.Med.Box.with 6 albums of Mod.Covers 100's,plus 2 S/Books with range of stamps clean lot.attractive range have a look heavy lot £45
672 SPAIN.fair sel.on black cards.in Wooden Box.laid out in cat.order.incl. 1926 R.Cross set, 1930 Goya set,1930 Palos set,Air 5c-4p,1938 Isabella,1940 Belchite Santo.1945 Civil War & many more better items right through to 2000. s.t.b. unmtd.mint have a look £225
673 ST.HELENA. attractive 1922 KG.V.5/= gry.& grn.with cleft rock variety being sg.110c superb used copy check £145
674 ST.HELENA.fine coll.on black cards in File Box.incl. 1922 KG.V.comp.set to 2/6, plus 5/= in corner marginal Control,1934 to 5/=,'35 Jub.,KG.VI.basic set,'48 Wedd.,1953 comp.set, 1961 Benton set plus range of later Comms. to 2000. s.t.b. unmtd.mint H/Cat.Lot check £265
675 ST.KITTS.sel.on black cards.Mod.range 1981-1990 plus similar range Nevis Defs.& Comms. s.t.b. unmtd.mint £50
676 ST.KITTS.NEVIS.on black cards.1920 odd vals.to 5/=,S.JUB.,1938 comp.set,1954 set,later Defs.& Comms. s.t.b. unmtd.mint £42
677 ST.LUCIA.coll.on black cards.laid out in cat.order incl. 1902 2d & 1912 5/=,1936 set to 10/=, 1938 KG.VI.set to £1,S/Wedd.,1949 set plus later range of QE.II.Defs.& Comms. s.t.b. unmtd.mint £85
678 ST.PIERRE ET MIQUELON.fine lot on pages. better Thematic types patchy sel.1942-2000. s.t.c.£250+ & s.t.b. unmtd.mint £38
679 ST.VINCENT.1913 2d sg.110 or 110a used blk.of 18 on part Env. pmk.Ju.1913 cat. £32 each stamp. cat.£576 (18) '08 have a look £175
680 ST.VINCENT.small Mod.sel.on black cards.incl. 1949 KG.VI. set,1955 set to $2.50. plus later Comms. & Defs. s.t.b. unmtd.mint £30
681 STH.GEORGIA.sel.on black cards useful 1963 set to both £1's,1987 Bird set,1994 Whales,1999 Birds plus good range of Comms.in between s.t.b. unmtd.mint £75
682 STH.AFRICA.scarce 1927 Capetown comp.set of 7.being sg.34-9 joined pairs mint cat.£500 £160
683 STH.AFRICA.small sel.on cards all joined pairs vals.to 5/= seen.mint & used good cat.val. £42
684 STH.AFRICA.coll.in blue album heavy dup.sel.1943-2000. Defs.& Comms. used few 100 £65
685 STH.AFRICA.1974-80 dup. unmtd.mint Stock in blks.(to 24 of each)Comms. cat.£260 100's £55
686 STH.AFRICA.1974-86 super sel.mainly unmtd.mint plated blks.of 4 or 6.Fauna & Flora 1974 to 50c,'77 Succulents to 2r, '82 Architecture to 2r,plus sets of Comms.,strips of 5 on 9 s/cards.strong Thematic content cat.£416 100's needs viewing £90
687 STH.AFRICA.1986-95 unmtd.mint sel.Comms. & Defs.,blks.of 4,strips of 5 plus full sheets 15 side S/Sheets.Thematic content cat.£706 check £170
688 STH.AFRICA.1937-91 near comp.mint much unmtd.mint.in Davo Album incl. M/Sheets cat.£1,112 needs to be viewed £205
689 STH.AFRICA& S.W.A.on approv.card.early pairs 5/= different printings,later Official 2d 3 different others H/Cat. check £70
690 SUDAN.1906/11 Postmen set O/Print Army Service 1m-10pia sg.A5-13 used 8 vals. not all fine cat.£730 £110
691 SUDAN.on black cards.noted better 1935 Gen.Gordon set,1948 Postmen to 50p, 1950 Air set. £45
692 SWAZILAND.on cards.incl.1933 comp.set to 5/=,1938 comp.set,1961 New Currency & 1962 comp.sets,1980 Flowers plus range of Comms. s.t.b. unmtd.mint £40
693 SWEDEN.coll.on black cards in Wooden Box.noted 1932 Adolphus,1935 Cath., 1936 long set to 1k,1939 Bicent.etc.plus Mod.range better singles & sets to 2000 s.t.b. unmtd.mint £75
694 SWEDEN.blue 48 side S/Book.mint & used early to 2000 well filled.Defs.,Comms.,Booklet Panes & strips some dup.mainly identified 1,000' check £225
695 SWEDEN.useful coll.on pages few 1855/69. types, 1872/70 vals.to 1k noted ditto 1885. fine range of Kings most printings incl. 1917/18 S/Charges later imperf./perf.few Airs good lot of Officials all good/fine used mostly sel.copies few 100's £55
