12th December 2009


The Town Hall, Richmond Room, Worthing

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1 POSTCARDS.German Nazi Autographs bearing Rohm,Blomjerg & Von Epp Himmler,Goering signed on P/Card 1933 (crease) extrodinary group of Autographs (pedigree ex Nuremberg coll. have a look £1500
2 POSTCARDS.Ideal Lot if you come from Banstead.one small written up & displayed History on pages incl. 1895 Cover,1902 ED.VII.cards,1906 & 1932 Cards plus KG.VI.& QE.II.& Metors £38
3 POSTCARDS.scarce coll.of U.P.U.Cards stamp on stamp.fine range in Album.some 140 cards mint & used clean lot have a look £85
4 POSTCARDS.fine range of early Cards in boxed Album.Views,Children etc. s.t.c. some 160 cards checking £50
5 POSTCARDS.Royalty P/Cards/Photo's in Album.some stuck down over 60 items £28
6 CIGARETTE CARDS.in Box unchecked by us some tied in bundles noted small Box with Kings of Speed,& Boxing,another Box of Footballers,Household Hints,Flowers etc. worth checking £50
7 CIGARETTE CARDS.in large Biscuit Tin fresh repro.cards range better Thematic Ideal to Frame have a look £35
8 CIGARETTE CARDS.in old Players Navy Cut Box.all Players 1924 Army Corps, 1937 Birds & Young,1935 Fish,1937 Coro.,1939 Animals,1916 Crys of London(2nd), 1923 Struggle plus bundle of part sets H/Cat. £38
9 CIGARETTE CARDS.in Gold Flake Box.,Black Cat.1978 Fish,Sport.Will's 1938 Garden Hints,Will 1930 Hints(2),Wills Ship Badges 1925,Wills Seashore 1938,1927 Household Hints (white),1937 Wild Flowers (2nd) all Wills. £42
10 CIGARETTE CARDS. all Players 1916 Past & Present 1938 Aircraft Royal Air Force 1939 Cycling H/Cat. sets £55
11 CIGARETTE CARDS.large bundle of Cards all stuck down.in Albums.1930's over 30 Albums interesting lot many early H/Cat.offered at a fraction of Cat.val. £90
12 POSTCARDS. few 100 in small Box.looks mostly Mod.but odd early noted few Covers £35
13 POSTCARDS.mixture in pkt.incl. Germany,H/Painted Jap.,Swiss.,France etc.mostly stamped many better noted check £60
14 POSTCARDS.a fine sel.of Train P/Cards in large Album early through to Steam sepia & colour plus few Stations over 100 Cards. have a look £75
15 CIGARETTE CARDS.nice range in plastic holder & part sets.Wills Naval Dress,Wills Ships,Hustler,Animals,Footballers,Film Stars etc.well over 500 cards good value check £45
16 CIGARETTE CARDS.good lot in plastic holder part sets etc.incl. Wills large rose,Musgrave Brothers Birds,Music,Film Stars,S/A/Defence,Carrera.s Dogs & Friends & host more over 500 cards. have a look £45
17 BOOKS.Scott 2006 Classic Catalogue stamps & Covers 1840-1940 £45
18 BOOKS.Sarawak D.L.R.1918-1928,P/History of Sarawak,stamps & P/History Forrester - Wood,R.Lowe D.L.R. key types,H/Book S/Africa.plus Seychelles stamps & P/History £45
19 BOOKS. U.S.A.Airmail Cat.vol.3 American Soc.plus U.S.A.Airmail Cat.vol.1. £18
20 BOOKS.scarce 1932 1st Edit.of Field Airmail Stamps & Air Post of the World Catalogue £32
21 In Box.sel.of Br.C/Wealth in S/Books.most Reigns noted with fair Bit dup.in places.noted Australia in SG.One Country Album & S/Book.Roo's to QE.II.,S/A.,Br.West Africa, Br.East Africa,Zimbabwee on paper etc. £125
22 Large heavy Box.contains a large accum.of World in 9 large S/Books.good range of Countries mint & used sets & singles odds.many 100's needs checking £135
23 In Med.3 S/Book. wholesale accum.in singles,blocks of 4 & larger multiples.Austria, Korea, Germany,Spain,Costa Rica,Belgium,France.plus coll.of Bavaria with O/Prints Bulgaria Games imperf.sheets etc. needs close look £175
24 Archive Box.well filled looks interesting range of World loose in pkts. etc.odd S/Book F.D.C.'s.good val. close check £55
25 New Age Stamp Albums 5 vols.of Br.Cols.& Foreign only a few stamps & sold mainly for the Albums £65
26 Large very heavy Plastic Crate mostly unchecked by us.has a series of Album , S/Books, Shoebox etc. leave this one to you Good Hunting £75
27 In Folder coll.of Malaysia odd QV.& Kings but mostly QE.II. plus similar range of India few 100's £42
28 Large Biscuit Tin with all World loose & in pkts.good lot to sort on a quiet evening. probably 1000's £42
29 In pkt.range of P/Packs Australia,Denmark,Channel Is.,Chile etc.fair bit face value £42
30 Fine sel.of Film Stars.M/Sheets & Sheetlets in 3 large Albums,one album entirely of Marilyn Monroe.other Laurel & Hardy,J.Wayne,Clark Gable,whole series of J.Lennon & host of others mint & used over 150 noted have a look £115
31 In Archive Box.2 x P/Books of Liechtenstein & Lux.,Album & pkt.early Turkey,2 boxes Club Books,pkt.,Netherlands,dup.in small pkts.few G.B. etc. check £85
32 Large Box.World 5 Albums/S/Book.fair general mix.5 Bags of stamps some Covers plus small boxes have a look £55
33 BR.COLS.(ONE OF 3).as handed in.good range of KG.VI.large part unmtd.mint sets,part sets with key vals.,few better KG.V.& QE.II.early sets incl. KG.VI.Fiji blocks of 4 many marginal etc.nice lot check £1550
34 EUROPE.various Belgium 1939 mint(113)Liechtenstein '68-'70's mint(£90), French Antarctic '82.2 full Sheets('65),W.Germany '57-'63 mint & u. (158) cat.£445 £75
35 Attractive coll.of Thematic's Birds & Fish.incl. 3 Albums incl.singles,sets,M/Sheets & Sheetlets.far too much to describe must be few 100 all appears unmtd.mint super lot have a look £120
36 Super 1948 S/Wedd.Omnibus issues G.B.-Zanz.unmtd.mint premium as such £700
37 Med.Box.with all World better single & sets on small cards couple East Africa 5/=,QE.II.Booklets odd Cover etc.needs your close attention good val.lot needs checking £350
38 Vluable coll.in 5 large S/Books.A-Z.types with many better items noted.KG.VI.Asc.vals.to 10/=,Australia 10/=-£2 Specimen plus 5/= Sidney Harbour used,Basu.& Bech. KG.VI.sets, Bermuda to 12/6 toned,Canada vals.to $1.Dominica to 10/=,Falk.QV.& KG.VI.to $1, H.K., India,Br.East Africa,Leeward Is.incl. £1 val,Malaya States,Malta sets, N.Z.1925 & Post Fiscals,Nr.Borneo,Nrth.Rhod.10/=,set Nyas.to £1,Rhod.'s,Saints. plus host of other must be viewed £650
39 BR.COLS.remainder coll.in 2 Albums & S/Book general range QV.-QE.II.mint & used plus 2 s/cards few 100's £42
40 0pen Top Box.containing 4 Albums of all Br.C/Wealth in boxed Davo N.Z.One Country Albums.coll.of India,plus 2 Albums mixed most general £55
41 Interesting mixture in Box File.Thematic coll.on bundle of pages written up all Countries starting with letter "V" how many can you name?.3 hagners with letter "F". coll.stamps Hyper-Infaltion issues.Pedigree Dogs,& Cats.,Toxo....Archery,Retailers Advert., pkt. & Env.have a look £65
42 EUROPE.26 sides S/Book.small dup.mainly mint.France 1960 Poland '80's,Russia '40's, W.Germany '80-90's used.Fr.Antactic in large blocks & sheets.Algeria '60's,Rumania '40's. ideal Approvals cat.£2,045 needs to be viewed £220
43 Unchecked World in Med.Box.7 Albums & pages.many 100's should be fun.close look please £85
44 In Box.with 2 old Lincoln Albums one with useful range Br.Cols.,GB. 1d Black & World mint & usedSwiftsure Album with all World,Improved Album all World much loose material odd Cover,few pages, almost empty Ideal.close look advised £125
45 Mixed World in Med.Box. S/Book,cards,Biscuit Tin Covers,G.B. etc. have a look £48
46 3S/Books with all Cape,Natal,O.F.S.,Transvaal,plus heavy dup.incl. 3 S/Books of S/A. general mix.many 100's £45
47 Large Box.with 3 large Scrap Books.of Commercial Covers,Album Thematic's Sport,Album U.N.,2 Albums all World worth sorting few 100's £65
48 A PKT.with various Br.C/Wealth & Foreign on small s/cards to diverse to describe but mostly identified & priced.looks good lot to sort H/Cat. needs checking £575
49 C/WEALTH.in red Utile album.1953-74.mtd.mint coll.Grenada,Grenadine,Guyana,Jamaica most Defs.sets(bar top val.)Comms.,Omnibus,wmk. varieties cat.£430 needs to be viewed £75
50 Sel.of Br.Cols.on small cards sets or singles incl.large margin 1858,Mauritius,K.U.T. Dues., Malaya $1,Sudan 1948 set,S/A.KG.V. to 5/=,Bermuda KG.VI. 2/6-10/=, 27 cards s.t.c.over £1800. have a look £125
51 BR.C/WEALTH(one of 3)just handed in superb range of KG.VI.large part unmtd.mint sets,part sets with key vals.also few better KG.V.& early QE.II.better noted incl. K.U.T. KG.VI. sg.145 .retouch unmtd.mint (£1000)Fiji & Bahamas to £1 etc. close look £2600
52 Old File Box containing a large bundle of hagner sheets Br.Cols.& Foreign noted KG.VI. sets,Omnibus issues,1963 R.Cross,Unesco,sel.Mauritius,early KG.V.on pages. few Covers etc.clean lot good cat.val. needs checking £225
53 Various in black Binder near comp.1953 Coro.Omnibus,Portugal,Madeira,Br. Antarctic Explorers to £1,Falklands '83 to £2.Views to 1/3 plus £1 x 2.needs to be checked £85
54 Archive Box.with G.B.& Channel Is.Covers in Album,few stamp albums mixed World heavy lot check £55
55 Royalty Relating QE.II.coll.of 60th Birtday,R.Wedd.,70th Birthday,80th Birthday etc.in 7 Special Albums must be cheap £45
56 3 Boxed SG.New Age Albums KG.VI.vols.1 & II.plus one QE.II.very few KG.VI.odd better,QE.II.sold mainly for the Albums £65
57 In Ring Album.Bermuda few QV.Kings incl. KG.VI. 2/= x 2,5/=,10/= few QE.II.Defs. & Comms.,Br.G.few Ships,Falls,Kings vals.to $2.QE.II. odds,few Br.Hond.mostly Mod. few 100's have a look £65
58 Misc.sel.incl.U.P.U.Booklet Jugo Fish/insects,Angola Birds 10c,12c,50,25a,& 40a Swiss. Prov.Juv.etc.all mint some odd tone perf. £65
59 Mixed World in Plastic Box.in Albums plus bundle of pages others in large Bags & Folders looks good value many 100's worth sorting £75
60 Small Box.with about a dozen old Cig.Boxes etc.loose & in pkts.looks all early one of those worring lots have a missed something?.I'll let you do the worring Good Luck £75
61 Coll.in Album QV._QE.II.good general mix better in places Nyas.,Zanz.,Tanz.,Trindad,& Tristan Da Cunha incl. KG.VI.1952,1954 mint sets & others few 100's check £75
62 The Ideal Albums vol.!.to Vol.III.Br.Empire & Foreign.good lot of Br.Cols.incl. better G.B. good 4 margin 1d Black,plus a 3 margin copy other Line Engraved,few S/Printed incl.QV.10/= Fiscal.QV.Jub.basic mint set plus £1 grn.sg.212 slight face rubs.ED.VII. incl. £1 grn.etc.India odd better,N.Z. others sparce odds & ends mint & used good range of Foreign unchecked needs close look £360
63 In Box.range of Royalty in various albums Q.Mothers Birthday,S.Jub.,1978 Coro.,'77 Jub.,probably best item 1978 Coro.Ltd.Ed.Gold plated Coins in Special Wooden Box. £85
64 Med.Box.with fair mixture of all World in 8 Albums,S/Book.early/middle general but 2 S/Books of better Br.C/Wealth Qv.-KG.V.noted old Black Cat Album well filled Foreign plus Tin World unsorted £85
65 Med.Box.messy lot real Wheat from Chaffe Job.keep your eye out for small bundle of Br.Cols.looks to be val.heavy lot check £45
66 2 Imperials vol.1 & vol.!!.fair range of G.B. 1d Black,S/Printed,vals.to 5/=.range Kings vals.to 10/=,few Australia,Canada,Cape Triangles,N.Z.,Africa etc.many 100's clean lot ideal to expand have a look £425
67 Old Lincoln Album.remainder coll.all World all early/middle period wheat from chaffe job.in other words.check carefully few 100 H/Cat. needs checking £125
68 Jigsaw Puzzel Box.with fine range of Br.Cols.on black approv.cards,Manilla s/cards, some pkts.etc. sets & singles mint & used nice 1937 St.Lucia Cover ½ to 1/= worth close look £245
69 Mixture in Med.Box.Covers incl. few Albums.G.B.,R.A.F.etc.Album Benham Repro. Railway Cards,3 large S/Books fair range of Br.Cols. QV.-QE.II. plus large Biscuit Tin mass of pkts. must check heavy lot £75
70 Large heavy Box.with 10 Albums.Denmark,Czech.(2),Fr.Cols.,Ceylon,Canada(2), Belgium (2) one mixed general lot few 100 check £75
71 Large Heavy Box.with all World noted large coll.of France,4 Albums Germany plus West etc.giant S/book mixed,other pkt Br.Cols.plus unopened SG.Giant S/Book check £85
72 BR.COLS.(one of 3)just handed in fine range of KG.VI.large part unmtd.mint sets,part sets with key vls.,few better KG.V.& early QE.II.sets noted.KG.VI.inscription block of 10. QE.II.Basutoland set in bl.of 4 H/Cat.lot must check £2025
73 4 almost New Giant S/Books.heavy dup.U.S.A. x 2,S/A.,& Australia sold mostly for S/Book val.in Carrier Bag. £45
74 2 Giant S/Books.well filled with Br.C/Wealth material looks mostly KG.VI.-QE.II.period with some dup.many 100's £45
75 BR.COLS.in small Album.mostly odds QV.-QE.II.better in places.for Ghana,Gib., Gilbert & Ellice & Gold Coast mint & used £55
76 SHOEBOX.Br.Cols.on some 54 cards.looks mainly KG.VI.& QE.II.comp.sets,but here & there some better odd QV.& KG.V.vals.mint & used range s.t.c. £3100+ check £500
77 Mass accum.of World in small Boxes,Biscuit Tins,in Env.,etc.odds & coll.in 4 Albums worth sorting could be finds have a look £75
78 New Ideal Album.with Br.Empire vol.1.well filled Album A-Z.better in places mint & used one of those you need to view but should suit most purposes.& ideal lot to expand with sorting many 100's H/Cat.val. have a look £1250
79 Mixed in Med.Album.few Cape small Defs.used few mint few Cayman Is.fair lot of Ceylon QV.QE.II.mint & used,Cyprus some early mint mostly QE.II. few 100's check £75
80 In Box.giant S/Book with mass dup. G.B.Machins vals.to £5 used.few QV.-KG.VI.odd 2/6 Booklet but with rust spots.others S/Book with used Channel Is. with dup.,G.B.coll. in Album good range of 1d Red imperf & perf.sel. of Kings plus QE.II.used N.P.Y.-1990 incl. Machins.small S/Book Aust.& States plus others have a look £85
81 Wholesale sel.of KG.VI.in S/Book.mass dup.in places mint & used Malta,Falk.Is., Bahamas, St.Lucia,St.Vincent,plus Aden 1½ in corner marginal bl.of 40 used.Bermuda 3d bl.of 30 (one missing)mint needs to be viewed £125
82 Archive Box.half full unchecked all World mixture in Albums & S/Cards & loose.looks good val.close check advised £45
83 General Br.Cols.sel.in Med.Album QV.-QE.II. mostly odds,Dominica,Falk.Is.,Fiji & Gambia mint & used £55
84 Med.Box.all World in 7 Albums S/Books better items Strand Album 2 Errington Album early-middle period.needs careful check remainder of Box Kilo.pkts.etc. messy lot check £75
85 Small pkt.with range of Foreign on small s/cards.mostly middle period mostly better singles or sets noted Italian Scouts,German 1933 Zepp.4m,France Orphans O/Prints 35c,50c,1f,5p etc. H/Cat. check £245
86 Med.Box.of Br.C/Wealth all on pages.plus G.B.early to Mod.sets & odds noted many 100's unchecked by us. s.t.c.£2000-£2500 so worth sorting £125
87 Coll.in Album.Kuwait KG.V.mint incl. 1r,5r,& 10r.odd tone sel.of KG.VI.1945 to 14a,other sets incl. 1948 S/Wedd.& QE.II.Malaya St.Sett.good range of QV.incl. O/Prints ED.VII.& KG.V. various Printing incl.H/Vals Fiscals plus QE.II.few Fed.Malaya States Tigers mint & used few 100's needs sorting H/Cat.needs to be checked £125
88 First EDIT.IMPERIALAlbum.Br.Empire looks good across the board range incl. G.B.fair 1d Black 2nd with pin hole,1841 2d Blue x 2,few L/Engraved & S/Printed vals.to 10/= mint, 2/6 with tone spots,ED.VII.vals.to 5/=,few later Ireland to 2/6,India & States.,Malaya State, Cape with 6 Triangles,Africa.fair lot Canada,Australia & States.host of others cond. mixed in places close look advised £385
89 Large heavy Plastic Crate mass material G.B.& World? in 9 Album/S/Books plus loose have a look £45
90 BALKANS.Latvia,Lith.,& Estonia comprehensive Stock.attractive holding of these Countries with 95% of val.1918-1940,housed in 2 vols.with min.cat.of 6000euro,Highlights incl.good triangle of Estonia incl. O/Prints,early better Defs.of Lith.,comp.Airmails O/Prints. incl. F.Vaitkus, imperf.triangles,dramatic looking errors,shift vignettes etc.needs to be viewed £600
91 BR.C/WEALTHa pleasant hold with at least 4 unmtd.mint comp. UNESCO sets 1964,Churchill with 5 comp.sets except H.K.but incl. BAT, 1949 U.P.U.'s with some bls.of 4 mint,some Coro.'37s & '53s,other Royal Wedd.,R.Cross etc etc. needs to be viewed £150
92 Large Box.with lot of dup. G.B. in S/Books made sweet by better Walt Disney Sheetlets & Covers held in 2 Albums both other odds & ends £65
93 Few one Country Lots in Files.range of periods early-Mod.more of latter.Brunei, Seychelles, Zmbia,Tanz.,Swiss.& Bag Kiloware adds up to H/Cat.val.in Carrier Bag.have a look £65
94 In Med.S/Book.H.K. fair sel. QV.-Kings plus later QE.II.few Comms.,Malaya Straits QV.KG.VI.vals.to $5.Fed.Tigers Singapore,Nrth.Borneo imperf.Tigers in pairs etc.few 100's £75
95 BR.COLS.in Windmill Box.holding some 33 approv.cards KG.V. & VI.mint & used with stated cat.val.of £5,850 good middle range material lacking top vals. useful Retail check £650
96 BR.COLS.range in Med.S/Book all mint across the board KG.VI.-QE.II.sets,singles, odds etc. may fill few gaps.few 100 check £85
97 Europe in S/Book.Austria,Scand.,France,Spain etc. sets,singles, M/Sheets. attractive Thematic items all unmtd.mint face val.£140 check £90
98 Small Exercise Book with small sel.of Br.Cols.KG.V.,KG.VI. mostly odds & ends but may suit £65
99 In Box.G.B. & Br.Cols.& Foreign in album dup.in places plus some pkts. few 100's £45
100 Med.Box.with 4 large S/Books.dup.G.B.Comms. used,sold for S/Book val.few hagner sheets plus SG.Detect mark in Box. £55
101 Various better mint sets & singles on s/card.Belgium Leopold II.to 1f,Albert to 2f,Congo 10f O/Print R.Cross,Bosnia 1910 to 5k,Austria 1920 10kr violet & '55.Argentina '39 U.P.U., Colombia '22 Air H/Vals.,mainly good to fine but poss.small faults odd tone spot.cat.£817 (74) needs to be viewed £130
102 Large Box 3 large F.D.C.Albums G.B.Sterling-Decimal plus 2 small Albums,few Packs,also series of small Albums & large S/Books.G.B.& World with fair bit face others loose check £95
103 Med.Box as handed in looks general World in several S/Books.plus Box unchecked by us Vendors estimate check £135
104 In Ring Album.Sarawak earlies incl.1875 2c-12c later odds 1920 part sets incl.1928/29 to $1(ex.1c),1932 to 50c,1934 to $10(ex.50c,$2,$3.),BMA to $2,1947 to $5,plus KG.VI. issues Seyc.,1890 to 96c + die.II.& S/Charges,1900 to 1r.50,,1901/2 S/Charge,1903 to 2r.25 ditto 1906.few KG.V.small lot Leeward Is. check £135
105 Large Archive Box.containing mass accum.of Sport Thematic Held in some 8 Albums.noted range of Football,O.Games,Boxing etc.stamps,M/Sheets,Covers etc.few 100's super retail val. have a look £250
106 Med.S/Book fine range of Br.Cols.mostly one Country Lots QV.-QE.II.for Mauritius,Mont., Br.Hond,Malta,Fiji,Lesotho,Ghana.all mint fine range few 100's needs to be viewed £95
107 BR.C/WEALTH.in red S/Book.across the board.mixture mostly KG.VI.-QE.II.all mint too diverse to describe no dup. s.t.c.£1100+ have a look £95
108 Looks fair range of Br.Cols.in Med.S/Book incl. good percentage of KG.VI. mostly odds & ends many 100's check £45