696 SWISS.1882/1903. scarce 9½ perf.set 20c-1f sg.140-44 all used cat.£550+ check £115
697 SWISS.coll.in std.Album.small sel. of Seated Helvetia's (no standing) imperf. & perf., 1920-1940's Defs.& Comms. plus Mod.to 2000 back of book. Pro.Juv. & Patria few 100's £45
698 SWISS.in Carrier Bag.coll.in Ring Album 1941-1960's Defs.,Comms.,& M/Sheets used nicely written up & displayed plus Album of F.D.C.'s 1959-1970 over 80 items check £50
699 SWISS.coll.in Album.incl.fairy comp.range of Pro.Juv. 1918/22-1960's all good f/used also 1936 Landscapes,few Airs plus later Comms.to 1970's all used plus few 100's in pkt.etc. £85
700 SWISS.fair lot on black cards in Wooden Box.laid out in cat.order incl.1862/1882. issues no top val.but better in between 1907 & 1908 comp.set to 1f.later W.Tell,1923 Air to 2f, 1924 Defs.,1931 3f,1932 Inter,1936,1938/39 comp.sets,1941 Designs,1941 Landscapes, 1945 comp.Pax set.plus host of others to 2005 s.t.b. unmtd.mint have a look £275
701 SWISS.1941-55 mainly mint sel.21 pages & s/card.near comp.range of Pro.Pat.& Juv.Airs,Pro.Areo '47-'49 plus '49 Views Pax to 80c, B.O.B.100's check £80
702 SWISS.1923 Air 15 vals.to 1fr mint or used,all identified incl. grilled paper,mainly fine but couple small faults cat.£298 (15) Gib.'97 £60
703 SWISS.in brn.Box.12 Binders & S/Book.with wide range of mint & used stamps,F.D.C.'s, PHQ.Cards mainly clean lot needs to be checked £205
704 SWISS.good general sel.in Schaubek One Country Album.few early imperf.& perf. later Defs. Pro.Juv.etc.good range to 1980's few 100's good value to expand £40
705 TOGO. 1916-47 mint colourful coll.,16 pages incl. O/Prints,Comms.,M/Sheets,Picts., Airs & P/Dues.cat.£396 Ceres '07 £88
706 TRIN. & TOB.on black cards.incl. 1922 set to £1 (ex.6d & 5/=),1936 to 72c few KG.VI., 1953 to $4.80.plus few Defs. & Comms.1990's s.t.b. unmtd.mint have a look £75
707 TRISTAN DA CUNHA.coll.on black cards in Wooden Box 1954 & 1960,'65 part sets but good range 1970-2006 Defs.& Comms. s.t.b. unmtd.mint £45
708 TUNISIA.1888-1955 mint & used coll.27 pages strong Defs.sel.various printing & shades, Comms.,Charities,Airs,P/Dues.(couple faults but mainly good to fine)god starter lot cat.£494 £95
709 TURKEY.a delightful & interesting sel.on hagner cards.early perf.& imperf.covering period 1901-1923 mostly used better noted cat.over £600 better items have a look £90
710 TURKEY.sel.on black cards range 1930's-'80's but mostly Mod.issues s.t.b. unmtd.mint odd better noted in Wooden Box. £45
711 TURKS.& CAICOS.1893 QV. ½ on 4d gry.6 copies on unchecked settings between sg.66-69. all used worth checking should reward as min.cat.taken have a look £180
712 TURKS & CAICOS IS.sel.on black cards.few ED.VII.1913 KG.V.set to 3/= (ex.1/=), 1922 comp.set to 3/=,few KG.VI.incl. 1950 set.QE.II.with 1957 comp.set plus range of Comms. to 2000. s.t.b. unmtd.mint £50
713 TUVALU.unchecked sel.on black cards 1976-2000 few 100's unmtd.mint £35
714 U.S.A. 1893 Columbus on card.1c,4c-6c,15c x 2,25c & 50c not gum,mostly poor cond.mint although 6c looks unmtd. Sold as Fillers very H/Cat. £50
715 U.S.A.fair across the board coll.in black page S/Book.odd Columbus issues.small heads, later Washington few Pictorials,Airs,plus 1950/60 few 100's check £50
716 U.S.A.an excellent Pot Pourri coll.in mixed cond. from the 19th Century,incl.6c & 15c 1869, earlier 5c & 10c,Columbus 4c x 15,Washington/Franklin Heads,many dozens of $ H/Vals. "Prexis" to $5,some Fam-am F.D.C's with better etc.needs to be viewed £155