109 Unchecked lot in Med.Box.in 8 Albums have a look please £55
110 Very large Box.filled to top as handed in.impossible to estimate but estimate probably starter point not to be missed £250
111 World mixture in Med.Box mostly on pages large coll.of Spain smaller lot Austria, Russia, Sweden,N.Z.& Canada many 100's check £95
112 Large heavy Box with 10 Albums holding stamps & Covers 2 large Albums Br.Cols.mint & used plus fine range of Covers some with Coins one of those lots needs to be viewed £135
113 2 Imperial vols.& II.usual sparce appearance but strength in others noted Australia with Roo's to 10/=,early QV.Br.Bech.,fair Canada,Rhod.,& Africa.few Malaya States,Aust.States etc.mint & used careful look should reward few 100's needs to be viewed £1850
114 All World in 2 large Scott Album range of Countries A-U.,sparce in places.better in certain Countries. probably needs expanding £75
115 One of those tricky old Lincoln Album(1896) mass of material early to middle period mint & used.time spent should reward. P.S.check old cat.prices at back of Album 1d Black 2/6 mint £95
116 Large heavy Box.with all World mass accum.in Bags & Env.impossible to check.plus coll.of Austria & Hungary you won't know what it's worth until you get it. home.could be anything £95
117 Med.S/Book range of Br.Cols. QE.II.sets & part sets vals.to £1 noted mint & used plus looks fairly comp. 1953 Coro.Omnibus issues £45
118 Archive Box.with large part heavy dup.G.B. some World plus loose at bottom of Box. £45
119 General range of World in Med.Box.odds & ends in small Albums.plus Bag loose.better in Album G.B.Sterling issues Comms.with stamps & F.D.C.'s have a look £45
120 Med.Box.with giant S/Book of used G.B.better mint & used Machin coll.in Album vals.to £5 noted.small Thematic O.Games plus S/Book mixed World better Swiss. check £75
121 Med.Box with mass accum.of Env.looks all World to us old fashion mixture with sg.No's on Env.to help. leave this one to you Good Hunting £135
122 Large Archive Box.mass of material Military Thematic held in 4 large hagner Binders large War related stamps& Covers etc.many 100's attractive lot close look advised £150
123 Boxed old New Ideal Br.Empire only few stamps few QV.Ceylon mint,Gib.QV.mint, G.B. fair 1d Black, 1d Red imperf.unused,few later few QV. H.K.,Jamaica,Natal QV.-ED.VII. & more may be better second look. have a look £95
124 Misc in pkt.1870 Swiss.Covers Oberbipp,Russia reply Env.,George III.£1 Seals,1932 Parcel Post large pieces,photo on Rev.,4 x 2c Inter stamps,Japan 3d Nat.Sport corner marginal block of 20 toned,1950 Austria stamp Cent.1952 Germany S.A.S.Airmail check £95
125 Unchecked lot in Shoebox looks all World incl. Bags of stamps,on cards,loose,plus bundle of covers close look please £48
126 Med.Box.with all World in 10 Albums/Folders.stamps on pages,plus large range of pkts.& Env.,so unchecked by us worth sorting £48
127 BR.C/WEALTH sel.in Med.S/Book fair general A-Z.range QV.-QE.II.mint & used better odds & ends check £48
128 G.B.& Foreign on series.Albums,S/Books,loose,Cards,2 small Boxes with pkts.unchecked heavy dup.in places unchecked heavy lot have a look £50
129 Med.Box.with all World in series of Albums/S/Books.Env.etc many 100's worth checking £50
130 In Album.Trucial States Turks.& Caicos fair KG.VI.mint & used,Uganda Mod.,Zambia, few Rhod.,few 100's have a look £55
131 Looks fine World sel.in Shoebox holding 2 bundles of Foreign Approv.Books.too much to describe but brief look revealed plenty of decent items must be checked £680
132 In Med.Box.containing 11 Med.S/Books.all single one Country Lots mostly heavy good range Cent.& Sth.America,Sudan,Indian Ocean,Ind.Africa,Jamaica,Malaya,India, etc.must be 1000's close look advised £150
133 BR.COLS.in Med.S/Book.mostly KG.VI.-QE.II.more of the latter noted Gib., Barbados, Bermuda,Bahamas,Niue,Tonga,& others all mint few 100 check £75
134 Useful range of Br.C/Wealth in Ring Album.appears all KG.V.& KG.VI.with sets & perf.varieties noted especially Gib.mint & used H/Cat.Lot needs close look few 100's £150
135 Small Box.containing some 68 circa Club Books.most look pretty well filled early to Mod. s.t.b. priced over 10yrs ago.so well worth close look 100's have a look £390
136 Large Plastic Storage Box.as handed in.appears all World in mass of Env.,pkts.,Tins,few Club Books etc.worth checking £50
137 Heavy Med.Box.with all World in various Albums/S/Books.& pages many 100's odd better in places check £50
138 Large Box.looks all Foreign in range of S/Books.& s/cards.mass accum.unsorted heavy lot £50
139 Large Box.with all World in 8 Albums,S/Book looks fairly general but many 100's worth check £55
140 Range in Plastic Box.2 Albums plus S/Book general Br.Cols.plus small lot U.S.A.,bundle of pages looks Br.Cols.other odds incl.Box of Hawid & pages worth sorting £65
141 Battered Triumph Album all World but value in Br.Cols.mass of good cat.material seen but unchecked by us mint & used appearances may be deceptive close look advised £850
142 Looks good lot in Med.Box.2 old Ideal Albums vol.1 & II.usual sparce but some useful bits in G.B.,H.K.,Ireland,Barbados etc.plus fair lot in Diplomat Album general range 2 other Albums Mod.must be viewed carefully £160
143 EUROPE.better sets on s/cards mint incl. unmtd.,Sweden 1932 Adolfus,'38 U.S.A., '30 Academy Austria '48 Costumes (27 vals.to 10sch.)Germany '51 Rontgen, St.Mary, '52 Relief, '53 Munich Transport.cat.£722 51 vals. needs to be viewed £165
144 In Box sel.of S/Books all one Country coll.early to Mod.much dup.in places,Siam,Yugo., Albania,Arab,Indo,Liech.,Fr.Mor.,Maroc.Box of En.,Baltic States others must check £175
145 Useful Br.Cols.sel.in Album.1913 Mauritius 50c,1r,2r.50,5r,10r.,K.G.VI. basic 2c-10r, Nr.Nigeria 1900 ½ to 1/= ditto 1902,1912 to 2/6 Grenada odd to 2/= later to 3/= other odds all mint have a look £75
146 BR.COLS.accum.in Album & hagner Binder QV.-QE.II.many odd better vals.noted plus sets incl.Malaysia in mint blocks.careful check few 100 £75
147 Med.Box.full of large Bags each contained Env.too much to describe but appears Br.Cols./Foreign sorted into A-Z.order worth checking £65
148 Coll.in Album Br.Cols. J-K.,Jamaica QE.II.,K.U.T. KG.V.-QE.II. later KG.VI.to £1 through to Tanzania £65
149 Med.Box.2 Shoeboxes with mass World loose,& in pkts.Chinese S/Book range of all World Album of Canada.plus Carrier Bag. with loose pages. £55
150 Med.Box.containing odds & ends G.B.coll.,2 Albums Locomotives,S/Book I.O.M. other World £50
151 Sel.on cards Mr.Agencies. Gib.& G.B.O/Prints QV.-KG.VI.mint & used vals.to 1/= noted. Kuwait,plus KG.VI.S/Charges & others £50
152 Small but valuable lot of World on pages & s/cards small File Box.better items on small cards,another small Box.similar range odd Covers QV.-QE.II. close look £275
153 In Med.Box.G.B.in Ring Album poor 1d Black to mint & used Decimal Comms.,Br.Cols.in Grafton Album general range noted Guern.Sterling to £1 mint, Cyprus QE.II.O/Prints 50m-£1 used,K.U.T. KG.VI.& QE.II.£1 val.noted many other G.B. Packs & Covers needs sorting £75
154 Mixed in small Box.Crown Agents 1965 Churchill Omnibus F.D.C.'s other Covers incl.1897 Canada 2c P/Stat.to U.K.,Airmail to U.K. b/stamp with H.K. KG.VI.3 x Victory & 10c KG.VI 1942 German Wien,Norway Hell Cover many more few stamps must check £60
155 Med.Box.with all World on large pile of approv.cards.in pkts.,few Covers,sets & singles mint & used H/Cat.lot easy to view have a look £280
156 BR.COLS.in pkt.on small s/cards gleamed from various other Auctions some priced on cards single & sets mint & used worth adding up to compare 22 small cards,2 large cards incl.poor copy of Brunei sg.12a unused with R.P.S.Cert.cat.£3750 as normal needs check £295
157 In Archive Box.2 x Albums mixed stamps but val.in large Mod.Packs Br.C/Wealths noted better Antarctic.bundle of Covers etc.plus U.U.short wave lamp worth checking £75
158 Unchecked range of India & States in Med.S/Book.sel.QV.-KG.VI.& Post Indep.issues plus some Pakistan rear section Br.Cols.KG.V.-QE.II.few 100's good val. check £50
159 Large Archive Box.containing many attractive Thematic's Animals,Military,Film Stars etc.some 8 Albums with stamps mint & used odd Covers.looks good val.check £75
160 BR.C/WEALTH.in small Box.with large quantity of BC.stamps on s/cards,pkts.,& loose plus few F.D.C's & Booklets etc. looks good val.must check £80
161 In Album Ceylon range QV.-Mod.mint & used fair bit of dup.cond.mixed on Earlies but worth sorting Sudan odd early O/Print plus range unchecked of Postmen mostly used few Swaz. £80
162 Old Oblong Lincoln Album.all World early/middle period fair across the board se.better in parts few 100's needs to be viewed £180
163 In Box.Poland coll.in 3 S/Books 1918-1980 mass dup.in places.Czech.in 2 S/Books early to 1970 again mass dup.plus 4 small S/Books.misc must be 1000's check £95
164 PERSIA/IRAN & Turkey in Med.S/Book.unchecked by us but appears early to middle few 100's chance to find £50
165 Med.Box.Chinese S/Book of G.B. plus S/Cards Decimal Def.blocks etc. 2 x S/Books mixed World mint & used large Biscuit tin unsorted World have a look £50
166 5 Giant S/Books.in Med.Box.4 dup.range E.Germany,S/Book World others in pkt. if nothing else S/Book worth looking at £50
167 Large Box.with all World unsorted in Album,S/Book.few Hagner Sheets many 100's have a look check £60
168 Nice Lot in Imperial Album.fair G.B. incl. 4 x 1d Blacks odd S/Printed,Ed.VII.to 2/6,S/Horses to 10/=, 1d Red to 224.sparce Br.Cols.odd better H.K.,India better C/Wealth Canada,Newf., Jamaica etc.nice clean Album to expand needs to be viewed £1275
169 In Med.Box.incl. G.B. in Album & 2 S/Books heavy dup.in places,Hungary in 2 Albums.plus pkt. U.S.A. & G.B. unsorted good face val have a look £65
170 Med.S/Book all Br.Cols.QV.-KG.VI.good range of Countries mint & used.useful sel.of Kings many 100's close look advised £80
171 1904-6.Lot of 3 black & white early used PPCs,all to U.S.,with ED.VII.1d Warf tied SP 04 C.D.S. on tri-view card(prob.by L.A.Innes),ED.VII. 1d key plate tied No.17.04 C.D.S. on "The $2 Warf,St.Helena "T.Jackson Card.also ED.VII.1d key plate tied Fe.6.06 C.D.S.on "Removal of Nap.body.,St.Helena Oct.1829 date error T.Jackson Card O/Printed Matter at top F-VF+.Ex.Skavaril £65
172 C/WEALTH in grn.Utile album.1953-78 mtd.mint incl. Nauru,New Heb.,N.Z., Ross, Tokelau, Ngeria.wide range of Defs. some comp.,others missing top vals.,various printings. Omnibus & Comms.sets ideal starter lot cat£972 needs to be viewed £190
173 Archive Box.choker block with World material in pkts.& Envelopes plus few Albums.first glance may be deceptive have a close look £95
174 In Carrier Bag.coll.in Album.G.B.damaged 1d Black,few Kings plus QE.II.incl. Tudor set mint, Castle H/Vals.used,later Comms.,various Br.Cols.at back of book. pkt.unchecked 1d Reds,few misc.Covers plus S/Jub.in Album check £50
175 Useful sel.on Approv.Card.various 1948 S/Wedd.mint & used & Cover,1949 U.P.U. set mint & used,few 1935 S/Jub., s.t.c.$450+ must be worth £60
176 Mixed sel.in P/Book.S/A.KG.V.2/6-10/= used,few N.Z.Chalons,few Australia Picts.,Palestine 250-£1,Br.Sol.Is.KG.V.to 2/6 mint,Tonga Tin Can Mail Cover plus others check £60
177 Old battered ILL.Album.unable to estimate properly as pages are falling apart so care when viewing please,looks some interesting material needs recuing Good Luck £295
178 Mixed on cards.Bermuda on 10 cards KG.V.& KG.VI.sets to 1/=,1948 S/Wedd., QE.II. Defs. vals.to £1.,Br.G.KG.VI. $3 x 2,1948 S/Wedd.various K.U.T.on cards all mint check £80
179 THEMATIC coll.of The Life & Times Horatio Nelson Bicent.of Trafalgar displayed in Album. stamps,M/Sheets,& Covers attractive World issues have a look £65
180 Large Box.mass accum.of World in S/Book.on s/cards,pages,loose etc.thats the top half have'nt got to the bottom of Box,no doubt you will. looks the part have a look £295
181 Fine range of Br.Cols.on some 41 cards QV.-KG.VI.sets & singles incl. Barbuda 1922, Ascension 1934,Basutoland 1933,Br.Sol.to 5rps,Nigeria 1936 etc.s.t.c. £2900+ good val. must be viewed £295
182 Useful Br.Cols.in Med.S/Book.appears to be all sets mostly QE.II.Defs.& Comms. middle to Mod.issues s.t.c.£1800+ needs to be viewed few 100 have a look £295
183 In Carrier Bag.as handed in.looks G.B.& World in 4 Biscuit tins plus range of pkts.many 100's Vendors estimate check £95
184 Giant S/Book.bulging at the seams with Br.C/Wealth material.impossible lot to describe or estimate as I Lot,this material its is falling out all over the place so will put it in Box.care still needed when viewing please.fine lot to sort probably 1000's needs to be viewed £195
185 Old large German Senf.Album.with all World but strength in Europe early to middle period incl.early imperfs.usual mixed cond.in places but close look may reward 100's check £195
186 Large Box.incl.2 vols.G.B. KG.VI.-QE.II.plus large bags with Covers & stamps in pkts.some loose worth sorting £60
187 C/WEALTH in red Binder. 1953-78.Cyprus incl.Turkish,Cook Is.,Dominica mtd.mint with Def.sets some missing to vals.plus extra shades & wmk.changes.wide range of comms., & Omnibus ideal starter lot cat.£1,054 check £200
188 LOFT Clearance.in large Box.contains 6 Albums well filled early to middle period.black sprint folder with 1d Red plating exercise.sundry Covers & small bag of kiloware check £70
189 Large File Box.with Br.Cols.on s/cards & hagner sheet.early to QE.II.noted sets & singles better items s.t.c.£2500 some 45+ cards good val. have a look £300
190 Useful range in Med.Box.incl. 2 Albums of Foreign A-Z.some good bits mint & used fair mint Japan some slightly stuck(care when viewing please)Album G.B. & Br.C/Wealth incl. very fine 1d Black plus A-T.Countries mint & used.also G.B.in bulging Spec.Comm.Album incl. 1924/5 Wembley,1948 Wedd.,Comms. 1953 -1980 later in bls.of 4 incl. all phos.mint check £300
191 In Carrier Bag.Br.Cols. in 5 Albums across the board range mint & used many better items noted incl.decent Malta £1.many 100's heavy Lot have a look £300
192 Med.Box.with all World incl. Strand album.well filled,Channel Is. coll.,3 S/Books Foreign & Br.Cols., Cards,few Covers plus Biscuit Tin with some 160+ s/cards heavy lot worth checking £100
193 Misc.in Box.G.B. L/House Hingeless Album 1980-1990 mint & used, Canada Year Books 1994/6,few Antarctic, U.S.A.in Album have a look £95
194 THEMATIC's coll.in Album written up on pages stamps & Covers some thing diff. Atomic Energy & Nuclear items have a look £50
195 BR.COLS.in Med.Box.9 Albums/S/Books.noted Australia,Channel Is.,Canada & mixed, plus some P/Cards worth sorting many 100's £50
196 BR.C/WEALTH.mixture in File Box.held on large bundle of Album pages QV.-KG.V. plus few Approv.cards & P/Book. Ideal lot to sort should reward have a look £70
197 KG.VI.in red boxed De Luxe F.G.Album.Antigua to Grenada various sets to £1.S/Wedd., Bermuda 13 key type to 5/= mint & used nice starter lot.mainly good to fine needs to be viewed £210
198 AFRICA. in Ring S/Book.unchecked but fair bit dup.mint & used 1853 Capes & ED.VII. Natal QV.-ED.VII.,Transvaal incl. V.R.I. others check £55
199 AFRICA.in 2 Ring S/Books.Basutoland dup. KG.VI.plus QE.II.,K.U.T.dup.range KG.V. & KG.VI.mint & used vals.to 5/=,few Sth.Africa,Nambia,& Swaziland KG.VI.-QE.II. few 100's £65
200 AFRICA.attractive range in 2 large L/House Albums.Rhod.Indep.1966 Defs.to 1970's mint & used Defs.,Comms.,Covers,Booklet Panes.few Booklets.2nd Album Zimbabwe1980-1999 as above fine range Thematic's etc.close look please £180
201 ALBANIA.1919 Comet O/Prints sg.89-94 used on piece(bar 25c mint) cat.£170 (6) '98 £45
202 ANGUILLA.attractive coll.in Ring Album mint & used range of Defs.& Comms.vals.to $10 noted plus M/Sheets Ideal Thematic lot few 100 check £65
203 ANTIGUA. 1976 Bird Series ½c- 10c in comp.Sheets of 50 mint cat.£450+ £45
204 ANTIGUA.coll.on 2 pages few early QV. 1d & 6d vals. key types vals.to 1/=, odd mint Shields,ED.VII.to 5/= used,KG.V. 5/= Pict.,later KG.VI.small Heads incl. £1 val., mixed mint & used, few later, H/Cat. val. worth checking £295
205 ANTIGUA.in Ring Album.few Kings vals.to 5/= seen.but mostly QE.II.Defs.,Comms.,& M/Sheets mint & used incl. Ant./Barbuda few 100 have a look £75
206 ARAB STATES.in Box.a series of One Country coll. in 9 S/Books/Albums,Saudi Arabia- Gilf States,Iraq,Leb./Syria,Palestine Jordan,Middle & Far East some dups.in places probably few 1000's worth checking £100
207 ASCENSION. 1938/55. KG.VI. 1½ with davit flaw as per sg.40ba mint £32
208 ASCENSION.good range in small S/Book.better Defs.sets 1956,1963,1971,1976 etc. most Omnibus issues.plus Comms.& M/Sheets all mint in pkt. 1953 Coro.Sheetlets over 200 £75
209 AUSTRALIA.fine range of Mod.Booklets in Album.from Film Stars to Wild Life,Maritime, Flowers etc.some 39 Prestige Booklets & stamps & M/Sheets. decent face & Cat.val. check. extra care when viewing please as Booklets may fall out.held in File Box.for safety £85
210 AUSTRALIA.superb coll.in 5 boxed Albums mostly unmtd.mint early Roo's vals.to 10/=,range of KG.V.with shades vals.to 1/4. 1928 Kook in corner marginal bls.of 10, KG.V. S/Charges & Airmails,Roo's 10/= £2 specimen,1932 Sidney Harbour set the 5/= unmtd.mint marginal.1930 Picts.both 1937 Robes sets,1948 Arms to £2 plus Specimen 10/=-£2 not enough room for remainder in 4th Album.1952-2002 Defs.& Comms.v/h/Cat.must be viewed £1990
211 AUSTRALIA.neat original unpicked coll.in small Albums,good sel.of Roo's, KG.V.vals. to 1/4, Defs. incl. Robes,Arms plus Comms. Anzac etc.then fairly comp.run Defs.& Comms. from 1935-1990.nicely written & laid out all used H/Cat. have a look £85
212 AUSTRALIA.coll.in bulging Album.odd early but mostly QE.II.to 1990's mint & used.Defs. & Comms.coll.in 2 parts the used part good range of earlies,plus good lot Antarctic few 100's worth checking £105
213 AUSTRALIA.coll.in giant S/Book.good general range Roo's - QE.II. plus small dup.sel.of States many 100's worth checking £50
214 AUSTRALIA.in Box.large accum.in 6 vols.mostly nicely displayed & written up from late 1920's to 1990's Defs.& Comms.all mint vals.to $10 noted H/Cat. & Face lot difficult to describe & best viewed many 100's £275
215 AUSTRALIA.fine mint range of KG.V.Heads on 2 hagner pages from 1914/26 incl.5d perf.14½, 1½ thin paper,1918/23 to 1/4 some shades.1924 incl.sage grn.no wmk.secret mark sg.86b.later perf. 13½ x 12½.vals.to 1/4 few Booklets other in blocks s.t.c.£950+ have a look £115
216 AUSTRALIA.superb range of 1913 KG.V.1d Heads laid out & described in Med.Album.fine mint Sudy with blocks & strips incl. plate bls.& numerous varities must be viewed £300
217 AUSTRALIA.fair coll.housed in 4 Davo Boxed Hingeless Albums.not much in early issues but useful Mod.range of stamps M/Sheets & Sheets.the latter also in seperate Bag.fine Albums to expand but needs good sort out.remainders with H/Face worth checking £175
218 AUSTRALIA.unchecked lot in small Box.2 coll.in Albums early to Mod.better Mod. noted 2 giant S/Books heavy dup.Defs.& Comms. have a look £55
219 AUSTRALIA. 1964-95 in red 22 sides S/Book.unmtd.mint decimals coll. nearly all diff. incl. M/S.Exhib.Sheets,Self Adh.,vals.to $20.Se'tenant strip,Coils,Booklet Panes,Thematic's Gold Mine plus few Antarctic Area,near comp.H/Face cat.£1,400 needs to be view £420
220 AUSTRALIA & STATES.large coll.in 2 Hagner Binders sel.of Roo's & KG.V.vals.to 5/= & 1/4 used later Picts.vals.to £2.plus range QE.II. to 2000+ various Aust.States early to middle QV's many 100's worth checking £95
221 AUSTRALIA & STATES.mass accum.held in 6 S/Books.mostly QE.II. Defs.& Comms.with dup. plus S/Book dup. Australia States many 100's used £45
222 AUSTRALIA & STATES.in grn.Simplex Album.from early States to 1970's mint & used incl. 15 pages of States,Roo's,G.V.from 1915,strong Comms.,1835 Robes to £1, '49 Arms to $2, various Coil pairs,½d Roo's,strong to 1936 Navigators to £2.Decimals, P/Dues., plus sel. Antartic mainly good to fair mixed in earlier material 94 pages cat.£3,071 Gib.'99 100's needs to be viewed £550
223 AUSTRALIA STATES.sel.on s/cards mainly N.S.W.& Victoria some dup.but good range used.better p/mk.s.t.c.£650 £55
224 AUSTRALIAN STATES.nice coll in Album.with Queensland.good range of small Chalons 1860-1881 usual mix cond.in place plus later 1887/89 Heads.N.S.W.large & small Heads vals.to 4/=,plus s/card fair bit dup.few 100 have a look £125
225 AUSTRALIA/N.Z.fair coll.in Album incl. Roo's vals.to 5/=,KG.V.to 1/4,usual middle period. good mint range later Defs.& Comms.mostly mint,few States. N.Z.QV.small Heads but mostly QE.II. Defs. & Comms. mint & used few 100's £70
226 AUSTRIA.1977-88 super unmtd.mint slight dup.Stock in red S/Book.Defs.,Comms., Charities, bls.of 4. face 6,848sch/£311 cat.£1,010 100's needs checking £250
227 AUSTRIA P.O's Abroad the Levant an intereseting useage of 10r Russian P/Stat. with double concentric circle Beirut Cesterre/Chische post for Austria set to Germany July 6th 1886 arrival.clear evidence of co-operation between Russian & austrian P.O.s some soiling needs to be viewed £250
228 AUSTRIA P.O.TURKEY.1867 sel.slight dup.first type mainly fair to f/used. good p/mks. poss. small faults unsorted 2sld yellow x 6,3sld x 5,5sld x8,10sld x 10,15sld x 6,25sld (1 mint, 3 used,50sld x 1. cat.cheapest £680 (40) '09 £100
229 BAHAMAS.1883 QV. 4d O/Print on 6d dp.violet sg.45 cat.£400 used odd short perf. £55
230 BAHRAIN.1933-60 on 7 pages mint & used KG.V.to 1r,'42 KG.VI.white to 12a, '48 to 10r, (perf.fault) S.Wedd.,'50 to 10/=,QE.II.nearly comp.cat.£486 '09 have a look £100
231 BALKANS in Box.incl. useful range of Yugo.in 3 S/Books.pkt., & Env. incl. semi-specialized coll.of Chain Breakers ther to 1960's,Rumania in 2 S/Books.early to 1970's, Bulgaria early to 1946. plus 2 Albums of mixed plus Box on paper worth checking £135
232 BALKANS.small neat coll.in Peg Fit Binder with Bosnia & Hertz.1879-1900's issues various Fran Joseph's later Military Post,Montenegro 1874,1896 Monestery's,1900 issues,plus Yugo.1918/19 O/Prints,Chain Breakers others.Croatia range 1940 issues mint & used few 100's check £48
233 BARBUDA.in Ring Album.odd KG.V. O/Prints incl. 1/= val.then fairly comp.range of QE.II. Defs.,Comms.,M/Sheets set to $10 noted.attractive sel.mint & used H/Cat.check £75
234 BELGIUM.1882/4. Reprints of the Railway Parcel stamps in comp.panes of 25 incl. 1f to 10f imperf. sheets plus 15c & 2f incl. mint panes of 25 .nice display material check £80
235 BERMUDA.scarce 1918 KG.V.4/= mint with broken scroll & crown as per sg.52 b.b.b. fresh mint copy cat.£300 small speck on gum £125
236 BERMUDA.1918/22 KG.V. top val.a superb used copy of sg.55 cat.£550 £145
237 BERMUDA.1970 QE.II. 6c on 60 S/Charge with invert.wmk.as per sg.237w f/used cat.£180 £48
238 BERMUDA.specialized coll.incl.much P/History housed in 13 vols.incl. QV.invert.wmk. sg.2 cat.£450 & interesting Booklet Panes KG.VI.on F.D.C's diff.catchets incl. scarce KG.V. Roessler 1936 Defs.comp.mint study of KG.VI.,with errors perf.types as well as earlier caravelles etc.super lot needs to be viewed £2600
239 BERMUDA. U.S.Airmail P/History specialised coll.well written up housed in 3 vols.in good cond.from 1925 Zepp.Airship Los Angeles from N.Y.to Hamilton with distinctive red C.D.S. accomp.by 150 other Covers strength in KG.V.& KG.VI.incl. P/Dues.,special Flights, clippers,lots of diff. catchets interesting lot needs to be viewed £500
240 BERMUDA.large half decent Bermuda coll.in Ring Album QV.-QE.II. odd better on black pages plus 3 Albums of Covers.Defs.& Comms. worth look £65
241 BERMUDA.superb unclaimed lot from last sale.so all underbidders try again.please the coll.is housed in Med.S/Book.consists of super range too much to describe 2/6-£1 mint & used. I've counted 10/= x 29,12/6 x 29,£1 x 20,but total of some 170+ stamps mint & used H/Cat. must be viewed £3600
242 BOHMEN & MORVIA.probably scarce sel.of Newspaper circa 1943 mostly witharticles & Pictures of Hitlet.plus Athlectic's all Postaly used with Bohmen imperf.5h Newspaper Adh. 5 items have a look £55
243 BR.AFRICA.mixed in Med.S/Book,Cape,Sudan,G.Coast,K.U.T. with KG.VI.to £1 used, Nigeria,Nyasaland,Rhod's,S/A.,Transvaal,plus other small One Countrys fairly genral mint & used needs to be viewed £95
244 BR.LEVANT.1906 1pia on 2d gry.grn.& carmine.S/Charge in black being sg.15 with original gum.backed with Brandon Cert.geniune lot heavily tone cat.£1,300 scarce stamp £95
245 BR.O/PRINTS in S/Book of Bahrain mostly KG.VI,& QE.II. with much dup.vals.to 10r mint & u.many 100's have a look £75
246 BRIT. P.O.ABROAD in Med. S/Book Mr.Agencies Tangier,Bahrain etc.QV.-QE.II. general mix few 100's with dup. check £48
247 BRAZIL attractive 1861 280 reis with huge margins fine copy £55
248 BRAZIL. 1880 5 diff.die Proof Essays Printers samples small Portrait scarce £125
249 BRAZIL.scqarce 1880 5 diff.Essays of the 1000 Reis Emperor issue in diff.colours large Format nice display material £105
250 BRIT.BECH.attractive sel.on hagner pages.few O/Prints. G.B.types mint & used vals.to 10/=, G.B .Jub.O/Prints odds.later Protectorate plus sel.of ED.VII.& KG.V. mint & used few Stellaland H/Cat. needs to be checked £185
251 BRIT.LEVANT.superb 1893 40paras on G.B. QV. ½ verm.tied on small piece B.P.O. fine cancel £32
252 BRIT.O/PRINTS.of Brit.Postal Agencies in Eastern Arabia few Qatar,dup.sel.with to 5 & 10r's mint & used many 100's worth sorting £80
253 BRIT.SOLOMON IS.1907 Canoe set sg.1-7 fine mint incl. 2½d with missing fraction bar. have a look £55
254 BRIT.VIRGIN IS.coll.in Ring album.few Early & Kings vals.incl. 10/=,1952 set mint, & QE.II. Defs.& comms. all used incl. M/Sheets clean lot £65
255 BRUNEI.1922 Malaya Borneo Exh. 5c with short 1d in Exh. f/used plus $1 with Broken mint total cat.£200+ sg.55b & 59c £45
256 BRUNEI/SARAWAK.coll.on pages 1907/1922 various odds incl. $5 val.,few 1924,1951 to $1 mint,1952 to $5 mint,Sarawak 1857/75 vals.to 12c. 1886 to 1908 various odds 1980 to $1.later issues part sets 1947 to $5,1948 S/Wedd.,KG.VI.to $5 few QE.II.mint & used. cond.mixed in places as always £395
257 BULGARIA.95% comp.mint & used housed in 2 bulging Schaubek Albums.incl. M/Sheets.several 100's stamps all diff.from 1st issues of 1879 onwards. super lot needs checking £250
258 CANADA Booklets 1953-68 in Ice Cream Box.between sg.SB49-62 13 diff.Booklets x 10 mainly v.f.panes looks unmtd.mint (some light rust at staples) some stitched cat.£545 (13) £80
259 CANADA.superb coll.in Boxed Album incl.Colony of Canada imperfs.1851 6d Albert,3d Beaver,1851/57 1d x 2,3d,plus 3 x 6d Albert,6c & 2 x 10c Cartier one with Cert., plus 4 shades,3c Beaver,later perf.range 1859/64-1888 large & small Heads,both QV.Defs.sets mint,attractive 1897 comp.set to $5 mint,fine sel. KG.V.Defs.& Comms.,Booklet Panes incl. scarce QV.sg.155ba & ED.VII.sg.176a,plus later KG.V./VI.& QE.II. looks almost comp.run.back of Book with Officials & Dues.mass of material m.& u.Vendor states cat.val around £38,000 must be viewed £6750
260 CANADA.in SG.One Country Album QV.-1960 plus Airs set & part sets vals.to $1. Defs.& Comms.some f/used noted plus 3 S/Books with mass dup.QV.-QE.II.worth sorting £75
261 CANADA.coll.in Sent.Album few QV's & Kings Defs.& Picts.vals.to $1 noted plus QE.II.1970's few 100 £48
262 CANADA.coll.in New Age Album.but L/House page few cards.QV's,ED.VII.,vals. to 50c, KG.V.to $1,1928 to $1,1930 to $1, 1930 Picts.,1932 to $1 looks fairly comp.KG.VI., QE.II. to 1970's back of Book Special Delivery issue plus Officials & Prfins H/Cat. check £75
263 CANADA.range of 1951/64 Defs.& Comms.in imprint & plate number blos.of 4.unmtd.mint basic cat.£300+ £60
264 CANADA.coll.in Album few odd King Defs.& Comms.mint & used few QV.halfway through probably decent face & cat.val.fair bit of dup.in places check £75
265 CANADA.1937/68 coll.in Exeter Album.almost comp.(ex.Cent.issues) but incl. Coils, Blocks, phos. etc.large part unmtd.mint cat.£700+ £85
266 CANADA.1967-73 specialized coll.of Centennial issues housed in 2 Exeter Albums. vol.1 a comprehensive range of plate blocks,gum & paper types,Coils, pre.cancels incl. Mise en garde matching blocks,Winnipeg & Ottawa tags incl.rare 10c Pine matching Winniepeg tagged corner blocks on low fluorescent paper,6c Orange forgery plus 6c black printed on gummed side.vol.2.the comp.range of stamp Packs & Booklets with additional fine Booklet panes.beautifully presented huge cat.val. needs to be viewed £250
267 CANADA.giant S/Book.general range QV.-QE.II. Defs.& Comms.some Nova Scotia,rear section U.S.A. early/Mod. few Revenues £50
268 CANADA.in box 4 x Davo Hingeless Boxed One Country Albums. vol.1 & 2.again stamps not matching Album on the early issues.S/Book dup.nonsence,but better Mod.incl. Sheetlets in Album.last 2 Albums odd better mint have a look £125
269 CANADA.1979-2004 unmtd.mint sel.all diff.on 11 sides s/cards.Defs.,Comms., vals. to $5 & $8 incl. M/Sheets,Se Tenants,face $444/£262 cat.£893 needs to be viewed £250
270 CANADA. 1964-68 between sg.541-620 super range 75 diff.items incl. phos.Provincial Emblems,bls.of 4,Imprints( to 5 of each) mint.reserved at 14% cat.£450 £62
271 CANADA.P/Due.1935 4c sg.D21 x 60 unmtd.mint,(6 bls. x 10 corners)2c sg.D19 x 32 unmtd.mint,(2 bl.x 10,2 bls. x 6,) all with Canadian Bank Note Imprints, 1967 sg.D25 x 31 x 12 unmtd.mint cat.£358 £70
272 CANADA.1942 Special Delivery 16c sg.S13 x 60 unmtd.mint.in bls.of 4 & 6 incl. plated imprints.usual brn.gum.odd tone spot cat.£360 '08 £60
273 CANADA/NEWFOUNDLAND.4 S/Books.Canada dup.range QV.-QE.II. heavy dup.in places odd better noted plus small lot Newfoundland many 100's worth sorting £50
274 CAPE OF GOOD HOPE. 1855 4d dp.blue s.t.b.sg.4.superb used Tete-Beche pair also 1863 4d dp.blue s.t.b. sg.19 3 large margins mint H/Cat.Lot have a look £85
275 CAYMAN IS.in Ring Album.few Kings Defs.to 2/= mint,used Cent.vals.to 1/=,KG.VI. to 10/= mixed.QE.II.Defs. & Comms. mint & used incl. M/Sheets nice Thematic's check £65
276 CEYLON.1883/4. 2c grn.O/Print Specimen as per sg.147w. unused copy H/Cat. £52
277 CEYLON.general range on pages small lot of QV.'s incl. S/Charges plus ED.VII.& KG.V. later Sri Lanka Mod.sel. few 100's £35
278 CHINA.1979 Camellia's 27 red Jewelry sg.MS.2922 lightly mtd.mint cat.£140 £35
279 CHINA.People Repub.good coll.with several 100 stamps.housed on quadrille Album leaves in one album.starts with 1st issues of the heavenly Palace onwards,mint & usedfollowed by interesting Bird O/Prints then later heavenly Palace issues.1st Comms. mostly unused lots of better issues from the 1960's from Flowers,Table Tennis,Actors to 50y, Butterflies, & much more also Airmails,P/Dues.& China Regionals etc.needs viewing £425
280 CHINA.in Med.S/Book.few Imperial Posts. 1897-1910 cond.mixed dup.range 1913 Junks vals.to $5 dup.range Sun Yat Sen,range 1940 issues to 1960's few 100's check £65
281 CHINA sel.of Covers in pkt. few early 1900's couple Mod, 2 x Siam priced to sell £700+ £60
282 CHINA. unchecked sel.of Kobans on card over 30 diff.worth checking £85
283 CHINA. in Carrier Bag.3 x S/Books containing 50+ sets unmtd.m.,then 224 other items,mainly F.D.C. but also P/Packs,Booklets,P/Stat.& Maxi Cards,all early 1990's worth close look £70
284 CHINA.unchecked sel.on pages & loose in Ring Album.I am almost afraid to estimate this lot after Sept.Sale so I'LL pass the buck on this occasion having said that the material here is much earlier people Rep.to 1970/80. be interesting to see what happens few 100 £85
285 COOK IS.1966 Airmail O/Print on £1 pink in pair one with Aeroplane omitted as per sg.193a mint seems cheap have a look £35
286 COOK IS.mass accum.in Albums plus 2 S/Books.few early QE.II.Defs. vals.to 5/= odd Airmail then fairly comp.range Defs.,Comms.,M/Sheets vals.to $10 etc. few Sheetlets super lot few Thematic's looks mostly mint H/Cat.many 100's check £150
287 COVERS. Archive Box.with mass accum.of U.S.A.Covers 100's loose plus 4 Albums unchecked by us.good lot to sort £65
288 COVERS.in Archive Box.unchecked range of World early to Mod.Covers must be 100's leave this one to you. Good Hunting £150
289 COVERS. scarce N.Z.used in Antarctic 1908 Canterbury Times Antarctic P/Card Christchurch bearing 2 x 1906 ½d Christchurch Exh.cancelled by Shackleton Exp. "Brit. Antarctic Exped." backed with B.P.A. Cert. As Genuine have a look £495
290 COVERS. Leeward Is. 1927 Reg.Cover to U.K.used with KG.V. 2½ & 4d small Heads plus St.Kitts. KG.V. 2d grey used in Anguilla £32
291 COVERS.St.Helena Cover with ½d & 1d KG.VI.Adh.used with undated Tristan cancel also ½d Tax Due added £70
292 COVERS. rare Cover with St.Kitts. ½ adh.tied with Anguilla C.D.S.plus scarce St.Lucia 2d P/Due.yellow with error "No Stop after ST" as per sg.Ddc cat.£750 10 on Cover cat.val. £7500 have a look £875
293 COVERS.1932 Cover KG.V.½d St.Kitts.used with Anguilla p/mk.bottom left No.4958 p/mk. B/Stamp St.Kitts. £55
294 COVERS.very rare 1941 Trans Pacific/Atlantic Nouvelles Hebrides Reg.Cover(very large)with comp.range of all issues incl. S/Charge.Shiffre Taxe plus Trans Libre 34 stamps with H/Cat.val.rarely offered. addressed to Mr.Lee Manchester stamps alone H.Cat. needs to be viewed £695
295 COVERS.1932 Cover with St.Kitts ½ adh.used in Anguilla with St.Lucia 2d P/Dues.with wide No.as per sg.D2b , 10 times on Cover £120
296 COVERS.scarce Bahamas War Tax Covers 10 items,1918 ½ & 1d pair plus 1d R.Cross, 1944 ½ pair,1930 1d strip of 3 plus Falls 3d,1929 ½,1d,1/=,3d Falls, 1d & 3d, 1918 Fals 1d bl.of 4.1929 Falls 3d on Rev.,1918 ½,1d,1/=,3d Falls,1918 1d plus R.Cross.1950 Falls 3d pair,1918 Falls 3d pair plus 1d. H/Cat. £95
297 COVERS. 1933 P/Stat.Card with 1933 Congress. Segeeflug,1935 Flugpost with Flugpost Adh. 5,10 & 20, 1937 Basel Flug platz.P/Stat. with various Adh. clean trio £40
298 COVERS.1921 Italian P/Card to China with 10c Adh.with Shanghai Deusche Post cancel 1913 to China Shanghai cancel 1906 U.S.A.to China Shanghai Cina cancel check £70
299 COVERS.scarce Gold Coast African-American Air Service Censor Covers 1942 H/Val. KG.VI., one 9d,1/3 pair plus 2/=, 2d,6d & 5/= & 3d Cover,3d,9d,10/= Censor marks £65
300 COVERS.1909 O.F.S. Reg.Covers to U.S.A. Dewetsdorp pre.paid with added Ed.VII. 2½,1909 pre.paid letter with added ½ plus 1d x 2,ED.VII.Adh.also with Dewetsdorf straight line £60
301 COVERS.misc.in pkt.incl. P/Stat.early Card,Canada F.Flights,Papua New G.,Ship Cover, 1930 India-Germany,Jaipur Army Minister etc. 25 items £45
302 COVERS.Belgium on hagner Sheets incl.1933 Zepp.Cover to Lima with Adh.King 1f pair,1f.75,5f & 10f,1956 R.Cross F.D. 4 diff.1950 Blandain Liberateurs,1958 Pax.,1958 Anti Tub. F.D.x 2 £75
303 COVERS.1946 Civil Mails Censor Cover with East Saxony imperf. Post Adh.8 vals.to 40pf all tied £28
304 COVERS. Tunis Local Airmail Cover with series of Local Adh.between Alger-Tunis £55
305 COVERS. bundle of unused P/Stat.in pkt. all G.B. QV.,QE.II. later in dup. £30
306 COVERS.useful range of Br.Cols.P/Stat.mint & used mostly QV's Africa & B.W.I. etc.all priced to sell.over 60 items check £75
307 COVERS. B.L.Rowe Covers 1927 Dominica F.D.Airmail,1928 ditto signed by B.L.Rowe 1928 Cuba signed Haiti W.Indian Aerial Exress x 2. £70
308 COVERS.in pkt.1938 Australia to U.S.A. F.Flight Sydney-Rabaul tied 4d pair Koala's.plus N.Guinea Airmail 3d & 6d, 1938 1st Flights with Papua Adh. 2d,3d,& 5d odd tone.plus pair 4d Australia,1933 N.Z.,Auck-Ivercargil,1934 Australia to N.Z.,1936 Papua Airmail x 2,1931 Australia to Tasmania nice lot have a look £145
309 COVERS. U.S.A. 1911 Cover used with 2 x 3c Washington Christmas Theme Advert.by Horace Joslin.Dealers in Carriages,Sleighs etc.that where does he get them from. £40
310 COVERS. U.S.A. 1854 Benefit Fund Document used with Blooks Despatch C.D.S. cancel £30
311 COVERS. 1847 Br.P.O.& disinfection wrapper to Malta-Franked with good double arc Alex. strike in red with black Lazaret Malte £30
312 COVERS.Egypt Alexandria 7 mars 1852 clean double circle p/mk. plus red boxed Paquebots D.L.R.Mediterranee £30
313 COVERS.scarce 1930 Cover F.Flight U.S.A.-Venez.catchet used with Bahamas KG.V.2d,plus pair Falls 3d War Tax.S/Charges plus U.S.A.Airmail 5c x 2,plus pair 10c.many B/Stamps check £70
314 COVERS.Poland large 1938 Warsaw Reg.Cover used with 1938 M/Sheets used phil cancel £30
315 COVERS.bundle of Covers G.B. & Br.Cols.all with added G.B. P/Dues.various combinations 19 items £32
316 COVERS.misc.bundle of Br.Cols.& Foreign used & unused P/Stat.QV.-QE.II. around 50 items various Countries £30
317 COVERS.misc.bundle of World Covers in Flat Box.early middle range diff.to describe many diff.Countries over 80 items £50
318 COVERS. Monaco Covers on hagner pages incl. 1937 airmail 1f 50 Adh.1949 Airmails x 2,1955 Monte Carlo Rally 100f F.D.,1951 Pr.Rainer imperf.& perf.M/Sheets R.Cross, 1951 F.D.Dues etc. 9 Covers have a look £85
319 COVERS. 1936 Covers Luftschiff L2 129 Befordet used with vert.2.,vert.3.20d Hindenburg Adh.plus Austria card Zepp. Modell Nr 4. £45
320 COVERS. St.Vincent attractive Reg.Airmail F.D.Covers(2) with both KG.VI.top vals. 10/= & $4.80 on single Covers neatly tied £65