717 U.S.A.sel.on s/cards fair range early to Mod.with some dup.better Defs.noted odd mint block. plus Comms. & few Covers. few 100's check £35
718 U.S.A. mass accum.on black cards in Wooden Box.laid out in cat.order.few Columbus 1918 Air 6c & 16c,1920 Terc.1922 to 50c,1924 Terc.comp.1925 sg.621-a649(ex. M/Sheet) later issues incl. 1933 Graf.Zepp.,1938 to $2.1941 Air,1954 to $5 plus host of Comms.& Defs. to 2000.H/Cat.Lot s.t.b. unmtd.mint check £360
719 VANUATU.unchecked but colourful sel.on bundle of black cards suit Thematic's unmtd.mint £35
720 VATICAN CITY.good range in black page S/Book.from early Pope's to 1970's Defs.& Picts. all sets mint cat.over £500 check £75
721 VATICAN CITY.useful lot on bundle of black cards laid out in cat.order incl.1929 comp. set, 1933 Holy Year.1933 Pope set.1938 Basilica set,1947 Air,1948 250L,1949 Pope set., 1951 Council,1953 Libri plus host of others s.t.b. unmtd.mint have a look £95
722 YUGOSLAVIA.mass accum.on black cards in Wooden Box.laid out in cat.order 1918 Freedom ex.20k.1919,1920 & 1921 long sets,1923 Kralievina,1924 to 30k.,1926 set to 20d. plus run of Defs.& Comms.to 2002 few 100's s.t.b. unmtd.mint check £250
723 ZANZIBAR.coll.on black cards.incl. 1936 set to 10s,1952 to 7s.50,1957 to 10s,plus few Mod.Zil. s.t.b. unmtd.mint £45
724 ZIMBABWE.unchecked Mod.sel.on bundle of black cards 1980-2000.Defs.& Comms. unmtd.mint £38
725 Mass coll.of Animal Thematic's in 3 bulging Std.Albums.range of Countries sets & singles mint & used to diverse to describe must be 100's have a look £185
726 Large heavy Box.with some 20 odd S/Books incl. some New.Ex.Dealers.Will Not Be Taken to Sale £35
727 Large Box with 8 Empty Ring Binders,2 S/Books,5 small F.D.Binders not to be taken to Auction £OFFER
728 Carrier Bag. with World Kiloware in Box & Bag off paper £26
729 Large Bag for Charity Kiloware in small Bags better type check £25
730 Archive Box.half full of G.B. & World Kiloware off paper mass of material £35
731 Med.Box.with sall sel.in Windsor Album plus empty Binder,Simplex Album few stamps, bundle of new pages,S/Book G.B. bit of decimal Face etc. check £30
732 Small Railway Thematic sel.on black cards mostly World M/Sheets plus stamps unmtd.mint £35
733 BR.COLS.& Foreign in red s/Book.mint & used plenty of Scand.much dup.in places over 2600 stamps plus on pages Newfoundland sel.1876-1929 60 odd stamps mixed cond. have a look £32
734 Fair general World in Med.& small S/Book.few 100's good bit of China have a look £35
735 Large Box.mass accum.of G.B. Kilo.in bundles,plus Box sorted in pkts.etc. bulky lot plus nice lot early P/Cards. £35
736 Large Flat Box.small accum.of Env.dup.range of World Mod.plenty of Australia better looking G.B. Slogans etc. unchecked £35
737 Coll.Costa Rica in Ring Album 1863-1960 Defs.& Comms.mint & used,plus Air Post & Postal Tax stamps few 100 good Album to expand.Guatemala in album 1870-1960 sets & odds. £60
738 Large Box.with accum.of World material in smaller Boxes & Bags. QV.-QE.II. on/off paper odd Cover small quantity but worth sorting £36
739 Large Box.containing 6 Boxes of Foreign stamps off paper plus 2 Bags of G.B.Kiloware £35
740 2 Archive Boxes with 8 Ring Albums laid out A-Z.World but many pages just one stamp on. could be added to £40
741 Australia looks new 4 vol.Davo Boxed Hingelesss Albums expensive lot plus S/Book of stamps have a look £95
742 On old pages.Luxembourg,Liechtenstein,Belgium,Hungary earl middle period noted incl. many better items cond.mixed in places needs sorting £50

End of Sale

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