321 COVERS.scarce sel.of War Tax stamps on 8 Covers all Bahamas 1918 Fall 1d plus KG.V.½ & 11/=,1918 Bahamas KG.V. ½,1913 strip of 6,1919 1d pair,1936 ½ & 1d,1929 U.S.Customs B/Stamp Fall 3d,1919 bl.of 4 of ½ & 1d plus single of each.1943 ½ pair Tiurist cancel have a look £75
322 COVERS. Saar incl. 1951,1953,Nat.Relief. 1951 Show, 1952 Games,& 1952 Stamp Day all ILL. have a look £75
323 COVERS.mixture in pkt.many better noted incl. 1925 Durban F.Flight,1938 Nrth.Borneo Reg.,1944 Kuwait 1863 QV. 6d,Mauritius QV.2d pair not tied 8 items £125
324 COVERS. Gilbert & Ellice an attractive 1921 Cover to Tezas tied with 6d KG.V. Adh.with Reg. "Ocean Is." label £38
325 COVERS. Toga 1903 Re.Addressed Cover to U.S.A.franked with 7 x ½d Shield Adh.'s plus 3d grn.various cancels £48
326 COVERS.1933 Cover to N.Y.by Dutch Airmail Singapore to Amsterdam used with 3 KG.V.5c,12c & 1 dollar Adh.,slight soiling £36
327 COVERS. Natal 1898 Cover to U.S.A.used with Eshowe Zululand tying Natal QV 1½ plus pair 3d £32
328 COVERS.Orange Free State.1896 to U.S.A.used with 2 x Twee & Zes Adh.on reverse Reg. Bloe Mfonten £32
329 COVERS.N.Z. 1934 Cover Trans-Tasman.Airmail Sth.Cross. tied with 3d & 4d Airmail Adh. £35
330 COVERS. Newfoundland 1931 Airmail Cover Gordon C.Elton via Conche tied "Post Early" boxed cancel on 15c Airmail Adh. £35
331 COVERS. Papua 1938 Cover to N.Y.Airmail F.D.Australia-England used with bl.of 4 of the 8d KG.VI. JUB.Adh £35
332 COVERS.Nrth.Borneo.1946 Cover to U.S.A.used with B.M.A.O/Prints on 20c,50c,& $1. B/Stamped Singapore £35
333 COVERS.1929 F.Flight Airmail St.John's to U.S.A.unusual & scarce Adh.being KG.V. Antigua 1½,2½,4d plus Leeward Is. ½d & 1/= £70
334 COVERS.PAPUA.1939 Cover Reg."Port Moresby" used with comp.set of KG.VI. Adh. 2d-1/= all tied £42
335 COVERS.Grenada 1944 Phil.Mail to U.S.A. used with KG.VI.vert.pair of 10/=, numerous B/Stamps £40
336 COVERS Grenada 1892 to St.Vincent used with Grenada C.D.S. cancel £55
337 COVERS.Newfoundland Reg.F.Flight Cover. Wabush to Katsao,used with Newfoundland Air ADH.10c,60c,9 diff. B/Stamps £48
338 COVERS.Levant 1910 Cover to U.S.A.Reg.Brit.P.O.Constantinople used with ED.VII.O/Prints 2d pair,plus 1 & quarter on 3d,tied with B.P.O.cancel £35
339 COVERS.Pitcairn 1951 Cover to U.S.A.used with useful KG.VI. 4d & 8d Adh. £30
340 COVERS.in Box.4 large Albums .various Albums well laid out Royalty,R.A.F. & Military W.WII.Coin Covers etc.attractive range heavy Lot worth checking £65
341 COVERS. 1905 3c P/Stat.Card sent to Holland with Labuan Transit,Happy New Year on reverse £30
342 COVERS.in Cover Album.some 62 Br.Cols.Covers better Indian Airmail,1927 R.A.F. Air Display,1937 Crash Cover Mr.Agencies & Br.Levant P/Stat.,Bangladesh imperfs. etc. worth checking £85
343 COVERS.in pkt.Australia 27 World War II. Covers with wide variety of F.P.O.marks & Censors £32
344 COVERS.N.Z. coll.of First Flight Covers in pkt.& Air related Covers on Album leaves covering period 1931-88.some 30 items £45
345 COVERS. Ceylon range of P/Stat.mint & used QV.-QE.II.on pages incl. some Specimens 62 diff.items £50
346 COVERS.Germany 1912 Zepp.Card with 10pf semi.Official stamp with scarce Royal Family P/C.with Darmstadt special H/Stamp plus 5c Germania bottom left,2nd Card Mainz S.P.H.Stamp Adh.as above 5c Germania top right nice lot have a look £85
347 Med.Box.of Covers in Albums general run of the mill. G.B.plus Swiss. typed & hand written but here & there some interesting Br.Cols.& Foreign Covers needs care when viewing £70
348 COVERS.attractive coll.of mostly Benham Covers incl. Silks in 3 Albums.Ltd.Edition.LLoyds Shipping Reg.coll.in special Album.all Br.Cols.,G.B. mixture of Benham Silks & special F.D.C. some signed,few R.A.F.over 80 items have a look £82
349 COVERS. P/Stat.coll.of B.W.I. presented on pages mint QV.-QE.II.better Barbados, Bermuda, etc. over 80 items £52
350 COVERS.small Box.of Soviet nion P/Stat.Cards mint good range of Olympic's few 100's £32
351 COVERS.misc.range of Covers in Shoebox looks mostly Br.Cols.1960-1980's sets & singles Defs.& Comms.few 100's have a look £38
352 COVERS.Misc sel.of Covers in pkt. mostly better single items nicl. P.O.W.Air Shanghai, early Austria,Swiss.imperfs.,Ship Letter,Turkey,Bulgaria Transit,range German Inflation. host of others about 85+ many priced must check £290
353 COVERS.Railway a superb coll.of Benham Covers in large & small Albums 11 Albums.in all incl.Benham Railway Specials in 3 Albums large other small Vendor states around 500 Covers fine lot held in 2 Boxes have a look £195
354 COVERS.coll.of P/Stat.Cards in Album used from 1870-1880 Advert.& Correspondence Cards etc. around 110 items worth sorting £95
355 COVERS.Aitutaki.scarce Reg.Cover to Chicago with set 1920 Adh.sg.24-29 tied with Chicago receiving marks on reverse.well worn Cover.cat.£360+ should clean up £75
356 COVERS.France sel.of P/Cards Sowers & Mouchon Adh.O/Printed F.M. (Military Ffrank) on some 6 Covers & 16 Cards.fair range check £45
357 COVERS.scarce lot of Guatamala Covers on pages mostly 1951 with various & unusual Bi.Sect Adh.of this period rarely seen have a look 23 items £60
358 COVERS.New Zealand 2 well used Covers with faults bearing 1913 ED.VII. Adh. ½,3d x 2, & 6d some odd tone on perfs.stamps cat.£900 have a look £190
359 COVERS.Misc.in pkt.noted Steamship,France pre.stamp O.F.S., P/Stat.U.S.A. 1911-40,few early 1915 Russia etc. worth close look £75
360 COVERS.Misc.in pkt.noted better Montenegro,France late 1800's 25c,range P/Stat.( 1864 Brit.G.),1901 Seyc. not fine.others have a look £72
361 COVERS.useful range in Cover Album.incl. good sel.of Canada 1930's Airmails,Denmark 1950 Air,Cape QV.& ED.VII.P/Stat.,plus odd H/Cat.item noted KG.VI.Bahrain , 1873 Newfoundland,1938 Papua,Bahamas 1918 War Tax etc.about 50 items check £190
362 Med.Box.crammed full with all World Covers few early Cape & Canada noted but appears mostly middle period.many 100'ssorted in some sort of order worth checking £85
363 COVERS.Liechtenstein 1979 Max Cards in Env. s.t.b.some 78 items cat.20euro each.should Retail well in small Box. £60
364 COVERS.Constantinople cancels on Cover to U.S.A.incl.1919 G.B. KG.V. 2½ x 4,1922 G.B.O/Print 5d on 7½ x 4.plus 1923 to Leeds 1½pia on 1d (5) plus 3 & three quaters £35
365 COVERS.in pkt.Br.Sol.Is. S/Wedd.pair on Plain F.D. G.B.1d lilac on U.P.U.Card,H.K. 1982 H/Vals.$10,$20,on Airmail Cover others 9 items £32
366 COVERS.1848 Entire-Letter in Italian to Donato the Marqis Guadagni from Monaco to Florence.back stamp Austria £25
367 COVERS.Mod.C/Wealth issues in Shoebox incl.bundle 1977 S/Jub.,range of Countries Norfolk Is.,Australia & Antactic etc.few 100 check £35
368 COVERS.scarce 1897 Gold Coast Reg.Cover to U.S.A.used with QV.4d & 6d Adh.many timat.on Cover.on Rev.QV.Reg. 2d P/Stat.Embossed with added Gold Coast Colony in black £28
369 COVERS.Cayman Is.1925 Reg.Cover to U.S.A.franked with KG.V.War Tax 1½ S/Charge on strip of 3 Adh. neatly tied £28
370 COVERS.with Coins coll.housed in 6 Vario Albums.range of G.B.& C/Wealth large & small size attractive sel.over 80 Covers must check good face val. £175
371 COVERS.Royal mint Numismatic Cover with inserts in 2 Special Albums G.B.& Channel Is. Sterling & Crowns some 40 items good face val.as well as being attractive £80
372 COVERS.Netherlands Covers in black page S/Book.1957-1990's all F.D.around 220 items plus some in pkt.have a look £75
373 COVERS.valuable accum.of R.A.F.Covers held in 3 Archive Boxes s.t.b. over 1300 Covers so not easy to describe however of the 1300 over 940 are signed incl.important items Bader,Barnes,Wallace Bomber Wells etc. give yourself plenty of time to view £925
374 COVERS.fine sel.of U.S.A. Covers in Box.1935 1st Flight Manilla,1928-1932 Airmails,Flying Boats etc,1930 Airmails various vignettes,1970's series Apollo,plus Washington stamps on 1941 Airmails,similar range 1930,incl.Advert over 100 Covers H/Cat.Lot check £95
375 COVERS.in brn.S/Book.sel.of early Swiss.Covers mostly seated Helvetia's 5c & 10c dated 1860/70 nice lot p/mks. some 60 items have a look £95
376 COVERS.sel.of Br.Cols./Foreign Covers in Benham Album incl. Ceylon 1898 O.H.M.S. Cover. Colombo crown cancel,1912 Mauritius,1940 Malaya to U.S.A.,Gambia 1926 KG.V.7½ Adh.& 1882 N.S.W. QV. 2d x 2 Adh.1923 Egypt to China few Turkey P/Stat.,Neth.1947 (5) worth checking £95
377 COVERS.in plastic Box.contains few B.E.A. Mod.Covers,2 W.W.II.ration Books, 1960 Rocket Aerogramme plus 100's Office Mail many others check £70
378 COVERS.fine range of F.D.C's in 2 large & one small Album G.B.Regionals Channel Is.,N.Z. & others many with Coins H/Cat.Lot close look advised over 140 items £100
379 COVERS. 1978 Conquest of Everest P/Stat. 6½ blue.Souvenir Sheet signed Tenzin & Hunt £72
380 COVERS. Gold Coast QV.2d Reg.Cover unused 1911 ED.VII. 2d/1d large Reg. pre Paid. with pair 2d grey Adh.,2nd Cover with 2d & 3d Adh.added,1905 used P/Stat.plus 1913 KG.V. 2/6 Cover to Sohne.super C.D.S.Cover trimmed cat. £500+ check £95
381 COVERS.Antigua 1903/7 2/= Arms being sg.38 on Reg.Cover to Germany tied with superb St.John C.D.S. London B/Stamp (light blue Reg.mark off stamp)H/Cat.check £125
382 COVERS.Antigua 1913 KG.V. 5/= being sg.51 on Reg.Cover to Prama tied with superb St.John's C.D.S.London B/Stamp fine item H/Cat.item have a look £175
383 COVERS.fine sel.of Covers on sheets,interesting range of Belgium O/Prints on Germania P/Stat.& Adh.incl.attractive Colour ILL.Covers.G.B.KG.V1.Air & Censor Mail,Field Post,odd Maritime,early F.A.Cards etc.over 70 items must check £100
384 COVERS. in 3 Albums.,2 x Albums of Foreign plus Album Br.Cols.unsorted Comms. & F.D.C. over 120 items £45
385 CROATIA.very scarce 1945 creation of the "Storm Division" M/Sheet sg.MS.144a cat.£2000 fresh unmtd.mint £425
386 CYPRUS. 1860 O/Print on G.B.,the 6d pl.16 used.sg.5. plus 1882 S/Charge 30para on 1pi used sg.24 £95
387 CYPRUS.scarce 1903 ED.VII.45pi being sg.59 f/used with part Paphos Rec.p/mk. cat.£500 clear strike £135
388 CYPRUS.scarce 1938 KG.VI.comp.set of 14 quarter to £1.all pin perf.Specimen(less later colours) cat.£600 set 16. check £90
389 CYPRUS.coll.in Album with Cyprus fair sel.QV.& KG.V.then to QE.II. few 100's worth close look £75
390 CYPRUS.interesting sel.on pages with range QV.singles & pairs 1882-94 vals.to 4pia sel.for p/mks. interest.later ED.VII. & KG.V.ditto.but incl.bls.of 4 & vals.to 18pia. 1934 to 45p sel.of KG.VI.vals.to £1, QE.II.to £1 odd Cover check mostly used £200
391 CYPRUS.Alpha Major Album.1953-79 near comp.coll.on printed leaves incl. M/Sheets mint & used cat.£448 £90
392 CZECH.unusual coll.with many items not often seen.housed in 1 bulging Album.several 100 stamps.incl. 19th Cent.P/History of Austro-Hungarian Empire & Czech.Forces in Siberia. interesting 1918 to 193's incl. early Advert.Covers,lot of wmk.varieties perf.types,diff. papers especially on "Doplatits" several dozen "Posta Ceskosolvenska 1919 O/Prints needs careful viewing have a look £900
393 CZECH/POLAND.brn. S/Book.mass accum.of Czech.mint plus Poland used heavy dup.in places 1991 SG.Cat. £35
394 DENMARK 1941-83.in 9 red Binders in brn.Box.wide range of F.D.C's & Cards many bls.of 4 Defs.& Comms. (770) £270
395 DOMINICA.in Ring album.few Kings incl. KG.VI.mint to 10/=,few used 5/= etc. but bulk of coll.QE.II.Defs. & Comms.mostly used attractive range few 100's check £75
396 DUTCH INDIES.interesting coll.virtually all used,housed on old album leaves with few 100 stamps,all diff.high gulden vals.in 20th Cent.needs to be viewed £150
397 EGYPT. 1879 5para Pyrimid being sg.44 with invert.wmk.mint few light tone on top perfs. £32
398 EGYPT. 1926 Port Fouad O/Print on 50pi used Sold As Seen.but can't all be bad £75
399 EGYPT.coll.in Album & S/Book.fair range of early Pyramids up to 1902.good range of King Faud vals.to £1 noted.few Airs incl. 1933 Congress mint & used,Trains used later Picts.& O/Prints. S/Book heavy dup.Pyramids-Mod.fine lot to sort must be 1000's check £95
400 FALKLAND IS. & DEP.coll.in SG.Special Album.QV.1891 ½,2½,4d,6d,& 9d mint few ED.VII., KG.V.incl. 1921 set to 3/=,1933 to 1/=,1938 KG.VI.set to £1,1948 S/Wedd.,1949 set to £1, then range QE.II. Defs.& Comms.to 1980 all mint,Falk.Is.Dep.KG.VI.sets, 1963 to £1 & decimal set,1948 Maps & later s.t.c. £2,500+ check £375
401 FIJI.general sel.on pages few Earlies better val.in KG.VI.dies.vals.to 5/=,later QE.II. 1954 to £1 used odd Omnibus & Comms. check £55
402 FRENCH COLS.fine sel.on 2 hagner pages.Eagle types-P/Comm.& P/Dues.used in Martinque,Tahiti,Saigon etc.all good strikes plus later incl.Eagles,Naps.,Ceres, & P/Comm. all imperf.vals. to 1f noted.plus sel.of perf.types & imperf.P/Due. s.t.c.£2,500+ close check £160
403 FRENCH LEBANON.coll.in Ring One Country Album.1924 French S/Charges 1924 Merson & Airplane O/Print & Tax Stamps few 1930 plus later to 1960 mint & used few 100's H/Cat. £70
404 FR.POLNESIAcomp. sheet of 25 Trial Colour Proofs of the 1970 Unesco Comms. imperf. needs to be viewed £75
405 FRANCE. 1879 25c Oeace & Comm.Def.Scott No.99 yellow saffron sg.264?, 2 copies mint & unused both with U.S.A.Certs.As Genuine H/Cat. have a look £45
406 FRANCE 1937 pexip Inernational Stamp Exh.M/Sheet sg.MS.581.unmtd.mint but slight tone & back folds cat.£270 £45
407 FRANCE.attractive bundle of R.Cross Booklets in pkt.about 25 items.late 1950's early 1960's slight dup in places £95
408 FRANCE.2000-06.sel.of 23 Booklets face 118 euro/£108 cat.as stamps '09 £85
409 FRANCE.various stamps & stickers in Env. i.e. 1998 Football various Puplicite & Booklets £22
410 FRANCE. coll.in old large L/House One Country Album.1945-1980 mint & used patchy in places but odd sets & singles noted worth sorting few 100 £45
411 FRANCE.attractive mint coll.in Schaubek looks a pretty good run 1960-80's Comms.,Arts etc. plus Defs. most Sabine issues in Coils pre.cancels & Airs many 100's fit nicely into any coll. worth checking £135
412 FRANCE.giant S/Book.heavy dup.range Ceres imperf.20c black(25+),25c blue(30), range of P/Comms.vals.to 5f usual Sower types.few Air plus mass range of Comms.must be 1000's used have a look £58
413 FRANCE. 1996-2001 unmtd.mint sel.on 3 sides s/cards.Comms.,Charities,R.Cross,Art all diff.face £75/752f cat.£322 100's check'09 £100
414 FRANCE. 1952-56 on 6 pages near comp.mint good to fine incl.unmtd.mint,Relief Fund, no 1955 set,R.Cross,Views,Sports cat.£510 100's. check £95
415 FRANCE.1956-59 10 pages near comp.mint good to v/f/incl. unmtd.(few used) Comms., Charities,Relief Fund,Airs plus 1954-58 pre.cancel cat.£435 £80
416 FRANCE.1951-58 mint & used. '51 Nat.Relief Fund sg.1113-18 unmtd.mint marginal bl.of 4 (tiny blemish on low vals.)(24) (c.£160).'57-'58 between sg.1337-1412 sets Charities, R.Cross,Europa,pre.cancel Cock (c.£322) cat.£482 check £100
417 FRANCE.1956-64 mint.near comp.coll.on loose leaves(couple Airs missing) incl. Charities, P/Dues.,Comms.,Defs.,R.Cross cat.£580 '07 £110
418 FRENCH CAMEROUNS.coll.in One Country Album.1916 Occ.O/Prints,1921 S/Charges, 1925/30 Picts.,incl. Defs. through to 1970's incl. M/Sheets mint & used attractive lot check £65
419 FRENCH COLS.impressive range of material 100's of stampsmint & used incl.French Post Officers Abroad,from the 19th Cent.onwards,incl.imperfs.Eagles to 80c,lots of Mersons with H/Vals.O/Print,through to better earlier Airmails,some unmtd.mint useful P/Dues.etc.needs to be viewed £400
420 FRENCH COLS.4 vols.mint & used several 100 stamps.from 19th Cent.onwards with strength in French Nrth.Africa esp.Morocco with P/Comm. O/Prints to 1f,plus early P/Dues. tablets to 35c,Mersons to 2f lilac,various fortress issues,Airmails through to Mod.needs to be viwed £95
421 FRENCH COLS.fair sel.in Ring Binder noted early 1896 Madagascar,through to 1960 mint & used later Malagasy Rep.Mali & Mauritania few 100's check £50
422 G.B. 2 Med. S/Bookgeneral range mostly listed QV.-ED.VII. vals.to 5/= seen.mint. range of Comms.mint & used S/Book KG.VI.stamps Controlsblocks & Covers good val. check £50
423 G.B. 1762 Local Entire with fine Dockra Paid Penny Post of the Temple Office good strike looks cheap £55
424 G.B.1840 1d Black L.E.good 4 margin copy light MX.small thin £45
425 G.B. 1840 1d Black K.H almost 4 margins with light red MX.another copy O.J.with red MX. £80
426 G.B. 1840 1d Black D.H.very fine 4 good margin copy.with light red MX.good value £75
427 G.B.1840 1d Black C.H. fine 4 margin copy weak right corner light red MX. £60
428 G.B. 1840 1d Black E.I.very fine 4 margin copy with light red MX.small repair £55
429 G.B. 1840 1d Black K.L. 4 large margin copy small thin with fine black MX. £60
430 G.B. 1840 1d Black S.L.superb intense black 4 good margins very light MX. attractive copy £85
431 G.B.1840 1d Black B.C.4 large margin copy tied with red MX.on Cover to Chichester.Cover bad Filing crease & tone but only on half coll.does not effect stamp £95
432 G.B. 1840 1d Black s.t.b. pl.5. P.D.matched with 1d Red.fair margins good used £60
433 G.B. 1840 1d Black M.C.4 good margins fair red MX.small faults £40
434 G.B. superb 1840 Mourning Env. from Lymington to London bearling fine 4 margin 1d Black check letters A.A. from pl.6 tied with fine red MX. £250
435 G.B. 1840 1d Black P.B.pl.1b large 4 margin copy with red MX.looks cheap £60
436 G.B. 1840 1d Black K.E. pl.1b.brilliant used copy with large margins & clear profile £65
437 G.B. 1840 2d Blue I.K.plate 1. fine 4 large margin copy used with fine red MX. £165
438 G.B. 1840 1d Black Q.F.plate 2. intense black 4 good margins with fine red MX. £75
439 G.B. 1841 2d Blue R.E.almost 4 margin copy mint small faults H/Cat. item have a look £475
440 G.B. 1841 1d pale red/brn.imperf. sg.9.(worn plate) fine mint copy good 4 margins fresh colour cat.£575 £90
441 G.B. 1847 Embossed issue 6d x 2 shades 10d & 1/= minor faults but nice lookers & good val. have a look £175
442 G.B. 1854 Entire Cover used with 6d Embossed & 1841 2d Blue tied with London Duplex 24 H/Cat.item have a look £125
443 G.B. 1854/57 1d Red small crown perf.14 strip of 4.showing vert.shift to the right used £40
444 G.B.in pkt. 1855/57 QV. sg.66? about 500 copies very mixed cond.but min.cat.£55,000 £225
445 G.B. 1855 2d Blue O.O.pl.6. f/used copy of sg.20a cat.£275 £55
446 G.B. on card 1856/58 1d red brn. sg.37 large crown.8d orange sg.156 in pair heavy used,also sg.157 2½d pl.23 used £65
447 G.B. 1856 4d carmine Med. Garter sg.63 well centred good used copy scarce as such cat.£450 £55
448 G.B. 1856 6d pale lilac sg.70 with invert.wmk. lightly used £95
449 G.B. 1857 4d rose carmine being sg.66.fresh looker mint copy H/Cat.item worth check £440
450 G.B. 1858 1d Red plates mint on card incl. pl.171 vert.pair,173,184,199 vert.pair, 205,206, & 216 cond.very mixed in places others fine cat.£460.4 other copies not incl. in cat. check £75
451 G.B.large accum.of 1d Red plates all on pages various plates,plus comp.re.con.pl.89( 10 stamps missing)plus re.con.plate 1d venetian red.many 100's check £95
452 G.B. 1862/4. scarce QV.3d pale carmine rose s.t.b. sg.77.mint copy with cracked gum.but H/Cat.item have a look £235
453 G.B. 1864 1d plates No.92 Recon.Sheet of this plate (240 stamps)all used fine to good H/Cat. check £90
454 G.B. delightful 1864 1d Red plate.165 corner marginal bl.of 16 with bottom inscriptions unused some r.inforcement but fine look must check £125
455 G.B. scarce 1867 5/= rose sg.127 pl.1. fair mint copy back crease but H/Cat.item always on the rise latest £8,000+ wirth consudering in present climate £1550
456 G.B. 1869 2d Blues sg.46/7. plate numbers 13,14,15 fair mint copies s.t.c. £1000+ £120
457 G.B. 1870 1½ rose red being sg.51.scarcer plates fine mint copy cat.£400 £55
458 G.B. 1873 3d rose sg.103 pl.10. superb used block of 4 scarce plated used.with Glasgow "230" numeral p/mk.applied neatly in central position £85
459 G.B. scarce 1877 QV.6d gry.imperf.mint bl.of 4 from side sheet part inscription O/Print Specimen nice item have a look £150
460 G.B. 1877 G.B. QV. 2½ r/mauve tied on Cover with London Duplex to Constantinople receiving mark on back £40
461 G.B. 1878 QV. 10/= grn.'ish gry. C.B.sound used copy of sg.128 cat.£2800 slightly messy cancel but not heavy & sound have a look £350
462 G.B. scarce 1878 £1 brn.lilac H.E. being sg.129 used with superb Stand B.O.C.D.S. cancel has light vert.crayon small repair in corner have a look £385
463 G.B. 1880/1 1d ven.red being sg.166 recon.plate in special Book.all used fine to good H/Cat. £90
464 G.B. 1880/81 5d indigo top val. sg.169 attractive mint copy cat.£675 £95
465 G.B.fine & attractive 1881 1d Lilac in comp.sheet of 240 stamps unmtd.mint stamps with gutter fresh looker not all fine on margins but scarce item please handle with care. £145
466 G.B.1888 £1 brn.lilac 3 orbs. I.C. being sg.186 H/Cat.used item.perf.trimmed bottom right useful filler £150
467 G.B. 1883/4 trio 2/6-10/= all good/fine used £125
468 G.B. 1883/4. 2/6 lilac A.A.sg.178 on piece plus 5/= & 10/= not all fine cat.£800+ check £75
469 G.B. 1883/4 5/= rose sg.180 brilliant fresh copy colour & perfs. barely mtd.mint slight light bend cat.£950 have a look £150
470 G.B. 1883/4. 5/= crimson sg.181 mint copy with ditto copy O/Print Specimen both with small faults H/Cat.pair £220
471 G.B. 1883/4 10/= pale ultra sg.183a very fine well centred mint copy cat.£2250 good value £460
472 G.B. 1883/84 trio 2/6-10/= all with good/fine cancels plus Jub.£1 grn. sg.212 with Strand B.O.cancels one blunt corner check £225
473 G.B. 1884 1/= grn.top val.of set sg.196 superb used with Coventry C.D.S. plus strong colour have a look £90
474 G.B. 1884 1d Red plate 149 sg.44 corner marginal bls.of 6 with plate & sheet 166 marginal markings usual gum cracking but appears unmtd.mint nice item £80
475 G.B. 1887/1900 Jub.issues the set of 14 vals.incl.both ½d & 1/='s unmtd.mint cat.£550 £95
476 G.B. 1887/92 QV.Jub. £1 grn. sg.212 T.B. fresh mint copy almost unmtd.mint good colour & perfs. cat.£3,500 must be worth tucking away at this price £790
477 G.B.scarce 1888 QV.Jub.5d with invert.wmk. as per sg.207a f/used cat.£850 rarely offered have a look £250
478 G.B.1890 Jub.issue 10d dull purple & carmine sg.210 in unmtd.mint corner marginal bls.of 4 fine attractive item £55
479 G.B.1897 ½ orange verm. sg.197e with invert.wmk. unmtd.mint £55
480 G.B. 1902 ED.VII. 10/= blue fresh looker mint copy with back crease not shown on front H/Cat.Item have a look £195
481 G.B. 1902 D.L.R. 10/= ultra sg.265 well centred f/used copy cat.£475 £65
482 G.B. 1909 ½d P/Stat.with added ED.VII. ½ Adh.to Hungary 1912 P/Card with G.B. 1d McKennal to Hungary £22
483 G.B. 1911 McKennal 1d scarlet attractive vert.pair with no cross on crown.being sg.345a cat.£100 plus ½d yellow grn.pair sg.340a no cross on crown both pairs mint £75
484 G.B. 1912/24 KG.V. 2½ Royal Cypher unmtd.mint with invert.wmk check shade £28
485 G.B.1912 Somerset House 9d slate-purple & colbalt blue sg.308 lower right unmtd.mint corner marginal showing date cuts attractive cat.£550+ £130
486 G.B. scarce 1913 KG.V. 2/= Booklet sg.BB6 No.22.,2 stamps on each pane have hinge marks.I think this has been exploded at some time.but has been re.constructed with the original items.cat.£1200 not all fine check £200
487 G.B. 1913 ED.VII.Somerset House 6d dull reddish purple (Dickinson coated paper) sg.33/Spec.M34(2) mint marginal copy backed with R.P.S.Cert.cat.£300 £85
488 G.B. 1915/18 D.L.R. 2/6 pale brn.S/Horse sg.407 well centred fine mint copy cat.£250 £55
489 G.B. 1915/18 D.L.R. 5/= brt.carmine S/Horse sg.409 well centred fresh mint copy cat.£425 £75
490 G.B. 1924/31.P/Dues ½d to 2/6 sg.D10-18.mtd.mint £58
491 G.B. 1934 Re.Engraved S/Horse 2/6 - 10/= sg.450/52 fresh mtd.mint H/Cat. check £120
492 G.B.1939 H/Vals.in pkt.unchecked range mostly used incl. 10/= dark blue corner margin bl.of 20 used also £1 brn.mint bl.of 4 etc. worth checking £55
493 G.B.1988 Castle H/Val.P/Packs No.18 & scarce No.40 cat.£185 £70
494 G.B.2 x full Archive Boxes of PHQ Cards.mint & used mass accum must be 1000's in 8 Albums very heavy Lot £85
495 G.B. F.D.C's in 5 Royal Mail Cover Albums.plus single Album.few Sterling but mostly decimal circa 1980's few 100's £55
496 G.B. large Box.mass accum.of F.D.C's in 3 Albums & loose.few 100's looks good val. have a look £55
497 G.B.range of Covers/Entires in Folder much with Brit.Isles p/mk.interest stamps 1852- 1855 perf. plates.Channel Is.Mod.G.B. H/Vals. range mint & used blocks some 35 Covers,150 stamps. have a look £85
498 G.B. ED.VII.part exploded Booklet on hagner Cover 2 x Panes of ½ vert.pair & single with St.Andrews Cross all mint £38
499 G.B. F.D.C's in Box.mostly 1999-2004 incl. Prestige Booklet Panes, various Greetings Defs. £1.41,£1.50,£1 etc.many more some 160 Covers with dup.but clean lot.held in 2 small boxes & Cover Album worth checking £75
500 G.B. F.D.C's in 2 Shoeboxes about 80 pre.decimal & 160 decimal plus PHQ.incl. 2 of the better early have a look £85
501 G.B. Covers.1873 to France with 6d gry.sg.116 pl.12.London Duplex,1867 to Paris,4d verm. pair sg.95 tied London 49.oval Duplex 2 nice items have a look £90
502 G.B. Cover 1935 S.Jub.set on Plain Cover F.D.to Swiss. used Bexley Heath opening roughly at top damageing the 1½. cat.£600 £55
503 G.B. coll.in large Box.incl. 2 large Albums of F.D.C's many better types sets & M/Sheets H/Vals.to £10 etc.plus bundle of loose noted ½ turq & other Machins Album f Prestige Booklets plus large Album World Covers with seperate stamps plus Silver copy check £155
504 G.B.in Med.Box. F.D.C's in 3 small & 2 large Albums few Sterling but mostly Decimal Defs. & Comms.neatly typed up to 2002 noted some M/Sheets good lot £55
505 G.B. large Box.containing some 11 F.D.C. Albums.with good range of material incl. better Castles & Comms. have a look good val. but heavy lot check £75
506 G.B.in Shoebox.some 33 QE.II.Covers incl. ½band Wedgewood x 2 special flights, PHQ. signed & others.also used Comms.on pieces plus oddCig.Cards others check £36
507 G.B. Phos.Graphite set on 2 F.D.C.'s(Southampton) £50
508 G.B.Covers in 3 Albums.incl. Royal Air Force & others many signed plus 2 Albums G.B. mostly Decimal with better items from the year 2000+ over 150 items have a look £80
509 G.B. 1827 Cover to Worcester with very fine Malvern Penny Post strike £50
510 G.B. mass accum.of F.D.C's held in 2 Archive Boxes.loose & in Albums looks mostly Decimal typed & Hand written.Vendor states over 850 Covers check £70
511 G.B. Prestige Booklets.Potter,Christie,Times,P.O.,Royal Mail,railway,Heritage, Royal Mint £42
512 G.B.scarce Booklet 1978 90p LLangolien Canal being sg.FG3 with selvedge on right cat.£550 £150
513 G.B.scarce Booklet 1983 £1.25 Railway No.2 LMS class 4p.being sg.FK6 selvedge on left cat.£95 £38
514 G.B. fine coll.of Prestige Booklets in Box.range DX1-DX35 some one of each others up to 6 of each about 137 Booklets large cat.& Face val.plus I.O.M.Souv.Folders etc must be checked don't miss £495
515 G.B.coll.of Prestige Booklets from 1972 Wedgewood to a perfect Coro.incl.missing phos.on Wedgewood,SG.,plus other varieties some 43 Booklets needs to be viewed £285
516 G.B. a superb accum.of Decimal Booklets in 2 large Albums a large part of which are either 1st or 2nd Class Adh.incl. large types.noted 6 Booklets Machin 40th Anniv. signed by Machin.huge face val.solve your post problems for a few months please take care when viewing as they may fall out.Don't Miss. £730
517 G.B. Booklets.5/= QE.II. G.P.O.(Jan.1955),6/= Eagle,6/= Kingfisher all 3 held in Silver Holders Paignton,Conway & Cheddar motors,plus good coloured holders Petersfield,plus 1953 Coro.Cover with 2/6 mixed Booklet inside £65
518 G.B. in Carrier Bag.G.B. in large S/Book containg mint & used sel. QV.-QE.II.small used coll. Ireland with 1922 G.B.O/Prints plus later issues.also Diana's Wedd.in Special Album plus QE.II.in Album early Wilding issues,Comms. 1963-1973 & few Channel Is. check £70
519 G.B. 1d Red plates in small Box.850 are in small bundles of 50.plus loose in Box un checked by us worth checking £80
520 G.B.Line Engraved in P/Book.Ideal Lot for plating,some 60 1d Red imperfs.140+ 1d Reds, 8 x 2d Blue imperfs.& 25 2d Blue plates.good value check £55
521 G.B.in large Archive Box.mass accum.of P/Packs 1971-2008.many 100's impossible to give much of describe but looks fairly comp.with very H/Face val.must be viewed £425
522 G.B. 2 Albums Benham Silks Defs.& Comms.many with Special p/mks.over 80 items good val. £38
523 G.B.in large accum.of QE.II.in 4 S/Books & Album.pre.decimal & decimal Defs.& Comms., few Regionals in blocks,Machins etc.mint & used with good face val. have a look £80
524 G.B. in Box.Windsor Album with fair general range incl. damaged 1d Black,dew plates ither QV.,Kings,range QE.II.mint & used,S/Book Sterling Comms.,some better,2 x S/books Machins,plus Box.PHQ.Cards have a look £80
525 G.B. giant S/Book.Dealers Stock with sg.No's & prices tudor,Edward Defs. later crowns mint & used some blocks of 4, Castles some blocks,Machin H/Vals. few Comms. check £75
526 G.B. in Box.Folder Comms. 1971-1992 mint or used.S/Book mass dup.Machins & Comms. 1988-1999 plus Box unsorted stamps & Covers odd early worth sorting £50
527 G.B.QE.II.Sterling in Med.S/Book. F/Bridge 1966 Xmas sets & blocks few phos.many added plate flaws,invert.wmk.noted Hastings 4d missing brn. E.F.T.A. 9d Malformed Bun ( Yes I Know) mint & used £60
528 G.B. in Med.Box.S/Book various G.B.items mostly QE.II.mint & used Sterling & decimal. better sets noted Comms.incl. phos.,Defs.in blocks etc.messy lot needs sorting £90
529 G.B. in Carrier Bag.mixed lot on bundle of s/cards,P/Book with 1d Red imperfs., interesting bundle of Covers from pre.stamp-ED.VII.other general in pkts.but val.in Covers. check £95
530 G.B. fair coll.in L/House One Country Album with Line Engraved incl. 1d Black imperf.& perf.,1d Red with small range of plates,odd S/Printed vals.to 2/6, ED.VII.vals.to 5/=, few Kings plus QE.II. Defs.& Comms. mint & used over 600 stamps.have a look £125
531 G.B.in red Windsor Album comp.sets 1991-4.bulging with material as most are in bls.of 6,some bls.of 9.plus cyl.blocks. all unmtd.mint with H/Face val. check £135
532 G.B. red Windsor Album with comp.sets 1986-91 well filled as most sets are in bls.of 6.,bls.of 9. H/Face val. check £135
533 G.B. coll.in 2 vols. S.G. One Country Albums.1935 S.Jub. 1937 to 1/= some later with w/mk. varieties, 1939 2/6 grn.,5/=,10/= light,£1, 1948 S/Wedd.,1951 2/6-£1,QE.II. 1953 Coro.-1990 Defs.& Comms.incl. 1955 side & invert.wmks. few Wilding phos.,good range of Comms. odd early phos.few Machins & Booklets all mint check £175
534 G.B.mass accum.of stamps,Packs & F.D.C's some dup.range from 1970's-1990's very H/Face val. added to that over 120 F.D.C.'s odd with Coin makes up into a Box Lot must be checked £350
535 G.B.mixed accum.in Box.most of the value is in Cigar Box.untiched Booklets but mostly Window types plus few Prestige remainder of Box.P/Packs & stamps 1979-1980's plus range of D.D.C.'s messy lot so careful check please £175
536 G.B.large Box File.few P/Packs incl. 1997 Greetings.some look stamps various Covers some Channel Is. etc £36
537 G.B. Med.Box.with G.B. & Channel Is. F.D.C.'s in 5 Albums mostly decimal & typed others handwritten also few P/Packs etc £75
538 G.B. general sel.in Med.S/Book.incl. 1d Black other odds incl. Kings but mainly QE.II. Defs. H/Val.Castles mint,range of Comms.Sterling-Decimal few Machins mint check £65
539 G.B. QE.II. Decimal Comms. on s/cards.odd M/Sheet & Booklet Pane all mint good face val. £45
540 G.B. coll.on s/cards 2 x 1d Blacks fair,2d Blue perf.,10d Embossed (repaired), 1/= Embossed few S/Printed QV.& ED.VII. Jub.issues vals.to 1/-, KG.V. vals. to 1/=,the above laid out with shades other odds have a look £160
541 G.B. general coll.in Album.mostly used QE.II.Defs. & Comms.used H/Val.Machin noted plus F.D.2nd Album mint range odd early mint Machin & Comms. £42
542 G.B. unchecked sel.of 1d Red imperfs. on s/card.over 130 stamps many on blued paper very good val.check £35
543 G.B. fine & valuable coll.of Year Books.from 1984-2008 H/Cat.& Face Lot. held in 2 Boxes heavy lot have a look £300
544 G.B. looks good lot in Plastic Box.coll.in 5 Albums few early but mostly KG.VI.-QE.II. Defs. & Comms. mint & used sets & singles some H/Vals.plus S/Book & pkt. F.D.C's Sterling/Decimal worth close look £65
545 G.B.coll.in 4 Med.S/Books. 1d Black thin other Line Engrav.few Kings incl. 1948 S/Wedd. some dup here.3 coll.in one.range QE.II. Sterling & Decimal again dup.in places but H/Face val.many 100's mint & used worth checking in Carrier Bag £125
546 G.B.small Box.incl.1d Red plates on pages mint & used Kings dup.range used McKennals other odds also 2 old SG. Spec. vol.2 & 3. £45
547 G.B.coll.in blue S/Book.sel.of 1d Red imperfs.1841 2d Blues,½ Bantams,2d Blue plates,1d Red plates.range of S/Printed from early garter wmks.to 3d & 6d.QV. 5/= rose with fine Glasgow C.D.S. but with faults,10/= Greetings gry.1883 2/6 x 4,5/= x 2,plus 10/= odd mint S/Printed,ED.VII.2/6 x 2,5/= x 7. 10/= & fine used £1 grn. with faults. 2/6 & 10/= S/Horses plus later incl. Officials plus 2 Covers 4d & 6d S/Printed worth close look check £500
548 G.B. comp.coll.of M/Sheets in Album.1978-2008. incl.many better items as stated by Vendor London Stamp Ex.missing phos.,1980 R.Hill missing,also missing Gold Queen Heads later issues incl. Trains reduced sheet etc.some 61 mint items H/Cat.have a look £275
549 G.B.coll.in grn. S/Book.poor 1d Black,Line Engraved,1d Red imperf.& perf., ½ Bantams, 2d Blue plates,1d Red plates,QV.5/= rose,10/= grn.'ish gry.& £1 brn.lilac orbs,1883 2/6-10/= ditto ED.VII.plus £1.mostly poor with faults.dup.range of QV.& ED.VII.Jub.issue mint & used KG.V. incl. S/Horses few KG.VI.needs sorting mostly space fillers have a look £460
550 G.B.Med.Box.well filled with decimal P/Packs.mostly Mod.11 Packs.but stamps in Env. H/Cat. & Face Lot close look advised £365
551 G.B.Med.Box.Collectors Packs 1989-95 plus 1997 & Year Books 1991-96. £175
552 G.B.large range in Med.Box.best part of 400 items from Sterling to Decimal the latter in New issue & Env.1970's-2000's £75
553 G.B. fair general mixture in Album.QV.few L/Engraved & S/Printed vals.to 5/= usual mixed cond., incl Jub.issues odd mint.ED.VII.to 5/=,KG.V.to 10/=.1924/5 Wemblies,KG.VI. S/Wedd. etc. have a look £75
554 G.B.in Shoebox.Decimal issues in some 36 P/Packs & 17 Prestige Booklets.both better types with H/Cat.& Face val. have a look £150
555 G.B. sel.of errors on small cards.incl. ED.VII.1d Block of 18 with damage to Hairline & dot over crown.P/Dues. D1/2,D4/5 Controls,3d O.Games crown flaw & re-touched,KG.V.margin strip of 5 & strip of 4.mis.placed wmk. all mint £50
556 G.B.mostly KG.V.& KG.VI.on 2 hagner sheets.incl. KG.V.Royal Cypher & Block wmk.sets, '24 Wembley used,1934 Photo.set mint,KG.VI. 1939 H/Vals.used,1948 S.Wedd., 1951 Fest. H/Vals.used other s.t.c.£600+ £65
557 G.B.specialized coll.of Controls held in Med.S/Book.crown & simple cyher range of Mc.Kennals in bls.,strips,pairs,& singles.but pairs & strips noted some 406 items.with stated cat.val.of £3,000+ fine display material have a look £550
558 G.B.sel.on cards incl.1d Black,2d blue thins various S/Printed, ED.VII. 2/6 & 5/= used S/Horses 2/6 & 10/= plus more needs to be viewed £185
559 G.B. Post Office Label Sheets(Smilers) comp.range of Sheets unmtd.mint 2000-2002 incl. both Consignia Sheets sg.L51-59 plus L52a,53a,& L51a H/Cat.Lot have a look £600
560 G.B. coll.in Boxed Davo Hingeless Album.range QV.-QE.II.Sterling Defs.& Comms.all used cond. very mixed in places.needs re-vamping nice Album £52
561 G.B.useful range in 3 Boxed Davo Hingeless Albums QV.-2000's all mint.noted few early KG.V. & KG.VI.incl. 1948 S.Wedd.,1937 to 1/=,range of QE.II.Defs.& Comms.,1953 Wilding & castles.plus Comms. incl. phos.issues some dup.looks mainly unmtd. later Machins,QE.II. Comms.looks comp.range to 2000.incl.H/Val.Castles,Machin £10 etc.H/Cat.& Face lot worth checking £425
562 G.B. Smilers Sheets in Special Albums incl. LS.1.,LS.6,LS.9,LS11/12,LS.13 x 2, LS.14 x 2, LS.18/19,LS.20 x 3,LS.21,LS.22 x 2,LS.23,LS.24 x 2,LS.25,LS.26/28 other later issues. H/Cat. & Face Lot.some 32 Sheets £150
563 G.B.fine accum.of P/Packs in 5 Royal Albums.in Box.all Decimal incl. many better H/Val.Defs.& Comms.1984-2004 & incl. 5 x Diana Welsh Packs.H/Cat.& Face heavy lot must be checked £500
564 G.B. fine 4 voll.coll.housed in boxed Davo One Country Hingeless Albums. 1st Album QV.- Sterling,general early incl. KG.VI. 1938 2/6,5/=,10/= light.& £1.plus S/Wedd.mint. range QE.II. Defs. & Comms.some better phos.,3 Albums of QE.II. Decimal Defs. & Comms. vals.to 10/= better Greetings & Machins H/Cat. & H/Face Lot close check please £650
565 G.B. coll.in 2 L/House Hingeless Albums.1953-1990's patchy lot of mint & used odd better in places well worth close look £75
566 G.B. on hagner 1924/26 Defs.set ½d to 1/= sg.418/29. in mint single controls plus 1940 Cent.in control bls.of 6 all mint £55
567 G.B.in red printed Windsor Album.1840-1970 original coll.from Continental Collector. n.& u.from 1840 1d fair 4 margin plussuper 2d Blue,1841 2d Blue x 3,plates to 214. Victoria S.P.to 2/6 & 5/=,sel.of 80 S.P.,EDW.VII.to 2/6 x 2,& 5/=,KG.V. 5/= x 2,plus good to 1/=. 1924 & '25 Wembley,KG.VI.incl. S.Wedd.& invert.wmks.H/Vals.S/Wedd.,Festival, various QE.II.phos.sets.Comms.& P/Dues.fair to good cat.approx.£9,800 needs to be viewed £950
568 G.B.in red Album.superb unmtd.mint Machin coll.incl. LSD vals.decimals from ½d to £5 (Castles)written up with relevant info.,Booklet Panes ½d s/band,Booklet Panes 1968-91 (poss.cat.£1,214 in 1996 cat.) basic face cost £263+.diff.to replicate needs to be viewed £350
569 G.B.2000-04 grn.& blue Binders.super sel.119 typed Addresses F.D.C's between sg.2142-2478 various p/mks.incl. MS.strips. ideal source for used stamps cat.£859 £215
570 G.B.large plastic Crate.general range of stamps QV.-QE.II.in some 10 S/Books.odd Boxes few Covers etc.heavy lot good value in S/Book. check £45
571 G.B. general sel.in small Box.with SG.One Country Album few mint & used Comms.,Album Covers plus shoebox dup.range in pkts. £32
572 G.B. CHANNEL IS.in Box Guern.in 3 vols.from 1st War stamps to 1980's incl. Sterling H/Vals.better lot than average incl. plenty of gutter pairs.Jersey in 2 vols.Sterling/Decimal incl. blocks mint & used check £95
573 G.B CHANNEL IS.small Med.S/Book used sel.unchecked plus few Booklets,Decimal to 50p mint etc. £35
574 G.B.Channel Is.in large S/Book.Jersey few early Comms.but mostly later issues incl.M/Sheets.Defs.to £1 seen.Bird set to £2.Guern.Iniforms to £1.plus later Comms. few I.O.M. all mint £45
575 G.B. I.O.M. coll in 2 Davo Hingeless One Country Albums.looks fairly comp.range 1973 - 1990's Defs. & Comms. plus later also odds in boxed L/House Album & Manx Book.Bird Life £75
576 G.B. I.O.M.1973-91 mint much unmtd. plus used range on 9 sides S/Sheets incl. M/Sheets. cat.£500 good basis for coll.100's check £100
577 G.B.JERSEY. 1984-98 blue boxed Album.used or C.T.O.near comp.incl. M/Sheets to £5, most Europa's in full Sheets.huge original cost cat.£1,050 (Album worth £30. '07 £190
578 G.B. CHANNEL IS.3 F.D.C Albums.mainly unaddressed 1976-83 vals.to £2 & £5. 270 Covers £80
579 G.B.CHANNEL IS. unchecked sel.Jersey,Guern.& I.O.M. held in 2 S/Books & Collecta Album.mint & used worth sorting £50
580 G.B.CHANNEL IS.Jersey & Guern. on 3 sides S/Sheets.1969-73 v.f.mint mainly unmtd. Defs. sets to £1 incl. lerf changes.better Comms.plus early P/Dues.sets.Alderney '83-91 better sets cat.£349 check £80
581 G.B.CHANNEL IS. 1969 Jersey & Guern.P/Dues.on card being D1-7,& D1-6. in unmtd.mint corner marginal bls.of 4.cat.around £250 £48
582 G.B.CHANNEL IS.ALDERNEY.coll.in boxed Davo Hingeless Album.with range 1985-2000 mint looks fairly comp.plus 2 spare Albums £55
583 G.B. GUERNSEY.coll.in 2 vo.Davo Hingeless Boxed One Country Albums.incl. 1969 Sterling sets to £1.fair run of early Comms. & Defs. sets to 1990's,2nd Album sparce to 2007 all mint £65
584 G.B.GUERNSEY. 1969-95 4 Red Ring Binder(1),between sg.13-MS.681 mint mainly unmtd. near comp.incl. M/Sheets,Sheetlets,Pre.Decimals plus 1971 Decimals face £148 (100's) £100
585 G.B. JERSEY.coll.in 2 boxed Davo Hingeless Albums range 1969 Sterling to 2000 Defs.& Comms. & M/Sheets all mint H/Cat.Lot £75
586 G.B.JERSEY.small coll.in boxed L/House Hingeless One Country Album.incl.1969 Sterling set to £1 then fair range to 1980's mint £50
587 G.B.Jersey 1973-89 unmtd.mint sel. Defs.& Comms.3 sides S/Sheets. face £77 cat.£207 £55
588 G.B.used Abroad superb & valuable coll.in large S/Book.Mr.Agencies fine range of QV., ED.VII.vals.to 10/=,KG.V. S/Horses vals.to 5/= mint & used plus Covers/Card.few KG.V. China O/Prints, KG.VI. M.E.F. Eritrea,Tripontania,Constantinople of Cover.Levant vals.to 10/=,Egypt etc.plus mint & used many Covers s.t.c.around £6000 £1250
589 G.B.used Abroad.accum.in large Manilla S/Book.heavy dup.in places.incl. Levant vals. to 10/=,Mr.Agenceies QV.& ED.VII.vals.to 2/6,few S/Horses,KG.VI.many used odd mint H/Cat.worth checking £275
590 GERMANY.5 x Booklets incl.Third Reich of 1933 being sg.SB32 4 other Bundespost 1968 £50
591 GERMANY.in large Box.coll.in 7 large well filled hagner Binders incl.Berlin in 2 vols. 1948-1970 Defs.,Comms.,Covers & Booklets,Album Automatt & others.Album dup.range Bayern 1867-1920. Album Infation issues,Album Saar Germania-Mod with varieties, Album mixed close look good value have a look £150
592 GERMANY mixture in Plastic Box.looks fair lot in German Cols.in Schaubek Album One Country.various mint Yachts & Germania,S/Book O/Prints,S/Book.East & West Germany, S/Book.Danzig plus 2 small P/Books with Saar & Hindenberg £65
593 GERMANY.in Black S/Book.mainly better German stamps from 1872 to 1950's incl. sg.1. (Station pmk.)sg.275 mint sg.362 used,various mint many unmtd.,Nazi & Occ.issues, 3 x 1937 M/Sheets used,1870 France-Prussian War Cover,both 1949 Baden Freiburg M/Sheet unmtd.mint, sg.1093-1096 f/mint,1954 or 55 Human Relief sets etc.over 400 stamps plus 11 M/Sheets 1 x Cover(list supplied).cat.val.in excess of £2500 needs to be viewed £375
594 GERMANY.mass accum.in Archive Box East Germany in 2 large Albums plus stuffed in sveral S/Books similar range for West Germany priced to Sell very heavy lot must be checked £360
595 GERMANY.mint sel.some unmtd.in Med.S/Book.incl. better items Hindenburg vals.to 100, 1934 Air sets 11 vals.to 3m,1934 set ex.3pf.1935 Saar,Railway,Welfare,1936 Games,plus both M/Sheets,Fund,HitlerBirthday Sheets,many more most inbetween,plus later issue incl. O/Prints very H/Cat.Lot must check £360
596 GERMANY.1950-72 mint & used sel.on 16 sides many better items & sets 100's have a look £125
597 GERMANY.1919-38 Air sel.mint,1922-23 set,'24 to 300(missing perf.),Eagle to 3mk, '28-'31 1rm,2rm,4rm Zepp.,'31 Polar 4rm,'38 Zepp.pair x 4 usual gum.'34 to 3rm,'38 Zepp. pair. cond.mixed on few cat.£884 check £120
598 GERMANY.Ersttagsblatt.1986-92. 256 Cards in 4 Albums in Box. cat.as used stamps £362 £60
599 GERMANY.mass accum.in 8 Albums/S/Books.messy lot but many hidden better items mint & used incl. East & West Germany not he most popular at present but worth checking at this price £90
600 GERMANY. general sel.in Med. S/Book.German mainly East Defs.& Comms.used check £42
601 GERMANY BERLIN.1975-90 in black Safe Album.super unmtd.mint near comp. coll. plus few used H/Face cat.£677 unmtd.,478 used cat.£1,155 £200
602 GERMANY BERLIN.11 pages 1949 plus '55-'59 mint & u.,'49 U.P.U. 4 vals.,Views to 5dm used,Goethe 30pf from 1955 various issues incl. '56 Views to 3dm cat.£530 '07 £80
603 GERMANY BERLIN.1950-55 mint & used sel.on pages incl.1950 ERP,Philharmonic, Lortzig '51 Stamp Day,Bells left & centre.Beethoven plus Comms. '53-'65 cat.£1,336 0'7 check £260
604 GERMANY BERLIN.1949-53 Bear set sg.B68-70,1950 Philharmonic sg.B72-73, '51 Stamp Day,'53 Church all mtd.mint cat.£750 (11) '09 £140
605 GERMANY BERLIN/WEST.in brn.Box.1975-96 in 4 Binders.395 Ersttagsblatt between sg.B466-2750.Charities,Defs.Comms.,M/Sheets.super lot cat as used stamps £954 needs to be viewed £130
606 GERMANY EAST.1948-52 mint bit heavy on few.plus few used.Leipziger Messe, Goethe, strong Comms. 1949-52 cat.£536 (62) '07 check £80
607 GERMANY GROUP.1949 U.P.U. Thematic mint.on 2 pages.Berlin (c.£293).West Germany East Zone,Baden,Rhein,Wurt.cat.£1,051 (15) '09 £180
608 GERMANY WEST.coll.in Folder mint & used range incl. better singles Defs. & Comms. some 14 pages with stated cat.val. about £1500 plus others so worth close look £50
609 GERMANY WEST.1954-2000 f/used coll.22 sides S/Book.all diff.(bar extra Defs.), Charities, Comms.,1954 Relief Fund,'55 Luft.,Relief Fund cat.£1,710 '09 check £260
610 GERMANY WEST.in red Hingeless Album.(worth £30) 1955-69 near comp.with most sets mint,unmtd.mint & used (bar 1959 Beethoven M/Sheet) cat.£950 '07 £160
611 GERMANY WEST.1949-54 Charities & Relief Fund sets all mint incl.unmtd.,'49 Relief,'50 Bach.,'51 St.Mary's, NABA,'51-'54 Relief cat.£1,261 (35) '09 check £230
612 GERMANY WEST.1951 Posthorn set sg.1045-1060 mtd.mint.(hinge remains plus 40pf toned,70pf,80pf,90pf fine cat.£2,437 (16) '07 £300
613 GERMANY WEST.1953-56 on s/card.fine looks comp. range of Comms.& Charities between sg.1093-1175 used ,mint,& unmtd.. have a look £85
614 GERMANY WEST.1954-56 unmtd.mint.Comms. between sg.1126-1160 looks comp.incl. 1954 Lufthansa,Relief cat.£300 (36) '09 check £80
615 GIBRALTAR.rare 1889 10c QV. carmine with value omitted as per sg.23b Cat.val. £5500. priced without Cert.but looks fair at this price could be a Winner? £160
616 GIBRALTAR.Durham Album.heavy dup.range QV.'s-1990's better lot of Kings Worth Check mostly used few 100's check £35
617 GIBRALTAR.1953-79.mint & used plus F.D.C's,'38-'65 better KG.VI. 1½d sg.126, 1/= sg.127, '53 10/= plus Omnibus mint & used (28).'53-'69 mint,'53 Comms.& Omnibus sg.145-246, '69 - '76 Uniforms 6 F.D.C's plus 7 sets, '71-'78 between sg.255-415 mint,'71 Views to £1. '77 Fauna to £5. variety Comms.sets & M/Sheets cat.£496 check £90
618 GIBRALTAR.1937-90. on 5 sides s/cards.mint & used.KG.VI.to 1/=, '53 to 2/=, '60 to £1, '71 Views to £1,wide range of Omnibus,Comms.,M/Sheets,Uniforms all diff.cat.£508. 100's £100
619 GILBERT & ELLICE.Gilbert=Kiribati Group. 1960-80 mint & used on printed Scott leaves Defs.,Comms.sets,& M/Sheets.cat.£368 100's check £70
620 GOLD COAST 1902.QV. 2d sg.27b f/used cat.£150 £45
621 GREECE.looks useful range in large Hagner Binder good sel.incl.better early Hermes imperfs.with later perf.issues.middle sel.of Mercury.few Picts. & Defs. some O/Prints plus Mod. few Crete etc.worth checking few 100 have a look £115
622 GREECE.1927-35 Defs.2d,5d,10d,15d & 25d all mint (25d has short perf.)plus the 1934 8d Athens Stadium perf.11½ mint.H/Cat. Lot £95
623 GRENADA.1883 Revenue 1d O/Print Postage,Postage.a scarce unsevered pair sg.29a cat.£450.00 rarely offered £75
624 GRENADA.attractive coll.mint & used housed in 2 old fashioned Albums.in quadrille Album pages.from QV.to QE.II. highlights incl. study KG.V.Defs.,Sailboat set to 5/=,comp. S/Jub.,lots of KG.VI.vals.to 10/= probably with 4 diff.types,incl.QE.II to $2.50 & others needs to be checked £250
625 GRENADA.coll.in Ring Album.few QV.& Kings but mostly QE.II.Defs.,Comms., mint & used attractive sel. good lot of Thematic's many 100's have a look £55
626 GRENADA. KG.VI.mint & used coll.on pages with 1938 various printings to 10/=, incl. wide printing unmtd.mint. (c.100) Wedding & U.P.U. mint & used,'51 set to $2.50 mint & used cat.£440 have a look £120
627 HONG KONG. 1863/1900 Br.Post Office in China/Japan Shanghai S1 C.D.S. on 2c,4c, 12c, 18c,24c,& 48c,Japan Yokohama (Y1) 8c orange good cat.val. £85
628 HONG KONG. 1880 QV. 5c on 8c brt.orange sg.23 used £30
629 HONG KONG. 1891 QV. 2Oc,5O,& $1 s.t.b. sg.45/47 mint O/Print Specimen cat.£850 £125
630 HONG KONG.mass accum.in large Archive Box.Mod.range in P.O.Books Sheetlets, Booklets F.D.C's,P/Packs.must be hugh cat.val.must be viewed £250
631 HONG KONG.heavy dup.range in Med.S/Book.mostly ED.VII. & KG.V. low vals. odd QV. best for p/mks. many 100's £40
632 HONG KONG.coll.in S/Book fine range some heavy dup.early QE.II.mint & used vals. to $10 noted later Annigoni's & later types vals. to $50,plus few mint Comms.odd M/Sheets etc. worth checking few 100's £95
633 HONG KONG.coll.in Album.on hagner & pages.QV.-ED.VII.laid out & priced on pages.few QV.& ED.VII.KG.V.,later KG.V.vals. to $5 plus dup. range of QE.II. Defs. odd Comm.check £50
634 HONG KONG.in pkt.sel. on Approval Cards.looks fair run of Comms.1984/6 f/used.plus 1982 Defs.to $50.plus large Covers Defs.set better types others s.t.c.£350+ £45
635 HONG KONG.Wholesale accum.1981-86 in large multiples mostly between 20 & 30 sets all unmtd.mint with cat.val.of £6,000+ Ideal Retail must check list attached £1250
636 HUNGARY.good coll.of mint & used with several 100 stamps,all diff.housed in 4 Albums packed solid with better items from 1st issues of 1871 onwards incl. Franz Joseph 2kr to 25kr both types 10kr,through to Mod.virtually all mint with occasional much better imperf. series from 1940's/'50's incl.U>P>U,.Bird Triangles,1950 M/Sheet,1955 Games etc. attractive range have a look £750
637 HUNGARY.giant S/Book.fine range of stamps from 1890's Hellers range of Comms. incl. M/Sheets, incl.1938 St.Stephens M/S. & 1939 Prot.Day M/S. perf & imperf.,1933 Airs etc.plus large range to 1970's all mint plus f/used £70
638 HUNGARY.mass accum.in 4 large Albums good range 1871 to 1900 fillers,later P/Prints & Picts.issues sets & singles & odds.plus large range Mod.issues mint & used many 1000's worth checking £80
639 HUNGARY.Tidy coll.housed in 2 Schaubek One Country Albums.odd early,later Heller with tabs.good middle range of Picts.through to 1950's mint & used few 100's worth close look £65
640 HUNGARY.large accum.in plastic crate.held in 8 Davo Boxed One Country Albums.some hingeless. range early to Mod.sparce in places & deserves better material in these expensive Albums.fine lot to expand have a look very heavy lot check £225
641 ICELAND.mixed lot on pages few early numerals & double heads,1933/4. Airs mint odd used,few low vals.Geysers mint & used plus later Mod.check £45
642 INDIA. C.E.F. 1905/11 ED.VII. China Exp.O/Print with double O/Print as per.SG.C13a. mint copy backed with R.P.S.Cert. cat.£100 £35
643 INDIA. 1981 20p Def.imperf.Colour Trials in brn.yellowbrn.,grn.& red on wmk.& gummed paper £60
644 INDIA.general coll.in 2 S/Books.heavy dup.in places few QV.vals.to 3r seen.ED.VII.vals.to 1r,KG.V.incl. H/Vals.& Fiscals to 25r.,KG.VI.to 10r.later QE.II. plus ED.VII.& KG.V.Service O/Prints few 100's check £65
645 INDIA CHAMBA.1942 KG.VI. 1r,2r,& 5r O/Print Chamba Service sg.083-085 in mint blocks of 4 usual light tone cat.£480 £90
646 INDIA/PAKISTAN.coll.in 6 S/Books.with India dup.range of QV's ditto ED.VII.odd mint. KG.V. some mint blocks,sel. of KG.VI.plus heavy dup.QE.II. few States Pakistan from KG.VI.-Mod. with dup. many 100's better in places worth checking £75
647 IRELAND.1925/28 scarce Seahorses 2/6-10/= s.t.b.sg.83/5 all f/used & good colours. cat.£550+ £100
648 IRELAND.in 3 S/Books. mass dup.few G.B.O/Prints 1st Defs.plus Comms. probably 1000's worth sorting plus various Commercial Covers. £55
649 IRELAND.fair coll.in Album.few early G.B. O/Prints mint & used vals.to 1/= noted.1920/40 Defs.vals.to 10/= later Defs.& Comms.mint & used incl. Airs attractive mint range middle 1970-1980's few Covers £65
650 ISRAEL.coll.incl.1948 1st Coin set comp.used also 3 to 50p Coins with comp.used, other Coins mint & used tete-beche with several 100's stamps needs checking £200
651 ITALY on card 1910 Plebiscite pair sg.83/4. plus 1948 Express E718 all mint odd short perf. £38
652 ITALY 1934 Football/Air set sg.413/21 looks unmtd.mint cat.£170+ £50
653 ITALY Revenues 1863 Sheet bearing 15c-15L. 14 vals.for "Marca Da Bollo" all with head of Vittorio Emanuele II.by Joubert for D.L.R.,all O/Print "Saggio"Specimens light staining & other imperfections £85
654 ITALY.in 2 Albums few early mixed cond.,1900 Kings fair middle period Defs.& Picts.mint & used plus later Mod.to 1970's sets few Cols.worth check cond.mixed in places £42
655 ITALY.general coll.in Ring Album.sel.early issues incl. S/Charges strong middle period many better H/Cat. sets incl. Airs,Sport etc. through to 1970's mint & used range 100's s.t.c. £2850+ have a look £225
656 ITALY.slightly remainder coll.on pages few Defs.& Rodi issues.Fiume incl. O/Prints,1918 Valore Golobale sets later France S/Charges etc.worth sorting £50
657 ITALY Locals Rep.on hagner sheet.1944 Pontechiasso 5c,10c,25c,50c,75c, 1L,1.25, 3L plus 1944 Maccaono 30c,50c,75c,1L,1.25, mostly used As Is. £95
658 JAMAICA.1953-85 between sg.154-619 mint near comp.coll.of Defs.sets,'56 set,'62 Indep. , '64 to £1,'69 O/Print,'70 to $2 plus Comms.sets cat.£382 100's check £80
659 JAPAN. 1896 2s carmine & 5c violet blue all with War with China issue in bl.of 4 with scarce F.D. cancels have a look £195
660 JAPAN.coll.in small Album odd early issue,middle range again odds mostly Picts.issues 1970 onwards all used few 100 worth sorting £35
661 JUGOSLAVIA.Wholesale accum.ofEuropa Sheetlets of 9.good variety with dup.H/Face good value £35
662 K.U.T. KG.V. 1935 set to £1 sg.110/123.look all unmtd.mint check.incl. margin copies the £1 in corner marginal £95
663 KENYA & UGANDA.1953-64 between sg.165-210 mint coll.incl. '54 set to £1 plus extra £1 shade. '60 set,'63 set to 20/=,plus 15c variety cat.£170 £45
664 LATVIA.range of Telegraph(Parvedums) used with 1920-30's Adh.good range of cancels etc. some 50 items £32
665 LIECHTENSTEIN.1920-80 in brn.Biella Album.mint coll.much unmtd.strong 1940-52 used plus near comp.1958-80 good starter lot cat.£855 check £170
666 LIECHTENSTEIN.1924-46. '24 Views to 20rp,'27 Arms sg.77-79,'37 Views to 90rp, '39 Birds & Comms.incl. '38 Francis 3fr, '40 Prince John,'44 2f & 3f,'45 5f x 2,'46 7 vals.to 80pf,good to fine Views vals.to 60rp,various perfs.mint & u.bit mixed cat.£838 needs to be viewed £120
667 LIECHTENSTEIN.1917-50 mint & used.'17-'20 between sg.7-45 plus P/Dues.dup. Stock '34-'50. B.O.B.'38 Phil.Exhib.sg.MS,173 (2m.1 u.)tiny corner bend on 1 sheet. '46 Exhib. sg.MS.251a x 2 mint.(5).'48 Pioneers of Flight 10r on 5f sg.259-267 unmtd.mint Sheetlets of 9. (a few mtd. on margin) cat.£565 £100
668 MALAYA.coll.on pages range 1882/91 QV.vals.to 96c,noted good range of S/Charges ED.VII.& KG.V.to $5.incl. some Fiscals noted $25 x 2,some mint.good range of dies.KG.VI. mint & used,Fed.States few Tigers Fiscals vals.to $2,noted $2 & $5 mint,few Johore, Kedah,noted 1921/24 to val.$5.,Kelantan 1911/28 plus Chefs set to $1 mint., Nergi incl. top vals. $1,$2,$5,Perak QV.Tiger O/Prints noted 1c on 2c ½ sheet of 60. ditto 1c & 5c.few Selangor & Trengganu v/h/cat.must be checked £1250
669 MALAYA KEDAH. 1921-32 Ploughing & Council set to $5 sg.26-40 mint cat.£180 £60
670 MALAYA STATES.giant S/Book.with Malaysia,St.Sett.,Fed.States many other States,plus Nr.Borneo & Sarawak sets & singles noted few 100's worth checking £65
671 MALAYA KELANTAN. 1937/40 Chefs set 1c-$1.mint (4c,5c,8c,& 50c used), 1948 S.Wedd. mint,1949 U.P.U. mint cat. £340+ £90
672 MALAYSIA.mid 1970's - 80's unsorted mint & used sel.of Defs.sets in env.& s/card.100's £100
673 MALTA.1868 ½ buff brn. rough perf. 12½ being sg.14 mint cat.£150 £42
674 MALTA.1914/21 KG.V.on card ½d,1d,2d x 2, 2d,2½,3d,6d,1/= x 3. plus 2/=, 5/=, & quarter on 2d mint sg.71-88. cat.£220+ £65
675 MALTA. 1917 KG.V. 5/= grn./red.yellow sg.88(E) unmtd.mint with break below scroll.plus 1922 Self Gov't. 5/= sg.113 mint £145
676 MALTA. 1921 St.Paul's script 10/= sg.104 used with part Reg.cancel usual poor centring low & right but sarce stamp cat.£700 £165
677 MALTA.few odd early plus few Comms.but mainly coll.of Malta Italian 1966-1997 Militaire issues all mint £50
678 MALTA.in Med.S/Book.a series of comp. pre.decimal unmtd.mint Sheets 1965 Defs. comp.½ to 5/= other odds £35
679 MALTA.1860-1990's 42 sides black S/Book.G.B.used in Malta,P/Dues.in bls.of 4 & Tete Beche,KG.VI.incl. large bls.,QE.II.with some bls.of 4.Europa's Sheetlets cat.£1,236 '06 £230
680 MALTA.1975-2003.in 2 boxed Davo Albums unmtd.mint excellent starter lot cat.£618 ( Album alone worth £50) Gib.'06 £160
681 MALTA. 1952-88 dup.Stock unmtd.mint Comms.sets incl. Defs.1965 to 3/= cat.£626 £100
682 MALTA.1953-80's in blue Binder mint & used incl. 1956 to 5/= & 10/= used.Defs. & Comms. £50
683 MALTA. 1863-1950 mint & used on leaves 1863 ½d CC & CA.1885 to 1/=,ED.VII.to 1/=, KG.V. to 3/=,S/JUB.,KG.VI. to 10, P/Dues.1953-69 good lot have a look cat.£1,020 £190
684 MALTA.1938-68 mint KG.VI.sel. '38 set,'48 O/Prints, U.P.U.,Coro.,'53-'68 near comp. between sg.261-408,'55 & '65 to £1.(no 5d & 10d) cat.£326 '07 £80
685 MALTA.1982-84 unmtd.mint sel.21 sets & M/Sheets in corner or marginal bls.of 4 excellent Stock of Comms. needs to be viewed cat.£215 £60
686 MALTA.1985-87 unmtd.mint sel. 14 diff.sets & M/Sheets.strong Thematic content of Comms. in corner or marginal bls.of 4 cat.£285 check £80
687 MAURITAINE.attractive coll.in bulky Ring Album.good range of 1913 plus 1926 Camel issues with S/Charges 1938 Camel Picts.,1940 Airs later range to 1980's mostly M/Sheets etc.early part mostly mint worth checking £45
688 MIDDLE EAST.in Folder Bahrain,Egypt,Oman, A.E. & Iran odds & ends mostly used better singles noted Vendor states cat.val.£800 check £42
689 MONACO.1970/80 attractive range of unmtd.mint Sheetlets.attractive sel.Europa,Sport etc.some 20 odd sheets £25
690 MONTSERRAT.coll.in Ring Album.few QV.key types & Colony,odd KG.V.incl. S/Jub.set,fair lot KG.VI.mint & used vals.to 10/= some perf.varieties ½ to 5/= QE.II.Defs.& Comms. mostly used incl. M/Sheets check £75
691 MR.AGENCIES.1898 50c with variety "Long Tailons" as per sg.6b toned mint copy cat.£325 £60
692 N.S.W. Rare?.1885/6 QV.10/= O/Print Postage as per sg.241c.perfs gauged at 12 x 11 or 11½.listed in SG.so are aware they excist.but not priced this copy f/used.odd short perfs £195
693 N.S.W.1897 Charity Consumptive stamps 1/= & 2/6 sg.287c & d.mint some light creases H/Cat.£220 £65
694 N.S.W. 1897 Diamond Jub.Comsumptives Home set plus Victoria,1897 Hospital Charities Fund.both sets are mint with some faults. £70
695 NAURU. 1937/48 Post/Rev.set to 10/= being sg.26b-39b unmtd.mint cat.£170 £55
696 NAURU.1966-84 dup.mainly untd.mint.Stock of Defs.& Comms..1966 to $1,'78 to $5, strong Thematic content.Ideal Approvals cat.£780 check £160
697 NAURU.1916-37 on 3 pages all mint incl.unmtd.,1966 KG.V.O/Print to 9d freighter white paper to 10/=,grey paper to 1/= cat.£312 (44) '09 £85
698 NETHERLANDS.1970-90 unmtd.mint sel.on 2 s/cards.Comms.,Charities,Europa's in bls.of 4 & 6 Thematic Ideal for Approvals cat.£410 100's have a look £80
699 NETHERLANDS.coll.in Davo One Country Album.small general range late 1870-1970.plus later issues in small S/Book.have a look £55
700 NEW GUINEA 1935 £2 Air sg.204 f/used cat.£140 £48
701 NEW HEBRIDES/VANUATU.attractive sel.in Med.S/Book.sets,singles,M/Sheets mint & used Defs.& Comms.mass of Thematic's mostly sets over 150 sets 19 M/Sheets £95
702 NEW ZEALAND. 1903 Mt.Cook 5/= with upringt wmk.sg.317 f/used usual rough perfs. cat.£300 £42
703 NEW ZEALAND.1906 6d Exhib.stamp sg.373 f/used cat.£275 £80
704 NEW ZEALAND.1926/34 KG.V. Admirals 2/= & 3/= Jones & Cowan printings sg.466/7 & 469/70 all mint odd tone nice to get the 4 together cat.nearly £300 £85
705 NEW ZEALAND.1960 3d Kowhai Def.in imperf. plate Proof pair unmtd.mint £601
706 NEW ZEALAND. 1967 2½c.Kowhai imperf.single plus 7c rata imperf pair unmtd.mint plate Proofs check £45
707 NEW ZEALAND. 1979-91 Health F.D.C's x 8 of each various p.mks.cat.as used stamps £234 £56
708 NEW ZEALAND.unmtd.mint Sheets of 120 each KG.V.sg.416 & 418,both with vert.pairs 4th & 5th rows of diff.perfs i.e. 10 of each sg.416b & 418b mint cat.£1600 as hinged needs checking £360
709 NEW ZEALAND.coll.in Med.S/Book.fair range of KG.VI.& Healths some in blocks but mostly Mod.range QE.II.few Defs.attractive range of comms. few Officials all mint check £95
710 NEW ZEALAND.1941/7. KG.VI.Defs. ½ grn.,1d grn.,1½ red,2d orange,& 9d brn.all in imperf.pairs plate Proofs on gum wmk.paper have a look £90
711 NEW ZEALAND.attractive range on s/card.1940 Cent.set (less 3d val.)but incl. the 8d all in imprint & plate number bls.of 4 mint H/Cat. £65
712 NEW ZEALAND.unpicked coll.in small Album.few earlies.Chalons,small Heads,dew Kings,Defs.to 3/=,Health's incl. some M/Sheets,QE.II.to 10/= plus range of 1990's few Officials all used neatly written & laid out have a look £75
713 NEW ZEALAND.coll.in 3 S/Books.few Early QV's small Heads Defs. later Picts. heavy dup vals.to 3/= seen.plus QE.II. Defs.& Comms. many 100's used £50
714 NEW ZEALAND.large coll.in giant S/Book.few early to KG.VI.odd better Health & Defs. but mostly QE.II. Defs.& Comms. vals.to $10 noted all used 100's check £98
715 NEW ZEALAND.coll.in Med.Album couple of early imperf.Chalons,fair range QV.small Heads vals.to 1/= later Pictorials incl. Officials few Kings & Health plus QE.II. Defs.& Comms. mint & used check £95
716 NEW ZEALAND.Black Chalon Proofs on hagner 1d,2d,3d,4d,6d,& 1/=.in horiz.pairs £48
717 NEW ZEALAND.small Study of the 1d Universal 1901-06 dies.1 & 2.various plates & papers mint & used incl.mint bls.0f 6 useful Ref. £42
718 NEW ZEALAND.coll.in 4 Boxed Davo Hingeless One Country Albums.vols.1-4.not much in the early Album.but good range of Healths incl.Smiling Boys pair.& M/Sheets nice lot of Mod.many M/Sheets.plus couple Year Books Ideal Lot to expand have a look £115
719 NEW ZEALAND.coll.in 3 S/Books.general range of QV's with heavy dup.in places sorting for variations incl.some Adverts.similar range KG.V. & KG.VI. both Defs.& Picts.mint & used then QE.II.range Defs.vals.to £2.plus Comms. & M/Sheets mint & used plus bag unsorted worth close look £260
720 NEW ZEALAND.1935-67 in red Simplex Album.mint & used specialised coll.many shades, perf.varieties incl. '35-'47 Picts.to 2/= x 10,3/= x 6,KG.VI.Health,Comms.,Defs. QE.II. Health M/Sheets,Coils,Airmail,B.O.B.,Officials to 5/=,Arms to 1954 3/= Insurance stamps, 1891-1978,P/Dues.Express s.t.c.£2,942 Gib.'99 100s.needs to be viewed £650
721 NEW ZEALAND.Dep.1919-94 mainly mint strong 1919-50's incl. KG.V.key type,various Views, Post Ficals,Arms,Admirals,early O/Prints,Aitutaki (£210),Penrhyn (£136), Rara Tonga(£136),Cook Is.(363),Niue (£469),Tokalu (£163),Ross (£67),on 68 pages s.t.c. £1,545 100's have a look £410
722 NEW ZEALAND.1905-62 dup.mint & used Stock.26 side red S/Book.incl. ED.VII.to 1/=, KG.V. to Admirals 2/=,Smiling Boys pair.Victory,Dunedin,Airs,Health,1940 Cent.x 10 sets, Health without S/Charge x 4,strong Comms.& Health to 1953 Queen on Horseback to 10/=, '60 Def.to £1.huge cat.val. few faults noted.mainly fair to fine 1,000's have a look £350
723 NEW ZEALAND.1935-42 red 16 side S/Book.,wide sel.Picts. ½d to 3/=.,various wmks. & perfs.few mint,most used.incl.2/= x 33,3/= x 25.100's Ideal for Approvals fair to fine check £255
724 NEW ZEALAND.1940's -'50's in red 16 sides S/Book.KG.VI. mint & used to 3/=,Health, mainly fair to good. Ideal approvals check £60
725 NEW ZEALAND.1990-97 unmtd.mint coll.near comp.incl. Comms.,Defs.to $20,Health M/Sheet,Exhib.Logos.seldom offered face £242 100's needs to be viewed £190
726 NEW ZEALAND.1962-81.mint sel.mainly unmtd.mint on 7 sides s/cards.near comp.incl. Health M/Sheets,Comms.& Defs. cat.£543 check £115
727 NEW ZEALAND.1981-96 unmtd.mint sel. on 12 sides s/cards.near comp.M/Sheets, Comms.m Se.Tenants,composite sets,all diff. vals.to $10 & $20 face $571/£240 cat.£671 needs to be viewed £180
728 NEW ZEALAND.1983-2001 12 sides S/Sheets.super unmtd.mint sel.Comms.,Defs.to $20, small dup.Booklets,Self Adh.,composite Panes,Health sets. h/face cat.£981 needs check £280
729 NEW ZEALAND.1984-86.various Comms.sets in bls.of 6 & 12 face £59/$140. cat.£160 £40
730 NEW ZEALAND.1995-97 superb unmtd.mint sel. on 6 side s/card.M/Sheets,Comms., Charities,Booklet Panes.all diff. face £88/$228. cat.£263 check £70
731 NEW ZEALAND.Officials 1938-61 mint range on page 1944 9d Pict.,5/= Arms, KG.V.11 vals.to 2/=, '54 set to 3/= cat.£206 (29) £55
732 NEW ZEALAND.useful range on cards.incl. 1925 Exh.set.Admirals 2/= & 3/= Airmails.good lot Health incl. Smiling Boys pair.Defs.set to 3/=,1940 Victory set all mint H/Cat.Lot check £145
733 NEWFOUNDLAND.scarce coll.of early imperfs. 1862,1864 ½ to 1/= being sg.17-23 all mint expertized As Genuine cat.£700+ £125
734 NEWFOUNDLAND.1939 P/Dues.on card D1-5,perf.10. D3a & D4a perf.11 x 9 mint,plus D6a used cat.£140+ £32
735 NIUE. 1970-83 superb unmtd.mint sel.of Comms.,Easter,Christmas,Charities,M/Sheets plus 1976 & '79 Views,'77 O/Prints,'80 Hurricane Relief, '81 Flowers to $3 cat.£236 100's £58
736 NORFOLK IS.1948-96,46 printed pages with stamps to 1990 Defs.,Comms.,mint cat.£310 £80
737 NORWAY. F.D.C.'s in Med.Box 1969-2009 .Defs.,Comms. & M/Sheets attractive lot needs displaying have a look £50
738 NOVA SCOTIA. 1851 1d imperf Chalon Head of sg.1 fairused copy good val. £45
739 NOVA SCORTIA.scarce item on piece 1863 the 2c Bisect & used on piece with 2 x 2c sg.22a canncelled A92 Nr.American Steamer applied at Halifax cat.£3500 on Cover £225
740 NRTH.BORNEO.1883 the 8c on 2c horiz. S/Charge on page single s/ways S/Charge both used H/Cat. have a look £95
741 NRTH.BORNEO.1886/92 attractive sel.of 10 Colour Trials 50c in 6 diff.colours plus 25c in bl.of 4. £125
742 NRTH.BORNEO.unusual 1888 Colour Trials of the $1 grn. & $2 ornage blue grn.& yellow perf.across centre mint 5 items £65
743 NRTH.BORNEO.H/Cat.coll.on pages small of 1886/92 Lions later O/Prints,H/Val. Shields, various Picts.incl. Brit.Prot., 1900 part sets incl. R.Cross.,1931 25c mint, plus $1 used,1947 $5,few Dues. 1948 Wedd., 1954 to $10, 1961 to $10. others s.t.c. £3,060+ incl. C.T.O.'s worth Checking £590
744 NYASALAND.in Ring S/Book.KG.V.Fiscals dup.range KG.VI.mint & used vals.to 1/=, few QE.II.plus heavy dup.sel.of Malawi useful Thematic's mint & used many 100's check £50
745 PAPAL STATE.1852 1 saudo pink sg.9 unused sheet of 36 As Is.cat.£3,000 each (if genuine cat.£108,000 reserved at £5 each (36) £180
746 PAPUA.1929-30 Airs then P.& N.G.to 1985 near comp.with few used in first set, rest mint much unmtd.mint cat.£360 £90
747 PERSIA/IRAN.interesting coll.from the imperf.1st issues Persiations onwards,with 17 examplles mtd.mint & used.as well as lots of better items.19th Cent.vals.,some comp.sets & strong in 20th Cent.from imperf.Chahis/Tomans,better Officials & good Airmails,Comms. through to Mod. needs to be viewed £1000
748 PITCAIRN IS. 1946 Victory pair pin perf.Specimens as per sg.9s & 10s unmtd.mint cat.£350 (not ex.India) £85
749 PITCAIRN IS.in Med.S/Book.looks fairly comp.range 1940-1997 sets.,singles,& M/Sheets incl. comp. KG.VI.issues Omnibus issues Defs.& Comms. unmtd.mint cat.£750+ good vals. £95
750 POLAND.general sel.in Med.S/Book.few early Defs.& Picts. but mostly later range Thematic types mint & used few 100's £45
751 POLAND.coll.in 4 large Albums.incl. K.A.-B.E.1918-1974 good spread.Lindner One Country 1944-1960.sets & singles mint & used S/Book bulging material looks good value close look £65
752 PORT COLS.in unmtd.mint 1890/1930 with many 1000's of mint unmtd.stamps.many in blocks/large multiples from an old New issue holdings.useful Republic O/Print with constant sheet varieties for Ceres Defs.strong in Cape Verde Post Guinee,Azores etc. needs to be viewed £250
753 PORTUGAL.good range 1855 to Mod.in Med.S/Book.early up.sel. later Ceres plus Picts.plus 2nd Album Cols.most Colonies seen early/Mid.worth close look £50
754 PORTUGAL & Cols.good range in Med.S/Book dup.sel.of imperf.& perf. later Ceres types some dup.fair middle range Defs.& Comms.plus early sel.of Cols. mint & used many 100's worth checking £42
755 RHODESIA.fine coll.in L/House Album.range of around 100 Double Heads ½ to 6d. selected for p/mks.unchecked by Printing & perf.Springboks 1892-97.mint & used vals.to £10 incl. Fiscal,various Scrolls vals.to 10/= incl. S/Charges,odd block.1896 Br.S/A.Co. comp.sets mint & used,1905 Falls mint & used,1910 Double Heads shades to 2/=,range of White Caps used with shades to 5/=,plus KG.VI.& QE.II. Rhod./Nyas.etc.dotted through the coll.are some interesting Covers must be viewed £750
756 RHODESIA.fine range in Ring S/Book.few 1892 incl. H/Vals.Perfins,later Springboks,1898 mint & used heavy dup.in places,plus some Rhod. O/Prints,unchecked double noted the 1d over 80 copies incl. mint,range of Double Heads used some dup.incl. perf.14. £1 with Salisbury 22nd May cancel?,White Caps mint & used vals.to 2/6,incl.heavy dup. used difficult lot to estimate some tone & Fiscals must be viewed £195
757 RHODESIA.coll.in Album.Sth.Rhod.White Caps set to 2/6 plus 5/= Fiscal.cond.mixed,1931 to 2/6 ditto.later incl. KG.VI.Defs.& Picts.,few QE.II. part Def.sets.plus later Picts.to 1970's all used have a look £75
758 RHODESIA.in Album.Sth.Rhod.1924 to 2/=,1931 to 2/6 ex.4d,KG.VI. issues ditto to 5/= all mint,but cond. very mixed in places,better QE.II.incl. 1953,1964 sets,Rhod.1954,1960 Kariba,1966 both sets later Comms.& P/Dues.odd Booklet all mint H/Cat. check £100
759 RUSSIA.mass accum.in 8 S/Books.fine and heavy dup.range of Thunderbolts imperf.& perf. mint & used in 3 S/Books. super lot for Study.similar range of Romanou's in S/Book.plus 2 x S/Books 1920-1980's fair bit of dup.in places 2 x Albums incl.Romanou's plus S/Book Armenia, Azerbaidjan,Georgia P.O.'s in Levant & China plus File Thunderbolts in comp. mint Sheet 12 items.super lot H/Cat.must be viewed £225
760 RUSSIA.interesting used coll.in red S/Book.Defs.& Comms. from 1860's to Mid 1990's few 100 check £45
761 S.W.A.scarce 1923 O/Prints of S/Af. Zuid-West with hyphen.the 1d,2d,& 1/3 pairs all with O/Print invert.as per sg.2a,3a,& 8a mint £225
762 S.W.A.on card 1927 Def.O/Print S.W.A. 2d,3d,1/=,2/6,5/=,& 10/= pairs H/Stamped Specimen sg.60/1 & 64/67 H/Cat. check £90
763 S.W.A. 1945-50. Official ½d sg.018 unmtd.mint (2 blks.of 24 pairs)cat.£624 £85
764 S.W.A.in pkt. 1923 1½ P/Due.D8 pane of 50 with listed flaw unmtd.mint plus 1927 1d Ship 92 unmtd.mint pairs in blocks £45
765 SAMOA.1886-1974 in grn.Simplex Album mint & used.1886-1900 Palm Trees, various perfs., 26 vals.to 2/6,1895-1900 O/Prints.1914 Postal Fiscals 2/=,& 5/=, KG.V.types to 1/=, '20 Victory, '21 Huts to 1/=,Pictorials to 3/=, '35-'52 then Defs.& Comms.looks comp.to 1974 usual cond.on earlies. H/Cat.needs to be viewed £175
766 SARAWAK.Jap.Occ.1942 Revenue issues in multiples.1934/41 issues O/Print in red 3c margin bl.of 20 x 2,6c corner control 5 bls.of 25,2 x blocks 1 of 25 other of 20.further block of 25,bl.of 6 strip of 3,1c bl.of6.further S/Charges in black all mint appear all unmtd. H/Cat. in small box. £150
767 SAUDI ARABIA. 1979 PTT Booklet range of stamps s.t.b.sg.1220-1225 & 1127/8. incl. M/Sheet MS1223 all mint £32
768 SCAND.in Carrier Bag.Med.S/Book dup.range from Numerals,War issues Pcts.P/Dues. through to Mod.Defs.& Comms.,Denmark 1933 Tete.Beche 10ore orange mint plus bundle F.D.C. 1970/1980's have a look £95
769 SEYCHELLES. 1893 the 3c on 4c with S/Charge invert.plus 12c on 16c S/Charge invert. also 1902 the 30c on 1r S/Charge double all part O.G.with some toning H/Cat. £75
770 SEYCHELLES.coll.in Med.S/Book. QV.-QE.II.later QE.II. in comp.sets vals.inCL. interesting KG.VI. study on pages single & block 2c to 5r.incl. better shades all mint check £85
771 SEYCHELLES.in Med.S/Book.small dup.range of KG.VI.vals.to 5r incl.set of Phil Cover later KG.VI.mint QE.II.Defs.to 10r plus sel.of Comms. nice lot needs to be viewed £145
772 SEYCHELLES.attractive 1954/61 QE.II.Defs.set to 10r(ex.5c) in marginal bls.of 4(3 x sets are unmtd.)cat.£260 £75
773 SEYCHELLES.fine sel.of KG.VI. 1938-49.shades & papers unchecked by us. 2c-5r some 39 stamps all mint H/Cat. Lot close look advised £95
774 SEYCHELLES.1938-49 set to 5rp plus 1952 to 10rp between sg.135-149, 158-172, mainly good some bit heavy.slight dup.various papers cat.£716 check £160
775 SEYCHELLES.1938-49 2c to 75c blue. 10 diff.vals.mint(some bit heavy)cat.£716 check £110
776 SINGAPORE KG.VI.to $5 various perfs.all mint plus U.P.U. cat.£472 (38) 0'8 £120
777 SINGAPORE. 1948 perf.14 set to $5 sg.1-15 x 2 sets f/mint cat.£360 (30) '09 £105
778 SINGAPORE.1949-80 mint 24 pages incl.1949 U.P.U.,'55,'62,'68 sets.wide range of Comms., M/Sheets,'68 P/Dues. cat.£700 £155
779 SINGAPORE. 1948-52 various perfs.used to $5.some x 4,plus S/W.used good to fine.cat. £286 check £75
780 SPAIN.in 2 giant S/Books.mass dup.1882-1930 Defs. & Comms. odd Air heavy dup 1950's through to 1980's heavy lot probably 1000's have a look £55
781 SPAIN/PORTUGAL.heavy dup.range in Med.S/Book.early middle period Defs.& Comms. mainly used many 100's £40
782 ST.HELENA.1922/27 KG.V.comp.set to 10/= 15 vals. sg.97-112 mint attractive lot £95
783 ST.HELENA.fine range 1884-1990 in Med.S/Book.QV.½ to 1/= sg.34/45 QV. key types, ED.VII.to 2/= plus Specimen ½.- 2/= small Heads to 10/=,KG.V.range ½ to 3/=,later Ship types vals.to 10/= both printings.1934 Cent.set,range of KG.VI.with varieties then QE.II. Defs.& Comms. & M/Sheets all mint cat.£2500+ must be viewed £425
784 ST.KITTS.1870-1980's mainly mint (sparse to 1953),1938 to £1,various papers, S/Wedd., '52,'63,'70 & '78 sets plus various Comms. cat.£688 £100
785 ST.KITTS NEVIS.coll.in Ring One Country Album few 1903/18.St.Chris. QV.'s,few Kings KG.VI.mint & used vals.to 5/= mint,used to 2/6 with perf.varieties fair range QE.II. Defs. & Comms.plus M/Sheets mint & used few 100 have a look £75
786 ST.LUCIA. scarce 1857 G.B.1d Red pair used with A11 Duplex cancel as per sg.21 odd rough perf.cat.£2400 as singles rarely seen £300
787 ST.LUCIA.1864 4d yellow perf.12½ mint copy of sg.12 cat.£170 £38
788 ST.LUCIA.coll.in One Country album.few QV.key types vals.to 1/=,Kings Defs.& Picts.1936 to 2/6 used,various KG.VI.vals.to 10/=,then range of QE.II. Defs. & Comms.,& M/Sheets better sets & singles check £85
789 ST.LUCIA.fair coll.in Med.Album few QV.key types vals.to 1/= mint few used,ED.VII.vals.to 1/= similar KG.V.plus KG.VI.to 10/= then good sel.QE.II.Defs.,Comms.,M/Sheets looks all mint many 100's have a look £75
790 ST.VINCENT.coll.in Collecta One Country Album.few 1861/81 QV's vals.to 6d,later to 1/=, plus 4 S/Charges,few KG.V.,KG.VI.1938 to £1(ex.10/=)used,mint to 10/=. Cent.issue mint & used to $2.40.'48 Wedd.,etc. plus fairly comp.range 1964-1980 Defs.sets,Comms. & M/Sheets nice lot have a look £95
791 ST.VINCENT.1981-86 mint incl. Specimen,imperf.,varieties,M/S.,Defs.,Thematic cat.£224 £45
792 STELLALAND.1884 set of 5 large Adh.vals.to 1/= all with B.P.A.Cert. as Forgeries.useful ref.material as such £42
793 STH.AFRICA.coll.in 3 Ring S/Books.heavy dup.range from 1961 to Mod. mint & used Ideal for Thematic's many 100's probably 1000's check £75
794 STH.AFRICA.useful range in S.G.Book. KG.V.mint & used with vals.to 10/=, early issue fair bit dup.some blocks later pairs vals.to 10/= noted incl.some blocks.incl.plate flaw plus pkt.early pairs vals.to 5/= etc. needs to be viewed £135
795 STH.AFRICA.1937-91 near comp.mint much unmtd.in Davo Album incl.M/S.cat. £1,112 £200
796 STH.AFRICA.1973-93 in blue mult.ring Album.used coll.cat.£366 100's check £65
797 STH.AFRICA.1982-85 in blue Binder.super unmtd.mint sel.Comms.sets in plate bls.,strips showing various pl.No's.varieties,Karoo Fossils & Cape Silverware between sg.532-93 cat £325 £60
798 STH.AFRICA.1974-93 f/mint dup.Stock,mainly plated corner bls.of 4 & 6 . Defs. various prints.'74 to 25c,'77 succulents to 2r,'82 Architecture to 2r,'93 Animal strips plus few used cat.£254 100's £50
799 STH.AFRICA.1974-80 dup.unmtd.Stock in bls.of up to 24 of each.Comms. cat.£260 £54
800 STH.AFRICA.1983-91 unmtd.mint sel.Comms.sets,Se Tenant bls.(many of 4) 29 diff.sets cat.£234 check £50
801 STH.AFRICA.1986-95 superb unmtd.mint sel.Comms.& Defs.,in bls.of 4, strips of 5 plus full Sheets 15 sides s/cards.Thematic cat.£706 £175
802 STH.AFRICA.(Transkei) Homelands superb unmtd.near comp.1976-92 in bls.of 4 & strips of 5. 11 S/Sheets.Thematic ideal for Approvals cat.£480 100's. 0'7 £110
803 STH.AFRICA & HOMELANDS.useful range held in 5 Boxed Davo Hingeless One Country Albums.S/Af.from KG.V.plus H/Cat.Picts.pairs mint vals.to 10/= etc. Airs plus small range Rep.issues also 2 Albums Homelands incl.Bophuthatswana,Ciskei Transkei etc.looks mostly mint plenty of spaces to expand have a look £185
804 STH.AMERICA.used coll.of several 100 stamps all diff.in Scott Nat.Album,good range Classics incl.Argentina,Bolivia,Brazil incl.snake & goat eyes vals.to600reis,Chile with Colon Heads imperfs.from 1853 onwards etc.needs checking £250
805 STH.AMERICA.mass accum.in large Plastic Box.all single Country Lots in Albums/S/Books mostly early material most of which have been identified.& laid out.too much to sort so close check please.Chile,El.Salvador,Brazil,Argentina,Mexico,Haiti. £65
806 STH./CENTRAL AMERICA.unsorted lot in Med.Box.all in plastic Bags part labelled many 100's have a look please £45
807 STH.NIGERIA. 1904/9 ED.VII. H/Vals. 2/6-£1 cond.mixed looks right H/Cat. £75
808 SURINAM.1970-75.nice range of unmtd.mint Comms.& Charities up to 6 of each cat.£295 £60
809 SWAZILAND.1935 S.Jub.2d single & 3d vert.pair both with varieties extra Flagstaff sg.22a & 23a mint cat.£200+ £60
810 SWAZILAND.1968 Indep.O/Print 3c on 2½c sg.146w i.e.invert.wmk.in unmtd.mint bl.of 6 cat.£240 £60
811 SWEDEN.1964-74 in blue Binders in brn.box. F.D.C.'s,Cards,Air Letters,PHQ's, Booklet Panes.clean lot good val.@ 40p each (265) £100
812 SWEDEN.coll.nicely written up in Album.semi-specialized sel.1910/30 few Defs.& Picts. to 1950's check £32
813 SWISS.in Box.3 Albums coll.for cancellations on pieces & Covers plus 3 small Files with pkts.,couple of P.T.T.items £45
814 SWISS.heavy dup. in Med.S/Book.from early perf.Helvetia's,W.Tell. Airs,Pr.Juv.many 100's close search should reward £65
815 SWISS. 1914 William Tell issues in varois Se.Tenant pieces,pairs,strips,Booklet Panes all used plus 1948 Huss 5c Se.Tenant on Cover etc check £65
816 SWISS.in Med.S/Book odd early mostly range of Pro.Pat.odd block.later Picts.incl. Defs. all mint some unmtd. attractive range check £95
817 SWISS.in Carrier Bag.huge accum.with dup.in 2 x S/Books/Albums.from 1872-1990 many early dates mint & used,in pairs,blocks/sets etc. some loose worth checking few 1000's have a look £125
818 SWISS.fair coll.in Tower Album.couple early imperf.rayons,good range 1854 imperf.,later perfs. mint & used few Airs 1929 etc.useful 1945 Pax mint.with side margins.then attractive range of Defs.& Comms.to 1990's looks fairly comp.range Pro.Juv. & Pro.Pat.plus few Covers well worth close look £150
819 SWISS.neat coll.in 3 small Albums mostly quite heavy dup.issues of W.Tell & Cross series vals.to 2f.good coll.of Pro.Juv.better Earlies plus later Airs mint & used many 100's check £42
820 SWISS.coll.in large Hagner Binder 1862-1970's fair range of Helvetia's perfs.,1930's Tete Beche,Pro.Juv.looks virtually comp. 1924-1970's scarce used Pro.Pat. comp. 1946-67 few Airs & Officials all used few 100's check £125
821 SWISS. fair Lot in 2 large S/Book few early types Helvetia's & Cross types few W.Tell good range Pro.Juv.& Pro.Pat.through to Mod. looks all used have a look £75
822 SWISS.coll.housed in large K.A.-B.E. One Country Album.odd early imperf. rayon & Seated Helvetia's later perf.to 1f,usual later issues W.Tell etc. Pro.Juv. 1918 & 1920 Airs,1930's Defs.& Comms. then range of 1980's few Back of Book.issues few 100's mint & used £195
823 SWISS.L/House Hingeless One Country Album.range of stamps from 1907-1970's incl. better Pro.Juv.& Pro.Pat.all f/used have a look £80
824 SWISS.in Carrier Bag.coll.1941-70's Defs.,Comms.,& M/Sheets.plus Album F.D.C.'s 1959-70 over 80 items £40
825 SWISS.Pro.Juv.1913-69 in small grn.Biella Album.near comp.(no 1931 set)incl. 1937,'41 & '62 M/Sheet all mtd.mint cat.£494 '09 check £110
826 SWISS. 1925-86 Pro.Juv.in padded Biella Album.good to f/used cat.£272 '07 £50
827 SWISS.1972-81 in red Binder.128 F.D.C's mainly unaddressed incl.bls.of 4 & singles Pro.Pat.,Juv.,Defs.to 3f, FFC & Special Flights.cat.as stamps £206 check £50
828 SWISS.1977-83 in Red Album.superb coll.many sets unmtd.mint & used,plus F.D.C's, Pro.Juv.,Patria,Europa's,Defs.,Publicity,bls.of 4.cat.£365 check £90
829 SWISS.1947-79 ex.Charities Publicity,Europa's,near comp.incl.1948 Landscapes. '49 Views,'59 PTT. '60 & '64 Monuments.,'61 Wood Carving to 20f.,'73 Buildings,Folk Booklet to 10f.all mint mainy unmtd.face £90 cat.£423 '07 check £100
830 SWISS. 1951-64 Charities,Pro.Pat.& Juv.issues incl. M/Sheets all f/mint mainly unmtd. looks comp.8 pages cat.£232 29 sets & M/S. check £50
831 SWISS. in 12 Binders & S/Book.in brn. Box. wide range of m & u.stamps, F.D.C's, PHQ.'s mainly fine & clean lot Ideal for Approvals check £200
832 THAILAND.large coll.displayed on pages 1883 mint 1907 Postage,1906 Picts.,ditto 1908 small heads incl.S/Charges 1918 R.Cross range 1887/91 Defs.incl. S/Charges,1908 Jub.,1906 "Satang", 1912/17 vals. 20b used Victory to 5b later 1920/30 issues Defs.& Picts.to 1960's. at the back pages range of 1920's,'30's Airs incl.S/Charges plus host of others mint & used cond.mixed in places £1800
833 THAILAND.coll.in Ring One Country Album.small sel. of 1883-87 types incl. S/Charges 1904/1908 set & part set 1912/17 Picts.plus Mod.1950-1990.odds & ends but some sets mint & used few 100's H/Cat. £95
834 TONGA. 1893 Officials 4d used & 8d mint sg.03 & 04 cat.£195 £45
835 TRANS JORDAN.1923(1st Mar.)perf.15 x 14 5p sg.60 & perf.14 9p both mint cat.£145 £40
836 TRANS JORDAN.giant S/Book.with mass dup.of early issues O/Print on Palestine etc.mainly mint worth checking £60
837 TRIN.& TOB.interesting lot of mint in large multiples/Sheets KG.VI.-QE.II. Defs.,& Comms.& P/Dues. incl. better sg.26ac cat.£29 each,key vals.incl. sg.291a,H/Cat. needs to be viewed £250
838 TRINIDAD. 1859/60. unchecked imperf.Brittania's 1st type,plus 1d,6d, & 1/= H/Cat. check £95
839 TRINIDAD.coll.in Ring Album.Britannia's vals.to 1/= few key types 1896/1900 vals.to 1/= incl. S/Charges,few Kings plus range of QE.II.Defs.& Comms. incl. M/Sheets check £80
840 TURKEY interesting coll.of several 100 stamps mint & used on large Album pages virtually all diff. from Tughra 1863 onwards with good back of book.P/Dues.etc. needs careful viewing £300
841 TURKEY.Turkey & Locals.the "Star & Crescent"issues to 25pi in sheets of 25 used,followed by the O/Prints diff.types,again in sheets of 25 leading on to "hexagon" issues to 5p in same format,this time of 15,ending with Poste Locale issues over 500 stamp examples good for study settings needs to be viewed £1000
842 TURKEY a pkt.as handed in unchecked. 1900 types leave this to you! £40
843 TURKEYpkt.unsorted all early issues noted some O/Prints few 100's may prove good val.must be seen please £50
844 TURKEY.fine coll.in Album.1865 to about 1940 all used incl.many scarce sets. massive cat.val.of around £2500.00+ good value check £125
845 TURKS & CAICOS.coll.in Ring Album Turks. QV type 1. 1d,6d,& 1/=,key types ED.VII. vals.to 6d mint.KG.VI.attractive mint range vals.to 3/= etc.few War Tax all mint.few KG.VI.incl. 1950 set mint plus mint & used sel. of QE.II. Defs. & Comms. incl.M/Sheets check £85
846 TUVALU.1986 QE.II.Birthday imperf.pairs Nui-Vaitupum,Nanumea,Niutao unmtd. in 2 envelopes 20 pairs have a look £70
847 U.N. in white Box. 500 unaddressed F.D.C's, 1960's period incl. bls.of 4 reseved @ 10p each Ideal Fairs Dealers check £50
848 U.S.A. 1867 2c black Jack with 12 x 14 grill unusual well centred copy used £395
849 U.S.A. 1892 Columbus 15c well centred oversize copy used premium as such £85
850 U.S.A. 1923 America $5 in scarce bl.of 30 used have a look £195
851 U.S.A.1922/32 President issue on page ½c to 25c with SG.Numbers but unchecked by us all fresh lookers mint check £40
852 U.S.A.coll.of 100's of stamps mint & used,hused on old leaves incl. Columbus to 50c,1895 Def.with Omahas with 10c,so called back of book etc.mixed cond. butinteresting coll. needs to be viewed £200
853 U.S.A.coll.in Scott Album & giant S/Book.from about 1880-1950 mostly odds & ends but some fair bits in the 1920's plus few Airs Officials & Canal Zone,S/Book with mass accum.early to Mod.incl. S/Cards City Chop probably 1000's have a look £75
854 U.S.A.coll.in a Postzegels S/Book.plus 2 other well filled S/books.early to middle 1980's good sel.of mint & used Comms.& Defs. Ideal lot to re-sort check £70
855 U.S.A.on s/card.1932 Winter Sports 2c mass dup.in various blocks incl. positional varieties plus 1938 Landing 3c in blocks all mint check £80
856 U.S.A.on card.1892 Columbus 1c invert.strip of 4,2c in strip of 3 & pair., 3c x 8 plus 5c mint not all fine cat.£900+ £85
857 U.S.A.in 2 Boxes.containg 9 Davo Boxed One Country Albums.for mint & used.mint Albums are Hingeless unfortunately the stamps do not come up to the quality of the Albums.range early to 1990's although latter issues good range.Ideal Albums to expand at this price £150
858 U.S.A.useful sel.in 3 Davo Boxed Hingeless Albums.about 1974-the 2000+ years.val.in large Sheetlets,H/Face val. also 2 Albums F.D.C.'s & Album of general early middle period close look please(in Box) £180
859 U.S.A.fine range of City "Chops" in large Album.from Akrom to Youngstown appears to be all different many 100's super lot probably cheap £75
860 U.S.A.Med.Box.with 5 Albums/S/Books.part general issues but check Chinese S/Book for mint issues plus laid out Album City Chops makes it worthwhile have a look £75
861 UNITED NATIONS.looks fairly comp.range in 2 large Albums from 1st issue to later 1990's Defs.& Comms.all mint many blocks,½ sheets etc.attractive range many 100's with a cat.val. of around £1200 check £95
862 UNITED NATIONS.coll.in U.S.A.Album 1951-1962 looks fairly comp.singles plus many bls.of 4.2nd Boxed Album 1965-1974 bls.of 4 plus single stamp.all mint many 100's £42
863 VATCAN CITY.coll.housed in Special Albums.many in bls.of 4. unmtd.mint,better Booklets,M/Sheets,Airmails etc.nice display needs to be viewed £200
864 WESTERN AUSTRALIA.1854/55.imperf.sel. on card. 1d Black,4d blue,6d gry x 2,plus 3 x 1/= mint.cat.taken Vendor states around £3000 may be better shades usual mixed cond. As Seen needs to be checked £250
865 ZANZIBAR.scarce 1895 Zanzibar O/Print on QV.5r ultra & violet with O/Print double & one invert.as per sg.17a mint backed with R.P.S.Cert.As Genuine have a look £195
866 General mixture in Med.Box.Br.Cols.incl.Flowers Thematic,G.B.& N.Z.Booklets,Australian Perfins etc.few 100's £35
867 Various on s/cards.better sets & singles mint bar one.Poland General Gov.,1933 Torum 1919 set,Portugal '27 & '28 Indep.,Zambesia 1902 O/Prints,Dutch Indies '33 to 2gld 50. mainly fair to fine(some faults & toned gum) cat.£755 '09 needs checking £100
868 Med.Box.Cover album U.S.A.& others incl. F.Flight.Bag of German Covers & on pieces,Bag India,French plus Box H.K.empty L/House,French printed album Fun Lot have a look £55
869 In plasic Box.containg old battered Lincoln album stamps to match.early issue some on pieces worth checking plus F.D.C. Diana's Wedd.in album other odds check £50
870 Mixed in Box.S/Book Mod.,Specimens incl. M/Sheets,coll.of I.O.M. on s/card vals.to £5 other odd incl. Covers £40
871 1981 Royal Wedd.in 3 Special Albums.stamps,M/Sheets & Booklets A-Z. range mint few 100's £40
872 Large heavy Box.looks all World as handed in.mass of material needs close check at this price £40
873 In Carrier Bag.N.Z. & India in files,Canada remainders in Album.Sth. & West africa in album plus s/cards £38
874 Mixed lot in Med.Box.Br.Cols.& World,Channel Is. general few 100's check £38
875 Princess Diana's 21st Birthday.1982 in Special Album.valuable unmtd.mint sel. mainly Foreign with many sets & M/Sheets imperf + Gold issues from restricted prints,incl. Chad, St.Tome,Korea,Niger,Mauritania,G.Coast,Liberia,Dijoubti on 70 pages £110
876 Mass accum.of World in 9 Albums/S/Books.incl.coll.Albums stuffed with Env.etc. impossible to describe but well worth close look heavy lot £95
877 Archive Box.with 4 large Albums of all World stamps good general range. loose pages & stamps heavy lot check £50
878 In Carrier Bag.general sel.fair Australia coll.Roo's-QE.II.in Album.N.Z. 1930-QE.II. in Album,S/A.on pages etc. few 100's check £50
879 Black Page Med.S/Book fairly dup.range early middle period Belgium, Netherlands, Lux., Defs.,Comms. odd M/Sheet check £50
880 Archive Box.with mixed World in several small/large Albums.on pages,small s/cards & G.B.Covers £50
881 Odds & Ends in S/Book mixed World,giant S/Book few better Sarawak,plus S/A.File Box S/A.plus loose & in pkts. couple Club Books worth sorting £50
882 Large Heavy Box.with mass of material appears all World in S/Books/Albums small boxes in Bags odd Cover etc. have a look £50
883 Large Archive Box.mixed G.B. 2 CoverAlbums all F.D.,G.B. QE.II.coll.1953 onwards few Regionals £50
884 Archive Box.with all World in Albums mostly slightly remainders coll. plus G.B. & Covers many 100's worth checking £50
885 Large Chinese S/Book.looks all Foreign Scand.,mainly few early but mostly middle/Mod. with dup.used many 100's needs checking £36
886 Various Foreign odds & ends on pages noted dup.range of sudan Postmen,Thematic range,early U.S.A.etc. messy lot needs sorting £36
887 Large Box as handed in.with mass of material incl.2 large Bags Br.Cols.on paper,boxes & tins off/paper etc.better types noted worth close check £70
888 Trick or Treat.not quite but Biscuit Tin as handed in looks all World part Covers on pieces untouched Good Luck £35
889 Misc.Foreign in pkt.appear to be mostly M/Sheets with dup.in places Colourful Lot small bundle worth checking £32
890 Misc.Bundle of M/Sheets,single Bags in pkts.mostly Liberia over 50 items mostly mint £28
891 BOX. small Box.Album of Covers,Greek,San Marino,few Channel Is. etc.,Album mixed World plus S/Book Br.Cols. worth checking £55
892 BOX. SG.stamps of the World Catalogues in 5 vols.last year copies for 2008 Cheap £50
893 BOX. Med.Box with mass World in Boxes,loose, etc.mass of pkts..should be fun to sort good luck £50
894 As Handed in for St.Barnabas Charity Plastic Box.unchecked stamps & Covers in pkts.few accessories wmk.detector etc.worthy cause £45
895 BOX. Med.Box containing 2 Bags of G.B. & 2 Bags of Foreign Kiloware unopened but looks better than average may be cheap £35
896 BOX.Med.Box with Cyprus,Christmas Is.,G.B.,French.Germany & others as handed in. check £25
897 Hefty Album.of Sport & Scouts Thematic issues all Foreign.priced by the page I would estimate well over 200-250 pages some better than others £48
898 C/WEALTH. 4 small lots identified Australia 1934 McArthur sg.150-2,150a mtd.mint. (9d pulled perf),Fiji '38-'55 1½ carmine die 1.mint(toned gum) sg.251 plus 6d die.1.mint,sg.260. Gibraltar '31-'35 Rock issue both perfs. sg.110-7 mint(couple of faults). S/A. Official '35 sg.020w unmtd.mint.marginal bls.of 4 pairs. S.W.A. '30 4d Air sg.70b x 9 unmtd.mint cat.£320 check £60
899 Large heavy Box.with good range 1981 R.Wedd. in imperfs.,M/Sheets, Specimens, Officials,gutter pairs,Booklets etc. incl.many other better items have a look £80
900 EUROPE.various good to f/mint.some dup.,Russia 1963-64,Rumania '30-'46,Germany '58-'66,Bulgaria b.o.b.,E.Gremany '70's.hungary Airs'60's, French Ant. cat.£800 needs to be viewed £80
901 General Foreign mix in Plastic Box.on pages,in Albums.few 100's plus Afinsa Auction Cat.rare Portugal.Book Pebble polishing,empty Sent.Binders x 2.kindly re-offered for St.Barnabas Charity £35
902 SHOEBOX.full various Royalty item.stamps,M/SheetsBooklets etc Diana Wedd.,Baby etc. half still in original pkts. cheap £35
903 Royalty in Med.Box.2 Albums of Diana plus pages 1977 S.Jub.etc.heavy lot £35
904 Med.Box.World in Scott heavy Inter Album.other small S/Books plus many pkts.& Bags all unsorted heavy lot £35
905 Large heavy Box.looks all World heavy Scott Inter.Album.few stamps other Album incl. World Minkus plus Shoebox U.S.A.on paper heavy lot check £35
906 Med.Box.mixed World in 2 giant S/Books.couple of files,others then large bundle of pages all unsorted heavy lot must reward at this price £35
907 Giant S/Book.well filled good range general Br.C/Wealth mint & used with very little dup.around 4000 stamps £35
908 Various better sets & singles mainly mint.Neth.1928 Olympics,Rumania 1906 Exh. '32 Scouts,Russia '32 Express.Phillipines 1898 curly head.,Panama 1918 Canal 50c & 1b. Portugal 1940 Hill. Norway sg.31a variety,1867 2sk.Liechtenstein '25 John,'28 Flood, '33 Views to 1fr.50.mainly fair to good odd tone & fault.cat.£912. '09 (101)needs checking £110

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